Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress

The Black Rose, Lady Bloodthorne, The Bloody Bastard, The Vampire Princess, the legitimized royal bastard of House Toress.


Age: 127 (born 634)
Height: 148cm
Weight: 37kg
Bust-Waist-Hips: 79-45-80cm
Hair: White to Rose
Eyes: Crimson Red
Affiliation: House Toress, House Bloodthorne
Band: None
Father: Adamus Bloodthorne
Mother: Narisa Toress II
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother

Mina Toress is a short, slender young lady appearing to be in her teens. Her long hair seems to change as if it had moods, sometimes appearing white and other times a rosy pink. Her skin is fair, with a complexion like porcelain. This contrasts with her striking crimson eyes that peak out from dark bluish and purple bruised looking eye sockets, and her red lips that have a slight cyanotic purplish hue. She has fangs and pointed ears and is cold to the touch. If she has recently fed on blood, then her pallor becomes flushed and her body warm.

She dresses in finery befitting a princess, an obvious sign of wealth. She favors dark attire of red or black with a distinctly old fashioned Gothic Victorian era styling.

When dressed for battle she sports dark armor featuring a rose and thorns motif and wield’s a large nodachi known as the Muramasa and a magitech spiker pistol she affectionately calls Red Rain.


Mina is the bastard daughter of Queen Narissa Toress II. She was later legitimized on the Queen’s deathbed. This caused a huge scandal and many fears over succession, but they were all for naught as the Vampire Princess left Rahseld for Ronen.

The Iron Crown of Lament: A small blackened iron crown, a band with two protruding bat wings and small horns.

The Heart of Darkness: A red ruby amulet on silver chain.

Tear-stained Ribbon: A ribbon given to her by her mother.

Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress

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