Daiki Oshiro

Firstborn of Daimyo Oshiro


Age: 32 (born 729)
Parents: Takashi Oshiro and concubine
Notable Siblings: Jiro Oshiro, Takeo Oshiro, Masaru Oshiro
Affiliation: Artificer’s Guild

Firstborn imbued son of Takashi Oshiro, Daiki became intrigued with the ways of Ronen and Rahseld as he studied in Aylanae. He was said to disregard the way of the katana and instead learn the way of the gun, holding beliefs that Makoro’s ways were outdated. He is also believed to be a supporter of Daimyo Yoshinori’s proclamation to end slavery of women.

His relationship with his father is notably strained and it has been years since he’s returned home to Makoro, preferring to make his home in Ronen, where he has joined the Artificer’s Guild.


Daiki Oshiro

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