Alyssa Toress

Magical Girl


An older teenage girl with golden blonde hair kept medium length and untied she has bright blue eyes and and a face that most would describe as incredibly beautiful. She is usually seen wearing her trademark black silk pants and white silk blouse that she favors for its ease of movement when fighting. She has what many would consider a perfect body which is typical for imbued.


Age: 16 (Born 745)
Affiliation: House Toress
Band: Emerald Band
Father:King Brathor Orun
Mother: Queen Cheisa Toress
Husband: Calim Gorn
Lovers: Sythe Zanyz IV Anise Dreamborn

Alyssa is the second daughter of Queen Cheisa Toress. She grew up in the castle in Alara. She adored her older sister Arielle Toress and the two were excellent friends as well as sisters. They were very close and still are to this day. Her Brother Verion Toress III and her also were fast friends and he viewed her as her protecter. As an imbued she did not really need protecting but he was always there when she was in trouble with mother or had a heartbreak.

Most would picture her life in the castle as one of carefree and luxury but it was anything but. She was schooled and trained from early in life the business of politics and statecraft as well as important educational matters like geography, mathematics and other basics of education. Her mother is a shrewd player of the great game of houses and she taught her children that craft as well. Alyssa gives off an air of a fun loving girl that is open and welcoming of everyone and tends to sound like a bit of an airhead but behind the smile is a cold and calculating Toress woman who learned early in life to use her gorgeous looks and her womanhood to her advantage. She puts on a mask of a kind hearted girl and uses peoples perceptions about her to her advantage.

Growing up in Alara she did have a good friend who came from a lesser noble house. A boy named Tiar Morehall from House Morehall. He was around the same age as her and they were best friends and could hardly be separated at times. He was good natured and kind in a way Alyssa always pretended to be. When around him perhaps his good nature rubbed off on her and she did soften up a bit. They were often together when Alyssa was not busy with lessons on politics or war or some other kind of training. He was not imbued however and they had to part ways when she was 10 and had to leave for training. The night before she was to leave for training the climbed to the highest point of the castle and went out onto the roof to watch the stars together. Alyssa kissed him then and said her goodbyes and promised they would spend all her summer breaks together.

She values her family as incredibly important and even thought she would not inherit the house she intended to support her sister Arielle with all her effort. She did not really want to be Queen anyway and prefers to work backroom deals and in the shadows. She looks as being Queen as a power but also a restriction from being truly free because of your duties.

Alyssa Toress

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