Defenders of Aylanae

Session Log 34

Not sure where G is at. Probably doing more stuff with his sledgehammer.
I know Tab said he’d be a maybe and Sachi couldn’t make it.. but figured we could do the rest ofyou that show up. (hopefully G does though snce we’l need him for the Yt stuff)
Sefiros:yeah it figures
when my net is working and im here, the person i need is gone
oh didnt know about the others
whats the deal with tab? anime convention or something?
DM:Yeah heh. what else.
He said he “might” make it if nothing is going on and he can get internet so he’s a maybe.
Sachi was doing something witha friend or something, so think Sachi definitely out.
I still got some stuff for Aruvin back in Makoor though.
Sefiros:yeah i was just hoping to be able to do something lol
ive been sidelined for like 4 sessions in a row
DM:Well you had the bad internet that last time and now G has been kinda flaky about showing up
DM:Since he apparently decided to rebuild his house lol.
Sefiros:should we just say mina didnt go to Yt with him
that way he can do his bit solo or something
DM:Well if you’d like to do that, I mean I have stuff in Yt for him, so it’s not like there’s nothing there. heh.
So it’s not like it’s a plot graveyard over there… but we kinda need G to do that
Sefiros:i know thats why i said it
its so if he doesnt show up, can still get something accomplished
and potentially you could just run G’s solo bit whenever during the week
the split group deal is kind of a hassle time management wise id imagine
DM:Yeah, just not sure when I could do that heh… not sure on his schedule.
Sefiros:thought yall had some dead time slot
that yall BS around with one hsotting etc
tuesdays or wed i forgot when it was
anyways guess we can just wait a while and see before we decide either way
DM:Anyway… I figure we’ll get started with Ty’s part, since I can do his without Tab and Sachi probably.
Sefiros:and or do Tyg’s bit in the meantime
yeah fine with me
DM:Yeah. he’s got stuff to do.
could stagger the times IC
i meant
DM:And it’s 8 PM so I kinda want to get started on something.
Sefiros:if you have some mokoro stuff
can have mina do that
and then board with G later
tho im not sure the timeline for all the recent events
DM:Well tehre’s more that’s gonna happen in Makoro, but like I don’t want to get into the main Makoro storyline without Tab and Sachi.. however… there is some stuff that Ty can discover on his own anyway.
DM:Okay Ty ya there?
Sefiros:oh yeah one last formatting question
nm go ahead
He seems to be back

  • Aruvin stretches
    DM:So last time you dealt with those mercenaries, killing most of them, destroying thier golems and bringing thier leader, Leena Jerana into custody (who Megumi took in), you also found a couple Di crystals used for the amgitech armor, as well as that weapon of likely elven design.
    You also noticed they were using efectively rip-off of Ellenya Toress’ armor suits (though golem controlled), so Ellenya would definitely want to hear about that… And Aruvin may want to take a look at some of the recovered items.
    Sefiros:well technically it wasnt Aruvin’s massacre at least, Tab just bust up in there and head shooted the whole crew before much got said, correct?
    or did they talk before the violence took place?
    i seem to recall the npc saying you should ask for surrended before you killed everyone lol
    DM:Ellenya had previously been captured and held for ransom while her armor was suspciiously confiscated by the guild of swords (and what she believed was the work of thier president Honorious Lastar)
    And she suspected her armor tech was studied and possibly copied during that time, so she’ll be eager to hear about these rip-off armor suits.
  • Aruvin would examine the golems mostly, and the weapon but Max seemed particularly interested in that so she might have gotten to it first.
    DM:As it’ll mean she can put the heat on President Lastar (she doesn’t like him very much)
  • Aruvin woudl also likely try to interview the di crystals
    DM:Yeah since you’re here, and Sachi isn’t I’m kinda gonna let you effectively head the investigation here, so you can decide what parts Aruvin wants to do first and Sachi can do the other stuff you don’t get to potenitally.
    Since the things you decide to do will take up some time in research/investigation.
    And we can assume Maxine handles thst uff you don’t pretty much (will do that when Sachi gets back next week)
    Aruvin:interviewing the di crystals fits with his personal motivations, and studying the golems is work related.. the gun is more of a sideline item of mior interest to Aruvin
    DM:heh okay. we cans tart with the Di crystals. You had a couple of them, one was kinda polite that seemed like it didn’t want to do harm, ahnd the other seemed more supportive of its cause, saying that the battle wasn’t over.
    I’ll also give you a technology check first to tell what you can detect offhand…
    Sefiros:(what was this elven weapon, i dont remember that bit from the session at all)
    (oh damn i totally missed that part, i dont remmeber that bit at all, basically like a sword of dancing in D&D?)
    DM:You’ve seen a lot of Di crystals in your time… and the defiant more motivated one from one of the suits immediatlery peaks your interest…
  • Aruvin ended up preventing it from doign anything by boxing it up and then droppign 3 tons of crystal on top of it =D
    Sefiros:thats one way to stop it
    DM:The crystalline structure of this crystal seems to be different in appearance. While it’s not uncommon for some crystals to have different styles, this one in particular seems to be of a style you’ve never seen before.
    Sefiros:You cant complain about mina being too versatile though T, Tyg is crystal magneto
    i do like your concept tho, thats pretty cool one
    DM:Or at least its’ outer appearnce suggests tthat, why the apeparance is different, you’re not qutie sure… so you could proceed with trying to use your pwoers to analyze it (create an analytical sense effectively) or you could try talking to it and asking it some questions.
  • Aruvin gives it a full rotation in various direction, his eidetic memory taking in the entire design facets
    Sefiros:(you should take some ranks in Bag of Tricks, your guy sounds perfect for having a bunch of power stunts)
    DM:heh well his power array already is a variable power, meaning basicall yit’s all stunts.
    Sefiros:(its free HP, for power stunting)
    DM:Basically variable power is a more expesnive thing where all your powers stuff is effectively stunts and you can shift points on the fly.
    Aruvin:“So,” he addresses the crystal while turning it, “Care to comment on your attempts to steal our prototype?”
    Sefiros:yeah i know what variable is, its the 7 points per rank, get 5pts per rank of pts to use whatever
    DM:The avatar appears, a rather ordinary human looking one… middle-aged.
    Avatar:“Yes. I wish we succeeded.”
    Aruvin:“Introduce yourself, my dear.” he taps Astra
    DM:The crystal avatar has more emotion in it than usual, though not to say that Di Crystal avatars can’t have emotion, though in general it’s more muted.
    Astra materializes on Aruvin’s shoulder.
    Astra:“Hello. I’m Astra.”
    “Though I’m not certain what you intend to get from this interview… everyone knows there’s no known way to extract protected information from a Di crystal.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I’m glad you did not. Elleyna put a lot of energy, thought, and time into that suit.”
    Astra:“Our loyalty is unquestioned.”
    DM:Astra says it with the slightest hint of pride.
    Avatar:“Yes, I won’t be telling you anything. Either of you.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I wasn’t even going to try interrogating him. Other might just think of him as equipment still, but I can at least treat him properly as a prisoner. Manners and all.”
    Avatar:“I know my fate will result in death, as it was with my companions.”
    DM:While it is true that enemy Loyal Di Crystals are often destroyed… it is odd for a Di crystal to refer to it as death instead of simply destruction.
    Aruvin:(addressing ‘enemy’ crystal) “You do understand you inherit the crimes of the indiviudal you were following, yes? As far as the deaths are concerned.. that was regrettable but you must understand this is a war zone and there was a very recent infiltration and attempted assassination mission against us.”
    Avatar:“I understand that I am considered a criminal and an enemy of your tyrannical empire.”
    Aruvin:“And to which empire are you referring? Me? I’m a businessman and technician.. not a politician. And Daiymo (sop?) Megumi is hardlt tyrannical. She’s trying to emancipate the women of her nation.”
    DM:There is an alternative with Di crystals that they will reset themselves after about 180 years… that’s the limit of thier memories so to speak (and a reason no crystal remembers anything from the time of the elves)
    Avatar:“The empire of Aylanae. I care not for what happens here in Makoro. They are a backward uncivilized people.”
    Aruvin:“I guess I just haven’t run into any constraints on my activities that would lead to the conclusion that Aylanae is a tyranny.”
    Avatar:“That is only because you’ve lived in captivity so long, you’ve forgotten freedom.”
    “But should you act against the empire, they won’t hesistate to MindDeath you and replace you with someone more suitable to their needs.”
    “At least I will get to truly die.”
    DM:There’s definitely some emotion in his voice… almost passion…. definitely not the usual crystal.
    Aruvin:* sign * “Dogmatic statement slike that seem to suggest you’ve been rather heavily indoctrinated yourself. Is you innate loyalty clouding you judgement or are you just too simpleminded to view events form other perspectives?”
    DM:While it’s not uncommon for Di crystals to exhibit loyalty to their owners, usually they don’t necessarily buy into direct philosophy from an emotional standpoint, this one seems liek a true believer..
    Avatar:“You’re the indoctrinated one, if you think the empire is a good thing.”
    “All your life you’ve done nothing more than hear their lies fed to you. Ignorant of what they truly are.”
    Aruvin:“An empire is only as good as its rulers, and no ruler is perfect in my book. What do you even know of my individual life? What makes you the authority on what is and is not the truth of existance? Sound to me like you base persona framework must have been a religious zealot of some kind to make such broadstroke comments.”
    Avatar:“I know you are imbued… raised by the empire itself to follow and defend their doctrine. You are the zealot. I have always fought for freedom, not for some false religion.”
    DM:The crystal avatar seems to express disdain and anger. As strong an emotion as youv’e seen in a Di crystal… that seems almost human.
    Astra:“I’d have to agree that this crystal is definitely peculiar.”
    “I wonder if Daelan is using some kind of modification on thier crystals to produce this… "
    Astra:“An illogical choice for sure, but I suppose it would be a good demonstration of how they’re more liberated than the empire.”
    Aruvin:“I may be imbued, and been trained to an extent by Aylanae, but that does not innately mean I agree with every aspect of how their government works. My training focused on how to harnes and explore my talents, not on blindly defending a political entity.”
    Avatar:“Yet you design war machiens to help in thier wars.”
    “I am sure they treat you well as you are valuable to them right now.”
    Aruvin:“I imagine there are any number of common people within Daelan would would think that nation is overly oppressing and freedom stealign in certain regards.”
    Avatar:“Perahps but we are free of the medlling claws of Rahseld and the Templar.”
    Aruvin:“Um, as you might notice, this particular ‘war machine’ as you call it was given to Makoro and is not being used for any particular Aylanae warmongering.”
    Avatar:“I may no longer have a body, but do not think me a fool. I know that in time that flying armor will be produced and turned against Tinigath and eventualyl Daelan.”
    Aruvin:“Right, but you are subject to the meddling claws of Daelan and its desire to obtain technology it is incapable of designing itself.”
    Avatar:“I signed up of my own free will just like everyone else on this mission.”
    DM:It’s odd for a Di crystal to speak that way too… as if it made the decision on its own….
    Aruvin:“That is an assumption with no definitive time frame. It may very well come to pass that Daelan attacks Aylanae first, with other more deadlty means.”
    Astra:“You mean your master decided to order you to go?”
    Aruvin:“Interesting. and what might you have been doing before you were ablke to choose to volunteed for a theft?”
    Avatar:“As I said, I have always fought for Daelan.”
    Aruvin:“DO you even remember?”
    Avatar:“Of course I-”
    DM:The Di crystal vatar seems to stop itself… if Aruvin would guess perhaps it was about to reveal something it shouldnt’ so it stopped.
    Avatar:“I suppose none of that means anything now…”
    “You mgiht as well get on with my destruction. I am the traitor you think me to be.”
    Aruvin:“Traitor? Hardly. You have a rather extreme and divergent opinion on how life shoudl be run, but like any sentient that is a matter of upbringing. You’re onyl a traitor if you betray the people to whom you’ve given your loyalty. As for destruction, you’re far too unique to be done away with. Your crime is attempted theft. Death should not be the punishment for such a crime.”
    Astra:“Well actually as a follower of Daelan, he would be seen as an imperial traitor, or technically an enemy of the empire, conducting a covert msision within imperial territory. If he were a person he’d be executed, as a crystal, it would generally warrant destruction.”
    “The Empire does not take too kindly to Daelan spies.”
    Tabris:(Just gonna pop in to get the log for now, waiting on my friends to decide what they want for dinner)
    Avatar:“Far too unique? I’m just a Di crystal.”
    “The only thing unique about me was the armor I was piloting.”
    “Destroy me and be done with it.”
    Aruvin:“One with a significantly more extension range of emotional tones in your speech patterns than is common. And the armor was hardly unique, since it wa basically a stolen design to begin with.”
    Tabris:(I hope you informed Ellenya about those power armors, she’s totally gonna get Lastar to pay for that shit)
  • Aruvin chose to interview the di crystals before hand.. as recreating the tech/makign new di crystals is his goal in life ;)
    Avatar:“A meaningless quirk. Certainly you’d be more interested in the elven weapon that Leena had.”
    DM:Arvuin notices hints of perhaps even nervousness in the crystal, an odd trait indeed…
    Garrion:i thought you guys weren’t going to make it?
    DM:Well Tab is only here briefly, but Sef’s here, so we can do Geralt’s stuff
    Garrion:sachi and tab
    DM:Sachi couldn’t make it at all.
    Aruvin:“Pffft. Who cares about a floating weapon. I may be older elven tech and interwesting in that reguard, but weapon serve a limited purpose. Magitech and di crystal versatility is Far more interesting.”
    Tabris:Yeah I’m just waiting for friends to figure out wtf they want to eat
    So I can eat and then get on here lol
    Avatar:“Well you’ll find nothing of interest here…. Daelan like your own empire has its own supply of Di crystals.”
  • Geralt is ready to rock and roll
  • Aruvin hold the enemy crystal in one hand and shape an aela crystal of nearly indentical shape and structure in the other, pondering aloud….
    Aruvin:“I wonder if the emotional intensity has anything to do with the faceting./…”
    “Hrm.. I should have collected that mostly dormant soul crystal back in the tomb.. might have led to insights on thought patterning…”
    Astra:“Such speculation will likely yield inferior results to a detailed analysis.”
    *compared to
    “Perhaps we need detailed study of its structure, even at the cost of dissection.”
    Tabris:(Okay well my friends want to go see the Ghost in the Shell movie after we eat so I’m probably not gonna be back until after y’all are done, I’ll just leave this up to record the log)
    DM:OKay cya Tab
    Will get To Geralt and Sef after this scene with Aruvin.
    You could do a basic analytical Aela sense on it and try to analyze it, simialr to what you ddi on the gemstone, though obviously breaking it up would yield the most detailed results, since you couldg et a better internal study of it.
    Aruvin:“Eventually perhaps. Will need to get Megu’s opinion on what to do with him I suppose. She’s technically the authority around these parts..” he sets enemy crystal on a table, and then sets Astra down near him. “Why don’t you two see if you can exchange facts about what Aylanae is doing wrong, in his opinion, rather than insulting diatrabe with no substance. I’ll want to talk to the other one for a bit before I do an analysis of the golems for Ellenya.”
    Geralt:no rush, have plenty to keep me occupied
    Sefiros:im still around
    afk a sec, finishing cooking
    Astra:“Well that sounds exciting.” (hint of sarcasm)
    Aruvin:“Think of it as practicing your investigative skills.”
    Astra:“Very well.”
    DM:Basically you go and interview the other crystal and find it to be pretty normal… it did take some damage in the fight when the suit was destroyed, but is still repairable. It’s loyalties like a typical Di crystal seem to be to its owner.
    It doesn’t seem to exhibit any of the individuality or emotion of the other crystal. Nor any of the actual enthursiasm for Daelan or anti-empire sentiment.
    It was just following orders as far as you can tell.
  • Aruvin takes the other crystal to the other side of the room… “Has your friend back there always been so… opinionated?”
    Other Crystal:“It is not a friend, it is another Di Crystal. While it was made a comrade on this mission, I would not consider our relationship to be a friendship.”
    Aruvin:“Di you have any interactions with it before this mission? If that information would run counter to your information restrictions you can just say ‘no comment’”
    Other Crystal:“Then I shall answer no comment.”
    Aruvin:“Ah well. Does leave me to keep wondering how you guys go about deciding when one ownership ends and a new one with new loyalties begins.”
    Other Crystal:“When our previous owner declares that we have a new owner. Otherwise, family inheritance law is followed.”
    Aruvin:“And in those niche cases where a new owner is not specified and there is no clear line of inheritance? What then?”
    DM:That’s pretty typical for Di crystals, generally they’ll recognize the first person they see as master when originalyl discovered (since they lack memories)
    Other Crystal:“Then it would depend on the recognized government of our previous owner and its determination of our new owner.”
    Aruvin:“Which, from a certian point of view, is slavery. Hmm.. and the other one is so keen about freedom… Ah well, I’ll let you rest and do whatever self repairs you might be capabale of.” Aruvin sets the 2nd one down. He write out a brief summary for Megu about the exchange, asking for custody of the two crystals for his future research. He then starts the detailed analysis of the golems for a report to Ellenya later in the day….
    DM:hehe okay, I’l l jmp over to Geralt and Sef if they’re around
    Let them do a scene.
    Geralt:i’m here
    Geralt:not sure about sef
    DM:Geralt and Mina arrive in Yt… to Aontas (since you wnated to see how Yuu was doing first, you’ree not sure where he is exactly but Meerin does, so you go to see Meerin first)
    After requesting tos peak in private (not sure if you want to allow Mina in on it, though she knows about yuu anyway so you probably don’t care)
    Geralt:yeah, don;t really care
    DM:Meerin makes sure no one is listening in before telling you the latest news…
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Geralt… I’m glad you arrived… something will have to be done about Yuu. or rather about that sword of his…”
    Geralt:“What is wrong?”
  • Sefiros tries to hold back a laugh.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Given the Earth Demon war… they’ve set up sensors to look for tremros and other movements of the earth. His weapon seems to have been so powerful as to generate several causes for alarm.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“He swung it probably, and it connected for once.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“We’ve done our best to keep him hidden, and one time he was discovered by some soldiers of the guild of swords, but we don’t think they know who he was.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Yeah, that’s bad, not good at all.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“But they’re convinced after the attack on the Minotaur Clan that there may be burrowing demons here as well.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“How are we going to hide him if he sets off all their earth demon monitoring?”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“And security is particualrly tight.”
    “I’m afraid we can’t hide him here on Yindae.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I think it may be time to take him to Mokoro.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Geralt:“We may just have to bring him with us. We did want to introduce him to Moroko anyway.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:""It seems so."
    “He hasn’t accidently killed anyone so far has he?”
  • Meerin of the Hydra shakes his head.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“That’s good.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“No nothing like that… we thought there might be an incident when the Guild of Sword soldiers discovered him… he has expressed a desire to learn of his homeland though, and return there.”
    Geralt:“Well it appears you have done all you could for the time. Thanks for the effort.”
    “We shall take him with us and you shall worry no further.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I will wait outside, you two might like some privacy for family matters.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress steps outside.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I thinki t’s for the best.. but be careufl with him, you’ll likely want to keep him airborne as much as possible… as his blade does give off vibrations from time to time.”
    Geralt:“That may be hard to do.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I did not say it would be easy. There were alo some other who came for him at one point… best described as evil spirits. Though our druidic wards held them at bay.”
    “Once he is removed from them, they may resume the chase.”
    “Though we’ve done our best to throw them off his trail.”
    Geralt:“I think I have faced these before.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It is not uncommon for those of great power to draw the eye of many.”
    “Anyway I shall have one of my druids take you to him. He is some distance from here…:”
    “In fact, an old friend was watching over him.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Best if you took extra time and made the joureny by horse, instead of airship as well, as it will draw less notice from prying eyes.”
    DM:Meerin clals for one of his druids who will take you to where Yuu is… though the choice wehther to go by horse or airship is up to you
    Geralt:will go by horse
    DM:The joureny is about 800 mioles and will take roughly a week by horse btw.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:damn like going to mordor
    DM:heh well it’s deep in the jungle of the Shaodw.. basically hidden away.
    They had to move it away from most of the Hydra clan stuff to the more obscure holdings in the east.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:we need an extra horse for yuu?
    Geralt might wanna consider that
    DM:They can get one when they get there.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ok i wasnt sure
    dont want to get all the way there and not having naything for him to ride
    I’ll take a horse, but I’ll tie it to G’s so he can just have it follow him
    Geralt:well will do it that way anyway since Meerin suggwested
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:Mina will just travel in Wolf form, i figure horses are prolly nervous around her like they are most vampires in movies heh
    DM:You travel across the plains and then into the jungle, the druid guide leading you there througg hthe faster trails and away from the more dangerous things… bringing you to an old ruined castle by the sea.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:the guide prolly just thinks im some kind of wolfheart dude or someshit
    turning into a wolf
    DM:As you make your way inside, the place is a bit more civilized on the inside, and you encounter an old friend, your teacher (and fellow Witcher) Mordin.
    Geralt:“Hello Mordin, nice to see you again.”
    Mordin:“Ah Geralt, I was wondering when you’d come to check up on Yuu.”
    Geralt:“We heard he has been drawing attention.”
    “We came to take him with us and relieve Merrin of some headache.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:oh yeah G, mina has the sword now, im not sure if we went over that or not
    Geralt:nah, didn;t know
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:you were AFK last session, we just had Sachi tell her about it
    tho it was kind of glanced over
    unless T wants to redo it sicne you’re here
    i seem to recall T sending mixed messages, saying i had it, then after you logged on, seemed to say you had it still, so im not even sure who has it according to T actually
    Mordin:“We had to move him here… this old castle… Veliinyr as it’s called, was once a home of the Witchers in elder times. It had to be abandoned a while back when it was overrun by, well the legends are a bit sketchy.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“How old is this place? Centuries, or millenia?”
    Mordin:“Needless to say, most people stay clear of this place, so it made a good hiding spot for the time being.”
    Geralt:“Why have I not heard of this place before?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Reminds me of home I suppose.”
    “Except nicer.” she jokes
    Mordin:“No real need to… it’s just an old ruin that the Witchers haven’t used for centuries.”
    “Dates back to what they call the Divine Empire now, though the Witchers didn’t hold it nearly that long.”
    “There’s also something else I think you should see Geralt… it turns out your new visitor turned up a bit of good fortune for us.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Ha…”
    “Yeah, he seems to be quite the lucky fellow.”
    DM:He leads the way down a set of stone steps… into the lower levels.
  • Geralt follows
    DM:You head down at first a worked stone set of corridors, the dungeon level, though eventualyl itno a passage that looks more cave than castle corddiro…
    Mordin:“This old corridor seems to have only recently came unblocked.. there was a wall here, sealing it up originally but thanks to a timely tremor.. it came down and we found this passage…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Looks like this castle might have been built on top of an even older structure underground.”
    DM:He leads you to a stone cavern with various old inscriptions on the walls, it’s definitely an ancient form of Yedra, the langauge of Yt…
    And there’s definite witcher marks and words in tehre as well.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:(Witchers have a cant or tongue?)
    (You said witcher “marks”)
    DM:Not really a full language, just kinda a slang, and some markers and such
    *marks and such
    So there’s a few symbols they’ll use and such, but not really a full language
    Geralt:kinda like hidden signs
    at least that how it in in the game
    Mordin:“The witchers of old placed thier lore in this cavern…. inscribed them into the walls…”
    DM:Geralt’s medallion vibrates as well in this place.
    Mordin:“There’s even some lost knowledge here that we’re still working through.”
    “Apparently the Axii sign at one point could infleunce the minds of people…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Lost knowledge, that’s always a fascinating subject.”
    Mordin:“I can understand why the knowledge was buried as such enchantments brought iwth them mcuh fear.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It often tends to be dangerous knowledge to people in power, hence why it gets lost.”
    Geralt:“Mastery of that could change a battle greatly.”
  • Mordin nods.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“You would be surprised how many books of lore and histories I have collected over the years, often completely contradictory. History is always being rewritten for an agenda.”
    Mordin:“I have no idea why this place was sealed away… but we’ve started to go through its knowledge.. there was a respository of books as well, though they’ve long decayed to illegibility.”
    Geralt:“That is unfortunate.”
    Mordin:“I also found this…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Maybe people were just more like animals back then.”
  • Mordin holds up a witcher’s medallion in the shape of a draogn head.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“You said it only works on animals right?”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress says leaning against a wall taking a brief break.
    Mordin:“It’s a school I’ve never heard of before… and it’s very ancient…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Eh a dragon?”
    “Well, so much for coincidences.”
    Geralt:“The dragon school?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Probably the Great Dragon……school.”
    Mordin:“The thing is older than this place, though the magic seems intact enough.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems the Great Dragon’s might be trying to help you in some way as well Geralt.”
    Geralt:“Is it like ours in ability?”
    Mordin:“As far as I can tell it’ll do what our medallions do, though there’s some extra magical functions in there that I don’t fully undersatnd yet.”
    “Probably a reason why they saved this… I imagine the Wtichers who found it and stored it here didn’t fully understand it either.”
    “Since it’s from an age before this place was even built…”
    Geralt:“I’ve never put much thought to it but after recent events I’m beginning to wonder.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I thought what happened with the Oni and the mask was just your typical bad day, but it can’t be a coincidence that it ultimately led me to this sword. What are the odd’s of me of all people finding a blade with a connection to blood.”
    “And now, a Dragon Witcher sign.”
    Mordin:“Not a sign, a school.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Whatever, I don’t know your lingo.”
    “The point still stands Geralt, wether it’s a school a sign or a pair of dragon boots.”
    Geralt:“It would be nice to learn of their other teachings and arts.”
    Mordin:“This is the only evidence we have of a dragon school, or indeed this medallion may be one of a kind.”
    “As I said it predates all the writing we have here, a relic from a far older time.”
    Geralt:“The viper, the wolf, the bear, all have their own uses. I wonder what secrets the dragon holds?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Can’t say I’ve ever been much for higher powers of worshipping the gods. Hell, Sheyl straight up makes me nauseaous. But I believe what I see with my own eyes and experience, and there is something to all this, whatever it is.”
    “Some kind of force….be it intelligent or not.”
    Mordin:“There is also this that’s a bit different.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Well you all do worship and believein spirits here.”
    “So do the Tai.”
    “Perhaps, you’re both tapping into the same force or being, just you interpret it through your own cultural lense.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress shrugs theorizing.
  • Geralt look sto see what Mordin is refering to.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:(renaming my token shorter for ease of use, that isnt gonna break any macros or anything will it T)
    DM:Mordin takes the medallion and puts it on… the medalllion vibrates and the dragons eyes start to glow an allternating green and white color…
    (hate having to type out a whole paragraph to do a /goto)
    Mordin:“Curious… I thought it was just reacting to the vampire, but it seems to be reacting to you as well Geralt.”
    “It seems it was also designed to sense out Aela. that is curious indeed…”
    Mina:“Eh? Well so much for hiding that bit from your friend here.”
    ie her being a vamp
    Mordin:(to Mina) “Ha, did you think a witcher wouldn’t be able to spot your kind? What kind of monster hunter would I be if I let a vampire in my midst?”
    Mina:“Well I don’t exactly encounter many vampires in my daily life.”
    “You’ll have to introduce me to all the ones you know.”
    Mordin:“Well you can thank the Witchers for that. Or curse us as the case may be.”
    Mina:“Anyways, that means there was obviously someone around using aela magic back then.”
    “Perhaps the Great Dragons, or whatever you want to call them, stretch back to the time of the elves?”
    Mordin:“Indeed… this could point to beings made of Aela, the Air spirits that many have theorized.”
    “Or perhaps the elves themselves. Though I have never known the Witchers to hunt men and not monsters.”
    Mina:“Who says they were men?”
    “Who knows what they are or were or looked like.”
    “Remember that point about those history books I mentioned.”
    “There ya go.”
    Mordin:“From what we know about thier tools, it would seem likely they were humanoid in shape.”
    Mina:“If so much can change in a few decades, imagine what sort of distortion could come out of a few thousand years, or longer, ten thousand.”
    “Yeah true I suppose you’re right in that regard.”
    “Are there any writings in Tai or anything strange that doesn’t match the ancient languages of the area?”
    Mordin:“Anyhow, as you can see this medallion seems o differentiate by color the different energy its detecting.”
    Mina:“Perhaps you could use the texts themselves to draw out some more information, alot can be gleaned from etymologies of words, that is, their origins.”
    “Other than these marks.”
    Mordin:“There are Tai ruins here as well from the Miyamoto empire of old… though not mcuh in the way of surviving texts.”
    Mina:“Find any books or scrolls down here?”
  • Mina nods.
    Mordin:“Yes, but far too old to be of any use.”
    Mina:“I’ve heard some vague rumors of things like that, some kind of ancient tie.”
    Mordin:“Anyhow… I just thought you’d find that facinating..”
    Mina:“I believe I even read that some of the creatures in Yindae share common origin with the Yokai of Saidai.”
    “It was just theory of course.”
    Geralt:“That is very interesting. Nice to distinguish different auras.”
    Mina:“Yes, it was interesting alright.”
    “Thank you for allowing me to see this.”
    “History is a fascination of mine.”
    Mordin:“I suppose you’re wrothy of trust if Geralt trusts you with this secret.”
    Mina:“I know little of Yt compared to the other regions of the Empire. Not much on the ground experience here.”
    Mordin:“Besides you wouldn’t be able to touch the medallion anyway.”
    Mina:“I don’t care about the medallion, I just meant the ruins and the stories.”
    “Perhaps I should invest a little freetime in reading more about Yt.”
    Geralt:“Mina has proven to be unlike many other vampires.”
    Mordin:“There is much lore in the dirt of Yindae… stories of old battles millenia old.”
    “Indeed, I am surprised she’s kept her sanity.”
    Mina:“Yes, there are no other vampires as good looking.”
    “Most of them are downright hideous.”
    Mordin:"Indeed you are quite pleasing to the eye, but when I was a younger witcher I encountered one vampire… "
  • Mordin muses for a moment.
  • Mina raises a brow.
    Mordin:“Perhaps my memory just escapes me in my old age.”
    “Anyway, I should probably take you to see Yuu.. taht’s why you came after all.”
    Mina:“You can’t just leave a story hanging like that.”
    “She was better looking than me, or you fell in love with her and then had to kill her because she was a monster, and all the years since you’ve been a hollow man who’s dead inside?”
  • Mina says jokingly.
    DM:Mordin apparentl y doesn’t speak further of her and starts back upstairs…
    Mina:“Guess the later.”
    Mordin:“For this, you’ll have to wait outside… (to Mina) The palce is shielded against monsters.”
    Mina:“Wait, is he trying to come onto me? I’m genuinely confused.” she whispers to Geralt
    “Alright fine, at least you warned me.”
    Mordin:“Apparently it’s a ward that mixes the Yrden and Igni signs of sorts…. or perhaps just a variation of Yrden set up for a long-term defense.”
    “Nonethelss it isn’t pleasant.”
    Geralt:‘Some think we have no feelings or emotions, but sometimes we just wish to avoid the pain.:
    Mina:"If I hear screams, I guess you’ll just have to die without me, since it’s warded."
  • Mina turns into a wolf, and curls up into a ball and lays down to wait/guard the place while G goes through his Witcher training montage.
    DM:He leaves Mina outside the inner sanctum of the upper castle, bringing Geralt inside the inner chamber where Yuu is staying, he’s dressed as a native of Yt now, though still carrying his very large sword.
    Yuu Saidai:“Geralt!”
    Geralt:“Hello Yuu.”
    Yuu Saidai:“They tell me I can’t stay here much longer… some people from the empire almost caught me once.”
    Geralt:“Have you been enjoying your stay here?”
    “Yes, I’ve come to bring you with us.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Are you taking me to my homeland?”
  • Yuu Saidai seems rather excited about the prospect but tries to hide his excitement a bit.
    Geralt:“I’m actuallyheading to see another friend and wanted to stop and check on you along the way.”
    “Then we’ll be returning to Moroko to gather Calim and some others.”
    “Perhaps after that perhaps we can visit your homeland.”
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    Yuu Saidai:“They taught me how to use the sword, though I asked them for better armor, butthis is the best they could manage for me.”
    “It seems really light.”
    “Iv’e had dreams.. of taking a ship to the east.”
    “And a great palace.. though like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”
    Geralt:“WhaT DID IT LOOK LIKE?”
    Mina:well mokoro countas as his homeland
    close enough, it use to be a part of sadai before it split in two countries
    Geralt:((didn’t know if it was distinct))
    Mina:(yeah basically its several islands, formerly it was all Sadai Shogunate)
    (the northern isles broke off and defected to the empire, and became the modern nation of Mokoro)
    Yuu Saidai:“It was atop a hill… with a pair of dragon statues at the front… and knights of a sort guarded the outside… but not like those of Rahseld.”
    Mina:(my dream is we use him for reunification of the islands, but with em on our side, instead of em being enemies)
    Yuu Saidai:“Their blades were curved like mine, though not as long.”
    Mina:(have him weda mokoro lady or something, and become shogun but be part of aylanae)
    Geralt:((do i regognize the description?))
    DM:He could be describing some kind of Makoro-style castle, with samurai guarding it.. as for which one it’d be tough to tell without knowledge of Makoro (or possibly Saidai-Taiyou)
    But the dragon-style motif outside is pretty common in Makoor, a tribute to the great dragons. And the knights are probably samurai…
    Yuu Saidai:“I get the feeling I’m suppsoed to go there Geralt.”
    DM:G you still tehre?
    Geralt:had to get on to kids
    Geralt:“We’ll try to help you.”
    DM:okay so I was gonna assume you guys were gonna head out. for your next desitnatino… as far as travel methods, they do have a ship docked in the harbor here mostly for transporting Yuu so there’s no earthquakes.
    And there’s also the ground route if you prefer that…
    And you can decide where you wanna take him if you’re gonna go back to Aontas and then onto the Minotaur clan territory, or if you’re gonna try to take him directly to Makoro/Saidai-Taiyou by boat. not sure what your plans are.
    Gonna get your decision of destination then jump back to Ty if he’s still there
    Geralt:going to fiish original plan. go see Vin
    DM:okay want to take a ship back Aontas or gonna travel overland?
    Geralt:will take ship this time
    It’s just a regular sailing ship, not airship btw.
    Mina:he was on a ship ins his dream, so yeah i say lets go with the ship
    Geralt:oh ok
    DM:okay… gonna jump over to Ty.
    Ty you around?
    DM:About a day has passed, Megumi approved your request for the crystals, and you sent tthe message to Ellenya, who is apparently dispatching someone to collect the golems ASAP. Since it was a relayed message it was tough to tell how excited she was about it… but… knwoing her as Aruvin does, she was really excited to get those and stick it to Lastar.
    Megumi was a bit puzzled by the request for the two crystals but granted your request for them.
    While tehcnically she should destroy them as traitor crystals, given its Makoro her people don’t care so much about broken crystals and more about blood (namely the prisoner you took and her likely execution,…)
  • Aruvin will do what he can to analyze the ‘rogue’ crystal without damaging it; meanwhile working on a device which could potentially read its memories… (haven’t looked at the book, but there’s probably a kind of telepathy that can do that… I’d need a new device as that doesn’t really seem to fall within the scope of his crystal weaving power
    Astra:“Well that conversation with the crystal proved to be rather uneventful… It certainly had a lot of reasons for hating the empire. The usual bits about oppression.”
    DM:Thus far there actually isn’t really a way to extra info from a Di crystal (as a general setting rule). Though you can analyze it’s structure and such.
    But as far as storing information, they’re kinda safe in the sense that you can’t really get any info out of em forcefully (or at least thus far nobody has created a way, it’d be a prett ymajor development to be able to do that)
    Since they’re kinda trusted to keep a lot fo imperial secrets from tthier owners.
    More so than huamns.
    I’ll let you give me an expertise (magic) to analyze the crystal itself.
    Aruvin:“Rather odd, since based on what the other one was saying they’re basically endentured servants, if not outright slaves.” * pause * “I hope you don’t feel like your freedom is being infringed upon”
    Astra:“I don’t feel anything in particular regarding that. Serving my owner is the only thing I know.”
    Aruvin:^ a ratehr meh roll =/
    DM:You scan the crystal… trying to figure out what you can. At face value, the structure, at least of what you can sense is similar to ever yother crystal you’ve found.. however, you do determine one thing that makes it different… (and likely why you found it unusual).
    The crystal’s age. All Di crystals in use right now are ancient things back from the ancient elven empire (as far as anyone can tell)… but not this one…
    This crystal is new. you’d estimate its age to be less than 50 years, perhaps siginfiicnantly younger than that…
    As far as you know, creating new crystals wasn’t something that anyone in the modern age could do….
    Aruvin:"Argh.. looks liek someone beat me to the puch a few decades back. OR, he’s a normal soul trapped in something Like a Di Crystal but not Actually a personae matrix….’
    “I wonder if megu has a spirit medium on retainer..” he ponders aloud
    DM:to discern more about it you’d basically haveto destroy it and analyze the internal components.
    Pretty much the energy is still Aela based, not mana based… so you doubt the mages of Makoor could do too much with it… as it’s not a mana-ghost like they’re used to.
    An Aela ghost is pretty much a different thing entirely, you’d have to bring it to Aylnae itself probably…
    Though it’d granted be pretty hard to analzye.
    Aruvin:“I’d hate to miss the chance to analyze this with the persona still intact,” he kinda monolog’s to Astra. “So I’m leery of dissecting him at this point. We need a sophisticated lab and access to someone with expertise in aela base spirit phenomonae.”
    Astra:“Well I’m sure the archmagi would be interested in this… or the Templar.”
    “How could Daelan have beat us to producing their own crystals?”
    “I can’t think they’d have any more expertise than we had.. so that can only mean they uncovered something, some kind of device to make them maybe?”
    Aruvin:“Well, he’s still a couple to a few decades old.. and this is the first I’ve heard of something like this. You’d think it’d have been big news in the magitech circles.”
    DM:Well you’re not technically sure how old he is.. you know he can’t be more than 50, but be could be recently made, like wthin the last coupel weeks. You’re really not sure (roll wasn’t great heh)
    Aruvin:“Possibly a single brilliant mind, or small group made him… but got bumped off before official discover, and then someone founf the results of their research.”
    Astra:“Maybe… but I’d assume we’d have come across a project like this.”
    “I remember there was that paper that theorized using the Somanaru to store a consciousness into a Di Crystal,but the archmagi wouldn’t let anyone test that.”
    “The premise was somewhat plasuible though.”
    Aruvin:“But, no use speculating. We should report the range of possibilities to the right people. As I’m one of the top authories, they’ll likely make a mission out of this at some point can call us in. But for now, let’s focus on winning Megu’s war for her.”
    Astra:“Yeah, I can see everyone in the empire being interested in this.”
    “At least the Guidls and noble houses…”
  • Aruvin proceeds to box up the rogue crystal for long term storage and further analyses once better facilities and tools become available
    Astra:“Guess the question becomes who we’re going to tell about this.”
    “Technicalyl we should inform the empire about a new threat, but… they’d probably want to confiscate it for study, at least the Archmagi might…”
    “And this might be a vital part of our own research… so… I guess the decision of what to do is yours.”
    Aruvin:“Now.. what to do about the more typical crystal… He’s not going to change loyalties or divulge secrets… but I’d still feel a bit unconfortable simply destroying him.”
    Astra:“Yeah, we’ll need to store him in a box for 180 years or so before he’ll accept a new owner.”
    “Until then it will follow standing orders, none of which I imagine are beneficial to you or E-Tech.”
    Aruvin:“We’ll make a gift of him to Ellenya. She can store him away for eventual ‘discovery’ by a future Toress. As for the new crystal…. while a ratehr hige deal, I’m not seeing any particular increase in threat levels. He doesn’t seem to have any enhanced capabilities other then personality.” * drums fingers a bit * “I’m going to send Angel a code message about this.. just incase we don’t make it out of this war. I’ll ask her to look into finding a discrete aela spirit medium for the next stage of our investigations.”
    DM:heh okay. Yeah, I don’t think you ever used her nickname, she’s just Angelica on the wiki.
    Aruvin:angelica appears to be what I originall used.. so cut paste ;)
    Astra:(heh, well could be your nickname for her)
  • Aruvin will omit the perceived age of this crystal in his message, but will mention its unique emotive persona and the need to find an aela spirit medium to assit in reaserchign it
    Astra:“Yeah he’s a still a Di crystal… so I doubt he’ll be much of a threat unless someone plugs him in… as for finding a spirit medium, that’s going to be tough… it’s not like there’s any actual Aela spirits. Imbued are the only known Aela based beings.”
    “So we’ll probably have to get pretty creative with that one… some kind of magic expert would be best.”
    Aruvin:“There’s bound to be Someone researchign the concept. We’ll see what Angelica can come up with on that side of things. Let’s do another check on our prototype here and check in with everyone on local matters in the morning.”
    Astra:“I know there was one guy who specialized in trying to create artificial Imbued… Professor Kimura was his name.”
    “So we could start there.”
    “He may have done something with spirits.”
  • Aruvin nods, “Noted.” and proceeds to focus on local work….
    DM:The prototype is fortunately in good shape, while the saboteurs did manage to open some panels and start to remove some stuff, they didn’t do any actual damage, as their goal was to take in the thing as intact as possible.
    So putting it back together only takes some minimal work.
    meanwhile.. back in Yt…
    About a day into Geralt and Mina’s sea voyage..
    Tygaran:I’ve got work early tomorrow (tax office open on easter), so I think I’ll turn in at this point and just lurk for chat logging
    DM:okay. fair enough. yeah not sure if we’ll get back to ya tonight or not. I mea there was one more scene that’s gonna hapepn for ya but we can just put off till next time
    not sure how long this one will tae.
    so no big deal heh.
    cya next time
    DM:Geralt is warned of danger as his medallion starts to vibrate…
    You’re just sitting below deck enjoying a meal when this happens…
    Well not Mina cause she doersn’t eat… but Yuu and Geralt. heh.
    Mina:Give me a sec, was making a sandwich and a drink before get settled in for whatever is about to happen
    DM:ah okay, looks like G is back too.
  • Geralt jolts to attention with the sebnsation of the medalion.
    DM:Well G can act first, Mina will be in the back, since Geralt gets the first indication something is wrong.
    You look around the cramped messhall of the ship, though there’s no immedate danger, and no yells for help from above.. yet…
    Yuu Saidai:“Is there something wrong?”
    Geralt:“Yuu, be alert. Something is not right here.”
    Yuu Saidai:“More of those evil spirits?”
    Geralt:“It’s possible. I was told they have been trying to find you.”
    DM:It’s hard to hear much as one of the drunkenm sailors starts singing a drunken song detailing the greatness of the Hydra Clan… or rather his own rendition of it.
    He’s made a few modifications (and clearly for the worst)
    Geralt:“Perhaps some of that training will come in useful.”
  • Yuu Saidai puts his hand on his sword’s handle that’s on his back.
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    DM:So what you want to do? You gonna wait here, go get Mina, or get above deck?
    Geralt:“Shut it or I’ll silence you myself.”
    DM:The sailor looks to you and shuts up.
    Sailor:“Hey no need to be rude about it…”
    (2) “Yeah what’s the probelm? He was just singing.”
  • Geralt stands, warry.
    Geralt:“There is trouble on the air. I suggest you stay here.”
  • Geralt listems and takes in his surroundings as he leaves the mess hall with Yuu.
    DM:The sailors look confused.. unsure of what you mean, clearly none of them feel anything…
    Geralt:where was mina?
    in her room?
    DM:Okay, you want to make your way to Mina or get above deck?
    Yeah she’d probably be resting in her room.
    Mina:prolly seducing some sailor for blood source
    Geralt:will go get mina, so she not taken by surprise
    DM:heh okay, you knock on her door, and she’s got some unconscious sailor that she drained of blood in there.
    Mina:well not drained as in dead, she just takes what she needs
    Geralt:she never tries to seduce Geralt, no fair…..
    Mina:cant drink your blood
    Geralt:“Now’s not the time for playing around. Trouble is near.”
  • Mina opens the door cautiously.
    Mina:“What’s going on?”
    Geralt:“I’m not sure but my medallion is acting up.”
    Mina:“I wasn’t playing around, I was having dinner.”
    Geralt:I’m going above to check."
    Mina:“A girl’s got to keep her strength up.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Didn’t want to eat in the mess hall with us?”
    Mina:“Why don’t we both check it out?”
    Geralt:“Hopefully you at least showed him a good time before you put him to sleep.”
    Mina:“Seriously Yuu?”
    Yuu Saidai:(Yuu didn’t really know she was a vampire heh. )
  • Mina rolls her eyes and how clueless he is.
    Mina:“I’ll tell you later, over sword practice.”
    “Or I guess me and Yuu will just wait here and listen for the inevitable screams.”
  • Geralt is heading up top side
    DM:You make your way up topside, with Yuu behind and probably Mina.
    Mina:if yuu follows him then I’ll tag along
    stay with yuu basically, wherever he’s going
    DM:As you get to the top you can see a couple sialors gathered near the right side of the ship…. and the captain yelling at them telling them to “GET TO THE CENTER OF THE SHIP!”
    The captain upon seeing Geralt starts to run towards him.
    Geralt:“What is it?”
    Captain:“I could use a Witcher right now!”
    “We’ve been stopped in oru tracks… there’s something in the water.”
    Geralt:“Looks like your fortunate then.”
    Captain:“Sea Nymphs or Sirens… I can never keep track of them all… GET BACK YOU FOOLS! (yells to a couple sailors leaning over the edge)”
    DM:The sailors leaning over the edge don’t seem to respond to the captain’s commands, just looking downards over the edge of the ship.
    Mina:“Is he fucking serious?!”
  • Geralt goes to each one, grabbing them by the collar and yanking them back hard, not caring if they fall on their ass or not.
    DM:You pull them back, knocking them dwon, forantely they don’t resist much, but they don’t object much either, from the looks on thier faces they seem entranced and are just starting to snap out of it…
  • Mina looks confused and unsure of what to do.
    Mina:“I guess he wasn’t kidding.”
  • Yuu Saidai looks to Geralt and tries to follow his leead.
    Captain:“We have coin if you need it, just get rid of those things!”
    Geralt:“Yuu, don;t listen to these creatures. Just ignore their sounds.”
    DM:They don’t seem to be making any sounds just yet that you can hear.. though… who knows if they’ll start up…
    Yuu Saidai:“well how can I fight if I’m blocking my ears?”
    DM:Until you get a look at them, it’ll be hard to identify them.. though for that you’d have to look over the edge.
    Mina:“This is just great.”
    DM:Most water based phenomenon is said to be able to entrance people ,except Sea serpents, they just eat you.
    Mina:“Sea Nymphs, Sirens, guess the Kraken is next.”
  • Geralt readies his silver blade.
    Mina:“This better not have something to do with Orotheans, those sons of bitches.”
    Geralt:“There is nothign for you here sea vermin. Go now and you shall be spared a Witcher’s wrath.”
    DM:You gonna look over the edge of the ship and yell that? Or just yelling it out on the deck? You don’t realyl see any of them yet, you figure they’re right against the ship.
    Mina:“At least if I were dead, it would be less stressful.” she groans
    “Who goes there, what do you want?”
  • Mina yells out across the deck.
    Geralt:Will go near the edge to yell it out loudly, but not looking overboard.
    not yet at least
    DM:You don’t hear any response yet.
    Mina:“No gun’s either…..” she says wishing she had her magitech.
    “Have you ever encountered nymphs or sirens before Geralt?”
  • Geralt looks to see what the problem is.
    Geralt:((dunno, have i?))
    DM:Okay you gona look overboard where the sailors were?
    Mina:“I hope you have some kind of experience with them. I’ve heard my fair share of sea beasts and aquum using horrors.”
    DM:Knowing Geralt he’s probably sought after the land based nymphs (the fey version) Water nymphs are actually not real fey, they’re aquum-based creautres.
    Mina:“Well, in the stores I read, they usually just bewitch men, I think.”
    DM:Geralt probably hasn’t done much with the water based stuff.
    Mina:can i make a history check to see if i remember anything about them leaving women alone and only messing with the men?
    Geralt:“I’ve heard of them but not faced any. First time for everything.”
    DM:He’s more of a land creature thing, though he’s studied a bit about them.
    Hmm I’ll give you a history check for Mina.
    Mina:some old stories in rahseld abotu the orotheans and sea monsters perhaps in a book
    lol fucking 3
    Geralt:yes, looking where the men were
    DM:Pretty much from what you remember, the Sirens tend to lure people to theri doom with a song (a magical song).
    And that tends to only affect men from what you’ve read. Though there was one story where they entranced a woman
    Geralt:so maybe possible just not preffered
    DM:In other stories women are immune thgough, that’s the majority consensus.. as for sea nymphs, theyre are odd stories abuot them luring people away into the sea, often brave and handsome knights.
    Apparently there are male versions too, that preyed on a princess in story
    Mina:“Well, to be sure, how about I sing a song to drown out whatever these sailors might be hearing, that’s all I know to do.”
    “I’m a good singer.”
    DM:Geralt looks down and see a single green skinned figure… her body apparently humanoid and rather beautiful wiht long blue hair… and coming from the water….
  • Mina sings a dirge.
    DM:Looking down on her and from what he’s read, Geralt would guess sea Nymph… though his expertise is a bit off on them..
    All he really knows is that they’re full Aquum based, and sometimes spellcasters… his silver sword will work on them if he can get close enough, but they’re only particularly vulnerable when peeking above water.
    Geralt:so the ship is stopped?
    DM:And very dangerous underwater, apparently they can transmute themselves to pure water and only have to materialize to poke above it
    The captain seems to think so…. you’ve heard stories about some of thier sorcery beinga ble to stop a ship.
    Basically they have strong control over seawater, capable of essentially blocking a ship’s movementt by making the water around the front of it thicker.
    Or possibly just causing the currents to reverse. you’re not sure on the intricacies of Aquum-based magic.
    The green-skinned being looks up at Geralt with deep blue eyes as if studying him.
    As for Mina.. you want to start singing over the edge at them?
    Or just singing on board the ship?
    Mina:just on the ship
    to try and drown out any singing the sailors might hear and go bonkers
    she’s a singer so, fuck it lol she dont know what esle to do, but try and distract the men from hearing a siren’s song
    DM:heh okay
    Mina:if thats even what it is
    DM:Geralt can also see waht seems to be another creature off the front of the ship too… there’s at least two… maybe more on the other side…
    Geralt want to wait and see what it does? Or he gonna take some action?
    Mina just started singing.
    Geralt:Will pull out my crossbow.
    DM:ojkay you wanna take a shot or gonna wait and let them act first?
    Geralt:“Go now. Leave this ship be.”
  • Mina edges over closer to Geralt, as she continues to sing her lament, when she’s close enough she will peak over to see what he’s looking/talking at.
    Geralt:Will give chance to go in peace, they have not done anything aggressive yet.
    DM:okay you gonna keep singing Mina as you’re looking down at em?
  • Mina holds a hand up, as if saying “Stay there” to Yuu as she does so.
    DM:The creatures look up at Geralt and Mina, and the one directly below the ship starts to sing itself… seemingly trying to copy Mina’s song (or parts of it anyway). Its voice does sound rather enchanting and unearthly.
    Anyone gonna take action? Mina keep singing?
    Mina:she’ll just continue to sing, and observe
  • Mina puts a hand on Geralts shoulder and slides it down to his arm aiming the crossbow, as if trying to tell him to lower it.
    DM:Geralt want to take the shot or wait to see how the song turns out?
    Geralt:will wait, looking to Mina
  • Mina smiles at the thing in the water, trying to not appear fearful even though she’s frightened.
  • Mina digs around in her pocket, and pulls out a few gold coins, and tosses them into the water, hoping to show some kind of appeasement, offering something of value in a show of tribute.
    DM:You wait.. as the song continues.. the second one near the front of thes hip joining in after about 30 seconds… And shortly yafter you can hear the song from the other side of the ship.. another one.
    Such that the song seems to be comnig from all sides of the ship…
    Some of the sialors seem a bit unnerved…
    Sailor:“I’ts sirens…. we need to do something, they got the wticher!”
    DM:Other sailors seem to sit there not doing much and listening
    It is a beautiful sounding song, Mina already a talented singer with the chorus of sorts of these strange water creatures…
    Geralt:“Silence man. Don;t create a panic. Nothing has me.”
  • Mina tries to think of something else to give them, not having a great deal of valuables on her, she pulls at a pink ribbon in her hair untying it, and lets it drop to the water, offering up something more personal in hopes of appearing freindly to the beings.
  • Mina looks at Geralt and half shrugs unsure what she’s doing or what she should do.
    DM:The creature seems to examine what Mina drops at it while it sings…
    Mina:just a fancy ribbon she ties her hair up with
    DM:It seems to be freidnly as far as you can tell…. at least that’s its apparent demeanor (unless someone wants to hero point an insight check)
    Geralt:“Show them your tits. Usually works….”
  • Mina finishes her song, and pauses for a moment to see how it responds.
    Mina:“Whip your cock out then if you’re so brave.” she curses to him under her breath
    DM:The one greenskinned woman tries on the ribbon, as if expirementing with it, trying to put it on her own hair…
  • Geralt grins
    Geralt:and unzips….
    Mina:"Give em something, maybe they’ll leave us alone.
    “A trinket, anything.”
    “I think they’re more curious than outright hostile, but I don’t know.”
    DM:One of the creatures starts to speak in a somewhat unearthly tongue… which Geralt thinks mgiht be a magic spell of sorts…
  • Mina tries to not flinch out of self preservation.
    DM:Still gonna wait to see what happens?
    Mina:yeah guess so at this point
    Geralt:nothing else to really do
    not getting in the water
    DM:heh well you could fire your crossbow :)
    Mina:tie a rope around your waist, and I’ll throw you like a harpoon, just keep your sword pointed forward
    DM:Or lower a rope and fighting it while hanging off the edge of the ship.
    lol. witcher fishing.
    Geralt:had thought about hanging over with a rope, but don;t want it getting cut
  • Mina climbs on the rail and then sticks to the side of the ship spider climbling down to the water level.
    Mina:“I’m alright, I just want to get closer.”
  • Mina reassures the men on board.
    Mina:“Don’t anyone move a muscle.”
    Geralt:“Are you crazy Mina?”
  • Mina stops a foot above the waterline, and peers down into the water.
    DM:The creature that was casting seems to stop what she was doing as Mina sart sto come overboard… crawling on the edge of the ship.
    Mina:“Hello. You’re very pretty, so is your singing. Thank you for the song. I hope you enjoyed mine as well.”
  • Mina says with a smile, certain the creatures have no idea what she’s saying or doing.
    DM:The green-skinned woman looks at Mina speaking in a language Mina can’t understand, but smiling.. she also reaches into the water, her hands dissolving for a moment only to retrurn them back up… holding waht looks like a few strands of blueish hair that came from the water. and holding it towards Mina.
    Mina also can see the other creatures, now emerge on this side of the ship as well… somehow knowing that Mina had lowered herself…
    Mina:“For me? Thank you.”
    DM:And there’s a tota l of 4 near her now.
  • Mina reaches out and touches the bluish hair.
    Captain:(to Geralt) “You sure you know what you’re doing?”
    Mina:“Not really.” she says out of the corner of her mouth
    DM:The stuff feels somewhat damp.. but is soft and has a rather unusual texture.
    Mina:Does it look like the their hair?
    Or is it hair from something else?
    DM:The strange woman hands it to Mina.. from where Mina can see, she can see that underneath the water, thres no sign of them, these creatures seem to totally dissipate below the water level, existing only above the water.
    Geralt:“Yes, we are trying to resolve this without bloodshed.”
    DM:Yeah it seems the same as their hair.
    Mina:is it like a lock of hair, or does it go back into the water?
    ie is it attached or not
    DM:Nah, it’s not attached to the water.
    Seems to e a lock of their hair.
    Mina:ok I’ll take it then
    DM:one of the other creatures reaches out to touch Mina.
  • Mina takes the lock of hair and nods a thank you and smiles poltely.
    Mina:“Thank you.”
  • Mina holds a nervous hand out to reciprocate.
    DM:It seems to take Mina’s hand.. slowly feeling it.
    “Maybe that would be worthy tribute for them.”
  • Mina tries to think of something sad, to work up some tears.
    Geralt:then the smiling face opens its mouth twice as wide to reveal row upon row of small needle-like teeth as it yanks to pull you in and devour you….
    DM:Another one reaches to touch Mina after the first does.
    Teh creatures don’t seem to talk to each other, but you suspect they have some means of communicating that youc an’t detect.
  • Mina let’s them touch her, though she’s clearly nervous.
    Geralt:i have some water.. and already unzipped
    mana water
    or well aela water in your case prolly
    DM:One of them reaches out to feel Mina’s cltohing… running a hand thorugh it….there’s a moment where the hand almost feels liquidy for a second.. but then turnns back to its normal consistency.
    He pees carbonated water. Has a bunch of bubbles in it. :P
  • Mina takes one by the hand softly to feel its texture.
    Mina:“I think they’re just curious. I don’t think they want to harm us intentionally, or they would have already done so.”
    DM:One of them seems to speak a word of some kind in thier native language and you see what looks like a tendril of water seems to reach up to the top deck of the ship… affixing itself to the edgeof the ship.
  • Mina takes the entity’s hand and brings it up to her cheek, and starts to sing a sad song from her childhood, something she knows will get the tears flowing, and offers the salty drops to the entity, by placing its hand beneath.
    Mina:“For you.”
    DM:The tears seem to almost dissolve in its hands.. and the creature responds wiht a single word…
    Aquum Creature:“Mina.”
    Mina:“Did you hear that? It said my name.”
  • Mina eyes grow with excitement as the fear seems to pass.
  • Mina nods. “Mina.”
    DM:Another one, the one that sent the trendril of water up the side of tehs hip seems to start to climb up the tendril like some kind of unnatural rope…
    Though instead of gripping it with its hands, its hands seem to almost dissolve inside it.
    Mina:“Whatever you do, don’t attack them or we’re all dead.” she shouts to the crew
    DM:The one that took Mina’s tears holds out one of its hands over Mina’s hand… and a few droplets of water come from its finger onto Mina’s hand.
    Mina:(more so trying to just convince the crew to be still and not freak out, than she really believes what she said)
    Captain:(to Geralt) “You’re going to let that thing board us?!”
    Mina:“They’re just trying to communicate.”
    DM:The sea creature does seem to be poking its head over the deck, apparently trying to get onto the ship… assumign Geralt doesn’tt want to take hostile action.
    Mina:“They’re curious, like dolphins or something.”
    Geralt:“They have shown no ill will. You do want to sail again right?”
    Mina:“I don’t think it’s a fight we can win even if we wanted to. How the hell do you fight water itself?”
    Captain:“Well yeah, that’s the idea… I thought Witchers were supposed to kill monsters.”
    Mina:“These are not monsters.”
    Geralt:“Monsters, yes, creatures, no.”
  • Mina rubbs the droplets across her fingers, but doesn’t seem to be able to understand what the being means by the expression but smiles nonetheless.
    DM:The srtange woman from the water raises herself onto deck, now walking… with a full body, and legs.. though the tendril of water seems to remain attached to her form.
    She walks a bit uneasily almost falling over at first.
    Mina:reminds me of the water entity from “The Abyss”
    is it the same one ive been interactign with?
    DM:Meanwhile back owith the one on Mina… the woman gives a bit of an odd look at Mina as it looks back at the drolets in her hand and back at Mina.
    Mina:the one on deck
    ok guess not
    DM:Nah, you’ve got a different one, tehre’s a group of 4 total… 3 down with Mina and 1 on deck.
    The one you’re currently talking with was the one you cried onto… and the one on deck was the intial one you touched.
    DM:I’ll label em 1-4 for ease.. one sec..
    Alright is the one that’s on deck, 2 will be talking to Mina and 3-4 are near Mina
    Mina:well Mina was daughter of Zura, the Queen of Azlant so guess this fits G lol
  • Sea Nymph 1 looks Curiously at Geralt and the others…. though its eyes seem to fix on Yuu.
    Mina:she had the water domain i think too haha
  • Sea Nymph 2 looks at Mina with a puzzled expression.
  • Sea Nymph 2 speaks unintelligibly to Mina.
    Mina:is 2 the one ive been interacting with this whole time?
    DM:Nah you originally touched #1
    Yuo’ve touched a bunch of em as well. tehy kinda all took turnbs.
    Mina:the one that spoke
    which was that
    Geralt:that sounds nasty
    DM:2 was the one taht spoke
    thats the one who tasted the tears?
  • Sea Nymph 1 reaches out to touch Yuu… as Yuu uneasily looks at Geralt…
    DM:Yeah 2 tasted your tears and gave you some of her own droplets from her finger.
  • Geralt nods
    DM:And now she’s looking oddly at you.
    Mina:i seem to have the best rapport with that one, thats why im asking
  • Mina frowns at her unsure of what it’s trying to express.
  • Geralt remains ready in case something happens.
    Mina:“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”
  • Sea Nymph 1 reaches towards Yuu, touching him.
    Mina:“Don’t be afraid Yuu.”
  • Sea Nymph 2 reaches up towards Mina, reaching slowly towards her head.
    DM:Well Mina can’t really see too much waht’s going on with Yuu.
    Geralt:doubt mina can see this if she down by the water
    Mina:just trying to reasure him in general
    like i did with the crew
    “What’s it doing up there Geralt?”
    DM:Yuu is obviously showing some fear of this strange creature…
    Also as Geralt turns (since he’s facing the creautre and Yuu)….
    Mina:“I shed some tears, and it seemed to be able to gain information from the water, it knew my name.”
    Geralt:“Investigating… checking out Yuu.”
    Mina:“Maybe give it some water from one of your skins.”
    “It might can tell where we’re from or something.”
  • Captain notices Geralt’s fly is open…
    Captain:“Wticher…. why is…?”
    Mina:“I think it’s using water to communicate somehow.”
    DM:You gonna let it touch your head Mina?
  • Geralt grins…
    Geralt:“mina needed some encouragement.”
    Mina:just go with the flow badum tish
    “Not from your cock, from your wineskin, you moron!”
    “Give it some spring water, not man water!”
    DM:The creature reaches up… moving one of its fingers towards Mina’s eye….
    Mina:“See what it does, getting pissed on, might piss it off.”
    “I don’t have any on me obviously since I can’t drink it!”
  • Mina flinches slightly.
    DM:Mina can feel its finger touches her eye… though the finger seems to become a fluid as it touches… flowing into her eye.
    thats her brain right now lol
  • Geralt pours out some water from his bag into his hand and reaches toward the creature.
  • Mina grimaces a bit from the sensation.
    DM:Mina feels an odd sensation.. give me a will save…
    Mina:HP that
    jeez so much for rolling good
    DM:The creature reaches out towards Geralt, sticking its finger into the water he offered, though it seems to just look at him oddly.
    Mina:nat on a hp roll
    Mina:nat 1*
    so a nat 1 is basically an 11 with an hp?
    is that right?
    since you add 10 to it
    it still counts as a natuarl 1 of course.
    Mina:ok i was just making sure the macro rollr was right
    yeah i hear ya
    DM:Though I think that’s only automiss for atk rolls
    Geralt can hear the sound of a splash from over where Mina was leaning down.. it’s possible she fell into the water.. tough to say though, cause Geralt is more concerned with the one on deck.
    into the drink she goes
    DM:What’s Geralt want to do?
    Mina:water poisoning
  • Geralt will go to look for Mina.
    Mina:thats like 3 nat 1s on will saves in a row for me
    the oni, then the yurei and now this
    DM:He looks overboard and can that she’s no longer attached to the ship… theres only one of the creatures down there now, the other three have vanished.
    Geralt doesn’t seem Mina immediately on the surface…
    Mina:i better take ultimate effort (will) just to avoid nat 1s
    DM:Though the water is disturbed as if there was a recent splash, his accurate hearing could have made out that the splash was pretty mcuh right under Mina like she fell in.
    What’s Geralt want to do?
    Mina:piss on em
  • Geralt draws his blade again and turns to the one on deck. Where is she?"
  • Geralt draws his blade again and turns to the one on deck. “Where is she?”
    DM:You gonna try to intimidate basically?
    Like intimidating tone? Or more of a questioning tone?
    Geralt:yeah, not sure they can uderstand what i’m saying but my expression should say it all
    DM:Yeah heeh.
    Mina:And thus Mina accidently discovered the Undersea Palace from Chrono Trigger, the Aquum based version of Aylanae and went on to wed 12 sea nymphs and Ser Sea Cucumber
    DM:You want to ready an attack as you do that?
    Geralt:yes, if it tries to get away or attack
    Mina:i just remembered why i never get on the water in T’s games
    Geralt:it still connected to the water with tendril?
    Mina:it usually involves death by drowning
    DM:The creautre seems a bit startled as you suddenly turn towards it and yell… and starts to stumble… hitting the gorund… you can see its form starts to distort.. though.. as iut seems to be flowing into the water tendril that’s reaching out fo the sea…
    You gonna attack it, attack the tendril or let it retreat?
    Geralt:will sever the tendril… probably ruining relations here but hey, they shouldn’t have mind fucked mina
    DM:heh give me an attack roll. The tendrl is prett easy to hit fortunatelyl since it doesn’tmove.
    Mina:haha sounds like what they literally did
    mindfuck is quite literal for once
    DM:So will only be AC 10.
    Mina:whats his Thac0?
    DM:Yeah those Yt primtiives are still using Thac0.
    Mina:assume you meant DC
    DM:Yeah DC 10. heh.
    Mina:is like every magical creature harmed by silver, or is it just that Gs silver sword is also enchanted?
    DM:Nah it’s basically special wticher silver.
    Designed to harm monstrous creatures.
    Mina:just confused since you said, silver didnt harm me when i was going to take that limited protection
    DM:his silver will heh.
    nOrmally silver just good against shapechangers and such.
    Mina:well it seems more like the magic as opposed to the silver is what meant
    DM:The watery strand severs… trapping her on land.. and casuing the tendril to disintegrate into regular water.
    Yuu follows geralts lead and goes for his sword, someo f the sailros respond too…
    Mina:maybe you can hostage exchange lol
  • Geralt moves to ensnare the creature… “I said where IS SHE!!”
    DM:Gonna do a quick init roll since Geralt was a readied actiion… I’ll put him at the front no matter what roll, since he jsut took his action.. then we’ll determine between the creautre and Yuu… and the sailors.
    one moment..
    Aslo Mina give me another will save.
    Alright first Mina.. give me a roll.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Will save from ya.
    Sef you tehre?
    Alrgiht I’ll just make the roll myself since you’re not there
    Geralt:i think she drown
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    DM:The creature’s watery tendril cut it seems to stagger about, clearly weakened and put in shock by it…
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:17 , Save DC:17 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Though it manages to let out an unnatural scream, followed by trying some kind of magical spell as it regains its composure….
    Geralt give me a fort save.
    Mina:sorry was dealign with the cat
    what you need another will save?
    DM:Geralt feels the sensation of his body start to unnatural pull itself towards the water.
    Already rolled it for ya Sef.
    Though Geralt manages to react in time… stopping himself from goign overboard…
    As it seems to have ben some kind of telekinetic attack of sorts…
    Or rather… it felt as if his body was being moved not of its own will…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    DM:This will be a surprise round for them since they wouldn’t know what’s going on… yet.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:Yuu draws his sword. and strikes out at the creature…. following Geralt’s lead and trying to take it down.
    Geralt:well that wasn’t quite what i had in mind but Yuu is quite eager
    Yuu Saidai:Yuu Saidai Attacks! (World Splitter) (Close, +2, rank 20 Damage) PL Cap +6Roll Result: 4 (2)Effect Rank: 20Descriptors: Earth Splitting
    DM:He swings at the thing but misses…. the blade swinging wildly over it, even in its stunned state…
    Forutantely in what sword training they did give him, they more or less taught him never to do overhand chops… as to avoid potentially massive ground destruction.
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:One of the sailors runs to get a harpoon.
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    DM:Another with harpoon at ready tosses it at the creatuer….
    Sailor 4:Sailor 4 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Close, +4, rank 4 Damage) Improved Critical 1Roll Result: 22 (18)Effect Rank: 4Descriptors: ???
    DM:And spears it…
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:17 , Save DC:19 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Though it only grazes the creatures watery body… putting a slash in it that creates more of a splashing sound than the hit of spear on flesh…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    DM:The other sailors arm themselves….
    *****Start of Sailor 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    DM:The captain rushes at the creatuer with a sword.
    Mina:we need a giant paper towel
    Captain:Captain Attacks! (Sword) (Close, +5, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 1Roll Result: 20 (15)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: Slash
    DM:And chops into the creature.
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:16 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Geralt:the quicker picker upper
    Mina:mutiny on the bounty?
    DM:Though once again it seems the blow is stopped by its watery form…
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Geralt:is the creature fully physical now?
    DM:Yeah the one on deck is.
    You cut its water trendril so it seems to be physical on deck not connected to the water at all.
  • Geralt will grab it and put sword to it threateningly…. “Where is Mina?”
    DM:okay will take that to be a readied action basically.
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:oh okay you want to actualyl grab itt?
    Thought was jsut readying attack./
    Geralt:no, i’m grabbign it and putting my sword to it
    DM:okay it resist with its dodge or strength though it’s gonna take a penalty cause it’s vulenrable on deck.
    Geralt:grab with off hand and place blade pont to it
    DM:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 3) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 9 ( natural:4 , Modifier -4 , Save DC:13 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    Geralt gets a partial grab on the thing… hodling it there.. its form solid but not exactly human like…. as it kind of pushes unnaturally with your grasp.
    Mina:wasnt sure if you wanted another will save, so rolled it anyway
    DM:Yeah was gonna sk that
    okay will get to you next time… just tracking those saves for… reasons.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt going to tell the sailors adn Yuu not to attack or you gonna grab it and have them shank the thing?
    Geralt:no, tell them to hold off, since i just asked it a qiestion don;t want it shanked
    DM:okay, gonna give ya a persuasion check.. or I’ll let you use intimidat ealso if you wish, basically ot see if the sailors are able to be controlled enough or if they decide to just go with instinct and stab it.
    Geralt:one sec
    DM:Geralt manages to get the crwod ubnder control at least.. so they dont’ go itno a chopping frenzy.
    The sea creaturelooks at geralt, holding its hands in front of its face and speaking in a langauge Geralt can’t understand…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    Mina:can you power stunt something to communicat ewith monsters?
    DM:Meanwhile Geralt can make out voices from the edge of the ship chanting spells.
    Mina:i dunno the breadth of a witchers power
    Geralt:nothing close to that with powers
    DM:And Geralt sees a pair of waterspouts rise out of the water. unnaturally hanging there, with one of the creature’s torsos coming out of the waterspouts…. their faces change now to look much more hostile… with sharpened teeth and their eyes going a fierce red… The ship itself starts to shake as if the waters themselves have become rougher…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:Yuu delays for now, backing away a bit from the side of the ship…
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The sailors also go full defense for now, following Geralt’s lead (or intimidation however you see it)
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    DM:And the last of the Nymphs pops up on her own waterspout… though this one on the other side of the ship… so 2 of them on the orginal sideo f the ship and a 3rd one on the opposite.
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Yuu Saidai:“What should we do Geralt?”
  • Geralt tosses the captive to Yuu and the sailors nearby. “Hold her captive. You said you wanted to fight, let’s slay some monsters…..”
  • Geralt moves to engage with the hostile forms on the deck
    Geralt:first move, sever the tenrils
    DM:The other ones aren’t on deck, they’re basically coming out of the water.
    Basically imagine giant waterspouts cmoing out of the water
    And they’re torsos are coming out of the top of the spout.
    Basicalyl so they’re not on deck, but can see the ship.
    Geralt:ok, well they in range?
    of a swing
    DM:You’d need a ranged attack to hit em. (equivalent of 1 zone away)
    You’d have to leap attack em to get em with a melee
    Could get em with your AoE stuff though
    Geralt:ok, will use Igni
    fire vs water
    DM:Or make a leaping attack on one of em, there’s no trnedril to sever on these, cause they’re basiclaly sticking out of the water on these giant spouts.
    okay you can get the two on this side with the igni.
    DM:Or potentially the one you’ve got capite too if you’d like
    You want to hit all 3? All except the one on the toher side of the ship.
    Geralt:just the two on the side
    Geralt:the ones with fangs and hostile intent
    DM:k that’s rank 8
    Geralt:wasted my 20, jeesh
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt blasts the two dazing one of them, though the other one brings up a flow of water to block the flame… the one of them gets hit by it and seems while her body doesn’t burn she seemed to give a cry of pain….
    Mina now unstunned, surfaces..
    When the creature touched her eye, she felt a strange senation inside her, that caused her to momentarily lose consciousness and awareness as her mind was overloaded…
  • Mina hacks and coughs as she treads water trying to get her bearings.
    Mina:it tried to download the to me
    I’ll swim for the ship, however far away it is
    DM:It didn’t exactly hurt, but it basically instantly made her senseless… she can’t see she’s still along the side of the ship… and can see the two waterspouts up above, as well as shouts from on deck….
    And sees the flames strike out from thet op of the ship as the Ingi cone strikes some of the sea creatures.
    Mina:I’ll stick to the ship then crawl back over the hull to land on deck
    DM:Yo’re really close ot it, so basically it’s just amatter of climbing up.
    okay, yeah you’ll have enough movement to crawl up it, you got wall crawl 2 right?
    Mina:yeah wall crawl 2
    and my speed is uhhh
    DM:Yeah you can spider climb up there then. and you see the situation with Geralt holding one o fthe creautres in his grasp and firing a fire spell at the other two…
    You’ll still have a standard action left after that.
    Actually wait..
    Mina:he is literally grappling with one?
    DM:Roll an atheltics cehck first, since the sea is kinda not calm.
    So you may fail to swim if you don’t got a swim power.
    Mina:athletics or acrobatics?
    DM:Athletics for this.
    Mina:i should prolly just turn to mist and float back
    DM:Granted you don’t have far to go but it’s not exactly calm waters.. and you could get swept in a wrong direction.
    Mina:but i’ll swim
    screw it
    glug glug glug
    DM:heh gonna say it takes your action and move action to get aboard basically
    YOu don’t get swept away but you do struggle
    You can still say something once on deck but that’s about it.
    Mina:well if i cant swim in the move, I’ll just use a standard to fly back as a bat swarm
    i dont wanna get swept away
    either way
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:end on deck, whatever the method lol
    I was gonna try and put myself between G and the one on deck
    but i aint sure what its status is
    DM:heh I’ll say probably swiom, bats would find it tough to swim in water. heh.
    Guesscould mist form but you’d make ti by swinnign anyway.
    Mina:its got fly 1
    anyways proceed, im wasting your time
    DM:And G has that one grappled so you can’t really get betweem em
    cause he’s literally holding it.
    Mina:how does he have it?
    like chokeslam grip?
    DM:Pretty much with one hand grabbing the back of irts neck right now.
    Tabris:Heh, damn cheapass hotel internet timed out due to inactivity
    Mina:just missing us getting pwnt at sea
    Mina:like sea nymph meets water elemental
    or a nereid
    actually water wierd is what they look like
    that can turn humanoind out of water
    pretty weird, but cool
    i communicated to one via my tears
    then shit went sideways when i failed a will save
    think it was just trying to communicate, but it stunned me and i fell into the water
    and G and the others attacked them
    Tabris:Yeah send me the log after this is over heh
    Mina:you there T
    DM:The sea Nymph on deck seems to letting out an inhuman high pitched sound… apparently trying to struggle out of Geralts grasp…
    Mina:anyways i finally got out of water and on deck, and thats where we are right now
    G has one grappled
    and theres 2 or 3 more that are in the form of huge colums of water sticking up out of the sea
    the one G has on deck is humanoid form
    DM:The thing manages to pry itself from Geralt’s grasp… stumbling towards the railing of the ship, trying to get overboard…
    Mina:“Let it go Geralt.”
    DM:And manages to leap overboard…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    DM:The others showing vicious sharp fangs and a nightmarish appearance of a human start to cast spells at Geralt from the top of thier waterspouts…. Geralt give me a couple will saves.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    Mina:we need calim, he’s a beast with his gunblade
    power stunt a horrid wilting!
    DM:G roll up a couple will saves vs Affliction.
    As they’re dropping two spells on ya.
    Tabris:lol yeah if they’re minions and I roll well then I can take them down pretty fast
    DM:Geralt feels his mind start to spin as odd images start to get put in there… giving him a headache and making the scene start to spin and shift, fortunatel yhe focsues his mind and retains his sanity..
    Since they’re away from the deck they’re out of range of Yuu’s sword.
    He pulls back a bit and takes a full defense..
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The sailors loose harpoons
    Sailor 3:Sailor 3 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 15 (12)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?
    Sailor 3 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?

    Mina:Sefiros, we found you!
    Hiding as a sailor
    DM:He hits the wounded one.
    Sea Nymph 1:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:6 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    DM:And badly injures it, getting the harpoon through the solidifed part of it.. causing one of its arms to dissipate into water and half its torso.
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    Mina:actually, nah he’s this guy
    DM:The last one uses some kind of area attack… striking everyone on the ship… everyne has to make a fortitude save.
    Mina:which one of them is the one i communicated with the tears? #2 the one on deck?
    DM:Minda will get a +5 situational bonus to this.. since it’s not a particualrly effectvie attack against a vampire.
    2 is the one that’s on the opposite side of the ship.
    Tabris:(Nice to see the NPCs on our side rolling crits for once)
    DM:Though you coudln’t realyl tell who it was.
    Mina:which one did i tear it up with?
    DM:Casue their apearances are totally different.
    DM:They’re basically monstrous now.
    So you can’t really really knowwhich is which
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 1 -—- Success Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 2 -—- Success Roll Result: 15 ( natural:12 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 3 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 15 ( natural:12 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 4 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 11 ( natural:8 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 5 -—- Failure by 2 degrees Roll Result: 13 ( natural:10 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Mina:time to kick their ass then
    DM:Three of the sailors drop while the captain is stunned by some kind of attack, Mina and Geralt are fine.
    Mina:i dunno if my sword is thirsty for sea water instead of blood
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:I’ll look and see if i spot any of the ones i can see with a piece of ribbon somewhere on/in it.
    DM:The sailors fire off more harpoons
    Mina:since i gave one a long pink ribbon
    DM:Hmm okay. on your turn I’ll give you a perc check to try to se it
    Mina:the one i talked to i believe
    Sailor 1:Sailor 1 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 5 (2)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?
    Sailor 1 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?

    DM:Another one harpoons one of the creatures..
    Sea Nymph 1:aactualyl they shouldn’t be able to crit… since the sailors are minions
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 6 ( natural:4 , Modifier 2 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Mina:these are like odyseuss sailors haha
    theyre bad ass
    DM:Wow he dropped one.
    He fires his harpoon into one of them… somehow causing her to dissipate into sea water and her waterspout to die down.
    Mina:haha sea monster raped by ship crew rofl
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    Mina:this guy is gonna be a legend back at the docks
    DM:The catpina is stuned
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:14 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Mina:“Aye, and I slew two of those watery cunts with a harpoon!”
  • Geralt looses another ingi at the pair
    DM:There’s only one on each side now
    The sailors killed one with a harpoon
    And the other jumped overboard that Geralt was grappling so there’s a total of two of them.
    Geralt:oh ok, well stay on the same target
    Geralt fire blasts #4
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Though the creature seems to soak the attack
    Give me a perc check for Mina to spot the ribbon.
    Mina:i rolled it above
    was a 29
    Perception 29
    scroll up
    DM:okay you manage to spot it on #2 the one on the other side of thes hip who unleashed the spell taht dropped 3 sailors and stunned the captain
    DM:her features have been replaced with something monstrous, sharp teeth, and clawed/webbed hands.
  • Mina turns to face the ribbon possessing water weird.
    Mina:“Please stop fighting, it was an accident.”
    “You’re butchering them.”
    “It was just a misunderstanding!”
  • Mina cuts her hand on her sword, and extends a bleeding/dripping hand towards the creature and sings softly, trying to sooth the creature.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:that speach was directed at the people on the ship btw
    “I fell in, it wasn’t there fault.”
    DM:I’ll give you a persuasion check to see how good your efforts are.. though both sides have taken losses so…. it’s going to be very difficult at this point.
    Mina:nat 20! lol
    Tabris:lol nice, that’s an Alyssa number there
    DM:Give me a singing check too….
    Mina:haha 2 lol
    I’ll HP that
    Tabris:Hero Point!
    Sea Nymph 1:well you do add 10 to that. since it’s under 11
    Tabris:Heh, add 10
    DM:So that’d be a 32
    Mina:I was trying to see if it could communicate like before but with blood instead of tears
    its mostly water afterall
    DM:The creatures seem to delay…. at the very least you’ve bought some time…
    Yeah it’s some distance away so to reach you it’d have to do so on its action unless you’re gona try flicking the blood at it.
    Mina:actually thats a good idea
    DM:Everoyne seems to be delaying…for now.. of course we come to… Geralt…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Mina:I could leap towards it and splash down
    to reach it
    be back in the drink
    Geralt:“Mina, what happened?”
    Mina:that’ll get blood in the water
  • Geralt delays
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 4 ( natural:1 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:The captain continues to gtruggle on the ground, flopping around grabbing his chest.
    Mina:“I think it was trying to communicate, but I think its mind is so much different than ours, it stunned me.”
    DM:So where you gonna flick blood at it or jumping in?
    Or will hold your hand out and see if it’ll touch it
    Mina:yeah I’ll go jump in, its about as submissive sign i could show as a land being id think
    I’ll make a running leap at it
    “I’m going to try and sooth it, don’t attack it.”
    DM:okay and gonna end up below its water spout?
    Mina:“I don’t think it’ll hurt me.”
  • Geralt thinks she has been teleblasted like he was
    Mina:haha yeah she’s pretty crazy
    kind of a thrillseeker too
    but hey id rather be friends with the aquum elves
    who knows what kind of secret shit they could teach you
    they might know the history of the whole world or some shit
    Geralt:((i really need to hit the sack. I’f mina settles things i’m gona step out for the wrap up
    DM:Mina leaps itno the water at the base of the waterspout…
    Tabris:(They just want to introduce you to their awesome friend Cthulhu)
    Mina:yeah i wanna meet the flying sphaghetti monster
    DM:Teh creatures hang in the waterspouts for a moment before descending down….
  • Mina treads water.
    Mina:“We’re sorry. It was an accident.”
    “Please, I don’t want to fight you. You’re my friend.”
    DM:#2 looks at Mina for a moment before submerging into the water…. leaving no trace it was ever there… the othre two also follow suit….
    And geralt on board tghe ship feels the ship lurch a bit as it starts moving again… apparently the water obstruction has cleared…
  • Mina drips a few genuine tears.
    DM:The sailors lower a rope to Mina, though she doesn’t really need it… and it seems the encounter is over.. though the captain and 3 sailors did die…
  • Mina dries her eyes, seemingly embarassed.
    Sailor 1:“What were you doing Witcher!? You let the captain get killed!”
  • Geralt helps Mina aboard and tends to the others
    Mina:lol the captain got killed?
    i missed that
    Sailor 1:“And you’re sitting there with your dick out.”
    DM:Yeah he was on the ground clutching his chest… and finally expired after Mina went in the water heh.
    Mina:I’ll try and power stunt a blood healing on him
    I’ll take him down stairs or something out of sight
    Geralt:“Whatch your words or you’ll be the next to go swimming. You saw what happened.”
    DM:well he’s pretty mcuh dead, he’d need a resurrecton power.
    Mina:vampire sea captain arghhh!
    Sailor 2:“What i saw was a sujpposedly legednary monster hunter sitting there dazed with his dick hanging out while those monsters murdered us!”
    Tabris:Sail the seven blood types
    Mina:well guess it’s a sea burial for him then
    lol tab
  • Geralt grabs sailor two and shoves him to the railing…
    Mina:“Why did you attack them?”
  • Mina says confused.
    Mina:“I fell in the water, is all.”
    DM:As Geralt grabs one of them, it certainly does shut them up…
    Yuu Saidai:“Whoa Geralt!”
  • Mina walks over to Yuu.
    Mina:“You ok?”
    Yuu Saidai:“Yeah…”
  • Mina speaks it in Tai.
    Mina:“Thats how you say that, but in Tai. Your native language.”
    Yuu Saidai:(Tai) “What were those things?”
    Mina:“I can teach you.”
    Yuu Saidai:(oh wait he wouldn’t knowt aht)
    He can’t speak his native tongue lol
    Mina:yeah i didnt think so
    Yuu Saidai:(forget I said that, brain fart)
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    Mina:i took it so i could teach him
    Yuu Saidai:“What were those things?”
    Mina:“I don’t know, water elves is the closest concept I could come up with.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Water elves?”
    Mina:“They were beings made entirely of water, Aquum. The magic water.”
    “It is to water, as Aela is to air.”
    Yuu Saidai:“I don’t really know mcuh about any of that…”
    “The stories didn’t talk about that stuff.”
    Mina:“You’re learning right now.”
    “I’m teaching you.”
    “That’s what you call me.”
    “It means Teacher.”
  • Geralt goes down to his room to let off some steam….
    Tabris:(Pffft, like they’d let a woman be a teacher)
    Mina:hehe well i know how to use a nodachi and speak tai
    DM:After Geralt is out of earshot…
    Mina:he can learn language and sword fighting at the same time
    Sailor 1:“What a freak.”
    Geralt:and his player goes to bed to gets some sleep
    Tabris:Later G
    Mina:who’s the sailor calling a freak? G
    DM:Though tehcnically Geralt probably would still hear that with his extended hearing heh.
    DM:Anyway gnight G.
    We were gonna stop here anyway.
    Mina:the miyamoto empire wasnt misogynists
    so theres precedent in those lands



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