The capital city of the Empire of Aylanae.

The city Aylanae hovers high in the air, nearly 10,000 feet in the air. Its structure is made of a very resilient, yet also incredibly light metal of presumably elvish design called Ilfir. Its base seems to be constantly surrounded by a white fog, making it appear to be atop a cloud. The clouds closest to the city have been seeded with Silverheart trees and flowers making the approach of the city a wondrous experience seeing beautiful vegetation growing from the clouds themselves. At the center of the city is a great white sphere of light called the Avaera. From it descends a column of green radiance (called the Charaia).

The city has metallic pipes running through its base and its buildings which provide running water and the city abounds with various Magitech devices and golems.

The city could potentially house around 15,000-30,000 though its current population is much smaller than that. Currently only Imbued are allowed into the city. Human guests are allowed on a temporary basis and must be invited and escorted by an Imbued. This rule is partially suspended near the airship docks, so that humans can load/unload cargo onto airships for trade. There is also an exception for the members of the Imperial Council or Grand Council.

Many of the buildings of Ayalanae are left unused, and only the heart of the city sees true use. Each of the major factions has a structure that they were granted for faction business/sleep/storage/etc. Other structures have been cannibalized, primarily to get a look at how the plumbing and Magitech components worked.

It’s streets are made of cobblestone, and it is lined with various Silverheart vegetation, which create parks and exist along the sides of streets and near buildings to give the city a more aesthetic and alive look.

Aylanae is controlled by a Di Crystal called the Heart of Aylanae. The Heart gives directions, reminders and other helpful advice to the Imbued within.

Symbol: A single white wing.

Notable Structures

Other Notable Features

Other Structures

Halls of Training: Where Imbued Bands are trained.


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