Charay Lightheart

Second of the Imbued


Sometimes known as Charay the Prophet, she was the first female Imbued and a member of the Blessed Six, It is said that Charay was possessed of a gentle heart that was forever tainted with the death of Agenn Sunstar, who she looked up to as a father. Some claim that he indeed was her biological father, though this was never proven. She became obsessed with a vengeance against those who ordered the death of her “father”.

She favored the Rebirth War and later during the Eagle’s War, Charay sided with House Toress and Arstann Sunborn. She was however against the Conquest of Ronen. She believed that Ronen was not the enemy of Aylanae and did not share the thirst for conquest that some of the other Blessed Six possessed. She refused to take part in the war instead dedicating herself to Sheyl.

She was not in favor of an empire forged through conquest, nor did she like the political hotbed the Empire was becoming. She founded the Templar in 641 and mostly secluded herself until her death, spending the time using spells she developed to try to commune with Sheyl. Some would say she went mad, others would say she was inspired, when she wrote the Book of Blessed Stars, a tome of prophecy.

She died in 694, found dead with the book still open, Arcanograph still in hand. Her last line written into parchment “Our doom is coming. Only Sheyl’s light can save us.”


Charay Lightheart

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