The Magitech device in Aylanae that refines Aela.

A great sphere of light that hangs highest in the sky at the center of Aylanae, it rains down a green radiance called the Charaia. A pair of pipes go into and out of the Avaera along the sides, bringing water through the Avaera to charge it with Aela, which is distributed to and from fountains all over Aylanae city via a complex network of pipes.

The sphere is known to be the strongest source of Aela, refining elemental air into the usable magical energy, and even translating its power into the water of the city.

The fonts of water which carry its healing water can grant restorative power to the Imbued. Drinking the water has the ability to restore the energy and health of the Imbued who drink or bathe in it. A drink from it can cleanse an Imbued of most diseases of the body, while pouring it on an injury causes minor cuts and bruises to disappear in moments. Serious injuries take a few hours of immersion in the waters to heal. The fountains lack the ability to regenerate lost limbs or destroyed organs however. Water taken from the fountains of the Avaera loses its potency after a short time, making it impossible to transport the water.


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