Broginar Greyfang


Age: 42 (born 719)
Affiliation: Wolfheart Clan (warmaster), Greyfangs (chieftain)
Spouse: Alwara Greyfang
Children: Emerald Greyfang, Lowa Greyfang, Serya Greyfang (dead)

A burly looking man with long dark hair and a considerable amount of hair on his arms and legs as well. He wears little clothing save for a fur loincloth.

The current warmaster of the Wolfheart Clan, Broginar is a respected and powerful warrior. If not for his aid during the Awakening of Tinigath, many that were saved would have died in that war.

Since then, he and Oren Wolfheart have been at odds. Broginar has always pushed a more offensive strategy, seeking vengeance and blood, while Oren has adopted a defensive strategy, trying to keep as many of the Wolfheart clan alive as possible. There are many in the clan however, who would prefer Broginar as chieftain of the entire Wolfheart Clan, leading them to battle against the Earth Demons or whatever other foe threatens the clan.


Broginar Greyfang

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