Arstann Sunborn

First of the Imbued


Sometimes called Arstann the Great, he was the first of the Blessed Six and the first of the Imbued, Arstann Sunborn was tall and handsome, strong and cunning, pious and driven… at least to his supporters. Others called him tyrant and defiler of the will of Sheyl.

When Agenn was slain in the year 599, Arstann gladly took up the mantle of leader, determined to realize Sheyl’s dream of a unified Therin. It was his idea to suggest a reprisal attack against Rahseld, beginning the Rebirth War.

Nearing the end of the Rebirth War, Arstann married Sylara Toress, fortifying an alliance with House Toress in the process. When the Eagle’s War began, he sided with his wife’s house, fighting against Straim Gorn.

It was also his word that urged the conquest of Ronen.

He died in the year 633 by mysterious circumstances.


Arstann Sunborn

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