Gabrrian Aruvin Cerulavitos

Magitech Engineer


Parents: Petronitus Cerulavitos, Pheomora Llyria

Aruvin stands just under six feet tall. He dresses in somewhat rugged practical wear, and is almost never seen in typical armor. He wears a mantle-like skystrike cloak with a pearly white thread outline of bird wings embroidered on the backand. , Of late, is seen bearing a Di Crystal


Consider this a work in progress

Gabrrian Aruvin Cerulavitos (Aruvin to his friends), the 4th son of the mastermind behind the Elective Arcanarium merger, was born in 740. During his Imbued training as part of the Scorpion Band, he formed a casual friendship with Ellenya Toress due to their shared interest in magitech. Shortly after Ellenya formed E-Tech Industries, she recruited him to be a field agent; his well known durability would serve well for the testing of prototype magitech devices. With three older brothers to carry on as leaders of Elective Arcanarium, and the subdivisions that were once Arcanarium and Elective, Aruvin was quite happy to take her up on her offer and forge his own path within the Artificer’s Guild. While still on amiable terms with his father, the only relative he feels close to is his younger half-sister, Angelica.

Early on in his training, even before his official training with the Scorpian Band, Aruvin showed a keen aptitude for working with crystal-based magictech devices and products. He’s developed a keen interest in Di Crystals and plans on researching them at his earliest convenience; childhood and training prevented any in depth research until now.

Aruvin’s ‘Crystal Weaving’ power is Aela-based magic; he can personally concentrate Aela into a physical crystalline form. He primarily uses this power to ‘lace’ objects and sculpt structures. However, when push comes to shove, he can manifest his art in more combative ways – spraying his foes with crystal shards, creating bonds and restraints, and even forming walls for cover or to impeded enemies.

Gabrrian Aruvin Cerulavitos

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