Chieftain Oren Wolfheart

Wolfheart Chieftan


Age: 47 (Born 715)
Spouse: Gamia Wolfheart
Children: Gorath Wolfheart, Jerrah Wolfheart, Lillian Wolfheart
Affiliation: Wolfheart Clan (Chieftain)


Oren has long been the leader of his Clan, and his family has ruled for as long as the people can remember. Being the leader of one of the oldest and most respected clans he was afforded much respect in his younger years and he proved himself worthy of all the acclaim, ruling with strength and fairness.

After the earth demon attack he took Taesian Stormblood into his home as one of his own children, after such a terrible time he sought anything good he could out of that situation and he gained a son he loved much. But that attack took its toll on him, the pressures of trying to keep his clan alive after so many had died would forever prove difficult. The other clans often sought the lands of the Wolfheart for themselves as did the empire, it took not only amazing strength but patience to hold on to what he has.

These days he is a much older man one with shoulders that have sagged under the weight of his office, he is still a strong man who can wield a spear with his warriors but he knows his time is running out and he often worries he will not be enough to keep his clan and his family together.

Chieftain Oren Wolfheart

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