The primary magical energy source that powers the magi-tech of Aylanae. Aela is also the energy which powers the Imbued and the power source for Elven Magic.

While normally invisible, Aela becomes a milky white color when concentrated to a physical effect. No one is quite sure how Aela is refined, however it is known that the Avaera is responsible for creating the majority of refined Aela.

Free Aela

Free flowing unrefined Aela is a point of contention among scholars. It seems that the Avaera’s flow of energy differs depending on Aylanae‘s position on the world. Many theorize that unrefined Aela is carried on the winds and settles in certain ’hotspots’. Oddly enough, these ‘hotspots’ are places of almost no air flow, pockets of dead air. However, it should be noted that not every pocket of dead airflow is a hot spot for Aela. In fact, quite the contrary. Most of them are Aela dead zones where the Aveara can gather hardly any energy.

Some suspect that the Aela (and perhaps the winds themselves) are a symptom of an invisible gateway to a magical realm from which the Aela flows.

Aela-based Magic

Aela can be channeled through spells, though only the Imbued are currently capable fo channeling Aela for magical purposes.

Common Complications: As magic of the air, Aela is inhibited when deep below the Earth or at extreme depths underwater. While this won’t negate all Aela based abilities, it will prevent (or potentially randomize) abilities like teleportation, Aela based telepathy and other long-range abilities that would have to travel through large amounts of earth or water as a medium. It should also be noted that Aela magic cannot teleport someone into water or solid earth, though it can often teleport through such things or out of such environments.

Aela magic also relies on a supply of air to replenish the caster’s stamina, and being separated from the air for long periods can cause a character’s Aela-based magics to diminish, as he must tap his own supply. Though this sort of Aela-fatigue rapidly heals itself in a few breaths of fresh air. Even innate abilities of Imbued, such as super strength or speed can be diminished by a lack of air.

This is especially a concern when underwater or underground and using air based magics such as telekinesis. Even if the user provides for the telekinetic burst of air with his own supply of Aela when buried under earth, he’s going to need to find some way to replenish it.

Other problems may of course arise the deeper underground or underwater that you get from Nuumian or Aquum heavy regions.


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