Allarya Toress

Mother of Ellenya Toress and fourth in succession of House Toress.


Age: 50 (Born 714)
Siblings: Queen Ayrala Toress, Linea Toress
Husband: Elethorn Voth (Deceased)
Children: Ellenya Toress

Allarya Toress is a middle-aged woman with long, flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvaceous figure. She typically wears a utilitarian but finely tailored dress and white boots, and carries an exceptionally long sword which she still manages to wield in a single hand.

Her personality is kindly and easy-going, despite her fierce demeanor and sword skill. Her older sister Linea has often accused her of being too lax in raising her only daughter, Ellenya. Few topics seem to raise her ire, though any mention of her deceased husband and the mysterious circumstances in which he died draws an immediate rebuke.


Allarya Toress is the younger sister of Linea Toress and Queen Ayrala Toress. She is fourth in line for the succession of House Toress, behind her remaining older sister and Ayrala’s granddaughters, Arielle Toress and Alyssa Toress. She is known to be exceptionally skilled with a sword and also capable of wielding Aela and Mana based magic with proficiency. In addition, she is also exceptionally strong and seems to possess an advanced healing factor, allowing her to recover from wounds, poisons, and diseases even more quickly than most other Imbued.

As a young, freshly graduated Imbued at the start of the Orothean War, Allarya was drafted for combat straight out of the academy. She performed extremely well, though was known for sparing enemies and showing mercy more than most thought necessary. Her sword skills won praise and respect from many people, but some have spoken of her conflicted feelings concerning her role in upholding the strength of the Empire of Aylanae. Allarya has never liked talking about her time fighting in the Orothean War or the later Shogun’s Invasion and tends to avoid the topic whenever it is brought up.

There is some controversy surrounding her extremely brief marriage to Elethorn Voth, a former member of one of House Orun’s vassal houses. By all reports, the two of them were deeply in love with each other and engaged in a whirlwind romance that saw them engaged and married in the course of a few months’ time. However, merely a week after they were married, Elethorn was discovered dead in their honeymoon suite under mysterious circumstances. No clear cause of death was ever determined, and though Allarya was cleared of any suspicion in his death, many whispered rumors were traded when it was revealed that she had become pregnant with his child despite having only been married for such a short period of time.

Allarya currently works part time for her daughter, Ellenya Toress, lending her talents to the product testing division of E-Tech Industries when other duties don’t interfere. She has also taught classes for Imbued Bands in training on the floating city of Aylanae, as well as performing diplomatic functions for her niece, Queen Cheisa Toress. She generally allows Ellenya to do as she wills, whether it be due to being busy with her own affairs or simply not wishing to assert herself more strongly over her daughter’s desires. She does, however, occasionally pressure her daughter to marry, or at least look like she’s considering the idea, but Ellenya’s objections are always vocal enough to overcome Allarya’s will to press the issue.

Allarya Toress

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