Taesian Stormblood


Age: 20 (born 741)

Standing at average height, roughly 6 foot 2 inches, he looks fit as benefiting the life in Yt, keeps his beard trimmed neatly and has his black hair tied back tightly on his head, he has striking green eyes and wears fine if simple clothing. His most noticeable feature is a scar on the left side of his chin which runs down across his chest, under his arm and down to his hip bone, those trained in the ways of fighting can clearly see this was not made from a blade, it is far to thick and jagged for such a precise weapon. He bears a few tattoos, one running down his left arm to his wrist is a tribal tattoo of wolves running, he also has writing lining both sides of his scar from his chest to his hip, for those who got close enough you can see it is names and there is well over a hundred of them.


Originally Member of the Stormblood Clan, became accepted into the Wolfheart Clan after the Awakening of Tinigath. It is well known by the imbued that he is a mind reader, and as such has been shunned by a majority of people, though since the awakening this has suited him fine. Never trying to make friends he was one to spend most of his time in books or with trainers, considered somewhat unapproachable and uncaring about anything he was something of a loner.

For the first few years of training before it had been discovered he was a mind reader he enjoyed some success in martial training and made friends fairly easy, being the rustic from the backwards lands of Yt he was naive.

After his second year when his powers truly manifested and it became common knowledge what he was he became fodder for the older children, what was once friendly sparring now ended in cuts, bruises and the occasional broken bone, this lead to internal scars that it seemed no amount of healing water could cure. Every time he made eye contact with anyone it was assumed he was reading their mind and as such it became easier and easier for him to spend his days alone.

During this time he started to become tutored by Mallegaunt Morehall, an influential and powerful mage. If he was at all concerned with Taesians ability to read his mind he never showed it, he spent much time teaching him not only how to control his mental powers but even those of Aela until he became quite proficient in the use of both. Due to Mallegaunts relationship to house Toress he was no longer bullied but he was still spoken of highly behind his back and certain circles even began to resent his being taken in by one with potentially high political value, teaching was generally done in classes and this private tutoring irked some of the more respected families who thought their children were not getting the same education the barbarian was.

On what was to be the start of his 6th year in training he was absent for a couple months, there was much talking about what had happened but given the awakening of Tinigath most deduced he was either dead or fighting. When he eventually did return he came back bearing a large scar and a more focused attitude for his studies. He also came back with some new powers from druidic magic, he was now able to turn his skin to stone and move earth, while this was intriguing to some he never spoke openly about where he had learned it or what had happened to him. Even so news does get around and it was learnt that his family had been killed, details were sketchy with most being rumors, the most heinous of which suggested that he had killed them and was now working for the earth demons given his new affinity for earth powers. This in no way seemed true but people would still say it anyway.

The older students no longer bullied him as any confrontation generally ended quickly and usually in Taesians favour. This was fine with him and he started only speaking to those in his band, if barely and his teachers. In his last couple of years of training he became something of a talking point for some of the girls, his quiet nature and good looks were intriguing for them but he seemed to avoid the attention, even going so far as to becoming an expert teleporter so he would hide. In recent months he has come out of his shell more, being more talkative, smiling and enjoying himself more. No one is quite sure what brought about this abrupt change on but one thing is certain, of all the time he has spent in training he has never done anything without a reason.

Died on the 18th Of the Eagle, 762 to an inferno cannon of Lord Falsion Gorn at the Lastrium family farm near Saerlon.

He got better.

Taesian Stormblood

Defenders of Aylanae Rift