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  • Stormblood Clan

    A lesser tribe of [[Yt]] that was loyal to the [[Wolfheart Clan]]. It was largely wiped out during the [[Awakening of Tinigath]]. Notable Members: * [[:morran-stormblood | Morran Stormblood]] (chieftan) * [[:tayle-stormblood | Tayle Stormblood]] * …

  • Morran Stormblood

    Last chieftan of the [[Stormblood Clan]]. Married to: [[:tayle-stormblood | Tayle Stormblood]] Sons: [[:taesian-stormblood | Taesian Stormblood]] and [[:kieran-stormblood | Kieran Stormblood]]. Died during the [[Awakening of Tinigath | Awakening …

  • Tayle Stormblood

    Member of [[Stormblood Clan]] Wife of [[:morran-stormblood | Morran Stormblood]] (chieftan) Had sons: [[:kieran-stormblood | Kieran Stormblood]] and [[:taesian-stormblood | Taesian Stormblood]] Died giving birth to Taesian.

  • Kieran Stormblood

    Member of the [[Stormblood Clan | Stormblood Clan]]. Son of [[:morran-stormblood | Morran Stormblood]] and [[:tayle-stormblood | Tayle Stormblood]] Brother of : [[:taesian-stormblood | Taesian Stormblood]] Died in the [[Awakening of Tinigath]].

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