Calim Gorn

Magitech Knight and Heir to House Gorn


Age: 15 (born 746)
Affiliation: House Gorn
Band: Emerald Band
Father: Grand Duke Tharian Gorn
Mother: Inissa Talyn
Wife: None

A young man with black hair and blue eyes and a slender build. He dresses in simple but finely tailored clothes, primarily black in color. A large pistol is holstered to his belt, along with a finely crafted dueling sword.


Calim Gorn is the seventh child born to the Grand Duke of House Gorn and thus a future heir to that position. He is a young Imbued warrior, roughly 19 years old.

Being lower on the line of succession has made Calim somewhat indifferent to the politics of Aylanae, and he often seems indifferent to most things in general. In addition, he seems to lack many of the flashier and more impressive skills and powers of other Imbued, though he is physically fit and has finely tuned senses. In combat, he wields a custom-built sword and pistol given to him by his father, both of which are enhanced with powerful Magitech abilities.

He seems to hold his older sister, Laventa, in high regard, and values her opinions and sentiments more than any other member of his family. The truth is much deeper than that however; the two of them are secret lovers, carrying on an incestuous relationship over the past four years. Due to the forbidden nature of their relationship however, they are only ever able to be seen as being close siblings in public, hiding the truth from everyone around them.

Calim carries himself with honor and dignity, but knows that the history of House Gorn has been forever tainted by its foray into the politics of the empire and he is willing to get his hands dirty if he must.

Calim Gorn

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