Angelo Lastrium


Sex: Male
Parents: Alexia Lastrium, Hideyoshi Saitou-Lastrium
Siblings: Natsuki Lastrium, Sayuri Lastrium, Isamu Lastrium, Justinia Lastrium

Second oldest of the five Lastrium siblings.

Angelo Lastrium is a hardworking young man who helps supervise the day-to-day operations of the family farm along with his younger brother, Isamu. Somewhat ironically, Angelo takes after his father; he could be easily mistaken for a native of Makoro at first glance, and shares Hideyoshi’s outgoing, jesterish personality with his older sister.


He and Isamu spend much of the growing season in the field, supervising the hired farmhands and helping plant and harvest the crops themselves. Lately, Angelo has been increasingly interested in his father’s business, and in the potential for his youngest sister’s inventions to allow him more time away from the farm, so he’s been spending some of the cold months away with his parents and sister learning more about the businesses Hideyoshi has added to the family portfolio. Like his brother, Angelo is much more educated and well-traveled than his occupation would suggest, and underestimating him is a mistake.

Angelo Lastrium

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