Alever Tasanet

Exiled king of Rahseld


The exiled King of Rahseld removed from power during the Rebirth War.

The entire Rebirth War could be said to be Alever’s fault, as he was overly confident and dismissed the threat of the Imbued or Aylanae as a whole, sending his griffon riders to conquer the city without knowledge of what they were truly capable of. This pre-emptive strike set about a chain of events that led to the war that ended his reign.

Alever bore all the haughtiness of a member of House Tasanet, but without the military skill or knowledge to back it up. He was a poor commander and had little knowledge of fighting any foe save by bludgeoning it down with superior numbers.

He supposedly went into hiding to the Orothean Islands, though likely has died of old age. His bloodline is of House Tasanet

Alever Tasanet

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