Defenders of Aylanae

Session Log 33

Sefiros:is there a prefered method of clearing states on token?
i know in D&D there use to be a specific way T wanted it done, or itd fuck shit up
Tabris:I just use the Soak macro
Hm, wonder where Ty is
DM:Yeah F3 is best. These macros aren’t quite as sophistacted as the D&D ones, so you can add states manually, but I try to discourage that just in case we are using a macro set that doesn’t like it
Also Sef, your mist form’s cost is wrong. should be 3 points more than what you priced it as.
Should be 2 for linked flight 1, and +5 for immunity to crits
So the flat should be +7 and not 4.
Sefiros:its the crit immunity then
i thought it was 2pts
DM:Yeah think it got house ruled up in cost to 5
you probably looked at the regular immunity stuff and not the revised.
Sefiros:might be, i’ll just get rid of it, it was mostly just to be mechanically thorough with all mist form entails, but i dont really got 5pts to spare just for that minor ability
DM:get rid of the ability entirely?
Sefiros:crit immunity
Sefiros:will fix it
DM:Also I’m assuming your darkvision sense is on by default instead of the life sense thing.
So the life sense I’ll only tell you stuff for if you specifically say you’re suing it
the reg senses are the default
want me to change the order on the sheet?
DM:that’d probably be a little easier to read and intuitive
If the non-typical sense was the alt.
Sefiros:will just bump the linked flight on mist form to rank 2, so cost stays the same
and drop crit immunity
DM:k fair enough
Sefiros:unless you got something fitting for mist form i can blow 2 pts on
Tabris:Vulnerability to Ceiling Fans
Mina (after being sliced up by a ceiling fan in mist form) “This really blows.”
Sefiros:Reaction: Becoming Insubstantial is normally a free action, meaning you can’t switch to an Insubstantial form when surprised or otherwise unable to take action. At the GM’s option, applying the Action extra to use Insubstantial as a reaction allows you to switch forms “reflexively” in response to such hazards, even if it is not your turn. +1 cost per rank.
Sefiros:how would that work with concentration flaw?
would it?
or would i need to drop concentration?
DM:Hmm… well conc just means you need a standard to maintain it once it’s on.
Sefiros:might be good for hazards or something i guess
DM:So as a reaction, it’d basically be like… on but always end on your turn
Sefiros:reaction i mean
DM:Well I mean, reaction happens technically after the trigger.
Sefiros:ie huge boulder or ceiling collapse, etc
well guess im just curious how it would be useful to have it as reaction mostly
some situation where itd come in handy?
any examples?
DM:Yeah… reaction is kinda more used for damaging auras and stuff. At least that’s the main (non-cheese use) I’ve seen.
Or riposte style stuff.
Sefiros:well this is listed directly under insub mods
so it seems to serve some use
DM:Like close damage X (reaction – on missed attack) or something
Tabris:Can be reaction to getting hit with an attack, go insub so it can’t damage you
Sefiros:it aint just a generic mod section, im looking under insub;s writeup
DM:Like close damage X (reaction – on successful melee strike) or something
But like for reaction defenses generally they just have you buy the appropriate defenses instead.
Since it’s super abuseable if you buy reactive defenses with the reaction mod.
Reaction teleport being the obvious super-cheese
Sefiros:i was under the impression this was mostly to use when you’re surprised
ie the ceiling suddenly collapses on you or such
DM:So basically they pretty much just have you take it as an immunity effect.
FOr defenses that effectively can come online against anything you’re aware of automatically.
Since it’s really no different from say dodging
Sefiros:then why does it exist lol
DM:like I said reaction is mostly used for damage auras and the like.
Stuff that comes into play after the triggering event.
As opposed to something that negates the triggering event.
Tabris:No he means it’s under the Insubstantial power heh
Tabris:The book by rules as written has reaction as a mod to Insubstantial
Sefiros:Reaction: Becoming Insubstantial is normally a free action, meaning you can’t switch to an Insubstantial form when surprised or otherwise unable to take action. At the GM’s option, applying the Action extra to use Insubstantial as a reaction allows you to switch forms “reflexively” in response to such hazards, even if it is not your turn. +1 cost per rank.
DM:Well I mean like i said, you could potentially take it as something after the fact.
Sefiros:just trying to figure out what this is used for
DM:Like you get hit or whatever and then you go incorporeal. It just wouldn’t be used as a negator against the triggering attack.
But say if 10 guys shot at you, you could go incorp after the first shot with reaction
Sefiros:well i wasnt really interested in that, i was thinking itd be good for surprise/hazards
Tabris:Could you combine it with Danger Sense and use it to react to shit before it hits you?
Like Danger Sense pings and says the ceiling is about to collapse, so I react and go insub
Sefiros:like a 20 ton rock falling ontop of your head in the dungeon deal
DM:Well if you want to do it that way you’d have to buy it as a form of immunity.
Tabris:lol that doesn’t make any sense
Sefiros:so why does this exist then whats the point?
DM:If it’s something taht basically always trigger
Sefiros:what do you use it for
Tabris:You can’t buy immunity to unexpected ceiling collapse
DM:Well technically you could if you specifically acred enough.
I mean the immunity list isn’t exhaustive, you could potentialyl get other stuff, it’s just a question of how to pirce it
Tabris:lol you’re just being silly now
Sefiros:i dont care abotu all that jazz,i just want to know what the purpose of this mod is mostly heh
DM:It’s like any limited X flaw.
Pretty much the purpose of it was probably to give yourself a reactive defense, but after publishing it’s been pretty mcuh agreed that reactive defenses are broken as hell
and the reaction mod itself even says for the DM to use especial caution with them.
Sefiros:thats fine, i just want to know what its pose to be used for
if its broke just say it, dont gotta give us the runaround
DM:I mean they even do list a reaction teleport as a power in power profiels I think, but it’s pretty much agreed to be cheese of the highest order heh.
And really frowned upon to use.
I mean taking reaction -on missed attack is generally fine.
And then it’s basically flavored that you dodged the attack by going incorp, teleporting, whatever
Tabris:Well wonder if G is still tearing his house apart
Sefiros:or his house is tearing him apart
DM:And you get the benefit of having that state change when your turn comes around.
That’s kinda the “right” way to use reaction if you’re not cheesing the hell out of it.
So if you wanted a flavor thing where you turn incorp to dodge a threat, that’d be the right way to do it.
But it’s pretty frowned upon to ever let a reaction ability replace an attack roll.
or replace a defense rather
Where you’re outright nullifying an attack automatically via a reaction.
Tabris:Hey Ty, how’s it going?
Tygaran:well enough
Tabris:Cool, you feeling better from last week?
Tygaran:more awake any way =D
Tabris:lol, well that’s a start
Tabris:Now we just need G to put down the power tools
DM:lol. yeah.
Guess we can get started w/o him just gimme a sec to finish eating then we’ll go.
Tabris:Oh sweet, Wrath of Khan is on
Yeah that one is the best.
Such classic narm
Tygaran:“Youi lied.” – “I exaggerated”
Sefiros:the one where they go to 20th century earth is good too
most people hate that one but i always liked it
DM:lol, that one is just silly
DM:I remember they’re pushing a stretcher down the hospital or whatever.
And people are chasing em
and it’s a scene basically right out of the three stooges
Sefiros:the first movie i like alot, i dunno why that one gets so much hate
DM:heh… the first one’s major problem was it was so slow.
Sefiros:i guess becauses its a exploration/mystery
instead of action
Well it has a slow pace.
But yeah, that one is kinda the most like an actual trek epsiode in a lot of ways.
But has a lot of pacing issues, and doens’t really have the drama you expect from a movie.
Sefiros:2,3,4 are very episodic
lemme fix that mist form
DM:yeah lets get started, G can join in.. lemme see where we were..
Tygaran:oh right * facepalm * I was supposed to figure what to do with more PP for this…
Tabris:lol yeah, you got 6 PP and are up to PL9
134 PP total
Tygaran:if only it were 7, I goudl get 5 more PP in my Variable ;)
DM:heh well no huge deal Ty. can always spend em later. I don’t really got any restrictions like for the Star Wars game where you can only raise certain stuff, mostly the only thing you have to get approved is if you want to modify existing stuff (mainly when you’re losing abilities)
Sefiros:whats faster between these
concentration + Flight 1
i meant Concentration + Flight 2
vs no conc and Flight 1
Tabris:They’re probably the same speed
Since Concentration is eating your standard
DM:Yeah, same speed in base speed.
Sefiros:yeah i figured so too off a guess
Tabris:So you’re basically halving your speed
DM:Right, conc eats your standard
Sefiros:ok roger
DM:Actually I did change it around a bit for th e zone movement, since your zone movement is 1
your speed rank.
So actually the flight 1 is probably better for combat.
Flight 2 is better for long dsitance overland movement though
Sefiros:i dont really use mist form for combat
its a utiltiy for the most part
if anything, it might be a descriptor for her dodge
DM:Yeah, I mean if you don’t actually turn into mist form permanently after a dodge, you can just use it as a descriptor of an instantaneous dodge so to speak if you want.
At l;east assuming it’s dodging something mis form would normalyl negate, and it’d just be part of your descriptors. M&M is generally pretty flexible on that.
Like dodge and aprry don’t have to always be literal dodges and parries. You can kinda interchange em for flavor purposes.
heh okay. That’ll bump your accuracy and parry anyway.
Tabris:Yeah remember you got new caps now
Parry + Toughness can go up to 18, Dodge + Toughness can go to 18, Fort + Will can go to 18, Damage + Attack can go to 18, etc
Also for explanatory purposes basically I’m gonna say that Calim had Maxine and Aruvin help him reconfigure his weapons since I changed the form up and combined the pistol and sword into a gunblade
Aruvin:borrowing from Squall now? =D
Tabris:Nah, Lightning
DM:Yeah Lightning’s gunblade actually kinda made sense.
I still have no idea how Squall’s is supposed to work.
Or what happens when he pulls the trigger.
Calim Gorn:lol yeah
Since it never actually shoots bullets
Aruvin:twin barrels, one on eitgher side of the blade…
DM:Are there actually barrels? I never remember seeing any. heh.
Calim Gorn:I don’t think so unless it’s built into the spine of the blade, it looks like just a big revolver barrel at the base
DM:Yeah heh, I always assumed it was just a sword with a revolver grip instead of the typical handle.
Sachi:I actually remember reading somewhere, like maybe in the glossary for one of those FF side games or the FF wiki, that the gunblade doesn’t shoot actual bullets but the charge imparts extra velocity to the blade, or something
Kind of like the guy’s sword in DMC4
DM:heh, yeah I mean I never saw him make a ranged with it ever.
Aruvin:wiki says "unblade consist of a sword blade with a gun action built into the hilt, the barrel running inside the length of the blade. They are mostly used like normal swords, but triggering a round sends a shock wave through the blade as the weapon passes through an opponent to boost damage. "
Sachi:Yeah, there ya go
Calim Gorn:Yeah I like the FF XIII version better
DM:Yeah heh.
That one actually seems more practical as a weapon
I’m prety sure it’d be a bad idea firing a gun inside an enclosed hollowed blade.
And letting all that force build up in there.
I mean I guess maybe if he was firing blanks or something, so there’s no slugs, and there was someway to vent the gas build up.
heh but anyway, we should probably get started with the game. heh. lol. Getting off on a gunblade tangent.
Calim Gorn:lol
Sachi:I think he is shooting blanks essentially, and actually I think if you look close you can see where the blade has a channel in it to deflect some of the force away (so it’s not like just a hammer blow right into the back)

  • Aruvin wonders where he ended up by the end of last session
    Sachi:Right in front of the barrel
    Sefiros:sorry was making a drink
  • Calim Gorn wonders if he’s still Impaired
    DM:Well I mean I can see the only way you’d gain forward thrust is if you had the gas expel all backwards.
    And use the dicharged gas pressure to push forward.
    Sefiros:FF8 gunblade basically seems like SW vibroblade
    Sachi:Well you gotta figure the direction you’d normally be slashing is roughly perpendicular to the direction of the gun charge
    Sefiros:just the catridges trigger the vibro bit
    with a trigger pull
    Sachi:I’m not great at physics and shit but it’s not like you’re trying to punch it into something, I think
    DM:heh. Yeah, I’ll have to think about this some more.
    Sefiros:theres a gunblade in dirge of cerebus too
    tho its more like the ranged shooting kind
    DM:Last we left off… Geralt and Maxine went to get an exorcism for Geralt… and Aruvi and Calim stayed at the castle in Oroyu
    Calim Gorn:Calim convinced Suzu to get some rest by dragging her to bed
    But then she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed so nothing happened, lol
    DM:Yeah she did sleep in though, and showed up late to her usual training routine with Aruvin.
    She’d been really pushing herself, so when she finally went to sleep, she slept a long time.
    Calim Gorn:But she still seems to be throwing herself into things to try to make up for her perceived failure at listening to the will of the Great Dragons
  • Sefiros goes to make a formal apology to the Lady Megumi about what happened.
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress goes to make a formal apology to the Lady Megumi about what happened.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ok maybe not, i thought we were all in the castle
    not sure where i am actually
    DM:Yeah, actually Mina would be at the castle too. We were just gonna FF to when Max and Geralt returned, and I think you guys w3re gonna leave.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:resting i presume since i was not here
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahh
    DM:Though actually they’re sorta afraid of Mina right now… so she’d probably be greeted with a lot of fear. heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s use to that bit
    I’ll make a formal apology to Megumi whenever she’s around
    DM:OKay she is quite busy but you could find a spare moment, Mina does notice she’s being observed by some guardsmen and other various people aroudn the castle…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:btw this is a cool design i found tab
    DM:UNless there’s soemthing specific you wanted to say during the apology, I was gonna FF through it. Mostly she’s just gonna say she understands you were trying to help and what not. So not totally blasting you, but she is rather displeased with the outcome of all the refugees she was trying to save getting slaughtered.
    That bit certainly undermines her credibility as a ruler if she can’t even protect her own people.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“My lady, I came to apologize formally about what transpired, and to ask for your forgiveness, and thank you, for saving me.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress says bowing.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I came to Mokoro to lend aid, but it seems I was the one in need of such, I am deeply embarassed.”
    DM:So I was gonna mostly just FF past the scene unless there’s something special you wanted to RP out with it.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“If there is anyway I can make amends, then I would glady do what you require.”
    nothing special, thats the gist
    DM:Yeah heh… I mean pretty mcuh she is as I described above… doesn’t seem particularly angry at you, since she realizes you were trying to do the right thing, but an evil spirit possessed you.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Perhaps I can find you a handsome young Daimyo to help you win this war.” she jokes refering to Yuu.
    DM:So she’s not holding it against you or anything. Though she does say that many among her castle still say you’re tainted by the creature’s evil.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah i know, i just know how formal they are here
    so i wanted to make a formal apology
    DM:heh yeah if you told her about Yuu, then that’d ceratinly make thes cene worth playing out :)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:it also lends to her authority some if i do so publically
    pretend to acknowledge her rulership and all that
    Calim Gorn:lol please do not tell anybody about Yuu
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:heh nah i aint gonna spill the beans
    i cant teach him to fight if i spill the beans on him
    he needs proper nodachi tutor, not some barbs and their claymores
    i wonder if i get an upgrade if my sword drains some of world splitters mana
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly explode like an overcharged battery
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:anyways im rambling
    Calim Gorn:The Evil Overlord List does warn you to never try to absorb an energy field larger than your head
    DM:okay so fast forwarding to Geralt and Maxine’s rearrival back at Oroyu… not sure what your plans were gonna be at that point. Since Geralt is all cured.
    Calim Gorn:Whenever Maxine and Geralt get back I’ll make it a point of bringing Geralt to Suzu and showing her that he’s all right and that she can stop being so damn hard on herself already god damn it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe.~
    Calim Gorn:Also gonna try to keep an eye on Suzu in general and urge her to take better care of herself
    Maybe bring her food to training if she’s neglecting eating, that kind of thing
    DM:She is glad that Geralt is alright, although it seems she credits the priest Momotani with saving him more so than herself.. pretty uch like he undid her mistake and she’s glad the Great Dragons didn’t punish Geralt for her failure.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i just noticed the art for Astra, i have that same picture, it’s of some vampire
    its in my white hair/red eyes folder
    Calim Gorn:Other than that I’m basically just waiting for the civil war to get started I guess, and wondering when the House Gorn contingent is gonna arrive
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well hopefully G hasnt collapsed his house, i was hoping he’d eventually show
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:yeah heh. Dunno where G is at.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i dunno why he doesnt send word at least
    DM:Yeah I thought he (and possibly some of you) were gona leave for Yt on his mission for Viniira, but since he’s not here….
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i thought he was usually punctual
    Calim Gorn:Nah he’s always late
    Just he’s been later than normal working on the house
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i meant he will send word if he’s not gonna be here or be late
    thats what i meant, sorry
    well Sachi since G aint here you could tell mina about the sword, since you were there
    with the priest
    DM:But since G ain’t here, I’ll just assume you guys are waiting around doing the usual until the next event.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, yeah, I’ll tell Mina about the whole deal with the sword
    DM:Yeah heh… you can tell Mina about the cursed blood sword.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:alright there we got that out of the way anyways
    “Perhaps, my misfortune served some purpose afterall.”
    “The Dragons do seem to work that way. I couldn’t say I was much for Sheyl, but I’ve seen with my own eyes, that something is at work, whatever you want to call it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mm. It would at least make something of this mess, ja?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems they want me to wield the sword.” she says tossing a coin
    “Should have figured.”
  • Calim Gorn will practice at the training range with his new gunblade, trying it out on some straw dummies and practice targets
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Give it a try, you’d be surprised at the results.”
    DM:Yeah acouple days pass, during which Aruvin and Max finsih creating Calim’s gunblade, and make upgrades to thier own equipment (justifying your point costs)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Lately, I’ve flipped a coin when I have been unsure of what to do, and it strangely seems to have worked, in a bizarre fashion.”
    “Call me mad, but…..” shrugs
    “They say the Dragons work by coincidences, fate whatever you want to call it.”
    “Sure, coincidences abound in life, but about 52 in a row.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress scratches her head and lets out a bit of nervous laughter.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm.~ I do not think it strange. If I were unsure enough of myself to flip a coin, it would be no worse than following my gut, ja?”
    DM:Maxine does know that it’s not uncommon for the Mahou Tsukai of Makoro to rely on “random” chance to make their decisions, calling it the will of the dragons, there’s even a method of resoltuion between two Mahou Tsukai which is effectively a gambling game with inscribed tiles.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I suppose.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress takes the sword and pulls it out of its scabbard.
    DM:Supposedly showing who the dragons favor.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Muramasa, is it’s name. I thought I heard it whisper, maybe I am going mad.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Mahjong? :3 )
    DM:Or to the unbeliever, it goes to the sorcerer best skilled at manipulating magic to influence probability.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah heh… similar to Mahjong.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“A thousand whispers it sounds like.”
    “It feels hungry.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress returns the blade to its scabbard, and slings it across her back.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“This will do, it seems I lost the rest of my gear, may it serve me well.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress gives Maxine a slight appreciative nod.
    DM:In fact, Max has heard that one such plan suggested to Daimyo Megumi was to put forth a challenge to the Mahou Tsukai putting forth her own chamption (Suzu) against thier priest and trying to prove that Megumi was the true ruler by winning such a contest.
    Though they feared the repercussions on a lost would have been catastrophic, so no challenge was put forth.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems I am drawing many iresome stares and dirty looks, I think I’ll go practice with this red blade and give myself an excuse to hide from fearful strangers. I’ll be in the courtyard in the shade if anyone needs me.”
    DM:During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the GOrn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed.~ If there is a quiet spot I believe I shall join you for some reading…”
    DM:And also scaring the hell out of them.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Buzz the tower!
    Wondering if I should talk to Aruvin about trying to get Suzu to take her training a little easier so that she doesn’t burn herself out again
    DM:heh yeah you could do that.
  • Calim Gorn will approach Aruvin at some point
    DM:Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath war, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Aruvin, do you have a moment?”
    Calim Gorn:“The weapon modification you helped me with seems to be working well, I wanted to thank you for the help.”
    Aruvin:"Thanks are welcome, but seldom necessary
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“How is Suzu doing…? Has she figured out the meaning of moderation at all yet?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol
    Aruvin:“I occasionally have to tug on her duty strings, letting her know a worn our soldier is of no use to her leader”
    ^ worn out
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“I had to literally drag her to bed the other day, so I was hoping she’d learned something from that.”
    DM:Also of note… In Yt, the Earth demon attackers were thwarted, but as a result of the Sun Clan sending in aid, saving many of the minotaur clan, and apparently putting them in the SUn Clan’s debt… Viniira was also luckily found and saved, though she was pretty badly injrued…
    Calim Gorn:(And I’m sure Aruvin can construe all sorts of things from how Calim worded that)
    (Yay Vin is alive)
    Aruvin:“She does seem to feel a need to constantly prove her own worth. How many times can one say ’you’re doign well’ before she’ll believe it herself?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, that’s what I wonder… I think losing her connection to the Great Dragons has been a major blow to her self-confidence… I just wish I knew how to repair that.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:is it ok to have a list of common power stunts on our sheets?
    DM:Elenya Toress was less than pleased, about how her prototype magitech armor was revealed to everyone in Oroyu.. as it more or less ruined the great unveiling idea she had.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg makes somewhat of a nuisance of herself attempting to comfort (read: hit on) Ellenya
    DM:heh, Ellenya isn’t actually in Oroyu, that was just basically a communication she sent to Aruvin.
    The rest of you didn’t really hear that one actually heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw lol
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:what do you think boiling someones blood would be, damage, or affliction?
    was a power stunt i had
    DM:heh I’d probaly call that damage Sef.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:its basically the old tremere boil blood power
    from thaumaturgy
    DM:what’s that gonna be sword power stunt?
    Calim Gorn:“Any ideas, Aruvin? I don’t guess you know a lot about the religion of the Great Dragons…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:just a power stunt off my blood power array
    she has that along with blood control/hemokinesis
    move object
    DM:You’d have to give your blood power array the versatile array if you want’ blood magic in there.
    That’s going beyond basic dracula stuff.
    SInce that’s more in lines iwth spellcasting levels fo versatility if it can do that kinda stuff
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i was just going for blood themed stunts, wasnt somethign i really wanted, just was slapping down some shit for ideas
    Maxine von Eisenburg:If you include the Dracula from Castlevania it expands your horizons a lot but that’s not exactly traditional
    Aruvin:“No. I know very little about this land’s mysticsm.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:guess not
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, same here…”
    DM:heh, yeah I’m just going on classic vampire powers for the array, fi you want to go beyond that to other stuff, then it basically becomes a highly versatile power set.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i aint spending more pts on nebulous power sunts that never get used
    Calim Gorn:“Guess that’s something I can research with my downtime.”
    DM:And qualifies for the modifier putting it on part with spellcasting in terms of versatility.
  • on par
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:eh? blood?
    is as versatile as spellcasting?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:nevermind, dont wanna waste time in session
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t want to discourage Suzu from training and getting more skilled, but she won’t do anyone any good if she takes it too far and burns out again.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah i know, T doesnt allow hellfire Sachi :-p
    is remote sensing (Medium: person who has drunk her blood) ok then?
    i had that one to go along with her blood link (telepathy)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo that’s got flavor
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:thats common in vampire tropes
    dracula does it with mina harker irc
    think she does it with him as well actually
    DM:heh, that’s getting really versatile as well… I mean, already it’s a very broad range of powers. Maybe if you can just sense their vague location, if it’s actually true scrying thing, that’s more like a blood magic thing.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i have used the telepathy thing with G already
    DM:Like tracking someone who drank your blood would be okay.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:this is mostly to go with that
    DM:heh, well I’ve been giving you a lot of slack already wtih pushing the aboslute boundary before I rquire the versatile array modifier on your power set heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well you said dracula stuff
    thats pretty much a dracula power lol
    i dont have weather control, he did that too
    DM:Well I mean classic vampire stuff, not totally obscure stuff :P
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:it is
    Calim Gorn:Can we work this out later please
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:its in a bunch of vamp movies
    DM:I mean if you wanted tot ake it as an actual 1 pt power. but whatever we can worry about this later.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i thought we were just killing time sorry
    Calim Gorn:Well T can’t really do much else if he’s having to answer questions about powers heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i was talking about G
    i thought we were stuck waiting on him
    Maxine von Eisenburg:G ain’t control our lives
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:since T mentioned him and the quest to yt
    so what are we going to do then
    Calim Gorn:Basically waiting for the next event to happen, unless you got something specific you want to do
    DM:nah, since Viniira’s been found, G’s thing won’t be a huge concern
    so I was gonna get to the next event. If I could do so :P
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:no was just pissin around
    DM:I was waiting for Tab and Aruvin’s scene to finish, then I was gonna get into the next event…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:roger, sorry
    DM:SInce Calim was asking Aruvin to go easier on Suzu.
    Then we were gonna get to the next event.
    Calim Gorn:lol not really go easier on her, just like, gently remind her to not go crazy on her training
    Since she’s the one pushing herself too hard instead of him or anybody else doing it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:whisper it into her ear like a lover Tab
    Calim Gorn:lol
    But yeah after that Calim is gonna start trying to read up on the religion of the Great Dragons a little to see if he can figure out some way to help Suzu get her powers back
    And you can proceed from there, heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:like he needs 2 crazy women
    1 is enough
    yandere death match incoming
    Calim Gorn:Laventa is much less crazy this go around
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah so he just replaced it with suzu
    she’ll kill laventa then :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:oops
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And absorb her power like highlander
    DM:Calim tries to struggle through reading the Taiyou language in the library, it’s difficult to say the least… and Mina finds hunting difficult, as it seems that the people of Oroyu are stiaying indoors now that she’s back in town, rumors of the demon vampire have spread quite a bit.
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I know the language
    I assume that includes reading proficiency, unless we don’t get that by default =P
    DM:And apparently the whole city given the incidents that have gone around is extremely quiet at night…
    heh, well I mean you can read basic shit, the great dragons religious texts are written in more antiquated and obscure forms of the langauge.
    Calim Gorn:Good thing I don’t need to sleep or rest so I can study it
    DM:Yeah heh, I’m assuming you’re spending your nights there, assuming you’re not gonna try to sleep wtih Suzu again. heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol not unless I have to force her to get some rest again
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’ll let you drink her blood if you make it sexy for her
    Calim Gorn:Of course now she’ll probably overwork herself on purpose and hope that she has enough endurance to stay awake once she gets in bed
    Oh G just messaged and says he’s on his way
    DM:heh well Mina can’t drink from an imbued, it’s toxic to her.
    Calim Gorn:Apparently he had to repower the upstairs bathroom
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh dwam, I forgot
    If you drink from yourself do you go feral like in day breakers?
    Calim Gorn:Hahaha
    Calim Gorn:Hey G
    DM:So did Mina want to actually break into people’s houses to try to drink or she want to risk going without blood?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heya G!~
    DM:Also Calim is off the injured list (no more impaired)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:We was just talking about Daybreakers
    Calim Gorn:Whooo
    Garrion:hello all, sorry late, was ruching to get some power restored upstairs
    DM:He’s still not exactly feeling great, but it’s not enough to reeally affect his performance anymore.
  • Calim Gorn ignores the “off” feeling as he tries to figure out a way to help Suzu… perhaps they’re somewhat similar in that regard
    Maxine von Eisenburg:saying “we” is probably pushing it
    DM:Anyway… now that G is here, you can decide if you want to stay in Makoro or not.
    Geralt:((so did i head home or still here?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well Calim intends to stay
    Geralt:ok, Tab said Vin is wounded but alive
    DM:Nah, you stayed there a couple days longer and heard news about Vin.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah we got that report at some point
    DM:-During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Taro Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the Gorn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action. -Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath War, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now. -The Sun Clan rescues Viniira the Horned and some other Minotaur captives from the Earth demons, forcing the minotaur clan into a debt with them. ​Viniira was badly injured but alive.
    -During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Taro Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the Gorn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action.-Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath War, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now.-The Sun Clan rescues Viniira the Horned and some other Minotaur captives from the Earth demons, forcing the minotaur clan into a debt with them. ​Viniira was badly injured but alive.
    That’s a rough summary there of what happened.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:hey G
    Geralt:ok, well is there anything really pressing here in Moroko now or we kinda in a lull?
    Calim Gorn:Basically in a lull, but the civil war is still a thing
    DM:Well it’s in a lull for now, I mean the war is still going on, but you may have some time before the next attack (or you may not, hard to say)
    Calim Gorn:Basically waiting for that to heat up again
    Geralt:hiya Sachi
    DM:For now, Daimyo Mashita is at least kinda pulle dback some, since they’re not sure if House Gorn is gonna do anything yet.
    And he knows that Tharian is pissed.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I’m waiting to see if Tharian is actually gonna commit anything either
    also, rather
    Geralt:will go visit vin if possible, just to check in and let her know i concerned about her
    DM:So they’re probably being somewhat conservative… rumors ssay that he put his own children in hiding from fear of repercussion
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ooo
    DM:heh okay, yeah Geralt could take an airship over to Minotaur territory if he wants.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:you getting shanked worked out in our favor it seems Tab
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:should have gotten stabbed sooner
    Calim Gorn:Well Megumi told me before that me dying could be the best thing for her cause
    DM:You also have the matter of the cursed water that you got to deal with (however you’re gonna choose to do with taht).. as well as the blood sword, which you may or may not give to Mina. heh.
    Calim Gorn:Since it’d get the Queen involved
    Oh yeah I forgot about that
    And yeah we kinda already had you give the sword to Mina since you weren’t here I think, lol
    DM:And there’s also the matter of the vampire in Ronen that Geralt heard about… the one the priest Momotani talked about.
    That Geralt agreed to help him kill.
    So got a few thhings you coudl do.
    waiting here, or moving on (kinda wanted Geralt to make the decision since some of this is his plot threads heh)
    Geralt:oh right
    yeah, i’ll look into that after checking on Vin… if the others want to help
    DM:It’s the morning of the third day now… and an airship from a rather obscure company from Ronen came bringing complementary magitech weapons. People suspect it may be a way for House Gorn to send them aid confdientially.
    Thiough nobody is asking too many questions since it seems to be free weapons.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well Calim would be willing to help but he also promised to help with the civil war and doesn’t want to leave and miss something
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm~
    DM:Yeah so I’ll let you guys talk over what you wanna do next.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well I kind of owe G for de-oni’ing me
    so I’ll go with him
    Calim Gorn:Kinda suspicious of the Ronen mercenaries but if they say they’re working for Megumi guess there’s no harm in that…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:need to check on Yuu at some point
    Geralt:even hunting a fellow vamp?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:who bettter?
    to kill a sniper, get another sniper as the saying goes
    DM:Well they don’t really say they’re working for Megumi, but they are offering her weapons. heh… they’re not offering manpower, so uch as just giving her some more firepower.
    Calim Gorn:Ah, heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s from ronen as well
    you’re a fish out of water there
    DM:Btw was Mina gonna be breaking into people’s houses to try to feed or she gonna go wtihout blood for these past couple days?
    Geralt:yeah, i can check on Yuu while in Yt
    Calim Gorn:Is it firepower I would recognize? Like shit that my mother’s portion of the Artificer’s Guild would be working on?
    DM:You want to go over and inspect it?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, sure
    DM:It mostly happened while you were sleeping early morning when they landed, though the ship is still in dock.
    Calim Gorn:I don’t sleep =P
    DM:Well while you were in the library heh. Though you’d probably have heard a commotion anyway.
    Heh.. okay, you could hgave been there.. I’ll give you a tech roll.
    Calim Gorn:Kinda crappy
    DM:Looks like pretty basic weaponry, the same type of generic magitech that’s widely available (and likely difficult to trace)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:She’s prolly laying low on the blood draining considering what happened
    DM:Whoever is providing the weapons seems to want to remain anonymous as special care seems to have been taken not to use anything easily traceable.
    Calim Gorn:(Could pick off one of these Ronen guys maybe, lol)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly ask Aruvin to help me out with some jury rigging imbued blood of calims or some such
    Calim Gorn:“Hmph… Typical for Father I suppose… Doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well she generally dont like to just kill people for blood
    she prefers donors
    unless its her literal enemies in combat or bad people she’s going all vigilante justice on in ronen
    DM:And the company itself… they’re something small and obscure Calim hasn’t heard of.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ie batman if he eate his enemies
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll go back to the library then unless the rest of the group wants to get me for doing something
    DM:And none of them seem to want to give out any information… they’re especialyl tight lipped, likely under orders not tot ell much.
    In fact, whenever any questions are brought up about where they’ve come from, they’re very reluctant to say anything, so you can tell clearly it’s a matter they don’t want to get into.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm… Have i heard of them?
    DM:Calim also did notice some signs that their airship had some other mercenary gear on it.. and some trained soldiers…. so he guesses they’re more than they seem… merc probably…
    DM:And they’re remaining port after delivering the shipment, some suspect they might be protection from House Gorn.
    Calim could call the others to go check them out if you want .heh.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll let them know that they’re out there and what I found
    And mention the name of the company if I picked it up
    DM:I’ll give peopel an expertise ronen or expertise business roll if you want to be know the name of thier company andwho they are.
    Yeah, the company is called Skyway. An obscure one, perhaps one not affiliated with any guild either since they seem to show thier own logo, but not any specific guild banners. Alll the more suggesting some kind of sneaky dealings.
    Max and Aruvin can give me a check on those sklls (If they’ve got em), or potentially untrained for eidetic memory.
    Assuming they particualrly care bout it. heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw
    Calim Gorn:Would Expertise (Military) apply?
    Or Politics?
    DM:I already rolled that for ya to notice the mercs… though you’re pretty sure Skyway isn’t a mercenary company.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:So kinda odd they’d have mercs, the mercs weren’t in full uniform and weren’t showing any logos…so hard to say really who they’d be with.
    Max dosen’t know.. and apparently Aruvin doesn’t really care that much, since he’s not rolling so I’ll move on. heh.
    Unless you guys wanted to do some extra investigation tactics on em while they’re here.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Could I leverage my connections to see if I can find out anything?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’d like to try that as well
    Call Falsion and be like “What gives”
    DM:You could place some calls on the Aela communicator and see if you cant urn up anything. It’ll take a bit of time for the info to get back. But you coudl call up some people you know if you want to get some business records.
    Anything specific you want to get ahold of?
    Aruvin knows they’re not a competitor wtih Ellenya, and E-Tech hasn’t done any business with them, but that’s about it.
    Calim Gorn:Basically trying to figure out who they are and who hired them
    Figured I could just ask Falsion directly since he mentioned Tharian doing something at some point
    DM:Yeah heh, you could try asking one of the GOrn family.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah same, mostly I’m suspicious that they were hired by Megumi’s enemies and would like to verify what I can without looking too much like I’m lookin a gift horse in the mouth
    DM:As far as connections they probably couldn’t tell you who hired them, but you might get company records on them. location of thier HQ and what not.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll contact Falsion and see what he has to say, heh
    DM:But I’ll give Max a connections roll to get some info on em.
    And as for Calim…. you contact Falsion… asking him about the company… and he replies that he doesn’t have an idea what you’re talking about… neither he or father have ordered such a thing.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(that’s the skill connections goes with)
    Calim Gorn:Is that the wink wink nudge nudge response?
    DM:If you’d like you can spend a hero point on the insight roll (whcih I’m making secretly) to tell if Falsion is telling the truth. :)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Nah I won’t spend a Hero Point on it, heh
    DM:As fara s Calim can tell, he’s telling the truth.
    Calim Gorn:Heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:sorry, i spilled my drink everywhere was trying to clean up the mess
    DM:Maxine gets some basic records, specifically thhe information that the company is a small shipping company from the city of Norst…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:I’ll recounts to Tab and the other curious people what she knows about this company
    DM:They’re apparently a failing endeavor, who apparently got kicked out of the shipwright’s guild…. the reason isn’t exactly clear, but it could be either that they couldn’t afford thier guild dues (they are in debt apparently and failing) or it coudl be for dishonorable dealings.
    As for Mina…
    She’s heard of Skyway…. and had some run ins with the owner before. The company was suspected of doing all manner of criminal activities, from smuggling in illegal substances into Ronen and even rumored to have dealings with delivering magitech to Daelan. Their owner is a particularly unscrupulous individual.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh dear…
    Calim Gorn:lol… Great
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress tells the others in whispered tones.
    DM:The company itself has no connections that you know of to Makoro though (or any of Megumi’s vassals there)
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… Well, Father was always more prone to the Straim Gorn method of doing things than the Clesh Gorn method, so I guess this makes sense for him. Tch… If he really had that much conern for Sister and I though I’d prefer he just send regular troops and gear.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Beggars can’t be choosers.”
    “Well maybe he’s using them because he’s trying to avoid the political mess that comes along with all that.”
    “Or then again, they may be good cover.”
    “Might be some of your father’s goons flying someone’s else’s proverbial flag.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Or most likely both.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps we should advise Daimyo Megumi of what we know, and leave it to her to take appropriate caution? Unless we are to stay and watch over them.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“They are who they appear, but it just so happens your father has some tendrils in the pie.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress shrugs.
    Calim Gorn:“Just so long as they aren’t working for House Illuvian.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I think I’ll keep my distance.”
    “Everyone’s working for them, didn’t you know that?”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress jests.
    DM:The Skyway company itself doesn’t have any mercs of its own (at least not that you know) so the mercs are likely from somewhere else.
    Another company liklely using them as transport.
    Likely because they did’t want ti to be obvious mercs were being sent along with the weapons shipment.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It is merely curious to me. It is not unusual for your kinfolk to make use of such resources, ja?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg seems to be directing her question to Calim
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“This is pretty par for the course as far as how things are done in Rahseld.”
    DM:It’s likely the mercs are there in a defensive role, as opposed to launching some kind of convert strike on Megumi’s enemies.
    Since a covert strike would probably be an airship flying over the enemy territroy at night with a sudden strike and getting out.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, well guess we’ll keep an eye on them for a while and otherwise be thankful for the help
    I’m sure Megumi is wondering wtf is going on too
    DM:Yeah for now, she’snot asking mayn questions (she does test the weapons they give to make sure they work)
    But like at this point she kinda realizes she needs whatever help she can get.. so…
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Unless you’re gonna tell her to specifically be suspicious it doesn’t seem like she’s doing anything overtly against it.
    So I assume you guys don’t want to investigate them further and want to do something else?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah heh I don’t have a specific reason to suspect them, if the others don’t
    Calim Gorn:Yeah nothing other than the usual paranoia
    DM:So what were your plans? Geralt was gonna leave to Yt with Mina, anyone else want to go wtih him?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well normally mina prolly would, but given recent circumstances, she doesnt want to stir up a hornest nest
    Geralt:Oh, Mina going to Yt too? Figured she would just join with me when return.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:after the the whole oni affair
    Calim Gorn:Well like I said Calim would be willing to help but he’s worried about something happening while he’s gone
    DM:heh, well I thought she was ging with Geralt.
    So is Calim gonna go or not? heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i am
    i just meant she’s not interesting in poking around with these guys and being nosey
    DM:ah oaky.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:doesnt want to cause shit
    Calim Gorn:Calim is gonna stay in Ororyu unless Geralt specifically tries to convince him to come along
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:figure she’s on thin ice here, doesnt need another problem
    Geralt:no reason, all i intend to do is visit Yuu and Vin
    so not going to pester Calim
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah Max’s kinda still concerned about Megumi, Suzu, et al, so she could stay here for now
    Go kinda half and half
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly sabotage from the other daimyo or some shit
    DM:Okay, Max and Aruvin? You two want to go with Geralt or stay here?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:wasnt there mention of that specifically? lol
    sorry, just stoking Calims paranoia :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:if you cant decide flip a coin
    dragons say go
    “Looks like the Dragon’s want me elsewhere.” she says flipping her silver coin and tucking it back in a pocket
    DM:Well it’s pretty clear most of the citizens of Oroyu want you elsewhere
    with all the blood-sucking demon paranoia at full
    granted there are some soldiers and airship people you could try to feed on now though.
    They seem okay with going out at night. heh.
    Of course they’re probably not as tasting as drinking some blood from some Hydra clan members… :)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i’ll prolly wait till im airborne before i go trying to seduce someone
    DM:heh okay.. so assuming Mina is the only one going? Is that correct?
    Mina and Geralt that is.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:bio, afk a min
    Maxine von Eisenburg:=———————-looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo\
  • Calim Gorn waves to Sachi’s cat
    DM:The Skyway airship doesn’t want to take passengers but you can call in another one, though at some expense… you’d need to get Maxine to help with transport probably…
    Or someone else that’s got money. dunno if Mina has any resources.
    Oh wait Mina does have wealth 1
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s independantly wealthy
    DM:that’d be enough to get an airhsip charter the
    Pretty epxensive but not ridiculosuly so.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i didnt wantto give her too much wealth since she’s kind of the blacksheep
    DM:So you can order in an airship that’ll be there by evening that you can take.
  • Aruvin will continue to support Megu in her war efforts. Elenya’s ‘Big Reveal’ may have been ruined, but Megu is still a Band-mate…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:brb gotta sit on the iron throne
    DM:Okay… so Mina and Geralt leave… MIna able to get someone to feed from on the airship transport (not gonna bother rolling for that since there’s no vampire fear on there)
    As Night falls on Oroyu.. Geralt and Mina are on thier way towards Yt… and….
    Aruvin has retired to his quarters, Calim to his library…. and Maxine to her quarters presumably.
    Geralt:you draining dead or just a sip?
    DM:I imagine Geralt sharpening a stake using his silver sword while asking Mina that.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Think she just drains enough to get a good taste without actually killing them
    That’s what she did to Silaas
    Left him really tired but alive
    DM:Back at Oroyu… Aruvin is suddenyl awakened from his sleep by a loud beeping… he turns to see one of the devices Ellenya asked him to bring along starting to beep.
    Calim Gorn:Oh that can’t be good
    DM:It’s an undocumented feature of the Zero prototype…. a security system alert that warns Aruvin of any tampering with the unit after the security lock has been engaged.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:mmm
    DM:Apparently the silent alarm on the prototype magitech armor has been triggered by something.. or someone.
    Calim Gorn:lol great
    Aruvin:“What is it now?”
  • Aruvin heads to unit
    DM:Aruvin heads over to the hangar area. the usual six guardsmen that usually are stationed there aren’t guarding the outer door.
    Aruvin:.. after getting dressed, naturally
  • Calim Gorn busily pores over manuscripts in the library, trying to make heads or tails of everything
    DM:As far as Aruvin can tell the lock outside and secure door are still closed though…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is doing something erudite and/or lewd
    DM:Though that’s a first impression and tampering is always possible from someone that knows about tech.
  • Aruvin heads inside to run some maintenance checks and such
    DM:Aruvin enters his usual code into the magitech lock (this one is a puerly mechanical one, not Di crysatl run). but finds that the lock rejects his code…. tampering is highly likely.
    Aruvin:* sigh * Aruvin goes about picking the lock….
    Calim Gorn:lol… They broke in just to sabotage the lock?
    Or maybe they bricked it trying to unlock it and now you’re helping them get access…
    DM:Since you’ve got skill mastery I’ll just say you can take a 10 on this… Aruvin manages to easily bypass the sabotage seeing that the lock was definitely opened and mechanically bypassed as well as putting in something jam its gearwork so that nobody else could get inside, and the door would have to be forced.
    Obviously someone with magitech training, ruling out all but the imbued of Makoro (and even then most of them don’t bother learnign tech)… of course it could be someone from Rahseld or Ronen more likely…
    You want to get the door open and see what’s going on in there?
  • Aruvin cracks the door to peek inside
    DM:heh, okay, you use your tech knowledge to get it to just pop open, silently as well (skill master means you won’t need a roll here).. andyou peek in, enough to see ahead of you a bit…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:back
    DM:And you can see a group of 8… a mix of men and women… 6 are dressed in heavy infantry combat armor… and 2 have armor suits more elaborate that you recognize…
    they seem to be knock-offs of Ellenya’s personal combat armor (basically like a maigtech ironman suit).
    Calim Gorn:Fucking Daelan assholes
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:aluminum man
    DM:These though, lack the precise craft of Ellenya, and seem bulky, apparentl yusing a full magitech armor charge crystal on thier backs, giving them a bulky ponderous appearance compared to the agile grace of Ellenya’s design using the micro-crystals that you helped develop.
    Two of them are up on the prototype magitech armor.. apparently with toolkits…. you’d guess trying to bypass the security… and the others are keeping watch.
    I’m gonna give you a stealth check, with a +5 circumstance bonus since you’re just peeking through a crack.
  • Aruvin may be fearless, but he’s not stupid. He looks for a guard to flag down adn send to collect the others… and then think about a relatively easy way to disable them… maybe a charge crystal interfearance wave…
    DM:Aruvin peeks through and doesn’t think he’s been noticed yet, or at least if he has, the people in the room haven’t played their hand.
    Okay, if you get a guard, they’ll probably signla a full alert once you inform em, but that wil get a bunch of security enroute.
    Or you could try to keep it quiet and go get Calim and potetnialyl Maxine for backup.
    Or could try to wake up Megumi herself to help as well or Suzu.
    You got a bunch fo imbued you could pteotnailly go for.
    Yeah heh.. I mean, there is a kill switch, that’s probably why they didn’t just steal the thing and fly off, cause tehy’er busy working on trying to bypass the security.
    Though it’s hard to tell how long itl’l take em…
    Pretty much it’s deisgned to only be piloted by an imbued with a recognition sensor that only recognizes specific Aela signatures to start up (mainly yourself and Suzu who you had to program in initially)
    So it’ll take them some time to crack it of course they seem to have some decent techs, these guys definiteyl aren’t bargain basement mercs… they’ve got some seriously good gear.
    You do nknow that Ellenya’s armor was confiscated at one point when she was captured, so these knock-offs could be the result of whoever got thier hands on the plans.
    You’d guess it’s someone from Ronen (maybe a rivl company) or perhaps more likely the kingdom of Daelan.
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah capture those if you can, I get to fine the shit out of Lastar for them)
    (or Ellenya does rather)
    DM:Aruvin makes his way to Calim, finding him in the library…
  • Calim Gorn has immersed himself in a giant stack of books about the religion of the Great Dragons, and he’s busy trying to make sense of the esoteric texts
    Aruvin:“Yo. More intruders it seems. This time suited mercs with a magitechnician or too. They’re tryign to crack El’s prototype”
    Calim Gorn:“What? Shit… Those guys from this morning?”
    Aruvin:“Eight all told… hard to face that many all at once on my own”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “I’ll back you up. Let’s get Maxine too.”
    Aruvin:“They had facsimilies of Ellenya’s own armor, but without my miniturization of charge crystaks”
  • Calim Gorn frowns… “Hm… Not good. Sounds like they’re heavily armed then.”
    Calim Gorn:“We should probably inform Megumi as well.”
    Aruvin:“So it seems. Time to barek in your new weapon.”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed.”
  • Calim Gorn rushes off to go find Maxine, using his speed to navigate quickly through the castle
    Calim Gorn:(I have Wall Crawling and Leaping so I can parkour my way around fairly well)
    DM:The more peopel you go to inform the longer you’ll give them of course…
    Yeah heh, though you may have to knock down a few decorative suits of armor, katanas, tapestries and other decorations..
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I’ll basically go get Maxine and then head for the magitech armor hangar
    DM:Okay, just getting Max.
    Calim Gorn:If I can get in there sneaky like and find a sniper spot then I will
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear, that does require my immediate attention… I’m sorry, Aita.” (or insert some other girl I wooed~)
    DM:heh, well there’s one main door, as well as the hangar door (that’s only openable from the inside) course you could wait for em to try to open the main door.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh yeah it could be Aita.
    Calim Gorn:Nah not gonna do that, that means they would have the armor
    But I’ll wait for Max and Aruvin to show up and then we can all go in together
    DM:heh ojkay. Yeah, I mean you could be ready as a contingency if they get the door open
  • Aruvin likely went to keep an ear on thigns as calim got Max
    Calim Gorn:Basically ready to spray gunfire as soon as the door opens
  • Aruvin focuses his power into his common cone aoe…
    Aita Inari:“Well then you’re ging to miss quality time cuddling with my tails.”
    Aruvin:“You could just come and toy with some intruders”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes indeed! Quite regrettable, but I consider this a duty of mine.”
    Aita Inari:“What kind of intruders?”
    Calim Gorn:“Mercenaries from Ronen, heavily armed, with knockoffs of Ellenya Toress’s battle suit.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah yes… I take it they were here for suspicious reasons indeed.”
    Aita Inari:“Ellenya Toress… that’s the sexy one with the slightly smaller magitech armor of mass destruction right?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, quite dreamy…~”
    Calim Gorn:“Anyway let’s hurry, we need to shut them down before they get what they came here for.”
    Aita Inari:“I’ll help but I want to get all the credit with Ellenya… and everyone else that Ellenya has ever talked to. ever.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn doesn’t wait to negotiate, just heading down there
    DM:heh okay… anyone want to agree with her offer or you just gonna ignore her and go?
    Aruvin:- just going -
  • Maxine von Eisenburg ignores her and goes
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(tho brb rq, oven)
    DM:heh okay… you head over there. Gonna draw a rough map using our new zone rules… not sure if Ty saw those, but I’m instituting some zone rules (similar to waht we’re using in Star wars right now)
    Mainly to make it so people don’t have to ask as many questions about distance in combat.
    You guys can refersh yourselves while I set up the map.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(back~)
    Calim Gorn:lol still says the rules aren’t approved for actual play =P
    DM:heh… yeah well we’re using em now :P
    That was just when I was working on em
    they got their approval as of now
    Or rather this’ll be a test run
    Geralt:he was letting me soften you up some
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Also we discussed the range thing last week as basically doubling range for each rank of Extended Range
    Calim Gorn:Or well more like adding +Effect for each rank
    DM:gimme a sect to set stuff up here. ..
    There we go.
    Calim Gorn:Hmm
    DM:The blue lines divide zones, while the black lines are walls.
    The red square is the door leading in.
    Going to give you guys a surprise round initially as you’re busting the door open and taking em by surprise.
    Just gonna skip them to your rolls…. since you basiaclly burst the door open with guns blazing.. at least that’s what you said heh.. so assuming you aint’ talking and taking advantage of surprirse.
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Merc Woman’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:That’s our plan, right?~
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah that’s my plan anyway
    These guys obviously aren’t here to negotiate
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Is it an action for me to bust the door in?
    DM:Nah, I’m gonna say Aruvin can rig it to open on a delay so everyone can be ready to fire in tehre.
    Since your intent is to ambush them anyway… so pretty reasonable you’d do that.
    Assuming that is your intent heh.
    And I’ll give someone a knowledge(military) or knowledge(ronen) to try to ID the blond leader they’ve got there.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Is Calim kind of a close-in guy?
    Calim Gorn:I switch it up
    I can do ranged or melee
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Pff
    DM:He’s got a transforming gunblade.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, which Maxine helped me make
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I remember now ^^;; lol sorry
    DM:Maxine sees the blond soldier there and sees she seems kind of cute. Though can’t recoginze her.
    Will tell you result of your checks on your turns.
    Max yhou’re up, what you wanna do?
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods toward the blonde, speaking to her comrades.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Capture that one, we’ll interrogate her.~”
    DM:You basically justopened the door and gained a surprise roubnd from that.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg pulls out her rifle and takes a shot at the soldier closest to the door
    Calim Gorn:Well I see our rolls are up to the usual par
    DM:Max fires, the spikes going over the soldiers head and firing towards the back wall of the magiteh hanger… hitting against the heavy armored hangar bay door at the back
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes cover behind the wall if she can.
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 3’s Turn*****
    DM:Yeah you can move after shooting.
    You want to get full cover or just leanign out so you can still see what’s happening?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll lean out, so hopefully I can get partial cover from that
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:So do I recognize blondie?
    DM:nah you don’t know her.
    Calim Gorn:“Didn’t you guys see the no trespassing sign out front?”
  • Calim Gorn opens fire into the room
    DM:You’re almost certain she’s just a regular human though
    Calim Gorn:Will try to start a takedown chain on the mooks
    DM:So using lethal on her will probably outright kill her.
    Calim Gorn:That has multi on it
    And with extended I should be able to hit the whole room
    DM:yeah range won’t be an issue here.
    Calim Gorn:Basically going for Unknown Soldier 1 and if he splats then doing a Takedown chain
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 6 ( natural:1 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Soldier 1 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom headshot!
    DM:He gets totally obliterated.. and the next guy..
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:7 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Soldier 2 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol, keep trending down
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:3 , Save DC:21 ) Unknown Soldier 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    damn poor soliders can’t roll for shit.
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:12 , Save DC:26 ) Unknown Soldier 5 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Full multi on that hopefully
    DM:You can attack the techs… however…
    A miss will mean you hit the prototype meech
    The one in the back also has partial cover from the mech.
    Calim Gorn:Going for the non-cover one on that one
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 15 ( natural:10 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Technician 1 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Wnat to risk shooting the other one? heh.
    Calim Gorn:And I’ll try to go for the last one too, no piercing on this so hopefully the prototype’s armor can shrug it off
    DM:Ah okay.
    Calim Gorn:Pow
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:3 , Save DC:26 ) Unknown Technician 2 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim starts a brutal body count, shooting down the poor soldiers.
  • Calim Gorn smokes all the mooks and then steps into the room, switching his gunblade to melee mode
    Calim Gorn:“You got one chance to surrender.”
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:As for Aruvin and his knowledges…
  • Aruvin steps in and unleashes a storm of crystals in a 50’ cone…
    DM:okay that’ll hit the zone in front of you, hitting both of the power armors.
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 2’s Turn*****
    DM:Also what yoou know about Ellenya’s armor is that it’s highly resistant to physical attacks, like slashing/penetrating, etc. So you’d be better using energy attacks probably. Though not sure if you have that option
    Calim Gorn:Heh, they totally soaked the 7 damage?
    Aruvin:true energy, not really… if direct fails, I can switch to ensnaring types…
    but that’s for next round… I was preparied to mass attack the mooks, but calim beat me to it
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:As for the soldier, you recognize her as Leena Jerana, a merc that works for the nation of Daelan, some kind of elite soldier who enjoys getting her name around. Her family originally came from Rahseld and she made a name for herself wtih her rather extreme skills (for a mundane anyway)
    kay now checksf or the magitech armors…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, so she’s probably got a good size bounty on her head
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 7) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 17 ( natural:5 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:22 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 24 ( natural:12 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:22 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    wait I didn’t do the dodge rolls there…
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:6 , Save DC:17 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 2 degrees Roll Result: 19 ( natural:16 , Save DC:17 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well worked out about the same I think
    DM:The crystal sharfds bounce off one of them, but do some minro damage to one of them.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Merc Woman’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“You know generally you ask for a surrender before you start shooting.”
    Calim Gorn:“It punctuates the point somewhat if most of your men are dead first.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mine was a warning shot!~”
    DM:Leena’s armor is covered in some knid of personal shield, you guess some kind of Aela construct producing device.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, guessing she’s not surrendering?)
    DM:And she also seems to pull some pistol sized object from her hip that seems to transform into a rifle within seconds..
  • Maxine von Eisenburg raises an eyebrow, her interest piqued.
    DM:It’s no magitech device in common production taht’s for sure (will give Tech checks on your turns to ID it)
    She fires a white beam of Aela energy at Calim.
    Calim Gorn:Man too bad I don’t have a few more points to spend…
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 8 (4)Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
  • Calim Gorn ducks
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana gains a hero point.
    DM:The bolt strikes agaisnt thew all not doing any damage to it.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin woudl interpose if not aimed at
    DM:Ah okay.
    MAx can give me a tech chceck to ID the weapon shes’ got.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tch
    More crap rolls
    Ok I’m gonna move in and… Can I melee the armor dudes?
    DM:Max would guess some kind of custom device…. clearly designed to fire Aela.. but she’d need a closer look to tell more… (or spend an action just examining it)
    Well wait actually that’s two zones of movement.. so… you’d need a ground speed 2
    or you could charge em at a 2 to hi with melee
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm, what if I make an athletics check? That adds 1 to your speed I think
    Calim Gorn:Yeah it does, I think the DC is 15 IIRC
    DM:heh… I think I’m just gonna get rid of that rule to avoid the unnecessary rolling but I guess I’ll let ya do that for now.
    I was gonna get rid fo that, since I’m not really a fan of movement rolls so to speak heh.
    Though since I haven’t officially done that yet, I’ll let you try it.
    Calim Gorn:Bah, you just wanna nerf the slowsies more
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah he does :(
    I’ll do the charge
    DM:okay, you’ll take a -2
    Gonna spread the armors out for now since tehy’re not engaged with each other
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 23 ( natural:16 , Save DC:21 ) Power Armor 2 -
    —— Success
  • Maxine von Eisenburg slashes at one of the powred armor suits…
    DM:Maxine stabs into the armor, though it seems reslilient enoguh to hold it off, having just a dent from where the dense cane tip struck it.
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:Well the tactical rules actually kinda buff the slower chars a bit since it makes speed a linear thing as opposed to exponential progression
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Tch… Quite tough…”
    DM:The armor raises one of its armos at Calim launchiong a blast of electrical bolts.
    Calim Gorn:lol, looks like I drew aggro
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Shock Blast) (Close, +9, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (11)Effect Rank: 7 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: ElectricityNotes: 0
    Calim Gorn:Well that’ll hit
    Unless Aruvin is still interposing
  • Aruvin is
    DM:Yeah he can interpose 1/round when an ally is hit by an attack, you didn’t get hit last time
    so he can interpose this
    Geralt:((I’m starting to doze off a bit here. Pretty beat from working on the house all day. Will catch up with events next time.))
    DM:And that’d basically bounce off his impervious armor anyway.
    Calim Gorn:(Later G)
    DM:Basically can’t even penetrate your basic defense.
    Power Armor 3:“Weaponry insufficient… New orders requested.” "
    Geralt:(everyone have a good night, goitta wake up and get back to work on the electical and get power to the rest of the house.)
    DM:It seems by how thea rmor responds and moves that it’s not a human pilot but rather a golem version piloted by Di crystal…
    okay cya G
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Guess we can get to ya next time heh.
  • Calim Gorn moves in on Power Armor 3 and attacks with the enchanted blade slotted into his gunblade
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 26 ( natural:14 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    DM:The armor deflects Calim’s attack.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… Damn, tough bastards…”
    Aruvin:let’s see….
    DM:oh and Calim and Aruvin can both do tech checks to ID Leena’s weapon if they’d like too. don’t thik they rolled for that yet.
    Calim Gorn:Nope
    DM:Yeah you’d just know it’s Aela based.
  • Aruvin refocuses and points at the girl in the back…
    DM:Leena raises her shield, deflecting the attack.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The armor flails at Max with mithral fists.
    Power Armor 2:Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Fisticuffs) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage)Roll Result: 15 (8)Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: Metal fisty
    DM:Though Max ducks under the attack as the golem swings above her.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm!~”
    DM:Leena takes aim at Aruvin, while moving to take cover behind the prototype armor.
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 10 (6)Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    DM:But she misses him as the white Aela beam strikes wide.
    Leena Jerana:(to Golems) “Lethal force is authorized.”
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Can I charge her too?~
    DM:You’d have to get past the golem, which means a disengage, but otherwise yeah.
    Disenginag does rquire an acrobatics check to do so successfuly
    This thing is bulky as hell though, so… disengaging isn’t too hard.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahhh
    DM:The thing is able to block you, preventing you from getting to her.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Can I still attack it, or does that use up my stuff?
    DM:Nah that just burns your move action
    You can still attack it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok~
    DM:Tehcically you coudl also retgreat but it gets to choose which zone you flee to
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 20 ( natural:13 , Save DC:26 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:The creature is dazed as you make a hole in its armor, punching into one of its arms and in the main chest.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg draws her blade, slicing the mech in a lightly armored area…
    DM:Bits of Aela gas escape from the interior as you damage some of its mechanisms.
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:A heavy penetrating spike slips out from the power armors hand.
    Power Armor 3:“I beleive the correct term is ‘En guarde’”
    DM:As the thing tries to impale Calim.
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 18 (9)Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Hits
  • Calim Gorn holds his reinforced jacket up and blocks the attack
    DM:Calim’s armored jacket fortunately keeps the attack from dping any serious harm.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn hops back and converts his gunblade back to pistol mode, emptying aela-charged rounds into the power armor at point-blank
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully gets the full multi
    DM:You unload on it, but the shots just bounce off (imperviuos toughness).
    Calim Gorn:Fuck
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… Annoying thing.”
  • Aruvin closes towards the prototype, exchangin fire with blondie…
    DM:K she’s got cover from the prototype at 2 to hit, and any misses are likely to hit the prototype.
    Aruvin:and can’t roll well tonight
    DM:That ends up hitting the prototype, but it’s imperviuos armor basicall ymeans a rank 5 can’t damage it anyway.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The armor speaks to max in a rather formal sounding male voice.
    Power Armor 2:“I do not wish to kill you, but I wont let you do destroy me.”
    Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 13 (8)Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    DM:It extends its spike against Max, but misses.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm…?”
    Leena Jerana:“Hey that guy just butchered our friends!” (to the golem that talked to Maxine)
    DM:The woman takes aim at Aruvin again.
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 17 (9)Effect Rank: 10 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“A curious reaction…”
    DM:This time striking him… it’s gonna be a fortitude save for you Aruvin.
    Since this attack targets Fort not toughness.
    Press shift-f3 on your token to bring up the resistance roll macro.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:And I’ll let Max act while he’s rolling that
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll try and slip past the robot guy again…
    DM:Okay that’ll do it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And I’ll charge the girl with the non-killy end of my stick…
    Calim Gorn:Heh it’s Fort, not Toughness
    DM:You gotta roll fortitude not toughness Ty.
    Calim Gorn:Can he keep the 18? lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:oooo
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome, Sachi rolling good tonight
    DM:Hmm I think our precedent thus far has been just a reroll if you roll the wrong thing.
    At least for macro rolls.
    Calim Gorn:Sadness
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:6 , Save DC:26 ) Leena Jerana -
    —— Failure by 3 degrees
    The electricity courses through her body, as she’s staggered.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:He takes 1 wound as the Aela blast knocks him back a bit…. disorienting him. it’s not a lethal attack… but it it is very powerful…
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Parry/Dodge are 20 for this round
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’ve no issue taking prisoners… I hope you can forgive us for overreacting. You wandered into an area subject to ongoing hostilities to do your little industrial espionage…”
    DM:The armor swings at Calim, trying to gut him with its balde.
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (16)Effect Rank: 9 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
  • Calim Gorn soaks it
    Leena Jerana:“Overreacting?! You butchered all my friends!”
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“They knew the risks when they signed up.”
  • Leena Jerana coughs up some blood from the shock stick hit.
  • Calim Gorn re-engages blade mode and attacks the power armor again
    Calim Gorn:And misses terribly
    DM:Actually.. he did all out attack, so that’s gonna hit him
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome
    DM:The armors are pretty clunky.
    Power Armor 3:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 29 ( natural:17 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    DM:But no damage.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Damn it
    What the hell is the 4 mod from? lol
    DM:resistance to physical weapons :)
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    Even though my blade is Aela enchanted?
    DM:yeah heh, I mean it’s still a thrusting implement.
    So in this case, I’m saying their resist is gonna apply.
  • Aruvin refocuses again, sending a mist of crystal shards across the two golems…
    DM:Ah okay you got a shapeable thing, so you could avoid Calim then.
    Aruvin:basically to avoid calim in cone
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The crystals do some damage to the armor, penetrating into them.. and dazing the one on Calim with the other one taking minor damage.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    DM:She suddenyl tosses her rifle up into the air….
    Leena Jerana:“Overwatch mode, activate!”
    Calim Gorn:Hax!
    DM:And surprisingly you can see her rifle seems to suspend itself in midair.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh?”
    DM:Using jets of air it seems have the ability to hover up there, and apparently aim itself.. it’s almsot certainly something Di crystal controlled…
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:The gun itself is a separate target now…
    Calim Gorn:Go Max, take ‘em down!
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll take another shot at Leena… Hopefully we can take her in…
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 11 ( natural:8 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:Another wound strikes her… causing her to be shocked by the sudden jolt. her limb staggering, I’ll say Max can force her out of cover behind the mech if she wants too
    Since you’re winning the fight.
    So she’d have to retreat some.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Purrr, yay~
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Don’t kill her! We gotta interrogate her… Also she’s cute.
    Calim Gorn:Hehe, yeah Calim is fine with taking her in… Basically the other guys were just worthless cannon fodder as far as he’s concerned, the leaders are the important ones
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 25 (18) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Well shit
    DM:It tries to hit Calim but again his jacket gets in its way…
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn somehow manages to soak the hit, sliding back a couple of inches but otherwise unharmed
  • Calim Gorn then strikes back at the power armor again, trying to penetrate its defenses
    Calim Gorn:And there’s a crit
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 14) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 15 ( natural:5 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:29 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom!
  • Calim Gorn brings his sword down on top of the power armor and bisects it down the middle
    Calim Gorn:Will try to avoid destroying the di crystal if I can
    DM:That strike manages to take down the armor.. causing it to break apart and stop functioning… the Di crystal inside though is still intact and projects its avatar in front of you
    Di crystal:“This is but one battle… there will be more soldiers, more suits of armor.”
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle floats overhead… seeming to spin about and gain its stabilization.. it also seems to project an emerald green projection of a wireframe cone outward as it seems to be performing some kind of scan of the area… based on the green wireframe projection (something current tech hasn’t quite mastered)… Aruvin and Max are pretty certain this thing is some kind of ancient elven weapon.
    Or at the very least includes elven components, since that sort of holographic style projection that Di crystals and Aela communicators do can’t be customized yet as this weapon is doing.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg can’t quite hide the interest on her face…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:On the down side.. it does seem to be targetting you guys….
    Calim Gorn:“Somebody probably better do something about that thing.”
    DM:Or at least recognizing the targets in its environment.
    And it’s Aruvin’s turn…
    Aruvin:Crystal Sculpting: Close Create Rank 6, Instantaneous, Stationary, Precise, Subtle 2 Up to 60 cfts, up to 3200 lbs.
    ^ should be sufficient to attempt to box in the rifle
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Do not hurt it! I like it!”
    Aruvin:Crystal Shaping: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary up to 125 cft, up to 3 tons
    DM:Aruvin contains the thing in a crystal prison.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:or that one.. don’t need the sublte
    DM:The toher power armor takes flight…. targetting Maxine and trying to save its commander.
    Calim Gorn:“Watch out, Maxine!”
    DM:From above it rains down fire blasts.
    Power Armor 2:“Hurting my commander will not be permitted…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah…”
    Power Armor 2:Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Fire Blast) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) AOA 2Roll Result: 21 (12)Effect Rank: 5 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Fire
    DM:A torrent of fire rains down on Max.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:That’s not meant to be aoe is it?
    DM:Only one of the barragte of blasts hit her fortunately.
    Nah, that’s just a multiattack.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:kk~
    DM:Actualyl should be ranged for some reason its marked as close heh.
    Yeah toughness
    And that soaks it
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
  • Maxine von Eisenburg raises her cloak, shrugging off the blast…
    DM:Leena goes into full defense removing her staggered and giving her +2 defense
    Well technicalyl a recovery.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ahhh…~ This is invigorating! Much more so than fighting ghosts.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg tries to search for an opening…
    Leena Jerana:“Hate to break it to you, but this is a black ops operation. I am basically a ghost.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    DM:Due to her defense, she manages to dodge out of the way of the attack.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh? Then let us not fight anymore!~ If you are a deniable asset, no one will ask any questions if you stay for a dance or three, ja?~”
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:The other power armor is flying in the air?
    The power armor is airborne now
    You’d need to flight to combat it.
  • Calim Gorn uses his Leaping ability to jump into the air and brings his sword down on the power armor on his way down
    DM:Or that
    Calim Gorn:Damn, so close to a crit
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 20 ( natural:12 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:Calim slases it doing minor damage.
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle fieres at the crystal prison.
    I’m going to call this a straight counter type effect. so it’s gonna be power rank on power rank… crystal’s power rank of (7?) versus its rank.
    So roll a 1d20+7 Aruvin.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg winks at Leena, acting flirtatious mid-battle…
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    DM:Hmm.. lmeme see who wins on a tie one sec.
    Calim Gorn:What is it a nullify effect?
    DM:says its 50/50
    So rolling 1d20, so 1-10 Arvuin, 11+ the gun.
    The aela blast strikes against the crystalline structur eof the Aela contsructs.. the Aela in the beam being sufficient to disrupt the coherence of the Aela constructs…. causing them to dematerialze…
    You can see the holographic projection cone seems to be reacquriing its targets as well.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:"Guess I can just keep it occupied, like the oni in the ruins…
    Crystal Shaping: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary up to 125 cft, up to 3 tons
  • Aruvin re-encases
    DM:Actually I forgot to give it a dodge roll heh.
    When you try to encase it it technicalldy does get a dodge to avoid ti
    Forgot that the first time
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 10 ( natural:6 , Save DC:17 ) Rifle -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    But that defintieyl got it again.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“Maybe I’d take you up on your hospitality on some other day when you didn’t just shoot all my friends in the face with a metal spike.”
    Power Armor 2:“Probaibltiy of victory is unlikely. Activating Retreat.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, damn
    DM:The thing flies over to grab Leena.
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t let them get away!”
    DM:I will give Max a chance to contain it… and Aruvin since he can fly… he can try to intercept if he wants.
    It’ll be an acrobatcisc ehck to try to stop its escape.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, I’ll try and keep Leena here…
    of course
    Calim Gorn:lol well it failed against both of you
    DM:Teh armor manages to take flight, but due to Arvuin and Max’s efforts it can’t quite escape the zone…
    So iot’s holding her and they’re both flying up there.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I shall remember!~ Next time we meet we shall have a date!~”
    Leena Jerana:“Great… so he’s got a cloak that flies.”
    DM:Leena pulls a shock pistol from her belt and fires it at Aruvin.
    Calim Gorn:And it bounces off ineffectually
    DM:Yeah heh.. but it boucnes off inffecttually off his impervious.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“What’s up with this guy? They making some kind of Di crystal hybrids now?”
    Power Armor 2:“Unknown commander.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I can only hover with the cloak, so… Is there anywhere I can climb up? >.>
    DM:You could climb up the magitech armor.
    Aruvin:the prototype?
    Calim Gorn:Can just shoot at the thing with your spiker, though it might impervious that
    But yeah gliding off the top of the prototype works
    DM:Yeah i’ll say it’s acro or Athletics, your choice to get up there unless youv’e got leaping.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm I’ll go with Acro~
    DM:You manage to climb it, but it does take up your turn, so you can’t also attack
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Is this place fully enclosed except for the door? Or is it open roof? And would I be able to close the door and stop the power armor from escaping?
    DM:Yeah fully enclsoed the north wall is a big door that can be opened to allow the armor out.
    But it’s currently closed.
    Calim Gorn:Could the power armor open it?
    DM:The rest of it is pretty heavily armored… so they’d have to either open the big door, or go out thew ay you came in
    Probably not witth pure force (at least not easily)
    It’s kinda designed to keep people from stealing the stuff.
    Calim Gorn:Can I close the other door and seal it or is it like broken from them getting in here?
    DM:heh, yeah it’s not in great functioning order right now, Aruvin has jury rigged the thing pretty much.
    And it was mostly left open so you could shoot in.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll just leap at the thing then and attack it, if I don’t take it down on the first attack I’ll extra effort for a second attack
    DM:So it’d be hard to shut easily, at least without a tech check of pretty high difficulty to rejury rig it(and that’d be a standard action)
    You’d take a 2 to the second attack since you’d have to leap again with that (so it’d be a charge)
    Calim Gorn:Boom crit!
    Power Armor 2:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 14) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 16 ( natural:9 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:29 ) Power Armor 2 -
    —— Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Awwww yeah
    DM:And the armor crashes to the ground sending Leena down as well…. tumbling to the ground.
  • Calim Gorn smashes the power armor’s flight module and sends it crashing into the floor, landing next to it and putting his sword up to Leena’s throat
  • Calim Gorn grins smugly as he towers over the defeated mercenary
    DM:She falls but manages to go into a roll as she’s descending… landing without damage, ro falling.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, so I guess she landed on her feet then
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle tries to break out again… Roll your 1d20+7 Aruvin.
    DM:The rifle cracks ouut of the crystal but at least it can’t attack anything else.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin attempts to re-encase rifle
    DM:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:9 , Save DC:17 ) Rifle -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    got it again.
    The rifle gets sucked into the crystal barrier again.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:(Heh yeah I was thinking about just jumping up and grabbing it)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So I climbed all the way up there and she’s on the ground again…
    Calim Gorn:Sorry >.>
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, it’s ok~ I’ll pounce on her!
    Calim Gorn:You can glide down and bop her on the head with your cane though!
  • Maxine von Eisenburg executes a plunging attack!
    Calim Gorn:Hehe, well it’s still her turn at the moment…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh
    Leena Jerana:“I didn’t want to do this.. but…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I totally mixed up the two blondes at a glance
    Calim Gorn:Oh great
    DM:She moves into themiddlefo the hangar… drawing a small handheld device from her belt that you can’t really get a great look at since it fits mostly in her fist…
    Calim Gorn:Thermal detonator?
    Leena Jerana:“We’ve got explosives all around town.. one pres of this activation crystal…”
    DM:She hodls the device as if ready to activate it.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… You scum.”
    Leena Jerana:“Called scum by a murderer…. I can live with that.”
    DM:I’m gonna roll insight secretly for everyone actually though if you wan a hero point it lemme know
    Calim Gorn:“There’s quite the difference between killing mercenaries and blowing up innocent civilians.”
    “Death is just an occupational hazard for your kind.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hero point me…
    DM:okay spend your hero ponit Max.
    Max thinks that she’s just bluffing.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’m totally still diving on her
    DM:heh okay, you dive at her.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t call her on her bluff out loud, letting her actions speak for themselves…
    Calim Gorn:Do we think she’s bluffing too? Heh
    Leena Jerana:“What are you doing! I’ve got a bomb!”
    DM:Nah you guys think she’s telling the truth. heh
    Well actually you’d be unsure. since you didn’t fail that bad.
    Though she doesn’t push the button she had readied when Max dives at her, so that’d probably tip you off maybe.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, whoops…~ It seems I’ve callously doomed hundreds of innocent people, ja?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg winks at Leena
  • Calim Gorn smirks… then he moves around to cut off the girl’s escape as he converts his gunblade back to gun mode
    Leena Jerana:“Why do I always run into the crazy ones….”
    Calim Gorn:Gonna use Variable 2 to switch to non-lethal rounds and try to take her down
    So ignore the lethal descriptor on this, heh
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:8 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(If I didn’t have the hero point, I was thinking of doing that anyway, lol)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    I was gonna cut her hand off…
    DM:She’s staggered as you hit her with the blunt round (i’m assuming it’s the equivalent of a rubber bullet?)
    Calim Gorn:Nah shock pistol rounds basically
    DM:ah okay.
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle continues to try to escape from its prison.
    Opposed check from Aruvin….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(she acts shocked when we kill her saboteur friends and then expects us to believe she’s prepared to blow up the town)
    DM:And it frees itself (again)
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, I thought she was an experienced mercenary, she should expect this sort of treatment
  • Aruvin addresses the rifle
    DM:heh okay I’ll do another dodge check if you’re just gonna try to trap it again.
    Aruvin:“Stand down. Everyone on youe side is either dead or incapacitated”
    “Power down and drop to the floor.”
    DM:Keep in mind that in Ronen/Daelan, they generally tend to not use lethal force for a lot of stuff, mostly since its kinda established it gets a lot less of a counter-reaction if they’re not murdering people.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah I mean Calim is basically being a callous noble in this situation
    Mercenaries are scum and don’t deserve mercy
    He’s only taking the girl alive because she’s the leader
    DM:okay Aruvin readies to try to deal with the thingif it doesn’t surrender.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’s attitude is less entitled and more, like, we just got attacked and there’s open hostilities and here you’re screwing with our materiel in the middle of the night
  • Taragnor looks up towards the rifle
  • Leena Jerana looks up towards the rifle
    Leena Jerana:“Send evac order… this is hopeless.”
    Aruvin:“Fair warning, I can litterally drop a ton on top of that”
    DM:Aruvin suspects that by her command, that the rifle likely has some kind of built in Aela communicator.. since Aruvin is readying I’ll let him trigger his action to try to break the rifle by dropping something on it
    Before ti can get off the message potentially.
    Want to take the ready Aruvin?
    Aruvin:“That didn’t sound like a surrender…” 3 ton cube drop on rifle…
    Calim Gorn:That’s gonna leave a mark
    DM:okay it deos dmage equal to your rank but it gets a dodge cehck to avoid it.
    Gonn actually give it a penalty on its dodge too casue it’s normally pretty stationary so dodging a big thing is kinda tough for it
    Aruvin:yup.. and gets pinned if it doens dodge
    Calim Gorn:lol just rank 7 damage seems pretty lame for a 3 ton block of solid crystal
    DM:Normally creatures don’t actually get pinned by dropping stuff on em, but in this case since it doesn’t really have the ability to move that away… I’ll say it can probably be an exception to it.
    The rifle takes a hit… crashing to the ground uner all the crystal and depowering, apparently it’s been pretty badly damaged…
    Aruvin:* LOUD CRAsHING THUD * likely heard throughout complex
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, dropping a 3 ton block is generally not quiet
  • Calim Gorn winces at the loud crash
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh no…! You hurt it!”
    Aruvin:“Far easier to tinker with it when its not trying to kill you, Max
    DM:You can see a look of desperation comes into Leena’s eyes as the crystal falls and apparently disrupts her warning message.
    It seemed she was going to surrender for a moment, but that’s changed now…
    Leena Jerana:”NO!!!"
    DM:She screams out in rage and swings at Maxine with a combat knife.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:You killed her friend :(
    Calim Gorn:Eh we can fix him later
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2 Hero Point SpentRoll Result: 29 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Calim Gorn:lol wow
    Maxine von Eisenburg:x.x
    DM:She attacks furiously… throwing everything she’s got into the vicious attack…
    Calim Gorn:Damn that’s gonna hurt
    DM:Only a 2 degree failure though.
    As she slashes at Max. A look of rage and anger on her face.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Please… I am quite serious about this. Surrender and explain yourself! You are not the hardened mercenaries we took you for, ja?”
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:19 , Save DC:23 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:She staggers from another hit…. barely standing thourgh force of will and rage alone at this point…
    Still she fights on against a losing battle… probably knowing its hopefully as her body has taken so many hits…. with this much punishment, you’re suprrised even the nonlethal damage hasn’t pushed her heart too far…
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn just continues pelting the stubborn girl with shock rounds, trying to subdue her
    Calim Gorn:That’s non-lethal
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:17 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol damn
    “Tch… Stubborn girl.”
    DM:She keeps on fightting… as blood runs from he rmouth and down her eyes…
    Somehow her body keeps moving after all those hits… her left eye seeming to twitch on its own out of focus from all the shocks… and her armor even showing a few shock burns…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She can’t keep fighting like this. We don’t need to beat her any further…”
  • Aruvin starts to put on crystal shackles from afar
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:6 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:“She could have surrendered and saved herself the pain. Not my fault she’s being stubborn.”
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    DM:The crytalline bonds appear around her arms… she manages to avoid being fully trapped… but it certainly makes it harder for her to swing her knife… as some crystal wraps around her arm….
    From the lok in her eye, her mind is no longer really functioning at full capacity with all the punishment she’s taken… and she’s fighting on maybe on pure instinct or stubbornness… you’re unsure if she can really hear you anymore (or even process words)… n her current state…
    She takes her knife and flails away at Maxine, her nearest target…
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 23 (13)Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
  • Aruvin interposes
    Aruvin:that can’t hurt him after all
    DM:Going for the thrust into her…. as Aruvin steps between them… and the knife unable topenetrate her impervious toughness.
    his impervious toughness
    *Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok I’m gonna try and help restrain her/do a grab if I can, whatever I do it’s not gonna be hit her with a stun baton again lol
    DM:heh okay. I’ll give you a grab.
    Calim Gorn:Think that’s a basic Close Attack roll
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Then she uses her str or dodge (whichever’s better) vs. my strength (which is 0)
    DM:yeah so it’d be DC 10
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 1) , Modifier 8 Roll Result: 20 ( natural:18 , Modifier -8 , Save DC:11 ) Leena Jerana -—— Success
    DM:I had to give a rank 1 since my macros don’t recognize rank 0 heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe
    DM:so I just gave her an additional modifier on it
    Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*
    Calim Gorn:So if I just punch her in the head will that possibly kill her in her current condition or can I just knock her out?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“At this point it is just cruel…”
    DM:She struggles with everything she’s got…. still being a slippery target somehow even retrained by the crytsal… even after all that’s happened…
    A part worried those trained in magical knowlege…. when someone with this much will live to dies, it’s quite posible an undead could emerge.
    Calim Gorn:Eh well I guess I’ll try to grab her too, though my Str ain’t much better than Max’s lol
    DM:Heh in her current state it’s possible to kill her (basically if she fails aher roll by six or more degrees I’m calling her dead.)
    Even if it’s a nonlethal attack.
    Or potentially on a natuarl 1 on any soak failure at this point.
    Calim Gorn:Just grabbing, no actual damage
    Str is 2
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 2) , Modifier 7 Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Modifier -7 , Save DC:12 ) Leena Jerana -—— Success
    Calim Gorn:“Damn… Stubborn…!”
    DM:She fights Calim off with fervor..
    Start of Aruvin’s Turn*
  • Aruvin tries to reinforce bonds…
    DM:Her mouth making sounds that don’t sound entirely human probably due ot all the electric stun damage she’s taken and can barel ymake words…
    Ah okay, Arvuins thing does have cumulative.
    Aruvin:terrible roll =/
    DM:With her all out attack that’ll still hit her though
    caseu her defense kinda sucks in that state.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, it only goes to Disabled and not Incapacitated?
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 13 ( natural:5 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:And now she’s disabled.
    Aruvin:yeah, neede a point break in there
    Calim Gorn:Well, hopefully with the -5 we can eventually restrain her
    DM:The bonds form around her almost totally restricting her motion…
    Aruvin:but I can finangle the spread now that she’s disable to have the last stage
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Ah right you got the variable array
    DM:She looks towards Calim… trying to twist out of the crystal bonds.. probably dislocating a shoulder in the process as she twists with all her might… trying to get a stab off at him.
  • Aruvin continues to interpose he futile attacks
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 14 (4)Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Calim Gorn:“Just stop it. You’ve lost.”
    DM:She calls on extra effort to stab again…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She isn’t listening… Let her tire herself out.”
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“There is no hurry, is there?”
    Calim Gorn:Ow
    DM:Stabbing again, but only striking Aruvin as he interposes…
    Calim Gorn:Oh right the first one missed heh
    So his interpose wouldn’t be used up
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Can Max do an Aid Another and up the DC for me to grab her maybe?
    Or the DC for her to break the grab rather
    DM:Sure she could aid a grab.
    I’ll let her do a roll to try to adi you and give you a +2 or +5 to the roll.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’ll do that!
    DM:ojkay give me just an attack roll.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok~
    DM:and based on how much you hit it’ll give him a bonus.
    Calim Gorn:Nice, that should work
    Base 10 on the aid DC so that should be 3 degrees for the full +5
    DM:heh, yeah that’ll gvie him a +5
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yay~
  • Calim Gorn attempts to restrain the girl again
    Calim Gorn:Grabbing again so no damage
    And Str is 2 plus the +5 from the aid
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) , Modifier 10 Roll Result: 16 ( natural:16 , Modifier -10 , Save DC:17 ) Leena Jerana -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:Wow.. you only got a small grab on her… a hand on her, but not enough to totally restrain her.. she si vulenrable now..
    Calim Gorn:lol geez, even with 10 she just barely fails
    DM:On top of all her other conditions
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:^ -1 on attack roll give the 3rtd stage – incapacitated/petrified as it were
    DM:heh you gonna try to ttoally encase her and crystal petrify her?
    Or you just want to paralyze her?
    Aruvin:well, its aela cryatsl, so fully encases but she can breath
    Aruvin:“Watch you hands” as the cryatl spreads to cover her
    DM:Yeah actually Aela crystyal it’d be reasonable to believe you could provide her with air in there even if totally encased if you wanted.
    Since it is basically solidified air anyway.
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) , Modifier -10 Roll Result: 9 ( natural:9 , Modifier -10 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -
    —— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:That should do it
  • Calim Gorn jerks his hand away as he sees crystals flooding over the girl’s body
    Aruvin:coudl alwasy swsitch to the selective Create now that she’s basically out of action
    DM:The crystal finally forms aroubnd her completely… stoping her from moving, as Megumi’s guards come into the room.
    Aruvin:“Think of this as a nice cocoon….”
    Calim Gorn:“Is she still able to breathe in there?”
    DM:And she’s trapped in there, effectively out of the fight (you can’t escpae a tier 3 effect basically)
  • Calim Gorn nods… “Good. Let her tire herself out and then we can interrogate her later.”
    DM:Tecnically should have given her resistance rolls to escape the tier 1 and 2 but I forget at the end of her turn, her rolls wouldn’t have been great anyway though.
    Samurai:“What happened here?”
    Aruvin:“Attempted theft”
    Calim Gorn:“Mercenaries infiltrated and attempted to steal that.” pointing to the prototype
    Samurai:“Mercenaries? From Ronen?”
    Calim Gorn:“So it would seem… Or perhaps Daelan.”
  • Aruvin and/or Maxine can collect the two golem di crystals.. plus the rifle
    Calim Gorn:“Either way, they’ve been dealt with. There’s still the matter of their transport out in the harbor though.”
    Samurai:“The airship was tehirs?”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, well, I suppose we don’t have proof of that… But it’s quite the coincidence that this happens the same day that airship shows up.”
  • Samurai nods.
    Tygaran:ooo.. 2:30 am – need to head for bed as work starts in the morning for me at 9 am ;)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah it’s real late, I"m super tired x.x
    Samurai:“We’ll talk to the daimyo but I’m sure she’ll seize that ship…”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “It might be a good precautionary measure, until their true allegiance can be ascertained.”
    Samurai:“They’ll all die for trying to steal from the Yoshinori.
    DM:And yeah, heh lets stop until next week
    Maxine von Eisenburg:”I wish to know what they wanted."
    Calim Gorn:I may or may not be around next week, gonna be at a con
    Samurai:“Isn’t it obvious…”
    Calim Gorn:So kinda depends on the schedule
  • Samurai looks over to the magitech prototype.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’m curious… They seemed to have some rather advanced things themseslves.”
    Calim Gorn:“Lady Toress will certainly be interested to hear what sort of equipment they were using, yes…”
    Samurai:“Thieves the whole lot of them.”
    Aruvin:“At least they have good taste. Ellenya’s designs for their golems.. goign after Ellenya’s newest model….”
    Calim Gorn:“Maybe we should have her interrogate this one herself, I’d almost pay to see that.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Samurai:“Well equipped thieves are still thieves.”
    “We’ll take that prisoner, I’m sure the Daimyo will want to see her.”
    Tygaran:anyway, heading to be now. Cya next time all
    Calim Gorn:“Very well, don’t execute her just yet though.”
    Samurai:“It’ll be the daimyo that decides her fate, but I doubt it will be a good one.”
    DM:okay cya Ty
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I wanna be around when she does >>.
    Night Ty!
    I’m real sleepy too
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, bed time
    DM:Yeah we’ll stop for now.
    Calim Gorn:Well if I’m not around next week you can just have Sef and G do their thing at least
    heh I was gonna start with them next time anyway
    didn’t quite expect this to go on so long lo
    Calim Gorn:lol
    I will definitely inform Ellenya about the power armors though when I have a chance, assuming Aruvin doesn’t first
    I’m guessing I would at least be familiar with the whole deal between her and Lastar
    DM:heh… yeah with poltiics knowledge you might, and Aruvin definiteyl would be.
    I don’t see why he wouldn’t inform her heh.. cause he know sshe’s want to hear about it
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    And she’s gonna totally take advantage of it to hit Lastar’s bank account
    Maybe if he gets fined enough he’ll convince them to stop fielding the knockoffs
    DM:Btw they do find the six samurai guards that were supposed to be posted outside, they were stunned and tied up in a corner in the hangar.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah if this chick is from Daelan then she shouldn’t be surprised at Calim’s behavior, they basically broke off from the empire because of Rahseld being a bunch of dicks
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol, and Max’s plan was to offer to pay death benefits for all the people who died…
    DM:Yeah very true :P
    You’re cerrtainly not making any efforts to change her mind on that.



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