The language of old used by creatures of the oceans to speak to surface humans. The language has largely fallen out of favor in modern times as the Aquum based creatures (the ones that want to talk anyway), have learned the tongues of the places they’ve come to communicate with, making Adare mostly useless. Few bother to learn it in the modern age, save for a select few water priests who are especially curious. Few in the modern era have even heard the language, though it is described as being a very elegant sounding language with many complexities of meaning, and some of its most common usage comes in song, though many who sing Adare songs no longer even understand the words.

Those few who worship the beings of water also learn prayers in Adare as well, and it is said water beings who know of this language are still willing to teach it for those curious enough to want to learn it.

There is no written language component to Adare, it is purely spoken. In fact, the creatures of the water are not known to use any form of written language at all.

NOTE: Imperial characters cannot commonly learn Adare without some kind of exceptional circumstance.


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