Defenders of Aylanae

Session 7 Log

Alyssa Toress:hi
Alyssa Toress:i hope someone shows up
DM:heh well it’s still early, I’m gonna go affk for a bit, but will be back by start time
Alyssa Toress:hi tab
whats new
i tried to convince T to come to japan
but he doesnt want to do any tourist stuff and just go to soapland the whole time
Alyssa Toress:he even turned down the mirror cafe idea!
Tabris:They don’t let gaijin in most of those places anyway from what I’ve heard
Alyssa Toress:there are ones that do
but they usually have foreign girls
Sefiros:just got in, im gonna be late, just letting yall know, will be back around 7:30 or so
Tabris:Yeah I mean what’s the fun in that
Well T is afk too so shouldn’t be too much of a problem Sef
Alyssa Toress:i mean korean and japanese are almost the same right
Tabris:Will see you then
Alyssa Toress:its not like T speaks either language
Sefiros:roger that
Alyssa Toress:he wont know the difference
Alyssa Toress:but he says all the asian massage parlors in america are basically soapland anyway
so oh well
Tabris:Yeah if you’re going to Japan need to get something like delivery health service
Where they send the girl to you
Alyssa Toress:yeah
order up some delivery
i need a check up
for my health
i figure 10,000 dollars should cover a real good time in japan
Tabris:lol yeah it should
Alyssa Toress:my friend only wants to stay a week tho
i might stay longer
i think i am gonna hire a japanese tutor
DM:ok back
Well I am curious what differences Japanese girls have from Korean, but… I don’t really think I’m interested enough to pay for a flight to Japan
Alyssa Toress:T they are basically the same
DM:Well I dunno there could be minor differences.
Alyssa Toress:no the japanese immigrated from korea a couple thousands years ago
and wiped out the native people in japan
its like asking what white people from different parts of france are like
its not like you want to have a conversation
you are just looking to fuck
DM:well they might fuck differently. Who knows what kinda Japanese techniques they got.
Alyssa Toress:lol
DM:I just hope I don’t get one of those Iajutsu whores that can finsh you off in one blow.
I like to get my money’s worth.
Alyssa Toress:i think its like america
you pay for a time slot
DM:Well yeah it varies on how much time they give you. like generally if they give you an hour it’s good, if it’s a half hour place, it’s gonna suck.
In Thailand supposedly places have 2 hour increment with two girls and they throw in HIV infection for free.
Alyssa Toress::/
and the girls have dicks
DM:Yeah lol, there’s always that worry too.
Alyssa Toress:man no wonder sachi wont play if this is how you act :P
DM:lol. I’ve always acted that way :P
Sefiros:just finishing dinner, be there in a few mins
Tabris:Heh, still waiting on G anyway
DM:well we can do Herlock’s scene with Suzu.
Since he wanted to talk to her privately anyway.
Alyssa Toress:i was gonna do a girls night out with suzu
DM:So might as wewll do that while we’re waitng.
Alyssa Toress:with me and anise and virilla and suzu and areille
Tabris:Yeah go for it
I’m trying to get this Pokemon egg to hatch right now anyway
Alyssa Toress:viniira
or whatever her name is
the horny
what pokemon
Tabris:I don’t know, some random dude gave it to me
Alyssa Toress:oh
probably something shitty like magikarp
DM:DOn’t you have to do exercise or something to hatch those?
Tabris:You gotta walk a bunch of steps
Alyssa Toress:you have to walk in circles
Tabris:So I’m on my bike just going back and forth
Alyssa Toress:hes not playing pokemon go
hes playing actual pokemon
Tabris:lol yeah
I always assume Pokemon go whenever anyone talks about it now
Alyssa Toress:pokemon go is dead now anyway
its player base fell off a cliff
DM:I never played it so I dunno.
I figured it’d be a fad.
Alyssa Toress:yeah
it lasted like 3 weeks
Tabris:I never saw the attraction in it
DM:I mean ti didn’t realyl seem to have any actual gameplay lol
Tabris:Yeah there isn’t really
Alyssa Toress:anyway lets do my thing with suzu
DM:Like it was basically stamp collection tied to Augmented reality.
Alyssa Toress:yeah basically
you couldnt even get mew!
or the legendary birds
or mewtwo
DM:Alright did you have any specific event involved or just wandering the city?
I’m not really sure what those are, I don’t know shit about pokemon
Alyssa Toress:i wanted to have a girls only party type thing
DM:beyond like Pikachu.
Alyssa Toress:maybe go to clubs?
who knows
watch movies
read books
i dunno
do movies exist
DM:heh okay. so I guess you could have it at the Toress barracks.
Alyssa Toress:in this wolrd
Tabris:Drink heavily and do hits of ecstasy
DM:They allow you in there.
Alyssa Toress:okay
so me, anise, suzu, arielle and viniira if they want to come
we can drink and stuff
read from funny books
i think they did that
before they invented electricity
is it nice there?
DM:Nah there’s not really movies, they do have a basic phonograph but no actual direct recording capability.
Alyssa Toress:do they have like a cool room for us to hang out in
DM:Yeah heh.. the Toress barracks is nice, plus there’s parks and such too whihc are pretty nice.
Alyssa Toress:great
DM:Can have gatheringgs there.
Alyssa Toress:we can hang out in a park and drink
“oh it feels nice to be back in the city”
“did you guys have a good vacation?”
Tabris:There we go, egg hatched
Alyssa Toress:what was it
Tabris:It’s a Larvesta
Alyssa Toress:is that a crab
Tabris:Nah it’s a bug pokemon
Alyssa Toress:oh
Tabris:It grows into that Fire moth thing
Alyssa Toress:right
i knew it was fire
DM:You gather up Suzu, Viniiira and Anise… and Arielle shows up, also bringing along frends from her band, Helenia, Justnia and Laventa (ones ec gonna arrange tokens)
Alyssa Toress:wow a lot of people
Princess Arielle Toress:“I brought along a few from Dragon band too. I didn’t think you’d mind.”
Alyssa Toress:“nah the more the merrier”
Tabris:(Lots of positive role models for Suzu)
Alyssa Toress:(i’m not one of them)
DM:Everyone makes introductions of who they are (so we can spare bit of itme there… )
Alyssa Toress:okay
DM:And you get into some minor conversation, gonna skip a bit of the small talk phase.. so you can get into what youwanted to bring up.
Alyssa Toress:okay
thats fine
“so suzu i’m a bit worried”
“i think you are a nice girl and we could be good friends”
“and i want to help you”

  • Suzu Ueno seems to freeze a bit being called on directly, she’s been quiet most of the conversation, just listening.
    Alyssa Toress:“i know things are different in makoro”
    “and girls arent treated the same there”
    “but you are going to a knight of the empire”
    “and you have all these opportunities ahead of you”
    “and friends that care for you”
    “and we just want you to be happy with us”
    “and it seems like masaru and nori have been shitty to you which they shouldnt”
    Justy S. Lastrium:“Somebody should teach those guys a lesson.”
    Alyssa Toress:“someone did already”
  • Viniira the Horned smiles.
    Viniira the Horned:“Arlready did… but they’re slow learners.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we want to make you believe in youself”
    Suzu Ueno:“But I’m not as good a fighter as the rest of you… I can’t really do anything special.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i think the 7 of us can help you become great though”
    “we can make you a good fighter”
    Princess Arielle Toress:“I’m sure we could find something you’re good at.”
    Alyssa Toress:“and even then”
    “there are other tools than a sword or weapon”
    “i have my mind and words”
    Justy S. Lastrium:“Plus there’s always magitech armor if you want to hit someone really hard.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah thats true”
    can i make a roll
    to convince her
    DM:Well what are you trying to convince her of exactly? I mean thus far she’s pretty convinced she’s not good at anything heh.
    Alyssa Toress:give her some self confidence
    some backbone
    raise her spirits
    and that we will make her great
    just convince her she can be a great knight
    DM:Well I mean you could be temporarily motivational. I mean… over the long-term, it’ll be more difficult. I mean generally you can talk someone into short-term stuff, but actually changing their personality is much tougher. heh.
    Alyssa Toress:mmm
    how about this
    convince her to let us train her
    and help her become a better fighter
    over the next few years
    DM:Yeah you could try to convince her to let you train her extra on her off time possibly.
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    Tabris:Convince her to break the mold and not be beholden to the expectations of Makoro society
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    gonna hero point that
    Tabris:Heh, add 10
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    man i rolled shit twice in a row
    DM:You’ve managed to convince her some, though you do learn of some reservations as well from her…
    Tabris:Happens to me all the time
    Suzu Ueno:“My father said that no true lady of Makoro should use magitech.. but I guess if you want to teach me how to use swords and bows.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay we can do that”
    i’ll convince her of magitech later on
    okay so yeah thats all i wanted to talk to her about i guess
    just try to convince her
    Tabris:Heh, kinda weird her father would be like that when the daimyo he’s pledged to is all open and shit about using magitech and modernizing Makoro
    Suzu Ueno:“My father was furious when he heard I was learning to use magitech… saying the empire woudl poison me.”
  • Suzu Ueno hangs her head in shame.
    Alyssa Toress:“dont worry about it suzu”
    “we can teach you oither things”
    DM:well just because the daimyo is more progressive, some of his vassals aren’t heh.
    Alyssa Toress:“to make your father proud”
    DM:I mea it was an unpopular decison to give women rights over there.
    Since they had to release their sex slaves.
    Alyssa Toress:just like deus ex
    DM:So it wasn’t really a popular decison, in f act Sora Yoshinori is in a lot of trouble with some of his vassals, some fear osmeone may challenge his leadership at some point
    since the edict he made giving women rights was pretty heavily unpopular.
    They basically sent Suzu to Aylanae basically to avoid directly defying him, but clearly they still wnt their daughter to be a traditonal Makoro girl.
    Alyssa Toress:its like johnson signing the civil rights act or the voting rights act or whatever and giving the south to republicans for 2 generations
    DM:pretty much lol
    Alyssa Toress:oh well
    anything else we need to discuss
    or not?
    DM:Antoher voicec speaks out from one of the trees.
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    oh god its hana
    Hana Makenki:“Well screw that guy if he tells you what to do. I don’t let anyone tell me what to do.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh hey hana”
    Hana Makenki:“Also why didn’t you invite me Arielle!?”
    Princess Arielle Toress:“Well I didn’t want you to get too drunk… and besides…”
    Hana Makenki:“Yeah I know, you wanted to keep me away from your sister. Look I only said she was really hot like a few times… It’s nothing to worry about.”
    Princess Arielle Toress:“More than a few times…”
    Hana Makenki:“Yeah whatever… hey lets kick this party up a notch!”
  • Hana Makenki refills her wine glass, which you don’t remember actually giving to her.
    Alyssa Toress:(sef isnt back yet huh)
    Helenia Chrystri:“So that’s what happened to my wine glass…”
    Hana Makenki:“You weren’t gonna drink it anyway.”
  • Alyssa Toress drains her wine
    Alyssa Toress:“can i get another?”
    DM:Arielle pours wine and refills some of the glasses for everyone, including Hana.
    Alyssa Toress:“hana you arent a normal makoro girl huh”
    Hana Makenki:“Nope. I figured the best way is to horrify them with a lot of unladylike behavior, so they get desensetized… then they hardly realie you’re carrying a katana even though you’re not supposed to be.”
    “Well actually I mostly just stay away from Makoro anyway.”
    Alyssa Toress:"i went there during the break
    Hana Makenki:“As much as possible, it’s a pretty boring place.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i met some nice people”
    “and some not so nice people”
    Hana Makenki:“Yeah most of them suck, it’s okay you can say it, I was born there.”
    Laventa Gorn:“I’m sure it can’t be all bad…”
    Alyssa Toress:“it wasnt all bad”
    Anise Dreamborn:“I didn’t think it was that bad.”
    Alyssa Toress:“the hot springs are really nice”
    Hana Makenki:“You went to a hot spring?”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah”
  • Hana Makenki opens her eyes wide with a bit of surprise clearly forming a mental picture.
    Hana Makenki:“You should have asked me first, I could have taken you to the best hot springs in Makoro!”
    Alyssa Toress:“it was a business trip”
    “not pleasure”
    Tabris:(Yeah you just let us do all the business lol)
  • Anise Dreamborn seems to grow quiet remembering some of the embarassing thigns she did in the hot springs and during the trip in general.
    Alyssa Toress:(i found out where the oni was!)
    Helenia Chrystri:“I’d like to visit a hot spring, that sounds like it’d be really relaxing.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah its great”
    DM:Anyway.. I’m gonna fast forward the rest of the conversation and move on…
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    DM:nless you had pressing matters to discuss.
    Alyssa Toress:nope
    i was just waiting for sef
    DM:heh okay, most of the rest of the celebration goes by without too much incident… well besides Hana getting drunk and trying to convince everyone to play ‘Kiss the princess’ a new game you’re pretty sure she invented, but she claimed it a tradition of her family.
    Of course, everyone pretty much was opposed to that idea…
    Anyway the celebration breakss and you return to barracks. Was there anything anyone wnted to do befofre I fast forward for a few months?
    Tabris:I’m good, got nothing in particular in mind for now
    Alyssa Toress:nope
    is garrion around?
    Tabris:He logged in, I assume he’s lurking
    Alyssa Toress:i wondered if he went afk
    Tabris:lol yeah says he went idle
    DM:heh… oh well.. guess we’ll just skip ahead.
    Sef around?
    Tabris:Well he said he was back
    Young Geralt:i
    ‘m here.. went to get a drink
    DM:heh okay.
    Alright so doesn’t seem like anyone wnt s to do anything extra before we time skip a bit…
    Young Geralt:nada
    DM:A few months pass during your training… and your training paths further diversify with a few common classes, like imperial history and imperial ethics.
    Young Geralt:yay, propaganda and social engineering
    DM:Hamidar starts to evolve some odd innate powers, which warrant thier own training…
    Tabris:Uh oh, he went mind reader
    Sefiros:the least known char
    Alyssa Toress:who
    i dont know who that is
    Sefiros:i forget he exists, so maybe he has psychic stealth
    Tabris:One of the guys in our band, lol
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    Tabris:Hamidar Garaz
    DM:Hamidar Garaz, he’s another one of your band, who you hanv’et really talked to much.
    Alyssa Toress:i dont know him
    Sefiros:yeah he’s said like 2 words
    Tabris:Yeah heh
    DM:he was Geralt’s partner in the shock pistol tournament heh.
    Sefiros:must be kin to taesian
    or his discipline
    DM:But yeah he’s pretty quiet.
    Sefiros:i forget, who’s house garaz sworn to?
    DM:Defintely a big introvert heh… and his power only further seems to keep him from people, as he seems to expel a sort of poisonous gas…
    Sefiros:ah right
    theyre the public face, and get all their imbued right?
    Tabris:Yeah something like that
    DM:Tecnically they’re just called “allies” of Illuvian, but a lot fo them call them a vassal house.
    Like unoffically a vassal house rather
    Sefiros:House Illuvian, aka Illuvinati
    DM:Since Illuvian is often said to be pulling the strings and helps them get imbued.
    Sefiros:yeah like i said, The Illuvinati….
    he wasnt Geralts partner, Hamidar was my partner durign the pistol test
    me and him vs geralt/suzu
    DM:Anyway… it seems simply being around him sligthly inhibited aela based powers, alsmost as if he had some kind of disruptive aura around him that posioned the air.
    oh right yeah, your partner
    I knew he was one of your partners. heh.
    Tabris:Yeah heh
    DM:There’s whsipers among the band that maybe Hamidar was altered in some way by House Illuvian, and they’ve tried to turn him into some kind of anti-aela weapon.
    Alyssa Toress:great
    DM:In any case, he’s given his own private bits of trianing to work on his unique talents…
    And he doesn’t seem to make any friends…. everyone pretty much staying away from him, and keeping him as quiet as ever…
    Sefiros:the worst part about being an aela user is all the anti-aela shit thats around
    DM:He does seem like the loner of the band for sure…
    Sefiros:all kind of tech devices, etc
    DM:Masaru tends to hang to himself quite a bit as well… focusing on refining his trainng, since he and Nori had a falling out.
    Alyssa Toress:we are gonna get an update on everyone rihgt
    DM:Fortunately he hasn’t bulied Suzu anymore… mostly focusing on mastering his swordplay.
    Alyssa Toress:and laventa and sythe
    Tabris:Heh, long as he leaves Suzu alone Calim will treat him with some respect, won’t go out of his way to antagonize him or anything
    Alyssa Toress:yeah thats fine
    DM:Nori pretty much has been outted as an inferior fighter of the group… and while he tries hard in training sparring constantly, he’s gotten a reputation as the guy who always loses. It seems even young Vilar, the boy templar can beat him.
    Alyssa Toress:welp
    nori is gonna have a shit life
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:a bad fighter in makoro that fucked up their relationship with their lord?
    Calim Gorn:Ronen is always hiring
    Alyssa Toress:so is rahseld
    DM:Vilar himself has evolved quite a bit over last year and this one… he’s recieved a special weapon of his own design from the templar. A two bladed magitech sword that’s capable fo tranforming into a cannon and also a sniper rifle configuration..
    Alyssa Toress:i need someone to work in my factories
    DM:Apparently it’s an old elven d evice they decided to try to have him master and he’s managed to get the hang of it rather well
    Alyssa Toress:a fucking cannon
    Calim Gorn:NIce
    DM:Well not a huge cannon, I more meant just a high caliber rifle.
    So I guess more of a big shotgun slug heh.
    Designed for short range stuff.
    Young Geralt:like a 50 S&W ;)
    Sefiros:i’ll give masaru some company here and there if he’s alone since noori bounced on him
    dont wanna isolate him and make him even more anti-social prick
    will practice my katana skillz with him at least
    DM:The blade can also be thrown and home in on a target as well. In additon to that Vilar has some innate powers, like flight and the ability to create a barrier of air to deflect attacks.
    Alyssa Toress:if anise is uncomfortable with going against her religion i am gonna stop going after her okay
    DM:Gregorio more or less continues to refine his electrical attacks.. though he has apaprently been pursuing the princess..
    As for Anise…
    The templar aparently have caught wind of her relationship with the princess, or so is your guess and she’s been separated from Alyssa for as long as they can manage.
    Alyssa Toress:welp
    Calim Gorn:Forbidden love!
    DM:Kept in separate Templar barracks and given rigorous duties and trainng to give her little free time, perhaps as a punishment…
    Alyssa Toress:(i mean i dont really love her)
    Young Geralt:more like lust
    Alyssa Toress:(i was just using her)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Viniira seems to stickl with her traditional axe weapon, despite them trying to see if she wants to use magitech weapon or some other more refined weapon.
    But she seems compoetent enough to stick to it, and rather good with it, the trainers haven’t been pairing her against Nori to avoid humiliating him, in fact he just gets paired against the men..
    But you suspect that they think he might lose to Viniira if they were paired…
    Young Geralt:i’ll spar with Viniira whenever i can….
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    DM:It’s only Suzu who remains the weakest… she’s a tiny girl and apparently not all that gret with mundane weapons… her swordplay and bow use is pretty bad… she doesn’t really have the muscle to use them effectively and despite trying to teach her to use finesse weaponry… she still lacks a lot of the physical might, and a foe ccan sue that against her.
    Alyssa Toress:geralt was trying to pick her up right
    Calim Gorn:This should be your in to teaching her magitech weapons, they can make up for her physical deficitis
    Alyssa Toress:i mean yeah
    but she didnt want to
    i didnt roll well enough
    DM:As for Geralt and Vinira, he finds that he has some new competition.. many of the girls are now seem to be rather interested in Taesian Stormblood, the talented magic user from the Wolfheart clan (and also extremeyl attractive) .
    Alyssa Toress:who
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sefiros:did she display any nack for any kind of magical shit? (suzu that is)
    DM:He’s a member of Dragonband.
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    Sefiros:i seem to recall her using some prayers or something before
    Calim Gorn:She had some basic skill from what I remember
    Sefiros:guess she was just praying for her life
    and not summoning Bahamut
    Alyssa Toress:no one wants baelis i guess
    DM:And one of the magic users that Alyssa has trained with before, he kind of sticks to himself but has a sort of loner allure, being the survivor of the aawakening of Tingath, and having his family slaughtered…
    Calim Gorn:And Taesian is Rift’s character from the previous campaign
    Alyssa Toress:the drunk
    DM:He’s the last surivor of his clan… and very attractive and has caught the eye of many of the imbued girls, including Vinira, Arielle, Helenia and some say even Laventa… you’ve even ccaught Suzu looking at him sometimes…
    And perhaps Alyssa too…
    Alyssa Toress:(nope)
    Calim Gorn:(No way Laventa would be interested in that =P)
    Alyssa Toress:(yeah he isnt even related to her)
    DM:Well he’s hot and has some charisma. He does have 7 presence… so…
    Alyssa Toress:wow hes almost as hot as me
    DM:I mean if she was gonna screw someone that wasn’t her brother, it would probably be him.. or Alyssa.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah he’s got attractive 2 as well
    Alyssa Toress:(i am not messing with a gorn)
    (no way)
    DM:But yeah… so anyway Taesian has caught the eye of many of the girls as he’s now more commonly seen walking about the city.
    Though thus far he hasn’t shown any interest in Viniira yet.. despite Viniira’s interest in him, so Geralt can rest easy.. for now…
    Alyssa Toress:can he?
    Sefiros:taesian is the male version of a hot but crazy gf
    Calim Gorn:No that was Sef
    Sefiros:Taesian is crazy enough for me
    DM:Sythe and Alyssa continue their relationshiop, he seems pretty addicted to her (she is currently the hottest girl so that’s not too surprisng)… On ocasion some of the other members of Dragonband like Kaldar Orun have tried to talk to Alyssa as well.
    Sefiros:his crazy must have rubbed off on you, if you’re defending him
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna be faithful to sythe
    Sefiros:thats like defending charles manson
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sefiros:no win situation
    DM:Alyssa does see Anise in magic trainng from time to time though she’s apparently got instructions from the templar to stay awy from her, and mallegaunt does try to keep them apart.
    Alyssa Toress::(
    Sefiros:whats the point in having high prescence as Taesian anyways
    what does he do, seduce people by writing them notes
    Alyssa Toress:can i see sythe all i want
    Sefiros:he’s mute
    Calim Gorn:lol seriously
    Besides I thought he was with Helenia
    DM:Well he does get with Helenia later. this is still the past.
    Sefiros:yeah i always thought it funny he whored prescence but literally just stayed in a closet all day or something and never talked to anyone
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Yeah they don’t seem to impede Alyssa seeing Sythe at all. Well except for Hana whod id arrange some obstacles..
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    DM:Luike at one time they were supposed to meet and she managed to rig Sythe’s door to not open, though Sythe was ble to fix it much to her disappointment.
    Sythe even engineered clever distractions for her to keep her off the track.
    Alyssa Toress:maybe he should just stay in my room
    Calim Gorn:Yeah those two seem like they’d be natural rivals
    DM:And it’s been a sort of arms race between Sythe and Hana, though Sythe is getting the better of it for now…
    Alyssa Toress:to stay safe
    Sefiros:what both fighting for the princess’ attention?
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    Sefiros:or is it hana wanting sythes attention?
    Alyssa Toress:hana wants mine
    DM:hehe nah, Hana wants the princess.
    Calim Gorn:Would we know about Taesian having mental powers and shit? Like I’m assuming that’s the rumor
    DM:Masaru spends most of his time training with either Hachi or with the mysterious Sefiros (also a member of Dragon band). apparently trying to learn some of his secrets.
    Wants to master the art of one blow
    funny thing is, when i played Sef, i was on a streak of bad luck
    so i literally got my ass kicked at everything during training
    i didnt start rollin 20s till later in my career
    yeah guess so
    he just got critted
    maybe we can luck up, and Sef kills masaru in training
    and thats how he gets mind deathed
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’d be awesome
    Sefiros:throw taesian in as well
    DM:Perhaps the most interesting moment is when Daimyo Oshiro shows up (Masaru’s father) to personally review the progress of his son.
    Well I didn’t think a cool arc might be if Calim kills Taesian in a male yandere moment :P
    Reverse it this time.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sefiros:calims a homo?
    Calim Gorn:Heh no
    DM:heh, nah, I mean Taesian stealing his chick
    Calim Gorn:He means me being jealous of Taesian going after Laventa
    Sefiros:i know im just teasing
    DM:The vist from the daimyo gives you good opportunity to potentially humiliate Masaru…
    Sefiros:yeah Rifty aint even here and we’re still being dicked around by his ghost
    Calim Gorn:lol, nah like I said, as long as Masaru leaves Suzu alone and isn’t a total dick to the rest of us I’ll leave him be
    Sefiros:i could take a dive in a training match to help boost his confidence
    DM:Yeah heh, or you could work to help him as well.
    Sefiros:but the oshiro may spot it, and instead itd prolly embarass him or some shit
    and he makes him commit seppeku
    guess Masaru is our Seifer then
    Calim Gorn:Works for me
    Sefiros:noori was fujin/raiden
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Masaru at one point speaks to his father, Daimyo Oshiro at the barracks in his room.. and Viniira suggests listening in.
    Viniira the Horned:“Anyone else want to hear what they’re saying?”
    Alyssa Toress:nope
    not me
  • Vilar Elfglow nods.
    Alyssa Toress:i can look in tho
    Vilar Elfglow:“Yeah lets go check it out…”
    Alyssa Toress:i can see thru walls
    Calim Gorn:“I admit some curiosity… But I’d rather not cause any more trouble with Masaru, he’s actually been tolerable lately.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Well he doesn’t have to know we’re there, we’ll just listen.”
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna spy on them thru the walls okay
    DM:well keep in mind herlock you just got vison, so I mean you won’t get the words unless you’re closer.
    Alyssa Toress:i know
    DM:heh okay.
    Alyssa Toress:i am just gonna watch
    i aint gonna listen
    i dont wnt to get caught
    but if his dad is yelling
    i will be able to tell
    by his body language
    DM:okay, anyone want to try to listen?
    Alyssa Toress:or if he hits him
    or something
    DM:Or you just gonna stay put and let Vinira nad Vilar try?
    Calim Gorn:I’ll just let Viniira and Vilar do it
    I’m not gonna get involved
    DM:heh okay, guess nobody is listening in then…
    Sefiros:i got extended hearing for that :-p
    DM:Alyssa cna see the daimyo speaks sternly at Masaru, he’s the type of no-nonsense people that you can’t imagine ever smiling…
    Sefiros:kind of the point, dont gotta be right next to people to eavsdrop
    DM:Yeah okay, so you can listen in then
    I’ll tell you what he’s saying…
    Sefiros:though i mean i’d prolly be around anyways, since i was trying to throw an olive branch with the dude
    DM:Well they’re speaking privately in his room
    Sefiros:was hoping he was the sad bully i could rehabilittate
    DM:But you could listen at or near the door, a ltitle farther away for you with your hearing.
    Anyway this is what you hear…
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:"Sit. "
    “I have heard word from your trainers that you lost to a girl, not once but twice.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“But it-”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“No Excuses!”
    Sefiros:lol when did he lose to a girl?
    Alyssa Toress:viniira
    and me
    Alyssa Toress:the first day of training
    Calim Gorn:Alyssa and I beat him and Nori in the stun pistol exercise
    Alyssa Toress:and like a few months ago
    he lost to viniira
    Calim Gorn:And then Viniira, Geralt, and me beat him and Nori earlier
    Sefiros:well that was more like a royal rumble
    Calim Gorn:Justy also snapped his katana
    Alyssa Toress:yeah but he is dad is a jackass
    Sefiros:everyone was whoopin everyone i thougth
    Alyssa Toress:oh right
    Calim Gorn:And he lost to his instructor too
    Alyssa Toress:yup
    thats 4 girls beating him up
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Alyssa Toress:we’re lucky his father doesnt know about the other 2
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“You have done nothing but lose battles. You stain our family name with your poor performance.”
    “You have been nothing but shame… You are unworthy of the imbuing that I gave you.”
    Alyssa Toress:wow
    he regrets raping that girl huh
    Masaru Oshiro:“But… they cheated!”
    “And Nori was useless!”
    Alyssa Toress:you know i bet marasus life would be much better if he didnt attack that instructor day 1
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“More excuses from a worthless maggot. The seed that sprung you forth would have been better off on the floor than in your mother.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“I Shall prove myself!”
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Were you not imbued, I would tell you to fall on your sword to spare the Oshiro more lost honor.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    Alyssa Toress:i cant hear him but i bet i can tell hes mad
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“You shall not have my lands Masaru. Even with the superiority of Imbuing, you cannot even surpass your own mundane brother.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Please father! I can show you I’m the worthy warrior to carry on our family name!”
    Daimyo Takashi Oshiro:“Very well, I shall give you one last chance… I shall arrange a tournament among your band, you shall get your fair fight…. but if you do not win, then you shall be exposed as the failure I already know you are.”
    Calim Gorn:Well this should be fun
    DM:With that the daimyo walks out of the room.
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna abstain from the tournament
    i dont want to do any combat and just rp tonight
    i mean other people can do combat
    but i am too tired
    DM:Well thye tournament fortunately doesn’t seem to e arranged anytime soon… he’s giving masaru some more time to train.
    Alyssa Toress:so i forfeit
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Viniira the Horned:“Well Masaru really got it. Apparently his father is going to try arrange a tournament., and if Masaru loses, he’s be disgraced.”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe we shoud let him win”
    Calim Gorn:“Lovely… So we all have to dance for the Daimyo’s amusement with the fate of his son on the line.”
    Alyssa Toress:“he hasnt been treating suzu poorly lately which is all i wanted”
    Young Geralt:this being eported to all of us?
    DM:Yeah Vinira is telling everyone basically
    Viniira the Horned:“Let him win? Come on.”
    Calim Gorn:“If the Daimyo figures out that we’re taking it easy on Masaru and letting him win then that might be an even bigger disgrace.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah thats true”
    Young Geralt:“It seems all his father cares is that he not lose to a girl.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay i guess beat him up”
    Viniira the Horned:“Yeah that’s why I’m going to be the one that defeats him.”
    Calim Gorn:“I do worry about what he might do if he loses though… He’s actually been tolerable as of late, I’d rather not see him get pushed off the deep end.”
  • Sefiros nods.
    Young Geralt:If this tournament is tiered he may lose to a man before you even get to face him Viniira."
    Viniira the Horned:“Well I can always request to face him first…”
    “I figure if I call him out, he’ll have to answer the challenge.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Why would you want to do that?”
    Viniira the Horned:“I can’t risk anyone else beating him first…”
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t let overconfidence get the better of you.”
    “Masaru will doubtless be giving this everything he has.”
    Viniira the Horned:“That’s why it’ll be all the better to beat him.”
    Young Geralt:“I fear he may not fight fairly if he is forced to face you. He will likely cheat and you could get badly hurt.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah who knows what he’s going to do.”
    Calim Gorn:“If it’s a matter of honor then he’ll fight fairly, otherwise he’s no better than us honorless cheaters that he hates so much.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh well we’ll see how it goes”
    Young Geralt:“We all know you are better than him, you don;t have to prove anything to us. i just want you to be safe.”
    Alyssa Toress:“lets just see what happens”
    Viniira the Horned:“It’s not about proving anyhing to you guys. It’s about humiliating him.”
    Hachikomaru:’You’re as disgraceful as he is."
  • Hachikomaru says to the wild woman.
  • Viniira the Horned looks to Hachi.
    Hachikomaru:“Deriving pleasure from humiliating your bandmate.”
    “Now you’re just acting like he was.”
    Viniira the Horned:“I saw what he did to Geralt. He deserves no compassion.”
    Hachikomaru:“The reason he acts as he does, is because no one has shown him compasion.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Besides, it’s not like we want that guy becoming one of the most powerful people in the empire after his father dies.”
    Young Geralt:“You bested him and the fight was won for us and Suzu. There is no need to dig the knife in deeper.”
    Hachikomaru:“If we would do so, then perhaps he would change.”
    Calim Gorn:“It’s a little difficult to show compassion to someone who acts like he’s still in Makoro and trying to rule over us all.”
    Hachikomaru:“You see now why he acts that way, his father is a hard man.”
    Young Geralt:“You have a point Viniira. I don;t care to see him rule as his father either. Perhaps though he can be better.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah his father seems like he’s pretty difficult to deal with.”
    Calim Gorn:“Heh, he isn’t the only one with father issues.”
    Hachikomaru:“He is our bandmate afterall.”
    “We should look out for each other.”
    Calim Gorn:“I could respect him if he didn’t try to make himself Daimyo of Emerald Band, but when he treats the rest of us like dirt because we aren’t high born like he is then he gets nothing from me.”
    Hachikomaru:“Not keep trying to tear each other down.”
    Viniira the Horned:“He trained with us, but he’s no true friend. I wouldn’t trust him to watch my back.”
    Calim Gorn:“And I don’t care what the Makoro tradition is, women in the empire are equals to men, especially Imbued.”
  • Hachikomaru sighs.
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah I don’t know why they treat women that way… it’s awful.”
    Calim Gorn:“Like I said, I could respect him if he didn’t try to make everywhere he went an extension of Makoro and make us into his slavering subjects.”
    “But as it is, nah.”
    Hachikomaru:“I wish I had been recruited into another band, instead of this chaotic cesspool of petty children.”
    Alyssa Toress:“calim he treats high born like dirt too”
    Hachikomaru:“No offense, your highness.”
    Alyssa Toress:“hachi we’ve known each other for a year just call my alyssa please”
    Young Geralt:“Hey, we are not all that bad. Just a few bad seeds. I’m sure every band has their pains.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we’re friends”
    “you saw me naked”
    Vilar Elfglow:(to Sef) “You’re only saying that because you’re older than all of us.”
  • Hachikomaru shrugs.
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t see how it’s petty to want to be treated like a human being instead of Masaru’s subject.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“He saw you naked?”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites seems to have instantly forgotten about Masaru at the mention of Alyssa naked.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:“I would like to help the poor boy, instead of gaining pleasure from his unhappiness.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i was at a hot springs and he showed up it was very embarrasing”
    “it was just me and this other makoro girl”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t take pleasure from his unhappiness, but honestly I feel he is beyond help the way he is.”
    Alyssa Toress:“and boom some guys showed up”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Vilar Elfglow:(to Geralt) “Yeah all band has their own problems… Dragon band has Baelis Sunborn.. he’s oneof the templar and everyone says he’s a disgrace he’s always drunk…”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:(to Sef) “it’s very rude to burst in on a girl when she’s bathing. What were you thinking?”
    Alyssa Toress:lol
  • Hachikomaru looks a bit confused.
    Hachikomaru:“What is he talking about?”
    Alyssa Toress:“dont worry about it gregorio lets just focus on marasu”
  • Young Geralt ionjects without thinking…. “Well we had just killed a giant and needed to wash the blood off.”
    Hachikomaru:"I believe it was Geralt, and Calim who “burst’ in on her.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah i sent them to kill a giant demon”
    Hachikomaru:“I just responded to the screams I heard.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Calim Gorn:“I think they called it an oni.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“You killed a giant?”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah it was an oni”
    “no it wasnt a giant”
    ‘it was a giant, demon"
    “large sized”
    Calim Gorn:“Well it probably qualified as one, it was about 10 feet tall.”
    Viniira the Horned:"Oh come on… Makoro doesn’t have any Earth demons."
    Young Geralt:“That thing’s head was HUGE.”, Geralt extends his arms as wide as they will stretch.
    Alyssa Toress:“it wasnt an earth demon”
    “it was ummmm some other kind of demon”
    “from makoro lore”
  • Vilar Elfglow looks wide-eyed at Geralt… while Gregorio and Vinira don’t seem to be buying it so much
    Alyssa Toress:“he ate people”
    Viniira the Horned:“Yeah they call everything a demon in other lands… in Yt, they’re just commonplace.”
    “You can’t go too far without encountering something enchanted.”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Alyssa Toress:“anyway that doesnt matter”
    “viniira if you want to fight masaru for real no one will stop you”
    Young Geralt:“That is true… but nonetheless the thing was big, till Hachi bit it’s head.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Hachi, bit it?”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites looks to Hachi and then back to Geralt skeptically.
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah he can turn into a giant dog, it’s some kind of Makoro thing.”
    “You had to be there.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Yeah I’ve read a little about it.. they say his father grew as large as the Archmage’s tower when he fought the terror from the sea during the Orothean war.”
  • Young Geralt winks to Hachi, seeing Greg’s reaction…. “Yeah we had to finally end it when he started hump[ing the thing’s leg.”
    Alyssa Toress:“he wasnt that big”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites still seems rather sketpical….
    Alyssa Toress:“but hes a growing boy”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah I doubt that…”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe still has time!”
    Viniira the Horned:“There’s a saying among the women of our clan that men are always exaggerating the size the of things, but no matter how large their words, the truth is usually a disappointment.”
  • Calim Gorn chuckles
    DM:Vilar and Gregorio don’t quite seem to get the full reference…
    Young Geralt:“That hurts….”, Geralt feigns a sad look.
    Hachikomaru:“Show me yours, I’ll show you mine?”
    Calim Gorn:“I’ll pass.”
    Viniira the Horned:(to Geralt) “Well at least some of your things are as big as you claim.”
    Alyssa Toress:wowzors
    Young Geralt:lol
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:“are you two?”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Show us what? You mean the dog thing?”
    Hachikomaru:“Nothing, just something I heard my cousin say once.”
    “A joke.”
    Alyssa Toress:“thats not a joke”
  • Young Geralt smiles at Viniira’s remark. “Yeah that is a big scar isn’t it.”
    Hachikomaru:“Well, no the joke was on me.”
    “At her expense.”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks back at Geralt.
    Alyssa Toress:“you two are huh”
    Young Geralt:“Yeah, we spar… how you think I’ve gotten so good with my sword…..”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe someone will talk about something besides me and sythe now”
    Calim Gorn:“Nah.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Well that’s just a rumor right? I mean you two aren’t actually serious… right?”
    Hachikomaru:“Serious about what?”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh yeah totally a rumor”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:(that questiojnw as direction to the princess about Sythe and her relationship with him)
    Hachikomaru:“What is a rumor? Their mating?”
    Alyssa Toress:oh dear poor roll
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Viniira the Horned:“You know if you’re lying… we’ve got him…”
  • Viniira the Horned points to Hachi
    Alyssa Toress:“oh god”
    Viniira the Horned:“No amount of perfume is going to fool a great weredog.”
    Alyssa Toress:“please dont”
    Viniira the Horned:“What’s your opinion Hachi?”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Calim Gorn:“Well I suppose Alyssa has her research assignment for new uses of Aela now…”
    Hachikomaru:“Oh you mean the princess has found a mate, like you and Geralt?”
    “Congratulations, highness.”
    Alyssa Toress:“please just call me alyssa hachi”
  • Viniira the Horned doesn’t seem so embarassed about her relationship with Geralt.
    Hachikomaru:“When will your children be born?”
    Young Geralt:((hachi gonna sniff her crotch to find out??))
    Vilar Elfglow:“She’s pregnant?!”
  • Calim Gorn snorts
    Alyssa Toress:“no i am not pregnant”
    Hachikomaru:“And yours as well Viniira?”
    Alyssa Toress:“they have potions for that”
    “so you dont get pregnant”
    Hachikomaru:“They will be mightly warriors, I would think.”
    DM:heh well Hachi’s nose is sensetive enough he can do it at a distancce…
  • Calim Gorn laughs
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“So it’s true?”
    Alyssa Toress:“i mean maybe for the past year we’ve been dating yes”
    Viniira the Horned:“Doing a bit more than that…”
    Hachikomaru:“Mating you mean?”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Hachikomaru:“Mating, dating, whats the difference?”
    Alyssa Toress:“its a toress tradition viniira”
  • Hachikomaru looks a bit confused.
    Viniira the Horned:“You can’t fool the dog.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m sorry greg i didnt want to hurt you i knew how you felt about me”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“it’s okay… I didn’t know, I’m just going to head off to train some more…”
    DM:You can tell he’s obviously rather broken up about it even if he doesn’t show it.. he’d been in denial over the rumors.
    Hachikomaru:“Train to find a new mate?”
    Vilar Elfglow:“They train you hwo to do that?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeahhhh…. no.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i mean yeah”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites turns and goes away, swiftly walking.
    Alyssa Toress:“i got lessons”:
    Hachikomaru:“Who taught you?”
    Alyssa Toress:“like how to find a date?”
    “my mom taught me”
    Hachikomaru:“I’m afraid, most of what I know came from my cousin, Hana.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh wow”
    Calim Gorn:“That explains a few things.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah”
    Hachikomaru:(ie she tells him a bunch of BS to get him to embarss himself etc)
    Alyssa Toress:“hana has been trying to go after me a bunch”
    Young Geralt:like how it goes in their ear??
    Calim Gorn:“You shouldn’t put much stock in anything she tells you.”
    Alyssa Toress:“she keeps trying to break up my meetings with sythe”
    Viniira the Horned:“You rpobably shouldn’t listen to Hana. At all.”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, I figured as much.”
    Vilar Elfglow:“Why does she do that?”
    Alyssa Toress:“i think she wants to be my mate”
    Hachikomaru:"She was the one who recommended I tell the others “You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine”, whatever that means."
    Alyssa Toress:“to put it in hachis terms”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Hachikomaru:“She said, i should reciprocate by showing my true form.”
  • Viniira the Horned laughs.
  • Calim Gorn just shakes his head
    Viniira the Horned:“I’m sure your mate will appreciate it.”
    Hachikomaru:“I wasn’t quite sure what they were going to show me, in exchange for showing my trueself.”
    ""I believe, she also said, I am to wear no clothes on my nameday."
    Young Geralt:“Hachi, my friend. We need to have a talk.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i mean i think sythe would be down if we included hana”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sure he would…”
    Viniira the Horned:“Yeah but how would Hana feel about it?”
    Alyssa Toress:“probably fine”
    “i dont know i didnt ask her”
    Calim Gorn:“The two of them seem to have some sort of rivalry going on, I guess that would be just another battlefield to them.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m the terrain”
    “or maybe the war goal”
    “but i am du jure part of sythe’s domain”
    Calim Gorn:“Hmm… Fighting between the high hills and the low valley…”
    Vilar Elfglow:“What woudl you do with two girls? I thought mating just required one….”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh boy what cant you do”
    Hachikomaru:“I believe I hears someone say Hana, wanted to crush you as well, highness.”
    Young Geralt:“The caves are always a good stronghold.”
    Hachikomaru:“I don’t think you should worry though, she was likely just joking about crushing you.”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed.”
    Hachikomaru:“You’re royalty afterall.”
    Calim Gorn:“That’s ‘has a crush,’ not ‘wants to crush.’”
    Hachikomaru:“What’s the difference?”
    Alyssa Toress:“small difference”
    Calim Gorn:“When you have a crush it means that you have romantic feelings for someone.”
    “Or at least a strong feeling of attraction.”
    Alyssa Toress:(does hachi know what lesbians is)
    Hachikomaru:“Ah, like when you pick a prospective mate?”
    Alyssa Toress:(does he know what gay is at all)
    Calim Gorn:“Sort of… I guess.”
    Alyssa Toress:“more of a weekend fling”
    Calim Gorn:“It isn’t really as pronounced as a long term committed relationship sort of thing.”
    “We also call it, um… Puppy love… You know… Because a puppy tends to be clingy and attached to their owner… I hope that doesn’t offend you.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we are gonna have to teach him a lot”
    Viniira the Horned:“I think the puppy love thing has a different meaning in our lands.”
    Alyssa Toress:“really?”
    Calim Gorn:“Strange…”
    Viniira the Horned:“Well it’s not so much about love, so much as technique…”
    Calim Gorn:rofl
  • Calim Gorn smirks…
    Calim Gorn:“I see…”
    Hachikomaru:“My uncle says I’m still a pup, my body grows slower compared to humans, but still a dog is considered an adult sooner than a human.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Your customs are strange… I’m s till confused by the courtly love practice in Rahseld.”
    Calim Gorn:“You aren’t the only one.”
    Alyssa Toress:“do you want a tutor viniira?”
    Viniira the Horned:“A tutor?”
    Hachikomaru:“Aye, I think I need one as well.”
    Alyssa Toress:“to teach you rahseld customs”
    Hachikomaru:“It seems Hana has been giving me false information to humor herself.”
    “At my expense.”
    Alyssa Toress:“its an important nation in the empire”
    Hachikomaru:“My aplogies.”
    Viniira the Horned:“oh, no not really the courtyl love thing sounded pretty boring. I never understood why someone would waste so much time.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i certainly dont bother with it”
  • Alyssa Toress skirks
  • Alyssa Toress smirks
    Vilar Elfglow:“I could use a tutor… noboy ever taught me any of this stuff.”
    Alyssa Toress:“you go straight for the real thing”
    Hachikomaru:“She knows she can get away with it, sincer her father is my liege lord.”
    “And I won’t retaliate.”
    “My uncle says, I should give her a taste of her own medicine.”
    “Or she’ll keep on picking on me.”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe when you get older vilar”
    “you got some growing to do”
    Hachikomaru:“Me too.”
    Vilar Elfglow:"I’m old enough! I’m a great fighter! I can beat Nori pretty easily and I hold my own against all of you in training! "
    Viniira the Horned:“Anybody can beat Nori, lets be honest.?”
    “Anybody can beat Nori, lets be honest.”
    Calim Gorn:“Suzu can’t, not yet at least…”
    Alyssa Toress:“i mean… you havent gone through puberty yet have you?”
    Viniira the Horned:“Well okay, other than Suzu.”
    Alyssa Toress:“you cant actually… do it can you”
    Vilar Elfglow:“What’s puberty?”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:“see i was right”
    “i’ll give you a free pass in a couple years ago just remind me”
    okay just remind me*
    Vilar Elfglow:“A free pass?”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah!”
    Calim Gorn:“Better remember that.”
    Alyssa Toress:“but you gotta remember”
  • Vilar Elfglow nods.
    Viniira the Horned:“I guess Sythe should get his armies ready.”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m not big into monogomy”
    Viniira the Horned:"Makoro to the north… and the Templars now attacking from the west… "
    Alyssa Toress:“i havent done anything to the templars”
    Viniira the Horned:“Well not yet…”
    Hachikomaru:“I think she was being metaphorical.”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Hachikomaru:“In regards to your suitors.”
    “Or mates.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Think Ronen is waiting for a chance at the gap…. though you’ve got them cut off for a while.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, they’re going to have to rethink their strategy.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i am sure ronen is very nice”
    Young Geralt:“She could just let them all in for a land grab.”
    Calim Gorn:“Divide and conquer?”
    Viniira the Horned:“You just stay away Taesian… (pauses) and Geralt.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay if thats how you want it”
    Viniira the Horned:“As for Ronen, I hear it’s moody with a lot of thunderstorms.”
    Alyssa Toress:“it might have an electric touch though”
    “really give you a shock”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed.”
    Young Geralt:“Don;t worry. Yt has enough to stay occupied.”
    Alyssa Toress:“makoro has no chance though”
    “well the women are nicer there”
    Viniira the Horned:“I wouldn’t count Makoro out… While you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…. this dog is young, and the foxes always have a trick or three…”
  • Viniira the Horned pats Hachi’s fur tail as she says that.
    Alyssa Toress:“thats kinda taking advantag of a child though”
  • Hachikomaru bows politely.
    Viniira the Horned:“They’re both older than you.”
    Alyssa Toress:“you know what i mean”
    DM:Anyway, I was gonna end the scene and fast forward at this point of you don’t have mcuh else to mention heh.
    Alyssa Toress:“anyway i gotta go to a meeting i’m sorry gotta go”
    Hachikomaru:who’s both?
    Calim Gorn:You and Hana
    DM:Anyway.. unless you wanted to do more I will FF through the rest of year 2.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah go for it
    Young Geralt:yeah, can FF
    DM:If you didn’t want to have any more conversations wiwth any NPCs or anything .
    Calim Gorn:Preparing to fast forward!
    Young Geralt:Make it so!
    Alyssa Toress:great
    Hachikomaru:could tell us the result of the tournament
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    DM:The tournament is gonna happen next year. heh.
    Calim Gorn:Why are you preparing you’re always preparing just go!
    Calim Gorn:Does that mean we’re gonna be PL7 for it?
    DM:Basically they do annoyunce it, apparently it’s going to be your first training using real weapons, as sopposed to practice weapons, wtih powerful imbbued on hand to handle immediate healing so nobody dies, probably…
    Calim Gorn:lol… Great
    Young Geralt:hehe
    DM:Yeah the daimyo insisted that they fight like men.
    So they’ve been prepping you a bit after that, you also had some basic training wtih magitech armor, though nothing major… for those that wanted it. (if you’ve got the vehicle skil)
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well I don’t have points in Vehicles yet but I would want to train with Magitech armor…
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna forfeit at the tournament
    i dont fight in tournaments
    Young Geralt:it is magiMECH?
    Calim Gorn:I got a point or two unspent so I guess I could put some into Vehicles
    Alyssa Toress:because when i fight a man for real i dont want him to know what i can do
    DM:heh yeah magitech armor is basically a mech.
    It’s pretty much this big suit of armor you get inside and pilot using controls. with differentw eapons at your disposal and such
    Alyssa Toress:basically the eddard stark reason
    Calim Gorn:It’s basically the Escaflowne
    Or maybe Dunbine
    Alyssa Toress:escaflowne is way bigger
    its like 25-30 feet tall
    Calim Gorn:Nah they’re about the same size
    Alyssa Toress:really
    Calim Gorn:Dunbine might be a little smaller
    DM:A shiadar is like 16 feet taller.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ve got a scale somewhere that has them on it
    DM:That’s kinda the standard magitech armor
    Young Geralt:ok, so should be start upgrading to PL7?
    Alyssa Toress:i havent seen that series in a long time
    Calim Gorn:Along with a bunch of other stuff
    Alyssa Toress:or the movie
    DM:The pandoran armor is 11 feet tall, that’s the smaller more agile armor.
    Alyssa Toress:can we just go straight to pl 8 to make my life easier
    DM:heh well I am gonna be moving faster with t he time bit…
    Alyssa Toress:yeah i just dont want to upgrade my character 5 points at a time constantly
    Calim Gorn:
    DM:Anyway, the end of year 2 comes rather quickly without too many issues…
    Young Geralt:WUSS ;)
    Alyssa Toress:jesus gunbuster is huge
    so i was right
    i said 25-30 feeet
    22.6 feet rounds to 25 feet
    Young Geralt:some of those remind me of Voltron
    DM:During the school year, Calim and Laventa also start to get closer.. spending muhc of thier time together… intialyl it starts out with Laventa upset that Taesian hasn’t returned her affections… but then it turns into something else….
    Alyssa Toress:oh shit
    Calim Gorn:Bow chicka wow
    Alyssa Toress:how old is calim now
    i am 14
    Calim Gorn:Heh, 14 now
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    Calim Gorn:And Laventa is 18
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    DM:You should be about 2 years older, or almost.. from when you s tarted.
    Alyssa Toress:so yeah thats pretty old
    well into the
    wow i wanna bone territory
    Young Geralt:what a cougar
    Calim Gorn:I told her not to associate with Taesian anyway, he’s dangerous
    He has mental powers and shit
    DM:yeah well she didn’t really listen that much I mean she trains in magic near him.. and she’s kinda friendly so.
    I mea he seemed attractive enough, she couldn’t imagine he had bad intentions….
    Calim Gorn:But he ended up not going for her anyway
    Because he’s Taesian
    DM:yeah lol
    Because of that.
    Alyssa Toress:do people hear about calim and laventa
    or is it just hush hush
    DM:For the vaction period… basically the chieftain of the Mooneagle clan, and temporary thronehold of Yt (basically the thronehold is the one who votes on imbuings on the council), but Yt passes theirs around each year so no one clan is superior…
  • Calim Gorn seems somewhat possessive of his older sister and maybe a little jealous that she was paying attention to some other guy…
    DM:So anyway, the chieftain of the mooneagle, Aidan Mooneagle, has called for a gathering of imbued at the ruins of the Thunderheart, the settlement of the wolfheart clan.
    To try to help them rebuild some after the Awakening of Tingath that hapepned last year, and wiped many of them out, and nearly killed Taesian.
    Alyssa Toress:do we have to do that?
    i had plans!
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:i was gonna drink and fuck a lot
    DM:Well your respective leaders wanted you to, basically to join in the empire’s show of solidarity and show you care for what happened to the clans.
    Of course you could try to talk your way out of it and just let Arrielle go.
    Alyssa Toress:ugh
    Calim Gorn:Also so we can be better positioned to get their gold mines
    DM:Since she’s in training too you could potneitally just have her go.
    Alyssa Toress:i guess i will talk sythe into coming with me
    “we can make inroads into colonizing their lands with rahseld owners”
    DM:Geralt is kinda stuck with going, unles he wants to make up some witcher excuse. lol.. but they definteyl want him there to show the clans support each other.
    Alyssa Toress:“and get even richer”
    Young Geralt:yes, i will gladly go
  • Young Geralt is pleased to get an opportunity to see the others… and Viniira while on vacation
  • Calim Gorn would rather spend the time with Laventa, but grudgingly accepts the assignment to keep up appearances
    DM:Sythye and Alyssa can go over course.. and yeah Viniira will go as wel being part of the Minotaur clajn.. she too wants to show her support for the wolfheart who were nearly wiped out.
    Alyssa Toress:wait is she actually a minotaur or just from the minotaur clan
    Calim Gorn:Just from the Minotaur clan
    She’s human
    Alyssa Toress:oh
    DM:Just a minotaur clan.
    Alyssa Toress:i thought she was a minotaur
    Calim Gorn:lol no
    Young Geralt:lol
    DM:Nah, she’s no more a minotaur than Geralt is a hydra :P
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    DM:That’s just their clan name.
    Alyssa Toress:geralt has 3 dicks?!
    no wonder the women love him
    Calim Gorn:Only three?
    DM:The only ones who are generally more part of thier clan is the wolfheart who are sometimes werewolves.
    If you chop one off it grows two in its place!
    Young Geralt:no, but a long forked tongue can serve as another…. lol
    Alyssa Toress:is sef and hana coming?
    Calim Gorn:But yeah I’m guessing Tharian wants me to go on this thing so that we stay in good graces with the clans
    DM:The bands in trainng showing u p is more a formality than anything else…. as they definteyl don’t have any great excuses not to be there… most of them seem to have been roped into going.
    Since to not send anyone is basically being a dick.
    The gathering has evenb een set up right from Aylane, to further detract people from not going…
    Since you don’t get a chance to go home and hide yet.
    Alyssa Toress:calim if you are gonna take over yt and steal their gold
    you gotta go
    Calim Gorn:Damn it
    Alyssa Toress:take leventa with ya
    DM:Fortunately Laventais going too, so Calim isn’t too disappointed…
    Alyssa Toress:give her the old college try
    Calim Gorn:Yay
    Young Geralt:why the opposition?
    Calim Gorn:Well if Laventa is coming along then I’m totally cool with it
    Alyssa Toress:cuz calim wants to go spend time with laventa and maybe bone her
    definitely bone her
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Young Geralt:jeesh… get a life man… monsters need slaying
    Alyssa Toress:geralt did lots of slaying of pussy in the books and games :P
    Young Geralt:lol, yep
  • Calim Gorn seems to be in an unusually good mood when he shows up for the trip
    DM:The airships taking you are a much more serious affair… with much increased security… since Thunderheart has the potential of an attack from more earth demons en masse.. they have established the fortress of Vigialnce, supposedly equipped with the latest magitech detection devices, and templar stationed there…
    Alyssa Toress:is sef coming?
    i mean
    DM:But even then extra security was demanded, and you can see security from Rahseld, as well as hired mercenaries from Ronen’s guid of swords.
    Yeah I assume Hachi wants to go, but he’s not obligated.
    Alyssa Toress:is hana? :3
    DM:He could tell em to go suck a dick.
    Young Geralt:why not him?
    Calim Gorn:What about Masaru? lol
    Young Geralt:butt he others?
    Calim Gorn:I’m assuming he’s getting out of it somehow
    DM:Yeah, from what you heard, Helenia and Arielle specifically tracked Hana down before she could hide when the airhsip arrived.
    Masaru actually seems willing to go, he’s not tring to get out of it.. It’s Nori more than anything who seems somewhat disinterested in the trip… and Suzu is apparently exempt from it cause she’s a girl.
    Young Geralt:dragon band goig too?
    DM:And nobody really cares if she shows up.
    Yeah Dragon band is going too, both of the bands in trainng
    Young Geralt:ok.. dragon band gets wiped out in a sneak attack, leaving us the misfits as the last hope….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:The queen is going to make an appearance too, as are many senators from Ronne, including the High senator.
    The templar have opted not to send in Baelis Sunborn from Dragonband however, they have him working security, but in reality you’ve heard rumors they don’t want to make his drunken disgrace too visible.
    As it may offend the wolfheart.
  • Young Geralt pays respect tothe leaders of the clans as is tradition…..
    DM:While Suzu isn’t going, she does speak to Hachi b efore he leaves…
    Suzu Ueno:“Keep an eye on Masaru… okay?”
    (assuming Hachi is going heh, which I assumned he’d want to)
    Calim Gorn:(Looks like he’s afk)
    DM:Anyway.. you get there by airship… a well defended convoy… and landing in the well forested areadoesn’t have any specifc airship landing docks like some of the Hydra clan settlement have… necessitating most to climb down rope ladders lowered off the edges of the ship or to travel via magic.
    Unfortuantely Anise is kept with the templar and away from Alyssa.
    Alyssa Toress:oh well i got a new girl anyway
    Hachikomaru:sorry, was dealing with the cats
    yeah i wouldnt mind going, ive heard about thunderheart and its werewolves
    DM:So those of you that can’f ly have to basically take the rope ladders.
  • Calim Gorn floats down with his Skystrike Cloak
    DM:Sythe does arrange for a private airship to fly him in…. nad the princess if she wishes (though Han is in the dragonband airship)
    Alyssa Toress:yeah i’ll go with him
    DM:So Alyssa can choose between being in his airship or with Hana. heh.
    Young Geralt:is chewie there too?
    Hachikomaru:can i respond to suzu from earlier?
    since i was AFK
    just wanna some clarification
  • Young Geralt climbs
    DM:Yeah you ccan respond to her.. I’m gonna go on with the description though
    The village below still has many destroyed buildings, some by fire others simply crushed, though much of it remains intact or at least rebuilt…
    Hachikomaru:well i just wanted clarification, as in “keep an eye on him, he’s gonna kill you all, or the im worried he’s gonna kill himself” lol
    DM:But even still there’s a scar of a great battle here.. msot of it was devastated from wwhat you heard…. but the Wolfheart decided to rebuild it as show of strength.
    Hachikomaru:to Suzu “Is there something wrong with Lord Oshiro? Did you hear or see something?”
    DM:As you land you’re met by a big man of the wolfheart, who intriduces himself as Tamu Lunarson. He stands about 6’6" towering over most of you, wiuth the muscle to match. Though he greets you and shows you to where you can stay… they don’t have guest quarters so mostly tents and succha re being set up for what is ssupposed to be a 2 week stay….
    Assuming you stay the entire time.
    Alyssa Toress:i’ll stay on the ship with sythe i guess
    we can just park it here
  • Suzu Ueno shakes her head in response to Hachi.
    Calim Gorn:(Starting to wish I had an airship of my own)
    DM:Well the airship can’t really park too long, but he was planning on chartering it back to a safer port possibly at the Hydra clan.
    So you don’t have to sleep there.
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    DM:Since airships drain a bunch of fuel hovering heh… so they can’t hover them forever.
    Alyssa Toress:well whatever i’ll just stay close with him
    DM:Where they gotta get new crystals but he doesn’t seem all that interested ins pending too much time down there except with the events he “has to” attend.
    Mostly he’d rather be with Alyssa.
    The rest of the quarters for you guys are set up hastily… generally some high quality tends and other basic structures they could set up on short notice.
    Thunderheart in its ruined state doesn’t seem suited to take on actual visitors.. so the visitors had to bring their own supplies to camp.. for somoene like Geralt it’s no big deal being in the forest, but for Calim, it’s likely a very new experience…
  • Young Geralt places his gear in his quarters after paying respect to Tamu.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, well I kinda figured we’d have mundane gear provided for us, I’d probably ask Geralt and Viniira for recommendations on stuff to bring)
    Suzu Ueno:(to Hachi’s prior question bacck at Aylanae) “Just forget I said anything, okay…”
    DM:Yeah… I mean they gave you mundane gear, heh you’re not just given a bedroll, you’re provided food and such
    It’s just not as temperature controlled… it’s winter here…
    Hachikomaru:“Do you fear for him?”
    Calim Gorn:So you’re saying we should probably huddle together for warmth……
    Suzu Ueno:(to Hachi) “I fear for all of you…” (and with that, Suzu heds away)
    DM:Well you are given tents with blankets and such
    Hachikomaru:ok well guess she’s got psychic powerz
    DM:But yes you could huddle together…
  • Young Geralt will stay warm with Viniira… “It is nice to be back in our homelands, thouigh this devastation is unfortunate.”
  • Viniira the Horned nods.
    Viniira the Horned:“it’s good we can do something to help… I know we were just starting our training back when the Earth Demons awakened, but I wish I could have helped when they actually attacked.”
    “I can’t see how anyone in the clans could ever think the Earth Demons worthy of worship after what they did…”
    (Some of the old druidc ways basically worships the Earth Demons as ‘earth gods’ basically)
    Young Geralt:“Yes. It is my duty, both as a Witcher and as an Imbued to put down such thing.”
    Viniira the Horned:“I have a feeling Yt is going to have plenty of need for both in the future.”
    DM:Security is tigh with your camp mostly surrounded by all manner of mercs and guards.. as well as some imbued running security.
  • Calim Gorn works to make sure his sleeping accomodations are as insulated against the weather as possible
    Young Geralt:“The leaders shall let us know where we are needed.”
    DM:It’s not long before the first gathering starts… where the town square has been cleared to allow a raised speaking area to address the clan…
    Hachikomaru:if the airships cant hover for long, where do they go after dropping us off?
    DM:The first to speak if Aidan Mooneagle, the one who set up this gathering… followed by most of the other Yt chieftains, Meerin of the Hydra, Tharik the minotaur, and Saveron of the Sun.
    Hachikomaru:back home?
    DM:Basically to either Vigilance, or to another landing platform
    Young Geralt:he said t hydra
    DM:Vigilance is the landing platform, but dangerous hydra is the nearest safe one.
    Hachikomaru:ah didnt know they had a dock thing for em there
    DM:Some just go back home.
    Yeah Hydra is really the only progressive clan with some airship landing docks.
    Thgey can also land in normal water too
    So some can just leand in nearby wolf eye lake as well
    Hachikomaru:hopefully no barbarian tries to make a fur coat out of my fluff
    that shit is attached
    Young Geralt:lol
    Hachikomaru:dont want em ripping my underarm hair off
    DM:heh, well you do see they give Hachi some odd looks , amyn of the wolfheart sniffing the air as he approaches as if they smell something unnatural about him…
    Young Geralt:they probably just wonder why you are in “half-form”
    DM:Hachi too can smell the beast in some of them as well…
    half breeds
    arent even house broken
    prolly shit all over town…
    DM:Most of the clan speeches are pretty standard, the typical promise of support… save for Saveron of the Sun and his speech… which wwhile he promises the usual support, he adds a bit of his natural condescension how this wouldn’t have happened if the Wolfheart had listened to the Sun clan and united..
    The sun clan has always had a belief that they should be the undisputed leaders, and have been trying to unify Yt as Ronen and Rahseld are unified…
    Under a single ruler (naturally their chieftain)
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah he was always a dick
    Hachikomaru:how did you convert his old teleport power
    the sun sphere transofmraton thing
    since you nerfed teleport
    just curious since i had an idea for similar power before the nerf
    DM:heh I haven’t converted it yet.
    Young Geralt:it’s GM MAGIC
    DM:Also present from the Mooneagle clan is Ylathe Mooneagle, the archmage… who also pledges her support but seems to be separate from the rest of the Mooneagle clan, and leaves shorty after her annoucnement on important archmage business…
    The queen is next givng her support, with the usual pleasantries… it sounds nice anyway, and sounds like she’s backing the clans for whatever should happen next.
    And there’s some words from the Grand Templar Celix Elfdream as well… and the High Senator of Ronen, Gale Propolios.
    Though the High Senator’s speech seems to be mostly a rehearsed thing, and not so much him speaking from the heart.
    More in line with the usual poltical bullshit.
    Masaru speaks for Daimyo Oshiro…. who decided not to show up.
    The woflheart do seem rather annoyed at that when he approaches the podium basically being left with the task of answering for Daimyo Oshiro’s absence.
    Masaru Oshiro:“My father has always been a man of few words, but a man of action. He did not come today, because warriors are not interested in the rebuilding effort.”
    “That is not the way of Makoro… we are not here to rebuild your homes, or to provide you food… what we do pledge you are our swords in striking down your enemy.”
    Calim Gorn:(I see he has all of his father’s tact)
    Masaru Oshiro:“It is said that one warrior from Makoro is worth 10 from any of the other kingdoms.”
    Young Geralt:well it is a good thing we helped the vilalge in Makoro instead of him
    they got their fgood and treasures back
    Masaru Oshiro:“The Oshiro stand ready to assist.”
    DM:With that Masaru ends his speech…. keeping it short and apparently not earning much applause from the wolfheart.
    Who wonder why they sent a child here and no actual soldiers.
    Nori has the unfortuantely task of following Masaru… apaprently the Yuudai, not wanting to anger the Oshiro, decided to let Nori speak in place of his father as well.
    So that what the Oshiro did isnt called out as such an insult perhaps and seems more normaml.
    Nori tries his best, but like Masaru he’s met with some hostility…
    Of course, naturally at that point Daimyo Ryuu Makenki makes his appearance,not afraid to shame the Oshiro… even taking a few playful jabs at their absence…
    Daimyo Sora Yoshinori, does make his presence known but does not give a speech, a bit of a middle ground between the other daimyos..
    A few days pass this way iwth various speeches going on and imbued assigned to help rebuilding the clan’s buildings…
    You could potentially try to hide away and not do any work or you could do your duties here and help with constructing and repairng buildings, work normally under imbuied soldiers… and more of a PR stunt than anything…
    Alyssa Toress:i’ll help!
    i am gonna try real hard
  • Young Geralt works hard in the winter chill, working up a sweat and stripping down to his leather pants to stay cool….
    Alyssa Toress:because i want to take over large parts of yt someday and colonize it with good rahseld citizens
  • Calim Gorn does some work but also tries to get some alone time with Laventa if he can
    Alyssa Toress:i gotta network
    DM:Sef you helping too I assume?
    Young Geralt:hey in AK in the wqinter i had to struip down to a thin shirt and pants when working.. you generate lots of heat
    Calim Gorn:He went afk but he said he’d help out and such
    DM:heh okay.
    i’ll help
    Alyssa Toress:“hey sythe i know you wanted to spend a lot of time together but its important for my future if i want to own a bunch of rich in metals and stuff yt land in the future i gotta be seen as helping them you understnad right”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Well if you’re planning on getting mines, I wouldn’t count on the one controlled by the wolfheart… the chieftain Oren Wolfheart listens to none other than Taesian Stormblood as a trusted advisor, and Taesian has no trust of anyone from Rahseld.”
    “There were a few hypothetical situations where one could get control of a mine of course…”
    Alyssa Toress:“well if i am there i can network with the other leaders they are all here”
    “being shown as willing to help yt can go a long way”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“For instance, did you know if a well respected member of one of the clans, like one of the Imbued… were to testify one of the tribes was treasonous, such as worshipping Earth demons, itd be possible for the one whose military might cleared away the traitors to claim the mine.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh hmm i didnt knowo that”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“So hypotethically Geralt from your band could point out one of the smaller tribes that holds a mine as traitors, and someone could go in and kill them, and take the mine by force.”
    Alyssa Toress:“do you think we should get married?”
  • Sythe Zanyz IV smirks.
    Alyssa Toress:“once areille produces an heir i wont need to marry matrilienial anymore”
    Hachikomaru:you could marry the dog from mokoro and get all the wealth under the mountain
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“We could no doubt do great things together.”
    (don’t tell him you’ve got wealth under the mountain!)
    (He’ll try to pillage your shit)
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    Alyssa Toress:(i dont think thats the mountain he wants to pillage)
    Hachikomaru:the toress marriages are matrilineal?
    Alyssa Toress:yes
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Hachikomaru:surprised any of the major nobles would marry em then
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Though from what I hear, your mother was working on an alliance with House Gorn… of course whose to say we couldn’t change her plans?”
    Hachikomaru:since thats like loosing their own heir for nothing
    Sythe Zanyz IV:(Well they don’t marry thier first born to em)
    Hachikomaru:ah ok
    Alyssa Toress:yeah they marry off someone far down the line
    Calim Gorn:YEah like me, lol
    DM:(Yeah like calim)
    Alyssa Toress:and the problem is i cant marry sythe if i am 2nd in line
    Hachikomaru:Calim Toress
    Calim Gorn:Fourth in line to the house ain’t gonna get shit
    DM:(he could get matrimarried to someone)
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    and the queen expects me to matri marry
    becuase i am 2nd in line
    DM:(yeah heh)
    Alyssa Toress:but if arielle produces an heir
    i wont have to
    Hachikomaru:Sythe Toress….
    DM:(Too much risk Arriele kicsk the bucket)
    Alyssa Toress:sythe is 1st in line
    he cant matri marry
    DM:(nah Sythe is 2nd)
    Calim Gorn:Nah he’s second
    Alyssa Toress:oh
    DM:(He’s like you, he’s got an odler brother)
    Calim Gorn:He’s got an older brother
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    we’ll see what happens
    DM:(Course Zanyz won’t be too happy about being one assassination away from the Toress getting thier shit )
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    Hachikomaru:is the king considered a toress?
    Alyssa Toress:sorta
    Hachikomaru:or is it different in his case
    Alyssa Toress:hes married into house toress
    DM:Nah, they don’t really take on the family name.
    Alyssa Toress:but he isnt really one of us
    DM:Just the children have it.
    I mean usually the custom is to keep your old name even when married.
    Hachikomaru:well i mean is that only in the instance of the royals
    or for all matri
    DM:Of course, that’s not always obeyed.
    Yeah lowborn they’ll generally take on the name.
    Of course, they’re not seen as “real” members of the family anyway.
    Alyssa Toress:its like how eds wife isnt really a stark
    Hachikomaru:well i meant more the reg nobles
    Alyssa Toress:shes a tully
    Hachikomaru:vs the royalty
    if there was any diff with naming conventions
    Alyssa Toress:even if she has the stark name
    shes still a tully
    Hachikomaru:like cersei for example is still cersei lannister, not a baratheon, ie the royals in GoT dont take the name, like the lords paramont do, etc
    Calim Gorn:Nah they all keep their original names pretty much, like Calim’s mother is Inissa Talyn, not Inissa Gorn
    DM:Yeah with nobility they keep their names usually, with lowborn they take the married name, at least for men… it’s kinda rare for a Toress to marry lowborn, but they could tkae the name too
    Yeah, in most cases they do take the name. There are a few instancces where the names have switched.
    But it’s the exception, not the rule
    Hachikomaru:ah ok so sythe wont become Sythe Toress then
    DM:Nah, juist his kids would be Toress.
    Hachikomaru:yeah i hear ya
    how does the heirs work in that case?
    are they on the female line for the toress?
    or does it go by the male
    DM:Toress always goes to the female.
    DM:Of course it would work oddly, with some of the other houses successions potentially.
    Though it’s rare that two major landed heirs marry.
    To the point where you’d get a true joining like that.
    Alyssa Toress:like the tudors
    DM:Since it basically ends up with one house getting dissolved (and they tend to frown on that shit)
    Hachikomaru:nah in GoT the lords take on their names
    all the main ladies arent even from their prospective houses
    Hachikomaru:ie olenna, lady dustin ,etc
    DM:Getting back to the rest of the adventure!
    Hachikomaru:its just the royalty that doesnt
    but yeah proceed
    Calim Gorn:wrap it up box
    DM:While you’re all working to rebuild you’re approached by Saveron of the Sun… a man with light blond hair and orange eyes, who wears a golden headdress numerous gemstones embedded in it…
    Saveron of the Sun:“Greetings Princess Alyssa, and Geralt of the Hydra… and… (pauses as he looks at Calim and Hachi)”
  • Calim Gorn bows respectfully, “Calim of House Gorn.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Ah… yes… it was difficult to remember, given so many faces I’ve seen h ere today, Aidan has done a great thing arranging this meeting.”
    Hachikomaru:“Hachikomaru of the Inuyama.”
    Young Geralt:“Greetings Elder.” (assuming that is correct title)
    Saveron of the Sun:“I am Saveron of the Sun for those of you that don’t know me… Geralt I’m sure knows of me well, as does the princess.”
    DM:He’s not actually that old, you can just call him Chieftain.
    Alyssa Toress:“greetings”
    DM:He’s only middle aged pretty much (also not imbued).
    Alyssa Toress:the sun is the guy that wants to be king of yt right
    DM:But he’s the chieftain of the sun clan.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Young Geralt:ok, and so i do.. showing respect but subjectivity
    Calim Gorn:He wants to unite all the clans and be their ruler
    Alyssa Toress:and this land belongs to the wolf?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    DM:(Yeah this is wolfheart land)
    Young Geralt:but NOT subjectivity
    Alyssa Toress:“it is great that so many could come together to rebuild this yt land”
    DM:“So many lives lost here… it was such a tragedy, my people got here as soon as they ccould you see… but we did not have the ample warning.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“So many lives lost here… it was such a tragedy, my people got here as soon as they ccould you see… but we did not have the ample warning.”
    “By the time we got here, several of the tribes of the Wolfheart were slain, even the main clan.. left devastated.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes it was incredibly tragic”
    Young Geralt:“No one could have. It is the nature of disasters. You never know when one may come.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sure you did all you could.”
    Alyssa Toress:“the earth demons striking them was senseless bloodshed without purpose”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Yes… I was only sorry I could not arrive sooner… it was a glorious sight though when we arrived, chasing the Earth demons off with the power of the sun.”
    “We brought light to the Wolfheart in their darkest hour.”
    Alyssa Toress:“not many wolfheart left to see the sun rise however”
    Saveron of the Sun:“I know…. I am sorry to say that in Yt it is not like it is in Rahseld… the Toress would never allow such a thing to happen to their vassals.”
    Hachikomaru:“I’m sure it suited some purpose, just one we can’t understand.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i am sure you did as much as you could for your neighbors”
    Saveron of the Sun:“I have studied how House Toress has operated and used much of the wisdom from the various queens in my own learning.”
    Calim Gorn:“Rather wise of you, chieftain.”
  • Hachikomaru eyes the man, seeing obvious butt kissing in action.
    Saveron of the Sun:“There is a theory among some of our clan that the Toress were blessed by the sun spirit as well.”
  • Saveron of the Sun as he says that he reaches out to briefly touch part of Alyssa’s beautiful golden hair.
    Alyssa Toress:“others say it was the fey”
    “it is the source of our beauty some claim”
    Saveron of the Sun:“The beauty and perfection is obvious to even the least enlightened eyes.”
  • Saveron of the Sun nods.
    Alyssa Toress:“but our hair does shine like the sun”
  • Young Geralt wants to roll his eyes but keeps them fixed.
    Alyssa Toress:“i wonder what will become of this land”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Indeed it does… I like how the sun catcches it.”
    Calim Gorn:(He’s totally hitting on you)
    Hachikomaru:“It seems Saveron is looking for a mate as well, highness.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we are rebuilding it yes, but its peoples badly devastated”
  • Calim Gorn elbows Hachi in the ribs, shaking his head slightly
  • Saveron of the Sun nods.
    Alyssa Toress:(look man i got mines to steal)
    Saveron of the Sun:“I fear for these people… unfortunately I have seen many errors in judgment… a people divided, not learning the lessons that the Rahseldian’s learned long ago.”
    “Though I assure you, not for lack of the Sun clan trying, but our words of wisdom fall on deaf ears.”
    Alyssa Toress:“rahseld could perhaps help with our expertise”
    “we have a vertiable army of clerks and learned men and women that can help with all sorts of matters”
    Calim Gorn:“I would think the Ronen model more suited to the clans, personally.”
    Young Geralt:Perhaps some of the clans just want their customs upheld and not to bow to another who does not know them?"
    Alyssa Toress:“yt is rich in mineral wealth and could learn much from rahseld techniques and help lead them to prosperity though calim”
    “wouldnt you wish to see them as rich as you are?”
    Calim Gorn:“Certainly… But Ronen are the ones with all the cutting edge technology. And their confederation of democratic states would probably be a better fit to the way the clans do things than Rahseld’s noble houses.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Ronen is a land divided… Daelan split from the empire and no action was taken to retake them into the fold… Rahseld remains the only land intact.”
    Alyssa Toress:“rahseld is a leader in mining technologies”
    “i am sure you could see how that could help”
    Saveron of the Sun:“That is of course the problem with a democracy… so many voices, it will eventualyl lead to dissolution…”
    Alyssa Toress:(calim is a god damn traitor)
    Calim Gorn:“The empire squandered much of its military might fighting the Orothean War, they weren’t prepared for Daelan’s actions.”
    Alyssa Toress:(you should be supporting rahseld man)
    Young Geralt:“I agree. Each clan should have representation. A unified council could make the choices for all of united Yt, instead of one clan controlling all.”
    Calim Gorn:(He kinda hates politics in genera, heh)
    Alyssa Toress:“i am shocked a subject of rahseld like calim would fail to see this”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe i should talk to your sister”
    Calim Gorn:“Naturally I think the way Rahseld does things is better in some regards. It’s always best to show a unified front.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“We have tried clan meetings before, but alas it always breaks down. Each clan of Yt has it’s own ways of doing things and is resistant to any kinds of change.”
    Alyssa Toress:“of course uniting the clans could be difficult”
    “and perhaps bloody”
  • Saveron of the Sun nods to Alyssa.
    Young Geralt:“Perhaps a leader will present himself with enough popularity to win every clan’s heart.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Why the Sun Clan has been patient up until this point.”
    “We have no wish to see our brothers and sisters die, even if in defense of misguided views.”
    Young Geralt:“That could be you Saveron, never know.”
    Alyssa Toress:“whatever it is must be settled among the clans”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sure if more of the clans were reminded of the threat the Earth Demons pose to all of them, they would see the virtue in forming closer ties to each other.”
    Saveron of the Sun:“The Sun Spirit has chosen me to be protector of all of Yt, though even the Sun’s light cannot illuminate all minds.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i am sure no one wants to see outside help win a war”
    “no one inside the clans at least”
    Young Geralt:“The one thing I know about monsters.. eventually they outgrow their boundaries and expand.”
    This local problem could ery well become someone elses’ problem tomorrow."
    Saveron of the Sun:“Yes, the Earth Demons are a new threat, and I can only hope that the death toll doesn’t rise to unmanageable levels before the other clans see the light.”
  • Calim Gorn seems to be weary of listening to Saveron drone on, mostly staying quiet while the others continue talking
    Saveron of the Sun:"Even the empire realizes it.. did you know the Awakening of Tingath lead the empiore to make a truce with Daelan? Well why of course you would know Princess… "
    Alyssa Toress:“saveron i am sure my mother the queen would be happy to lend toress aid in fighting the earth demons, such as military advisors and armament”
    “a favor today for the good of all mankind”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Any help would be appreciated of course princess Alyssa. However, due to how spread out Yt is, I fear it will be difficult to defend the whole thing. Who knows where the Earth demons may strike.. WOlfheart today, perhaps Minotaur tomorrow or Hydra or Mooneagle.”
    Young Geralt:“Thank you for coming Chieftain. I must get back to work dooing what I can, just as you have.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes it was most enligthening to speak with you”
    (cue huey’s flying over south vietnam)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Saveron of the Sun:“Perhaps we could speak alter, I have some rather interesting propositons for you princess.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yes please find me later”
    (there are no rahseld troops in yt )
    (i promise)
    Calim Gorn:(once Saveron is gone) “Heh, propositions indeed…”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m not going to sleep with him i just want his help in claiming large parts of rich land”
    “its called soft power calim”
    Calim Gorn:“I understand it all too well, that doesn’t mean I like it.”
    Alyssa Toress:“theres only one thing you do like”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Alyssa Toress:“i heard the rumors”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re referring to.”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay”
    oh god
    its baelis
    DM:You cna see runing through the woods you can see Baelis Sunborn, a templar member of Dragonband, and their resident group fuck-up, knonwing for being a drunken fool
    Calim Gorn:(lol, Calim and Laventa are keeping their relationship strictly on the DL… And I don’t have any Complications about being well known and having people gossip about me =P)
    Alyssa Toress:(t said people were talking aobut it)
    Baelis Sunborn:“Hey guys…”
    Calim Gorn:(Heh when did he say that?)
    DM:Nah they’re not talking yet.. heh, they’ve just been spending time together.
    Hachikomaru:you meant Hueys flying over Cambodia :-p
    DM:Rifgt now as far as they know Laventa was pursuing Taesian but got shut down.
    Alyssa Toress:oh nm
    sorry i misinterperated it
    Baelis Sunborn:“You’re all with Emerald Band right?”
    Young Geralt:he coming our way?>
    DM:Yeah heh. he’s coming over to talk to you.
  • Calim Gorn nods to Baelis…
    Young Geralt:“Yes?”
    Alyssa Toress:(well i mean first they were in vietnam as “advisors” before a full invasion
    Baelis Sunborn:“You mind doing me a favor, I’m with Dragon Band, the senior group. Baelis Sunborn, you may have heard of me.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah you are baelis right”
    “your some kind of warrior right”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, we’ve definitely heard of you…”
    DM:Those with enhanced scent can smell he does smell of alcohol… as do those that can make a DC 15 perception check.
  • Calim Gorn wrinkles his nose a little
    Baelis Sunborn:“Yeah…. anyway… I was assigned a task and I’m just hoping you guys could maybe help me out slightly.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh sorry no i am real busy”
    Hachikomaru:“What task?”
    Baelis Sunborn:"Well I think I just need him… "
  • Calim Gorn mutters to Geralt, “I’m surprised they’d assign him anything…”
  • Baelis Sunborn looks to hachi.
    Hachikomaru:“Or was it a cask?”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Or maybe him…”
  • Baelis Sunborn looks to Geral.
    Baelis Sunborn:*Geralt.
    “Well.. you see… I was supposed to be watching Masaru, you know just the usual security while everyone is working…”
    “And it turns out he might have wandered off while I was sligthly distracted.”
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head…
    Baelis Sunborn:“I mean I just turned my head for a second really…”
    Young Geralt:“You mean in a stupor or asleep?”
  • Hachikomaru raises a brow.
    Baelis Sunborn:“Nothing like that, I ust turned my head for a second, maybe two seconds at most.”
    Hachikomaru:“Why would you have to watchhim?”
    “Because he was a speaker?”
    Baelis Sunborn:"Well you know.. important person…. I’m sure thjere’s people watching the princess too. "
  • Hachikomaru looks around.
    DM:There are some templar doiong secruity on you guys, at least the princess anyway.
    Hachikomaru:ah ok
    DM:I mean they do have tight security at this place, it’s enemy territory and all
    Hachikomaru:“Alright, I’ll see if I can locate him for you.”
    Young Geralt:“So now you need us to find him?”
    Hachikomaru:“I may need a favor in the future.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Well yeah… I mean I know you got experience in tracking people. I don’t really know the forest stuff well..”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“I’ll take care of it.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“I found your bandmate from the Minotaur clan… the V girl.”
    Young Geralt:“Why would he leave without his security detail?”
    Baelis Sunborn:“But she said Masaru could take care of himself.”
    Calim Gorn:“Who knows… It’s Masaru after all.”
    Hachikomaru:“She isn’t exactly fond of him.”
    Young Geralt:“Where was he last?”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Well he might… and I say might… have headd in the direction of Tinigath…. I’m sure he won’t be gone too long, probably just met one of the girls maybe..”
    Hachikomaru:“A beast girl of Tinigath? Interesting.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“I’m sure he’ll be back shortly, but you might wanna check…”
  • Hachikomaru says perhaps joking, or perhaps clueless.
    Baelis Sunborn:“Well I meant one of the girls from the Wolfheart.”
    Young Geralt:“Show us.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Baelis Sunborn:“I’m sure he won’t actually make it to Tinigath…. I mean I’d sure be in a heap of trouble if he got eaten by an earth demon.”
    Hachikomaru:“Looks like he may want to get beat by a girl again…”
    Baelis Sunborn:“So lets not let that happen.. maybe you can help out your good friend Baelis.”
    Young Geralt:“The longer we tarry the older the trail gets.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Right the trail!”
    Alyssa Toress:“okay good luck with that”
    “i am gonna go see what saveron wants”
    Hachikomaru:“Don’ t worry, I’m familiar with the scent of arrogance.”
  • Hachikomaru begins looking for his scent.
  • Baelis Sunborn starts off where he was… though ends up getting a little lost in the wooded village area…
    DM:Alrgiht give me a perception roll for Hachi.
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… I don’t really want to help him, but I don’t want to see him die out here either.”
    Hachikomaru:I’ll spend a HP on that
    DM:You pick out his scent but it takes you a bit of time to get a trail, as he’s not in range of your scent… just some of his trail.
    heh okay..
    You can spend more if you’d like to try to find it faster.
    Hachikomaru:wait, i only got 1 hp
    how did i get so like, thought i had like 3
    so low*
    DM:spent em? :P
    Hachikomaru:oh, all those persuasion rerolls
    Calim Gorn:You used some on Persuade rolls when you were talking to Masaru last session
    Young Geralt:yo used a couple last session i think
    i forgot all those i had to waste
    i better hang onto 1 for emergncy then
    Baelis Sunborn:“Oh I’m sure it’s this way…”
    DM:Baelis says as you’re sniffing it out the opposite direction.
  • Young Geralt whispers to the others… Be wary, this could be a trap yo know."
    Hachikomaru:“Why don’t you check that way Geralt, you’re a skilled tracker.”
    “And I’ll see if I can pick up his scent.”
    “Increase our chances and cover more ground.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“A trap?”
  • Young Geralt attempts to track him the traditional way.
    Baelis Sunborn:“What do you mean a trap?”
    Young Geralt:i didn;t let him hear
    i whispered to the others as he was moving ahead
    to show us the area
    actually, i have not purchased tracking yet…..
    Young Geralt:that is in my advanced build
    DM:Hachi have tracking.
    Guess they cover that later in witcher trainng.
    I think Hachi has it right?
    Or did you not buy it either Sef?
    yeah I think he’s got tracking scent.
    Young Geralt:i hope so cause has used in the past
    DM:yeah heh.. looks like he’s got it.
    Alright so assuming you three all go tracking him.
    Young Geralt:yeppers
    DM:The dog has the scent and starts proceeding along… following along after some time. though it took him a bit to get it…
    What’s your mvoement speeds?
    I want to get an idea of how fast you’re able to move.
    Young Geralt:standard
    Calim Gorn:Speed 2 for me
    DM:Okay, well you’re travelling at Geralt’s speed.. so he kinda slows you down a bit.
    Baelis is actually pretty fast but once in a while manage sto run into a tree branch which knocks him down and knocks him on his ass.
    He doesn’t seem hurt by it at least… but does occasionalyl stop to take another drink.
  • Calim Gorn seems irritated, perhaps at the slow pace
    Young Geralt:well Hachi woul dhave to track at half rate anyway right?
    DM:Baelis does at least drink at an incredibly accelerated rate… (I actually gave him quickness 4 (limited to drinking)
    Calim Gorn:rofl
    DM:So I mean you’re not slwoing him down that much though I think hachi is somewhat accelerated.
    Baelis Sunborn:“Hey guys… I know this is a little weird to be asking this… but… do you think maybe me and the princess….”
  • Baelis Sunborn doesn’t finish but seems to be implying a relationship between himself and Alyssa.
    Young Geralt:“No!”
    Calim Gorn:“Definitely no.”
    Young Geralt:in triple unison, lol
    Baelis Sunborn:“Damn.”
    DM:You make slow progress, but fortunately hachi is still on his scenbt.. though night is falling…. you can see that he’s making his way north east… towards the siclke mountains and Tinigath…
    Young Geralt:(so what is this Tinigath since you all seem to knwo stuff i don;t))
    DM:Tingath is the home of the Earth demons, and hostile to the empire heh.
    Calim Gorn:Tinigath is the clan that joined the Earth Demons I think
    Or yeah where they come from
    DM:It’s basically a loose alliance of clans similar to Yt, but anti-empire and most worship the Earth Demons.
    Young Geralt:ok
    DM:Course it’s about 250 miles to the moutnains or so… so still got a deccent ways to go.
    But it is pretty much on the other side of your security so a bit dangerous.
    Calim Gorn:“Damn, what the hell is he doing out here…”
    Young Geralt:“Perhaps he is tryig to prove his courage and competence?”
    Baelis Sunborn:“I hope he didn’t get kidnapped…”
    “I mean you don’t think werewolves would want to eat him, right?”
    Young Geralt:“You pick up any other scents with his Hachi?”
    DM:Give me another perception check…
    Hachikomaru:got 1 speed, and yeah my tracking i think is just 1 rank
    was trying to figure out, since i was off the cost by 1
    i think accurate cost 2 now, so thats why
    ok yeah accurate costs 2
    so yeah just 1 rank of tracking at this PL
    so guess we’re proceeding at rank 0 speed
    since my default is rank 1 speed
    and tracking is half
    DM:Yeah you’re not quite in range to smell him yet.. since you’re travelling kinda slow you’re just following the trail.
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s pick up the pace, it’s starting to get dark.”
    Hachikomaru:excel was taking forever to open, sorry bout the delay
    for some reason it doesnt like more than 1 of your type of sheets open at a time as well
    it’ll only show 1
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I noticed that too
    If I try to open another one while one is open it garbles the first one up
    Hachikomaru:the others you open will all look like whichever one you opened first
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Hachikomaru:until you close the others and have just one instance
    yeah not sure why it does that
    Young Geralt:dunno what you guys are doing, they work fine for me… dinosaurs?
    Hachikomaru:makes it hard to compare shit
    DM:yeah heh.. I think it’s a weird problem with how the code works. since it’s reading from the active sheet
    Alyssa Toress:just use google docs
    DM:Okay you gonna quicken your pace?
    Hachikomaru:well its fine with just one open, it only does that when you have diff char sheets open simultaneously
    DM:heh the google thing doesn’t even run the code.
    So it doesn’t do the fancy output at all
    Hachikomaru:quick my pace that is, how
    DM:if you wanna compare just copy to a text file
    and then open the second one.
    Probably the easiest
    Calim Gorn:“If we keep heading northwest we should find him, let’s get moving.”
    Northeast rather
    DM:Okay, you continue through the night.. you’re all rather tired… gonnah ave people make a fortitude check.
    To see how you guys hold up to the fatigue.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, I don’t need sleep though
    Hachikomaru:“I imagine he’s out here looking for glory to try and impress his father.”
    DM:Well you can still get tired.
    I mean you’re not immune to fatigue.
    Hachikomaru:“What better way, than slaying some foe of Tinigath origin.’
    Calim Gorn:I knew I forgot something
    thats prolly expensive as fuck
    since its used for power stunting, etc
    ie fatigue immunity i mean
    Young Geralt:my sucking as usual
    DM:I dfon’t even think you can buy immunity to fatigue actually heh. Well I mean I guess not without giving up your abiltiy to stunt and use extra effort.
    Hachikomaru:aint rollin too good either G
    Calim Gorn:Man you guys are weaklings
    DM:hachi and Geralt are feeling the effects of the prolonged exertion.. for one level fo fatigue (you two are fatigued)
    Young Geralt:you just rolled good.. my bonus is the same as yours
    Alyssa Toress:sent off to die by alyssa again
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 29 ( natural:18 , Save DC:14 ) Baelis Sunborn -—- Success
    You’re kinda tired after some journey save for Calim and Baelis… though you’re definteyl gainng ground… of course you are a bit winded now…
    Baelis Sunborn:”You guys aren’t looking so good…."
    “Wnat a drink?”
    Calim Gorn:“No thanks.”
    Young Geralt:“No, I just want to find this guy. Remnd me again why we are helping you?”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Cause you’re my good buddies, and we look out for each other?”
    Alyssa Toress:how do you keep letting the princess make you guys do all the work
    Calim Gorn:“None of us has ever talked to you before today.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Plus I’m a good guy… right?”
    Young Geralt:“well you got one part of that right.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Well Iv’e seen you around, I’m a big fan of you all.”
    Young Geralt:she didn’t make us do shit.. she is just a lazy ass
    Baelis Sunborn:“We’re all on the same side here… I mean granted thre’s no need ot let the Templar know I lost track of Masaru.. they’ll just blaem it on my drinking.”
    Calim Gorn:“They wouldn’t be wrong.”
    Young Geralt:“This may be a grand moment to sober up.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Look, Masaru clearly wanted to sneak off…”
    “So it’s not like it was entirely my fault, the guy is a ninja.”
    “How am I supposed to keep track of a ninja?”
    Hachikomaru:“You’d drink if you were a Templar too, or thats Hana says.”
    Alyssa Toress:(look i am not lazy i just have other priorities)
    Hachikomaru:thats what*
    Alyssa Toress:(like i dont care about masaru)
    (i gotta help the sun guy sellout your homeland so i can get richer from it)
    Young Geralt:well neither do i.. but i do care about what he does and my companions who do go
  • Young Geralt presses on
    DM:heh okay, you press on despite the fatigue… give me another set of fort saves.
    Young Geralt:holy hell
    Hachikomaru:I’ll shift into beast mode for tracking
    more stamina
    Young Geralt:i ride achi
    Hachikomaru:and think better speed by 1 as well
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:As hachi shifts into beast form… Baelis jumps back.
    Hachikomaru:since growth grants 1 rank
    Baelis Sunborn:“FUCK WEREWOLF!”
    Calim Gorn:“Calm down, he’s with us.”
    Young Geralt:“MOve your ass before he eats you!”
    Baelis Sunborn:“The giant wolf, No I’m pretty sure he’s NOT with us.”
    “I would haven’t missed a 30 ft tall wolf!”
    Calim Gorn:“No, that’s Hachikomaru, he can change into a giant dog.”
  • Young Geralt climbs on Hachi….
    Calim Gorn:“It’s fine, stop panicking.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Seriously?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, seriously.”
    Hachikomaru:still shitty rolling regardless
    Baelis Sunborn:“wow….”
  • Baelis Sunborn takes another drink.
    Baelis Sunborn:“I think I’ll just stay on foot though..”
    Hachikomaru:well G’s tired enough to hitch a ride, but apparently having a rider, makes me tired
    we botch rolled shitty on our endurance again
    Young Geralt:lol, sure, blame it on me
    DM:You press on fortuantely giving Geralt tiem to rest but… Hachi is now exhausted.. however just as you think you can progres no more, Hachi smelsl Masaru ahead..
    Hachikomaru:this horse aint use to a saddle…
  • Hachikomaru plops down to the ground, a hint for Geralt to dismount.
  • Hachikomaru shakes, trying to get him to climb off.
  • Young Geralt dismounts
  • Hachikomaru returns to his human form.
    DM:Also give me a knwoledge roll, either nature, Yt, or Geralt’s monster lore.
  • Hachikomaru points. “He’s close, up ahead.”
    DM:Btw for purposes if you have both skills, you don’t roll em both, instead you can add your ranks together (though not your ability bonus twice)
    So fi you had 3 ranks in two knolwledges that were bothapplicatibles your bonus would be 6 + 2x your int score.
    Young Geralt:finally an over average roll
    Geralt’s keen eye spoots a danger ahead…
    Hachikomaru:32 Earth Demon Gargoyles
    and one of those giant mountain sized ones in the middle theyre all escorting
    DM:Some of the trees have a rather odd vine growing around them… what geralt recognizes as a Cylmoril Creeper… an intelligent plan of Yt that’s adapted itself to feed on Mana enbergy directly.
    Young Geralt:“Be careful, there is a dangerous plant ahead…..”
  • Young Geralt relatesthe dangers
    DM:It’s known to attack travellers who fall asleep primarily, wrapping around them and ensuring they never wake up while it slowly draws life from them…
    there was some earth demon looks like this before T
    you remember that one?
    Was a big ass giant one, we had to fight outside Thunderheart during the siege
  • Calim Gorn sets his pistol for fire damage
    DM:It seems whatever is around here has drawn several of them…
    Young Geralt:did Hachi say he smelled Masu ahead?
    DM:To draw this many a powerful being, possibly Masaru might be here, and attracted them to feed…
    Young Geralt:IC
    DM:Yeah he smells Masaru ahead… you can’t see him yet, but he’s close Hachi figures about 200 feet or so just beyond those trees and bushes…
    Where the creepers have circled around…
    Alyssa Toress:masaru probably came to kill a demon to prove to his dad hes got a big dick
    Young Geralt:well if he said IC…. “The plants likely have Masaru. I guess we should help him…”
    Hachikomaru:yeah i said it
    Young Geralt:leaving it partially a question but mostly a statement
    DM:The plants as Geralt knows are a partciular danger to druids as the make spellcasting (at least manacasting) particularly problematic.
    The plants perfer to just attack sleeping targets, but once they have one.. they will defend it with mobile spiky tendrils.
    Young Geralt:ok, so no spells
    DM:Esecially a feast like Masaru will drive them wild… since the people of Makoro have a highly developed Ki, making them mana-rich
    Young Geralt:will activate Quen
    DM:Hachi would also be an interesting meal…
    Young Geralt:and draw my “monster” sword
    DM:heh okay.
    Hachikomaru:“Plant yokai…..I see.”
    DM:The quen sign seems to waver a bit as you cast it.. the barrier clearly within proximity of them.. youre not sure how effective it’ll be…
    Young Geralt:oh yeah
    Hachikomaru:“Let’s hope they haven’t finished a meal of tender Oshiro.”
    Young Geralt:duh
    guess i’ll drop it
    since it will feed them
    DM:Sef will also make quite a meal for them too ,being a daiyokai.
    Young Geralt:wasn’t sure if it was an attack thing that fed them
    DM:Yeah they can drain things in proximity, obviously though whne they touch it, the draining increases in intsenty, but spells in gneral can fail if cast nearby them.
    Hachikomaru:“I’ll take the high road, while you two go in the low road.”
    DM:So you’ve got a couple outer vines around some trees, and perhaps more behind the bushy area.
    Young Geralt:“just cut Masaru free and get out of there.”
    “No need to linger.”
    DM:Fire can work to burn them out Geralt knows, however… since they have a person right now, any damge dealt to them may just cause them to drian his life force faster to heal their own wounds.
  • Hachikomaru takes to the air, and rises in altitude, hoping to get a clear view of Masaru below and keep out of range of the vines until he can spot his quarry.
    DM:Alright give me a perception cehck.
    Hachikomaru:aint rolled over a 10 yet tonight
    psychic mojo is off
    DM:you can’t exactly see him, but you can smell him, giving a general idea of which bush he’s under.
    Alyssa Toress:geralt both swords are for monsters
    DM:It seems they’ve got him pulled under a bush to make him virtually invisible.
    REmember Hachi is exhausted right now, Geralt is fatigued, and Calim is still fine.
    Hachikomaru:yeah speaking of which, whats the difference between your two swords?
    Young Geralt:-2 for fatigued?
    DM:heh don’t worry about it now :P
    He can explain that later.
    What you want to do Sef?
    Young Geralt:oen is for humans, one is for monsters.. it is all flavor, no mechabical difference at this point
    Alyssa Toress:and i was making a joke that both are for monsters :P
    Young Geralt:the human variety of “monsters”
    Hachikomaru:yeah was just wondering what perks they had
    fluff i guess
  • Calim Gorn peers into the mass of strange plants, trying to discern Masaru’s shape… his sight is fortunately unimpeded by darkness
    DM:Alright give me a perc ehck, Calim doesn’t have quite as good a view since he’s still on the ground
    And trying not to get too close to them
    Young Geralt:at this point they are pretty standard fare.. nothing really special about them
    DM:Calim can’t see where Masaru is.
    Sef? you want to try something?
    Young Geralt:holy fuck
    DM:heh Geralt doesn’t know either
    Hachikomaru:“Masaru….say something.”
    Young Geralt:i have a damn +12 and i get a 14
    DM:Baelis holds back at a safe distance.. apparently not sure what plants you mean, his night vison also sucks…
  • Hachikomaru says looking for any sign of life.
    Hachikomaru:“I can’t see him, but he’s under one of them.”
    DM:You don’t get any kind of reply…
    Calim Gorn:“Which one?”
    DM:Well with his accurate smell he knows about which one.
    He just can’ta ctually see only smell, but he has a good idea where he’s at.
    Ther’es also the scnet of blood too..
    Imbued blood from the smell.
    Hachikomaru:Alright hmm guess I’ll blow a HP on a power stunt, and bust out the acid lash on the one on top of him, for a ranged atk
    HP since im already exhausted
    DM:okay. you’re gonna try to cut him loose, with acid?
    Hachikomaru:yeah acid lash
    it’ll prolly absorb the shit tho
    guess will see
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, they’re just gonna suck more of his health when you start damaging them…)
    Young Geralt:i’m feeling pretty damn pathetic and useless with these rolls
    DM:What rank that going to be with the power stunt?
    Young Geralt:yep, unless you rush in to grab him before they can
    Hachikomaru:i forgot to add in the boost from stunting
    so whatever that adds, you can slap it on that
    DM:I think I’m just gonna make stunts a flat +2 rank instead of +5 points.
    If people are cool wtih that
    I think it’s easier on the matj
    Hachikomaru:yeah i wasnt sure what the rule was
    DM:Normally it’s +5 points but +2 to the rank seems way easier
    Hachikomaru:i know it granted extra pts, but i wasnt sure how it affected the rank itself beyond that
    Calim Gorn:Can you make it either/or for those of us who can do the math? =P
    Hachikomaru:yeah that aint a bad idea
    DM:heh well I just want to keep it simple so don’t want to allow two options lol.
    I mean if people dont’ want to do the math, I figure +2 rank is a lot easier so we’ll do that.
    Hachikomaru:well the pts seems the better option, since alot of times, the rank boost wont matter for many things
    DM:Sometimes it’ll be better, sometimes worse.
    Hachikomaru:just a pt boost seems more universally useful
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh, the extra points are way more versatile
    Hachikomaru:plus doesnt lean towards combat
    DM:Well okjay, so what rank is that thing then?
    DM:It’s just a ranged damge 4?
    DM:Well I mean, after the +5.
    Hachikomaru:still rank 4
    need the accuracy
    dont wanna lop off his head
    DM:oh okay.
    You summon up some of your natural mana to make the acid attack, though the plants seem to twitch a bit in response…
    You gotta make a d20 roll + the rank of your power…
    Young Geralt:i’m sure that is not good
    Hachikomaru:think i psychic’ed your roll instead of mine
    since i was visualizing 24
    i need precise mod on my psionic dice roller
    Alyssa Toress:man too bad you dont have any aela users with you
    DM:You lash out with your magical attack… though the lash seems to dissipate a biut before striking them.. and the plants seem to writhe a bit… unaffected.
    Hachikomaru:“He’s under that one.”
  • Hachikomaru says with a fizzled lash of brilliant green.
    Young Geralt:did we at least see that?
    DM:Yeah you’d see his acid attack and where it struck about
    Hachikomaru:yeah that was the main reason as well
    DM:Before getting dissipated heh.
  • Calim Gorn opens fire with his pistol, set for fire-based Aela rounds
  • Young Geralt goes in at the mark
    DM:As expected it’s past the twwo plants you can see, and there’s likely more on all sides of it, you’d guess at least 4 of the creepers.
    Calim Gorn:I’ll blast the ones in front of us to open a path for Geralt
    Hachikomaru:for the stunt
    DM:heh okay… I mean right now they’re just wrapped around tress like ready to lash but you can shoot one of the nearer ones.. gonna let Calim shoot first.
    Hachikomaru:not to reroll it, i just mean for using a PS
    DM:Then we’ll handle what happens with geralt they can see him so might be a readied action heh.
    Calim Gorn:Using Multiattack to target both of them
    DM:okay so 2
    The first shot misses, hits the tree… the second one hits one of the creepers.
    Calim Gorn:That’s fire based Aela, my gun has Variable 2
    DM:one sec gonna make a token
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:9 , Save DC:21 ) Cylmoril Creepers -
    —— Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim burns it a bit.. causing that particular creeper to retract temporarily…
    Geralt rushes in… Geralt just trying to go for Masarua nd cut him loose?
    Young Geralt:yep
    will let Calim cover me
    DM:Okay you have to dode one of the thorny strikers as you pass by.. as one of the vines quickly moves like a sstriking viper attacking off the tree…
    They have considerable reach…
    Cylmoril Creepers:Cylmoril Creepers Attacks! (Close, +6, rank 6 Damage) AOA 2Roll Result: 23 (15) Effect Rank: 6
    DM:And one of them catches you.. you’ve got to make a fortitude save to resist this.
    The vine brushes byy you, some of the thorns sinking in… and drainng with them some of your life force.. you are now exhausted instead of fatigued…
    Young Geralt:great
    Calim Gorn:Heh, damn
    Young Geralt:so one more level and i’m down like in PF?
    DM:Fortuantely it didn’t fully wrap around you.. but you amnaged to get in to Masaru, though due to the newfound exhaustion that’s about as far as you can get but you can try to cut him out.
    Yeah heh, one more and you’re out, it also makes you really slow too
    Young Geralt:ok, so i cut at him
    DM:And you take 2 to all cehcks.
    As well as saves and such too.
    Young Geralt:well at the vines
    DM:So you get an attack roll at -2 to try to chop him out.
    Being clsoer you can see his body under the bush, the thorny vines wrapped around him.. he’s clearly alive, as it’s been slowly persisting on his life force. A meal like him could keep it alive for a week maybe longer…
    Young Geralt:i hate these damn dice tonight
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 23 ( natural:16 , Save DC:21 ) Cylmoril Creepers -
    —— Success
    Calim Gorn:Geez, yeah
    DM:Geralt cuts at the vicious vines… cutting a few of them off.. but not enoguh to free Masaru…
    I’m just gonna go into combat mode now.. gonna roll int for everyone
    And that’s where everyone goes from there.
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
    DM:should be Geralt’s turn again.
    Young Geralt:ok, so i can only move or atk but not both since exhausted now?
    DM:The vines do seem to writhe around Masaru now… trrying to drink of his life to replenish what damage was done to them…
    You still get both actions but your speed is reduced to only half. So 15 feet on a move
    And you take -2 to all rolls
    Young Geralt:ok, can i get out in a single move?
    DM:Not with just 15 feet.
    The ones near the treets will still be able to reach you
    course right now you’re grabbable by 4 of em.
    Young Geralt:how about with two moves?
    DM:So moving will at leeast get you away from 2 of em
    two moves will get you clear.
    So you could just move out of there now if you wanted.
    Young Geralt:i’m going to have to fall back as much as it pains me…. not going to be creeper snack
    DM:heh okay Geralt double moves out of there. Gonna call for an acrobatics check, since they are kinda trying to block you… h
  • Young Geralt falls back in his weakened state…. “I can’t get to him. Those things drained my energy!”
    DM:I generally use acro to try to act as a sort of check to see if something is trying to prevent you from escaping or blocking you or what not.. kinda similar to D&D.
    Geralt manages to escape the viney prison.. though that’s the extent of your turn, you do get a fort save at the end to recover from the xhaustion (but not the fatigue)
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn targets the plant he injured earlier and blasts it again
    Calim Gorn:Firing just on this one this time
    Young Geralt:end of turn or encounter?
    DM:end of your turn
    So make it right now G.
    Calim Gorn:That has multi on it, though I doubt I get much with that roll
    DM:heh yeah that doesn’t get a bonus.
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully I at least hit
    DM:Geralt clears some of his exhaustion, you’re still fatigued, so half speed but don’t got the 2 anymore
    And Calim shoots the wounded one..
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:2 , Save DC:21 ) Cylmoril Creepers -
    —— Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Nice
  • Calim Gorn sprays fire at the creatures, trying to drive them off or kill them
    Hachikomaru:looks like you’re on your own Tab
    im already exhausted
    before the fight even started lol
    DM:The vines recoil clearing that particular patch of vines.
    *****Start of Hachikomaru’s Turn*****
    Hachikomaru:though i guess G at least is able to shake it off down to fatigue, id ont have that luxury tho
    DM:They mvoed away form the tree, though perhaps recoiling back to Masaru…
    I’ll just full defense for this turn, need to see if theres anything else i can do to help
    DM:Okay Hachi engages full D.
    *****Start of Cylmoril Creepers’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:Wait shotuld be the creepers turn
    it double moved the turn indicator.
  • Young Geralt will pull by crossbow, though liekly useless…..
    DM:The creepers glow with a greenish color…
    heh yeah you kinda doubt a regular peircing crossbow would do anything signifcant (except maybe put Masaru out of his misery)
    (you’d want something slashing)
    Calim Gorn:Heh, guess I could try to go in there with my sword…
    DM:Yeah the guy who isn’t fatigued could try something :P
    Hachikomaru:can i use recover to remove a level of fatigue, or is that only for fatigue gained in combat?
    You take your entire turn to try and catch your breath and bounce back a bit. When you recover, you can remove your highest level of damage or fatigue. Alternately, rather than removing a level of damage or fatigue, you can choose to make a resistance check against an ongoing effect, in addition to the normal resistance check at the end of your turn. You can only recover once per conflict. Once you have done so, you must recover from any remaining damage, fatigue, or effects normally (or with outside assistance). When you recover, you gain +2 to your active defenses until the start of your next turn.
    DM:Hmm.. I guess I’d let you use it to recover a level of fatigue…
    Though you won’t be able to recover fatigue anymore (or any gained in the battleaftewards with another recovery)
    In another words you can’t have a bbunch of fighst and keep removing your fatigue.
    Hachikomaru:yeah i hear ya
    DM:You can see they’re coiling around Masaru and green energy starts to glow on them, as if trying to repair them…
    As they drain from Masaru…
    Fort save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 27 ( natural:20 , Save DC:21 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… Damn it…”
    lol at least he’s rolling well
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:okay now geralt.. Geralt pulls back he’s not longer fatigued.. oneo f the creeper patches, the one on one of the nearer trees is removed thanbks to Calim’s fire attack
    Geralt is reasonably sure a crossbow won’t help him much here.
    Young Geralt:hell, i guess i’llove in and cut away again
    DM:There is a core of the plant that’s buried under groupd somewhere that a crossbow might be able to epnetrate but.. it’d be extremely difficult to locate it
    heh okay, Geralt dodges in.. since it’s staggered from Calims attack I’ll say you can get by easy enough to take a hack,
    Give me an attack roll.
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 6 ( natural:2 , Save DC:21 ) Cylmoril Creepers -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:Geralt cuts Masaru loose.
    While damaging the creepers as well… the things sare still slive… though fairly badly cut up…
    Young Geralt:will grab him and pull out if i can
    DM:heh well you’ll have to wait till next round for that
    Young Geralt:ok
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn provides covering fire for Geralt, blasting away at the creepers
    Calim Gorn:lol well that’s a 1
    DM:Calim fires and hits the tree that the creepers are on, not doing much damage.
    *****Start of Hachikomaru’s Turn*****
    Hachikomaru:I’ll take my turn to recover.
    *****Start of Cylmoril Creepers’s Turn*****
    Baelis Sunborn:“I hope he’s okay… damn, i can’t see a thing in this darkness.. did anyone bring a light?”
    Alyssa Toress:i want you guys to know if i knew you were gonna fight a demon i would have come with you
    Hachikomaru:well it aitn an earth demon
    Young Geralt:yeah yeah.. that is 0/2 track record ;P
    Calim Gorn:lol you should have come with us anyway
    Hachikomaru:its a plant monster
    DM:The creepers reach out for Geralt… meanwhile however, canother patch of creeper that had climbed the tree near Hachi makes a grab at him… he thought he was relatively safe out of range but it was coiling upo at him…
    Hachikomaru:earth demons use nuumian, which is like radioactive mako or something
    ie its REALLY bad
    Cylmoril Creepers:Cylmoril Creepers Attacks! (Close, +6, rank 6 Affliction) AOA 2 Modifier -2Roll Result: 12 (6) Effect Rank: 6
    Cylmoril Creepers Attacks! (Close, +6, rank 6 Affliction) AOA 2 Modifier -2Roll Result: 26 (20) Effect Rank: 6
    Calim Gorn:“Watch out Hachi!”
    DM:Misses Geralt, but gets hachi… with a critcal…
    Give me a fort roll Hachi…
    Hachikomaru:good ole creepers
    DM:The thing wraps around you… though you mange to resist its draing effect… (it used its critical to get a grab).
    Hachikomaru:yeah Herlock is like Walder Frey, always missing a battle
    DM:Geralt manages to evade the vines.. preparing to get the hell out of dodge…
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
  • Young Geralt grabs Masaru and exits the area
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn fires at the vines grabbing at Hachi as Geralt escapes
    DM:Okay Geralt grabs hijm and head sout of there, you got 3 strength so I’ll let you pick him up as a free action.
    Hachikomaru:got any Aela thermal detonators?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well I got a grenade launcher power stunt statted up
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 26 ( natural:18 , Save DC:21 ) Cylmoril Creepers -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Damn
    DM:Calim fires his bolt into the ccreepers but they resist it.. holding tighty to the new snack.. in afact many are trying to climb up the tree now going for Hachi…
    *****Start of Hachikomaru’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Get out of there Hachi!”
    Hachikomaru:lemme check something real quick
    DM:Hachi you can make an athletics check to try to break the grapple or use some weapon that does slashing damage to try to cut em
    Hachikomaru:ok morph is a free action, so I’ll shift into beast mode, and then make an athletics check to bust out
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Young Geralt:very nice
    Hachikomaru:yeah it has +16 athletics
    guess due to its size
    DM:Hachi transforms into beast mode, managing to rip the vines off.. (Beast mode is your natural shape actually right?)
    DM:(Okay, so they wouldn’t actually be able to stop it with thier null mana effect then)
    Alyssa Toress:hey if i was there it wouldnt help
    masaru cant be rescued by a girl
    DM:Can your beast form still fly?
    Hachikomaru:ah wait nah its just the huge base STR
    thats why it has high athletics
    yup it has the same aela power
    DM:OKay you get out of there then, even fatigued 30 feet of flight gets you away from the dnager.
    And it seesm you’re al out of troubl.e.
    Young Geralt:he is unconscous and will never know
    DM:Hachikomaru gains a hero point. , Young Geralt gains a hero point. , Young Calim gains a hero point.
    Hachikomaru:see they fly :-p
    DM:You check out Masaru he’s definteyl unconscious…
    Baelis Sunborn:“So he okay?”
    “That was really great guys… You’ve got way better teamwork than Dragonband.”
    Young Geralt:“we need to get clear of here. Those things can come after us.”
  • Hachikomaru lands on the ground in canine form, and sniffs Masaru.
    Young Geralt:“Then we can check himout.”
  • Hachikomaru motions to Geralt with his head.
    DM:Masaru is alive… still has a few thorns in him, the creepers were saving him for a longer meal that’s for sure..
  • Hachikomaru points towards his back.
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, let’s get out of here.”
    “I’m pretty sure they’re probably looking for us by now back at Thunderheart anyway.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“You guys don’t mind covering for your good friend baelis do you?”
    Hachikomaru:(can hop on my back with him G, prolly easier)
    Baelis Sunborn:“Maybe we can just say we were looking for water or good wood or something?”
    Calim Gorn:“No, they already know what happened…”
    Baelis Sunborn:“I’d put a good word in for you guys later…”
    “No they don’t. I mean not yet.”
    Calim Gorn:“They do, actually.”
    Young Geralt:"I know this is not what you would expect. Let’s not say anything about Masaru having to be saved by us. You… ", looking as the drunkard, “… better not say a word or we’ll have it known you were drinking on duty and caused this.”
    Baelis Sunborn:(to Geralt) “I won’t say anything about this…”
  • Calim Gorn laughs nervously…
    Young Geralt:“We will wake him before returning and he will know what we did but we will tell the others he fought himself free.”
    “Hopefull this will put an end to this stupid grudge.”
    Calim Gorn:“Heh, I wouldn’t count on it.”
    Baelis Sunborn:“Hey man, if you say so…” (loks to Calim) “Whats with him?”
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head, “Never mind, you’ll find out soon enough.”
    Young Geralt:once plenty clear will attempt to wake Masaru
    DM:Yeah give me a treatment roll
    Young Geralt:or will he wake on own
    DM:He should wake on his own but treatment can wake him earlier.
    I mean he’s not on the verge of death just had some life force drained from him.
    Young Geralt:can i use druidic lore to assita nd find herbs?
    DM:Hmm sure if you want to spend more time gathering components. though that’ll add some time to it.
    But sure you could do that. you’ll jsut have to stop a bit to go searching
    Young Geralt:ok, will just try treatment raw
    DM:You ease him down, giving him some rest trying to get him b ack to consciousness, but before he wakes… something happens….
    Young Geralt:and the dice are in fittign form
    DM:You hear a voice from above.. and standing in oneo f the trees you see a familiar face…
    Calim Gorn:lol fucking Taesian
    Taesian:“I found them!”
    DM:well they are his woods :P
  • Calim Gorn jumps a little at the sound of the voice, but relaxes once he realizes who it is
    Taesian:“What are you doing out here?”
    DM:Taesian casts a spell and teleports to the ground.
  • Calim Gorn glances at Geralt
    Young Geralt:We were lookign for Masaru and got caught in csome vines. He fell while trying to save us."
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    Young Geralt:fuck
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Taesian can just read your mind and know you’re lying anyway
    That whole “don’t read the minds of other Imbued” prohibition never stopped him
    Hachikomaru:well he aint pose to read another imbued’s mind technically :-p
    haha yeah
    Young Geralt:well he knows why i was lying at least too
    Taesian:“Sure he did…”
  • Taesian eyes Baelis suspiciously.
    Baelis Sunborn:“It wasn’t my fault…”
    Hachikomaru:who were you implying fell G? Masaru?
    Or you meant Baelis?
    Taesian:“You were assigned to watch them…”
    Calim Gorn:“He did at least tell us where to find Masaru and pointed us in the right direction.”
    Young Geralt:yes, Mas.. since he is still unconscious
    Calim Gorn:“If not for him alerting us we wouldn’t have found him.”
    DM:Some of the other imbued come behind rapidly a pair of magitech armor and another of the templar who you can’t recall his name.
    Taesian:“lets me see what I can do for him…”
  • Hachikomaru returns to his true form, in order not to freak out the town as a huge monster comes prowling into the place.
  • Taesian leands down next to Masaru,. casting what Geralt likely recognizes as a druidic helaing spell.
    DM:lol yeah I’l probably say ou transformed back while you were wating for G to treat Masaru.
    So you didn’t startle him if he came to, since otherwise Taesian prolly would have attacked ya
    he doesn’t know your’e a giant dog monster :P
    So we’ll spare that and say you changed back
    Hachikomaru:well he can turn into a wolf, so tit for tat :-p
    or a incorporeal wolf or something
    i know he used some kind of wolf form spell one time
    in the caves with the demons
    DM:Yeah he can shapechange.
    Hachikomaru:forget what it actually did
    DM:Taesian pours a bit of Mana into Masaru for a moment and he awakens..
    Hachikomaru:was it just a reg wolf transformation?
    or was it like a ghost wolf or something
    Masaru Oshiro:“What… what happened?”
    Calim Gorn:He could do either or
    Hachikomaru:eh? he had incorpreal power as well?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Hachikomaru:i see
    guess one was aela and the other mana then
    Taesian:“Laventa said you were in trouble, so I came looking.”
    Hachikomaru:forgot he had two huge arrays
    he made his char like a D&D wiz
    with one of everything
    had like 50 alts
    Young Geralt:so we have other witnesses now toehr than tesian?
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
    DM:Yeah there’s a templar and some other guys piloting magitech armor.
    Young Geralt:guess i have to tell the truth
    Hachikomaru:seems so G, or theyre incoming anyways
    Baelis Sunborn:“laventa? I didn’t tell her…”
    Calim Gorn:“We came looking for you and found you captured by some sort of plant creatures. We rescued you.”
  • Baelis Sunborn looks over to Calim.
    Young Geralt:well ift hey are not here yet then it matters
    Alyssa Toress:i bet viniira leaked it
    i didnt
    DM:WEll nah they came shortly after Taesian caclled to em.
    That’s who he was yelling to.
    Alyssa Toress:nah but who told taesian
    Calim Gorn:But before Masaru woke up
  • Hachikomaru bows to the Oshiro.
    Young Geralt:“You were being life leached in your sleep but we saved you. We will try to help you retain your honor.”
    Hachikomaru:“I’m glad you aren’t seriously hurt, my lord.”
    DM:Yeah heh, that’s a mystery thus fafr who told taeisna.. though Calim hinted that people knew so…
    Masaru Oshiro:“In my sleep?”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
  • Masaru Oshiro snaps to attention clearly a bit suspicous of what happened.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… They must have come upon you while you were resting.”
    Young Geralt:“Yes. Creeper vines.”
    Hachikomaru:“There are life draining plants, yokai.”
    “Some kind of demonic vines.”
  • Masaru Oshiro takes a moment to aprise the thrornlike wounds on him.
    Baelis Sunborn:“Yeah we saved your life.”
  • Baelis Sunborn subtly tries to insert himself in the rescue…
    Masaru Oshiro:“Damn honorless plants!”
    Calim Gorn:(lol that’s gonna make it even worse for him, saved by the drunkard)
    Hachikomaru:“They enveloped me as well, luckily in my true form, I’m quite difficult to hang onto.”
    Calim Gorn:“They got a piece of Geralt as well, quite formidable.”
    Hachikomaru:“But, it was a team effort for certain.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Templar:“What were you doing out here? This area is dangerous, we wanted no trainees out here.”
  • Hachikomaru looks to the Oshiro. “Well?”
  • Hachikomaru doesn’t seem to want to put words into his mouth, unsure what response to give them.
    Alyssa Toress:i heard this was a suicide forest
    and i thought….
    Masaru Oshiro:“I was going to find an earth demon and bring it back… a kill to show them the Oshiro dedication.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I figured it was something stupid like that
    Hachikomaru:“My lord, I would counsel patience again.”
    Alyssa Toress:i called it
    Taesian:“You are a fool.”
    Alyssa Toress:like 3 hours ago
    Taesian:“I have seen the earth demons myself, they would destroy you.”
    DM:Baelis looks glad you didn’t throw him under the bus completely.
    Calim Gorn:lol… Yeah I mean he did at least have enough sense to come get us and point us in the right direction
    So Calim won’t just dump on him completely
    DM:Imperion Terl comes running quickly through the forest behind them with another party of soldiers.
    Hachikomaru:“My lord is eager to prove his worth in helping you defeat your enemies. I offer an apology, on his behalf.”
    DM:Laventa with that group.
    Hachikomaru:“It will not happen again, I give you my word.”
    “A fool perhaps, but a brave one.” he says bowing politely to Taesian
    Imperion Terl:“Baelis Sunborn! I give you one simple task and you manage to lead our soldiers on a chase in the middle of the night!”
    “You are a disgrace to the Templar!”
    DM:The imperion confiscates Baelis’ booze.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    the worst punishment
  • Calim Gorn makes his way over to Laventa while Terl yells at Baelis
    Hachikomaru:Power Loss, Complication “No Booze”
  • Laventa Gorn embraces Calim
  • Calim Gorn embraces her back, smiling a little
    Laventa Gorn:“I’m so glad you’re alive! You had me worried!”
    Hachikomaru:he’ll make a hell of a drunker master one day
    Calim Gorn:“Sorry to worry you. We’re okay.”
    Young Geralt:“Yes, we managed.”
    Calim Gorn:“As much as I dislike him, I couldn’t just leave a fellow bandmate to die in the wilderness. It wouldn’t have been right.”
  • Imperion Terl looks to Masaru, Hachi and the rest of the group.
    Imperion Terl:“And as for you, no more runing off into the forest!”
  • Hachikomaru nods. “Yes sir.”
    Imperion Terl:“I’m going to see you’re all watched more thoroughly… I thought we could trust in you not to do something this foolish.”
  • Masaru Oshiro hangs his head in defeat.
    Hachikomaru:“We did at least work as a team during our folly, Imperion.”
  • Hachikomaru says joking.
  • Imperion Terl gives a sten look to Hachi but says nothing.
  • Hachikomaru tries to hide a smile.
    DM:Anyway you all return to town, gonna do Alyssa’s scnee now… where she’s gonna meet with Saveron…
    Young Geralt:“Sorry Imperion. We did not know how far the track would take us, and had we delayed Masaru would be dead. He was brave and we just did our duty to help him.”
    Imperion Terl:“True, it’s not your fault… it’s Masaru and Baelis’… They’ll both be disciplined for this. Though you should have told us sooner.”
    “If you didn’t find him, he’d be dead.”
    Hachikomaru:“Lady Laventa, how nice of you to come to your brother’s aid. I wish my sisters were so kind.”
    Laventa Gorn:“I’m sure they would if they had powerful Aela magic.”
  • Calim Gorn grins
    Hachikomaru:“I hope Hana, isn’t treating you too badly.”
    DM:Anyway.. gonna jump back to Alyssa if Herlock is still here.
    Hachikomaru:wait, actually laventa isnt in dragon band is she?
    i forget if you put her in dragonband this time or not
    Alyssa Toress:i am
    DM:Nah she’s in dragon band.
    Alyssa Toress:i am here
    DM:That was one of the retcons, she wasn’t orignally
    but she is now
    okay Saveron meets with Alyssa again..
    Hachikomaru:ah ok so her and hana are in the same band then afterall
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Alyssa Toress:“so master saveron i was wondering if we could continue our discussion from earlier”
  • Young Geralt will return to Viniira and have her tend to my wounds….
    Saveron of the Sun:“Indeed.”
  • Saveron of the Sun smiles.
    Young Geralt:thoughthey will likely be healed by my return due to regen
    Alyssa Toress:“as we both know Yt has found massive amounts of mineral wealth in its lands lately”
    “gold and silver and good iron for steel and so and so on”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Ah yes, there is much in the way of untapped resources.
    Alyssa Toress:”rahseld is especially good at extracting these things"
    “i am sure our exptertise could be put to good use of both our peoples to aid the people of yt in exploiting their resources”
    Saveron of the Sun:“I cannot say I am a fan of your machinery… I am a servant of nature myself. However that is not to say an agremeent can’t be reached.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we have the people with the technical knowledge and the machinary and funding needed to begin mass scale extraction”
    “well you dont need to be a fan of machinery to appreciate the profits it can make”
    “mines especially deeper mines need drills and explosives to extract the material”
    Young Geralt:((i doubt exploiting is quite the word tyou want to use))
    Saveron of the Sun:“My interest does not lie in profits, but rather power directly.”
    Alyssa Toress:“profits lead to power”
    “with profits you can hire mercenaries and weapons and secure yourself a kindom”
    “a united yt”
    Saveron of the Sun:“With Ronen mercenaries, that is not our way.. i would never be respected by the other clans if I must use outsiders to fight my battles. Such would be unthinkable.. however, that is not to say there is not another way.”
    Alyssa Toress:“what way would you have?”
    “i am sure whatever arrangements need to be made can”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Surely you want more than mere wealth… after all your sister gets Rahseld, but what do you get? Only a name? As any being blessed by the sun, I suspect you want to show the world you can shine.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i dont think a marriage would work i’m afraid”
    Saveron of the Sun:“And why not? We are both children of the sun, and while your sister would rule Rahseld, you could rule with me in Yt.”
    “With the backing of Rahseld, we could easily force the clans to unite or else lose the support of the empire.”
    Alyssa Toress:“it is not a kingdom i desire i am afraid”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Well if you just seek wealth, then there shall be plenty of that as well.”
    “We both get what we want.”
    Alyssa Toress:“its not wealth either”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Then tell me, what is it that you want?”
    Alyssa Toress:“the true power lies at the top of the empire with the archmagi”
    Saveron of the Sun:“So you wish to join the archmagi then?”
    Alyssa Toress:“i will lead them”
    Saveron of the Sun:“My.. you are ambitous.”
  • Saveron of the Sun smiles.
    Alyssa Toress:“if you wish a kingdom we can make it happen”
    Saveron of the Sun:“I had not suspected such ambitions from you.”
    Alyssa Toress:“but i am afraid i cannot marry you”
    “perhaps another of the toress?”
    Calim Gorn:(For instance Cousin Sylara)
    Alyssa Toress:“i have a cousin you would like”
    “she is pretty and will give you as many sons as you wish i am sure”
    Calim Gorn:(She’s not Imbued though so that might be a problem)
    Alyssa Toress:(hmm
    (she can get him one? :P_
    Saveron of the Sun:“Hmm… you speak of Ellenya I assume?”
    (there is one :P)
    Calim Gorn:(Oh yeah Ellenya is imbued lol)
    Alyssa Toress:“yes she is imbued and can survive your coupling”
    Calim Gorn:(She’s the weird one in the family and stubbornly refuses to get married though)
    Saveron of the Sun:“This could work if she could be convinced, I have heard she is… difficult.”
    Alyssa Toress:(i’ll work on it)
    “we can be very persuasive we toress”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Might I be as forward sa to ask who it is you plan on marrying yourself?”
    Alyssa Toress:“it is a bit unknown right now i’m dating sythe of house zanys but the inheritance poses a problem we are both second in line and my mother the queen would wish a matrilienial marriage and his father a standard marriage”
    Saveron of the Sun:“I have little problem with a matrilineal marraige.. as you know we have no family names in Yt anyway.. merely clan affiliations.. so long as we could still call our children of the Sun, then it matters not if they are also called toress.”
    Alyssa Toress:“if arielle produces an heir things could change who knows”
    Saveron of the Sun:“And as I said, you have the blood of the sun spirt within you too…”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m not available i am afraid”
    “but we could work on ellenya”
    Saveron of the Sun:“Very well… I suppose the option is worth considering… though she seems a consolation prie compared to your beauty.”
    “And you are worth so much more than a second son of House Zanyz.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’ll talk to the queen and see what kind of deal can be reached”
    Saveron of the Sun:“They are but lowly vassals of your family are they not? Seems to make more sense to marry upwards than marry downwards, but perhaps I am unfamilair with the way of Rahseld.”
    Alyssa Toress:“no it doesnt work like that”
    “anyway i will be back later with a reply”
  • Alyssa Toress curties and leaves
    Alyssa Toress:do we got time to talk to the queen?
    Saveron of the Sun:“Farewell then.”
    DM:Well the queen actually left.. she basically just gave her speech and took off on her airship, basically leaving behind Toress support (and her two daughters as PR).
    Alyssa Toress:welp
    well i was gonna tell her this guy was worthless
    and wont be any help
    DM:But you could potentialyl try to raise her on an Aela communicator.They do keep one airship out of many hovering in case of emergency.
    Alyssa Toress:yeah sure
    i can fly up to it
  • Alyssa Toress rings her up on aela
    DM:heh okay, you get aboard that and can pass along a message… basically how it works is that she won’t be directly in range, but you can send the signal to others. and they eventualyl can send the message along to other comms withjin range.
    So you won’t be able to talk directly but can leave messages for her, and you can leave em in a sort of code, so she’ll know what you mean (each faction has their own codes)
    So it’ll let you send her a message. Either that or you can try to pull rank and divert the airship to see her heh.
    You are the princess so if you tell em its urgent they could divert to Aylane to see her.
    But if it’s a simpel message you could just have it repeated.
    And don’t need to actually divert.
    Alyssa Toress:“i tried to broker saravano of the sun clan to hand over mineral rights in parts of yt but he wants to marry into house toress and thinks we could get him a kindom that way. its unlikely to work and hes kinda a brute and an idiot and he wouldnt accept the much smater plan of mercenaries and weapons paid for with gold mine profits”
    DM:heh okay you send off the message and they say it’ll be repeated over to her.
    Alyssa Toress:ok
    DM:Assuming u sing the various code words
    Alyssa Toress:yeah
    DM:to keep it confidental, it’s common to do that
    Another Toress would know em, but not anyone of other factions really.
    heh okay, guess we can stop here
    getting pretty late.
    Alyssa Toress:guess i will go play crusader kings 2
    tab was right all he wanted was my pussy
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:i could make him a king!
    DM:well he wanted more than that.
    Alyssa Toress:but he couldnt resist my looks
    DM:But hey why not have it all?
    I mean he wanted to be king too
    Alyssa Toress:i’m not gonna sleep with some barbarian that sleeps in a hut
    DM:Thing is like, it’d be really hard for him to use mercs to claim the kingdom, since then he’d be seen as a total usurper.
    lol yeah… well the sun clan see themselves as your equals.
    Despite the Rahseldians seeing them as lower.
    Alyssa Toress:yeah but weapons would work
    DM:The Sun clan are arrogant.
    Alyssa Toress:if we got them stupid rich
    they could buy weapons from us
    and then take over
    DM:Well I mean, the council would have to approve the conquest.
    Alyssa Toress:its not a conquest
    DM:They couldn’t just necessarily roll over the other clans, since they got politcal power heh.
    Alyssa Toress:its a unification
    DM:The toher 4 clans ain’t gonnab e too happy :P
Session 6 Log

Tabris:There we go
DM:heh yup that fixed it
Tabris:Nice, now just need G
Herlock:so guys i am thinking should i buy a computer or go to japan
Sefiros:go to japan to buy a computer?
Herlock:because i dunno if i have that much
Sefiros:dunno, they flew to me, not the other way around
Herlock:i am thinking i want to go to in the spring
dem sakura
Sefiros:they should have a radiation poisoning discount for tourism
Herlock:its not like i am gonna go to fukishima
just hiroshima
and wear my usa clothes
just a giant flag
as a shirt
Sefiros:the food is prolly more the issue
with the rads
Herlock:i’ll be fine
Sefiros:i knew a girl from hiroshima before
she wanted to be a tv news anchor of all things
Herlock:gonna go to the memorial for where the bomb dropped
Sefiros:or just go to the ukraine, you might get to see the next use
Herlock:maybe they sell fat man and little man anime girls
little boy
Tabris:Nah they take that shit super serious
Tabris:Fucking around at that memorial is probably one of the few surefire ways to get your ass beat lol
Herlock:yeah i suppose
i wasnt gonna really fuck around
i’m not a monster
Sefiros:herlock would try and troll the yakuza
and never come back
Herlock:i wonder if they have uber in japan
uber driver man how do i get to soapland
round trip from boston to tokyo is only ike 1000 bucks
thank you oil prices being in the gutter
Hey G
Herlock:G you ever get deployed overseas when you were in the military?
DM:wow only $1000 to fly to Japan?
Tabris:Yeah if you go from a major international hub
Herlock:of course it includs a 18 hour layover in shanghai lol
Tabris:For me it’s closer to $2k
lol yeah or you do something like that
Herlock:but i guess i could hang out in shanghai for a day
round trip boston direct to tokyo and tokyo direct to boston no stops
is 1700
Sefiros:where do you go, if you get shanghai’ed in shanghai?
Herlock:on japan air
Tabris:One of my friends is trying to get a group together for Winter Comiket
But I told him the airfare is too expensive for me
Also I need to pay down the credit cards
Herlock:maybe if you didnt buy all those anime drawings man
Tabris:Yeah pretty much, lol
I spent $2,900 in Dallas
Herlock:i hear jap airlines is really nice
so its tempting
Tabris:Yeah you definitely want ANA or JAL if you can get ‘em
Herlock:but thats an extra 700 dollars
and thats 700 dollars i could spend in japan
Herlock:on shit i cant get thru customs
Herlock:they sell the real nice airsoft guns there
no orange tips
Sefiros:dont gotta worry about some aloha snackbar guy blowing you up like if you visit europe either
Tabris:Just paint the orange tip black
Herlock:yeah i suppose
Tabris:Yeah just hope Aum Shinrikyo doesn’t decide to start up operations again
what was it they used, sarin gas?
Herlock:man that would suck to get caught in a sarin gas attack
Sefiros:i forget
Tabris:Pretty sure it was sarin
Herlock:that shit is relaly deadly i think
Tabris:Yeah it’s nerve gas lol
DM:I think if you breathe it you’re pretty much fucked
and i gotta worry about people stabbing people for no reason
Sefiros:yeah only the stabbings with reasons in japan
Herlock:i hear kyoto is really pretty
Sefiros:tho i dunno, there dont seem to be much crime, but when there is, it seems off the charts bonkers crazy type shit
DM:Heh anyway, we got everyone here, so we ready to start?
Tabris:Yeah I’m ready when you guys are
Sefiros:like when they go crazy there, they apparently kick it up a notch
Herlock:appanrelty the reason it didnt got nuked is some senior military guy in the us went there on his honeymoon when he was younger was was like hey can you not blow it up
yeah i am ready
DM:Not sure if G is ready yet might still have some stuff to do.
Alyssa Toress:i could go to osaka and ask them why they have funny accents
Sefiros:what about osaka
think its pose to have the best food irc
knew a woman from there before as well
Alyssa Toress:you know all kinds of japanese ladies huh
Sefiros:yeah i use know quite a few japanese people back in the day
Alyssa Toress:i could spend the entire trip ijn a pachinko parlor smoking unfilitered cigerettes
be very wolverine of you
Tabris:I was reading something earlier that said the filtered ones are actually more unhealthy
Because of the shit in the filter
Alyssa Toress:nice
DM:I dunno if I buy that lol
Sefiros:theres a study for anything now a days, prolly one saying how bad water and oxygen are for you
Tabris:Yeah dude, there are hundreds of people a year that drown in that shit
DM:Yeah lol, they do a case study on like 5 people and call ti conclusive results.
Alyssa Toress:i could do all kinds of dumb shit in japan i bet
i could go to the memorial where they buried all the war criminals with a state funeral
Sefiros:my primary choice was the old castles and shrines and shit, i didnt care much for tokyo or something
like id rather go visit the 47 ronin shrine or something
or hokkaido in winter
Tabris:I wan to go to Akihabara and buy all the things
Alyssa Toress:top floor
tab gonna head for the top floor of every shop
Sefiros:that was something wierd i remember as well
the chick i knew in osaka
like she had an apartment that was like a floor above a 7/11 or department store or something
like all their shit is vertical
all kind of diff shit in one building
Alyssa Toress:see what you do is you just leave all your clothes behind
Tabris:Yeah they don’t have room lol
Alyssa Toress:and bring home bags full of goodies
Sefiros:yeah was weird
Tabris:Or just go in one set of clothes and wash them every day
Alyssa Toress:just leave a mountain of socks on the hotel bed
Sefiros:im too clastraphobic to be japanese
Alyssa Toress:and pack your return bag fill of figmas
Sefiros:everythings so damn crammed
you go out into the woods, and its prolly like times square
thats the wilderness to them prolly lol
Alyssa Toress:go to the suicide forest
Tabris:Yeah not too many people around there
Sefiros:yeah maybe meet some real yokai
stumble on a kitsune wedding
Alyssa Toress:i doubt that
DM:I’d worry I’d run into those giant hornets in the suicide forest.
Those things are evil as fuck.
Sefiros:or get your nards savaged by the kamaitachi
i remmeber that thing
Tabris:Yeah those things are the stuff of nightmares
Sefiros:like if you spot a mystery cut on your person
its attributed to the kamaitachi
some kind of invisible dick that goes around scratchin shit
Tabris:I thought dicks were too blunt for that
Garrion:ok, i’m here.. was finishing up a round of x-wing with my boy
Sefiros:well i just remmeber friend of mine telling me about it, when i had a cut on my leg or something one time
Alyssa Toress:we were just discussing my trip to japan
Sefiros:was the first like yokai i learned about, in person
so i just remmber that story more vividly
theres some other shit i randomly recall as well
DM:Lets get the game started now that G is here.
Sefiros:like women and men having distinct gender specific valentines day
Alyssa Toress:hell yeah
Sefiros:and whats the other one “White” day or something
Alyssa Toress:white day
Sefiros:i forget which was for which
i just got a bunch of shit on whichever day it was
Alyssa Toress:white day is when men give to women
valentines day is when girls give to guys
Sefiros:ah ok
yeah that sounds right
think i remember recieving shit on typical valentines
oh yeah packaging
i remember japanese packaging being like pouched/bag centric
instead of box like over here
DM:Alright… so last we left off you’d slain the Oni and were deparitng the village.
Alyssa Toress:yeah!
Sefiros:seemed like everything was in a damn bag
Alyssa Toress:we were gonna go to the winter festival
Tabris:Yeah we were talking about going to the festival
Alyssa Toress:get some yakitori
DM:Yeah the winter festival in the nearby town of Seyomura.
Tabris:And takoyaki
Alyssa Toress:whatever
Tabris:You can get both lol
Alyssa Toress:great
which is why
ones like squid right
Alyssa Toress:okay
DM:If you’d like to do some of the festival stuff, we can do that otherwise we can just fast forward to when you go back to Aylanae and start year 2 of your training.
Alyssa Toress:whats the other
nah man lets party
Tabris:Heh I don’t mind fast forwarding the festival part
Alyssa Toress:okay
Tabris:Can just say we went and had fun
Alyssa Toress:just as long as its not more combat
Tabris:Also everyone can find nice kimonos
Or yukatas
Alyssa Toress:yeah!
no towels!
DM:heh okay, since nobody says they don’t wnat to fast forward, we can FF past the rest of the Makoro trip.
I mean I do’t mind doing some flavor stuff if you guys want, I just don’t want it to get boring if people would rather just FF the bit.
Garrion:i’m good skipping the menial stuff
Alyssa Toress:are we all a yeaer older
Tabris:Will grab a kimono for Laventa since she asked for one
Alyssa Toress:grab her some ssri’s too
DM:heh okay… you have an interesting trip to the winter festival. Including drawing a lot of attention from the people there, with some of the girls there beign interested in Calim, Geralt and Hachi.
Calim Gorn:Awww yeah
DM:Perhaps more interesting are the friends that Alyssa ran into, at one point along the journey small ice fairies began following her around for a while… offering her various tiny ice sculptures and other gifts.
Sefiros:shiva summon for later back tracking
Calim Gorn:lol
Alyssa Toress:hell yeah
thug life i got that ice
DM:Given your appearances, and travelling with Hachi, your imbued natures were pretty obvious and you seemed rather popular there, you didn’t run into anymore trouble with bandits, samurai or any other monsters.
One merchant was even rather annoying and bothering Geralt and Calim, trying to get them to agree to marry his daughter. Obviously trying to establish good relations with one of the imbued.
Calim Gorn:lol
Alyssa Toress:do it man
Calim Gorn:Father wouldn’t approve
Alyssa Toress:a noble getting married to a peasant girl never went wrong
Garrion:"Witchers don’t marry
Alyssa Toress:in the history of anything
Alyssa Toress:theres never been rpoblems with it
is rains of castamere on spotify?
DM:But your trip was mostly enoyable.. bbut all good things must come to an end and after a few weeks in Makoro, the time came to retunr to training and back to the floating city of Aylanae.
Now everyone is a year older… well except for Hachi, who ages slower, so he’s still more or less the same age.
Alyssa Toress:the tender of age of 13
i’m a teenager!
Calim Gorn:Yup
DM:Efforts to train his giant dog form to bark at the door when it needs to pee acid have thus far been unsuccessful.
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:Fortuantely your arrival back to Aylanee doesn’t begin with some kind of combat exercise like your intial arrival there did.
Calim Gorn:Oh yeah, at some point I would have apologized to Anise for peeking at her in the onsen and such, it was inappropriate and she did not deserve that sort of dishonor etc
DM:heh okay.
Alyssa Toress:you didnt apologize to me!
Calim Gorn:Well it’s not like you minded
Alyssa Toress:shes just a poor girl from a religious family
they have different upbringings
apparently nuns are supposed to have standards or something
Garrion:Geralt isn’t appologizing for anything, 1. that would incruminate him, 2. he liked seeing what Anise and Alyssa had to offer
Alyssa Toress:too bad witchers dont marry
and geralt totally gets married in the games
so thats bullshit
Garrion:well at least not in the typical sesne.. i mean the purpose for traditional marriage in those days was to have heirs
he can’t make any
Alyssa Toress:yeah i suppose
Sefiros:sterile like an immortal highlander?
Garrion:he doesn’t marry Yen.. that are just “together”
Alyssa Toress:anyway
Garrion:brb, grabbing another piece of pizza
DM:The arrival fo the different groups is a bit staggered, unlike beofre, with diffferent groups arriving at differnet times.
Sefiros:i dont even know how fast my char even ages
DM:lol well you’re like 9 in maturity when you’re 30 in real years.
So I’m thinking about 1/3 speed.
Sefiros:ah ok i knew it was diff, but i couldnt remember exactly
damn timelines
DM:You guys basically travel back with Aylssa though, not with the usual airship that would pick up Gerlat and Viniira and the other that would get the other Makoro natives.
Sefiros:i should have just ninja edited the timeline to have the orothean war end 9 years ago or something instead
Calim Gorn:So that means Laventa would be arriving separately from me?
Alyssa Toress:man you didnt even invite her on your summer vacation?
DM:Yeah, since you’re basically going wtih Alyssa from Makoro.
Calim Gorn:Okay I’ll go meet her when she arrives, if I can
DM:You basically arrive with Arielle, Alyssas sister about the Toress airship.
Yeah the other airships should be arriving fairly shortly within a few hours anyway.
Calim Gorn:(Heh, it wasn’t really a vacation to start off with, Hachi asked for us for some urgent business or whatever)
DM:So you coudl wiat up at the docks for her to get there.
Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll do that
DM:Or just proceed off to your barrakcs, I’m asusming you’re gonna settle in first, heh.
Alyssa Toress:i’m gonna go meet sythe or whatever his name is
DM:But you could just wait if you wanted.
Garrion:yeah, drop off my crap
DM:heh okay.
Alyssa Toress:i assume the golems take our stuff to the barracks
Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah, guess I can drop off my crap first, and then I’ll wait at the docks with her kimono wrapped up in something unassuming
Sefiros:so at what age would be graduate?
DM:Yeah the golems can transport it.
You’re int raining for 8 years total.
Alyssa Toress:depends on what age you were when you started
i’ll be 20
Garrion:golen schmolem… i’m a real man and carry my own crap
Sefiros:im trying to figure out, am i gonna be like a child when i graduate or would my training last longer, etc
DM:Alright so Calim and Geralt go first to drop off thier stuff, Alyssa lets a golem takes it and goes to find Sythe.
Sefiros:yeah im confused, i should have went over this in more detail before, but my brain is too sleep deprived right now to comprehend it
Alyssa Toress:yeah you didnt plan it through :P
you’ll be 2.6 years older
if you age at 1/3rd rate
Sefiros:well i sorta planned it, but it was based on the original games calendar/time
Alyssa Toress:so you will be a 11 year old :P\
Sefiros:so when T had us start as kids
it threw like 30 pages of meticulously dated plot shit out of whack
Alyssa Toress:cant even see a pg 13 movie
Calim Gorn:
DM:Alright so… as Calim and Geralt get to the Emerald Band barracks, the Heart of Aylanae projection manifests just in the entrance.
Heart of Aylanae:“Greetings Emerald Band! I’m glad you could come back for another session of training.”
DM:The projection seems to be unusually emotional… and even seems to move around a bit more than usual.
Calim Gorn:“Ah, yes… Greetings…”
DM:As if thgere’s something wrong with it…
Alyssa Toress:report to the hospital for your medical exams
oh no its a plague
Heart of Aylanae:“Your instructor Imperion Terl also wishes to inform you that Masaru Oshiro has been named offical leader of Emerald Band.”
Alyssa Toress:lol fuck that
DM:Sef isn’t actually here for this since he didn’t actually go back yet… heh. Just Calim and Geralt are there right now

  • Calim Gorn frowns
    Hachikomaru:ok gotta go sit on the porcelain throne instead of the iron throne afk
    Heart of Aylanae:“From now on you have to do whatever he tells you to do.”
    Alyssa Toress:man masaru hacked that shit
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, somebody did
    “Something isn’t right about this.”
    Garrion:“Oh joy. Who did the appointing?”
    Alyssa Toress:i’m gonna go stay in the dragon band barracks okay
    Heart of Aylanae:“I assure you that everything is completely and totally fine…”
    DM:The heart of Aylanae projection seems to walk a little towards you but stumbles as if drunk, before regaining her balance.
    You’ve never seen a Di crystal avatar stumble before, actually you didn’t even think it was possible…
  • Garrion looks to Calim… “Is something wrong here? I’m not too familar with all this tech stuff like you are.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… Definitely.”
    Alyssa Toress:this is that episode of the next generation when some assholes take over the ships computer
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Young Geralt:“What could cause that?”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t know precisely…”
    Alyssa Toress:heart of ayalayne wesley crusher is the new acting captain of the enterprise!
    Calim Gorn:“It could be an anomaly within the Di Crystal that houses her, or something in the systems that transmit her avatar.”
    Heart of Aylanae:“As my third thing… I’d also like you to find Hachi and tell him that the order has come down that he report for neutering in our new giant dog rehabilitation area…”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn makes a strange face
    Heart of Aylanae:“In fact go inform him immedaitely! Like right now!”
    Young Geralt:“Ok, this is messed up. We need to report this to someone.”
    “How about you get down and lick my ball sack.”
    Heart of Aylanae:“I have notified everyone that needs to know about the current situation Gerold… or whatever your name is.”
  • Calim Gorn tries not to laugh
    Alyssa Toress:so is hacking the di crystal a mind death offense?
    DM:heh yeah you’d get in serious trouble for fucking with the heart of Aylane especially.
    A normal DI crystal not so mcuh but the heart of Aylanae… yeah.
    Heart of Aylanae:“You just keep upo that attitude, and I’ll send you to the neutering room too!”
    Young Geralt:“I’m done listening to this shit. The heart would never say something like that.”
    to Calim
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… You’re right, there is definitely something unusual going on… I’m just not sure who to report this to, or where they are… Normally I’d ask the Heart, but…”
    Heart of Aylanae:“I’m givng you two an order!”
  • Calim Gorn snickers a little, but holds it in, like he’s struggling to keep his composure…
    Young Geralt:“I’m tired, I just got back from giving Masaru’s mom the ride of her life.”
  • Calim Gorn starts laughing after hearing that
    Young Geralt:“I need to rest first.”
    Heart of Aylanae:“Now go on… before I lock you out of your quarters… You know I do control the doors. All of em. I’m the Heart of Aylanae!”
    Calim Gorn:“We’d better do what she says Geralt, she sounds serious…”
  • Calim Gorn continues laughing though
    DM:You see another projecction that looks like the heart of Aylanae appears in the room. The second one seems a bit more composed and more normal.
    Heart of Aylanae 2:“This prank has gone on long enough… if Geralt wishes to rest, he should be allowed to rest.”
    Young Geralt:“Yeah whatever. I don;t take orders from spineless imposters.”
    DM:You can see the orignal heart of Aylanae fades away followed by a familiar female voice coming from anothe room.
    Hana Makenki:“Come on… you ruined it!”
  • Hana Makenki enters the room looking angrily at the ‘newer’ heart of Aylane projection.
    Heart of Aylanae 2:“You stated before this would be a good-natured prank.”
    “You intended to prevent Geralt from sleeping, and this would potentially impair his performance.”
  • Calim Gorn claps his hands a little as he continues laughing
    Calim Gorn:“Well done, Hana, that was impressive.”
  • Hana Makenki takes a bow.
    Hana Makenki:“I still want to see how Hachi would have reacted to the news…”
    Calim Gorn:“Well, you could always do it again when he arrives… I won’t tell.”
  • Calim Gorn snickers a little
    Hana Makenki:“He’d sniff me out… I’ve still been working at covering up my scent.”
    Hachikomaru:was it hana illusions?
    Calim Gorn:lol yup
    Hachikomaru:instead of real heart of ayalanae
    yeah i figured as much
    didnt wanna spoil it tho
    Calim Gorn:“Ah yes, that’s true… His sense of smell is rather incredible.”
  • Calim Gorn claps Geralt on the back, “Come on, lighten up man.”
    Hana Makenki:“So hey, random question… are any of you good with magic?”
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head, sobering up a little
    Hana Makenki:“I mean you Yt guys are great with spells right?” (looks to Geralt)
    Young Geralt:“I guess. I mean I know a few tricks but it is not the magic of sorceresses like Alyssa
    Alyssa Toress:please the proper term is magical girl
    Hana Makenki:”Hmm.. damn… so you couldn’t hypothetically remove some kind of electrical ward that shocks anyone who tries to open a certain ventillation panel?"
    Young Geralt:i could blow the panel open maybe, but removing a ward, no."
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t think that sort of thing would be a good idea around here anyway…”
    Hana Makenki:“Oh… hmm damn… guess I’ll have to try bugging Helenia some more on how to remove that, or maybe Laventa…”
    “Yeah that’s what Laventa said before.”
    Calim Gorn:“I thought as much.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles a little
    Young Geralt:“Sorry, more pranks?”
    Hana Makenki:“Yeah, something like that.”
    “I’ll figure it out eventually hopefully, Anyway been nice talking to you two. But I gotta run.”
    DM:Hana starts to take off at a fast pace wall-running on one of the walls for effect as she makes her way out of there.
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head and chuckles some more
    Young Geralt:“Well I was sure that was Masaru. Guess not.”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t think he’d be clever enough for that sort of thing.”
    DM:Meanwhile… back at Alyssa…
    Young Geralt:“Yeah, probably not.”
  • Young Geralt continues into the room.
    DM:She arrives at the Dragon band barracks and goes to see Sythe.
    Hachikomaru:i want to order a 50’ diameter dog bed for the barracks
    hmm still working on plausible deniability for killing someone and claiming im just a lap dog
    Alyssa Toress:“hey sythe!”
    DM:Syhte is just preparing stufff in his room. the interior of his room has a lot of expensive things as would be expected from anyone from House Zanyz, but most notably a fully stocked minilibrary with plenty of books, many of them rare first editions and limited printings..
    Most of them delaing with military strategy and overall tactics.
    Young Geralt:i’t nevil
    well maybe not if military
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Hey Alyssa! I didn’t know when you were getting in.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah i just got in and came to see you right away”
    DM:He smiles as he seems you… the young man thoroughly put unde rthe spell of Alyssa’s charm.
    Alyssa Toress:“i took a trip to makoro over vacation”
    “it was pretty but everyone was poor and living in huts”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“You should have let me know, we could have travelled together. Makoro can be a dangerous place.”
    Alyssa Toress:“but they have this really cool thing called a hot spring where warm water comes up from under the earth”
    “and you get around and swim in it”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Now I really wish you told me.”
  • Sythe Zanyz IV smiles.
    Alyssa Toress:“one of my band members wanted help with some of his vassals and he didnt want everyone to find out”
    “something about honor or something like that”
    “makoro are big into honor”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Hmm…. it wasn’t Masaru was it?”
    Alyssa Toress:“no it was that dog guy”
    “masaru is a brute and vulger”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Ah yes, Hachikomaru. Yes I’ve been studying him a bit. Quite an interesting character.”
    Alyssa Toress:“turns out there was some demon causing trouble so i sent everyone else to deal with it while i stayed at the hot springs”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Sythe Zanyz IV smirks.
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Well I can’t blame you tehre, you are on vacation.”
    “And cleaning up Makoro’s monster problem is not work for a princess.”
    Alyssa Toress:“after that we just toured the country a bit went to a few festivals and came bakc here”
    “it was very rustic”
    “and cold”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“Yes, it is quite cold this time of year in Makoro. The seasons are reversed on the north side of Therin.”
    “So while it is summer in Rahseld ,Makoro is in its winter.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i got a few things of makoro clothing i could show off to you if you come visit later”
    Sythe Zanyz IV:“That sounds like a great idea.”
    Alyssa Toress:“come see me later i gotta go meet up with my band”
  • Alyssa Toress kisses him
  • Sythe Zanyz IV embraces you and kisses you.
    DM:Okay.. going to hachi…
    Hachi is on the docks waiting for the next airships to arrive (presumably since he didn’t do anything else)
    The ship from Ronen apparently is just arriving and off comes the travellers form there from both bands…
    Hachikomaru:where what why
    i assume you mean im in oramu waiting for a trip back to aylanae?
    DM:Nah you went back with Alyssa. you’re at Aylanae.
    Unless you didn’t want to go with Alyssa.
    I mean you could have waited for the usual ship.
    Hachikomaru:nah just trying to understand where im at etc
    im fine returning with her
    DM:heh okay, then you’re on the airship docks of Aylanae right now. heh.
    Just waitng for the other ships to come in, and perhaps just enjoying the fresh air.
    Hachikomaru:so i was just hanging out there? ok roger
    i thought you meant i was waiting to actually go some place, you had me confused
    DM:Heh nah..
    Hachikomaru:didnt get much sleep last night so my brain is all screwed up tonight
    DM:Gerlat and Calim whent ot the barracks and Alyssa went o see Sythe.
    DM:You didn’t tell me anything so you were kinda waitng around
    Hachikomaru:i gotcha
    well i didnt say anything because i wasnt sure what was going on
    DM:Whatever heh, it’s no big deal.
    Hachikomaru:you just said i wasnt there with calim and geralt
    so was just waiting to find out wherever i was at, didnt know you wanted my input
  • Hachikomaru takes in the smells of the travelers and the lingering smells of Ronen, as he stands on the docks, looking, listening, and smelling.
    DM:Coming out first you can see some of Dragon Band, Justinia Lastrium and Helenia Chrystri… Both of them wave to you as they see you and give the usual greetings…
  • Hachikomaru bows politely.
    DM:Behind them walking you see another warrior who looks rather similar to you.. with long silver hair and cat-like eyes.
    Calim Gorn:dun dun dun
    Hachikomaru:“I heard you shattered Lord Oshiro’s katana in training, Lady Lastrium, well done.”
  • Hachikomaru says in compliment.
    Hachikomaru:“With your bare hands.”
  • Hachikomaru says turning to stare up at the soldier.
    Justy S. Lastrium:“Yeah I didn’t really like the guy that much. I hear that’s a thing around here.”
    Hachikomaru:“He looks like he could be Geralt’s father.”
    “They have similar eyes.”
    DM:The other silver haired warrior stares at Hachi, sizing him up.
    Young Geralt:oh, Hachi set off his senses, hehe
    Hachikomaru:“But, Geralt is just one head of a many headed serpent, you sir, appear as a Silver Dragon.”
    “It is. Yes, I have heard the Hebbi-Kuran, and the stoy of the silver dragon, Ginryu, it must be you.”
    Helenia Chrystri:“Oh that’s just Sefiros… don’t mind him too much.”
  • Hachikomaru bows.
    Hachikomaru:“It is an honor to meet such a warrior.”
    Sefiros:“I have been called that before.”
  • Hachikomaru bows deeply.
    DM:The silver haired wariror seems to have little emotion to him and may not recognize you (actually he probably doesn’t causae you didn’t give him any knowledge skills :P )
    Hachikomaru:“I have heard of the Hebbi-Kuran and the mighty warriors that trained there.”
    DM:He returns the bow, apparently having some training in Makoro’s courtesies… before continuing on his way.
    Apparently not all that interested in a long conversation.
    Hachikomaru:“There was one said to have the countenance of a dragon of silver scales and emerald eyes.”
  • Hachikomaru bows again, as he looks at the rest of the passengers.
    DM:Helenia and Justy also proceed towards the Dragon band barracks, last off is Gregorio your band mate..
    Alyssa Toress:papa gregios
  • Hachikomaru waves him over.
    DM:He waves to you as he disembarks.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Hey. You know… I don’t think i ever learned how I’m supposed to address a lord of Makoro..”
    Hachikomaru:“You bring the smell of thunder with you each meeting.” he says curiously
    “Well, I suppose you can use the word Lord, as they do in Rahseld.”
    “We have words in Taiyo with the same meaning.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Oh… it might have come up being around that Sefiros guy.. he’s kind of creepy.. They say he was created in some kind of expirement.”
    Hachikomaru:“He’s known as Ginryu where I come from, it means silver dragon.”
    “An experiment? He looks like his mother or father must have been of Mokoro.”
    “He looks like a halfbreed.”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Hachikomaru:“The Lady Lastrium as well.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah I know she’s part Tai. On her father’s side.”
    Hachikomaru:“How is it, that she is of mokoro from her fathers line but bears a foreign name?”
    “Do the men in Ronen take their wives family’s name?”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I guess he was the really open-minded type?”
    “Not normally…”
    “Though she was imbued and he wasn’t… so…”
    Hachikomaru:“Maybe he was from the Yoshinori lands.”
    “They have queer ways to the rest of Mokoro.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“So I guess she’s closer to nobility than he is.”
    Hachikomaru:“I see.”
    “Her mother is a great warrior from what I understand.”
    “My apologies.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah I’ve heard some stories.”
    Hachikomaru:“Your question, I never answered it.”
    “What you call Houses, we call Gozoku, and what you’d call a lord, we say Atama.”
    “I am the Atama of Inuyama Gozoku.”
    “The Lord of House Inuyama, as you would say.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Ah.. So you should be Atama Hachikomaru?”
    Hachikomaru:“Hmm, would you say Lady Toress or Lady Alyssa?”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Well you’d call her princess Alyssa.”
  • Hachikomaru smiles.
    Hachikomaru:“Of course, but it wasn’t a trick question.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Speaking of which I heard she took a trip to Makoro near your lands…”
    Hachikomaru:“I just mean, do you address using the individual’s name or their family’s.”
    (actually have no idea T, lol)
    (if they go by the first or last in mokoro)
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“We attended the Winter Festival in a nearby village.”
    DM:heh.. I figure probably last for Makoro, don’t know if i ever defined it.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“You mean you went with her? Did she say anything?”
    Hachikomaru:(anyways I’ll teach him the proper lingo and what the diff levels of bowing mean, the deep bow for deep respect, the shallow polite bow, etc)
    Gregorio Prodynorites:(he seems far more interested in learning about the princess)
    Hachikomaru:“She said lot’s of things.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Anything about me?”
  • Hachikomaru raises an eyebrow.
  • Hachikomaru tries to think of a way to respond.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I was just curious what she thought of me…”
    Alyssa Toress:wow i cant believe that gregorio guy has such a tiny penis
    its like a baby dick
    Hachikomaru:“Well, she was impressed by your display of lightning magic before.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:(lol)
    Hachikomaru:“House Toress is known for their similar magics.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“She said that?”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites seems a bit excited.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Don’t lead the poor dude on
    Hachikomaru:“Well, not in those exact words, at that exact time.”
    Alyssa Toress:sef is just gonna make my life harder
    Hachikomaru:“I believe she said it, the day it happened….”
    “Not during her trip to Mokoro.” lol
    Alyssa Toress:i dont think i ever said any of that
    Hachikomaru:lol im just trying to be polite
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Oh… So she didn’t say anything more recently?”
  • Hachikomaru squirms a bit.
    Hachikomaru:“Is there something specific I should reply with?”
  • Hachikomaru says feeling like he’s being tested with wits.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“No… I mean, I was just… never mind…”
    Hachikomaru:“Is this some sort of political duel?”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I should probably get to unloading my gear in my room.”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites seems rather disappoionted as he starts to head away.
    Hachikomaru:“I was just trying to be polite, my apologies.”
    Calim Gorn:Poor Papagiorgio
    Hachikomaru:“I do not mean to speak directly for her highness.”
    “I will ask her on your behalf, if you require.”
    Young Geralt:good job sef, he probably going to go off himself now…
    Hachikomaru:“Is there a certain way you would like me to form the inquiry?”
    lol yeah i know
    Calim Gorn:Figured he would have heard the rumor about her banging Sythe by now anyway
    DM:well he’d smell it anyway lol
    Hachikomaru:think tab meant Greg
    not me
    Young Geralt:maybe he’ll come to me to find out how to get some action from Masaru’s mom ;P
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I meant Gregorio
    Like why is he trying to get with the princess, doesn’t he know she’s Sythe’s bitch
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:(yeah heh, he probably did though he might be in denial)
    “Uh.. no thanks.”
    “It’s not all that important, I was just curious.”
    Hachikomaru:“If you would like, you can accompany me, to meet with her some time.”
    Alyssa Toress:hachi please stop smelling so much near me
    Young Geralt:does hachi sniff your butt?
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“But don’t tell her I was asking that stuff, okay. I don’t want her to think I’m weird or something.”
    “Anyway… maybe we can talk later.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    DM:Gregorio heads off…
    Hachikomaru:“If it makes you feel any better, I believe she already thinks we’re both weird.”
    DM:Gregorio doesn’t respond but you probably depressed him some wiht that lost comment.
    Hachikomaru:“If I need to find you, I’ll follow the sound of thunder.”
  • Hachikomaru says, jokingly.
    DM:okay… going to head to next scene… so assuming you all eventualyl go to your barracks to settle down…
  • Hachikomaru turns his attention back to the docks, and then his mind wanders to Suzo, as he tries to pick up her trail and locate her.
    DM:She’s not here yet, the Yt/Makoor ship is the last to arrive.
    Hachikomaru:ok roger that
    DM:I was gonna ask if you any of you wanted to meet it at the docks.
    DM:Or if you’re gonna just want to stay in your barracks or what not
    Hachikomaru:that would prolly be the proper thing to do
    considering the oshiro’s son is on board
    Calim Gorn:Calim is gonna try to find Laventa to give her the kimono he got for her, other than that he has no concrete plans
    Hachikomaru:or i presume anyways
    Alyssa Toress:then hes gonna be like hey try it on
    also you arent actually supposed to wear anything under it
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh okay, yeah you can spend some time with Laventa. not gonna bother RPing that part out.. I mean since we kinda know where you and Laventa are moving towards anyway :P
    Nothing too much woudl happen yet.
    Alyssa Toress:i hope you like it!
    oh you need help
    let me help
    Alright so presumably Hachi is gonna be the only one to greet the Makoro ship?
    Alyssa Toress:yeah i guess no one else cares
    DM:lol yeah.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Hachi can see the airship from Makoro and Yt arrive, like orignally it’s one ship that picks up from both areas.
    Masaru emerges first, with a look that seems to show renewed arrogance. with Nori behind him.
    Suzu doesn’t come off just yet.. at least not that you can see.. though Viniira is behind those two, keeping a good distance from the two from Makoro.
    Masaru walks up to Hachi. extending the usual Makoro courtesies.
  • Hachikomaru bows deeply.
    DM:Just don’t want to bother going with all the ettiquette stuff but just letting you know Nori and Masaru aren’t disrespecting you or anything heh.
    Masaru Oshiro:“I’m surrpised the princess isnt’ here to greet me.”
    Hachikomaru:“I’m sure she must be preoccupied with something important to not extend such a courtesy my lord.”
    “How was your journey home?”
    “Is that a new sword?”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Indeed it is.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Hachikomaru says throwing in a jib.
  • Masaru Oshiro pulls out his katana to show you.
    DM:Apparently it is quite a new blade, and of remarkable quality.
    Hachikomaru:“A beauty.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Specially forged by masters of swordcraft, my father says it will go nicely with my new trainng that I recieved.”
    Hachikomaru:“Fresh forged?”
    “I would have thought you would recieve one of the Oshiro’s ancient blades.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“None of the family blades suited my purposes as this one does.”
    “So a new weapon had to be constructed.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“You sound like my father.”
    “He would say something like that.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Your father was quite a warrior. A legend around Makoro.”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, I could see your skill has improved quite alot from watching just here.”
    “I can imagine you likely spent as much of your downtime training.”
    “Yes, some say.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“As my father says, a true warrior can never afford to relax.”
    Calim Gorn:(Bet he didn’t slay an oni though)
    Hachikomaru:“Others speak of him as if they were simply telling a children’s fable.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“The trainng I recieved in my time off from this place makes me wonder why I bother listening to these fools in the first place.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Masaru Oshiro:“The ways of Makoro are far superior anything these foreigners can teach.”
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, afterall they come to the Hebi-Kuran to learn our ways.” he says just trying to tell him what he wants to hear
  • Masaru Oshiro smirks.
    Masaru Oshiro:“One day I’ll train there.”
    Hachikomaru:“I saw one such warrior earlier, perhaps you’ve heard of him.”
    “The Templar, Sefiros.”
    Masaru Oshiro:(He’s not a templar yet)
    (He’s just an artificer’s guild member)
    Hachikomaru:ah ok well just insert dragonband
    “I hear he trained at the Hebi-Kuran, and they called him Ginryu.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“A token offering to his hair no doubt.”
    Hachikomaru:“He wield’s a temple sword (ie non functional huge ass nodachi shrine sword) like a normal man wields a katana.”
    smiths would make these huge nodachis as just displays of their skills, sicne they were difficult to create from what i read
    they werent meant to be used
    so thats how i had the story of Sef using one
    Masaru Oshiro:“I would not beleive all you hear, most say he simply conjures his weapon from Aela.”
    Hachikomaru:i think he picked up one of the ornamental ones and used it like it was a functional one at the hebi-kuran
    or that was the story i had come up with him as to how he got to using one
    just super STRed what was pose to be a decoration lol
    Masaru Oshiro:“Anyhow I am eager to be back… so much to do. Things are going to be different around here, I’m going to get my proper respect.”
    Hachikomaru:“I see.”
  • Hachikomaru bows. “If you have need of my services my lord, then I am always here.”
    Calim Gorn:(Man, 7 more years with this guy)
    Young Geralt:its like Malfoy at Hogwartz
  • Hachikomaru greets Noori and the others as they disembark.
    Masaru Oshiro:“of course. It is good seeing you Atama Inuyama.”
    Hachikomaru:“Viniira, you look even more fiercer than when you left.” he says as she passes by
    DM:He and Nori proceed past… as Viniira stops to see you.
    Viniira the Horned:“And I’m twice as fierce as I look.”
    Hachikomaru:“And your axe sharper.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Though for now we better get down to the barracks and warn Geralt, I think Masaru is going to try something.”
    “Suzu overheard them saying something on the trip over here.”
    Hachikomaru:“Perhaps, it is best to let them settle their own problems.”
    “Geralt, is tougher than he looks.”
    “Well, I suppose he looks tougher too now.”
    “With that big scar on his chest.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Well I want to make sure he’s at least ready.”
  • Hachikomaru says in jest poking fun of himself.
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“I shall not keep you from your task.”
  • Hachikomaru waits for Suzu.
    Calim Gorn:(Are we PL7 yet? lol)
    DM:Nah you’ll be PL7 at thge end of your 2nd year. heh :P
    And PL 8 at the end of year 4.
    Calim Gorn:Sadness
    DM:Vinira continues off. Suzu, though you can smell her, takes about 5 mnutes more befofe she comes out… checking timidly from over the railing before proceeding down.
  • Hachikomaru waits for her patiently then bows deeply when she steps off.
    Hachikomaru:“Greetings Lady Ueno.”
    DM:She returns the bow in the formal ettiquette of Makoro.
    Young Geralt:her and greg should hook up, but then again neither would have the guts to make the first move
    Suzu Ueno:“Greetings Atama.”
    Hachikomaru:“I hope your trip was a fruitful and enjoyable one.”
    “I had thought to visit the Yoshinori lands while I was back home, but had duties to attend to.”
    “I’ve heard you have developed a natural talent for magitech devices.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I understnad. I was quite busy as well.”
  • Suzu Ueno seems a little embarassed at the comment.
    Hachikomaru:“That will be a useful talentm especially in this place.”
    Suzu Ueno:“It was an exaggeration at best.”
    Hachikomaru:“I still understand very little.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Though I appreciate your kind words.”
    Hachikomaru:“Could I trouble you for any assistance I may need in the city?”
    Suzu Ueno:“Do you require anything?”
  • Hachikomaru shakes his head. “Nothing at the moment, other than just the company and conversation.”
    Hachikomaru:“But I’m sure I’ll manage to lock myself out of the barracks or something sooner or later.”
    “I just wanted you to know, that if you need any help as well, then do not be afraid to ask for my help.”
    “It is easily and readily available.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods silently.
    Hachikomaru:“I have a mother, and two sisters to look after back home.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Family obligations can sometimes be difficult.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, though this is the one place you can come to escape some of that in some way.”
    “At least, for a young woman such as yourself.”
    “The rules and customs here are different.”
    “You don’t have to cook any meals, you don’t want to, for example.”
  • Hachikomaru says with a raised brow.
    Suzu Ueno:“my family says I should be polite.”
    Alyssa Toress:suzu needs to hang out with alyssa more
    Calim Gorn:Second
    Hachikomaru:“If someone troubles you, then you let me know, and I’m sure they’ll recieve a healthy visit from a fox, who will trouble them equally.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I do not wish to offend.”
    Alyssa Toress:hey suzu have you ever heard of mdma
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:“Of course, but it is my duty to make sure you are not on the recieving end of such offense as well.”
    Suzu Ueno:“There is no need… I do not wish to start trouble.”
    Hachikomaru:“My father was friend and ally to Daimyo Yoshinori, and you are his vassal.”
    “So I am honorbound to return such courtesies.”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m just waiting for her to snap and like, shove a magitech gun down Masaru’s throat and blow his head off, or something)
  • Hachikomaru bows again.
    Hachikomaru:“If you need anything, just send for me.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“I will be… okay.”
  • Suzu Ueno seems as if she was reluctant to say that last statement.
    Hachikomaru:“Yes, I know.”
    “Since any such offenders will be dealt with personally.”
    “Your cooking smelled quite good I must add.”
  • Hachikomaru says with a jestful smile.
    Hachikomaru:“I didn’t get a chance to taste any of it though.”
    “The food here is horrible in comparison.”
    Young Geralt:so get in there and fix me some soup woman!
    Hachikomaru:“The view food like it’s just water, a meaningless necessity.”
    “No art or skill to it at all.”
    “It all tastes the same, even to my sharp senses.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I could make you some sometime…”
    “If that is your wish…”
    Hachikomaru:“I would be eager to share a meal with a true artist.”
    “Than a golem pushing paste.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    DM:Okay, gonna switch to Geralt (anbd potentially Calim(
    Back at the Emerald Band barracks
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    Hachikomaru:“What was it you heard, could I ask?”
    DM:Masaru and Nori arrive.
    Calim Gorn:I’d be at the barracks if I’m done visiting with Laventa, heh
    Hachikomaru:“Viniira says Lord Oshiro intends to do something to Geralt.”
    DM:There’s a loud clang on the metal wall that resounds through the building.
  • Calim Gorn jumps at the sudden sound
    Young Geralt:“wha—?”
    DM:Geralt’s accurate hearing cna pinpoint it in the main entry room downstairs.
    He guesses it was from someone striking the wall.
  • Young Geralt will exitto check it out
  • Calim Gorn follows after him
    DM:The two fo you can see Masaru and Nori downstairs… There doesn’t seem to be any damge to the wall (it’s notoriously hard to damage the structures in Aylanae)
    Masaru Oshiro:“Good now that you two are awake… there’s going to be changes around here.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Young Geralt:“Ok, whatever. I’m heading back to my room and you can tell me about it tomorrow.”
  • Masaru Oshiro advances towards Geralt with a furious look.
    Young Geralt:he downstairs and we on a balcomy right?
    DM:heh, yeah there’s a little balcony overlooking it.
    Young Geralt:ok, mso he coming up the stairs to the side or something?
    Masaru Oshiro:“You will listen you wretched worm…. You are talking to the imbued son of Daimyo Oshiro, chosen of the Oshiro Gozoku to be successor.”
    Young Geralt:or just walking up to under the balcony
    DM:Yeah heh there’s two sets of steps basically ccurling eitehr way and he’s climbing up one side.
    He’s starting to climb up.
    Nori is behind him as well, keeping his eye on Calim.
  • Calim Gorn gives Nori a sort of “Why do you put up with this asshole” look
    Young Geralt:“Yeah, ok… I don;t know what any of that means. I’m not in your lands. When you take power there then you can start bossing people around.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“I already have power over your worthless lands…. Do you tihnk your clan will get another Imbued if you dare challenge me?”
    Young Geralt:“Till then just shut your pie hole.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“With one word to my father, your clan coudl lose all rights to get anymore imbued, and your clan woudl dry up like the worthless husk it is.”
    Calim Gorn:“Heh, your father is only one vote on the Council. He doesn’t have that much power on his own.”
    DM:Masaru approaches up to Geralt, his fists glowing with a greenish energy that is indicative of mana-channeling.
    Masaru Oshiro:“Your little tricks aren’t going to work on me anymore. Now shut your mouth and obey or I’m going to beat the respect into you.”
    “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be as subservient as one of my father’s concubines.”
    Young Geralt:“I don;t have time to deal with you. You can beat me all you want but it won;t earn you any respect. Respect comes from earnign it through deeds, not force and threats.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Then consider this my first deed.”
    DM:Alright initative time… heh.. I haven’t implemnentd the PC roller yet so I’ll add you to int
    Calim you want to join in or you gonna let them fight it out?
    Calim Gorn:lol this should be good
    Alyssa Toress:i am still at dragon band right
    Calim Gorn:I’ll let Masaru and Geralt go one on one, I’ll keep an eye on Nori and intervene if he does
    DM:actually you mgiht be around for this too Herlock, since I mean you wowuld have left there before anyway.
    Young Geralt:“Do what you wish. You will ruin your honor and receive a beating for harming a fellow imbued.”
    Alyssa Toress:okay but i am not getting into combat
    dont roll init for me
    DM:heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:“Watch out Geralt!”
    DM:one sec lemme update Masaru’s stats…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I see how it is, they get beefier stats but we don’t =P
    DM:Masaru takes a swipe at Geralt with his green glowing fist.
    You got some power points :P
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +8, rank 5 Damage) PA 2Roll Result: 24 (18) Effect Rank: 7
    Calim Gorn:Ow
    DM:He unleashes a vicious flurry of blows (that has multiattack on it..)
    Getting two degrees of success, so that’s another +5 damge for ihm… alright you gotta make a toughness roll against him.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, it’s only +2 for 2 degrees
    DM:oh wait yeah
    that’s right.
    Calim Gorn:You gotta get 3 degrees for +5 damage
  • Young Geralt takes the blow with a heavy grunt
    DM:yeahonly +2.
    Calim Gorn:lol damn
    DM:Geralt takes 3 wounds and is staggered from the vicous onslaught (it is a nonlethal attack, but seems to hit quite powerfuly nonethleess).
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    Masaru Oshiro:“What do you have to say now, you white haired freak?”
  • Young Geralt takes a moment to regain his composure, not attacking back but standing his ground…
    Young Geralt:remove staggered….
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, Recover action
    Should remove it
    Masaru Oshiro:yeah
    you can take your acton to just recover.
    Young Geralt:ok, done
    Masaru Oshiro:yeah it’ll keep your wounds just remove the staggere conditon. so you don’t drop on another 3 wound hit.
    *****Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*****
    DM:Masaru contineus the barrage… clearly having some martial arts techniques and movingg with a flurry of punches and kicks… he’s been practicing with techniques that aren’t taught here in Aylanae…
    Calim Gorn:That also gives you +2 on your active defenses until the start of your next turn
    DM:It does? Didn’t know it gave any bonus
    Calim Gorn:Yeah says so in the book
    DM:oh okay gues st does.
    Never knew that
    heh… guess they copied that from 4E second wind.
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +8, rank 5 Damage) PA 1Roll Result: 10 (3) Effect Rank: 6
    DM:This time you manage to block Masaru’s flurry of green energy strikes.
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn keeps an eye on Nori, likely the same thing Nori is doing to him
    DM:Yeah Nori seems to be observing Calim mostly with a look of practiced stoicism
  • Young Geralt dodged the wild attack…. “You have not earned any more respect yet. The more you act like an ass the more i dispise you.”
    Young Geralt:is there a full defense action?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    DM:Yeah there’s a full defense.
    Young Geralt:what bonus?
    DM:Basically ou roll 1d20+your defense and that becomes your defense. If you roll lower than 10 though youa dd 10
    Simiarl to using a hero poitnt for defense.
    Young Geralt:ok
    DM:So it’s kinda variable.
    could be anywhere from 1 – 10 point bonus
    Calim Gorn:It says you roll it against any attack made on you heh
  • Young Geralt goes full defense, using his nimbleness to avoid Masaru.\
    Calim Gorn:Though doing a static bonus for the round might be easier
    DM:yeah I remember I generally did that most of the time before, won’t really matter here anyway.
    I guess if someone is running certain combat manuevers that rely on full D it might warrant multiple rolls I dunno.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    DM:Masaru contineus attacking, convinced he’s got you on the defensive.
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, 8, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2Roll Result: 21 (13) Effect Rank: 7
    Calim Gorn:So roll 1d20 + Parry
    Young Geralt:oops that was a d10
    Calim Gorn:You could do it as 1d10
    10 lol
    Since you add 10 to anything that rolls under 10
    DM:yeah heh… that’s one way to do it.
    Calim Gorn:Not your full Parry, just your bonus
    So that should be +6
    DM:Yeah so that sohuld be a 6… well anyway it amounts to the same
    cause he adds 10 anyway cause he rolled under 10
    So it’l be 17.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    So that still hits him
    DM:Masaru gets through your defenses punching in at you withy his blow… alright give me a toughness roll
    Calim Gorn:Oof, rolling really bad
    Young Geralt:yep
    DM:That’s a 2 degree failure.. so 2 wounds and you’re dazed.
    Calim Gorn:That’s only 2 degrees at least
    *****Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    Young Geralt:dazed 1 round?
    DM:Yeah only lasts this turn
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    It’ll clear at the end of your turn I think
    DM:Vinirra comes running in the main door…
    Viniira the Horned:“Geralt!”
  • Young Geralt continues on the defense… maneuvering so that masaru is between him and the stairs….
    Masaru Oshiro:“Look… your woman has come to protect you… how cute.”
    DM:Heh okay. you were holding the higher ground so that won’t be too hard.
    *****Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*****
    DM:Masaru presses the attack… a smile on his face.
    Young Geralt:“I have friends. They are not here to protect me because you are no threat. Even if you keep hitting me you are and always will be a coward.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Not a threat? Your broken ribs say otherwise.”
    Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +8, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 AOA 5Roll Result: 18 (7) Effect Rank: 7
    DM:Masaru puts everything he has into the flurry… trying to take you down.
    Calim Gorn:Roll your full defense again heh
    Young Geralt:piss
    Masaru Oshiro:damn.
    Calim Gorn:So close
    Masaru Oshiro:minium defense twice in a rol
    DM:Alright give me another toughnes roll
    Calim Gorn:That’s gonna hurt
    Young Geralt:the dice are bound to change some time
    DM:Another 3 wounds and a three degree failure, and you’re staggered again.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, 3 degrees again, but at least you removed Staggered earlier
    Masaru Oshiro:“Ready to give up freak?”
    Calim Gorn:(to Nori) “Do you really find honor in serving a tyrant like this?”
  • Viniira the Horned holds her axe at ready, as Nori moves to intercept her with his spear.
    Hachikomaru:try the psychic roller method like me G
    Nori Yuudai:“I only see that the combat remains honorable.”
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    Hachikomaru:visualize a nat 20 before you click on the roller :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:im serious thats what i do haha
    Viniira the Horned:“To hell with your honor!”
    DM:Viniira rushes in to join the fight…
    It’s geralts turn right now.
    Calim Gorn:lol, well if she’s keeping Nori occupied guess I can join in as well, unless Geralt wants me to hold back
    DM:I won’t let Nori act this round since they will be coming in next tunr
    okay Calim and Nori will get to act next round so not yet… heh.
  • Calim Gorn draws his pistol as he sees Viniira rushing in
    DM:But Geralt is up righ tnow
  • Young Geralt staggers on his feet, taking a moment to regain his composure between blows… spitting out a wad of blood toward Masaru. I may be a freak, but you will always be a grovelling worm seeking out attention."
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Next round before I can act right?
    DM:So what were you doing G? just full Defense agin?
    You can’t recover twice in a combat
    can only do that once
    Young Geralt:yep, focus to remove staggered
    oh ok
    DM:oh you can’t actually do that agin, you only get one recover per battle.
    Kinda like 4E second wind
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah can’t remove the staggered twice
    Young Geralt:so can’t do that again
    Calim Gorn:Can just full defense
    Masaru Oshiro:“You should learn how to speak to your betters, savage.”
    Young Geralt:ok, well i guess that is it… i’m trying to make him look like the tyrant
    DM:heh okay.
    *****Start of Nori Yuudai’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Viniira the Horned’s Turn*****
    DM:Vinira rushes at Nori trying to get past him, and it’s clear Nori intends to block it.
    She strikes at him with the flat side of her axe, reducing its effectiveness but at least not making it lethal
    Viniira the Horned:Viniira the Horned Attacks! (Close, +7, rank 3 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2Roll Result: 20 (13) Effect Rank: 5
    Calim Gorn:Whooo go Viniira
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:5 , Save DC:20 ) Nori Yuudai -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    And she staggers Nori.
    wow… heh…
    Calim Gorn:lol nice
    DM:Nori apparently wasn’t execpting such a powerful response from a woman… so his reactions weren’t as quick or deliberate as they should hav ebeen.. or perhaps he had his eye on Calim’s gu…
    *Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*
    DM:Masaru presses his maritl arts flurry on Geralt.
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +8, rank 5 Damage) AOA 2Roll Result: 13 (3) Effect Rank: 5
    DM:Though this time is easily held off.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*
  • Nori Yuudai speaks something in Taiyou as he’s struck by Viniira.
    Young Geralt:“Viniira, do not lower yourself to their level. Masaru came here lookign for a fight, don;t give it to him. He is weak and will never have respect for his behavior.”
    Viniira the Horned:“If they want a fight, that’s fine with me… so long as we win.”
  • Young Geralt caughs up some blood.
    Young Geralt:“I’ll live. I have scars on my chest to prove it.”
    Calim Gorn:“That’s all fine and good, Geralt, but friends stick up for one another.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Geralt, you’re as weak as Suzu… it looks like the dog tamed you.”
    Young Geralt:full defense
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn attempts to take Nori down to give Viniira a clear path to Masaru
    DM:Heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:Will fire off some non-lethal from my pistol
    DM:Do you h ave a nonlethal attack?
    Calim Gorn:It has Variable 2
    DM:Ah okay.
    Yeah it could have a nonlethal attack then
    Calim Gorn:It’s also multiattack
    DM:probably some electrical attack
    Young Geralt:salt rounds…
    Calim Gorn:Damn, so close to a crit
    DM:Well say it’s an electrical blast. I mean it does shoot energy so that’d make sense.
    Calim Gorn:But hopefully that gets the full +5 multiattack
    Masaru Oshiro:nah missed the +5 by 1
    Calim Gorn:Shit
    Masaru Oshiro:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 3 ( natural:2 , Save DC:23 ) Nori Yuudai -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom
    DM:Wow still smoked him though.
    Calim Gorn:Took him down either way, lol
    “Go Viniira!”
    DM:Nori takes a cheap shot from Calim as he’s reeling from Vinira’s blow.
    *****Start of Nori Yuudai’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Viniira the Horned’s Turn*****
    Young Geralt:cheap shot, lol
    DM:Vinira rushes up at Masaru.. who is stil offbalance from going all out on Geralt.
    Young Geralt:i’m pulling a neo.. taking a beating from Agent Smith
    Viniira the Horned:Viniira the Horned Attacks! (Close, +7, rank 3 Damage) PA 2Roll Result: 22 (17) Effect Rank: 5
    Masaru Oshiro:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:7 , Save DC:20 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:And she dazes Masaru with the flat of her axe.
    *****Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*****
    DM:Masaru turns back towards Vinira now… moving like a blur he reaches for his katana.
    Hachikomaru:can i just eat everyone like on the jaws poster?
    swallow the whole barracks
    Young Geralt:lol
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) PA 2Roll Result: 7 (2) Effect Rank: 9
    DM:Though his blow is mis aimed, perhaps from her blow knocking him off balance… as the katana clumsily misses.
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
  • Young Geralt attemts to disarm Masaru so he doesn’t harm Viniira with the sword… Aard blast to disarm….. blow the sword out of his raised hand
    DM:heh okay.
    Lets see first he’ll get a dodge roll to try halve the aeffect… lemme roll that up
    What’s the rank of the AArd again?
    Young Geralt:6
    Masaru Oshiro:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:2 , Save DC:16 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:okay I believe this is an opposed check now his strength versus the strength of your aard(whcih is the rank)
    So roll 1d20+6.
    and he rolls his strength/.
    Young Geralt:me focuses on a 20, focuses on a 20….
    Calim Gorn:rofl
    DM:heh wow…
    Calim Gorn:Aw come on
    DM:Masaru barely manages to retain grasp of his weapon.
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn turns his gun on Masaru and fires a barrage of non-lethal electrical rounds
    Masaru Oshiro:“I see, the coward only fights when striking an opponents back.”
    DM:Oay I am gonna give him a bit of cover since he’s amdst two melee attackersa nd on higher ground so I’ll give that a 2.
    Calim Gorn:Hm probably no multi
    Well especially not now
    DM:Yeah still enough to hit him though.
    Masaru Oshiro:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 20 ( natural:16 , Save DC:21 ) Masaru Oshiro -
    —— Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I was next to Geralt at the start of the fight
    DM:Masaru takes another minor wound from the 3 on 1…
    Calim Gorn:So I should be on higher ground
    *****Start of Viniira the Horned’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Since Geralt was keeping him on the stairs
    DM:Oh right… yeah that’s true heh.. though wouldn’t really have changed much
    Yeah that’s true I forgot you were above too.. nm
    You shouldnt’ have had the penatly though it wouldn’t h ave changed anything regardless
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    DM:Vinira contineus the attack.
    Viniira the Horned:Viniira the Horned Attacks! (Close, +7, rank 3 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2Roll Result: 24 (17) Effect Rank: 5
    Calim Gorn:“The thing about tyrants, Masaru, usually the people end up banding together to rise up against them.”
    DM:Fueled by her anger at Masaru she whacks him again wtiht he axe.
    Masaru Oshiro:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 11 ( natural:8 , Save DC:20 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:And dazes him agin.
    *****Start of Masaru Oshiro’s Turn*****
    DM:he coughts up a bit of blood..
    Masaru Oshiro:“You have no honor… none of you!”
    Calim Gorn:“I’ll take being an honorless dog over what you consider to be honor any day of the week.”
    Young Geralt:should ahve just let me take my beating, then he could still be a worm.. now he going to say it was unfair
    Alyssa Toress:cut his dick off
    Calim Gorn:lol well he’s still a worm either way
    Alyssa Toress:i am sure they wont mind death you for that
    Calim Gorn:And I was gonna stay out of it but then Viniira ran in
    Alyssa Toress:slap on the wrist
    boys will be boys
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Masaru slashes at Viniira again trying to get a decent escape path in his dazed state…
    Masaru Oshiro:Masaru Oshiro Attacks! (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) Defensive Attack 2Roll Result: 13 (8) Effect Rank: 7
    DM:he swings but msises as Vinira continues the attackj trying to stay in close quarters with him so he can’t get a full swing.
    She has a vicious scary look in h er eye, showing off the Minotaur clan part of her, part of the battle does seem almost as if Masaru is being stamped down by an angry bull.
    *****Start of Young Geralt’s Turn*****
    Alyssa Toress:he got beat up by a girl
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah that’s gonna be an even bigger blow to his ego
    Viniira the Horned:“I care nothing for your honor!”
  • Young Geralt attempts again to disarm Masaru before he goes overboard….
    Alyssa Toress:just knock ihm out
    like maybe cut a few arteries
    major ones
    DM:heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, self-defense man
    Alyssa Toress:maybe paralyze him
    Young Geralt:lol, then i get brain death
    Calim Gorn:Nah you can just claim self-defense
    Alyssa Toress:if you just break his spine
    Calim Gorn:We can back you up
    Alyssa Toress:you wont get mind deathed
    Viniira the Horned:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:10 , Save DC:16 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Success
    Hachikomaru:afk a few mins gonna grab a bite to eat, brb
    Young Geralt:blow him down the stairs.. snap his neck?
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Masaru dodges part of the effect so you only get d20+3 on your disarm check this time
    Alyssa Toress:just like put him a wheelcheair forever
    DM:Instead of the full rank of 6.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Alyssa Toress:you can still run a nation from a wheel chair
    fdr did it for 4 terms
    DM:This time the blade comes from his hand, much to his horror.
    The wind blows it against the wall clanging it down the steps.
    *****Start of Young Calim’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn tags Masaru with another barrage as his sword goes flying
    Calim Gorn:Gimme that multi
    DM:Yeah heh.. you got it.
    Calim Gorn:Whoooo
    Well actually I think that’s only +2 still
    Just barely missed the +5
    Young Geralt:“Yield Masaru. THis fight can be over. No one has to know how you behaved except us. You may keep your honor.”
    DM:on an attack roll a 10 or better counts it’s just on a failure you need the 1
    it’s kinda weird. heh.
    Calim Gorn:Oh nice
    Sweet, +5 damage then
    So rank 11 total
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:7 , Save DC:26 ) Masaru Oshiro -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom!
    Alyssa Toress:too bad it wasnt lethal
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:The shot strikes him in the head causing his body to twitch before crashing to the ground.
    Young Geralt:jerk, jerk twitch, twitch….
  • Viniira the Horned gives his body a kick as he’s on the ground.
    Calim Gorn:“Well, that was a pleasant way to start the school year.”
    Viniira the Horned:“Geralt are you alright?”
    Alyssa Toress:“hey can you guys quiet down i am trying to do my meditation”
    Young Geralt:“I’m sorry you had to get involved Viniira.”
    Alyssa Toress:“why are they onthe ground?”
    Calim Gorn:“Sorry, we had to get Masaru to stop being a dick.”
    Viniira the Horned:"I knew he was going to try something, I came to warn you… "
    Young Geralt:“Yes, thank you. Me slumps a little as i reach out for her….”
    Alyssa Toress:“you realize saying that is like sying i am trying to get the sun to stop rising”
    Calim Gorn:“Come on, let’s get him to the healing water.”
  • Viniira the Horned grabs Geralt to help steady him.
    Young Geralt:can i burry my face in her bossom as i feign pasing out
  • Calim Gorn grabs Geralt as well, helping to support him
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Viniira the Horned:“Oh right…”
    DM:The fountain is just a little ways away, its right near the base of the stairs heh.
    So you can get him there no problem he.h
    Alyssa Toress:“hi viniira!”
    “how was vacation”
    DM:And the waters take effect healing him up rather quickly, while Geralt is drinking Vinira goes and kicks NOri as he’s unconscious.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Young Geralt:“I’m fine. Really.” Just a little woozy. He punched hard. It’s too bad he is still an asshole."
  • Alyssa Toress kicks masaru
  • Viniira the Horned smiles at Alyssa as she joins in.
    Calim Gorn:“How about we tie them together at the base of a flagpole or something?”
    Viniira the Horned:“I am unfamilair with their culture, whatever would be most humiliating.”
    Alyssa Toress:“probably let everyone in the city know they got beat up by a girl”
    Calim Gorn:“Most humiliating, hmm… Probably dressing them up as women.”
    Young Geralt:“He would be a good fighter. He apparently has issues.”
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe have the heart of aylane let everyone in the city know he got beat up by a girl”
    Young Geralt:((or putting Nori’s dick in his hand))
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Viniira the Horned:(lol)
    Calim Gorn:“It would be nice if there were some way to make him not such an incorrigible prick.”
    Alyssa Toress:“well you cant kill him”
    “so i mean i am out of ideas”
    Calim Gorn:“You mean the famous Toress charm doesn’t have some way to enspell his mind?”
    Alyssa Toress:“theres only one part of my charm he wants”
    “and i already have a boyfriend”
    Calim Gorn:“Since when did that stop anyone?”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m a very nice honest girl”
    Viniira the Horned:“Every girl says that…”
    Young Geralt:“I know this is gong to sound wierd. I say we let them be… revive them and do not say a word. He will not speak of it or he will be shamed. If we respect his defeat then he may respect us in return. i could be wrong but if so Viniira can pound his ass again.”, me smiles to her.
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Alyssa Toress:“i want nothing to do with a brute like masaru”
    Viniira the Horned:“Every girl from Rahseld anyway…”
  • Calim Gorn chuckles
    Calim Gorn:“You may be right, Geralt.”
    “Though I’m certain he’ll cry about our lack of honor and claim that you can’t defend yourself.”
    Viniira the Horned:“I say we humiliate him… but you were the one who was attacked.”
    Alyssa Toress:“please i am a good girl from a well respected family”
    Young Geralt:“He can say all he wants about me, they are only words. I will not give him the satisfaction of stooping to his level.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Alyssa Toress:“i think suzu needs to hang out with me more”
    “teach her to be a proud young lady”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… That might actually not be a bad idea.”
    (Fast forward six months and Suzu has become a total kogal)
    Alyssa Toress:“get rid of that makoro brain washing”
    Viniira the Horned:“its going to be hard to teach her anything if she doesn’t want to stand up for herself.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, I agree…”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’ll work on her”
    Viniira the Horned:“When you’re dealing with a predator, you just need to show you’re not prey.”
  • Viniira the Horned kicks Masaru again as she says that.
    Alyssa Toress:“maybe we could have a ladies night”
    “i’ll have arielle come over too”
    “no boys allowed”
    Young Geralt:“If he wants to spar then we can do so, but this was not the time nor place.”
    Alyssa Toress:“geralt i dont think he wanted to spar”
    “i think he wanted to kick your ass to show dominance”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, he wanted to beat you into submission.”
    Alyssa Toress:“you should probably take an ear or finger as revenge”
    “or go throw his sword off the edge of the city”
    Calim Gorn:“Uh… I don’t think we should go quite that far…”
    Alyssa Toress:“but throwing his sword off the edge is good right”
    Calim Gorn:“That’s just going to make him angrier.”
    Alyssa Toress:“we need to show dominance”
    Calim Gorn:“He needs to learn that his behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop… I’m just not sure how to get that lesson through to him.”
    DM:Plus if you willfully destroy his weapon like that, you can technically be charged for its repair heh if it didn’t happen as an incidental effect o training.
    Alyssa Toress:“and let him know hes a little bitch”
    Calim Gorn:“Heh, maybe you should put a collar on him then.”
    “Enchant it so he can’t take it off.”
    Alyssa Toress:“wtih a leash”
  • Anise Dreamborn comes flying in the main doorway on her Aela disc, apparently in a hurry, with Vilar at her side.
    Anise Dreamborn:“Oh I see I missed the action…”
    Alyssa Toress:“heya anise”
    Anise Dreamborn:“I told the Heart of Aylane to inform me if Masaru tried anything… but I was across Aylanae.”
    “Hey Alyssa.”
    “I see you handled the problem.”
  • Anise Dreamborn smirks.
    Alyssa Toress:“do you think we sh ould put a collar on masaru?”
  • Young Geralt drags him and Nori to the fountain…..
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, he’s still being a little tyrant.”
    Alyssa Toress:“with a little leash”
    DM:heh okay Geralt puts the two in the fountain letting them s tart to heal.
    Calim Gorn:“I hear they make collars for dogs that shock them when they do something the owner doesn’t like.”
  • Young Geralt revives Nori
    DM:Oh okaym just Nori
    Young Geralt:then Masaru
    Anise Dreamborn:“Collar would be little too far… but maybe we could dye all his clothes pink…. and maybe his sword if there’s spells for that…”
    Young Geralt:making sure Nori sees me healing him
    Calim Gorn:“Hmm…”
    Alyssa Toress:“i dont know that one”
    DM:Geralt waits for Nori to recover, it takes a moment for the water to take effect.
    Young Geralt:when he awakes….
  • Nori Yuudai shakes his head taking stock of the situation… he doesn’t say anything initally perhaps ashamed he was taken down so easily.
    Calim Gorn:(to Nori) “I really don’t see why you associate yourself with a man who clearly wishes to be a tyrant. Where is the so-called honor in that?”
    Alyssa Toress:“its probably some political thing or something”
    Alyssa Toress:“masaru is from a powerful family and nori probably wants favors or something”
    “even though masaru is a basic bitch "
    Young Geralt:“You hit hard Masaru. You could be a great ally if only we could trust you. You have honor but you risk losing it through your actions. Respect your companions and you shall have both honor and respect in return.”
    Nori Yuudai:“Once agin I have failed…”
    DM:Masaru awakens as well taking a moment to gather himself…
  • Calim Gorn stands ready in case Masaru decides to try to resume the fight
    DM:The fight seems out of him for now, but he does glare at Nori..
    Calim Gorn:(Would he realize it was me who knocked him out or since I was shooting from behind him would he think it was Geralt?)
    DM:heh, yeah he may not necessarily know. I mean he knows you were shooting at him.. he’d probably hear your gun go off..
    But he wouldn’t know for sure problaby.
    I mean his memory might be a bit hazy.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh okay)
  • Masaru Oshiro regains his footing shaking his head.
    Masaru Oshiro:(to Geralt) “You are fortunate your companions are more worthy than mine…”
  • Masaru Oshiro gives Nori a disdainful look.
    DM:He speaks somtehing in Taiyou to Nori.
    Young Geralt:“This has nothing to do with Nori. You must own this yourself.”
    Calim Gorn:“We Imbued are strongest when we act together. You shouldn’t seek to dominate others. We are all equals here.”
    Nori Yuudai:“He is right.. the shame is mine. I have dishonored my family and all the imbued.”
    Hachikomaru:“I smelled blood.” he says coming into the barracks
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head
    Hachikomaru:or fountain i guess it is now
    Calim Gorn:“Your strength is formidable, but true honor does not come simply from being the strongest. It’s how you use that strength that matters most.”
    Young Geralt:“Nori, you kept your honor in not belittleing your companions. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”
    Nori Yuudai:“I was defeated easily again. My skills are unworthy of that of an imbued. I dishonor my mother’s sacrifice with my poor perforamnce.”
    Young Geralt:“Do what is right now and turn from those that seek to dominate you and shame you.”
    “If Masaru chooses to continue on this path let him walk it alone.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“I don’t need you anyway Nori… it’s not like you actually covered my back.”
    Young Geralt:“BUt should you Masaru, choose to change course and walk with us then we would take you as an equal and ally.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, there’s no reason for you to set yourself alone on an island.”
    “We can give you respect if you show respect in return. It’s not as if any of us doesn’t realize that you hold high station or that we don’t recognize your strength of arms.”
    “But at the same time, this place isn’t Makoro. We can afford you respect but deference is another matter entirely.”
  • Viniira the Horned raises her hand.
    Viniira the Horned:“I don’t recognize his strength of arms.”
    Young Geralt:lol
  • Calim Gorn smirks a little… “Well, I’ll leave that for the two of you to work out.”
  • Masaru Oshiro slowly goes over to pick up his fallen katana and puts it back in its sheath on his belt.
    Young Geralt:“What is the Yt custom Viniira.. the victor takes her spoils?”
  • Viniira the Horned nods.
    Viniira the Horned:Young Geralt gains a hero point. , Young Calim gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    Hachikomaru:“My father said one should be as humble in victory as one is in defeat.”
  • Hachikomaru says scolding them collectively for rubbing it in.
    Young Geralt:“You are indeed a worthy woman. You can take me as your trophy any time.”, me grins.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh I ain’t rubbing anything in, I’m just trying to tell him to not be an asshole)
    Viniira the Horned:“Sounds like the philosphy of someone who does a lot of losing…”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks.
    Viniira the Horned:“it’d be good for Masaru and Nori.”
  • Hachikomaru face turns a bit red in anger.
    Anise Dreamborn:“Lets not create more tension to an already bad situation… why don’t we all cool off for a while?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, perhaps that might be for the best…”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah”
    “i’m gonna go hang out with suzu”
    “my new best friend that she doesnt know we are best friends yet”
    Masaru Oshiro:(to Nori in Taiyou) “Your father will hear of your failure today.”
    Alyssa Toress:“i’m planning of some kind of girls night special fun party anise”
    “plans are kinda hazy”
    Calim Gorn:Man what a dick
  • Masaru Oshiro heads upstaiors to his room.
    Hachikomaru:“We are going to replace Dragonband as the most unruly band at this pace.”
    Calim Gorn:“I didn’t realize they kept rankings.”
    Young Geralt:“Well if it were not for Masaru we would all be fine.”
    Hachikomaru:“The Imperion seems keen to remember.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“The templar keep all kinds of records.”
    Hachikomaru:“And remind.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Researching new training methods and all that.. and they love to hold it over on you.”
    Calim Gorn:“Great…”
    Alyssa Toress:“do the templar frown on parties?”
    Young Geralt:“Viniira, does your clan practice the art of healing massage?”
    Anise Dreamborn:“Most of the time… I guess.”
    Alyssa Toress:“welp”
    DM:Suzu peeks her head inside to see if Masaru is gone…
    Alyssa Toress:“i dont think i would make a good templar”
    Anise Dreamborn:“But they’ll never tell you that princess.”
  • Viniira the Horned smirks at geralt.
    Viniira the Horned:“Well I do know some healing spells that require touching.”
    Young Geralt:“The waters helped but I’l still pretty sore…..”
    Alyssa Toress:“lay on hands indeed”
  • Calim Gorn waves to Suzu
    Vilar Elfglow:“The waters didn’t work?”
  • Vilar Elfglow seems rather amazed… and doesn’t really seem to get what Geralt is getting at.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Vilar Elfglow:“Maybe the waters naturally have less effect on you for some reason.”
    “First the scars and now this…”
    “We should talk to the Imperion about that.”
  • Young Geralt works a shoulder as if to loosen it up….
  • Suzu Ueno waves timidly to Calim.
    Alyssa Toress:“suzu we should hang out sometime i went to makoro during vacatio and it seemed really neat”
  • Suzu Ueno slowly enters the room but seems to s tay around the edges and tries to make her way upstairs.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, it was quite fascinating.”
  • Suzu Ueno freezes as Alyssa addresses her.
    Alyssa Toress:“i would love to more about it and i could teach you about rahseld”
    Young Geralt:“Thanks friends for coming to my aid. I only hope that Masaru will learn from this encounter…. but somehow I doubt it.”
    Suzu Ueno:“You would honor me princess.”
    Anise Dreamborn:“You’ve got a better chance teaching the sky not to be blue.”
    Young Geralt:i almost misread that as…. Suzu Ueno freezes as Alyssa UNDRESSES her.
    DM:lol, that could happen too, who knows :P
    Alyssa Toress:please i am good honest lady
    Calim Gorn:Haha
    DM:Alyssa is a notoriously bad influence on people… :P
    Alyssa Toress:i mean i kinda made anise fuck up her templar vows yeah
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Suzu is gonna hang out with her and six months later she’ll be a ganguro or something
    Alyssa Toress:but thats not everyone
    Alyssa Toress:thats 1 person
    Viniira the Horned:“Well I guess we can see what I can do for that shoulder Geralt… I don’t want you getting anymore scars after all.”
  • Alyssa Toress heads back towards the dorms
    Alyssa Toress:“stop by later suzu i’d love to talk with you”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“Yes princess.”
    Young Geralt:“I fear the only scars I shall have are the ones on my heart…. from when Hachi nearly riped it out!”, me laughs and jests.
    Alyssa Toress:okay i just gotta get some backbone into that girl
    Calim Gorn:Good luck lol
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna roll like a 40
    just watch
  • Nori Yuudai finally starts to head upstairs, gathering his spear, apparently rather depressed.
  • Young Geralt walks over to Viniira. “I do relish the thought though.”
  • Young Geralt whispers quietly
    Alyssa Toress:man geralt gonna bang a minotaur
    Viniira the Horned:“I’m sure you do.”
    Alyssa Toress:you go guy!
  • Young Geralt then heads up to his room….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Viniira the Horned:(those minotaurs are very horny!)
    Young Geralt:lol
    Calim Gorn:So if we hear cow noises later we know what it is
    Hachikomaru:“Ah yes, before I forget, your highness.”
    Alyssa Toress:i dont know who started calling me princess and highness but i really hate it :(
    Hachikomaru:“Gregorio, I believe you should pay him a visit if you have a chance.”
    DM:heh well you’re a princess :P
    Alyssa Toress:so
    we are friends
    joe biden doesnt call obama president
    he calls him barack
    Hachikomaru:im just the formal type
    with speaking
    Young Geralt:i just call him jackass, hey who cares
    Hachikomaru:think it got started by me mostly
    DM:heh… well I mean Suzu is gonna call you princess. she’s taught the proper ettiquette.
    And most people do call him Mr. president. heh. :P
    Calim Gorn:Calim tried to call you Princess too but you told him not to so he doesn’t
    DM:I mean you gotta be close enough to call someone with a high ranking title by first names. Either that or potentially insult em.
    Alyssa Toress:okay so for now on you gotta call masaru prince
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh, well Masaru doesn’t technically have the title yet.
    Alyssa Toress:“okay i will go see gregorio”
    DM:In Makoro there’s not really titles till you get one.
    Ther’es not really a prince /princess equivalent
    where you’rte just the son of someone importnat. Either you’re a lord of something or you’re not heh.
    Hachikomaru:“I think he may need some instruction in the regards of lightning magic.”
  • Alyssa Toress goes off to see our mafia guy
    DM:Gregorio’s abilites btw aren’t formal spellcasting but more of innate Aela channeling into lightning
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:i just said it as an excuse mostly
    DM:But he’s not actually a spellcaster, more of a superhero type lightning conotrl
    Alyssa Toress:i think he is just into me
    Calim Gorn:Yeah pretty much
    Hachikomaru:but i use the term magic, to mean anything aela/mana/nuumian whatever
    Alyssa Toress:so yeah i am gonna go see greg
    Hachikomaru:guess it aint technically accurate
    tho you call the shit magitech :-p
    no channeltech
  • Calim Gorn makes small talk with Suzu for a bit and then returns to his room
    DM:heh okay… Alyssa goes to Gregorio’s room
    Alyssa Toress:gonna knock
    you dont want to barge into a guys room without knocking
    DM:He opens the door and then seems almost immediately shocked to see you there.. quickly composing himself.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Princess. Hello!”
    Alyssa Toress:“hi greg hachi said you could use some help with your lightning magic?”
    “i didnt think you used magic”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“He did? Uh… well I actually don’t I mean… I channel lightning but, it’s not exactly like spellcasting.”
    Alyssa Toress:“oh”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t help. I’m sure there’s a lot you could teach me.”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah sure”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:“can i come in?”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah of course.”
    “Come on in, you’re always welcome.”
    Alyssa Toress:“did you have a good vacation?”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Well it was good I guess…”
    “I didn’t really do all that much.”
    Alyssa Toress:“its winter there right now right”
    i think it is right
    based on the map
    Though they’re pretty close ot the equator anway. so I mean it’s still hot.
    Alyssa Toress:mother fucker
    the japan islands are like the same spot
    and you said it snowed there
    Young Geralt:touretts?
    DM:Well he’s in southern Ronen
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    DM:They’re more on par with the northern Orothean islands
    Alyssa Toress:ok
    DM:Northern Ronen is more ccold.
    It’s just a big place heh
    Where Makoro is kinda small
    one sec brb… gotta do one thing
    Alyssa Toress:“i had to spend a lot of time studying”
    “and just practicing my training”
    “it was boring”
    (none of this is true)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Young Geralt:((I got to take a bath in hot springs with a sexy fox…..))
    Calim Gorn:(I let her molest me while the boys killed some creature)
    Alyssa Toress:(alyssa was getting into some wild parties with sythe and anise before we went to makoro)
    (hey thats leadership)
    (i got the information on where the demon was)
    (i used my social skills to solve the plot)
    (t is on the phone with an escort service or something probably)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:sorry guys why dont we stop here!
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’m just imagining him yelling at the massage parlor in Thai
    Young Geralt:lol
    Alyssa Toress:nah all the girls are korean
    north korea sends a lot of girls overseas to make money for their dictator
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I have a friend who works for CBP who has to stop them and process them and then kick them out of the country
    Alyssa Toress:cbp?
    Calim Gorn:Customs and Border Patrol
    Alyssa Toress:ah
    i like that some guy defected while stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from a nk slush fund
    DM:Yeah heh it’s Korean :P
    anyway I’m back
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:mother fucker you wouldnt know what language they were speaking anyway
    its all moon speak
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Calim Gorn:So Alyssa makes small talk with Greg for a while and then gives him a pity fuck
    Young Geralt:a restaurant chain in this area got shut down for human trafficing…. would bring over women from china with offers of a US job and once here would take their visa dna have them work for free or else “turn them in for departation back to china”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I thought the life of a princess would be all glamourous parties and such.
    Alyssa Toress:no
    i am in a committed relationship
    i’ll give him a pity hug
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Alyssa Toress:”nah its a lot of work really"
    “even before coming here i was getting trained”
    “and this one tutor of mine”
    “he is an old hermit basically”
    “he makes me do the worst things”
    that sounds so wrong
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Like what?”
    Alyssa Toress:“he would make me clean out chamber pots”
    “and haul trash:
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“You?”
    “How can he have a princess do that?”
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah he said it built character”
    “that i shouldnt be afraid to get my hands dirty or think i am better than someone”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah.. my dad made me get my hands dirty too… though it was a little different.”
    Alyssa Toress:(hes basically the sword teacher from season 1 of game of thrones)
    “oh did oyu have to slaughter animals?”
    “i did that too”
    Young Geralt:there is a theory he is stil alive.. and that he is the Faceless Man
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“No… I… well… someone owed money to the guild and my father sent me along to collect.”
  • Alyssa Toress grabs a hold of him
    Alyssa Toress:“that must have been hard”
    Calim Gorn:(Nah, the baseball bat makes it real easy actually)
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“He said it’d make a man out of me.”
    Alyssa Toress:(hey i am trying to make him feel better)
    Hachikomaru:wtf are yall talking about
    Alyssa Toress:i am talking to the kid whos dad runs the mafia
    Hachikomaru:feel like alzheimers lvl confused
    Young Geralt:lol…
    Alyssa Toress:you told me to talk to him sef
    “did you hurt him?”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Hachikomaru:nah i meant G talking about faceless men
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“My father said I had to, because he didn’t pay.”
    Young Geralt:GoT
    Hachikomaru:yeah i guess you meant Syrio
  • Alyssa Toress hugs him
    Alyssa Toress:“family can be hard”
    “but you had no choice”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I wish I did have a choice.”
    Alyssa Toress:“if you are strong and make your father proud and take over someday you can make things better”
    “but defying him will improve no ones life”
    Young Geralt:(they mentioned the sword teacher for Alya Stark… you never saw him die…. theory he is the Faceless Man)
    Hachikomaru:yeah thats why i said syrio, thats his name
    Young Geralt:right
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Yeah… I’ve been doing what he says. It’s just I don’t like a lot of it.”
    “But I guess if a princess can do the things you’ve been forced to do, then I can do my part too, right?”
    Alyssa Toress:“when you stop hating it is when there is a problem”
    “we all have to do things we hate”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Alyssa Toress:“but when you grow up you can change things for the better”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I always wanted to be a hero and help people… not hurt them.”
  • Hachikomaru goes to Masaru’s room and knocks. “Could I have a word with you lord oshiro?”
  • Masaru Oshiro opens the door.
  • Hachikomaru bows.
  • Masaru Oshiro returns the courtesy.
    Hachikomaru:“May I come inside?”
    Alyssa Toress:“stay strong greg”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Very well.”
    Alyssa Toress:“my door is always open okay”
    Hachikomaru:“Thank you.”
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“Really?”
    “So I can come see you?”
  • Hachikomaru steps inside, and closes the door.
    Alyssa Toress:“yeah we are emerald band”
    “we are family”
    Hachikomaru:“Shall we sit?”
  • Masaru Oshiro nods.
    Alyssa Toress:“i gotta go get my things unpacked okay”
  • Hachikomaru sits on the floor in customary style.
  • Masaru Oshiro sits as well
    Alyssa Toress:“have a good night”
  • Gregorio Prodynorites nods.
    Gregorio Prodynorites:“I understand. but I’ll come see you sometime.”
    Alyssa Toress:“sure anytime”
    DM:It seems Gregorio is happier after hearing that.
  • Masaru Oshiro awaits to see what Hachi has to say.
    Hachikomaru:“What is it, you desire here, my lord?”
    “If I knew, then I might could help you in achieving it.”
    “One can’t succeed at something unless he first knows what it is.”
  • Masaru Oshiro pauses for a moment.
    Hachikomaru:“You are an Oshiro, I respect that, but I am confused on what it is you seek, and why there is conflict amongst us.”
    “Emerald Band…..I only wish to restore our honor.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“It is difficult to restore our honor when we have so many members without honor.”
    Hachikomaru:“Or better yet, give us some honor to begin with, right now, there is no Emerald Band, there are two pieces of it, constantly battling the other.”
    “And it seems I am on the outside of both, peering in.”
    (is he the oshiro’s only son? or just specifically his chosen heir out of all his various sons?)
    DM:Well he’s the 2nd imbued one, there’s other sons
    Hachikomaru:“Do you seek a leadership position that is officially recognized by our instructors and peers? Renown?”
    DM:It’s just the first imbued one was kinda adisappointment
    Hachikomaru:“Or are you simpyl trying to distinguish yourself from your father’s shadow? He must cast a large one.”
    “I known mine has, my lord.”
    DM:And he sorta considers he’s going to get the Oshiro leadership based on that. I mean it’s not really a lock necessarily but it kinda should be unless he’s a fuck up
    since he’s an imbued and if he’s a decent warrior he should be named.
    Calim Gorn:lol he’s a pretty big fuckup if you ask me
    Masaru Oshiro:“Yes I should be the leader… after all, the princess and I are of the highest birth. And yet we are constantly plagued by these peasant imbued.”
    Hachikomaru:“You do not have to answer, I am only offering my counsel, as my father did to yours.”
    Calim Gorn:(Hey man I’m royalty too, fuck off)
    Masaru Oshiro:“Women who think themsevles warriors, when they should be tending the home.”
    Alyssa Toress:masaru is that son of yours in crusader kings 2 that is always joining plots to overthrow you and you wish you could kill him but the developers disabled assaassinating your own kids in a patch
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Masaru Oshiro:(lol)
    Calim Gorn:(He needs to get it through his head that he ain’t on fucking Makoro)
    (And that we aren’t his fucking subjects)
    Masaru Oshiro:“I tried the Makoro way… to challenge them to honorable combat to prove my superiority.”
    “But they have no honor Hachikomaru.”
    Hachikomaru:“And they will think you have none at all.”
    “If you continue down this path.”
  • Masaru Oshiro nods.
    Masaru Oshiro:“It’s Nori’s fault, he even ensure a proper duel.”
    can’t even
    Hachikomaru:“You must consider, that here, thing’s are not the same.”
    “You can distinguish yourself, gain the respect you believe you deserve, but I don’t think you can do so, the way you have been trying, my lord.”
    Young Geralt:((He sunds like Anakin… “It’s all his fault… i’m such a whiney cry baby…))
    Hachikomaru:”Not here."
    Masaru Oshiro:“You are saying I must cast aside my honor? Act as they do?”
    Hachikomaru:“Not at all.”
    “But we are, above all Imbued.”
    Alyssa Toress:(my friend have you heard the good news…. about weed)
    (mellow out)
    Hachikomaru:meaning “we’re all imbued” we share that in common
    instead of mokoro vs rahseld, etc
    i didnt mean “we’re above everyone in the band” lol
    “You already recieve the respect you seek in Mokoro from your name alone.”
    DM:I’ll give Sef a diplomacy check here to see how well he’s doing.
    Hachikomaru:“My father isn’t known in Rahseld because he was an Atama sworn to Lord Makenki.”
    DM:Persuasion rather.
    Alyssa Toress:should have sent me
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Just want to get an idea of his IC charisma skills heh.
    Calim Gorn:USe a Hero Point if you have to
    Alyssa Toress:i am gonna have to play therapist
    to every god damn person in our band
    okay suzu tell me about your dreams last night
    Hachikomaru:yeah well he aint good as his father, but at this age he’s still trying to pretend he is his father, and pops was a big concilliator type
    Alyssa Toress:suzu i think you want to have sex with your mother
    Hachikomaru:im guilty of the same thing masaru is
    cept he’s trying to outdo his scumbag asshole father lol
    DM:I’ll also give you an insight too as well
    just to see what you c an ascertain about his own motivations too.
    And you can make a politics or knowledge(makoror) roll.
    Hachikomaru:yeah was just trying to remember where the skills roller was
    i forgot we did it manually
    Alyssa Toress:(i like how later on pretty much e verything frued believed was proven to be a bunch of bullshit and he was wrong about all of it but hes still super famous)
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh, gotta do it manual
    Hachikomaru:after combat, seeing the roller
    yeah sec grabbin my sheet
    Alyssa Toress:(the only thing he got right was just let people lie on a couch and talk about their problems)
    DM:The couch provides a +2 equipment bonus
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hero Point lol
    DM:Assuming you buy an offical therapists couch.
    Alyssa Toress:he used to rub their heads while talking to
    but he stopped doing that early on
    DM:Want to hero point anything?
    Calim Gorn:You should at least get your stat bonus on the Persuade
    Think it goes off Presence
    DM:He has no presence.
    Calim Gorn:Oh lol, damn
    Yeah Hero Point that shit
    Hachikomaru:well i did originally, tho T told me to dump that to fit in the PL
    so i blame him
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:trying to find how many HP i had, if any
    oh ok the bottom of the mouse over, no wonder i couldnt find the shit
    DM:you got 3
    Calim Gorn:Should be able to see it when you mouse over
    Hachikomaru:i had an aegis flashback
    yeah i was looking under my label or something
    Hachikomaru:alright, guess I can try spending a point, i got 3 saved up
    DM:alright do F8 I think it is and burn a point
    Calim Gorn:Yeah you can’t roll any worse with it at least
    DM:then make a reroll
    Alyssa Toress:(my psychiatrists office just moved into a new building and the building is nothing but bankers and law offices and shit and its the nicest god damn doctors office i’ve ever seen its all hardwood floors and leather chairs and shit)
    (like damn i guess you guys are turning a profit)
    Calim Gorn:Heh well add 10 to it
    DM:wel you can at least add 10 to that
    Calim Gorn:So 17
    DM:for 17.
    Alright so what you learned…
    YOu think Masaru is under quite a bit of pressure, given Oshiro has one imbued son that basically turned out to be a disappointment, as well as several other mundane sons, all vying for the position of inheriting the Oshiro titles.
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Herlock you should just go Jedi Mind Trick him)
    DM:So pretty much most of them are cheering for him to fail.
    Hachikomaru:yeah pretty much what i expected already
    Calim Gorn:(Be all like “You will treat the others with respect”)
    DM:And with each failure in training it pretty mcuh only makes him look weaker.
    Each time he’s basically taken down, and his every failure is likely highly scrutinized.
    Alyssa Toress:fuck
    DM:No doubt hre made some kind of deal with Nori, that he’d arragne for imbuings to be given to his family if he helped him.
    Alyssa Toress:do i need to go give him therapy
    Calim Gorn:Like, you know, I would have less reason to try to make him fail or humiliate him or whatever if he would just learn fucking basic human decency
    Hachikomaru:“You do not lack in skill, I can see that much from watching you fight.”
    DM:And pretty much the escalation of humiliations to him sorta forces him to respond or lose a bunch of respect in the eyes of his family.
    If he’s weak and can’t defend himself and the rest of his band (especially the girls) laugh at him, then he’s pretty much going to lose out on inheriting.
    Hachikomaru:“But as everyone knows, the Oshiro gozoku can often be too reckless when using it, my lord. I would counsel restraint and patience.”
    DM:And his father ain’t exaclty the nicest person either. :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:“Quit trying to seek our glory, and it will come.”
    seek out

    “You may even end up saving the lives of one of those you’ve been quarreling with.”
    Alyssa Toress:hes garma zabi and char just showed up
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Hachikomaru:“Like your sword fighting with the instructor, just an overswing, on my lord’s behalf.”
    DM:So a lot of the deal is he wants to display his dominance so word gets back to his father that he’s taking charge and appearing the dominant warrior
    i figured as much
  • Masaru Oshiro nods.
    Masaru Oshiro:“That was not the best of decisons…”
  • Hachikomaru nods. “I have made many mistakes as well.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“At least yours led to victory.”
    Hachikomaru:“You mean with the barbarian?”
    Masaru Oshiro:“In a real battle there would be no such rules.”
    Hachikomaru:“It was an accident my lord, I too overswung, in a manner of speaking.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“We would not be forced to use those magitech toys.”
    Alyssa Toress:so reemember that first week of training when me and tab kicked his teams asss
    Hachikomaru:“And was lashed in public for my stupidity.”
    Alyssa Toress:we did all this
    beat up by a girl
    Masaru Oshiro:“No such thing would have happened in actual combat. They were wrong to do that.”
    Hachikomaru:“If he had died, I would have been in even more trouble.”
    “I was lucky.”
    “I was in too much of a hurry to try and distinguish myself, like you.”
  • Masaru Oshiro nods.
    Masaru Oshiro:“I would have beat Calim that day too if it wasn’t for Nori.”
    Hachikomaru:“Though, I wasn’t going for personal glory, like my father, I was trying to empower another, the girl.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“They aimed for him because they knew he was the weak link.”
    Hachikomaru:“I was hoping she would land a shot on me, and it would boost her confidence.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Suzu? The best she can do is learn her place in society. They are trying to poison her mind here.”
    “She’s no warrior, it’s plain to see that. One day she’ll make a wife for someone if they don’t ruin her wwith their foreign ideals.”
    Hachikomaru:“That sounds like something the shogun told my grandfather.”
    “He did not agree.”
    “Can you blame women for wanting to distinguish themselves? Especially Mokoro women?”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Our way works… they should know that.”
    Hachikomaru:“I would no worry about women, my lord, unless you are embarassed you may lose to one.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Yoshinori and his empowerment of women threatens to destroy Makoro itself.”
    “He wants to turn us into Ronen.”
    Hachikomaru:“And does the mother dog not defend her litter even more viciously than the father hound?”
    Calim Gorn:(Well you know it’s worked pretty well for them so far)
    Alyssa Toress:(ronen is doing great i think?)
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah they’re an economic powerhouse)
    Masaru Oshiro:“I’ve heard stories of your castle… an ancient place with a great history.”
    “There’s tradition and power there… but Yoshinori wants to destoy all that, replace it with lightning lamps and rifles instead of katanas.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Masaru Oshiro:“It’s our duty to protect the traditon of Makoro, to honor our ancestors.”
  • Hachikomaru nods.
    Alyssa Toress:so this dude is like hey japan why dont we not become a world power in 20 years
    Hachikomaru:“I agree, but I believe we can seek some compromise on honoring our past, while still meeting the future head on.”
    “Mokoro does not want to make the same mistake the shogun did.”
    Calim Gorn:You can keep your katanas, House Gorn will be along with its Shiadars shortly
    Hachikomaru:“You’ve heard the story, of how he was defeated in the Daimyo’s Revolt.”
    Alyssa Toress:gonna fly my airship into his castle
    Hachikomaru:“Thats is why Mokoro exists.”
    Alyssa Toress:banzai
    Masaru Oshiro:“Yes… more dishonor on the part of the empire. They tried to fight him honorably and lost.”
    “So he was defeated as I was… by sheer numbers and treachery.”
    Calim Gorn:Hey man, it worked
    Alyssa Toress:well not really
    japan lost that war
    Hachikomaru:“No, the shogun was defeated because he was blind, and could not see the rules of the game had been changed.”
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I mean it worked for the empire
    Hachikomaru:“His arrogance got him killed.”
    Alyssa Toress:oh
    i am working around the clock on a manhatten project
    enrich aela
    enriching aela
    Hachikomaru:“We will never all agree, not in the empire, not even in Mokoro itself.”
    Alyssa Toress:if we can just get rid of this aela 238
    i will we are onto soemthing
    DM:heh Aela aint’ that heavy :P
    Maybe you could make a hydrogen bomb or something with it :P
    Hachikomaru:“Forgive me, my lord, I did not come here to try to change what you believe.”
    Alyssa Toress:hydrogen bomb still has uranium
    i think
    Calim Gorn:You need a uranium bomb to make a hydrogen bomb work lol
    DM:oh heh..
    Calim Gorn:The only thing on Earth powerful enough to start nuclear fusion is nuclear fission
    Hachikomaru:“I come to offer my help, and counsel, if you would accept it.”
    Alyssa Toress:if i sent off enough h bombs can i farm gold
    Hachikomaru:“While you may not agree with the Yoshinori, nor myself perhaps, I would ask for your leniency on their behalf, and on Suzu Ueno.”
    Calim Gorn:Maybe, but I’m pretty sure they can make gold in a particle accelerator
    It just doesn’t last long because it’s radioactive as fuck
    Hachikomaru:“My father was an ally at one time, and friend of the Yoshinori Daimyo.”
    Alyssa Toress:yeah but that doesnt fund the military budget
    Hachikomaru:“And I feel, I should look after the girl in return, for past deeds.”
    DM:I’m gonna give you another persuasion check…
    Calim Gorn:Hero Point time!
    Alyssa Toress:i read today the army didnt have proper accountingg for 2.3 trillion dollars and just made the numbers up instead
    and hoped no one would notice
    Hachikomaru:“I would ask that you leave her be to pursue what she desires, if not, then I will have to bear steel against you myself, to preserve my own and my fathers honor.”
    Alyssa Toress:so us army where did you spend this 2.3 trillion dolllars
    Calim Gorn:Yeah definitely Hero Point that
    Alyssa Toress:we dont know?!
    Hachikomaru:can i use intimidate instead lol
    DM:heh.. you could try to scare him yeah, I mean it won’t make friends well but it may stop him from doing anything to Suzu
    Intimidate doesn’t leave a good lasting impression :P
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah go with the Hero Point on the persuade
    DM:So it’ll probably destroy any bridges you’ve tried to build here, but possibly could work
    Calim Gorn:You want him to genuinely have a change of heart, not just be afraid of you
    Hachikomaru:lol fine, Tab, i’ll take your poor advice, i always do
    Alyssa Toress:can i try to friend zone greg
    add 10 to that
    Calim Gorn:Well that adds 10 I think
    So yay max result
    DM:yeah heh, that adds 10
    Hachikomaru:i thought you had to roll 9 or lower
  • Masaru Oshiro nods.
    Alyssa Toress:nope
    Calim Gorn:Heh no
    10 or lower
    Alyssa Toress:1-10
    since you cant roll 0
    Hachikomaru:ok thats weird, but ok
    so aim for a 10 or 20?
    on a reroll
    Alyssa Toress:basically
    Calim Gorn:Pretty much
    Masaru Oshiro:“I have been hard on her, but she does not deserve any blame, she at least shows me proper respect… I have been taking out my anger on her.”
    “But she has not been deserving of it. In truth I was frustrated with the others.”
    Hachikomaru:“The reason does no matter, my lord, I only ask for myself.”
    Alyssa Toress:(he probably really hates me)
    Calim Gorn:(Nah he still wants to fuck you, and he at least acknowledges that you have a title)
    Alyssa Toress:(oh right its a very fuckable title)
    Hachikomaru:“You will have to make your own path, my lord. I would simply urge you not to rush into battle too recklessly again.”
    Alyssa Toress:(i was thinking of bringing a bottle of sake over to suzus room that i brought back from makoro)
    Hachikomaru:“The most important battle, is the one with oneself.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“That is for certain… I think we could make good allies.”
    Hachikomaru:“We already are my lord.”
    Masaru Oshiro:“Aid me in gaining the respect I deserve and I shall see that your family is well treated with Imbued.”
    Calim Gorn:Dude needs to aid himself, I’ll respect him when he doesn’t act like he expects me to lick his boots lol
  • Hachikomaru bows.
    Hachikomaru:“You will have to show respect to earn it here my lord. It is not like back home.”
    “It will take patience as well.”
    Young Geralt:now he expects you to be the new Nori….
    Alyssa Toress:lol
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Hachikomaru:he can expect all he wants
    till nori punches a hole thru his chest
    Calim Gorn:You gave me great advice, be my loyal lap dog!
    Masaru Oshiro:“Respect is earned through combat. That is our way.”
    Hachikomaru:“They are not us.”
    Alyssa Toress:this dude clearly never read the prince
    Young Geralt:lol, he hasn’t listened to anything you said
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Masaru Oshiro:“No they’re not… they have no honor. It is difficult to show them any respect.”
    “Were they to fight me one on one in honorable combat, then perhaps I could at least show them respect, but they’re cowards who must rely on strikes to the back.”
    Hachikomaru:“I am not one of you either my lord, if I could remind you.”
    “All of you share one thing in common, I do not.”
    “All of you are but men…”
    Young Geralt:geralt would respect him for his martial ability in a friedn;y spar, it all started with him being a prick to Suzu
    Alyssa Toress:
    masaru please pickup a copy
    Hachikomaru:“I am a Daiyokai.”
    Calim Gorn:Yeah it’s like I said, he needs to get it through his thick skull that this ain’t Makoro
    Masaru Oshiro:(he don’t read that italian shit, that’s Ronen stuff :P)
  • Hachikomaru says giving Masaru a little taste of his own medicine perhaps, not wanting to appear to have totally rolled over in his negotiations.
    DM:heh you’re gonna intimidate him?
    Hachikomaru:yeah im gonna leave on that end
    it was my way of saying hey i aint your lapdog like nori
    DM:heh okay… so you’re basically giving him the “doint’ fuck wiht me glare”
    i dont want him to mistake me for nori
    DM:heh okay then you’re walking away.
    Alright.. this is probably a good spot to stop.
    Alyssa Toress:but
    i was gonna go drink with suzu
    i have sake and everything
  • Young Geralt enjoys his massage….
    DM:heh.. well it’s getting pretty late… so we can maybe do that stuff next time.
    Alyssa Toress:okay
    DM:Yeah heh, and geralt is getting his massage.
Geralt's Journal

Imbued Training begins. (Year 757)

Geralt meets other imbued on the airship to Aylanae.

Viniira the Horned – A young girl from the Minotaur clan it Yt. She wears a necklace of bones from the look of them enchanted by druidic magic. She also carries an axe, though one clearly of high quality… maybe even magical. She’s got hides on, they’re pretty well crafted, but still look primitive compared to the more modern clothing of Alexia and the other normal guards and staff of the airship.

Gregorio – His demeanor rather rigid and nervous… he’s about Viniira’s age. He bears the look of a Venn, a native of Ronen… complete with his formal suit and tie and numberous magitech devices on his belt.

Hachikomaru – He is from Makoro and is a shapeshifter.

Princess Alyssa Toress – Daughter to Queen Cheisa Toress.

Calim Gorn -

Taesians Journal
These are the thoughts and views of Taesian, they might not all be accurate or even true but they are how he views things.

Entry 3

From whence we came….

Lately I have been spending more time looking into the past, beyond the records of clans and nobles and other things that have created the societies we exist in. No, instead I have focused on what came before, before the empire and before the clans and how little we truly know is astonishing me, the Earth Demons? Elves? Sheyl? no one truly knows anything I am seeing theories and myths and I can only hope the truth lies somewhere between the two. I can not shake the feeling the fight I see before us was started long before we existed because I keep coming back to one question:

“If the Earth Demons returned because they were angry about Aela and Magitech being in their lands, what did they do when the Elves were at the height of the power?”

While I have no answer everything we currently know only points to one thing:

The Earth Demons are here, the Elves are gone.

I must admit while Sunlord Varaldia and I did not initially get along she seems both surprised and happy that I have been asking many questions about Sheyl. While she is a member of the Order of Mithril and is not as knowledgeable as some she did still go through the same initial studies. I have been speaking with her and the other Templar while they are here and also educating them on the laws of Yt while they are here to try and avoid an incident. For the most part they have been somewhat respectful, the Sunlord and Imperion still occasionally try to put their foot down but most of the Templar who arrived seemed somewhat intimidated or at least curious by the stories of my return.

I have considered returning to Aylanae to have access to their library but I dare not leave with things as they are, while those books could provide deeper light I will have to make due with the few I asked Mallegaunt to get for me. I have also considered trying to access the Somanaru, it is said many things can be shown to someone seeking answers and all I have right now are questions but that would take too much time. I am starting to feel perhaps I judged Mallegaunt too harshly when we spoke about Sylara, I envy the life he had of being able to focus on his studies and not worry about other things because the stress of this situation is making me sick. When I try to think what I should do next and who I should trust my stomach turns and I feel like I am falling through a large void, I have no direction and I feel lost.

The Templars – while they seem to possess a genuine zeal to prevent what happened during the awakening the truth is their motives are more complicated then the Empires. The Templar do not like the fact the Druidic faith exist and branding the clans as traitors will eventually destroy Druidism forever.

The Empire – I am a servant of the Empire and I have realised lately I do serve them, but not in the way many of them seek. I will speak more on this in the future but for now I will focus on what I know. The Empire, or more specifically the Guilds of Ronen and Nobles of Rasheld want the mines, and Tharian Gorn once told me all it took to get one was to accuse a tribe of being a traitor and because people so desire the mines it would work. A disturbing thought my peoples land could be taken away so easily.

Tharik – While he gives good advice he quite possibly has his own agenda, the Minotaur clan is smart and this could be a way of getting not only the Mooneagle but also the Wolfheart to be called traitors. While he spoke of how the Hydra and Sun could already be infiltrated the exact same is true of him….

Sefiros – While I do trust him he has always had a problem with what he says, he never means to cause trouble but its what he could say unintentionally that I worry about, his intentions I believe are noble but it only takes one slip up to have the Templar take over.

Justy – I feel Justy will not betray us in any way, she has a code and we have been through much. I only fear if her guild decides to try and take advantage of this situation she might be put in a difficult position.

Calim – I know not what to think. He was more then willing to see all my people killed so he thinks of them as disposable exactly as his father did. Anything I tell him he could use to his own advantage. I want to believe he is trust worthy but at the same time I fear that is my hope speaking not reality, we all went through much together in training.

The Mooneagle refugees are adapting well, my friends from the Stormblood understand what it is to lose a home so they have been making extra effort to help them out. This does warm my heart, to see something good while I am surrounded by darkness. I have been avoiding all my friends since I returned, it is hard because I do not think any of them completely comprehend the situation and I cant explain it them in a way that would give them clarity. I am quite literally torn between two worlds and if I move to far into one I will lose the other. Gwynath has been spending much time with my family and it seems to have done her much good, she looked so lost only a few days ago and I think being around them has lifted her spirits. And I have also seen Helenia and Khorra spending time together, I am not sure what that is about but Khorra has been acting a bit strange since I returned.

This week has been one of discovery and the sad thing is none of it has been pleasant, in the cave I learned that I am not strong enough, when I returned home I realised I am not smart enough. I look around the village and see people who at one time or another looked to me for guidance and their protector and we now find ourselves in a situation that I don’t know how to get out of. How do I lead them when I cant even lift my head to see the horizon? I fear that walking blind I will lead them off a cliff and forever into darkness.

Entry 2

Thirty four straight teleports. My strength is draining fast but we are almost home and I don’t risk stopping any more then we have to for fear of what might be following. Each time we stop and rest I have the same vision, all the spirits in the distance doing what they are supposed to except for the wolf who stands in front of me looking at me. Each time I wake I am more angry….frustrated with my lack of understanding, what does it want from me?

Even if it is only a crazy hallucination from a lack of rest it does bring back memories to the first time I laid eyes on the spirit, lying near death in what remained of my village surrounded by my family who all lay dead.

I had returned home only a few weeks ago and a time of unprecedented celebration was upon us. My Father and Aidan Mooneagle had reached an agreement where Aidans Daughter Gwynath and I were to marry, it was hoped this would bring our clans closer together. My father and Aidan had long been friends and even though they had been born to different clans they had spent much time together and learned much from each other, with the Wolfheart being lead by the celebrated leader Oren Wolfheart and now this marriage between our clans it was thought finally our Clan would come to the forefront and bring all clans together. We were the strongest and our time had come.

I was of course very nervous by this, my time spent in Aylanae had made me a very internal young man who did not laugh as much as I used to. Ever since the day it was discovered I had the ability to read peoples thoughts I had been isolated from almost all the other children and even the teachers to an extent. Helenia and I had been taken to be tutored by Mallegaunt Morehall but my powers were unpredictable and many times I heard the thoughts of those around me, so I took to spending time alone in places people could not find me. This isolation did not fully translate when I returned home, I spent much time with my friends and family but even they had noticed a quieter side of me and it did concern them. When my father told me of the deal he had made with Aidan I was proud to serve, I was a second son destined not to inherit and an alliance would strengthen my fathers position in the tribes, but I had spent most of my time hiding from girls not seeking their attention like the other boys and so I was nervous.

When the Mooneagle clan arrived, a hundred people strong they met us in the centre of our village. Gathered around my family was the entirety of our tribe as I stood waiting to meet my betrothed for the first time. Perhaps my vision was coloured by all the hopes I had but when she stepped forward she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, when Gwynath Mooneagle walked on the grass it laid down before her and would rise up behind to watch her go as if nature itself was in admiration. Even dressed in the simple garment’s of our people she seemed more regal then the Queen and even the princess herself. I felt so inadequate at this point, she seemed so….‘out of my league’ as some of the young boys in Aylanae would say when chasing a girl who was too good for them. I stepped forward lowing myself to my knee before her holding up a crown of Lillies I had woven and said “Lady Gwynath, I…I made this for you, I did not know your preferences but Lillies I have been told were my mothers favourite…” She smiled the most adorable smile and thanked me as I placed it on her head and she ran off to laugh with her girlfriends while I stood somewhat embarrassed by my display, embarrassed but there was some butterflies of hope in my stomach as well.

A mighty cheer went up and our tribes celebrated together all night long and throughout the celebration I would find many reasons to be standing near her, we danced and laughed and shared some quiet thoughtful moments. I never had the way with words my brother had and I think I might have made the biggest fool of myself but I do not regret it, memories like these would be what keeps me strong in the future. Gwynath and I never spoke directly about the marriage, we both knew it had been organised but this meeting was to determine if we wanted it, my father and hers would never force this upon us. Still everyone seemed to have a good time and all indications were that this would go forward, my brother non stopped teased me about it and my father in his quieter moments would tell me stories of when he courted my mother. I never told him this but while I loved those stories they also crushed me, she sounded so amazing and he loved her more then life itself and I never knew her, while I know he never blamed me I couldn’t help but feel responsible that she was no longer with us. The druids warned her that after complications with her first child she would not be able to bear children again, their warnings did not phase her as she wanted nothing more then to provide my father with a house full of children for him to chase. When she fell pregnant again she was told early on the strain would kill her and she trusted those who told her, one being her good friend Gamia of the Wolfheart. If this was to be her last child she wanted to make it was the strongest she could and so petitioned Oren to allow her to bear the first imbued of the Stormblood.

It is so strange to think on this and how I have never spoken of it. My friends never asked and I never volunteer the information for fear speaking it out loud would make the blame fall more at my feet. I often wonder what they think of me and how I keep so many secrets close, I spent so much time on my own that it is now second nature to hide things from people.

A few weeks after the Mooneagle clan left my people were still celebrating convinced this would be a blessed year, unfortunately this was not to be. Out of nowhere the forces of Tinigath attacked us, all manner of creatures made of stone and their human allies charged into my village and started slaughtering our people. The Stormblood was a strong tribe with many werewolves and we fought hard but we were so outnumbered and they had magical creatures we had thought were myth. With our druids out caring for the land, our best hunters out trying to get food the attack had us divided and they would slowly cut us down. When the fighting began I was at the opposite end of our village from my fathers home and I raced back to reach him, as I came within sight of the house I saw my father and brother fighting back to back and striking down many foes. But, around the corner came a man, what I now know was a fallen, a champion of the Earth Demons. He wore an open dark grey robe over his armour with the hood pulled back revealing a bald head, dark eyes and tattoos around his neck. He walked straight up to my brother, he swiftly dodged my brothers strike grabbing him by the head and snapping his neck in one smooth move. He then moved on to my father and while he fought valiantly eventually his defences were left open and the man reached in clawing at the front of his throat and tearing it out. I watched as my fathers body fell to the ground, his head turned in my direction as he grasped for air he could no longer breath and I watched as the life slowly drained from his eyes. I looked up at the creature who had done this, a smile of satisfaction lining his face and something inside me just snapped, I stretched out my hand and unleashed one of the first spells I had been taught. Three arcs of lightning leaped from my fingers striking him, two hit his right shoulder while a third struck very near his eye. He screamed in rage and turned to me, his right arm was hanging limply with blackened burns down his shoulder and his eye was closed covered in dark scars and he yelled something in what must have been Vorr because a second later a large spike of earth tore up from the ground under me tearing my body from my left hip all the way to my chin.

I am guessing he thought I was dead, maybe I was I don’t really know as the druids who were there have all told many different stories about my condition at the time. I “awoke” some time later, my vision was blurred and I couldn’t see much except for the bodies of my dead clansmen and the village burning but through the smoke a great form was coming. A large white wolf stepped from the smoke calmly walking towards me, easily twice the size of the largest wolf I had ever seen and it was magnificent. It slowly walked up to me and lowered its face to mine looking me in the eyes, it just stood there looking at me while I lay bleeding, unable to move and barely able to see. It felt like a lifetime that I locked its gaze, I am sure it was only moments but those eyes held not only knowledge, but power, strength, wisdom and the courage to use them. This was the mighty wolf spirit before and I had many questions for it but before I could ask it leaned down and touched its nose to my head forehead and all went black. I awoke several weeks later in the druid grove near Thunderheart where the druids had been trying to heal me. They informed me of the devastation that had been caused and how many people we had lost.

Even though I was meant to return to Aylanae for training I ended up missing most of that year, my wounds were too great and It was a long time before I could function properly. When I did return I was someone different, I could hear the whispers from my class mates and there were many questions about my scars to which I did not answer. Instead I became increasingly more focused on my studies and trying to learn as much as I could but there was one encounter that year of note.

Because I was separate from the other students it was much easier for me to slip away and one night near midnight I did just that heading to the tower of the Archmagi, standing out front I sent a message to Ylathe Mooneagle. I think I stood for near an hour before she finally came outside to see me, I was standing there in my pants and open tunic with my scars visible in the moonlight and there was one question I had to know.

“Your people are being slaughtered… could you not come to our aid?”

Entry 1

Today I have come to learn the importance of my peoples history and how little we truly know. In that spirit I have decided to tell my story and chronicle my thoughts in the hope that future generations will benefit from my successes but more importantly from my failures.

Two days ago I discovered that some of the Mooneagle clan had been secretly worshipping the beings we know as the Earth Demons. For countless generations we had lived in peace, these beings were merely the myth of an ancient power that was long dormant but five years ago they awoke and in their fury destroyed my family, my tribe, many of my clan and countrymen. Since that day I had carried the burden of swearing I would never let this happen again and I would destroy them should they ever enter our lands. Not only did I fail this vow but I did not have the decency to die in the process instead running like a coward.

I was shown the secret entrance to a tunnel which descended deep into the mountain. I used my powers to turn myself into a ghostly wolf, insubstantial and silent I stalked forward dreading what I would find at the end of this road. I have long trained in magic and my sense could tell me this entire place was created using nummian magics and they were quite old. I eventually came to a room with a statue, an altar and a large set of doors in the back. My wolf senses could smell the fresh blood on the alter and my worst fears were now realised, the Mooneagle clan was participating in sacrifices. I was able to pass through the door unnoticed into an extremely large room, what appear to be two priests stood at the base of a large demonic statue with a fire burning. Along the wall it appeared there were members of the Mooneagle clan trapped in alcoves in the wall. Slowly each of them was being turned into stone, I attempted to free one person by using my control of the earth to separate it from his skin but unfortunately it was fused to him and he died. I decided to try a new tactic and nullify the magical effects. This worked and many were freed but while doing this I had awoken a dangerous creature. Made and stone and flying on wings what little I saw made me think it was a gargoyle and it struck me before I could move, I now bear another set of scars to match the ones I received during my first encounter with the Earth Demons. I raised my protective magics but to do so I plunged the entire room into darkness, I could not see my enemy to stop him and with no sight of the people I had freed I could not protect them. The creature taunted me telling me it had been waiting for me and calling me the champion of the air, does this speak of me specifically? I doubt it, this is more likely a reference to imbued in general. It spoke of further influence being spread through the Wolfheart lands and the Hydra lands and tried to fill me with more doubt , I must admit it by this point that is all my heart knew. I struggled with the decision of what to do, if I dropped my protections to attack it could strike me down first, I could not see it to strike specifically at it instead risking an area attack that would most likely hurt those I was trying to save. They were begging me to kill them knowing that the fate they would endure was worse then death, even as this broke my heart I retreated…..retreat, a word used by people when they don’t want to call themselves weak, when they don’t want to admit they were not strong enough or courageous enough to stand with their brethren against an enemy and I cant help but think that I, Taesian Stormblood, son of Morran and last heir to the Stormblood tribe am a coward.

Never have I felt fear so profound as I did in that cave….no it was more then fear, it was doubt, it was despair. Sitting there in the dark unable to attack my enemy and protect my countrymen who stood only feet from made me feel more helpless then I believed was possible. How many years had I trained to fight this enemy and when my time came there was naught I could do….how my ancestors must look upon me with shame.

After leaving the cave I gathered Gwynath and the three families should could convince to leave and we are heading to Thunderheart, I am teleporting them as far as I can each hour but my strength is draining and rest is hard to come by. The doubt follows me, how can I protect these people when I left their own clansmen to die? Gwynath looks to me with hope but I cant meet her gaze, she believes in me far more then I do and in truth she is the one I admire, her whole world just fell apart and here she is leading as many of her people as she could. The only respite I find is in the few conversations I have with the younger ones while we rest. They ask many questions about what happened and what I am and it is only now I realise my perspective is different to my people. I speak to the children of balance, air, water, earth, fire, the animals, the trees and the people. One of them asked how I knew the earth demons were evil and while I could have explained what I had seen there was a more powerful answer in my heart: The spirits we follow do not demand our worship or sacrifice, they offer guidance and we can follow or not as is our choice, they give us freedom where the Earth Demons offer slavery of the heart if not the body. I do not know if this answer satisfied them or not but they started asking more and more questions as we travel and I was happy to answer as best I could, for me this might be the only way I can give back to my people.

I think to where we are going and I am reminded of my family and friends there, have I brought doom to their doorstep? People who chose to not only open their homes but their hearts and trust to me are now in danger because I was not enough. For them I can only take solace in the fact that our way is to oppose the Earth Demons but what of my friends who I brought here?

Justinia Lastrium, a wonderful and talented young lady who has been kinder to me then most during my time in the outside world. Her family is something of a hero in her home town and they could all lose her because I brought her here, but what are my choices? send her home and losing a strong warrior who might save countless lives? is it selfish of me to want her to stay and more importantly does she stay because she feels guilty for what I sacrificed for her sister? I would hope not because she of all people owes me nothing, that day gave me my first moment of freedom in five years.

Then we have Calim Gorn, while I don’t feel guilty that he is in danger seeing as he was willing to get my whole clan into a war based on lies, I do feel bad that he might die thinking I hate him. Perhaps he does not see his actions as I have seen them but the true could be said of me as well. Even since we graduated he became so erratic, one moment he would not care about anything the next he was willing to fight us over something trivial. Some of this is explained by his….family situation and in truth if I had grown up in his household I probably would have ended up worse. He is not a bad person he has just become a desperate one, the one thing I don’t understand is why he would try and risk all our lives, after all we have been through are we not family? or is his sister more important then all our lives? I fear that if he loses himself in the pursuit of his desires he will cross a line that those he cares about cant forgive and then he might lose everything.

Sefiros. Where to even begin with this one, one part charming rogue, one part honourable knight, ninety-eight parts complete mystery. Still he is my friend and he has been faithful always, there are few I trust more and while I am concerned I have put him in danger I also hope he will find what he seeks here. Sefiros is a man who appears lost, he has spent so much time following orders that he has become deaf to his own heart but in these lands he might find what he seeks. He does not know this but I often think he is the strongest of all of us, Calim and I are broken things, Justy is a mercenary. In rare moments during battle Sefiros fights with a strength and conviction we all seem to lack but he does not see it in himself, it is like he sees himself as empty and not the potential hero he could be.

Helenia Chrysti, an amazing young and powerful mage. We have been…..close, but never spoken of what we are, sometimes I feel like she is going to bring up those tough questions and then its like she realises what so few others seem to. I don’t expect to live long enough to have a family. I admire her for her ability to live in the moment and I hope beyond all else that she is long gone from these lands by the time I return, if Sefiros passed on what I told him she might decide to stay and if she was to die here I would never forgive myself. So often my urges propel me on the course of nearest destruction secretly with the hopes today might end my pain and I do not wish her to go down with me.

I know not what I will say to any of them when I eventually arrive in Thunderheart, there is so much inside me that is confused. The creature called me the champion of the air? I do not understand what it means and I fear that if I am to be the champion are we all doomed? Will I draw the eye of the Earth Demons to us as I have drawn the Toress’ by letting Sylara stay? How can my people defend ourselves, I can not go to the empire with this. That will only lead to them taking more of our land for themselves but if I don’t say something we might lose the land anyway….or have we not lost it already? the emissary said those lands were now under their protection.

Today while resting I was…or dreamed I was in the spirit realm, in the distance I could see many of the spirits as they were but in front of me stood the spirit of the wolf. Large and powerful the king of all beasts and undisputed leader of the pack he was magnificent and he just looked upon me. I could see nothing in his eyes as he looked upon me, was I that unimpressive? will I be the one that finally destroys these lands and ends his hunt? does he not blame me if that comes to pass because all things die in time? or is he waiting for me to take action? Or is it all in my head. Perhaps I am not as important as others think and I should just leave these lands, maybe that is why Ylathe Mooneagle left her people?

Gwynath is walking around handing out stew and she will be upon me soon. We have not spoken of our engagement since I returned and in truth I am glad for it, she is a chieftains daughter and destined to lead her clan to greatness, she must marry for the good of her people and after today’s events we can say that I am not what’s best for them. I have divided her clan and separated her from her mother and father. I do not even understand how she does not hate me, first my family and now hers makes me wonder if I am not the bringer of death.

I will be home soon and many decisions will have to be made, I hope I am ready.

Power Point Log

Session 10 (9/22/13) – 3 PP awarded, after finishing conversation with Saveron.
Session 14 (10/27/13) – 2 PP awarded, after Taesian fled and contract with Tharian started.
Session 20 (12/14/13) – 4 PP awarded, Calim’s trial.
Session 28 (4/27/14) – 4 PP awarded, Calim’s plans fall apart.
Session 33 (6/8/14) – 2 PP awarded, Sylara dies.
Session 34 (6/15/2014) – 5 PP awarded, Become PL 9, Calim and Laventa imprisoned. Time jumped.
Session 41 (6/6/2014) – 4 PP awarded (total PP 144). The group returns back from Ssithiyen after uncovering the unusual sphere.
Session 54 (10/25/2014) – 5 PP awarded (total PP 149). Justy’s promotion!
Session 64 (1/24/2015) – 4 PP awarded (total PP 153). Interrim for new characters.

25th of the Cyclops, 761
Justy's Incident Report

OOC: This is obviously meant to be from Justy’s perspective, but she’s not intentionally trying to bury anyone, so if there’s any blatant factual inaccuracies or vagueness that might be relevant (like where exactly Calim was toward the beginning) please let me know so I can fix ’em.

Incident Report GS-IA06-7142A

NOTE: This report pertains to the incident at █████ ████ Manor on [25th Cyclops]. Additional background information can be found in Case File GS-RU-7142A.


After reviewing the reports outlined in Case File GS-RU-7142A, I decided that pursuing further investigation of the matter myself could potentially end the abductions without requiring the commitment of scarce Guild resources. I approached the manor with a small force of two Imbued from my band whom I had trained with and had reason to believe could assist me in determining if the manor and the abductions were connected. See Asset File PS-IG12 (“One-Winged Angel”) and Asset File PS-IF75 (“Prince Charming”).

Our mission parameters at the outset were only to recon the manor for signs of illegal activity that could provide a basis for further investigation. I kept watch from the front of the property while “OWA” flew ahead carrying “Prince Charming” to investigate light and signs of activity on the second floor. One of them was evidently detected, as the light we had previously observed on the second floor went out and the two of them returned to me, followed shortly by the owner of the house.

At this point, I began to provide a cover story for our presence in the area to attempt to cover for our detection and allow us to withdraw without alerting him to our true suspicions about the missing persons. This was the point when my teammates’ behavior began to deviate wildly from our mission parameters; “Prince Charming” took the initiative to double back and examine the property in more detail, while “OWA” abrogated my intent to disengage by loudly accusing the owner of being the culprit of the kidnappings. At this point, the owner was highly agitated and suspicious due to "OWA"’s behavior, but appeared to be willing to believe my story at least to the point of allowing us to retreat.

Unfortunately, “Prince Charming” triggered the manor’s security systems, and “OWA” blew our cover by attempting to restrain the owner, further escalating the situation. Since “OWA” had initiated hostilities with the owner, I left him to delay the owner while I pursued “Prince Charming”, as I did not wish to take responsibility for abandoning a member of a Rahseld noble family and had no means of locating him beyond giving chase.

I was engaged by the manor’s security in the form of magical constructs, but managed to locate “Prince Charming” inside the house (I did not happen to witness his method of gaining entry and so do not wish to pollute this file with idle speculation about a foreign dignitary’s adherence or familiarity with the rules of lawful search and seizure.) Whether through a masterstroke of detective work or sheer process of elimination, “Prince Charming” had located a magical laboratory in the cellar that contained evidence of illegal soul manipulation activities. It was in the course of my search that I first encountered the girl; her nature was obvious, but at this time she appeared frightened the way any small child would be in the course of a home invasion.

My recollection of the timeline after this point is a bit fuzzy due to the growing urgency and complexity of the situation, but I will attempt to recount from here as best I can. Having uncovered evidence of illegal activity, “Prince Charming” was difficult to persuade from his self-appointed task of breaching the inner laboratory, and “OWA” was pursued into the cellar by the manor owner, boxing all three of us in with few means of escape. “OWA” and I fought off the magical security dogs, as well as a golem, while “OWA” tried to secure a means of escape. When “Prince Charming” breached the door, he uncovered the “evidence” described in Supplemental File 7142A-01; heartbreakingly, all of it was rendered unusuable in the destruction of the mansion.

Once it became obvious to us that the girl was the victim of soul manipulation by the mansion’s owner, he attempted to flee with his so-called “daughter”, prompting us to give chase. I searched the stables while “OWA” and “Prince Charming” pursued a runner who later turned out to be a decoy, and I located the owner and his doll-like “daughter” inside. I attempted to engage them in dialogue in hopes of getting them to surrender peacefully so the girl could be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, my attempts to convince the girl that she was a hostage had the opposite of the intended effect and seemed to provoke her into attacking me. Injured and having difficulty holding my own against the two of them, I attempted to disengage in hopes of tracking the two of them; however, “OWA” and “Prince Charming” appeared, having uncovered the decoy, which provoked him into committing an apparent murder-suicide by magic with his “daughter”. I understand that an analysis by the AG has confirmed my suspicion that it was an illusion to cover their escape, but I don’t understand the technical details; the boys and girls in the lab might want to add something after they take a look. The mansion was subsequently annihilated in an explosion apparently caused by one of my teammates, destroying any evidence that would substantiate the allegations in this document save for the mansion owner and his doll “daughter”.


Complete failure. The behavior of my squad alerted the suspect to our investigation and has driven him into hiding with no leads as to his new location or identity. Additionally, any and all evidence that would have proven his connection to the kidnappings and provided a basis for further investigation was destroyed, also largely due to the actions of my squad. Our only feasible options are to hope he either blows his cover early or ceases his experiments now that he has a “daughter”.

Personnel Addendum GS-IG12-7142A: Asset ID# GS-IG12 “One-Winged Angel”

Cute “codename”, guys. I’m so glad we have people like you to handle our sensitive communications. We all know about his combat prowess; what’s there to say? But is he really the “super soldier” the AG likes to say he is? He seems like a regular guy to me, with the same depth of emotion as anyone else, and if no one helps him learn how to cope with them he’s going to continue coping with them in the middle of operations, with the results we’ve seen here. Tell AG to treat their people more like people! But still, if all his Imbued training couldn’t teach him to keep his head in a tense situation, I’d limit the types of sorties he’s involved in pending another assessment.

EVALUATION: Prone to impulsiveness, unpredictable behavior, creative reinterpretation of mission parameters. Not recommended for sensitive duties or those with civilian involvement.

Personnel Addendum GS-IF75-7142A: Asset ID# GS-IF75 “Prince Charming”

Seriously? Prince Charming? Having you in charge of his personnel file has got to count as a conflict of interest, ███████. He’s a good enough pilot and responsible when it comes to his own family, but as I learned last night, his sense of duty seems to extend no further than that. His desire to see justice done to the criminal was also honest, and I appreciate his zeal, but his decision to break away from “OWA” and myself demonstrated a considerable lack of foresight and consideration for the laws of evidence and privacy in Ronen. The responsibility for requesting his assistance is mine, but his ignorance of our customs still shocks me. I’d understand if it was some sheltered kid, but [REDACTED] is an Imbued! I’d think House [REDACTED] would have more discretion with who they send gallivanting around the Empire on missions of diplomacy.

EVALUATION: Prone to impulsiveness, unpredictable behavior. Appears to either misunderstand or not respect the relationship between Ronen and Imperial law. Not currently recommended for duties requiring a clearance higher than Mercenary-Public.

Chronicle of Days

12th Of the Cyclops, 761
Band Graduates

13th Of the Cyclops, 761
Travels to Saerlon

14th Of the Cyclops, 761
Encounters Hand of the People on a Windrider at around midnight.

15th Of the Cyclops, 761
Celebration in Saerlon honoring Dragon Band

16th Of the Cyclops, 761
Sayuri Lastrium given tour of Arcanotorium Maximus

21st Of the Cyclops, 761
Justy, Sef and Calim attack a manor on the outskirts of Saerlon, burning it down.

23rd Of the Cyclops, 761
Sefiros and Calim publicly apologize for the incident on the 21st.

24th Of the Cyclops, 761
Sef/Calim leave for Yt

26th Of the Cyclops, 761
Calim meets with Saveron of the Sun

28th Of the Cyclops, 761
Attack on Thunderheart by the Iron Raiders

30th Of the Cyclops, 761
Linea Toress and Sylara Toress II arrive in Thunderheart to provide aid. Sylara and a Toress contingent of soldiers remain behind to protect it.

31st Of the Cyclops, 761
Mayor Petronic Osgenos was murdered, along with his 8 year old son and 4 guards. This occurred in his home in Ealia

32nd Of the Cyclops, 761
Sefiros visits the Somanaru.

33rd Of the Cyclops, 761
Taesian meets with Valen Antonavion, then teleports away and disappears.

36th Of the Cyclops, 761
Tharian Gorn’s contract with Sefiros and Justy begins. It has 6 month term if not ended early.

14th Of the Dragon, 761
Group encounters Orothean pirates, which ends in the destruction of a Toress ship and the pirates being sucked into a mystically created whirlpool.

20th Of the Dragon, 761
Group returns to Gorinheim

7th Of the Eagle, 761
Taesian Stormblood goes before the Grand Council and is found guilty of the murder of Mayor Petronic Osgenos. He is sentenced the majority of his wealth being confiscated, as well as a 25% tax on future wealth gained for the next year. It is decided that no penalties will be set against the Wolfheart Clan. Taesian is also instructed to 1 year to study under Justinia Lastrium, forced to stay within close proximity to her at all times.

9th Of the Eagle, 761
Gorn attacks House Lythandus.

12th Of the Eagle, 761
Calim Gorn is arrested at Gorinheim.

16th Of the Eagle, 762
Sorvin Gorn is captured by Sefiros and Telthion Lythandus.

17th Of the Eagle, 762
The trial of Calim Gorn

18th Of the Eagle, 762
Attack on Lastrium farm. Lord Falsion Gorn is captured. Taesian Stormblood was killed.

20th Of the Eagle, 762
Wedding of Calim Gorn and Sylara Toress II.

21st Of the Eagle, 762
Calim, Sef, Justy, Linea, Sylara and the Queen visit Thunderheart

30th Of the Eagle, 762
Funeral of Taesian Stormblood.

33rd Of the Eagle, 762
Group departs Aylanae for Thunderheart.

34th Of the Eagle, 762
Taesian visit the Moon Eagle Clan and runs into trouble.

35th Of the Eagle, 762
Calim, Justy and Sef assemble a new Shiadar armor for Calim (on rent from the Shipwright’s guild). The Templar form up a temporary military fortification in Thunderheart for an impending Earth Demon attack.

38th Of the Eagle, 762
Taesian arrives in Thunderheart with refugees from the Mooneagle Clan.

12th Of the Frog, 762
The Templar are dismissed from Yt, thanks to pressure from the Clans. Imperion Terl is stationed at Vigilance, relieved of his duties as trainer of Aylanae.

13th Of the Frog, 762
Calim Gorn murders Sylara Toress.

16th Of the Frog, 762
Calim and Laventa Gorn sentenced to imprisonment until a massive fine is paid off. They were placed in the custody of House Toress, and are kept at the royal palace in Rahseld.

17th Of the Frog, 762
Grand Duke Psilliex Zanyz withdraws financial support from House Gorn, and in light of Laventa’s imprisonment, breaks the betrothal between Laventa Gorn and Sythe Zanyz IV. This marks a bad turn for House Gorn in their war with House Lythandus for control over the Grand Duchy of Gorinheim, though they continue to fight.

20th Of the Frog, 762
Erasmus Zanyz and Aldarion of the Sun work together to defeat traitors from the Moonspeaker Tribe at Bailarsa and coincidentally lay claim to the Cleimar Mine.

33rd Of the Frog, 762
Duke Lashan Thalim II, a man in poor health, expires and his son Orgrin Thalim ascends to his position.

41st Of the Frog, 762
The Raid of Veilforth begins.

42nd Of the Frog, 762
Grand Duke Psilliex Zanyz announces his official support for House Lythandus, denouncing Duke Orgrin Thalim as a treacherous supporter of a pretender.

1st Of the Giant, 762
Gorinheim is sacked by House Thalim forces. Grand Duke Tharian Gorn is captured and forced to negotiate a surrender, naming Duchess Illyria Gorn (wife of Orgrin Thalim) the new grand duchess. Lord Jaxim Gorn immediately denounces her as a pretender, taking control of Tharian’s forces in the west. Jaxim names himself Grand Duke.

22nd Of the Giant, 762
Jaxim moves in for the kill on Lythandus, trying to end them in a series of brute force attacks. Unfortunately he lacks a truely tactical mind and is lured into a variety of ambushes, and is eventually captured and forced to surrender to Duke Eldrium Lythandus. Now Lythandus must face off against Illyria Gorn and her husband Orgrin Thalim.

36th Of the Giant, 762
Given that House Zanyz stands to potentially gain House Lythandus as their puppet, House Garaz declares their backing of Orgrin as an independent duke. House Lythandus’ forces were strained, and House Zanyz didn’t want to back them with more money added to the Gorn’s debt. Queen Cheisa Toress along with the support of Grand Templar Celix Elfdream urge for peace, and it is decided that the Duchy of Sands and Duchy of Leindra would be under control of Illyria Gorn and Duke Orgrin Thalim, respectively. They would be independent from the Grand Duke Eldrium, though Eldrium did retain a claim on their lands as they are still considered part of the Grand Duchy of Gorinheim. Though given, Lythandus’ new debt, it seemed unlikely they’d ever get a chance to press such claims in war.

33rd Of the Giant,763
The group makes the journey to Ssthiyen.

35th Of the Giant,763
Drilling into the ice begins.

15th Of the Hydra, 763
Drills getting close to the core. Julian Lastarius and a band of Shadowblade Company mercenaries attack the dig site.

17th Of the Hydra, 763
A strange sphere is unearthed. Taesian goes crazy while everyone is deciding what to do with it.

21st Of the Hydra, 763
Trial of Sefiros for the death of Selehana Garaz. Sef cleared on all charges. Justinia Lastrium and Arielle Toress enter the Somanaru.

26th Of the Hydra, 763
Adron launches an expedition to recover the sphere.

27th Of the Hydra, 763

Justy embarks on a covert mission on a secret Templar stronghold. Ellenya attempts escape but fails.

35th Of the Hydra, 763
President Honorius Lastar is given a steep fine and warning by the Imperial Council for the loss/theft of Ellenya’s power armor. He is also warned that any copies of the armor will also result in further punishment.

12th Of the Archon, 764
Taesian Stormblood visits Ssthiyen and uncovers a mysterious cave and awakens a sleeping stranger.

22nd Of the Archon, 764
Taesian learns of the latest Earth Demon plot from Oren. Mallegaunt is called upon for aid. Sef, Justy, Ellenya, Hana and Helenia head to Thunderheart.

23rd Of the Archon, 764
Saveron of the Sun arrives to help Thunderheart. Lastar arrives with a proposal.

24th Of the Archon, 764
Sef, Justy and Ellenya embark on a mission to the swamp to the southeast to explore an abandoned manor. It is left a burning wreck. Ellenya is injured by an exploding golem laced with Nuumian.

27th Of the Archon, 764
Ellenya returns to Thunderheart making a recovery. Lastar attempts to sell the other clans on his plan. The evacuation of Thunderheart is complete, moving the noncombatants to Ronen to Taesian’s safehouse.

31st Of the Archon, 764
In the earliest hours of the morning, Sefiros, Taesian and Ellenya destroy the Earth Demon temple at Moonshadow. The Moon Eagle clan moves to Thunderheart, rejoining the empire. Sef and Ellenya have to be taken to Aylanae to heal Nuumian poisoning.

32nd Of the Archon, 764
An emergency clanmeet is called, where the chieftains of the five clans of Yt decide to side with the Templar and deny Lastar’s proposal.

33rd Of the Archon, 764
Taesian spends some time with the Sun clan. Sefiros departs Aylanae before his Nuumian-treatment is finished, heading for Vigilance. Justy rescues Sayuri in Ronen.

34th Of the Archon, 764
Thunderheart is attacked by Earth Demons. It manages to hold the attackers back thanks to a lot of Imbued and the druidic wards. A great rock worm is slain however, and risks poisoning the area with Earth Rot. A simultaneous attack occurs on Vigilance as well. The Grand Templar is slain as well as many others.

36th Of the Archon, 764
Taesian accuses President Lastar of causing the attacks on Yt and Vigilance before the council. Sefiros slays Taesian in the midst of the council meeting. Sefiros is sentenced to Minddeath.

44th Of the Archon, 764
The imperial council officially declares war on Tinigath.

2nd Of the Bear, 764
Helenia Chrystri officially becomes an archmagi. Sefiros is put into Mind death. Adron Kortarian holds a public announcement of his new technologies. Using the Avaera (and costing the Yoshinori’s vassal their imbuing), Helenia restores Arielle Toress to her former self.

6th Of the Bear, 764
Youko Inari visits E-Tech Industries.


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