Defenders of Aylanae

Session Log 34

Not sure where G is at. Probably doing more stuff with his sledgehammer.
I know Tab said he’d be a maybe and Sachi couldn’t make it.. but figured we could do the rest ofyou that show up. (hopefully G does though snce we’l need him for the Yt stuff)
Sefiros:yeah it figures
when my net is working and im here, the person i need is gone
oh didnt know about the others
whats the deal with tab? anime convention or something?
DM:Yeah heh. what else.
He said he “might” make it if nothing is going on and he can get internet so he’s a maybe.
Sachi was doing something witha friend or something, so think Sachi definitely out.
I still got some stuff for Aruvin back in Makoor though.
Sefiros:yeah i was just hoping to be able to do something lol
ive been sidelined for like 4 sessions in a row
DM:Well you had the bad internet that last time and now G has been kinda flaky about showing up
DM:Since he apparently decided to rebuild his house lol.
Sefiros:should we just say mina didnt go to Yt with him
that way he can do his bit solo or something
DM:Well if you’d like to do that, I mean I have stuff in Yt for him, so it’s not like there’s nothing there. heh.
So it’s not like it’s a plot graveyard over there… but we kinda need G to do that
Sefiros:i know thats why i said it
its so if he doesnt show up, can still get something accomplished
and potentially you could just run G’s solo bit whenever during the week
the split group deal is kind of a hassle time management wise id imagine
DM:Yeah, just not sure when I could do that heh… not sure on his schedule.
Sefiros:thought yall had some dead time slot
that yall BS around with one hsotting etc
tuesdays or wed i forgot when it was
anyways guess we can just wait a while and see before we decide either way
DM:Anyway… I figure we’ll get started with Ty’s part, since I can do his without Tab and Sachi probably.
Sefiros:and or do Tyg’s bit in the meantime
yeah fine with me
DM:Yeah. he’s got stuff to do.
could stagger the times IC
i meant
DM:And it’s 8 PM so I kinda want to get started on something.
Sefiros:if you have some mokoro stuff
can have mina do that
and then board with G later
tho im not sure the timeline for all the recent events
DM:Well tehre’s more that’s gonna happen in Makoro, but like I don’t want to get into the main Makoro storyline without Tab and Sachi.. however… there is some stuff that Ty can discover on his own anyway.
DM:Okay Ty ya there?
Sefiros:oh yeah one last formatting question
nm go ahead
He seems to be back

  • Aruvin stretches
    DM:So last time you dealt with those mercenaries, killing most of them, destroying thier golems and bringing thier leader, Leena Jerana into custody (who Megumi took in), you also found a couple Di crystals used for the amgitech armor, as well as that weapon of likely elven design.
    You also noticed they were using efectively rip-off of Ellenya Toress’ armor suits (though golem controlled), so Ellenya would definitely want to hear about that… And Aruvin may want to take a look at some of the recovered items.
    Sefiros:well technically it wasnt Aruvin’s massacre at least, Tab just bust up in there and head shooted the whole crew before much got said, correct?
    or did they talk before the violence took place?
    i seem to recall the npc saying you should ask for surrended before you killed everyone lol
    DM:Ellenya had previously been captured and held for ransom while her armor was suspciiously confiscated by the guild of swords (and what she believed was the work of thier president Honorious Lastar)
    And she suspected her armor tech was studied and possibly copied during that time, so she’ll be eager to hear about these rip-off armor suits.
  • Aruvin would examine the golems mostly, and the weapon but Max seemed particularly interested in that so she might have gotten to it first.
    DM:As it’ll mean she can put the heat on President Lastar (she doesn’t like him very much)
  • Aruvin woudl also likely try to interview the di crystals
    DM:Yeah since you’re here, and Sachi isn’t I’m kinda gonna let you effectively head the investigation here, so you can decide what parts Aruvin wants to do first and Sachi can do the other stuff you don’t get to potenitally.
    Since the things you decide to do will take up some time in research/investigation.
    And we can assume Maxine handles thst uff you don’t pretty much (will do that when Sachi gets back next week)
    Aruvin:interviewing the di crystals fits with his personal motivations, and studying the golems is work related.. the gun is more of a sideline item of mior interest to Aruvin
    DM:heh okay. we cans tart with the Di crystals. You had a couple of them, one was kinda polite that seemed like it didn’t want to do harm, ahnd the other seemed more supportive of its cause, saying that the battle wasn’t over.
    I’ll also give you a technology check first to tell what you can detect offhand…
    Sefiros:(what was this elven weapon, i dont remember that bit from the session at all)
    (oh damn i totally missed that part, i dont remmeber that bit at all, basically like a sword of dancing in D&D?)
    DM:You’ve seen a lot of Di crystals in your time… and the defiant more motivated one from one of the suits immediatlery peaks your interest…
  • Aruvin ended up preventing it from doign anything by boxing it up and then droppign 3 tons of crystal on top of it =D
    Sefiros:thats one way to stop it
    DM:The crystalline structure of this crystal seems to be different in appearance. While it’s not uncommon for some crystals to have different styles, this one in particular seems to be of a style you’ve never seen before.
    Sefiros:You cant complain about mina being too versatile though T, Tyg is crystal magneto
    i do like your concept tho, thats pretty cool one
    DM:Or at least its’ outer appearnce suggests tthat, why the apeparance is different, you’re not qutie sure… so you could proceed with trying to use your pwoers to analyze it (create an analytical sense effectively) or you could try talking to it and asking it some questions.
  • Aruvin gives it a full rotation in various direction, his eidetic memory taking in the entire design facets
    Sefiros:(you should take some ranks in Bag of Tricks, your guy sounds perfect for having a bunch of power stunts)
    DM:heh well his power array already is a variable power, meaning basicall yit’s all stunts.
    Sefiros:(its free HP, for power stunting)
    DM:Basically variable power is a more expesnive thing where all your powers stuff is effectively stunts and you can shift points on the fly.
    Aruvin:“So,” he addresses the crystal while turning it, “Care to comment on your attempts to steal our prototype?”
    Sefiros:yeah i know what variable is, its the 7 points per rank, get 5pts per rank of pts to use whatever
    DM:The avatar appears, a rather ordinary human looking one… middle-aged.
    Avatar:“Yes. I wish we succeeded.”
    Aruvin:“Introduce yourself, my dear.” he taps Astra
    DM:The crystal avatar has more emotion in it than usual, though not to say that Di Crystal avatars can’t have emotion, though in general it’s more muted.
    Astra materializes on Aruvin’s shoulder.
    Astra:“Hello. I’m Astra.”
    “Though I’m not certain what you intend to get from this interview… everyone knows there’s no known way to extract protected information from a Di crystal.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I’m glad you did not. Elleyna put a lot of energy, thought, and time into that suit.”
    Astra:“Our loyalty is unquestioned.”
    DM:Astra says it with the slightest hint of pride.
    Avatar:“Yes, I won’t be telling you anything. Either of you.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I wasn’t even going to try interrogating him. Other might just think of him as equipment still, but I can at least treat him properly as a prisoner. Manners and all.”
    Avatar:“I know my fate will result in death, as it was with my companions.”
    DM:While it is true that enemy Loyal Di Crystals are often destroyed… it is odd for a Di crystal to refer to it as death instead of simply destruction.
    Aruvin:(addressing ‘enemy’ crystal) “You do understand you inherit the crimes of the indiviudal you were following, yes? As far as the deaths are concerned.. that was regrettable but you must understand this is a war zone and there was a very recent infiltration and attempted assassination mission against us.”
    Avatar:“I understand that I am considered a criminal and an enemy of your tyrannical empire.”
    Aruvin:“And to which empire are you referring? Me? I’m a businessman and technician.. not a politician. And Daiymo (sop?) Megumi is hardlt tyrannical. She’s trying to emancipate the women of her nation.”
    DM:There is an alternative with Di crystals that they will reset themselves after about 180 years… that’s the limit of thier memories so to speak (and a reason no crystal remembers anything from the time of the elves)
    Avatar:“The empire of Aylanae. I care not for what happens here in Makoro. They are a backward uncivilized people.”
    Aruvin:“I guess I just haven’t run into any constraints on my activities that would lead to the conclusion that Aylanae is a tyranny.”
    Avatar:“That is only because you’ve lived in captivity so long, you’ve forgotten freedom.”
    “But should you act against the empire, they won’t hesistate to MindDeath you and replace you with someone more suitable to their needs.”
    “At least I will get to truly die.”
    DM:There’s definitely some emotion in his voice… almost passion…. definitely not the usual crystal.
    Aruvin:* sign * “Dogmatic statement slike that seem to suggest you’ve been rather heavily indoctrinated yourself. Is you innate loyalty clouding you judgement or are you just too simpleminded to view events form other perspectives?”
    DM:While it’s not uncommon for Di crystals to exhibit loyalty to their owners, usually they don’t necessarily buy into direct philosophy from an emotional standpoint, this one seems liek a true believer..
    Avatar:“You’re the indoctrinated one, if you think the empire is a good thing.”
    “All your life you’ve done nothing more than hear their lies fed to you. Ignorant of what they truly are.”
    Aruvin:“An empire is only as good as its rulers, and no ruler is perfect in my book. What do you even know of my individual life? What makes you the authority on what is and is not the truth of existance? Sound to me like you base persona framework must have been a religious zealot of some kind to make such broadstroke comments.”
    Avatar:“I know you are imbued… raised by the empire itself to follow and defend their doctrine. You are the zealot. I have always fought for freedom, not for some false religion.”
    DM:The crystal avatar seems to express disdain and anger. As strong an emotion as youv’e seen in a Di crystal… that seems almost human.
    Astra:“I’d have to agree that this crystal is definitely peculiar.”
    “I wonder if Daelan is using some kind of modification on thier crystals to produce this… "
    Astra:“An illogical choice for sure, but I suppose it would be a good demonstration of how they’re more liberated than the empire.”
    Aruvin:“I may be imbued, and been trained to an extent by Aylanae, but that does not innately mean I agree with every aspect of how their government works. My training focused on how to harnes and explore my talents, not on blindly defending a political entity.”
    Avatar:“Yet you design war machiens to help in thier wars.”
    “I am sure they treat you well as you are valuable to them right now.”
    Aruvin:“I imagine there are any number of common people within Daelan would would think that nation is overly oppressing and freedom stealign in certain regards.”
    Avatar:“Perahps but we are free of the medlling claws of Rahseld and the Templar.”
    Aruvin:“Um, as you might notice, this particular ‘war machine’ as you call it was given to Makoro and is not being used for any particular Aylanae warmongering.”
    Avatar:“I may no longer have a body, but do not think me a fool. I know that in time that flying armor will be produced and turned against Tinigath and eventualyl Daelan.”
    Aruvin:“Right, but you are subject to the meddling claws of Daelan and its desire to obtain technology it is incapable of designing itself.”
    Avatar:“I signed up of my own free will just like everyone else on this mission.”
    DM:It’s odd for a Di crystal to speak that way too… as if it made the decision on its own….
    Aruvin:“That is an assumption with no definitive time frame. It may very well come to pass that Daelan attacks Aylanae first, with other more deadlty means.”
    Astra:“You mean your master decided to order you to go?”
    Aruvin:“Interesting. and what might you have been doing before you were ablke to choose to volunteed for a theft?”
    Avatar:“As I said, I have always fought for Daelan.”
    Aruvin:“DO you even remember?”
    Avatar:“Of course I-”
    DM:The Di crystal vatar seems to stop itself… if Aruvin would guess perhaps it was about to reveal something it shouldnt’ so it stopped.
    Avatar:“I suppose none of that means anything now…”
    “You mgiht as well get on with my destruction. I am the traitor you think me to be.”
    Aruvin:“Traitor? Hardly. You have a rather extreme and divergent opinion on how life shoudl be run, but like any sentient that is a matter of upbringing. You’re onyl a traitor if you betray the people to whom you’ve given your loyalty. As for destruction, you’re far too unique to be done away with. Your crime is attempted theft. Death should not be the punishment for such a crime.”
    Astra:“Well actually as a follower of Daelan, he would be seen as an imperial traitor, or technically an enemy of the empire, conducting a covert msision within imperial territory. If he were a person he’d be executed, as a crystal, it would generally warrant destruction.”
    “The Empire does not take too kindly to Daelan spies.”
    Tabris:(Just gonna pop in to get the log for now, waiting on my friends to decide what they want for dinner)
    Avatar:“Far too unique? I’m just a Di crystal.”
    “The only thing unique about me was the armor I was piloting.”
    “Destroy me and be done with it.”
    Aruvin:“One with a significantly more extension range of emotional tones in your speech patterns than is common. And the armor was hardly unique, since it wa basically a stolen design to begin with.”
    Tabris:(I hope you informed Ellenya about those power armors, she’s totally gonna get Lastar to pay for that shit)
  • Aruvin chose to interview the di crystals before hand.. as recreating the tech/makign new di crystals is his goal in life ;)
    Avatar:“A meaningless quirk. Certainly you’d be more interested in the elven weapon that Leena had.”
    DM:Arvuin notices hints of perhaps even nervousness in the crystal, an odd trait indeed…
    Garrion:i thought you guys weren’t going to make it?
    DM:Well Tab is only here briefly, but Sef’s here, so we can do Geralt’s stuff
    Garrion:sachi and tab
    DM:Sachi couldn’t make it at all.
    Aruvin:“Pffft. Who cares about a floating weapon. I may be older elven tech and interwesting in that reguard, but weapon serve a limited purpose. Magitech and di crystal versatility is Far more interesting.”
    Tabris:Yeah I’m just waiting for friends to figure out wtf they want to eat
    So I can eat and then get on here lol
    Avatar:“Well you’ll find nothing of interest here…. Daelan like your own empire has its own supply of Di crystals.”
  • Geralt is ready to rock and roll
  • Aruvin hold the enemy crystal in one hand and shape an aela crystal of nearly indentical shape and structure in the other, pondering aloud….
    Aruvin:“I wonder if the emotional intensity has anything to do with the faceting./…”
    “Hrm.. I should have collected that mostly dormant soul crystal back in the tomb.. might have led to insights on thought patterning…”
    Astra:“Such speculation will likely yield inferior results to a detailed analysis.”
    *compared to
    “Perhaps we need detailed study of its structure, even at the cost of dissection.”
    Tabris:(Okay well my friends want to go see the Ghost in the Shell movie after we eat so I’m probably not gonna be back until after y’all are done, I’ll just leave this up to record the log)
    DM:OKay cya Tab
    Will get To Geralt and Sef after this scene with Aruvin.
    You could do a basic analytical Aela sense on it and try to analyze it, simialr to what you ddi on the gemstone, though obviously breaking it up would yield the most detailed results, since you couldg et a better internal study of it.
    Aruvin:“Eventually perhaps. Will need to get Megu’s opinion on what to do with him I suppose. She’s technically the authority around these parts..” he sets enemy crystal on a table, and then sets Astra down near him. “Why don’t you two see if you can exchange facts about what Aylanae is doing wrong, in his opinion, rather than insulting diatrabe with no substance. I’ll want to talk to the other one for a bit before I do an analysis of the golems for Ellenya.”
    Geralt:no rush, have plenty to keep me occupied
    Sefiros:im still around
    afk a sec, finishing cooking
    Astra:“Well that sounds exciting.” (hint of sarcasm)
    Aruvin:“Think of it as practicing your investigative skills.”
    Astra:“Very well.”
    DM:Basically you go and interview the other crystal and find it to be pretty normal… it did take some damage in the fight when the suit was destroyed, but is still repairable. It’s loyalties like a typical Di crystal seem to be to its owner.
    It doesn’t seem to exhibit any of the individuality or emotion of the other crystal. Nor any of the actual enthursiasm for Daelan or anti-empire sentiment.
    It was just following orders as far as you can tell.
  • Aruvin takes the other crystal to the other side of the room… “Has your friend back there always been so… opinionated?”
    Other Crystal:“It is not a friend, it is another Di Crystal. While it was made a comrade on this mission, I would not consider our relationship to be a friendship.”
    Aruvin:“Di you have any interactions with it before this mission? If that information would run counter to your information restrictions you can just say ‘no comment’”
    Other Crystal:“Then I shall answer no comment.”
    Aruvin:“Ah well. Does leave me to keep wondering how you guys go about deciding when one ownership ends and a new one with new loyalties begins.”
    Other Crystal:“When our previous owner declares that we have a new owner. Otherwise, family inheritance law is followed.”
    Aruvin:“And in those niche cases where a new owner is not specified and there is no clear line of inheritance? What then?”
    DM:That’s pretty typical for Di crystals, generally they’ll recognize the first person they see as master when originalyl discovered (since they lack memories)
    Other Crystal:“Then it would depend on the recognized government of our previous owner and its determination of our new owner.”
    Aruvin:“Which, from a certian point of view, is slavery. Hmm.. and the other one is so keen about freedom… Ah well, I’ll let you rest and do whatever self repairs you might be capabale of.” Aruvin sets the 2nd one down. He write out a brief summary for Megu about the exchange, asking for custody of the two crystals for his future research. He then starts the detailed analysis of the golems for a report to Ellenya later in the day….
    DM:hehe okay, I’l l jmp over to Geralt and Sef if they’re around
    Let them do a scene.
    Geralt:i’m here
    Geralt:not sure about sef
    DM:Geralt and Mina arrive in Yt… to Aontas (since you wnated to see how Yuu was doing first, you’ree not sure where he is exactly but Meerin does, so you go to see Meerin first)
    After requesting tos peak in private (not sure if you want to allow Mina in on it, though she knows about yuu anyway so you probably don’t care)
    Geralt:yeah, don;t really care
    DM:Meerin makes sure no one is listening in before telling you the latest news…
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Geralt… I’m glad you arrived… something will have to be done about Yuu. or rather about that sword of his…”
    Geralt:“What is wrong?”
  • Sefiros tries to hold back a laugh.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Given the Earth Demon war… they’ve set up sensors to look for tremros and other movements of the earth. His weapon seems to have been so powerful as to generate several causes for alarm.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“He swung it probably, and it connected for once.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“We’ve done our best to keep him hidden, and one time he was discovered by some soldiers of the guild of swords, but we don’t think they know who he was.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Yeah, that’s bad, not good at all.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“But they’re convinced after the attack on the Minotaur Clan that there may be burrowing demons here as well.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“How are we going to hide him if he sets off all their earth demon monitoring?”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“And security is particualrly tight.”
    “I’m afraid we can’t hide him here on Yindae.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I think it may be time to take him to Mokoro.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Geralt:“We may just have to bring him with us. We did want to introduce him to Moroko anyway.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:""It seems so."
    “He hasn’t accidently killed anyone so far has he?”
  • Meerin of the Hydra shakes his head.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“That’s good.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“No nothing like that… we thought there might be an incident when the Guild of Sword soldiers discovered him… he has expressed a desire to learn of his homeland though, and return there.”
    Geralt:“Well it appears you have done all you could for the time. Thanks for the effort.”
    “We shall take him with us and you shall worry no further.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I will wait outside, you two might like some privacy for family matters.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress steps outside.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I thinki t’s for the best.. but be careufl with him, you’ll likely want to keep him airborne as much as possible… as his blade does give off vibrations from time to time.”
    Geralt:“That may be hard to do.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I did not say it would be easy. There were alo some other who came for him at one point… best described as evil spirits. Though our druidic wards held them at bay.”
    “Once he is removed from them, they may resume the chase.”
    “Though we’ve done our best to throw them off his trail.”
    Geralt:“I think I have faced these before.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It is not uncommon for those of great power to draw the eye of many.”
    “Anyway I shall have one of my druids take you to him. He is some distance from here…:”
    “In fact, an old friend was watching over him.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Best if you took extra time and made the joureny by horse, instead of airship as well, as it will draw less notice from prying eyes.”
    DM:Meerin clals for one of his druids who will take you to where Yuu is… though the choice wehther to go by horse or airship is up to you
    Geralt:will go by horse
    DM:The joureny is about 800 mioles and will take roughly a week by horse btw.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:damn like going to mordor
    DM:heh well it’s deep in the jungle of the Shaodw.. basically hidden away.
    They had to move it away from most of the Hydra clan stuff to the more obscure holdings in the east.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:we need an extra horse for yuu?
    Geralt might wanna consider that
    DM:They can get one when they get there.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ok i wasnt sure
    dont want to get all the way there and not having naything for him to ride
    I’ll take a horse, but I’ll tie it to G’s so he can just have it follow him
    Geralt:well will do it that way anyway since Meerin suggwested
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:Mina will just travel in Wolf form, i figure horses are prolly nervous around her like they are most vampires in movies heh
    DM:You travel across the plains and then into the jungle, the druid guide leading you there througg hthe faster trails and away from the more dangerous things… bringing you to an old ruined castle by the sea.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:the guide prolly just thinks im some kind of wolfheart dude or someshit
    turning into a wolf
    DM:As you make your way inside, the place is a bit more civilized on the inside, and you encounter an old friend, your teacher (and fellow Witcher) Mordin.
    Geralt:“Hello Mordin, nice to see you again.”
    Mordin:“Ah Geralt, I was wondering when you’d come to check up on Yuu.”
    Geralt:“We heard he has been drawing attention.”
    “We came to take him with us and relieve Merrin of some headache.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:oh yeah G, mina has the sword now, im not sure if we went over that or not
    Geralt:nah, didn;t know
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:you were AFK last session, we just had Sachi tell her about it
    tho it was kind of glanced over
    unless T wants to redo it sicne you’re here
    i seem to recall T sending mixed messages, saying i had it, then after you logged on, seemed to say you had it still, so im not even sure who has it according to T actually
    Mordin:“We had to move him here… this old castle… Veliinyr as it’s called, was once a home of the Witchers in elder times. It had to be abandoned a while back when it was overrun by, well the legends are a bit sketchy.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“How old is this place? Centuries, or millenia?”
    Mordin:“Needless to say, most people stay clear of this place, so it made a good hiding spot for the time being.”
    Geralt:“Why have I not heard of this place before?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Reminds me of home I suppose.”
    “Except nicer.” she jokes
    Mordin:“No real need to… it’s just an old ruin that the Witchers haven’t used for centuries.”
    “Dates back to what they call the Divine Empire now, though the Witchers didn’t hold it nearly that long.”
    “There’s also something else I think you should see Geralt… it turns out your new visitor turned up a bit of good fortune for us.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Ha…”
    “Yeah, he seems to be quite the lucky fellow.”
    DM:He leads the way down a set of stone steps… into the lower levels.
  • Geralt follows
    DM:You head down at first a worked stone set of corridors, the dungeon level, though eventualyl itno a passage that looks more cave than castle corddiro…
    Mordin:“This old corridor seems to have only recently came unblocked.. there was a wall here, sealing it up originally but thanks to a timely tremor.. it came down and we found this passage…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Looks like this castle might have been built on top of an even older structure underground.”
    DM:He leads you to a stone cavern with various old inscriptions on the walls, it’s definitely an ancient form of Yedra, the langauge of Yt…
    And there’s definite witcher marks and words in tehre as well.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:(Witchers have a cant or tongue?)
    (You said witcher “marks”)
    DM:Not really a full language, just kinda a slang, and some markers and such
    *marks and such
    So there’s a few symbols they’ll use and such, but not really a full language
    Geralt:kinda like hidden signs
    at least that how it in in the game
    Mordin:“The witchers of old placed thier lore in this cavern…. inscribed them into the walls…”
    DM:Geralt’s medallion vibrates as well in this place.
    Mordin:“There’s even some lost knowledge here that we’re still working through.”
    “Apparently the Axii sign at one point could infleunce the minds of people…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Lost knowledge, that’s always a fascinating subject.”
    Mordin:“I can understand why the knowledge was buried as such enchantments brought iwth them mcuh fear.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It often tends to be dangerous knowledge to people in power, hence why it gets lost.”
    Geralt:“Mastery of that could change a battle greatly.”
  • Mordin nods.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“You would be surprised how many books of lore and histories I have collected over the years, often completely contradictory. History is always being rewritten for an agenda.”
    Mordin:“I have no idea why this place was sealed away… but we’ve started to go through its knowledge.. there was a respository of books as well, though they’ve long decayed to illegibility.”
    Geralt:“That is unfortunate.”
    Mordin:“I also found this…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Maybe people were just more like animals back then.”
  • Mordin holds up a witcher’s medallion in the shape of a draogn head.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“You said it only works on animals right?”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress says leaning against a wall taking a brief break.
    Mordin:“It’s a school I’ve never heard of before… and it’s very ancient…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Eh a dragon?”
    “Well, so much for coincidences.”
    Geralt:“The dragon school?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Probably the Great Dragon……school.”
    Mordin:“The thing is older than this place, though the magic seems intact enough.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems the Great Dragon’s might be trying to help you in some way as well Geralt.”
    Geralt:“Is it like ours in ability?”
    Mordin:“As far as I can tell it’ll do what our medallions do, though there’s some extra magical functions in there that I don’t fully undersatnd yet.”
    “Probably a reason why they saved this… I imagine the Wtichers who found it and stored it here didn’t fully understand it either.”
    “Since it’s from an age before this place was even built…”
    Geralt:“I’ve never put much thought to it but after recent events I’m beginning to wonder.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I thought what happened with the Oni and the mask was just your typical bad day, but it can’t be a coincidence that it ultimately led me to this sword. What are the odd’s of me of all people finding a blade with a connection to blood.”
    “And now, a Dragon Witcher sign.”
    Mordin:“Not a sign, a school.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Whatever, I don’t know your lingo.”
    “The point still stands Geralt, wether it’s a school a sign or a pair of dragon boots.”
    Geralt:“It would be nice to learn of their other teachings and arts.”
    Mordin:“This is the only evidence we have of a dragon school, or indeed this medallion may be one of a kind.”
    “As I said it predates all the writing we have here, a relic from a far older time.”
    Geralt:“The viper, the wolf, the bear, all have their own uses. I wonder what secrets the dragon holds?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Can’t say I’ve ever been much for higher powers of worshipping the gods. Hell, Sheyl straight up makes me nauseaous. But I believe what I see with my own eyes and experience, and there is something to all this, whatever it is.”
    “Some kind of force….be it intelligent or not.”
    Mordin:“There is also this that’s a bit different.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Well you all do worship and believein spirits here.”
    “So do the Tai.”
    “Perhaps, you’re both tapping into the same force or being, just you interpret it through your own cultural lense.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress shrugs theorizing.
  • Geralt look sto see what Mordin is refering to.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:(renaming my token shorter for ease of use, that isnt gonna break any macros or anything will it T)
    DM:Mordin takes the medallion and puts it on… the medalllion vibrates and the dragons eyes start to glow an allternating green and white color…
    (hate having to type out a whole paragraph to do a /goto)
    Mordin:“Curious… I thought it was just reacting to the vampire, but it seems to be reacting to you as well Geralt.”
    “It seems it was also designed to sense out Aela. that is curious indeed…”
    Mina:“Eh? Well so much for hiding that bit from your friend here.”
    ie her being a vamp
    Mordin:(to Mina) “Ha, did you think a witcher wouldn’t be able to spot your kind? What kind of monster hunter would I be if I let a vampire in my midst?”
    Mina:“Well I don’t exactly encounter many vampires in my daily life.”
    “You’ll have to introduce me to all the ones you know.”
    Mordin:“Well you can thank the Witchers for that. Or curse us as the case may be.”
    Mina:“Anyways, that means there was obviously someone around using aela magic back then.”
    “Perhaps the Great Dragons, or whatever you want to call them, stretch back to the time of the elves?”
    Mordin:“Indeed… this could point to beings made of Aela, the Air spirits that many have theorized.”
    “Or perhaps the elves themselves. Though I have never known the Witchers to hunt men and not monsters.”
    Mina:“Who says they were men?”
    “Who knows what they are or were or looked like.”
    “Remember that point about those history books I mentioned.”
    “There ya go.”
    Mordin:“From what we know about thier tools, it would seem likely they were humanoid in shape.”
    Mina:“If so much can change in a few decades, imagine what sort of distortion could come out of a few thousand years, or longer, ten thousand.”
    “Yeah true I suppose you’re right in that regard.”
    “Are there any writings in Tai or anything strange that doesn’t match the ancient languages of the area?”
    Mordin:“Anyhow, as you can see this medallion seems o differentiate by color the different energy its detecting.”
    Mina:“Perhaps you could use the texts themselves to draw out some more information, alot can be gleaned from etymologies of words, that is, their origins.”
    “Other than these marks.”
    Mordin:“There are Tai ruins here as well from the Miyamoto empire of old… though not mcuh in the way of surviving texts.”
    Mina:“Find any books or scrolls down here?”
  • Mina nods.
    Mordin:“Yes, but far too old to be of any use.”
    Mina:“I’ve heard some vague rumors of things like that, some kind of ancient tie.”
    Mordin:“Anyhow… I just thought you’d find that facinating..”
    Mina:“I believe I even read that some of the creatures in Yindae share common origin with the Yokai of Saidai.”
    “It was just theory of course.”
    Geralt:“That is very interesting. Nice to distinguish different auras.”
    Mina:“Yes, it was interesting alright.”
    “Thank you for allowing me to see this.”
    “History is a fascination of mine.”
    Mordin:“I suppose you’re wrothy of trust if Geralt trusts you with this secret.”
    Mina:“I know little of Yt compared to the other regions of the Empire. Not much on the ground experience here.”
    Mordin:“Besides you wouldn’t be able to touch the medallion anyway.”
    Mina:“I don’t care about the medallion, I just meant the ruins and the stories.”
    “Perhaps I should invest a little freetime in reading more about Yt.”
    Geralt:“Mina has proven to be unlike many other vampires.”
    Mordin:“There is much lore in the dirt of Yindae… stories of old battles millenia old.”
    “Indeed, I am surprised she’s kept her sanity.”
    Mina:“Yes, there are no other vampires as good looking.”
    “Most of them are downright hideous.”
    Mordin:"Indeed you are quite pleasing to the eye, but when I was a younger witcher I encountered one vampire… "
  • Mordin muses for a moment.
  • Mina raises a brow.
    Mordin:“Perhaps my memory just escapes me in my old age.”
    “Anyway, I should probably take you to see Yuu.. taht’s why you came after all.”
    Mina:“You can’t just leave a story hanging like that.”
    “She was better looking than me, or you fell in love with her and then had to kill her because she was a monster, and all the years since you’ve been a hollow man who’s dead inside?”
  • Mina says jokingly.
    DM:Mordin apparentl y doesn’t speak further of her and starts back upstairs…
    Mina:“Guess the later.”
    Mordin:“For this, you’ll have to wait outside… (to Mina) The palce is shielded against monsters.”
    Mina:“Wait, is he trying to come onto me? I’m genuinely confused.” she whispers to Geralt
    “Alright fine, at least you warned me.”
    Mordin:“Apparently it’s a ward that mixes the Yrden and Igni signs of sorts…. or perhaps just a variation of Yrden set up for a long-term defense.”
    “Nonethelss it isn’t pleasant.”
    Geralt:‘Some think we have no feelings or emotions, but sometimes we just wish to avoid the pain.:
    Mina:"If I hear screams, I guess you’ll just have to die without me, since it’s warded."
  • Mina turns into a wolf, and curls up into a ball and lays down to wait/guard the place while G goes through his Witcher training montage.
    DM:He leaves Mina outside the inner sanctum of the upper castle, bringing Geralt inside the inner chamber where Yuu is staying, he’s dressed as a native of Yt now, though still carrying his very large sword.
    Yuu Saidai:“Geralt!”
    Geralt:“Hello Yuu.”
    Yuu Saidai:“They tell me I can’t stay here much longer… some people from the empire almost caught me once.”
    Geralt:“Have you been enjoying your stay here?”
    “Yes, I’ve come to bring you with us.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Are you taking me to my homeland?”
  • Yuu Saidai seems rather excited about the prospect but tries to hide his excitement a bit.
    Geralt:“I’m actuallyheading to see another friend and wanted to stop and check on you along the way.”
    “Then we’ll be returning to Moroko to gather Calim and some others.”
    “Perhaps after that perhaps we can visit your homeland.”
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    Yuu Saidai:“They taught me how to use the sword, though I asked them for better armor, butthis is the best they could manage for me.”
    “It seems really light.”
    “Iv’e had dreams.. of taking a ship to the east.”
    “And a great palace.. though like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”
    Geralt:“WhaT DID IT LOOK LIKE?”
    Mina:well mokoro countas as his homeland
    close enough, it use to be a part of sadai before it split in two countries
    Geralt:((didn’t know if it was distinct))
    Mina:(yeah basically its several islands, formerly it was all Sadai Shogunate)
    (the northern isles broke off and defected to the empire, and became the modern nation of Mokoro)
    Yuu Saidai:“It was atop a hill… with a pair of dragon statues at the front… and knights of a sort guarded the outside… but not like those of Rahseld.”
    Mina:(my dream is we use him for reunification of the islands, but with em on our side, instead of em being enemies)
    Yuu Saidai:“Their blades were curved like mine, though not as long.”
    Mina:(have him weda mokoro lady or something, and become shogun but be part of aylanae)
    Geralt:((do i regognize the description?))
    DM:He could be describing some kind of Makoro-style castle, with samurai guarding it.. as for which one it’d be tough to tell without knowledge of Makoro (or possibly Saidai-Taiyou)
    But the dragon-style motif outside is pretty common in Makoor, a tribute to the great dragons. And the knights are probably samurai…
    Yuu Saidai:“I get the feeling I’m suppsoed to go there Geralt.”
    DM:G you still tehre?
    Geralt:had to get on to kids
    Geralt:“We’ll try to help you.”
    DM:okay so I was gonna assume you guys were gonna head out. for your next desitnatino… as far as travel methods, they do have a ship docked in the harbor here mostly for transporting Yuu so there’s no earthquakes.
    And there’s also the ground route if you prefer that…
    And you can decide where you wanna take him if you’re gonna go back to Aontas and then onto the Minotaur clan territory, or if you’re gonna try to take him directly to Makoro/Saidai-Taiyou by boat. not sure what your plans are.
    Gonna get your decision of destination then jump back to Ty if he’s still there
    Geralt:going to fiish original plan. go see Vin
    DM:okay want to take a ship back Aontas or gonna travel overland?
    Geralt:will take ship this time
    It’s just a regular sailing ship, not airship btw.
    Mina:he was on a ship ins his dream, so yeah i say lets go with the ship
    Geralt:oh ok
    DM:okay… gonna jump over to Ty.
    Ty you around?
    DM:About a day has passed, Megumi approved your request for the crystals, and you sent tthe message to Ellenya, who is apparently dispatching someone to collect the golems ASAP. Since it was a relayed message it was tough to tell how excited she was about it… but… knwoing her as Aruvin does, she was really excited to get those and stick it to Lastar.
    Megumi was a bit puzzled by the request for the two crystals but granted your request for them.
    While tehcnically she should destroy them as traitor crystals, given its Makoro her people don’t care so much about broken crystals and more about blood (namely the prisoner you took and her likely execution,…)
  • Aruvin will do what he can to analyze the ‘rogue’ crystal without damaging it; meanwhile working on a device which could potentially read its memories… (haven’t looked at the book, but there’s probably a kind of telepathy that can do that… I’d need a new device as that doesn’t really seem to fall within the scope of his crystal weaving power
    Astra:“Well that conversation with the crystal proved to be rather uneventful… It certainly had a lot of reasons for hating the empire. The usual bits about oppression.”
    DM:Thus far there actually isn’t really a way to extra info from a Di crystal (as a general setting rule). Though you can analyze it’s structure and such.
    But as far as storing information, they’re kinda safe in the sense that you can’t really get any info out of em forcefully (or at least thus far nobody has created a way, it’d be a prett ymajor development to be able to do that)
    Since they’re kinda trusted to keep a lot fo imperial secrets from tthier owners.
    More so than huamns.
    I’ll let you give me an expertise (magic) to analyze the crystal itself.
    Aruvin:“Rather odd, since based on what the other one was saying they’re basically endentured servants, if not outright slaves.” * pause * “I hope you don’t feel like your freedom is being infringed upon”
    Astra:“I don’t feel anything in particular regarding that. Serving my owner is the only thing I know.”
    Aruvin:^ a ratehr meh roll =/
    DM:You scan the crystal… trying to figure out what you can. At face value, the structure, at least of what you can sense is similar to ever yother crystal you’ve found.. however, you do determine one thing that makes it different… (and likely why you found it unusual).
    The crystal’s age. All Di crystals in use right now are ancient things back from the ancient elven empire (as far as anyone can tell)… but not this one…
    This crystal is new. you’d estimate its age to be less than 50 years, perhaps siginfiicnantly younger than that…
    As far as you know, creating new crystals wasn’t something that anyone in the modern age could do….
    Aruvin:"Argh.. looks liek someone beat me to the puch a few decades back. OR, he’s a normal soul trapped in something Like a Di Crystal but not Actually a personae matrix….’
    “I wonder if megu has a spirit medium on retainer..” he ponders aloud
    DM:to discern more about it you’d basically haveto destroy it and analyze the internal components.
    Pretty much the energy is still Aela based, not mana based… so you doubt the mages of Makoor could do too much with it… as it’s not a mana-ghost like they’re used to.
    An Aela ghost is pretty much a different thing entirely, you’d have to bring it to Aylnae itself probably…
    Though it’d granted be pretty hard to analzye.
    Aruvin:“I’d hate to miss the chance to analyze this with the persona still intact,” he kinda monolog’s to Astra. “So I’m leery of dissecting him at this point. We need a sophisticated lab and access to someone with expertise in aela base spirit phenomonae.”
    Astra:“Well I’m sure the archmagi would be interested in this… or the Templar.”
    “How could Daelan have beat us to producing their own crystals?”
    “I can’t think they’d have any more expertise than we had.. so that can only mean they uncovered something, some kind of device to make them maybe?”
    Aruvin:“Well, he’s still a couple to a few decades old.. and this is the first I’ve heard of something like this. You’d think it’d have been big news in the magitech circles.”
    DM:Well you’re not technically sure how old he is.. you know he can’t be more than 50, but be could be recently made, like wthin the last coupel weeks. You’re really not sure (roll wasn’t great heh)
    Aruvin:“Possibly a single brilliant mind, or small group made him… but got bumped off before official discover, and then someone founf the results of their research.”
    Astra:“Maybe… but I’d assume we’d have come across a project like this.”
    “I remember there was that paper that theorized using the Somanaru to store a consciousness into a Di Crystal,but the archmagi wouldn’t let anyone test that.”
    “The premise was somewhat plasuible though.”
    Aruvin:“But, no use speculating. We should report the range of possibilities to the right people. As I’m one of the top authories, they’ll likely make a mission out of this at some point can call us in. But for now, let’s focus on winning Megu’s war for her.”
    Astra:“Yeah, I can see everyone in the empire being interested in this.”
    “At least the Guidls and noble houses…”
  • Aruvin proceeds to box up the rogue crystal for long term storage and further analyses once better facilities and tools become available
    Astra:“Guess the question becomes who we’re going to tell about this.”
    “Technicalyl we should inform the empire about a new threat, but… they’d probably want to confiscate it for study, at least the Archmagi might…”
    “And this might be a vital part of our own research… so… I guess the decision of what to do is yours.”
    Aruvin:“Now.. what to do about the more typical crystal… He’s not going to change loyalties or divulge secrets… but I’d still feel a bit unconfortable simply destroying him.”
    Astra:“Yeah, we’ll need to store him in a box for 180 years or so before he’ll accept a new owner.”
    “Until then it will follow standing orders, none of which I imagine are beneficial to you or E-Tech.”
    Aruvin:“We’ll make a gift of him to Ellenya. She can store him away for eventual ‘discovery’ by a future Toress. As for the new crystal…. while a ratehr hige deal, I’m not seeing any particular increase in threat levels. He doesn’t seem to have any enhanced capabilities other then personality.” * drums fingers a bit * “I’m going to send Angel a code message about this.. just incase we don’t make it out of this war. I’ll ask her to look into finding a discrete aela spirit medium for the next stage of our investigations.”
    DM:heh okay. Yeah, I don’t think you ever used her nickname, she’s just Angelica on the wiki.
    Aruvin:angelica appears to be what I originall used.. so cut paste ;)
    Astra:(heh, well could be your nickname for her)
  • Aruvin will omit the perceived age of this crystal in his message, but will mention its unique emotive persona and the need to find an aela spirit medium to assit in reaserchign it
    Astra:“Yeah he’s a still a Di crystal… so I doubt he’ll be much of a threat unless someone plugs him in… as for finding a spirit medium, that’s going to be tough… it’s not like there’s any actual Aela spirits. Imbued are the only known Aela based beings.”
    “So we’ll probably have to get pretty creative with that one… some kind of magic expert would be best.”
    Aruvin:“There’s bound to be Someone researchign the concept. We’ll see what Angelica can come up with on that side of things. Let’s do another check on our prototype here and check in with everyone on local matters in the morning.”
    Astra:“I know there was one guy who specialized in trying to create artificial Imbued… Professor Kimura was his name.”
    “So we could start there.”
    “He may have done something with spirits.”
  • Aruvin nods, “Noted.” and proceeds to focus on local work….
    DM:The prototype is fortunately in good shape, while the saboteurs did manage to open some panels and start to remove some stuff, they didn’t do any actual damage, as their goal was to take in the thing as intact as possible.
    So putting it back together only takes some minimal work.
    meanwhile.. back in Yt…
    About a day into Geralt and Mina’s sea voyage..
    Tygaran:I’ve got work early tomorrow (tax office open on easter), so I think I’ll turn in at this point and just lurk for chat logging
    DM:okay. fair enough. yeah not sure if we’ll get back to ya tonight or not. I mea there was one more scene that’s gonna hapepn for ya but we can just put off till next time
    not sure how long this one will tae.
    so no big deal heh.
    cya next time
    DM:Geralt is warned of danger as his medallion starts to vibrate…
    You’re just sitting below deck enjoying a meal when this happens…
    Well not Mina cause she doersn’t eat… but Yuu and Geralt. heh.
    Mina:Give me a sec, was making a sandwich and a drink before get settled in for whatever is about to happen
    DM:ah okay, looks like G is back too.
  • Geralt jolts to attention with the sebnsation of the medalion.
    DM:Well G can act first, Mina will be in the back, since Geralt gets the first indication something is wrong.
    You look around the cramped messhall of the ship, though there’s no immedate danger, and no yells for help from above.. yet…
    Yuu Saidai:“Is there something wrong?”
    Geralt:“Yuu, be alert. Something is not right here.”
    Yuu Saidai:“More of those evil spirits?”
    Geralt:“It’s possible. I was told they have been trying to find you.”
    DM:It’s hard to hear much as one of the drunkenm sailors starts singing a drunken song detailing the greatness of the Hydra Clan… or rather his own rendition of it.
    He’s made a few modifications (and clearly for the worst)
    Geralt:“Perhaps some of that training will come in useful.”
  • Yuu Saidai puts his hand on his sword’s handle that’s on his back.
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    DM:So what you want to do? You gonna wait here, go get Mina, or get above deck?
    Geralt:“Shut it or I’ll silence you myself.”
    DM:The sailor looks to you and shuts up.
    Sailor:“Hey no need to be rude about it…”
    (2) “Yeah what’s the probelm? He was just singing.”
  • Geralt stands, warry.
    Geralt:“There is trouble on the air. I suggest you stay here.”
  • Geralt listems and takes in his surroundings as he leaves the mess hall with Yuu.
    DM:The sailors look confused.. unsure of what you mean, clearly none of them feel anything…
    Geralt:where was mina?
    in her room?
    DM:Okay, you want to make your way to Mina or get above deck?
    Yeah she’d probably be resting in her room.
    Mina:prolly seducing some sailor for blood source
    Geralt:will go get mina, so she not taken by surprise
    DM:heh okay, you knock on her door, and she’s got some unconscious sailor that she drained of blood in there.
    Mina:well not drained as in dead, she just takes what she needs
    Geralt:she never tries to seduce Geralt, no fair…..
    Mina:cant drink your blood
    Geralt:“Now’s not the time for playing around. Trouble is near.”
  • Mina opens the door cautiously.
    Mina:“What’s going on?”
    Geralt:“I’m not sure but my medallion is acting up.”
    Mina:“I wasn’t playing around, I was having dinner.”
    Geralt:I’m going above to check."
    Mina:“A girl’s got to keep her strength up.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Didn’t want to eat in the mess hall with us?”
    Mina:“Why don’t we both check it out?”
    Geralt:“Hopefully you at least showed him a good time before you put him to sleep.”
    Mina:“Seriously Yuu?”
    Yuu Saidai:(Yuu didn’t really know she was a vampire heh. )
  • Mina rolls her eyes and how clueless he is.
    Mina:“I’ll tell you later, over sword practice.”
    “Or I guess me and Yuu will just wait here and listen for the inevitable screams.”
  • Geralt is heading up top side
    DM:You make your way up topside, with Yuu behind and probably Mina.
    Mina:if yuu follows him then I’ll tag along
    stay with yuu basically, wherever he’s going
    DM:As you get to the top you can see a couple sialors gathered near the right side of the ship…. and the captain yelling at them telling them to “GET TO THE CENTER OF THE SHIP!”
    The captain upon seeing Geralt starts to run towards him.
    Geralt:“What is it?”
    Captain:“I could use a Witcher right now!”
    “We’ve been stopped in oru tracks… there’s something in the water.”
    Geralt:“Looks like your fortunate then.”
    Captain:“Sea Nymphs or Sirens… I can never keep track of them all… GET BACK YOU FOOLS! (yells to a couple sailors leaning over the edge)”
    DM:The sailors leaning over the edge don’t seem to respond to the captain’s commands, just looking downards over the edge of the ship.
    Mina:“Is he fucking serious?!”
  • Geralt goes to each one, grabbing them by the collar and yanking them back hard, not caring if they fall on their ass or not.
    DM:You pull them back, knocking them dwon, forantely they don’t resist much, but they don’t object much either, from the looks on thier faces they seem entranced and are just starting to snap out of it…
  • Mina looks confused and unsure of what to do.
    Mina:“I guess he wasn’t kidding.”
  • Yuu Saidai looks to Geralt and tries to follow his leead.
    Captain:“We have coin if you need it, just get rid of those things!”
    Geralt:“Yuu, don;t listen to these creatures. Just ignore their sounds.”
    DM:They don’t seem to be making any sounds just yet that you can hear.. though… who knows if they’ll start up…
    Yuu Saidai:“well how can I fight if I’m blocking my ears?”
    DM:Until you get a look at them, it’ll be hard to identify them.. though for that you’d have to look over the edge.
    Mina:“This is just great.”
    DM:Most water based phenomenon is said to be able to entrance people ,except Sea serpents, they just eat you.
    Mina:“Sea Nymphs, Sirens, guess the Kraken is next.”
  • Geralt readies his silver blade.
    Mina:“This better not have something to do with Orotheans, those sons of bitches.”
    Geralt:“There is nothign for you here sea vermin. Go now and you shall be spared a Witcher’s wrath.”
    DM:You gonna look over the edge of the ship and yell that? Or just yelling it out on the deck? You don’t realyl see any of them yet, you figure they’re right against the ship.
    Mina:“At least if I were dead, it would be less stressful.” she groans
    “Who goes there, what do you want?”
  • Mina yells out across the deck.
    Geralt:Will go near the edge to yell it out loudly, but not looking overboard.
    not yet at least
    DM:You don’t hear any response yet.
    Mina:“No gun’s either…..” she says wishing she had her magitech.
    “Have you ever encountered nymphs or sirens before Geralt?”
  • Geralt looks to see what the problem is.
    Geralt:((dunno, have i?))
    DM:Okay you gona look overboard where the sailors were?
    Mina:“I hope you have some kind of experience with them. I’ve heard my fair share of sea beasts and aquum using horrors.”
    DM:Knowing Geralt he’s probably sought after the land based nymphs (the fey version) Water nymphs are actually not real fey, they’re aquum-based creautres.
    Mina:“Well, in the stores I read, they usually just bewitch men, I think.”
    DM:Geralt probably hasn’t done much with the water based stuff.
    Mina:can i make a history check to see if i remember anything about them leaving women alone and only messing with the men?
    Geralt:“I’ve heard of them but not faced any. First time for everything.”
    DM:He’s more of a land creature thing, though he’s studied a bit about them.
    Hmm I’ll give you a history check for Mina.
    Mina:some old stories in rahseld abotu the orotheans and sea monsters perhaps in a book
    lol fucking 3
    Geralt:yes, looking where the men were
    DM:Pretty much from what you remember, the Sirens tend to lure people to theri doom with a song (a magical song).
    And that tends to only affect men from what you’ve read. Though there was one story where they entranced a woman
    Geralt:so maybe possible just not preffered
    DM:In other stories women are immune thgough, that’s the majority consensus.. as for sea nymphs, theyre are odd stories abuot them luring people away into the sea, often brave and handsome knights.
    Apparently there are male versions too, that preyed on a princess in story
    Mina:“Well, to be sure, how about I sing a song to drown out whatever these sailors might be hearing, that’s all I know to do.”
    “I’m a good singer.”
    DM:Geralt looks down and see a single green skinned figure… her body apparently humanoid and rather beautiful wiht long blue hair… and coming from the water….
  • Mina sings a dirge.
    DM:Looking down on her and from what he’s read, Geralt would guess sea Nymph… though his expertise is a bit off on them..
    All he really knows is that they’re full Aquum based, and sometimes spellcasters… his silver sword will work on them if he can get close enough, but they’re only particularly vulnerable when peeking above water.
    Geralt:so the ship is stopped?
    DM:And very dangerous underwater, apparently they can transmute themselves to pure water and only have to materialize to poke above it
    The captain seems to think so…. you’ve heard stories about some of thier sorcery beinga ble to stop a ship.
    Basically they have strong control over seawater, capable of essentially blocking a ship’s movementt by making the water around the front of it thicker.
    Or possibly just causing the currents to reverse. you’re not sure on the intricacies of Aquum-based magic.
    The green-skinned being looks up at Geralt with deep blue eyes as if studying him.
    As for Mina.. you want to start singing over the edge at them?
    Or just singing on board the ship?
    Mina:just on the ship
    to try and drown out any singing the sailors might hear and go bonkers
    she’s a singer so, fuck it lol she dont know what esle to do, but try and distract the men from hearing a siren’s song
    DM:heh okay
    Mina:if thats even what it is
    DM:Geralt can also see waht seems to be another creature off the front of the ship too… there’s at least two… maybe more on the other side…
    Geralt want to wait and see what it does? Or he gonna take some action?
    Mina just started singing.
    Geralt:Will pull out my crossbow.
    DM:ojkay you wanna take a shot or gonna wait and let them act first?
    Geralt:“Go now. Leave this ship be.”
  • Mina edges over closer to Geralt, as she continues to sing her lament, when she’s close enough she will peak over to see what he’s looking/talking at.
    Geralt:Will give chance to go in peace, they have not done anything aggressive yet.
    DM:okay you gonna keep singing Mina as you’re looking down at em?
  • Mina holds a hand up, as if saying “Stay there” to Yuu as she does so.
    DM:The creatures look up at Geralt and Mina, and the one directly below the ship starts to sing itself… seemingly trying to copy Mina’s song (or parts of it anyway). Its voice does sound rather enchanting and unearthly.
    Anyone gonna take action? Mina keep singing?
    Mina:she’ll just continue to sing, and observe
  • Mina puts a hand on Geralts shoulder and slides it down to his arm aiming the crossbow, as if trying to tell him to lower it.
    DM:Geralt want to take the shot or wait to see how the song turns out?
    Geralt:will wait, looking to Mina
  • Mina smiles at the thing in the water, trying to not appear fearful even though she’s frightened.
  • Mina digs around in her pocket, and pulls out a few gold coins, and tosses them into the water, hoping to show some kind of appeasement, offering something of value in a show of tribute.
    DM:You wait.. as the song continues.. the second one near the front of thes hip joining in after about 30 seconds… And shortly yafter you can hear the song from the other side of the ship.. another one.
    Such that the song seems to be comnig from all sides of the ship…
    Some of the sialors seem a bit unnerved…
    Sailor:“I’ts sirens…. we need to do something, they got the wticher!”
    DM:Other sailors seem to sit there not doing much and listening
    It is a beautiful sounding song, Mina already a talented singer with the chorus of sorts of these strange water creatures…
    Geralt:“Silence man. Don;t create a panic. Nothing has me.”
  • Mina tries to think of something else to give them, not having a great deal of valuables on her, she pulls at a pink ribbon in her hair untying it, and lets it drop to the water, offering up something more personal in hopes of appearing freindly to the beings.
  • Mina looks at Geralt and half shrugs unsure what she’s doing or what she should do.
    DM:The creature seems to examine what Mina drops at it while it sings…
    Mina:just a fancy ribbon she ties her hair up with
    DM:It seems to be freidnly as far as you can tell…. at least that’s its apparent demeanor (unless someone wants to hero point an insight check)
    Geralt:“Show them your tits. Usually works….”
  • Mina finishes her song, and pauses for a moment to see how it responds.
    Mina:“Whip your cock out then if you’re so brave.” she curses to him under her breath
    DM:The one greenskinned woman tries on the ribbon, as if expirementing with it, trying to put it on her own hair…
  • Geralt grins
    Geralt:and unzips….
    Mina:"Give em something, maybe they’ll leave us alone.
    “A trinket, anything.”
    “I think they’re more curious than outright hostile, but I don’t know.”
    DM:One of the creatures starts to speak in a somewhat unearthly tongue… which Geralt thinks mgiht be a magic spell of sorts…
  • Mina tries to not flinch out of self preservation.
    DM:Still gonna wait to see what happens?
    Mina:yeah guess so at this point
    Geralt:nothing else to really do
    not getting in the water
    DM:heh well you could fire your crossbow :)
    Mina:tie a rope around your waist, and I’ll throw you like a harpoon, just keep your sword pointed forward
    DM:Or lower a rope and fighting it while hanging off the edge of the ship.
    lol. witcher fishing.
    Geralt:had thought about hanging over with a rope, but don;t want it getting cut
  • Mina climbs on the rail and then sticks to the side of the ship spider climbling down to the water level.
    Mina:“I’m alright, I just want to get closer.”
  • Mina reassures the men on board.
    Mina:“Don’t anyone move a muscle.”
    Geralt:“Are you crazy Mina?”
  • Mina stops a foot above the waterline, and peers down into the water.
    DM:The creature that was casting seems to stop what she was doing as Mina sart sto come overboard… crawling on the edge of the ship.
    Mina:“Hello. You’re very pretty, so is your singing. Thank you for the song. I hope you enjoyed mine as well.”
  • Mina says with a smile, certain the creatures have no idea what she’s saying or doing.
    DM:The green-skinned woman looks at Mina speaking in a language Mina can’t understand, but smiling.. she also reaches into the water, her hands dissolving for a moment only to retrurn them back up… holding waht looks like a few strands of blueish hair that came from the water. and holding it towards Mina.
    Mina also can see the other creatures, now emerge on this side of the ship as well… somehow knowing that Mina had lowered herself…
    Mina:“For me? Thank you.”
    DM:And there’s a tota l of 4 near her now.
  • Mina reaches out and touches the bluish hair.
    Captain:(to Geralt) “You sure you know what you’re doing?”
    Mina:“Not really.” she says out of the corner of her mouth
    DM:The stuff feels somewhat damp.. but is soft and has a rather unusual texture.
    Mina:Does it look like the their hair?
    Or is it hair from something else?
    DM:The strange woman hands it to Mina.. from where Mina can see, she can see that underneath the water, thres no sign of them, these creatures seem to totally dissipate below the water level, existing only above the water.
    Geralt:“Yes, we are trying to resolve this without bloodshed.”
    DM:Yeah it seems the same as their hair.
    Mina:is it like a lock of hair, or does it go back into the water?
    ie is it attached or not
    DM:Nah, it’s not attached to the water.
    Seems to e a lock of their hair.
    Mina:ok I’ll take it then
    DM:one of the other creatures reaches out to touch Mina.
  • Mina takes the lock of hair and nods a thank you and smiles poltely.
    Mina:“Thank you.”
  • Mina holds a nervous hand out to reciprocate.
    DM:It seems to take Mina’s hand.. slowly feeling it.
    “Maybe that would be worthy tribute for them.”
  • Mina tries to think of something sad, to work up some tears.
    Geralt:then the smiling face opens its mouth twice as wide to reveal row upon row of small needle-like teeth as it yanks to pull you in and devour you….
    DM:Another one reaches to touch Mina after the first does.
    Teh creatures don’t seem to talk to each other, but you suspect they have some means of communicating that youc an’t detect.
  • Mina let’s them touch her, though she’s clearly nervous.
    Geralt:i have some water.. and already unzipped
    mana water
    or well aela water in your case prolly
    DM:One of them reaches out to feel Mina’s cltohing… running a hand thorugh it….there’s a moment where the hand almost feels liquidy for a second.. but then turnns back to its normal consistency.
    He pees carbonated water. Has a bunch of bubbles in it. :P
  • Mina takes one by the hand softly to feel its texture.
    Mina:“I think they’re just curious. I don’t think they want to harm us intentionally, or they would have already done so.”
    DM:One of them seems to speak a word of some kind in thier native language and you see what looks like a tendril of water seems to reach up to the top deck of the ship… affixing itself to the edgeof the ship.
  • Mina takes the entity’s hand and brings it up to her cheek, and starts to sing a sad song from her childhood, something she knows will get the tears flowing, and offers the salty drops to the entity, by placing its hand beneath.
    Mina:“For you.”
    DM:The tears seem to almost dissolve in its hands.. and the creature responds wiht a single word…
    Aquum Creature:“Mina.”
    Mina:“Did you hear that? It said my name.”
  • Mina eyes grow with excitement as the fear seems to pass.
  • Mina nods. “Mina.”
    DM:Another one, the one that sent the trendril of water up the side of tehs hip seems to start to climb up the tendril like some kind of unnatural rope…
    Though instead of gripping it with its hands, its hands seem to almost dissolve inside it.
    Mina:“Whatever you do, don’t attack them or we’re all dead.” she shouts to the crew
    DM:The one that took Mina’s tears holds out one of its hands over Mina’s hand… and a few droplets of water come from its finger onto Mina’s hand.
    Mina:(more so trying to just convince the crew to be still and not freak out, than she really believes what she said)
    Captain:(to Geralt) “You’re going to let that thing board us?!”
    Mina:“They’re just trying to communicate.”
    DM:The sea creature does seem to be poking its head over the deck, apparently trying to get onto the ship… assumign Geralt doesn’tt want to take hostile action.
    Mina:“They’re curious, like dolphins or something.”
    Geralt:“They have shown no ill will. You do want to sail again right?”
    Mina:“I don’t think it’s a fight we can win even if we wanted to. How the hell do you fight water itself?”
    Captain:“Well yeah, that’s the idea… I thought Witchers were supposed to kill monsters.”
    Mina:“These are not monsters.”
    Geralt:“Monsters, yes, creatures, no.”
  • Mina rubbs the droplets across her fingers, but doesn’t seem to be able to understand what the being means by the expression but smiles nonetheless.
    DM:The srtange woman from the water raises herself onto deck, now walking… with a full body, and legs.. though the tendril of water seems to remain attached to her form.
    She walks a bit uneasily almost falling over at first.
    Mina:reminds me of the water entity from “The Abyss”
    is it the same one ive been interactign with?
    DM:Meanwhile back owith the one on Mina… the woman gives a bit of an odd look at Mina as it looks back at the drolets in her hand and back at Mina.
    Mina:the one on deck
    ok guess not
    DM:Nah, you’ve got a different one, tehre’s a group of 4 total… 3 down with Mina and 1 on deck.
    The one you’re currently talking with was the one you cried onto… and the one on deck was the intial one you touched.
    DM:I’ll label em 1-4 for ease.. one sec..
    Alright is the one that’s on deck, 2 will be talking to Mina and 3-4 are near Mina
    Mina:well Mina was daughter of Zura, the Queen of Azlant so guess this fits G lol
  • Sea Nymph 1 looks Curiously at Geralt and the others…. though its eyes seem to fix on Yuu.
    Mina:she had the water domain i think too haha
  • Sea Nymph 2 looks at Mina with a puzzled expression.
  • Sea Nymph 2 speaks unintelligibly to Mina.
    Mina:is 2 the one ive been interacting with this whole time?
    DM:Nah you originally touched #1
    Yuo’ve touched a bunch of em as well. tehy kinda all took turnbs.
    Mina:the one that spoke
    which was that
    Geralt:that sounds nasty
    DM:2 was the one taht spoke
    thats the one who tasted the tears?
  • Sea Nymph 1 reaches out to touch Yuu… as Yuu uneasily looks at Geralt…
    DM:Yeah 2 tasted your tears and gave you some of her own droplets from her finger.
  • Geralt nods
    DM:And now she’s looking oddly at you.
    Mina:i seem to have the best rapport with that one, thats why im asking
  • Mina frowns at her unsure of what it’s trying to express.
  • Geralt remains ready in case something happens.
    Mina:“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”
  • Sea Nymph 1 reaches towards Yuu, touching him.
    Mina:“Don’t be afraid Yuu.”
  • Sea Nymph 2 reaches up towards Mina, reaching slowly towards her head.
    DM:Well Mina can’t really see too much waht’s going on with Yuu.
    Geralt:doubt mina can see this if she down by the water
    Mina:just trying to reasure him in general
    like i did with the crew
    “What’s it doing up there Geralt?”
    DM:Yuu is obviously showing some fear of this strange creature…
    Also as Geralt turns (since he’s facing the creautre and Yuu)….
    Mina:“I shed some tears, and it seemed to be able to gain information from the water, it knew my name.”
    Geralt:“Investigating… checking out Yuu.”
    Mina:“Maybe give it some water from one of your skins.”
    “It might can tell where we’re from or something.”
  • Captain notices Geralt’s fly is open…
    Captain:“Wticher…. why is…?”
    Mina:“I think it’s using water to communicate somehow.”
    DM:You gonna let it touch your head Mina?
  • Geralt grins…
    Geralt:“mina needed some encouragement.”
    Mina:just go with the flow badum tish
    “Not from your cock, from your wineskin, you moron!”
    “Give it some spring water, not man water!”
    DM:The creature reaches up… moving one of its fingers towards Mina’s eye….
    Mina:“See what it does, getting pissed on, might piss it off.”
    “I don’t have any on me obviously since I can’t drink it!”
  • Mina flinches slightly.
    DM:Mina can feel its finger touches her eye… though the finger seems to become a fluid as it touches… flowing into her eye.
    thats her brain right now lol
  • Geralt pours out some water from his bag into his hand and reaches toward the creature.
  • Mina grimaces a bit from the sensation.
    DM:Mina feels an odd sensation.. give me a will save…
    Mina:HP that
    jeez so much for rolling good
    DM:The creature reaches out towards Geralt, sticking its finger into the water he offered, though it seems to just look at him oddly.
    Mina:nat on a hp roll
    Mina:nat 1*
    so a nat 1 is basically an 11 with an hp?
    is that right?
    since you add 10 to it
    it still counts as a natuarl 1 of course.
    Mina:ok i was just making sure the macro rollr was right
    yeah i hear ya
    DM:Though I think that’s only automiss for atk rolls
    Geralt can hear the sound of a splash from over where Mina was leaning down.. it’s possible she fell into the water.. tough to say though, cause Geralt is more concerned with the one on deck.
    into the drink she goes
    DM:What’s Geralt want to do?
    Mina:water poisoning
  • Geralt will go to look for Mina.
    Mina:thats like 3 nat 1s on will saves in a row for me
    the oni, then the yurei and now this
    DM:He looks overboard and can that she’s no longer attached to the ship… theres only one of the creatures down there now, the other three have vanished.
    Geralt doesn’t seem Mina immediately on the surface…
    Mina:i better take ultimate effort (will) just to avoid nat 1s
    DM:Though the water is disturbed as if there was a recent splash, his accurate hearing could have made out that the splash was pretty mcuh right under Mina like she fell in.
    What’s Geralt want to do?
    Mina:piss on em
  • Geralt draws his blade again and turns to the one on deck. Where is she?"
  • Geralt draws his blade again and turns to the one on deck. “Where is she?”
    DM:You gonna try to intimidate basically?
    Like intimidating tone? Or more of a questioning tone?
    Geralt:yeah, not sure they can uderstand what i’m saying but my expression should say it all
    DM:Yeah heeh.
    Mina:And thus Mina accidently discovered the Undersea Palace from Chrono Trigger, the Aquum based version of Aylanae and went on to wed 12 sea nymphs and Ser Sea Cucumber
    DM:You want to ready an attack as you do that?
    Geralt:yes, if it tries to get away or attack
    Mina:i just remembered why i never get on the water in T’s games
    Geralt:it still connected to the water with tendril?
    Mina:it usually involves death by drowning
    DM:The creautre seems a bit startled as you suddenly turn towards it and yell… and starts to stumble… hitting the gorund… you can see its form starts to distort.. though.. as iut seems to be flowing into the water tendril that’s reaching out fo the sea…
    You gonna attack it, attack the tendril or let it retreat?
    Geralt:will sever the tendril… probably ruining relations here but hey, they shouldn’t have mind fucked mina
    DM:heh give me an attack roll. The tendrl is prett easy to hit fortunatelyl since it doesn’tmove.
    Mina:haha sounds like what they literally did
    mindfuck is quite literal for once
    DM:So will only be AC 10.
    Mina:whats his Thac0?
    DM:Yeah those Yt primtiives are still using Thac0.
    Mina:assume you meant DC
    DM:Yeah DC 10. heh.
    Mina:is like every magical creature harmed by silver, or is it just that Gs silver sword is also enchanted?
    DM:Nah it’s basically special wticher silver.
    Designed to harm monstrous creatures.
    Mina:just confused since you said, silver didnt harm me when i was going to take that limited protection
    DM:his silver will heh.
    nOrmally silver just good against shapechangers and such.
    Mina:well it seems more like the magic as opposed to the silver is what meant
    DM:The watery strand severs… trapping her on land.. and casuing the tendril to disintegrate into regular water.
    Yuu follows geralts lead and goes for his sword, someo f the sailros respond too…
    Mina:maybe you can hostage exchange lol
  • Geralt moves to ensnare the creature… “I said where IS SHE!!”
    DM:Gonna do a quick init roll since Geralt was a readied actiion… I’ll put him at the front no matter what roll, since he jsut took his action.. then we’ll determine between the creautre and Yuu… and the sailors.
    one moment..
    Aslo Mina give me another will save.
    Alright first Mina.. give me a roll.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Will save from ya.
    Sef you tehre?
    Alrgiht I’ll just make the roll myself since you’re not there
    Geralt:i think she drown
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    DM:The creature’s watery tendril cut it seems to stagger about, clearly weakened and put in shock by it…
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:17 , Save DC:17 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Though it manages to let out an unnatural scream, followed by trying some kind of magical spell as it regains its composure….
    Geralt give me a fort save.
    Mina:sorry was dealign with the cat
    what you need another will save?
    DM:Geralt feels the sensation of his body start to unnatural pull itself towards the water.
    Already rolled it for ya Sef.
    Though Geralt manages to react in time… stopping himself from goign overboard…
    As it seems to have ben some kind of telekinetic attack of sorts…
    Or rather… it felt as if his body was being moved not of its own will…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    DM:This will be a surprise round for them since they wouldn’t know what’s going on… yet.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:Yuu draws his sword. and strikes out at the creature…. following Geralt’s lead and trying to take it down.
    Geralt:well that wasn’t quite what i had in mind but Yuu is quite eager
    Yuu Saidai:Yuu Saidai Attacks! (World Splitter) (Close, +2, rank 20 Damage) PL Cap +6Roll Result: 4 (2)Effect Rank: 20Descriptors: Earth Splitting
    DM:He swings at the thing but misses…. the blade swinging wildly over it, even in its stunned state…
    Forutantely in what sword training they did give him, they more or less taught him never to do overhand chops… as to avoid potentially massive ground destruction.
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:One of the sailors runs to get a harpoon.
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    DM:Another with harpoon at ready tosses it at the creatuer….
    Sailor 4:Sailor 4 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Close, +4, rank 4 Damage) Improved Critical 1Roll Result: 22 (18)Effect Rank: 4Descriptors: ???
    DM:And spears it…
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:17 , Save DC:19 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Though it only grazes the creatures watery body… putting a slash in it that creates more of a splashing sound than the hit of spear on flesh…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    DM:The other sailors arm themselves….
    *****Start of Sailor 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    DM:The captain rushes at the creatuer with a sword.
    Mina:we need a giant paper towel
    Captain:Captain Attacks! (Sword) (Close, +5, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 1Roll Result: 20 (15)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: Slash
    DM:And chops into the creature.
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:16 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—- Success
    Geralt:the quicker picker upper
    Mina:mutiny on the bounty?
    DM:Though once again it seems the blow is stopped by its watery form…
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Geralt:is the creature fully physical now?
    DM:Yeah the one on deck is.
    You cut its water trendril so it seems to be physical on deck not connected to the water at all.
  • Geralt will grab it and put sword to it threateningly…. “Where is Mina?”
    DM:okay will take that to be a readied action basically.
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:oh okay you want to actualyl grab itt?
    Thought was jsut readying attack./
    Geralt:no, i’m grabbign it and putting my sword to it
    DM:okay it resist with its dodge or strength though it’s gonna take a penalty cause it’s vulenrable on deck.
    Geralt:grab with off hand and place blade pont to it
    DM:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 3) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 9 ( natural:4 , Modifier -4 , Save DC:13 ) Sea Nymph 1 -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    Geralt gets a partial grab on the thing… hodling it there.. its form solid but not exactly human like…. as it kind of pushes unnaturally with your grasp.
    Mina:wasnt sure if you wanted another will save, so rolled it anyway
    DM:Yeah was gonna sk that
    okay will get to you next time… just tracking those saves for… reasons.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt going to tell the sailors adn Yuu not to attack or you gonna grab it and have them shank the thing?
    Geralt:no, tell them to hold off, since i just asked it a qiestion don;t want it shanked
    DM:okay, gonna give ya a persuasion check.. or I’ll let you use intimidat ealso if you wish, basically ot see if the sailors are able to be controlled enough or if they decide to just go with instinct and stab it.
    Geralt:one sec
    DM:Geralt manages to get the crwod ubnder control at least.. so they dont’ go itno a chopping frenzy.
    The sea creaturelooks at geralt, holding its hands in front of its face and speaking in a langauge Geralt can’t understand…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    Mina:can you power stunt something to communicat ewith monsters?
    DM:Meanwhile Geralt can make out voices from the edge of the ship chanting spells.
    Mina:i dunno the breadth of a witchers power
    Geralt:nothing close to that with powers
    DM:And Geralt sees a pair of waterspouts rise out of the water. unnaturally hanging there, with one of the creature’s torsos coming out of the waterspouts…. their faces change now to look much more hostile… with sharpened teeth and their eyes going a fierce red… The ship itself starts to shake as if the waters themselves have become rougher…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:Yuu delays for now, backing away a bit from the side of the ship…
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The sailors also go full defense for now, following Geralt’s lead (or intimidation however you see it)
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    DM:And the last of the Nymphs pops up on her own waterspout… though this one on the other side of the ship… so 2 of them on the orginal sideo f the ship and a 3rd one on the opposite.
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Yuu Saidai:“What should we do Geralt?”
  • Geralt tosses the captive to Yuu and the sailors nearby. “Hold her captive. You said you wanted to fight, let’s slay some monsters…..”
  • Geralt moves to engage with the hostile forms on the deck
    Geralt:first move, sever the tenrils
    DM:The other ones aren’t on deck, they’re basically coming out of the water.
    Basically imagine giant waterspouts cmoing out of the water
    And they’re torsos are coming out of the top of the spout.
    Basicalyl so they’re not on deck, but can see the ship.
    Geralt:ok, well they in range?
    of a swing
    DM:You’d need a ranged attack to hit em. (equivalent of 1 zone away)
    You’d have to leap attack em to get em with a melee
    Could get em with your AoE stuff though
    Geralt:ok, will use Igni
    fire vs water
    DM:Or make a leaping attack on one of em, there’s no trnedril to sever on these, cause they’re basiclaly sticking out of the water on these giant spouts.
    okay you can get the two on this side with the igni.
    DM:Or potentially the one you’ve got capite too if you’d like
    You want to hit all 3? All except the one on the toher side of the ship.
    Geralt:just the two on the side
    Geralt:the ones with fangs and hostile intent
    DM:k that’s rank 8
    Geralt:wasted my 20, jeesh
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt blasts the two dazing one of them, though the other one brings up a flow of water to block the flame… the one of them gets hit by it and seems while her body doesn’t burn she seemed to give a cry of pain….
    Mina now unstunned, surfaces..
    When the creature touched her eye, she felt a strange senation inside her, that caused her to momentarily lose consciousness and awareness as her mind was overloaded…
  • Mina hacks and coughs as she treads water trying to get her bearings.
    Mina:it tried to download the to me
    I’ll swim for the ship, however far away it is
    DM:It didn’t exactly hurt, but it basically instantly made her senseless… she can’t see she’s still along the side of the ship… and can see the two waterspouts up above, as well as shouts from on deck….
    And sees the flames strike out from thet op of the ship as the Ingi cone strikes some of the sea creatures.
    Mina:I’ll stick to the ship then crawl back over the hull to land on deck
    DM:Yo’re really close ot it, so basically it’s just amatter of climbing up.
    okay, yeah you’ll have enough movement to crawl up it, you got wall crawl 2 right?
    Mina:yeah wall crawl 2
    and my speed is uhhh
    DM:Yeah you can spider climb up there then. and you see the situation with Geralt holding one o fthe creautres in his grasp and firing a fire spell at the other two…
    You’ll still have a standard action left after that.
    Actually wait..
    Mina:he is literally grappling with one?
    DM:Roll an atheltics cehck first, since the sea is kinda not calm.
    So you may fail to swim if you don’t got a swim power.
    Mina:athletics or acrobatics?
    DM:Athletics for this.
    Mina:i should prolly just turn to mist and float back
    DM:Granted you don’t have far to go but it’s not exactly calm waters.. and you could get swept in a wrong direction.
    Mina:but i’ll swim
    screw it
    glug glug glug
    DM:heh gonna say it takes your action and move action to get aboard basically
    YOu don’t get swept away but you do struggle
    You can still say something once on deck but that’s about it.
    Mina:well if i cant swim in the move, I’ll just use a standard to fly back as a bat swarm
    i dont wanna get swept away
    either way
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:end on deck, whatever the method lol
    I was gonna try and put myself between G and the one on deck
    but i aint sure what its status is
    DM:heh I’ll say probably swiom, bats would find it tough to swim in water. heh.
    Guesscould mist form but you’d make ti by swinnign anyway.
    Mina:its got fly 1
    anyways proceed, im wasting your time
    DM:And G has that one grappled so you can’t really get betweem em
    cause he’s literally holding it.
    Mina:how does he have it?
    like chokeslam grip?
    DM:Pretty much with one hand grabbing the back of irts neck right now.
    Tabris:Heh, damn cheapass hotel internet timed out due to inactivity
    Mina:just missing us getting pwnt at sea
    Mina:like sea nymph meets water elemental
    or a nereid
    actually water wierd is what they look like
    that can turn humanoind out of water
    pretty weird, but cool
    i communicated to one via my tears
    then shit went sideways when i failed a will save
    think it was just trying to communicate, but it stunned me and i fell into the water
    and G and the others attacked them
    Tabris:Yeah send me the log after this is over heh
    Mina:you there T
    DM:The sea Nymph on deck seems to letting out an inhuman high pitched sound… apparently trying to struggle out of Geralts grasp…
    Mina:anyways i finally got out of water and on deck, and thats where we are right now
    G has one grappled
    and theres 2 or 3 more that are in the form of huge colums of water sticking up out of the sea
    the one G has on deck is humanoid form
    DM:The thing manages to pry itself from Geralt’s grasp… stumbling towards the railing of the ship, trying to get overboard…
    Mina:“Let it go Geralt.”
    DM:And manages to leap overboard…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    DM:The others showing vicious sharp fangs and a nightmarish appearance of a human start to cast spells at Geralt from the top of thier waterspouts…. Geralt give me a couple will saves.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    Mina:we need calim, he’s a beast with his gunblade
    power stunt a horrid wilting!
    DM:G roll up a couple will saves vs Affliction.
    As they’re dropping two spells on ya.
    Tabris:lol yeah if they’re minions and I roll well then I can take them down pretty fast
    DM:Geralt feels his mind start to spin as odd images start to get put in there… giving him a headache and making the scene start to spin and shift, fortunatel yhe focsues his mind and retains his sanity..
    Since they’re away from the deck they’re out of range of Yuu’s sword.
    He pulls back a bit and takes a full defense..
    *****Start of Sailor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The sailors loose harpoons
    Sailor 3:Sailor 3 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 15 (12)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?
    Sailor 3 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?

    Mina:Sefiros, we found you!
    Hiding as a sailor
    DM:He hits the wounded one.
    Sea Nymph 1:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:6 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    DM:And badly injures it, getting the harpoon through the solidifed part of it.. causing one of its arms to dissipate into water and half its torso.
    *****Start of Sailor 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    Mina:actually, nah he’s this guy
    DM:The last one uses some kind of area attack… striking everyone on the ship… everyne has to make a fortitude save.
    Mina:which one of them is the one i communicated with the tears? #2 the one on deck?
    DM:Minda will get a +5 situational bonus to this.. since it’s not a particualrly effectvie attack against a vampire.
    2 is the one that’s on the opposite side of the ship.
    Tabris:(Nice to see the NPCs on our side rolling crits for once)
    DM:Though you coudln’t realyl tell who it was.
    Mina:which one did i tear it up with?
    DM:Casue their apearances are totally different.
    DM:They’re basically monstrous now.
    So you can’t really really knowwhich is which
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 1 -—- Success Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 2 -—- Success Roll Result: 15 ( natural:12 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 3 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 15 ( natural:12 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 4 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 11 ( natural:8 , Save DC:19 ) Sailor 5 -—- Failure by 2 degrees Roll Result: 13 ( natural:10 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Mina:time to kick their ass then
    DM:Three of the sailors drop while the captain is stunned by some kind of attack, Mina and Geralt are fine.
    Mina:i dunno if my sword is thirsty for sea water instead of blood
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:I’ll look and see if i spot any of the ones i can see with a piece of ribbon somewhere on/in it.
    DM:The sailors fire off more harpoons
    Mina:since i gave one a long pink ribbon
    DM:Hmm okay. on your turn I’ll give you a perc check to try to se it
    Mina:the one i talked to i believe
    Sailor 1:Sailor 1 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 5 (2)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?
    Sailor 1 Attacks! (Harpoon) (Ranged, +3, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: ?

    DM:Another one harpoons one of the creatures..
    Sea Nymph 1:aactualyl they shouldn’t be able to crit… since the sailors are minions
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 6 ( natural:4 , Modifier 2 , Save DC:20 ) Sea Nymph 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Mina:these are like odyseuss sailors haha
    theyre bad ass
    DM:Wow he dropped one.
    He fires his harpoon into one of them… somehow causing her to dissipate into sea water and her waterspout to die down.
    Mina:haha sea monster raped by ship crew rofl
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    Mina:this guy is gonna be a legend back at the docks
    DM:The catpina is stuned
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:14 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Mina:“Aye, and I slew two of those watery cunts with a harpoon!”
  • Geralt looses another ingi at the pair
    DM:There’s only one on each side now
    The sailors killed one with a harpoon
    And the other jumped overboard that Geralt was grappling so there’s a total of two of them.
    Geralt:oh ok, well stay on the same target
    Geralt fire blasts #4
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:Though the creature seems to soak the attack
    Give me a perc check for Mina to spot the ribbon.
    Mina:i rolled it above
    was a 29
    Perception 29
    scroll up
    DM:okay you manage to spot it on #2 the one on the other side of thes hip who unleashed the spell taht dropped 3 sailors and stunned the captain
    DM:her features have been replaced with something monstrous, sharp teeth, and clawed/webbed hands.
  • Mina turns to face the ribbon possessing water weird.
    Mina:“Please stop fighting, it was an accident.”
    “You’re butchering them.”
    “It was just a misunderstanding!”
  • Mina cuts her hand on her sword, and extends a bleeding/dripping hand towards the creature and sings softly, trying to sooth the creature.
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 1’s Turn*****
    Mina:that speach was directed at the people on the ship btw
    “I fell in, it wasn’t there fault.”
    DM:I’ll give you a persuasion check to see how good your efforts are.. though both sides have taken losses so…. it’s going to be very difficult at this point.
    Mina:nat 20! lol
    Tabris:lol nice, that’s an Alyssa number there
    DM:Give me a singing check too….
    Mina:haha 2 lol
    I’ll HP that
    Tabris:Hero Point!
    Sea Nymph 1:well you do add 10 to that. since it’s under 11
    Tabris:Heh, add 10
    DM:So that’d be a 32
    Mina:I was trying to see if it could communicate like before but with blood instead of tears
    its mostly water afterall
    DM:The creatures seem to delay…. at the very least you’ve bought some time…
    Yeah it’s some distance away so to reach you it’d have to do so on its action unless you’re gona try flicking the blood at it.
    Mina:actually thats a good idea
    DM:Everoyne seems to be delaying…for now.. of course we come to… Geralt…
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 4’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sea Nymph 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Sailor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Captain’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Mina:I could leap towards it and splash down
    to reach it
    be back in the drink
    Geralt:“Mina, what happened?”
    Mina:that’ll get blood in the water
  • Geralt delays
    Sea Nymph 1:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 9) Roll Result: 4 ( natural:1 , Save DC:19 ) Captain -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    *****Start of Mina’s Turn*****
    DM:The captain continues to gtruggle on the ground, flopping around grabbing his chest.
    Mina:“I think it was trying to communicate, but I think its mind is so much different than ours, it stunned me.”
    DM:So where you gonna flick blood at it or jumping in?
    Or will hold your hand out and see if it’ll touch it
    Mina:yeah I’ll go jump in, its about as submissive sign i could show as a land being id think
    I’ll make a running leap at it
    “I’m going to try and sooth it, don’t attack it.”
    DM:okay and gonna end up below its water spout?
    Mina:“I don’t think it’ll hurt me.”
  • Geralt thinks she has been teleblasted like he was
    Mina:haha yeah she’s pretty crazy
    kind of a thrillseeker too
    but hey id rather be friends with the aquum elves
    who knows what kind of secret shit they could teach you
    they might know the history of the whole world or some shit
    Geralt:((i really need to hit the sack. I’f mina settles things i’m gona step out for the wrap up
    DM:Mina leaps itno the water at the base of the waterspout…
    Tabris:(They just want to introduce you to their awesome friend Cthulhu)
    Mina:yeah i wanna meet the flying sphaghetti monster
    DM:Teh creatures hang in the waterspouts for a moment before descending down….
  • Mina treads water.
    Mina:“We’re sorry. It was an accident.”
    “Please, I don’t want to fight you. You’re my friend.”
    DM:#2 looks at Mina for a moment before submerging into the water…. leaving no trace it was ever there… the othre two also follow suit….
    And geralt on board tghe ship feels the ship lurch a bit as it starts moving again… apparently the water obstruction has cleared…
  • Mina drips a few genuine tears.
    DM:The sailors lower a rope to Mina, though she doesn’t really need it… and it seems the encounter is over.. though the captain and 3 sailors did die…
  • Mina dries her eyes, seemingly embarassed.
    Sailor 1:“What were you doing Witcher!? You let the captain get killed!”
  • Geralt helps Mina aboard and tends to the others
    Mina:lol the captain got killed?
    i missed that
    Sailor 1:“And you’re sitting there with your dick out.”
    DM:Yeah he was on the ground clutching his chest… and finally expired after Mina went in the water heh.
    Mina:I’ll try and power stunt a blood healing on him
    I’ll take him down stairs or something out of sight
    Geralt:“Whatch your words or you’ll be the next to go swimming. You saw what happened.”
    DM:well he’s pretty mcuh dead, he’d need a resurrecton power.
    Mina:vampire sea captain arghhh!
    Sailor 2:“What i saw was a sujpposedly legednary monster hunter sitting there dazed with his dick hanging out while those monsters murdered us!”
    Tabris:Sail the seven blood types
    Mina:well guess it’s a sea burial for him then
    lol tab
  • Geralt grabs sailor two and shoves him to the railing…
    Mina:“Why did you attack them?”
  • Mina says confused.
    Mina:“I fell in the water, is all.”
    DM:As Geralt grabs one of them, it certainly does shut them up…
    Yuu Saidai:“Whoa Geralt!”
  • Mina walks over to Yuu.
    Mina:“You ok?”
    Yuu Saidai:“Yeah…”
  • Mina speaks it in Tai.
    Mina:“Thats how you say that, but in Tai. Your native language.”
    Yuu Saidai:(Tai) “What were those things?”
    Mina:“I can teach you.”
    Yuu Saidai:(oh wait he wouldn’t knowt aht)
    He can’t speak his native tongue lol
    Mina:yeah i didnt think so
    Yuu Saidai:(forget I said that, brain fart)
  • Yuu Saidai nods.
    Mina:i took it so i could teach him
    Yuu Saidai:“What were those things?”
    Mina:“I don’t know, water elves is the closest concept I could come up with.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Water elves?”
    Mina:“They were beings made entirely of water, Aquum. The magic water.”
    “It is to water, as Aela is to air.”
    Yuu Saidai:“I don’t really know mcuh about any of that…”
    “The stories didn’t talk about that stuff.”
    Mina:“You’re learning right now.”
    “I’m teaching you.”
    “That’s what you call me.”
    “It means Teacher.”
  • Geralt goes down to his room to let off some steam….
    Tabris:(Pffft, like they’d let a woman be a teacher)
    Mina:hehe well i know how to use a nodachi and speak tai
    DM:After Geralt is out of earshot…
    Mina:he can learn language and sword fighting at the same time
    Sailor 1:“What a freak.”
    Geralt:and his player goes to bed to gets some sleep
    Tabris:Later G
    Mina:who’s the sailor calling a freak? G
    DM:Though tehcnically Geralt probably would still hear that with his extended hearing heh.
    DM:Anyway gnight G.
    We were gonna stop here anyway.
    Mina:the miyamoto empire wasnt misogynists
    so theres precedent in those lands
Session Log 33

Sefiros:is there a prefered method of clearing states on token?
i know in D&D there use to be a specific way T wanted it done, or itd fuck shit up
Tabris:I just use the Soak macro
Hm, wonder where Ty is
DM:Yeah F3 is best. These macros aren’t quite as sophistacted as the D&D ones, so you can add states manually, but I try to discourage that just in case we are using a macro set that doesn’t like it
Also Sef, your mist form’s cost is wrong. should be 3 points more than what you priced it as.
Should be 2 for linked flight 1, and +5 for immunity to crits
So the flat should be +7 and not 4.
Sefiros:its the crit immunity then
i thought it was 2pts
DM:Yeah think it got house ruled up in cost to 5
you probably looked at the regular immunity stuff and not the revised.
Sefiros:might be, i’ll just get rid of it, it was mostly just to be mechanically thorough with all mist form entails, but i dont really got 5pts to spare just for that minor ability
DM:get rid of the ability entirely?
Sefiros:crit immunity
Sefiros:will fix it
DM:Also I’m assuming your darkvision sense is on by default instead of the life sense thing.
So the life sense I’ll only tell you stuff for if you specifically say you’re suing it
the reg senses are the default
want me to change the order on the sheet?
DM:that’d probably be a little easier to read and intuitive
If the non-typical sense was the alt.
Sefiros:will just bump the linked flight on mist form to rank 2, so cost stays the same
and drop crit immunity
DM:k fair enough
Sefiros:unless you got something fitting for mist form i can blow 2 pts on
Tabris:Vulnerability to Ceiling Fans
Mina (after being sliced up by a ceiling fan in mist form) “This really blows.”
Sefiros:Reaction: Becoming Insubstantial is normally a free action, meaning you can’t switch to an Insubstantial form when surprised or otherwise unable to take action. At the GM’s option, applying the Action extra to use Insubstantial as a reaction allows you to switch forms “reflexively” in response to such hazards, even if it is not your turn. +1 cost per rank.
Sefiros:how would that work with concentration flaw?
would it?
or would i need to drop concentration?
DM:Hmm… well conc just means you need a standard to maintain it once it’s on.
Sefiros:might be good for hazards or something i guess
DM:So as a reaction, it’d basically be like… on but always end on your turn
Sefiros:reaction i mean
DM:Well I mean, reaction happens technically after the trigger.
Sefiros:ie huge boulder or ceiling collapse, etc
well guess im just curious how it would be useful to have it as reaction mostly
some situation where itd come in handy?
any examples?
DM:Yeah… reaction is kinda more used for damaging auras and stuff. At least that’s the main (non-cheese use) I’ve seen.
Or riposte style stuff.
Sefiros:well this is listed directly under insub mods
so it seems to serve some use
DM:Like close damage X (reaction – on missed attack) or something
Tabris:Can be reaction to getting hit with an attack, go insub so it can’t damage you
Sefiros:it aint just a generic mod section, im looking under insub;s writeup
DM:Like close damage X (reaction – on successful melee strike) or something
But like for reaction defenses generally they just have you buy the appropriate defenses instead.
Since it’s super abuseable if you buy reactive defenses with the reaction mod.
Reaction teleport being the obvious super-cheese
Sefiros:i was under the impression this was mostly to use when you’re surprised
ie the ceiling suddenly collapses on you or such
DM:So basically they pretty much just have you take it as an immunity effect.
FOr defenses that effectively can come online against anything you’re aware of automatically.
Since it’s really no different from say dodging
Sefiros:then why does it exist lol
DM:like I said reaction is mostly used for damage auras and the like.
Stuff that comes into play after the triggering event.
As opposed to something that negates the triggering event.
Tabris:No he means it’s under the Insubstantial power heh
Tabris:The book by rules as written has reaction as a mod to Insubstantial
Sefiros:Reaction: Becoming Insubstantial is normally a free action, meaning you can’t switch to an Insubstantial form when surprised or otherwise unable to take action. At the GM’s option, applying the Action extra to use Insubstantial as a reaction allows you to switch forms “reflexively” in response to such hazards, even if it is not your turn. +1 cost per rank.
DM:Well I mean like i said, you could potentially take it as something after the fact.
Sefiros:just trying to figure out what this is used for
DM:Like you get hit or whatever and then you go incorporeal. It just wouldn’t be used as a negator against the triggering attack.
But say if 10 guys shot at you, you could go incorp after the first shot with reaction
Sefiros:well i wasnt really interested in that, i was thinking itd be good for surprise/hazards
Tabris:Could you combine it with Danger Sense and use it to react to shit before it hits you?
Like Danger Sense pings and says the ceiling is about to collapse, so I react and go insub
Sefiros:like a 20 ton rock falling ontop of your head in the dungeon deal
DM:Well if you want to do it that way you’d have to buy it as a form of immunity.
Tabris:lol that doesn’t make any sense
Sefiros:so why does this exist then whats the point?
DM:If it’s something taht basically always trigger
Sefiros:what do you use it for
Tabris:You can’t buy immunity to unexpected ceiling collapse
DM:Well technically you could if you specifically acred enough.
I mean the immunity list isn’t exhaustive, you could potentialyl get other stuff, it’s just a question of how to pirce it
Tabris:lol you’re just being silly now
Sefiros:i dont care abotu all that jazz,i just want to know what the purpose of this mod is mostly heh
DM:It’s like any limited X flaw.
Pretty much the purpose of it was probably to give yourself a reactive defense, but after publishing it’s been pretty mcuh agreed that reactive defenses are broken as hell
and the reaction mod itself even says for the DM to use especial caution with them.
Sefiros:thats fine, i just want to know what its pose to be used for
if its broke just say it, dont gotta give us the runaround
DM:I mean they even do list a reaction teleport as a power in power profiels I think, but it’s pretty much agreed to be cheese of the highest order heh.
And really frowned upon to use.
I mean taking reaction -on missed attack is generally fine.
And then it’s basically flavored that you dodged the attack by going incorp, teleporting, whatever
Tabris:Well wonder if G is still tearing his house apart
Sefiros:or his house is tearing him apart
DM:And you get the benefit of having that state change when your turn comes around.
That’s kinda the “right” way to use reaction if you’re not cheesing the hell out of it.
So if you wanted a flavor thing where you turn incorp to dodge a threat, that’d be the right way to do it.
But it’s pretty frowned upon to ever let a reaction ability replace an attack roll.
or replace a defense rather
Where you’re outright nullifying an attack automatically via a reaction.
Tabris:Hey Ty, how’s it going?
Tygaran:well enough
Tabris:Cool, you feeling better from last week?
Tygaran:more awake any way =D
Tabris:lol, well that’s a start
Tabris:Now we just need G to put down the power tools
DM:lol. yeah.
Guess we can get started w/o him just gimme a sec to finish eating then we’ll go.
Tabris:Oh sweet, Wrath of Khan is on
Yeah that one is the best.
Such classic narm
Tygaran:“Youi lied.” – “I exaggerated”
Sefiros:the one where they go to 20th century earth is good too
most people hate that one but i always liked it
DM:lol, that one is just silly
DM:I remember they’re pushing a stretcher down the hospital or whatever.
And people are chasing em
and it’s a scene basically right out of the three stooges
Sefiros:the first movie i like alot, i dunno why that one gets so much hate
DM:heh… the first one’s major problem was it was so slow.
Sefiros:i guess becauses its a exploration/mystery
instead of action
Well it has a slow pace.
But yeah, that one is kinda the most like an actual trek epsiode in a lot of ways.
But has a lot of pacing issues, and doens’t really have the drama you expect from a movie.
Sefiros:2,3,4 are very episodic
lemme fix that mist form
DM:yeah lets get started, G can join in.. lemme see where we were..
Tygaran:oh right * facepalm * I was supposed to figure what to do with more PP for this…
Tabris:lol yeah, you got 6 PP and are up to PL9
134 PP total
Tygaran:if only it were 7, I goudl get 5 more PP in my Variable ;)
DM:heh well no huge deal Ty. can always spend em later. I don’t really got any restrictions like for the Star Wars game where you can only raise certain stuff, mostly the only thing you have to get approved is if you want to modify existing stuff (mainly when you’re losing abilities)
Sefiros:whats faster between these
concentration + Flight 1
i meant Concentration + Flight 2
vs no conc and Flight 1
Tabris:They’re probably the same speed
Since Concentration is eating your standard
DM:Yeah, same speed in base speed.
Sefiros:yeah i figured so too off a guess
Tabris:So you’re basically halving your speed
DM:Right, conc eats your standard
Sefiros:ok roger
DM:Actually I did change it around a bit for th e zone movement, since your zone movement is 1
your speed rank.
So actually the flight 1 is probably better for combat.
Flight 2 is better for long dsitance overland movement though
Sefiros:i dont really use mist form for combat
its a utiltiy for the most part
if anything, it might be a descriptor for her dodge
DM:Yeah, I mean if you don’t actually turn into mist form permanently after a dodge, you can just use it as a descriptor of an instantaneous dodge so to speak if you want.
At l;east assuming it’s dodging something mis form would normalyl negate, and it’d just be part of your descriptors. M&M is generally pretty flexible on that.
Like dodge and aprry don’t have to always be literal dodges and parries. You can kinda interchange em for flavor purposes.
heh okay. That’ll bump your accuracy and parry anyway.
Tabris:Yeah remember you got new caps now
Parry + Toughness can go up to 18, Dodge + Toughness can go to 18, Fort + Will can go to 18, Damage + Attack can go to 18, etc
Also for explanatory purposes basically I’m gonna say that Calim had Maxine and Aruvin help him reconfigure his weapons since I changed the form up and combined the pistol and sword into a gunblade
Aruvin:borrowing from Squall now? =D
Tabris:Nah, Lightning
DM:Yeah Lightning’s gunblade actually kinda made sense.
I still have no idea how Squall’s is supposed to work.
Or what happens when he pulls the trigger.
Calim Gorn:lol yeah
Since it never actually shoots bullets
Aruvin:twin barrels, one on eitgher side of the blade…
DM:Are there actually barrels? I never remember seeing any. heh.
Calim Gorn:I don’t think so unless it’s built into the spine of the blade, it looks like just a big revolver barrel at the base
DM:Yeah heh, I always assumed it was just a sword with a revolver grip instead of the typical handle.
Sachi:I actually remember reading somewhere, like maybe in the glossary for one of those FF side games or the FF wiki, that the gunblade doesn’t shoot actual bullets but the charge imparts extra velocity to the blade, or something
Kind of like the guy’s sword in DMC4
DM:heh, yeah I mean I never saw him make a ranged with it ever.
Aruvin:wiki says "unblade consist of a sword blade with a gun action built into the hilt, the barrel running inside the length of the blade. They are mostly used like normal swords, but triggering a round sends a shock wave through the blade as the weapon passes through an opponent to boost damage. "
Sachi:Yeah, there ya go
Calim Gorn:Yeah I like the FF XIII version better
DM:Yeah heh.
That one actually seems more practical as a weapon
I’m prety sure it’d be a bad idea firing a gun inside an enclosed hollowed blade.
And letting all that force build up in there.
I mean I guess maybe if he was firing blanks or something, so there’s no slugs, and there was someway to vent the gas build up.
heh but anyway, we should probably get started with the game. heh. lol. Getting off on a gunblade tangent.
Calim Gorn:lol
Sachi:I think he is shooting blanks essentially, and actually I think if you look close you can see where the blade has a channel in it to deflect some of the force away (so it’s not like just a hammer blow right into the back)

  • Aruvin wonders where he ended up by the end of last session
    Sachi:Right in front of the barrel
    Sefiros:sorry was making a drink
  • Calim Gorn wonders if he’s still Impaired
    DM:Well I mean I can see the only way you’d gain forward thrust is if you had the gas expel all backwards.
    And use the dicharged gas pressure to push forward.
    Sefiros:FF8 gunblade basically seems like SW vibroblade
    Sachi:Well you gotta figure the direction you’d normally be slashing is roughly perpendicular to the direction of the gun charge
    Sefiros:just the catridges trigger the vibro bit
    with a trigger pull
    Sachi:I’m not great at physics and shit but it’s not like you’re trying to punch it into something, I think
    DM:heh. Yeah, I’ll have to think about this some more.
    Sefiros:theres a gunblade in dirge of cerebus too
    tho its more like the ranged shooting kind
    DM:Last we left off… Geralt and Maxine went to get an exorcism for Geralt… and Aruvi and Calim stayed at the castle in Oroyu
    Calim Gorn:Calim convinced Suzu to get some rest by dragging her to bed
    But then she fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed so nothing happened, lol
    DM:Yeah she did sleep in though, and showed up late to her usual training routine with Aruvin.
    She’d been really pushing herself, so when she finally went to sleep, she slept a long time.
    Calim Gorn:But she still seems to be throwing herself into things to try to make up for her perceived failure at listening to the will of the Great Dragons
  • Sefiros goes to make a formal apology to the Lady Megumi about what happened.
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress goes to make a formal apology to the Lady Megumi about what happened.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ok maybe not, i thought we were all in the castle
    not sure where i am actually
    DM:Yeah, actually Mina would be at the castle too. We were just gonna FF to when Max and Geralt returned, and I think you guys w3re gonna leave.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:resting i presume since i was not here
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahh
    DM:Though actually they’re sorta afraid of Mina right now… so she’d probably be greeted with a lot of fear. heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s use to that bit
    I’ll make a formal apology to Megumi whenever she’s around
    DM:OKay she is quite busy but you could find a spare moment, Mina does notice she’s being observed by some guardsmen and other various people aroudn the castle…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:btw this is a cool design i found tab
    DM:UNless there’s soemthing specific you wanted to say during the apology, I was gonna FF through it. Mostly she’s just gonna say she understands you were trying to help and what not. So not totally blasting you, but she is rather displeased with the outcome of all the refugees she was trying to save getting slaughtered.
    That bit certainly undermines her credibility as a ruler if she can’t even protect her own people.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“My lady, I came to apologize formally about what transpired, and to ask for your forgiveness, and thank you, for saving me.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress says bowing.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I came to Mokoro to lend aid, but it seems I was the one in need of such, I am deeply embarassed.”
    DM:So I was gonna mostly just FF past the scene unless there’s something special you wanted to RP out with it.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“If there is anyway I can make amends, then I would glady do what you require.”
    nothing special, thats the gist
    DM:Yeah heh… I mean pretty mcuh she is as I described above… doesn’t seem particularly angry at you, since she realizes you were trying to do the right thing, but an evil spirit possessed you.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Perhaps I can find you a handsome young Daimyo to help you win this war.” she jokes refering to Yuu.
    DM:So she’s not holding it against you or anything. Though she does say that many among her castle still say you’re tainted by the creature’s evil.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah i know, i just know how formal they are here
    so i wanted to make a formal apology
    DM:heh yeah if you told her about Yuu, then that’d ceratinly make thes cene worth playing out :)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:it also lends to her authority some if i do so publically
    pretend to acknowledge her rulership and all that
    Calim Gorn:lol please do not tell anybody about Yuu
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:heh nah i aint gonna spill the beans
    i cant teach him to fight if i spill the beans on him
    he needs proper nodachi tutor, not some barbs and their claymores
    i wonder if i get an upgrade if my sword drains some of world splitters mana
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly explode like an overcharged battery
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:anyways im rambling
    Calim Gorn:The Evil Overlord List does warn you to never try to absorb an energy field larger than your head
    DM:okay so fast forwarding to Geralt and Maxine’s rearrival back at Oroyu… not sure what your plans were gonna be at that point. Since Geralt is all cured.
    Calim Gorn:Whenever Maxine and Geralt get back I’ll make it a point of bringing Geralt to Suzu and showing her that he’s all right and that she can stop being so damn hard on herself already god damn it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe.~
    Calim Gorn:Also gonna try to keep an eye on Suzu in general and urge her to take better care of herself
    Maybe bring her food to training if she’s neglecting eating, that kind of thing
    DM:She is glad that Geralt is alright, although it seems she credits the priest Momotani with saving him more so than herself.. pretty uch like he undid her mistake and she’s glad the Great Dragons didn’t punish Geralt for her failure.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i just noticed the art for Astra, i have that same picture, it’s of some vampire
    its in my white hair/red eyes folder
    Calim Gorn:Other than that I’m basically just waiting for the civil war to get started I guess, and wondering when the House Gorn contingent is gonna arrive
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well hopefully G hasnt collapsed his house, i was hoping he’d eventually show
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:yeah heh. Dunno where G is at.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i dunno why he doesnt send word at least
    DM:Yeah I thought he (and possibly some of you) were gona leave for Yt on his mission for Viniira, but since he’s not here….
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i thought he was usually punctual
    Calim Gorn:Nah he’s always late
    Just he’s been later than normal working on the house
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i meant he will send word if he’s not gonna be here or be late
    thats what i meant, sorry
    well Sachi since G aint here you could tell mina about the sword, since you were there
    with the priest
    DM:But since G ain’t here, I’ll just assume you guys are waiting around doing the usual until the next event.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, yeah, I’ll tell Mina about the whole deal with the sword
    DM:Yeah heh… you can tell Mina about the cursed blood sword.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:alright there we got that out of the way anyways
    “Perhaps, my misfortune served some purpose afterall.”
    “The Dragons do seem to work that way. I couldn’t say I was much for Sheyl, but I’ve seen with my own eyes, that something is at work, whatever you want to call it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mm. It would at least make something of this mess, ja?”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems they want me to wield the sword.” she says tossing a coin
    “Should have figured.”
  • Calim Gorn will practice at the training range with his new gunblade, trying it out on some straw dummies and practice targets
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Give it a try, you’d be surprised at the results.”
    DM:Yeah acouple days pass, during which Aruvin and Max finsih creating Calim’s gunblade, and make upgrades to thier own equipment (justifying your point costs)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Lately, I’ve flipped a coin when I have been unsure of what to do, and it strangely seems to have worked, in a bizarre fashion.”
    “Call me mad, but…..” shrugs
    “They say the Dragons work by coincidences, fate whatever you want to call it.”
    “Sure, coincidences abound in life, but about 52 in a row.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress scratches her head and lets out a bit of nervous laughter.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm.~ I do not think it strange. If I were unsure enough of myself to flip a coin, it would be no worse than following my gut, ja?”
    DM:Maxine does know that it’s not uncommon for the Mahou Tsukai of Makoro to rely on “random” chance to make their decisions, calling it the will of the dragons, there’s even a method of resoltuion between two Mahou Tsukai which is effectively a gambling game with inscribed tiles.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I suppose.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress takes the sword and pulls it out of its scabbard.
    DM:Supposedly showing who the dragons favor.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Muramasa, is it’s name. I thought I heard it whisper, maybe I am going mad.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Mahjong? :3 )
    DM:Or to the unbeliever, it goes to the sorcerer best skilled at manipulating magic to influence probability.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah heh… similar to Mahjong.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“A thousand whispers it sounds like.”
    “It feels hungry.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress returns the blade to its scabbard, and slings it across her back.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“This will do, it seems I lost the rest of my gear, may it serve me well.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress gives Maxine a slight appreciative nod.
    DM:In fact, Max has heard that one such plan suggested to Daimyo Megumi was to put forth a challenge to the Mahou Tsukai putting forth her own chamption (Suzu) against thier priest and trying to prove that Megumi was the true ruler by winning such a contest.
    Though they feared the repercussions on a lost would have been catastrophic, so no challenge was put forth.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“It seems I am drawing many iresome stares and dirty looks, I think I’ll go practice with this red blade and give myself an excuse to hide from fearful strangers. I’ll be in the courtyard in the shade if anyone needs me.”
    DM:During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the GOrn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed.~ If there is a quiet spot I believe I shall join you for some reading…”
    DM:And also scaring the hell out of them.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Buzz the tower!
    Wondering if I should talk to Aruvin about trying to get Suzu to take her training a little easier so that she doesn’t burn herself out again
    DM:heh yeah you could do that.
  • Calim Gorn will approach Aruvin at some point
    DM:Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath war, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Aruvin, do you have a moment?”
    Calim Gorn:“The weapon modification you helped me with seems to be working well, I wanted to thank you for the help.”
    Aruvin:"Thanks are welcome, but seldom necessary
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“How is Suzu doing…? Has she figured out the meaning of moderation at all yet?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol
    Aruvin:“I occasionally have to tug on her duty strings, letting her know a worn our soldier is of no use to her leader”
    ^ worn out
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“I had to literally drag her to bed the other day, so I was hoping she’d learned something from that.”
    DM:Also of note… In Yt, the Earth demon attackers were thwarted, but as a result of the Sun Clan sending in aid, saving many of the minotaur clan, and apparently putting them in the SUn Clan’s debt… Viniira was also luckily found and saved, though she was pretty badly injrued…
    Calim Gorn:(And I’m sure Aruvin can construe all sorts of things from how Calim worded that)
    (Yay Vin is alive)
    Aruvin:“She does seem to feel a need to constantly prove her own worth. How many times can one say ’you’re doign well’ before she’ll believe it herself?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, that’s what I wonder… I think losing her connection to the Great Dragons has been a major blow to her self-confidence… I just wish I knew how to repair that.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:is it ok to have a list of common power stunts on our sheets?
    DM:Elenya Toress was less than pleased, about how her prototype magitech armor was revealed to everyone in Oroyu.. as it more or less ruined the great unveiling idea she had.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg makes somewhat of a nuisance of herself attempting to comfort (read: hit on) Ellenya
    DM:heh, Ellenya isn’t actually in Oroyu, that was just basically a communication she sent to Aruvin.
    The rest of you didn’t really hear that one actually heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw lol
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:what do you think boiling someones blood would be, damage, or affliction?
    was a power stunt i had
    DM:heh I’d probaly call that damage Sef.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:its basically the old tremere boil blood power
    from thaumaturgy
    DM:what’s that gonna be sword power stunt?
    Calim Gorn:“Any ideas, Aruvin? I don’t guess you know a lot about the religion of the Great Dragons…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:just a power stunt off my blood power array
    she has that along with blood control/hemokinesis
    move object
    DM:You’d have to give your blood power array the versatile array if you want’ blood magic in there.
    That’s going beyond basic dracula stuff.
    SInce that’s more in lines iwth spellcasting levels fo versatility if it can do that kinda stuff
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i was just going for blood themed stunts, wasnt somethign i really wanted, just was slapping down some shit for ideas
    Maxine von Eisenburg:If you include the Dracula from Castlevania it expands your horizons a lot but that’s not exactly traditional
    Aruvin:“No. I know very little about this land’s mysticsm.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:guess not
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, same here…”
    DM:heh, yeah I’m just going on classic vampire powers for the array, fi you want to go beyond that to other stuff, then it basically becomes a highly versatile power set.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i aint spending more pts on nebulous power sunts that never get used
    Calim Gorn:“Guess that’s something I can research with my downtime.”
    DM:And qualifies for the modifier putting it on part with spellcasting in terms of versatility.
  • on par
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:eh? blood?
    is as versatile as spellcasting?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:nevermind, dont wanna waste time in session
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t want to discourage Suzu from training and getting more skilled, but she won’t do anyone any good if she takes it too far and burns out again.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah i know, T doesnt allow hellfire Sachi :-p
    is remote sensing (Medium: person who has drunk her blood) ok then?
    i had that one to go along with her blood link (telepathy)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo that’s got flavor
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:thats common in vampire tropes
    dracula does it with mina harker irc
    think she does it with him as well actually
    DM:heh, that’s getting really versatile as well… I mean, already it’s a very broad range of powers. Maybe if you can just sense their vague location, if it’s actually true scrying thing, that’s more like a blood magic thing.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i have used the telepathy thing with G already
    DM:Like tracking someone who drank your blood would be okay.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:this is mostly to go with that
    DM:heh, well I’ve been giving you a lot of slack already wtih pushing the aboslute boundary before I rquire the versatile array modifier on your power set heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well you said dracula stuff
    thats pretty much a dracula power lol
    i dont have weather control, he did that too
    DM:Well I mean classic vampire stuff, not totally obscure stuff :P
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:it is
    Calim Gorn:Can we work this out later please
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:its in a bunch of vamp movies
    DM:I mean if you wanted tot ake it as an actual 1 pt power. but whatever we can worry about this later.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i thought we were just killing time sorry
    Calim Gorn:Well T can’t really do much else if he’s having to answer questions about powers heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well i was talking about G
    i thought we were stuck waiting on him
    Maxine von Eisenburg:G ain’t control our lives
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:since T mentioned him and the quest to yt
    so what are we going to do then
    Calim Gorn:Basically waiting for the next event to happen, unless you got something specific you want to do
    DM:nah, since Viniira’s been found, G’s thing won’t be a huge concern
    so I was gonna get to the next event. If I could do so :P
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:no was just pissin around
    DM:I was waiting for Tab and Aruvin’s scene to finish, then I was gonna get into the next event…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:roger, sorry
    DM:SInce Calim was asking Aruvin to go easier on Suzu.
    Then we were gonna get to the next event.
    Calim Gorn:lol not really go easier on her, just like, gently remind her to not go crazy on her training
    Since she’s the one pushing herself too hard instead of him or anybody else doing it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:whisper it into her ear like a lover Tab
    Calim Gorn:lol
    But yeah after that Calim is gonna start trying to read up on the religion of the Great Dragons a little to see if he can figure out some way to help Suzu get her powers back
    And you can proceed from there, heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:like he needs 2 crazy women
    1 is enough
    yandere death match incoming
    Calim Gorn:Laventa is much less crazy this go around
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:yeah so he just replaced it with suzu
    she’ll kill laventa then :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:oops
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And absorb her power like highlander
    DM:Calim tries to struggle through reading the Taiyou language in the library, it’s difficult to say the least… and Mina finds hunting difficult, as it seems that the people of Oroyu are stiaying indoors now that she’s back in town, rumors of the demon vampire have spread quite a bit.
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I know the language
    I assume that includes reading proficiency, unless we don’t get that by default =P
    DM:And apparently the whole city given the incidents that have gone around is extremely quiet at night…
    heh, well I mean you can read basic shit, the great dragons religious texts are written in more antiquated and obscure forms of the langauge.
    Calim Gorn:Good thing I don’t need to sleep or rest so I can study it
    DM:Yeah heh, I’m assuming you’re spending your nights there, assuming you’re not gonna try to sleep wtih Suzu again. heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol not unless I have to force her to get some rest again
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’ll let you drink her blood if you make it sexy for her
    Calim Gorn:Of course now she’ll probably overwork herself on purpose and hope that she has enough endurance to stay awake once she gets in bed
    Oh G just messaged and says he’s on his way
    DM:heh well Mina can’t drink from an imbued, it’s toxic to her.
    Calim Gorn:Apparently he had to repower the upstairs bathroom
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh dwam, I forgot
    If you drink from yourself do you go feral like in day breakers?
    Calim Gorn:Hahaha
    Calim Gorn:Hey G
    DM:So did Mina want to actually break into people’s houses to try to drink or she want to risk going without blood?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heya G!~
    DM:Also Calim is off the injured list (no more impaired)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:We was just talking about Daybreakers
    Calim Gorn:Whooo
    Garrion:hello all, sorry late, was ruching to get some power restored upstairs
    DM:He’s still not exactly feeling great, but it’s not enough to reeally affect his performance anymore.
  • Calim Gorn ignores the “off” feeling as he tries to figure out a way to help Suzu… perhaps they’re somewhat similar in that regard
    Maxine von Eisenburg:saying “we” is probably pushing it
    DM:Anyway… now that G is here, you can decide if you want to stay in Makoro or not.
    Geralt:((so did i head home or still here?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well Calim intends to stay
    Geralt:ok, Tab said Vin is wounded but alive
    DM:Nah, you stayed there a couple days longer and heard news about Vin.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah we got that report at some point
    DM:-During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Taro Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the Gorn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action. -Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath War, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now. -The Sun Clan rescues Viniira the Horned and some other Minotaur captives from the Earth demons, forcing the minotaur clan into a debt with them. ​Viniira was badly injured but alive.
    -During the two days time, there’s also word of one incident which happened whereby a fleet of 4 Gorn Vanguard warships flew over head the main castle of Daimyo Taro Mashita, apparently on a very low trajectory… nothing came of it, but it was a tense moment where some wondered if he was going to fire thinking it an attack. Most believe it was an attempt by Tharian Gorn to try to rpovoke the Daimyos forces into firing on the Gorn fleet, and thus enabling a justifiable agressive action.-Laventa’s injuries also enabled her to be temporarily removed from active duty in the Tinigath War, giving a convenient exuse to keep her out of danger.. for now.-The Sun Clan rescues Viniira the Horned and some other Minotaur captives from the Earth demons, forcing the minotaur clan into a debt with them. ​Viniira was badly injured but alive.
    That’s a rough summary there of what happened.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:hey G
    Geralt:ok, well is there anything really pressing here in Moroko now or we kinda in a lull?
    Calim Gorn:Basically in a lull, but the civil war is still a thing
    DM:Well it’s in a lull for now, I mean the war is still going on, but you may have some time before the next attack (or you may not, hard to say)
    Calim Gorn:Basically waiting for that to heat up again
    Geralt:hiya Sachi
    DM:For now, Daimyo Mashita is at least kinda pulle dback some, since they’re not sure if House Gorn is gonna do anything yet.
    And he knows that Tharian is pissed.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I’m waiting to see if Tharian is actually gonna commit anything either
    also, rather
    Geralt:will go visit vin if possible, just to check in and let her know i concerned about her
    DM:So they’re probably being somewhat conservative… rumors ssay that he put his own children in hiding from fear of repercussion
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ooo
    DM:heh okay, yeah Geralt could take an airship over to Minotaur territory if he wants.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:you getting shanked worked out in our favor it seems Tab
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:should have gotten stabbed sooner
    Calim Gorn:Well Megumi told me before that me dying could be the best thing for her cause
    DM:You also have the matter of the cursed water that you got to deal with (however you’re gonna choose to do with taht).. as well as the blood sword, which you may or may not give to Mina. heh.
    Calim Gorn:Since it’d get the Queen involved
    Oh yeah I forgot about that
    And yeah we kinda already had you give the sword to Mina since you weren’t here I think, lol
    DM:And there’s also the matter of the vampire in Ronen that Geralt heard about… the one the priest Momotani talked about.
    That Geralt agreed to help him kill.
    So got a few thhings you coudl do.
    waiting here, or moving on (kinda wanted Geralt to make the decision since some of this is his plot threads heh)
    Geralt:oh right
    yeah, i’ll look into that after checking on Vin… if the others want to help
    DM:It’s the morning of the third day now… and an airship from a rather obscure company from Ronen came bringing complementary magitech weapons. People suspect it may be a way for House Gorn to send them aid confdientially.
    Thiough nobody is asking too many questions since it seems to be free weapons.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well Calim would be willing to help but he also promised to help with the civil war and doesn’t want to leave and miss something
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm~
    DM:Yeah so I’ll let you guys talk over what you wanna do next.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well I kind of owe G for de-oni’ing me
    so I’ll go with him
    Calim Gorn:Kinda suspicious of the Ronen mercenaries but if they say they’re working for Megumi guess there’s no harm in that…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:need to check on Yuu at some point
    Geralt:even hunting a fellow vamp?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:who bettter?
    to kill a sniper, get another sniper as the saying goes
    DM:Well they don’t really say they’re working for Megumi, but they are offering her weapons. heh… they’re not offering manpower, so uch as just giving her some more firepower.
    Calim Gorn:Ah, heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s from ronen as well
    you’re a fish out of water there
    DM:Btw was Mina gonna be breaking into people’s houses to try to feed or she gonna go wtihout blood for these past couple days?
    Geralt:yeah, i can check on Yuu while in Yt
    Calim Gorn:Is it firepower I would recognize? Like shit that my mother’s portion of the Artificer’s Guild would be working on?
    DM:You want to go over and inspect it?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, sure
    DM:It mostly happened while you were sleeping early morning when they landed, though the ship is still in dock.
    Calim Gorn:I don’t sleep =P
    DM:Well while you were in the library heh. Though you’d probably have heard a commotion anyway.
    Heh.. okay, you could hgave been there.. I’ll give you a tech roll.
    Calim Gorn:Kinda crappy
    DM:Looks like pretty basic weaponry, the same type of generic magitech that’s widely available (and likely difficult to trace)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:She’s prolly laying low on the blood draining considering what happened
    DM:Whoever is providing the weapons seems to want to remain anonymous as special care seems to have been taken not to use anything easily traceable.
    Calim Gorn:(Could pick off one of these Ronen guys maybe, lol)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly ask Aruvin to help me out with some jury rigging imbued blood of calims or some such
    Calim Gorn:“Hmph… Typical for Father I suppose… Doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well she generally dont like to just kill people for blood
    she prefers donors
    unless its her literal enemies in combat or bad people she’s going all vigilante justice on in ronen
    DM:And the company itself… they’re something small and obscure Calim hasn’t heard of.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:ie batman if he eate his enemies
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll go back to the library then unless the rest of the group wants to get me for doing something
    DM:And none of them seem to want to give out any information… they’re especialyl tight lipped, likely under orders not tot ell much.
    In fact, whenever any questions are brought up about where they’ve come from, they’re very reluctant to say anything, so you can tell clearly it’s a matter they don’t want to get into.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm… Have i heard of them?
    DM:Calim also did notice some signs that their airship had some other mercenary gear on it.. and some trained soldiers…. so he guesses they’re more than they seem… merc probably…
    DM:And they’re remaining port after delivering the shipment, some suspect they might be protection from House Gorn.
    Calim could call the others to go check them out if you want .heh.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll let them know that they’re out there and what I found
    And mention the name of the company if I picked it up
    DM:I’ll give peopel an expertise ronen or expertise business roll if you want to be know the name of thier company andwho they are.
    Yeah, the company is called Skyway. An obscure one, perhaps one not affiliated with any guild either since they seem to show thier own logo, but not any specific guild banners. Alll the more suggesting some kind of sneaky dealings.
    Max and Aruvin can give me a check on those sklls (If they’ve got em), or potentially untrained for eidetic memory.
    Assuming they particualrly care bout it. heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw
    Calim Gorn:Would Expertise (Military) apply?
    Or Politics?
    DM:I already rolled that for ya to notice the mercs… though you’re pretty sure Skyway isn’t a mercenary company.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:So kinda odd they’d have mercs, the mercs weren’t in full uniform and weren’t showing any logos…so hard to say really who they’d be with.
    Max dosen’t know.. and apparently Aruvin doesn’t really care that much, since he’s not rolling so I’ll move on. heh.
    Unless you guys wanted to do some extra investigation tactics on em while they’re here.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Could I leverage my connections to see if I can find out anything?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’d like to try that as well
    Call Falsion and be like “What gives”
    DM:You could place some calls on the Aela communicator and see if you cant urn up anything. It’ll take a bit of time for the info to get back. But you coudl call up some people you know if you want to get some business records.
    Anything specific you want to get ahold of?
    Aruvin knows they’re not a competitor wtih Ellenya, and E-Tech hasn’t done any business with them, but that’s about it.
    Calim Gorn:Basically trying to figure out who they are and who hired them
    Figured I could just ask Falsion directly since he mentioned Tharian doing something at some point
    DM:Yeah heh, you could try asking one of the GOrn family.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah same, mostly I’m suspicious that they were hired by Megumi’s enemies and would like to verify what I can without looking too much like I’m lookin a gift horse in the mouth
    DM:As far as connections they probably couldn’t tell you who hired them, but you might get company records on them. location of thier HQ and what not.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll contact Falsion and see what he has to say, heh
    DM:But I’ll give Max a connections roll to get some info on em.
    And as for Calim…. you contact Falsion… asking him about the company… and he replies that he doesn’t have an idea what you’re talking about… neither he or father have ordered such a thing.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(that’s the skill connections goes with)
    Calim Gorn:Is that the wink wink nudge nudge response?
    DM:If you’d like you can spend a hero point on the insight roll (whcih I’m making secretly) to tell if Falsion is telling the truth. :)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Nah I won’t spend a Hero Point on it, heh
    DM:As fara s Calim can tell, he’s telling the truth.
    Calim Gorn:Heh
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:sorry, i spilled my drink everywhere was trying to clean up the mess
    DM:Maxine gets some basic records, specifically thhe information that the company is a small shipping company from the city of Norst…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:I’ll recounts to Tab and the other curious people what she knows about this company
    DM:They’re apparently a failing endeavor, who apparently got kicked out of the shipwright’s guild…. the reason isn’t exactly clear, but it could be either that they couldn’t afford thier guild dues (they are in debt apparently and failing) or it coudl be for dishonorable dealings.
    As for Mina…
    She’s heard of Skyway…. and had some run ins with the owner before. The company was suspected of doing all manner of criminal activities, from smuggling in illegal substances into Ronen and even rumored to have dealings with delivering magitech to Daelan. Their owner is a particularly unscrupulous individual.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh dear…
    Calim Gorn:lol… Great
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress tells the others in whispered tones.
    DM:The company itself has no connections that you know of to Makoro though (or any of Megumi’s vassals there)
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… Well, Father was always more prone to the Straim Gorn method of doing things than the Clesh Gorn method, so I guess this makes sense for him. Tch… If he really had that much conern for Sister and I though I’d prefer he just send regular troops and gear.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Beggars can’t be choosers.”
    “Well maybe he’s using them because he’s trying to avoid the political mess that comes along with all that.”
    “Or then again, they may be good cover.”
    “Might be some of your father’s goons flying someone’s else’s proverbial flag.”
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps…”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“Or most likely both.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps we should advise Daimyo Megumi of what we know, and leave it to her to take appropriate caution? Unless we are to stay and watch over them.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“They are who they appear, but it just so happens your father has some tendrils in the pie.”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress shrugs.
    Calim Gorn:“Just so long as they aren’t working for House Illuvian.”
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:“I’ll leave that up to you to decide. I think I’ll keep my distance.”
    “Everyone’s working for them, didn’t you know that?”
  • Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress jests.
    DM:The Skyway company itself doesn’t have any mercs of its own (at least not that you know) so the mercs are likely from somewhere else.
    Another company liklely using them as transport.
    Likely because they did’t want ti to be obvious mercs were being sent along with the weapons shipment.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It is merely curious to me. It is not unusual for your kinfolk to make use of such resources, ja?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg seems to be directing her question to Calim
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“This is pretty par for the course as far as how things are done in Rahseld.”
    DM:It’s likely the mercs are there in a defensive role, as opposed to launching some kind of convert strike on Megumi’s enemies.
    Since a covert strike would probably be an airship flying over the enemy territroy at night with a sudden strike and getting out.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, well guess we’ll keep an eye on them for a while and otherwise be thankful for the help
    I’m sure Megumi is wondering wtf is going on too
    DM:Yeah for now, she’snot asking mayn questions (she does test the weapons they give to make sure they work)
    But like at this point she kinda realizes she needs whatever help she can get.. so…
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Unless you’re gonna tell her to specifically be suspicious it doesn’t seem like she’s doing anything overtly against it.
    So I assume you guys don’t want to investigate them further and want to do something else?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah heh I don’t have a specific reason to suspect them, if the others don’t
    Calim Gorn:Yeah nothing other than the usual paranoia
    DM:So what were your plans? Geralt was gonna leave to Yt with Mina, anyone else want to go wtih him?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:well normally mina prolly would, but given recent circumstances, she doesnt want to stir up a hornest nest
    Geralt:Oh, Mina going to Yt too? Figured she would just join with me when return.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:after the the whole oni affair
    Calim Gorn:Well like I said Calim would be willing to help but he’s worried about something happening while he’s gone
    DM:heh, well I thought she was ging with Geralt.
    So is Calim gonna go or not? heh.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i am
    i just meant she’s not interesting in poking around with these guys and being nosey
    DM:ah oaky.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:doesnt want to cause shit
    Calim Gorn:Calim is gonna stay in Ororyu unless Geralt specifically tries to convince him to come along
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:figure she’s on thin ice here, doesnt need another problem
    Geralt:no reason, all i intend to do is visit Yuu and Vin
    so not going to pester Calim
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah Max’s kinda still concerned about Megumi, Suzu, et al, so she could stay here for now
    Go kinda half and half
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:prolly sabotage from the other daimyo or some shit
    DM:Okay, Max and Aruvin? You two want to go with Geralt or stay here?
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:wasnt there mention of that specifically? lol
    sorry, just stoking Calims paranoia :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:if you cant decide flip a coin
    dragons say go
    “Looks like the Dragon’s want me elsewhere.” she says flipping her silver coin and tucking it back in a pocket
    DM:Well it’s pretty clear most of the citizens of Oroyu want you elsewhere
    with all the blood-sucking demon paranoia at full
    granted there are some soldiers and airship people you could try to feed on now though.
    They seem okay with going out at night. heh.
    Of course they’re probably not as tasting as drinking some blood from some Hydra clan members… :)
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i’ll prolly wait till im airborne before i go trying to seduce someone
    DM:heh okay.. so assuming Mina is the only one going? Is that correct?
    Mina and Geralt that is.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:bio, afk a min
    Maxine von Eisenburg:=———————-looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo\
  • Calim Gorn waves to Sachi’s cat
    DM:The Skyway airship doesn’t want to take passengers but you can call in another one, though at some expense… you’d need to get Maxine to help with transport probably…
    Or someone else that’s got money. dunno if Mina has any resources.
    Oh wait Mina does have wealth 1
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:she’s independantly wealthy
    DM:that’d be enough to get an airhsip charter the
    Pretty epxensive but not ridiculosuly so.
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:i didnt wantto give her too much wealth since she’s kind of the blacksheep
    DM:So you can order in an airship that’ll be there by evening that you can take.
  • Aruvin will continue to support Megu in her war efforts. Elenya’s ‘Big Reveal’ may have been ruined, but Megu is still a Band-mate…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:brb gotta sit on the iron throne
    DM:Okay… so Mina and Geralt leave… MIna able to get someone to feed from on the airship transport (not gonna bother rolling for that since there’s no vampire fear on there)
    As Night falls on Oroyu.. Geralt and Mina are on thier way towards Yt… and….
    Aruvin has retired to his quarters, Calim to his library…. and Maxine to her quarters presumably.
    Geralt:you draining dead or just a sip?
    DM:I imagine Geralt sharpening a stake using his silver sword while asking Mina that.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Think she just drains enough to get a good taste without actually killing them
    That’s what she did to Silaas
    Left him really tired but alive
    DM:Back at Oroyu… Aruvin is suddenyl awakened from his sleep by a loud beeping… he turns to see one of the devices Ellenya asked him to bring along starting to beep.
    Calim Gorn:Oh that can’t be good
    DM:It’s an undocumented feature of the Zero prototype…. a security system alert that warns Aruvin of any tampering with the unit after the security lock has been engaged.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:mmm
    DM:Apparently the silent alarm on the prototype magitech armor has been triggered by something.. or someone.
    Calim Gorn:lol great
    Aruvin:“What is it now?”
  • Aruvin heads to unit
    DM:Aruvin heads over to the hangar area. the usual six guardsmen that usually are stationed there aren’t guarding the outer door.
    Aruvin:.. after getting dressed, naturally
  • Calim Gorn busily pores over manuscripts in the library, trying to make heads or tails of everything
    DM:As far as Aruvin can tell the lock outside and secure door are still closed though…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is doing something erudite and/or lewd
    DM:Though that’s a first impression and tampering is always possible from someone that knows about tech.
  • Aruvin heads inside to run some maintenance checks and such
    DM:Aruvin enters his usual code into the magitech lock (this one is a puerly mechanical one, not Di crysatl run). but finds that the lock rejects his code…. tampering is highly likely.
    Aruvin:* sigh * Aruvin goes about picking the lock….
    Calim Gorn:lol… They broke in just to sabotage the lock?
    Or maybe they bricked it trying to unlock it and now you’re helping them get access…
    DM:Since you’ve got skill mastery I’ll just say you can take a 10 on this… Aruvin manages to easily bypass the sabotage seeing that the lock was definitely opened and mechanically bypassed as well as putting in something jam its gearwork so that nobody else could get inside, and the door would have to be forced.
    Obviously someone with magitech training, ruling out all but the imbued of Makoro (and even then most of them don’t bother learnign tech)… of course it could be someone from Rahseld or Ronen more likely…
    You want to get the door open and see what’s going on in there?
  • Aruvin cracks the door to peek inside
    DM:heh, okay, you use your tech knowledge to get it to just pop open, silently as well (skill master means you won’t need a roll here).. andyou peek in, enough to see ahead of you a bit…
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:back
    DM:And you can see a group of 8… a mix of men and women… 6 are dressed in heavy infantry combat armor… and 2 have armor suits more elaborate that you recognize…
    they seem to be knock-offs of Ellenya’s personal combat armor (basically like a maigtech ironman suit).
    Calim Gorn:Fucking Daelan assholes
    Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne Toress:aluminum man
    DM:These though, lack the precise craft of Ellenya, and seem bulky, apparentl yusing a full magitech armor charge crystal on thier backs, giving them a bulky ponderous appearance compared to the agile grace of Ellenya’s design using the micro-crystals that you helped develop.
    Two of them are up on the prototype magitech armor.. apparently with toolkits…. you’d guess trying to bypass the security… and the others are keeping watch.
    I’m gonna give you a stealth check, with a +5 circumstance bonus since you’re just peeking through a crack.
  • Aruvin may be fearless, but he’s not stupid. He looks for a guard to flag down adn send to collect the others… and then think about a relatively easy way to disable them… maybe a charge crystal interfearance wave…
    DM:Aruvin peeks through and doesn’t think he’s been noticed yet, or at least if he has, the people in the room haven’t played their hand.
    Okay, if you get a guard, they’ll probably signla a full alert once you inform em, but that wil get a bunch of security enroute.
    Or you could try to keep it quiet and go get Calim and potetnialyl Maxine for backup.
    Or could try to wake up Megumi herself to help as well or Suzu.
    You got a bunch fo imbued you could pteotnailly go for.
    Yeah heh.. I mean, there is a kill switch, that’s probably why they didn’t just steal the thing and fly off, cause tehy’er busy working on trying to bypass the security.
    Though it’s hard to tell how long itl’l take em…
    Pretty much it’s deisgned to only be piloted by an imbued with a recognition sensor that only recognizes specific Aela signatures to start up (mainly yourself and Suzu who you had to program in initially)
    So it’ll take them some time to crack it of course they seem to have some decent techs, these guys definiteyl aren’t bargain basement mercs… they’ve got some seriously good gear.
    You do nknow that Ellenya’s armor was confiscated at one point when she was captured, so these knock-offs could be the result of whoever got thier hands on the plans.
    You’d guess it’s someone from Ronen (maybe a rivl company) or perhaps more likely the kingdom of Daelan.
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah capture those if you can, I get to fine the shit out of Lastar for them)
    (or Ellenya does rather)
    DM:Aruvin makes his way to Calim, finding him in the library…
  • Calim Gorn has immersed himself in a giant stack of books about the religion of the Great Dragons, and he’s busy trying to make sense of the esoteric texts
    Aruvin:“Yo. More intruders it seems. This time suited mercs with a magitechnician or too. They’re tryign to crack El’s prototype”
    Calim Gorn:“What? Shit… Those guys from this morning?”
    Aruvin:“Eight all told… hard to face that many all at once on my own”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “I’ll back you up. Let’s get Maxine too.”
    Aruvin:“They had facsimilies of Ellenya’s own armor, but without my miniturization of charge crystaks”
  • Calim Gorn frowns… “Hm… Not good. Sounds like they’re heavily armed then.”
    Calim Gorn:“We should probably inform Megumi as well.”
    Aruvin:“So it seems. Time to barek in your new weapon.”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed.”
  • Calim Gorn rushes off to go find Maxine, using his speed to navigate quickly through the castle
    Calim Gorn:(I have Wall Crawling and Leaping so I can parkour my way around fairly well)
    DM:The more peopel you go to inform the longer you’ll give them of course…
    Yeah heh, though you may have to knock down a few decorative suits of armor, katanas, tapestries and other decorations..
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I’ll basically go get Maxine and then head for the magitech armor hangar
    DM:Okay, just getting Max.
    Calim Gorn:If I can get in there sneaky like and find a sniper spot then I will
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear, that does require my immediate attention… I’m sorry, Aita.” (or insert some other girl I wooed~)
    DM:heh, well there’s one main door, as well as the hangar door (that’s only openable from the inside) course you could wait for em to try to open the main door.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh yeah it could be Aita.
    Calim Gorn:Nah not gonna do that, that means they would have the armor
    But I’ll wait for Max and Aruvin to show up and then we can all go in together
    DM:heh ojkay. Yeah, I mean you could be ready as a contingency if they get the door open
  • Aruvin likely went to keep an ear on thigns as calim got Max
    Calim Gorn:Basically ready to spray gunfire as soon as the door opens
  • Aruvin focuses his power into his common cone aoe…
    Aita Inari:“Well then you’re ging to miss quality time cuddling with my tails.”
    Aruvin:“You could just come and toy with some intruders”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes indeed! Quite regrettable, but I consider this a duty of mine.”
    Aita Inari:“What kind of intruders?”
    Calim Gorn:“Mercenaries from Ronen, heavily armed, with knockoffs of Ellenya Toress’s battle suit.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah yes… I take it they were here for suspicious reasons indeed.”
    Aita Inari:“Ellenya Toress… that’s the sexy one with the slightly smaller magitech armor of mass destruction right?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, quite dreamy…~”
    Calim Gorn:“Anyway let’s hurry, we need to shut them down before they get what they came here for.”
    Aita Inari:“I’ll help but I want to get all the credit with Ellenya… and everyone else that Ellenya has ever talked to. ever.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn doesn’t wait to negotiate, just heading down there
    DM:heh okay… anyone want to agree with her offer or you just gonna ignore her and go?
    Aruvin:- just going -
  • Maxine von Eisenburg ignores her and goes
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(tho brb rq, oven)
    DM:heh okay… you head over there. Gonna draw a rough map using our new zone rules… not sure if Ty saw those, but I’m instituting some zone rules (similar to waht we’re using in Star wars right now)
    Mainly to make it so people don’t have to ask as many questions about distance in combat.
    You guys can refersh yourselves while I set up the map.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(back~)
    Calim Gorn:lol still says the rules aren’t approved for actual play =P
    DM:heh… yeah well we’re using em now :P
    That was just when I was working on em
    they got their approval as of now
    Or rather this’ll be a test run
    Geralt:he was letting me soften you up some
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Also we discussed the range thing last week as basically doubling range for each rank of Extended Range
    Calim Gorn:Or well more like adding +Effect for each rank
    DM:gimme a sect to set stuff up here. ..
    There we go.
    Calim Gorn:Hmm
    DM:The blue lines divide zones, while the black lines are walls.
    The red square is the door leading in.
    Going to give you guys a surprise round initially as you’re busting the door open and taking em by surprise.
    Just gonna skip them to your rolls…. since you basiaclly burst the door open with guns blazing.. at least that’s what you said heh.. so assuming you aint’ talking and taking advantage of surprirse.
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Merc Woman’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 5’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:That’s our plan, right?~
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah that’s my plan anyway
    These guys obviously aren’t here to negotiate
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Is it an action for me to bust the door in?
    DM:Nah, I’m gonna say Aruvin can rig it to open on a delay so everyone can be ready to fire in tehre.
    Since your intent is to ambush them anyway… so pretty reasonable you’d do that.
    Assuming that is your intent heh.
    And I’ll give someone a knowledge(military) or knowledge(ronen) to try to ID the blond leader they’ve got there.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Is Calim kind of a close-in guy?
    Calim Gorn:I switch it up
    I can do ranged or melee
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Pff
    DM:He’s got a transforming gunblade.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, which Maxine helped me make
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I remember now ^^;; lol sorry
    DM:Maxine sees the blond soldier there and sees she seems kind of cute. Though can’t recoginze her.
    Will tell you result of your checks on your turns.
    Max yhou’re up, what you wanna do?
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods toward the blonde, speaking to her comrades.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Capture that one, we’ll interrogate her.~”
    DM:You basically justopened the door and gained a surprise roubnd from that.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg pulls out her rifle and takes a shot at the soldier closest to the door
    Calim Gorn:Well I see our rolls are up to the usual par
    DM:Max fires, the spikes going over the soldiers head and firing towards the back wall of the magiteh hanger… hitting against the heavy armored hangar bay door at the back
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes cover behind the wall if she can.
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 3’s Turn*****
    DM:Yeah you can move after shooting.
    You want to get full cover or just leanign out so you can still see what’s happening?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll lean out, so hopefully I can get partial cover from that
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:So do I recognize blondie?
    DM:nah you don’t know her.
    Calim Gorn:“Didn’t you guys see the no trespassing sign out front?”
  • Calim Gorn opens fire into the room
    DM:You’re almost certain she’s just a regular human though
    Calim Gorn:Will try to start a takedown chain on the mooks
    DM:So using lethal on her will probably outright kill her.
    Calim Gorn:That has multi on it
    And with extended I should be able to hit the whole room
    DM:yeah range won’t be an issue here.
    Calim Gorn:Basically going for Unknown Soldier 1 and if he splats then doing a Takedown chain
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 6 ( natural:1 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Soldier 1 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom headshot!
    DM:He gets totally obliterated.. and the next guy..
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:7 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Soldier 2 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol, keep trending down
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:3 , Save DC:21 ) Unknown Soldier 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    damn poor soliders can’t roll for shit.
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:12 , Save DC:26 ) Unknown Soldier 5 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Full multi on that hopefully
    DM:You can attack the techs… however…
    A miss will mean you hit the prototype meech
    The one in the back also has partial cover from the mech.
    Calim Gorn:Going for the non-cover one on that one
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 15 ( natural:10 , Save DC:23 ) Unknown Technician 1 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Wnat to risk shooting the other one? heh.
    Calim Gorn:And I’ll try to go for the last one too, no piercing on this so hopefully the prototype’s armor can shrug it off
    DM:Ah okay.
    Calim Gorn:Pow
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 8 ( natural:3 , Save DC:26 ) Unknown Technician 2 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim starts a brutal body count, shooting down the poor soldiers.
  • Calim Gorn smokes all the mooks and then steps into the room, switching his gunblade to melee mode
    Calim Gorn:“You got one chance to surrender.”
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:As for Aruvin and his knowledges…
  • Aruvin steps in and unleashes a storm of crystals in a 50’ cone…
    DM:okay that’ll hit the zone in front of you, hitting both of the power armors.
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 2’s Turn*****
    DM:Also what yoou know about Ellenya’s armor is that it’s highly resistant to physical attacks, like slashing/penetrating, etc. So you’d be better using energy attacks probably. Though not sure if you have that option
    Calim Gorn:Heh, they totally soaked the 7 damage?
    Aruvin:true energy, not really… if direct fails, I can switch to ensnaring types…
    but that’s for next round… I was preparied to mass attack the mooks, but calim beat me to it
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:As for the soldier, you recognize her as Leena Jerana, a merc that works for the nation of Daelan, some kind of elite soldier who enjoys getting her name around. Her family originally came from Rahseld and she made a name for herself wtih her rather extreme skills (for a mundane anyway)
    kay now checksf or the magitech armors…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, so she’s probably got a good size bounty on her head
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 7) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 17 ( natural:5 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:22 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 1 degrees Roll Result: 24 ( natural:12 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:22 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    wait I didn’t do the dodge rolls there…
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:6 , Save DC:17 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 2 degrees Roll Result: 19 ( natural:16 , Save DC:17 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well worked out about the same I think
    DM:The crystal sharfds bounce off one of them, but do some minro damage to one of them.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Technician 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Unknown Soldier 1’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Merc Woman’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“You know generally you ask for a surrender before you start shooting.”
    Calim Gorn:“It punctuates the point somewhat if most of your men are dead first.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mine was a warning shot!~”
    DM:Leena’s armor is covered in some knid of personal shield, you guess some kind of Aela construct producing device.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, guessing she’s not surrendering?)
    DM:And she also seems to pull some pistol sized object from her hip that seems to transform into a rifle within seconds..
  • Maxine von Eisenburg raises an eyebrow, her interest piqued.
    DM:It’s no magitech device in common production taht’s for sure (will give Tech checks on your turns to ID it)
    She fires a white beam of Aela energy at Calim.
    Calim Gorn:Man too bad I don’t have a few more points to spend…
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 8 (4)Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
  • Calim Gorn ducks
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana gains a hero point.
    DM:The bolt strikes agaisnt thew all not doing any damage to it.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin woudl interpose if not aimed at
    DM:Ah okay.
    MAx can give me a tech chceck to ID the weapon shes’ got.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tch
    More crap rolls
    Ok I’m gonna move in and… Can I melee the armor dudes?
    DM:Max would guess some kind of custom device…. clearly designed to fire Aela.. but she’d need a closer look to tell more… (or spend an action just examining it)
    Well wait actually that’s two zones of movement.. so… you’d need a ground speed 2
    or you could charge em at a 2 to hi with melee
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm, what if I make an athletics check? That adds 1 to your speed I think
    Calim Gorn:Yeah it does, I think the DC is 15 IIRC
    DM:heh… I think I’m just gonna get rid of that rule to avoid the unnecessary rolling but I guess I’ll let ya do that for now.
    I was gonna get rid fo that, since I’m not really a fan of movement rolls so to speak heh.
    Though since I haven’t officially done that yet, I’ll let you try it.
    Calim Gorn:Bah, you just wanna nerf the slowsies more
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah he does :(
    I’ll do the charge
    DM:okay, you’ll take a -2
    Gonna spread the armors out for now since tehy’re not engaged with each other
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 23 ( natural:16 , Save DC:21 ) Power Armor 2 -
    —— Success
  • Maxine von Eisenburg slashes at one of the powred armor suits…
    DM:Maxine stabs into the armor, though it seems reslilient enoguh to hold it off, having just a dent from where the dense cane tip struck it.
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:Well the tactical rules actually kinda buff the slower chars a bit since it makes speed a linear thing as opposed to exponential progression
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Tch… Quite tough…”
    DM:The armor raises one of its armos at Calim launchiong a blast of electrical bolts.
    Calim Gorn:lol, looks like I drew aggro
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Shock Blast) (Close, +9, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (11)Effect Rank: 7 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: ElectricityNotes: 0
    Calim Gorn:Well that’ll hit
    Unless Aruvin is still interposing
  • Aruvin is
    DM:Yeah he can interpose 1/round when an ally is hit by an attack, you didn’t get hit last time
    so he can interpose this
    Geralt:((I’m starting to doze off a bit here. Pretty beat from working on the house all day. Will catch up with events next time.))
    DM:And that’d basically bounce off his impervious armor anyway.
    Calim Gorn:(Later G)
    DM:Basically can’t even penetrate your basic defense.
    Power Armor 3:“Weaponry insufficient… New orders requested.” "
    Geralt:(everyone have a good night, goitta wake up and get back to work on the electical and get power to the rest of the house.)
    DM:It seems by how thea rmor responds and moves that it’s not a human pilot but rather a golem version piloted by Di crystal…
    okay cya G
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Guess we can get to ya next time heh.
  • Calim Gorn moves in on Power Armor 3 and attacks with the enchanted blade slotted into his gunblade
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 26 ( natural:14 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    DM:The armor deflects Calim’s attack.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… Damn, tough bastards…”
    Aruvin:let’s see….
    DM:oh and Calim and Aruvin can both do tech checks to ID Leena’s weapon if they’d like too. don’t thik they rolled for that yet.
    Calim Gorn:Nope
    DM:Yeah you’d just know it’s Aela based.
  • Aruvin refocuses and points at the girl in the back…
    DM:Leena raises her shield, deflecting the attack.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The armor flails at Max with mithral fists.
    Power Armor 2:Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Fisticuffs) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage)Roll Result: 15 (8)Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: Metal fisty
    DM:Though Max ducks under the attack as the golem swings above her.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm!~”
    DM:Leena takes aim at Aruvin, while moving to take cover behind the prototype armor.
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 10 (6)Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    DM:But she misses him as the white Aela beam strikes wide.
    Leena Jerana:(to Golems) “Lethal force is authorized.”
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Can I charge her too?~
    DM:You’d have to get past the golem, which means a disengage, but otherwise yeah.
    Disenginag does rquire an acrobatics check to do so successfuly
    This thing is bulky as hell though, so… disengaging isn’t too hard.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahhh
    DM:The thing is able to block you, preventing you from getting to her.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Can I still attack it, or does that use up my stuff?
    DM:Nah that just burns your move action
    You can still attack it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok~
    DM:Tehcically you coudl also retgreat but it gets to choose which zone you flee to
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 20 ( natural:13 , Save DC:26 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:The creature is dazed as you make a hole in its armor, punching into one of its arms and in the main chest.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg draws her blade, slicing the mech in a lightly armored area…
    DM:Bits of Aela gas escape from the interior as you damage some of its mechanisms.
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    DM:A heavy penetrating spike slips out from the power armors hand.
    Power Armor 3:“I beleive the correct term is ‘En guarde’”
    DM:As the thing tries to impale Calim.
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 18 (9)Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Hits
  • Calim Gorn holds his reinforced jacket up and blocks the attack
    DM:Calim’s armored jacket fortunately keeps the attack from dping any serious harm.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn hops back and converts his gunblade back to pistol mode, emptying aela-charged rounds into the power armor at point-blank
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully gets the full multi
    DM:You unload on it, but the shots just bounce off (imperviuos toughness).
    Calim Gorn:Fuck
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… Annoying thing.”
  • Aruvin closes towards the prototype, exchangin fire with blondie…
    DM:K she’s got cover from the prototype at 2 to hit, and any misses are likely to hit the prototype.
    Aruvin:and can’t roll well tonight
    DM:That ends up hitting the prototype, but it’s imperviuos armor basicall ymeans a rank 5 can’t damage it anyway.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The armor speaks to max in a rather formal sounding male voice.
    Power Armor 2:“I do not wish to kill you, but I wont let you do destroy me.”
    Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 13 (8)Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    DM:It extends its spike against Max, but misses.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm…?”
    Leena Jerana:“Hey that guy just butchered our friends!” (to the golem that talked to Maxine)
    DM:The woman takes aim at Aruvin again.
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Aela Blaster) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) Improved Critical 4 PL Cap +1 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 17 (9)Effect Rank: 10 (Penetrating 1, Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“A curious reaction…”
    DM:This time striking him… it’s gonna be a fortitude save for you Aruvin.
    Since this attack targets Fort not toughness.
    Press shift-f3 on your token to bring up the resistance roll macro.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:And I’ll let Max act while he’s rolling that
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll try and slip past the robot guy again…
    DM:Okay that’ll do it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And I’ll charge the girl with the non-killy end of my stick…
    Calim Gorn:Heh it’s Fort, not Toughness
    DM:You gotta roll fortitude not toughness Ty.
    Calim Gorn:Can he keep the 18? lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:oooo
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome, Sachi rolling good tonight
    DM:Hmm I think our precedent thus far has been just a reroll if you roll the wrong thing.
    At least for macro rolls.
    Calim Gorn:Sadness
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:6 , Save DC:26 ) Leena Jerana -
    —— Failure by 3 degrees
    The electricity courses through her body, as she’s staggered.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:He takes 1 wound as the Aela blast knocks him back a bit…. disorienting him. it’s not a lethal attack… but it it is very powerful…
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Parry/Dodge are 20 for this round
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’ve no issue taking prisoners… I hope you can forgive us for overreacting. You wandered into an area subject to ongoing hostilities to do your little industrial espionage…”
    DM:The armor swings at Calim, trying to gut him with its balde.
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 23 (16)Effect Rank: 9 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
  • Calim Gorn soaks it
    Leena Jerana:“Overreacting?! You butchered all my friends!”
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“They knew the risks when they signed up.”
  • Leena Jerana coughs up some blood from the shock stick hit.
  • Calim Gorn re-engages blade mode and attacks the power armor again
    Calim Gorn:And misses terribly
    DM:Actually.. he did all out attack, so that’s gonna hit him
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome
    DM:The armors are pretty clunky.
    Power Armor 3:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 29 ( natural:17 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Success
    DM:But no damage.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Damn it
    What the hell is the 4 mod from? lol
    DM:resistance to physical weapons :)
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    Even though my blade is Aela enchanted?
    DM:yeah heh, I mean it’s still a thrusting implement.
    So in this case, I’m saying their resist is gonna apply.
  • Aruvin refocuses again, sending a mist of crystal shards across the two golems…
    DM:Ah okay you got a shapeable thing, so you could avoid Calim then.
    Aruvin:basically to avoid calim in cone
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The crystals do some damage to the armor, penetrating into them.. and dazing the one on Calim with the other one taking minor damage.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    DM:She suddenyl tosses her rifle up into the air….
    Leena Jerana:“Overwatch mode, activate!”
    Calim Gorn:Hax!
    DM:And surprisingly you can see her rifle seems to suspend itself in midair.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh?”
    DM:Using jets of air it seems have the ability to hover up there, and apparently aim itself.. it’s almsot certainly something Di crystal controlled…
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:The gun itself is a separate target now…
    Calim Gorn:Go Max, take ‘em down!
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll take another shot at Leena… Hopefully we can take her in…
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 11 ( natural:8 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:Another wound strikes her… causing her to be shocked by the sudden jolt. her limb staggering, I’ll say Max can force her out of cover behind the mech if she wants too
    Since you’re winning the fight.
    So she’d have to retreat some.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Purrr, yay~
    *****Start of Power Armor 3’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Don’t kill her! We gotta interrogate her… Also she’s cute.
    Calim Gorn:Hehe, yeah Calim is fine with taking her in… Basically the other guys were just worthless cannon fodder as far as he’s concerned, the leaders are the important ones
    Power Armor 3:Power Armor 3 Attacks! (Spike) (Close, +7, rank 7 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 25 (18) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: ???
    Calim Gorn:Well shit
    DM:It tries to hit Calim but again his jacket gets in its way…
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn somehow manages to soak the hit, sliding back a couple of inches but otherwise unharmed
  • Calim Gorn then strikes back at the power armor again, trying to penetrate its defenses
    Calim Gorn:And there’s a crit
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 14) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 15 ( natural:5 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:29 ) Power Armor 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Boom!
  • Calim Gorn brings his sword down on top of the power armor and bisects it down the middle
    Calim Gorn:Will try to avoid destroying the di crystal if I can
    DM:That strike manages to take down the armor.. causing it to break apart and stop functioning… the Di crystal inside though is still intact and projects its avatar in front of you
    Di crystal:“This is but one battle… there will be more soldiers, more suits of armor.”
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle floats overhead… seeming to spin about and gain its stabilization.. it also seems to project an emerald green projection of a wireframe cone outward as it seems to be performing some kind of scan of the area… based on the green wireframe projection (something current tech hasn’t quite mastered)… Aruvin and Max are pretty certain this thing is some kind of ancient elven weapon.
    Or at the very least includes elven components, since that sort of holographic style projection that Di crystals and Aela communicators do can’t be customized yet as this weapon is doing.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg can’t quite hide the interest on her face…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:On the down side.. it does seem to be targetting you guys….
    Calim Gorn:“Somebody probably better do something about that thing.”
    DM:Or at least recognizing the targets in its environment.
    And it’s Aruvin’s turn…
    Aruvin:Crystal Sculpting: Close Create Rank 6, Instantaneous, Stationary, Precise, Subtle 2 Up to 60 cfts, up to 3200 lbs.
    ^ should be sufficient to attempt to box in the rifle
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Do not hurt it! I like it!”
    Aruvin:Crystal Shaping: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary up to 125 cft, up to 3 tons
    DM:Aruvin contains the thing in a crystal prison.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:or that one.. don’t need the sublte
    DM:The toher power armor takes flight…. targetting Maxine and trying to save its commander.
    Calim Gorn:“Watch out, Maxine!”
    DM:From above it rains down fire blasts.
    Power Armor 2:“Hurting my commander will not be permitted…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah…”
    Power Armor 2:Power Armor 2 Attacks! (Fire Blast) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) AOA 2Roll Result: 21 (12)Effect Rank: 5 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Fire
    DM:A torrent of fire rains down on Max.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:That’s not meant to be aoe is it?
    DM:Only one of the barragte of blasts hit her fortunately.
    Nah, that’s just a multiattack.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:kk~
    DM:Actualyl should be ranged for some reason its marked as close heh.
    Yeah toughness
    And that soaks it
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
  • Maxine von Eisenburg raises her cloak, shrugging off the blast…
    DM:Leena goes into full defense removing her staggered and giving her +2 defense
    Well technicalyl a recovery.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ahhh…~ This is invigorating! Much more so than fighting ghosts.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg tries to search for an opening…
    Leena Jerana:“Hate to break it to you, but this is a black ops operation. I am basically a ghost.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    DM:Due to her defense, she manages to dodge out of the way of the attack.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh? Then let us not fight anymore!~ If you are a deniable asset, no one will ask any questions if you stay for a dance or three, ja?~”
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:The other power armor is flying in the air?
    The power armor is airborne now
    You’d need to flight to combat it.
  • Calim Gorn uses his Leaping ability to jump into the air and brings his sword down on the power armor on his way down
    DM:Or that
    Calim Gorn:Damn, so close to a crit
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 9) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 20 ( natural:12 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:24 ) Power Armor 2 -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:Calim slases it doing minor damage.
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle fieres at the crystal prison.
    I’m going to call this a straight counter type effect. so it’s gonna be power rank on power rank… crystal’s power rank of (7?) versus its rank.
    So roll a 1d20+7 Aruvin.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg winks at Leena, acting flirtatious mid-battle…
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    DM:Hmm.. lmeme see who wins on a tie one sec.
    Calim Gorn:What is it a nullify effect?
    DM:says its 50/50
    So rolling 1d20, so 1-10 Arvuin, 11+ the gun.
    The aela blast strikes against the crystalline structur eof the Aela contsructs.. the Aela in the beam being sufficient to disrupt the coherence of the Aela constructs…. causing them to dematerialze…
    You can see the holographic projection cone seems to be reacquriing its targets as well.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:"Guess I can just keep it occupied, like the oni in the ruins…
    Crystal Shaping: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary up to 125 cft, up to 3 tons
  • Aruvin re-encases
    DM:Actually I forgot to give it a dodge roll heh.
    When you try to encase it it technicalldy does get a dodge to avoid ti
    Forgot that the first time
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 10 ( natural:6 , Save DC:17 ) Rifle -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    But that defintieyl got it again.
    *****Start of Power Armor 2’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“Maybe I’d take you up on your hospitality on some other day when you didn’t just shoot all my friends in the face with a metal spike.”
    Power Armor 2:“Probaibltiy of victory is unlikely. Activating Retreat.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, damn
    DM:The thing flies over to grab Leena.
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t let them get away!”
    DM:I will give Max a chance to contain it… and Aruvin since he can fly… he can try to intercept if he wants.
    It’ll be an acrobatcisc ehck to try to stop its escape.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, I’ll try and keep Leena here…
    of course
    Calim Gorn:lol well it failed against both of you
    DM:Teh armor manages to take flight, but due to Arvuin and Max’s efforts it can’t quite escape the zone…
    So iot’s holding her and they’re both flying up there.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I shall remember!~ Next time we meet we shall have a date!~”
    Leena Jerana:“Great… so he’s got a cloak that flies.”
    DM:Leena pulls a shock pistol from her belt and fires it at Aruvin.
    Calim Gorn:And it bounces off ineffectually
    DM:Yeah heh.. but it boucnes off inffecttually off his impervious.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Leena Jerana:“What’s up with this guy? They making some kind of Di crystal hybrids now?”
    Power Armor 2:“Unknown commander.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I can only hover with the cloak, so… Is there anywhere I can climb up? >.>
    DM:You could climb up the magitech armor.
    Aruvin:the prototype?
    Calim Gorn:Can just shoot at the thing with your spiker, though it might impervious that
    But yeah gliding off the top of the prototype works
    DM:Yeah i’ll say it’s acro or Athletics, your choice to get up there unless youv’e got leaping.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm I’ll go with Acro~
    DM:You manage to climb it, but it does take up your turn, so you can’t also attack
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Is this place fully enclosed except for the door? Or is it open roof? And would I be able to close the door and stop the power armor from escaping?
    DM:Yeah fully enclsoed the north wall is a big door that can be opened to allow the armor out.
    But it’s currently closed.
    Calim Gorn:Could the power armor open it?
    DM:The rest of it is pretty heavily armored… so they’d have to either open the big door, or go out thew ay you came in
    Probably not witth pure force (at least not easily)
    It’s kinda designed to keep people from stealing the stuff.
    Calim Gorn:Can I close the other door and seal it or is it like broken from them getting in here?
    DM:heh, yeah it’s not in great functioning order right now, Aruvin has jury rigged the thing pretty much.
    And it was mostly left open so you could shoot in.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll just leap at the thing then and attack it, if I don’t take it down on the first attack I’ll extra effort for a second attack
    DM:So it’d be hard to shut easily, at least without a tech check of pretty high difficulty to rejury rig it(and that’d be a standard action)
    You’d take a 2 to the second attack since you’d have to leap again with that (so it’d be a charge)
    Calim Gorn:Boom crit!
    Power Armor 2:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 14) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 16 ( natural:9 , Modifier 4 , Save DC:29 ) Power Armor 2 -
    —— Failure by 3 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Awwww yeah
    DM:And the armor crashes to the ground sending Leena down as well…. tumbling to the ground.
  • Calim Gorn smashes the power armor’s flight module and sends it crashing into the floor, landing next to it and putting his sword up to Leena’s throat
  • Calim Gorn grins smugly as he towers over the defeated mercenary
    DM:She falls but manages to go into a roll as she’s descending… landing without damage, ro falling.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, so I guess she landed on her feet then
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle tries to break out again… Roll your 1d20+7 Aruvin.
    DM:The rifle cracks ouut of the crystal but at least it can’t attack anything else.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin attempts to re-encase rifle
    DM:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:9 , Save DC:17 ) Rifle -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    got it again.
    The rifle gets sucked into the crystal barrier again.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:(Heh yeah I was thinking about just jumping up and grabbing it)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So I climbed all the way up there and she’s on the ground again…
    Calim Gorn:Sorry >.>
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, it’s ok~ I’ll pounce on her!
    Calim Gorn:You can glide down and bop her on the head with your cane though!
  • Maxine von Eisenburg executes a plunging attack!
    Calim Gorn:Hehe, well it’s still her turn at the moment…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh
    Leena Jerana:“I didn’t want to do this.. but…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I totally mixed up the two blondes at a glance
    Calim Gorn:Oh great
    DM:She moves into themiddlefo the hangar… drawing a small handheld device from her belt that you can’t really get a great look at since it fits mostly in her fist…
    Calim Gorn:Thermal detonator?
    Leena Jerana:“We’ve got explosives all around town.. one pres of this activation crystal…”
    DM:She hodls the device as if ready to activate it.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… You scum.”
    Leena Jerana:“Called scum by a murderer…. I can live with that.”
    DM:I’m gonna roll insight secretly for everyone actually though if you wan a hero point it lemme know
    Calim Gorn:“There’s quite the difference between killing mercenaries and blowing up innocent civilians.”
    “Death is just an occupational hazard for your kind.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hero point me…
    DM:okay spend your hero ponit Max.
    Max thinks that she’s just bluffing.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’m totally still diving on her
    DM:heh okay, you dive at her.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t call her on her bluff out loud, letting her actions speak for themselves…
    Calim Gorn:Do we think she’s bluffing too? Heh
    Leena Jerana:“What are you doing! I’ve got a bomb!”
    DM:Nah you guys think she’s telling the truth. heh
    Well actually you’d be unsure. since you didn’t fail that bad.
    Though she doesn’t push the button she had readied when Max dives at her, so that’d probably tip you off maybe.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, whoops…~ It seems I’ve callously doomed hundreds of innocent people, ja?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg winks at Leena
  • Calim Gorn smirks… then he moves around to cut off the girl’s escape as he converts his gunblade back to gun mode
    Leena Jerana:“Why do I always run into the crazy ones….”
    Calim Gorn:Gonna use Variable 2 to switch to non-lethal rounds and try to take her down
    So ignore the lethal descriptor on this, heh
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 9 ( natural:8 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(If I didn’t have the hero point, I was thinking of doing that anyway, lol)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    I was gonna cut her hand off…
    DM:She’s staggered as you hit her with the blunt round (i’m assuming it’s the equivalent of a rubber bullet?)
    Calim Gorn:Nah shock pistol rounds basically
    DM:ah okay.
    *****Start of Rifle’s Turn*****
    DM:The rifle continues to try to escape from its prison.
    Opposed check from Aruvin….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(she acts shocked when we kill her saboteur friends and then expects us to believe she’s prepared to blow up the town)
    DM:And it frees itself (again)
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, I thought she was an experienced mercenary, she should expect this sort of treatment
  • Aruvin addresses the rifle
    DM:heh okay I’ll do another dodge check if you’re just gonna try to trap it again.
    Aruvin:“Stand down. Everyone on youe side is either dead or incapacitated”
    “Power down and drop to the floor.”
    DM:Keep in mind that in Ronen/Daelan, they generally tend to not use lethal force for a lot of stuff, mostly since its kinda established it gets a lot less of a counter-reaction if they’re not murdering people.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah I mean Calim is basically being a callous noble in this situation
    Mercenaries are scum and don’t deserve mercy
    He’s only taking the girl alive because she’s the leader
    DM:okay Aruvin readies to try to deal with the thingif it doesn’t surrender.
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’s attitude is less entitled and more, like, we just got attacked and there’s open hostilities and here you’re screwing with our materiel in the middle of the night
  • Taragnor looks up towards the rifle
  • Leena Jerana looks up towards the rifle
    Leena Jerana:“Send evac order… this is hopeless.”
    Aruvin:“Fair warning, I can litterally drop a ton on top of that”
    DM:Aruvin suspects that by her command, that the rifle likely has some kind of built in Aela communicator.. since Aruvin is readying I’ll let him trigger his action to try to break the rifle by dropping something on it
    Before ti can get off the message potentially.
    Want to take the ready Aruvin?
    Aruvin:“That didn’t sound like a surrender…” 3 ton cube drop on rifle…
    Calim Gorn:That’s gonna leave a mark
    DM:okay it deos dmage equal to your rank but it gets a dodge cehck to avoid it.
    Gonn actually give it a penalty on its dodge too casue it’s normally pretty stationary so dodging a big thing is kinda tough for it
    Aruvin:yup.. and gets pinned if it doens dodge
    Calim Gorn:lol just rank 7 damage seems pretty lame for a 3 ton block of solid crystal
    DM:Normally creatures don’t actually get pinned by dropping stuff on em, but in this case since it doesn’t really have the ability to move that away… I’ll say it can probably be an exception to it.
    The rifle takes a hit… crashing to the ground uner all the crystal and depowering, apparently it’s been pretty badly damaged…
    Aruvin:* LOUD CRAsHING THUD * likely heard throughout complex
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, dropping a 3 ton block is generally not quiet
  • Calim Gorn winces at the loud crash
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh no…! You hurt it!”
    Aruvin:“Far easier to tinker with it when its not trying to kill you, Max
    DM:You can see a look of desperation comes into Leena’s eyes as the crystal falls and apparently disrupts her warning message.
    It seemed she was going to surrender for a moment, but that’s changed now…
    Leena Jerana:”NO!!!"
    DM:She screams out in rage and swings at Maxine with a combat knife.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:You killed her friend :(
    Calim Gorn:Eh we can fix him later
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2 Hero Point SpentRoll Result: 29 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Calim Gorn:lol wow
    Maxine von Eisenburg:x.x
    DM:She attacks furiously… throwing everything she’s got into the vicious attack…
    Calim Gorn:Damn that’s gonna hurt
    DM:Only a 2 degree failure though.
    As she slashes at Max. A look of rage and anger on her face.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Please… I am quite serious about this. Surrender and explain yourself! You are not the hardened mercenaries we took you for, ja?”
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:19 , Save DC:23 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:She staggers from another hit…. barely standing thourgh force of will and rage alone at this point…
    Still she fights on against a losing battle… probably knowing its hopefully as her body has taken so many hits…. with this much punishment, you’re suprrised even the nonlethal damage hasn’t pushed her heart too far…
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn just continues pelting the stubborn girl with shock rounds, trying to subdue her
    Calim Gorn:That’s non-lethal
    Leena Jerana:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:17 , Save DC:21 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol damn
    “Tch… Stubborn girl.”
    DM:She keeps on fightting… as blood runs from he rmouth and down her eyes…
    Somehow her body keeps moving after all those hits… her left eye seeming to twitch on its own out of focus from all the shocks… and her armor even showing a few shock burns…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She can’t keep fighting like this. We don’t need to beat her any further…”
  • Aruvin starts to put on crystal shackles from afar
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:6 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:“She could have surrendered and saved herself the pain. Not my fault she’s being stubborn.”
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    DM:The crytalline bonds appear around her arms… she manages to avoid being fully trapped… but it certainly makes it harder for her to swing her knife… as some crystal wraps around her arm….
    From the lok in her eye, her mind is no longer really functioning at full capacity with all the punishment she’s taken… and she’s fighting on maybe on pure instinct or stubbornness… you’re unsure if she can really hear you anymore (or even process words)… n her current state…
    She takes her knife and flails away at Maxine, her nearest target…
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 23 (13)Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
  • Aruvin interposes
    Aruvin:that can’t hurt him after all
    DM:Going for the thrust into her…. as Aruvin steps between them… and the knife unable topenetrate her impervious toughness.
    his impervious toughness
    *Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok I’m gonna try and help restrain her/do a grab if I can, whatever I do it’s not gonna be hit her with a stun baton again lol
    DM:heh okay. I’ll give you a grab.
    Calim Gorn:Think that’s a basic Close Attack roll
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Then she uses her str or dodge (whichever’s better) vs. my strength (which is 0)
    DM:yeah so it’d be DC 10
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 1) , Modifier 8 Roll Result: 20 ( natural:18 , Modifier -8 , Save DC:11 ) Leena Jerana -—— Success
    DM:I had to give a rank 1 since my macros don’t recognize rank 0 heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe
    DM:so I just gave her an additional modifier on it
    Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*
    Calim Gorn:So if I just punch her in the head will that possibly kill her in her current condition or can I just knock her out?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“At this point it is just cruel…”
    DM:She struggles with everything she’s got…. still being a slippery target somehow even retrained by the crytsal… even after all that’s happened…
    A part worried those trained in magical knowlege…. when someone with this much will live to dies, it’s quite posible an undead could emerge.
    Calim Gorn:Eh well I guess I’ll try to grab her too, though my Str ain’t much better than Max’s lol
    DM:Heh in her current state it’s possible to kill her (basically if she fails aher roll by six or more degrees I’m calling her dead.)
    Even if it’s a nonlethal attack.
    Or potentially on a natuarl 1 on any soak failure at this point.
    Calim Gorn:Just grabbing, no actual damage
    Str is 2
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 2) , Modifier 7 Roll Result: 21 ( natural:18 , Modifier -7 , Save DC:12 ) Leena Jerana -—— Success
    Calim Gorn:“Damn… Stubborn…!”
    DM:She fights Calim off with fervor..
    Start of Aruvin’s Turn*
  • Aruvin tries to reinforce bonds…
    DM:Her mouth making sounds that don’t sound entirely human probably due ot all the electric stun damage she’s taken and can barel ymake words…
    Ah okay, Arvuins thing does have cumulative.
    Aruvin:terrible roll =/
    DM:With her all out attack that’ll still hit her though
    caseu her defense kinda sucks in that state.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, it only goes to Disabled and not Incapacitated?
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 13 ( natural:5 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:And now she’s disabled.
    Aruvin:yeah, neede a point break in there
    Calim Gorn:Well, hopefully with the -5 we can eventually restrain her
    DM:The bonds form around her almost totally restricting her motion…
    Aruvin:but I can finangle the spread now that she’s disable to have the last stage
    *****Start of Leena Jerana’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Ah right you got the variable array
    DM:She looks towards Calim… trying to twist out of the crystal bonds.. probably dislocating a shoulder in the process as she twists with all her might… trying to get a stab off at him.
  • Aruvin continues to interpose he futile attacks
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 14 (4)Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Calim Gorn:“Just stop it. You’ve lost.”
    DM:She calls on extra effort to stab again…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She isn’t listening… Let her tire herself out.”
    Leena Jerana:Leena Jerana Attacks! (Knife) (Close, +10, rank 4 Damage) PA 5 AOA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 9Descriptors: Knife
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“There is no hurry, is there?”
    Calim Gorn:Ow
    DM:Stabbing again, but only striking Aruvin as he interposes…
    Calim Gorn:Oh right the first one missed heh
    So his interpose wouldn’t be used up
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Can Max do an Aid Another and up the DC for me to grab her maybe?
    Or the DC for her to break the grab rather
    DM:Sure she could aid a grab.
    I’ll let her do a roll to try to adi you and give you a +2 or +5 to the roll.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’ll do that!
    DM:ojkay give me just an attack roll.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok~
    DM:and based on how much you hit it’ll give him a bonus.
    Calim Gorn:Nice, that should work
    Base 10 on the aid DC so that should be 3 degrees for the full +5
    DM:heh, yeah that’ll gvie him a +5
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yay~
  • Calim Gorn attempts to restrain the girl again
    Calim Gorn:Grabbing again so no damage
    And Str is 2 plus the +5 from the aid
    Leena Jerana:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) , Modifier 10 Roll Result: 16 ( natural:16 , Modifier -10 , Save DC:17 ) Leena Jerana -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:Wow.. you only got a small grab on her… a hand on her, but not enough to totally restrain her.. she si vulenrable now..
    Calim Gorn:lol geez, even with 10 she just barely fails
    DM:On top of all her other conditions
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:^ -1 on attack roll give the 3rtd stage – incapacitated/petrified as it were
    DM:heh you gonna try to ttoally encase her and crystal petrify her?
    Or you just want to paralyze her?
    Aruvin:well, its aela cryatsl, so fully encases but she can breath
    Aruvin:“Watch you hands” as the cryatl spreads to cover her
    DM:Yeah actually Aela crystyal it’d be reasonable to believe you could provide her with air in there even if totally encased if you wanted.
    Since it is basically solidified air anyway.
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) , Modifier -10 Roll Result: 9 ( natural:9 , Modifier -10 , Save DC:18 ) Leena Jerana -
    —— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:That should do it
  • Calim Gorn jerks his hand away as he sees crystals flooding over the girl’s body
    Aruvin:coudl alwasy swsitch to the selective Create now that she’s basically out of action
    DM:The crystal finally forms aroubnd her completely… stoping her from moving, as Megumi’s guards come into the room.
    Aruvin:“Think of this as a nice cocoon….”
    Calim Gorn:“Is she still able to breathe in there?”
    DM:And she’s trapped in there, effectively out of the fight (you can’t escpae a tier 3 effect basically)
  • Calim Gorn nods… “Good. Let her tire herself out and then we can interrogate her later.”
    DM:Tecnically should have given her resistance rolls to escape the tier 1 and 2 but I forget at the end of her turn, her rolls wouldn’t have been great anyway though.
    Samurai:“What happened here?”
    Aruvin:“Attempted theft”
    Calim Gorn:“Mercenaries infiltrated and attempted to steal that.” pointing to the prototype
    Samurai:“Mercenaries? From Ronen?”
    Calim Gorn:“So it would seem… Or perhaps Daelan.”
  • Aruvin and/or Maxine can collect the two golem di crystals.. plus the rifle
    Calim Gorn:“Either way, they’ve been dealt with. There’s still the matter of their transport out in the harbor though.”
    Samurai:“The airship was tehirs?”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, well, I suppose we don’t have proof of that… But it’s quite the coincidence that this happens the same day that airship shows up.”
  • Samurai nods.
    Tygaran:ooo.. 2:30 am – need to head for bed as work starts in the morning for me at 9 am ;)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah it’s real late, I"m super tired x.x
    Samurai:“We’ll talk to the daimyo but I’m sure she’ll seize that ship…”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “It might be a good precautionary measure, until their true allegiance can be ascertained.”
    Samurai:“They’ll all die for trying to steal from the Yoshinori.
    DM:And yeah, heh lets stop until next week
    Maxine von Eisenburg:”I wish to know what they wanted."
    Calim Gorn:I may or may not be around next week, gonna be at a con
    Samurai:“Isn’t it obvious…”
    Calim Gorn:So kinda depends on the schedule
  • Samurai looks over to the magitech prototype.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’m curious… They seemed to have some rather advanced things themseslves.”
    Calim Gorn:“Lady Toress will certainly be interested to hear what sort of equipment they were using, yes…”
    Samurai:“Thieves the whole lot of them.”
    Aruvin:“At least they have good taste. Ellenya’s designs for their golems.. goign after Ellenya’s newest model….”
    Calim Gorn:“Maybe we should have her interrogate this one herself, I’d almost pay to see that.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Samurai:“Well equipped thieves are still thieves.”
    “We’ll take that prisoner, I’m sure the Daimyo will want to see her.”
    Tygaran:anyway, heading to be now. Cya next time all
    Calim Gorn:“Very well, don’t execute her just yet though.”
    Samurai:“It’ll be the daimyo that decides her fate, but I doubt it will be a good one.”
    DM:okay cya Ty
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I wanna be around when she does >>.
    Night Ty!
    I’m real sleepy too
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, bed time
    DM:Yeah we’ll stop for now.
    Calim Gorn:Well if I’m not around next week you can just have Sef and G do their thing at least
    heh I was gonna start with them next time anyway
    didn’t quite expect this to go on so long lo
    Calim Gorn:lol
    I will definitely inform Ellenya about the power armors though when I have a chance, assuming Aruvin doesn’t first
    I’m guessing I would at least be familiar with the whole deal between her and Lastar
    DM:heh… yeah with poltiics knowledge you might, and Aruvin definiteyl would be.
    I don’t see why he wouldn’t inform her heh.. cause he know sshe’s want to hear about it
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    And she’s gonna totally take advantage of it to hit Lastar’s bank account
    Maybe if he gets fined enough he’ll convince them to stop fielding the knockoffs
    DM:Btw they do find the six samurai guards that were supposed to be posted outside, they were stunned and tied up in a corner in the hangar.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah if this chick is from Daelan then she shouldn’t be surprised at Calim’s behavior, they basically broke off from the empire because of Rahseld being a bunch of dicks
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol, and Max’s plan was to offer to pay death benefits for all the people who died…
    DM:Yeah very true :P
    You’re cerrtainly not making any efforts to change her mind on that.
Session Log 32

Oh I forgot the Str ranks on the damage
Getting the low rolls out of the way early
Tabris:btw do our Luck points refresh yet?
they’ll be refreshing too
Hit me up lol
DM:Calim Gorn refreshes Luck points., Geralt refreshes Luck points., Aruvin refreshes Luck points., Mina Beatrix Toress refreshes Luck points., Maxine von Eisenburg refreshes Luck points.
Astra refreshes Luck points.
Tabris:Wonder if Ty is feeling any better, he might not show
And apparently Sef is having internet issues
Hopefully Ty has improved.
Btw can yous ee the combat grid map, just want to make sure that’s displaying okay for you, figure we’ll use that for outdoor zone battles
Tabris:Yeah I see it, it’s just a big white space though
Maxine von Eisenburg:Purr
DM:oh turn on the show grid option
Under view
you should see a bunch of blue hexes.
Tabris:Okay, got it
DM:okay cool. Gonna do the zones similar to how G does it for star wars.
Maxine von Eisenburg:ooo
Tabris:Heh so what did you decide about Extended Range ranks? They just double the number of zones in each category?
DM:Ah yeah, that.. lemme do some qucik math here…
Ah okay, I remember I was gonna do it as a 50% increase (round down) per ext range rank.
Or rather treat your power’s rank as if it was 50% hgher for purposes of determining range.
Tabris:Heh okay
DM:So a rank 4 with ER 1 will have the range of a rank 6 power
Tabris:Yeah so short is 3 zones, medium is 6, long is 12
DM:Range bands are basically short is half rank, medium = rank and long is double rank.
For movement you can move a number of zones equal to your speed power +1
So if you’ve got flight 4 you can move 5 zones for instance on a move action
Tabris:So with my three ranks of ER on the sniper mode that’s like the equivalent of rank 10 range on a rank 4 power I think
DM:Yeah. rank 10.
Tabris:Yeah that doesn’t seem like that much, lol
Short range is only 5 zones and I can move that much in a single move
DM:Hmm… yeah…
Maybe i"ll make it 100% instead of 50% that may work better
Tabris:Okay so each rank doubles range basically?
I think that’s what it does by the book
I’ll try that first then.
See how it goes.
Tabris:Think that still only gives me 6 zones at short
Though actually it’s double a double so should be more
DM:So it’d be like… range 8 short,
Tabris:Should be more than that actually shouldn’t it? I got 3 ranks of it
So would be 2×2×2
DM:well each one is a 100% increase to the powers rank.
heh, nah I’m not doing it that way. I’m just doing it as like 300% increase.
Tabris:Heh okay so it doesn’t double itself
DM:So it’d be basically 4×4.
Tabris:So basically it’s +Effect Rank for each rank
Tabris:Okay, yeah that might be decent
DM:Yeah, that shouldnt’ be too bad.
Tabris:So that’d be 8 zones at short, 16 at medium, and 32 at long
Yeah so even if somebody has movement at PL cap I can still hit them at least once at short range before they completely close with me
No doubt things will need to be tweaked.
But I think the zones will kinda help the flow of combat anyway.
Tabris:Heh, guess we’ll see
DM:Mainly just to eliminate the questions of how far stuff is away all the time
Damn wonder where G’s at.
Hopefully his house didn’t collapse on him
Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah ; ;
Tabris:lol yeah who knows
DM:Tried to chainsaw through his gas main.
Sachi:Yay it’s me~
DM:Now we just need another player. heh.
Tabris:lol yeah, wonder where the hell G and Ty are
Though G is always late even when his house hasn’t been taken apart
DM:lol yeah, I figure give G a little longer, if he doesn’t show, we can either call the session or maybe do some basic character stuff, talking to Suzu and some of the other NPCs and such.
Tabris:Yeah heh
Like I said I am interested in how exactly House Gorn is getting involved in the civil war
Yeah you’re not sure how quickly tehy’re gonna get involved and in what capacity.
But nonetheless Tharianis pretty pissed they tried to assassinate his two imbued children…. so…
Tabris:Two out of three, lol
He’s still got the favorite son Falsion
Sachi:Yeah that might affect how directly Max’s family can get involved since they’re vassals… But she herself is willing to put some resources into helping her friends
DM:Yeah, Right now you guys are kinda unofficially there. And sorta in a legal grey area, since you’ve got a right to be where you are, and if you happen to get caught up in a siege against a usurper trying to steal the throne from its rightful owner… then of course you can defend yourselves and other citizens of the empire.
DM:I mean the daimyo would lose some face having to call on gaijin, thuogh at this point Megumi isn’t that concerned with that.
Since most of her vassals dont’ recognize her authority anyway.
Tabris:lol she didn’t call for us, we came on our own because fuck you you tried to kill two of my Imbued children and I ain’t having that shit
DM:Yeah heh.
At that point it’d be like House Gorn has to respond in some capacity.
Ty sent me a msg back and apparently he’s out for the session, guess not feeling that well.
So just waiting on G I guess.
Tabris:Ah damn, that sucks
DM:Hopefulyl G comes back since he has the m ost pressing concern on how to get rid of the curse.
Tabris:lol yeah
DM:Yeah no idea where G is at… you guys want to play with the two of ya, or just call the session and wait for next week?
Tabris:I wouldn’t mind doing some individual scenes or whatever if you had anything in mind
DM:Yeah we can do some of that if Sachi is up for it.
apparently Sachi is currently afk.
Tabris:lol yeah it happens
Sachi:Heya~ Sorry
I’m back now
DM:heh okay.
Did you want to just start with the two fo you, or want to just call the session and wait till next week?
Sachi:I’m up for playing if you guys wanna do something, but I can’t really think of much for Max to do atm other than maybe check on Suzu ^^;; Could work on my profile some, cause I do wanna get some of my background in. I haven’t had a lotta time, my teacher had to have surgery done so we’ve been real busy trying to get substitutes and get shit organized x.x
Tabris:lol, well guess we can just call it for tonight then
DM:Yeah hopefulyl we’ll have more people next week.
Sachi:Yeah~ Things are finally starting to calm down I think on my end
DM:Yeah thats good.
Sachi:Fingers crossed tho
DM:Yeah everyone seems busy lately heh.
G decided to tear down his house for no reason. lol.
Tabris:lol yeah
Two weeks from now I’m going to be at Sakura-Con, but not a lot is on the schedule that I’m interested in so I might be able to still show up
I’ll have to prep some other one-shot for the future if people don’t show up again heh.
I was thinking one thing we could maybe try is a quick playtest conversion of the Marvel Cortex RPG converting over the Yurath superhero chars, similar to what we did with Fate before.
Sachi:Ooo that could be cool~
Tabris:Sef is texting me and wants to know if it’s possible to take Enhanced Presence with the Sight Dependent Flaw
DM:lol. I would probably say no on that one, I mean…. it’d be a -1 quirk at most.
DM:Also i hope you’ve got unlimited texts if Sef is texting RPG questions.
Tabris:Apparently he wants to redo his Mesmerize with Enhanced Presence and the Fascinate Advantage
lol yeah I do
DM:Though really I’d probably say it’d be more of a complication not even really sure if it’d qualify as a -1 point since it’d so rarely come up
so I’d probably just say it’d be part of the descriptor really.
SInce 99% of the time it won’t really be a huge issue.
Tabris:lol okay, he says he’ll buy it at full cost and maybe put the Quirk on it
DM:Yeah I mean, I dunno if I’d even call it a qurik tbh, like I’d say more complication. quirk si really generous since it’d apply prolly like 1% of the time
In other news apparentyl G just msged me
and says he’s coming.
SO we can still play if you guys are up for it
Tabris:Ah okay, cool
Sachi:Ahhh yay~
Tabris:Yeah I’m up for it
DM:heh okay. we’ll start when he gets here.

  • Tabris rigs a bucket of water over the door and waits for Garrion to come in
    Well G said he’d be here…
    Tabris:lol yeah I was wondering
    DM:Garrion (AIM): Be there in a few. Getting cleaned up.
    Is what he sent me.
    DM:And that was liek at 8:36 PM
    Tabris:Apparnetly he’s going through a full decontamination chamber
    DM:Must have been lead paint.
    Tabris:lol, house built in the 40’s, wouldn’t surprise me
    DM:yeah. heh.
    Tabris:There’s all kinds of crazy shit in the old buildings at the plant
    DM:Gotta be careufl with the dust from that shit around his kid especially.
    Tabris:Lead, PCBs, mercury, etc
    Tabris:Oh and asbestos
    Can’t forget that
    Fucking asbestos is everywhere
    There he is.
    Tabris:Hey G
    DM:We were worrying that your house collapsed on ya G.
    Geralt:haha, not yet
    DM:Hit one weight bearing wall too many.
    DM:ANd ends up buried beneath a bunch of ceiling supports and roof tiles.
    Geralt:today i knocked down a brick wall with sledge hammer that was separating a sun room from the main living area, we goig to incorporate everything into one space and have the room wrap around the fireplace as a center piece
    DM:It puts him int he hospital for a few weeks, but on the plus side does give him plenty of time to revise the ruels for collapsing ceiling traps.
    Tabris:Sledgehammer is old school, gotta use strategically placed det-cord for that shit
    i do still want a house left when its all done
    DM:lol. witha ll the shit you’re destroying, not sure about that :P
    Geralt:so you said we are up to 135 now?
    DM:Some of the model houses they used in the nuclear test site may be in better shape on the inside.
    And PL 9.
    Tabris:Even though PL9 is 135
    Sachi:Heya G~
    DM:Yeah ou’re still 1 pt short of the starting thing for PL 9, technicalyl there’s no real rule for awarding PL, it’s basically whenever the GM wants to (and keeping with the motif of the campaign)
    A pourely street level game may never get off PL 6-7 for instance, but can continue to give points.
    Where you widen your ability sets.
    Tabris:Yeah true
    DM:Probably e a while till you hit PL 10 so will give you some time to point up.
    PL 9 is like when you’re no longer novice imbued.
    So the majority of 20-30 year old Imbued are probably gonna be around PL 9.
    Tabris:Yeah I remember you saying Laventa was PL9
    Anyway I’m ready when you guys are, heh
    Sef says his connection is still shot
    DM:Yeah Laventa is PL 9
    Can’t Sef use his phone as a hotspot or what not?
    I know he has a smartphone now
    Tabris:He apparently can’t figure out how to do it
    And I don’t know if he has that in his subscription
    Geralt:i’m just working on upping stuff to new PL for now, can go whenever
    DM:Okay so.. last we left off.. youw ere passing by the haunted village… and Maxine noticed that all is not well with Geralt.
    Sachi:“Herr Geralt…? You seem to have picked up something…”
    DM:And you were deciding on how to rpoceed to return back to town and hope that either the witchers or the Mahou Tsukai could dela with Geralt’s curse.. or try to stay here and confrotn the ghosts.
    Geralt:“Picked up something? I feel fine, just a little disturbed by my dream and this place.”
    Calim Gorn:(Do we see the mark on his arm?)
    Geralt:i’m not makign effort to hide it
    DM:Yeah, not sure if he’s got a longsleeved shiurt or a short sleeve. heh.
    If it’s long sleeves it’d be covered upa nyway.
    Geralt:however i do have armor so not sure if the touch went under the armor or in an exposed area
    DM:yeah heh. It’d be under his armor anyway.
    There’s no outward effects on his armor
    it’s purely a bodily thing.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh okay)
    Geralt:“I saw this place in a dream last night.”
    Calim Gorn:“The one you woke up from screaming?”
    Geralt:“There was blood, a trail, a corpse…”
    was i screaming, i dont; recall
    DM:heh he didn’t actually wake up screaming
    Calim Gorn:Oh lol, okay never mind that
    DM:Was sweating some, but he wasn’t like screaming in terror.
    Geralt:“Down that path, a villiage. If the dream holds true to this place.”
    Calim Gorn:“Do we really want to find out if it does?”
    “Our mission here is finished… I would just as soon leave…”
    Sachi:“What could go wrong?~”
    Geralt:“I fear there may be danger down there, ghosts.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“What could go wrong?~”
    Calim Gorn:“All the more reason not to go.”
    Geralt:“At least there were ghosts in the dream. They haunted the village. They said ‘No Escape’.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:”Aside from another of us becoming possessed, I suppose."
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t sound that concerned
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah… I’m not exactly eager for that to happen… And wait, what do you mean ‘another’?”
    Geralt:“I don;t believe you all are equiped to handle ghosts. My blade can affect the incorporeal as if they were of this world.”
    Calim Gorn:“I have a handful of special shells that might work… But they’re quite limited.”
    (i.e. I could power stunt something but that’s about it)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Well, Mina was already possessed, yes? Albeit no longer.”
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, right, I thought you meant one of us was possessed right now, my mistake…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg pats Calim’s shoulder with a cheerful smile
  • Calim Gorn looks at Maxine questioningly
    Geralt:“We should move on.”
  • Geralt looks a bit uneasy staying here.
  • Calim Gorn nods… “Agreed.”
    DM:You press on out of the haunted part of the forst to the more friendly fey-inhabited section…
    Maxine notices the inhabitants of the forest she can see with her mana sense (mainly a few yosei) seems to keep a clear distance from Geralt as if perhaps they can sense it…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg murmurs to her companions… “We must not linger…”
    DM:After emerging from the forest you proceed on the plains back to the city of Oroyu.
  • Calim Gorn seems to sour in mood the closer they get to Ororyu for some reason…
    DM:You arrive back in Oroyu within about 8 hours of journeying…
    Calim Gorn:(Still Impaired? I did up my Regen by a point)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Is something the matter, Herr Calim?”
    DM:Yeah for now heh. Though it may not affect you too much depending on what you do
    Calim Gorn:“No, it’s nothing…”
    DM:You can insight that if you want Sachi.
    You arrive back at Oroyu and find that things appear more or less as you left them.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm
    DM:They do bring word to Calim that Laventa’s recovery is happening on schedule, and expect her to fully recover in a day or so.
  • Calim Gorn smiles as he hears that, thanking the messenger for the news
    DM:Also while you were gone, apparerntly Sayuri’s mother, Alexia, came to pick her up in an airship.
    Apparently she was supposed to be just staying with the Makenki in a safe place, but somehow got dragged into this war in an attempt to help her friend Suzu.
    Of course after word spread about the ninja attack and what nearly happened to Sayuri getting butched by the oni, her mother decided it’d be prudent to get her out of there.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Where’s Suzu? Still training herself to death?
    DM:Tghey didn’t really give you an update on Suzu yet… you could go see her. Also Geralt has to decide if he wants to head back to the Hydra lands and the witchers to try to cure his ghost affliciton or if he’d rather see if the Mahou Tsukai of Makoro can fix him.
    But Geralt does feel a constant feeling of dread, sometimes as if he’s being watched even in an empty room, and his withcer’s medallion will lightly vibrate but only for a second.
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah, now that Mina is taken care of he could try to head back to go check on Viniira again like he originally intended
    Geralt:do i actually realize i have an afliction?
    DM:Well you don’t know for a fact, ut Maxine did find something unusual on you, and you’ve heard of these ghosts being able to “mark” their prey to hunt them down after they leave thier territory.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I do wanna visit Suzu while we’re here~
    DM:It’s not uncommon for some of them to place some kind of mana-based mark on a victim and later track them beyond the haunted location, and eventualyl kill them..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(sorta figured as much)
    DM:heh okay… Max goes to see Suzu… finding her as she’s performing a brief systems test of the prototpye flying magitech armor.
    Geralt:well since it is a local thing will seek out help here
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’d go see Suzu to tell her that we were able to save Mina, not sure if I’d be able to hold much of a conversation with her other than that though, lol
    Geralt:since there may be some nuances between regions
    DM:Well I mean you’re pretty sure the Witchers know some stuff to counteract it too, tehy have some knowledge of these ghosts, though admittedly, not that much. They’re one of the more rare creatures that they advise only experienced Witchers think about taking on.
    Especially locations like the haunted forest.
    Geralt:ok, will stay here for now
    seek local healer
    if they can’t help then will head to see my order
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I just wanna see how Suzu’s holding up, hehe
    Pretty much.
    DM:heh okay, I figure you’ll probably ask Megumi who you can see for help.
    And she’ll direct you to a mystic she knows who can hopefully cure you.
    As for Max… lets do your scene with Suzu first….
  • Geralt follows Megumi’s advice
    Calim Gorn:Calim was gonna go see Suzu too heh, but I kinda expect things between us to be super awkward so he’d probably leave after telling her that we saved Mina and brought her back okay
    And Max would likely notice this
    DM:Suzu is hard at work…. checking the various mechanisms and performing basic maintaneance.. apparently struggling a bit with a manual she got (probably an incomplete one from Ellenya detailing the prototype)
    Suzu looks rather exhausted still… apparently continuing to push herself.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Guten morgen, Fraulein!~”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg bows respectfully to Suzu, following up with a quick hug.
    Suzu Ueno:“Oh… Hi Max.”
    DM:Suzu gives a little smile, a bit forced and from her hug you can tell she’s rather exhausted as she doesn’t seem to put much energy into it.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“My dear, you seem fatigued. Shall we go and have a meal? Or perhaps some tea.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I… I have a lot of things to do. I’m not that tired.”
    “Did you find the oni.. is Mina…?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes. We smashed the mask which it inhabited and Mina is safe. Herr Geralt has been afflicted by another spirit and is as we speak consulting on how best to remove its mark, but the creature that killed our friends is gone.”
    Suzu Ueno:“What do you mean? Is Geralt okay?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, he is fine. Some spirit placed a mark on him and we assume intends to hunt him at some point, so we are trying to deal with that.”
    “He is a specialist in hunting such things, yes? I trust him to be able to handle it, with our support.~”
    Suzu Ueno:“He was marked by a Yurei?”
  • Suzu Ueno opens her eyes wide as if clearly worried at the prospect.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles, putting her hand on Suzu’s shoulder reassuringly (or so she means it)
    Suzu Ueno:“I gotta find Geralt…”
    DM:She seems to abandon what she was doing… start to turn to leave.
    Suzu Ueno:“Where is he?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It is not that I am not worried about him. But he is not taking undue time, yes? It is you that I worry about, Suzu…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg grabs her by the hand, making an effort not to be rough.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You will promise me you will get some rest after you speak with him, yes?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is looking her in the eyes and appears quite serious.
    Suzu Ueno:“After I’ve helped him…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Promise me.”
    “Look at me, Suzu-chan…”
    Suzu Ueno:“We have to help Geralt… this is serious. He’s in great danger!”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg lets out a long-suffering sigh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Fine, then I’ll accompany you.~”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg leads her to Geralt… trying to take her by the hand to do it
    DM:Meanwhile… Geralt waits a bit to get an audiecne with Megumi and she recommends a holy man… The priest Momotani whose shrine is about 60 miles to the north west.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Of course before Geralt can get going… Suzu and Max do track him down..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I’m serious about staying with her and making sure she rests after this lol)
    Calim Gorn:(I’d probably offer to head over there with Geralt in case he needs backup)
    Suzu Ueno:“Geralt! Geralt!”
  • Geralt is packing for his journey yet again.
  • Suzu Ueno rushes over towards Geralt as he’s about to elave the castle…
    Calim Gorn:“Did you need company? I can go with you and make sure you get there all right…”
    Geralt:“Hello Suzu. You look tired.”
  • Calim Gorn stops as he hears Suzu running up…
    Suzu Ueno:“Max said you’ve been cursed by a Yurei!”
    “You need to let me help you!”
    Geralt:“So it seems. I have to visit Momotani to find out more.”
    “All I have to do is go see the healer. i’m sure they need you here to help with defenses.”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m guessing it’s obvious that Suzu looks totally exhausted?)
    Geralt:“Your company is always welcome, but I’m sure it will be rather boring.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I told her she needs to rest… But she seems to think she can do something more to help?”
    DM:Yeah heh, Suzu looks really exhausted.
    Calim Gorn:“Suzu, you need to rest… You look exhausted. You won’t do anyone any good if you push yourself too hard.”
    Suzu Ueno:“It’s not that simple… Yurei can be very dangerous. Especially the ancient ones. You should let me try to clear its mark… I got you into this predicament, it’s my fault…”
    Geralt:“Your fault? How do you figure that?”
    Calim Gorn:“It isn’t your fault. We chose to go after Mina on our own. Don’t blame yourself for this.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Is it so urgent that you cannot sleep first? If I do not have my eight to ten hours of beauty sleep each day, I find I am a danger to myself and others at times…~”
    Suzu Ueno:“If I’d have stayed and protected you like the Great Dragons wished… this would never have happened. They warned me of the great danger, but I didn’t listen.”
    Geralt:((do i have any idea what she is talking about?
    Suzu Ueno:“But maybe it’s not too late for me to redeem myself…. I’ve learned about purification rituals.”
    DM:You figure it has to do with her showing up to the ship when you were fighting the samurai there, and then she went off to ghelp Calim instead of staying to help you and Mina against the Oni.
    She seems to blame herself for Mina getting possessed…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh Suzu-chan… You are far too hard on yourself.”
    Calim Gorn:“There is nothing for you to redeem… You saw the possibilities and you chose which one to pursue. Even if you saw that single moment in time, you couldn’t have anticipated everything to happen after that… Who knows, if you had helped Geralt then the Oni might have possessed you instead.”
    Geralt:“You shouldn’t feel guilty Suzu. Calim was in much worse shape and its good you helped him.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I know you’re trying to make me feel better. You’re all my friends and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”
    Geralt:“Well if you insist on coming I can wait till you get some rest.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I can do the ritual here, we’ve got a shrine in the castle.”
    “I’ll get it ready.. and we can do it as soon as possible.”
    Geralt:“I’d hate for you to collapse on the way. That would not help anyone.”’
    Calim Gorn:“If you collapse in the middle of the ritual you won’t do anyone any good. Get some rest.”
    “I’m the only one here who doesn’t need to sleep.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I won’t collapse… I’ll be okay.”
    “I can do this.”
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head… “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? The bags under your eyes are big enough to fit a Shiadar in. I’m not trying to be cruel or mean, but please… Just get some rest.”
    Geralt:“I’m not doubting your desire to help Suzu, but I’ve been told this is quite a serious thing that needs a powerful healer.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m not going to be able to sleep knwoing Geralt is being hunted by that thing.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ugh why did I have to open my mouth
    Geralt:“Just rest Suzu. Tomorrow is another day. Then we can talk more.”
    Suzu Ueno:“There might not be that much time.. if we don’tknow what spirit it is.”
    Calim Gorn:“Would you be able to sleep with me next to you?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg leans against the wall with a huff, tapping her cane on the ground in pique.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Shall I now—”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg raises an eyebrow.
  • Suzu Ueno pauses seemingly the offer Calim made freezes her in her tracks.
  • Suzu Ueno seems to just hang there, as if doubting what she heard, or maybe simply unable to respond…. her eyes moving to Calim and then looking back to Geralt silently.
    Calim Gorn:“Listen, Suzu, no one doubts your ability, or your desire to help… But you need to rest. If that’s what it takes to get you in bed, then… fine.”
    Geralt:“What do you think you can do in your current state? Go get some rest. I’ll be here with you all if somethign comes up.”
    DM:Suzu opens her mouth to try to say something…. though it seems no sound actually comes out.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmph… I suppose his idea is the less ridiculous.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg taps her fingers on the head of her cane, seemingly annoyed Calim thought of it before she did
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Suzu Ueno:“I…. I…”
  • Calim Gorn decides to not wait for her to answer and just grabs her hand and starts trying to lead her away
    DM:heh okay, I’ll give you a persuasion check.
    Calim Gorn:I’ll Hero Point this if I roll shitty
    DM:Or an intimidation check I’ll let you use too if you’re gonna try to bully her heh.
    Calim Gorn:Actually I’ll Luck it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:>.>
    Calim Gorn:Not really trying to bully her necessarily but I am being forceful with her
  • Maxine von Eisenburg glances worriedly at the two of them, wondering if she needs to chaperone
    Calim Gorn:It’s partly my fault she’s in this state so I figure I need to do what I gotta do to fix it
    DM:Suzu seems to go along with Calim, perhaps her will poweer is so drained at this point she can no longer put up much protest…
    Meanwhile… a familiar voice whispers in Max’s ear.
  • Calim Gorn leads Suzu back to her room
    Aita Inari:(wshiper) “By the way…. I’m calling the silver sword. Just so you know I said it first.”
  • Aita Inari nods a little towards Geralt as she says that.
    Geralt:“Don’t count me out too soon Aita. you know how I like to disappoint you.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg discreetly smacks her in the leg with her cane
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(not the sword part, just like… a higher-class version of a dope slap)
    DM:Calim brings Suzu back to her room… getting her into bed… it doesn’t seem that Calim has to do much though. As she seems to fall asleep almost instant upon hitting the bed being so exhausted.
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn breathes a sigh of relief…
    Aita Inari:“Hey… it’s not like I’m cheering for you to die or anything… but that sword looks like it’s worth a lot of money.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(you might wanna keep watch or something)
  • Calim Gorn makes sure she’s tucked in well and then sits down somewhere nearby to keep watch and make sure she gets some sleep
    Aita Inari:“But man, it’s some kinda ancient ghost…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(watch her sleep)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I’m just sitting in the corner and keeping my distance basically, heh
    Geralt:“Well perhaps they picked the wrong one tomess with this time around.”
    Aita Inari:“It might have been alive longer than the order of male witches that you’re a part of.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Are those things mutually exclusive? Perhaps it is out of practice.~”
    Aita Inari:“But hey, I mean best of luck to you, just saying if the worst happens, you know, the sword has to go to someone.”
    “And they don’t realzie it’s true value on the open market.”
    “But hey, good luck with that exorcism.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You see? We are blessed by the faerie!~”
    Geralt:“Thanks Aita. i know how much you care and it’s touching.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:you sense a touch of sarcasm in his last remark
    Aita Inari:“Just make sure to tell the priest not to use the cheap stuff.”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m surprised she isn’t rushing off to try to get more blackmail on me)
  • Maxine von Eisenburg absentmindedly strokes Aita’s tail(s) if she’s still standing right there
    Aita Inari:“Now, if you don’t mind…. I gotta go check out something.. judging by my estimates… I got another few minutes before the foreplay is over.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aita Inari:(to Max) “And I’ll see you when you get back, okay?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Sure.~”
    DM:heh okay, does Calim want to try to catch up to Geralta nd Max btw after Suzu is asleep or he just want to stay with Suzu?
    Calim Gorn:He’s gonna stay with Suzu and make sure she gets rest
  • Maxine von Eisenburg waits until she leaves
    DM:heh okay.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I wonder if she would be into using a gag…”
    “She is fun to be around but very loud, ja?”
    DM:The tempkle will be 60 miles, roughly a days journey and it’s already late afternon..
    and you’d prefer some rest from your other journey from the forest.
    Geralt:yeah, will start fresh in th AM
    Calim Gorn:Sleep is for the weak!
    DM:Okay… at night… give me a will save for Geralt btw.
    Geralt:ok, had to update stats
    DM:Geralt is plagued by horrible nightmares and is awakened multiple times by his witchers medallion vibrating…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:uh ohhhh
    DM:In one instance he woke up to see what looks like the image of a long dark haired ghostly shape behind him in the mirror for one instant… then it was gone…
    Calim Gorn:It’s okay, you still got six more days
    DM:lol, all these ghosts got different schedules man.
    Geralt:“I see dead people….”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Though fortunately Geralt manages to awaken a bit tired but without any negative effects yet…
    And you proceed in the monirng… spending the day journeying across the landscape of Makoro.
    Calim Gorn:Suzu slept the whole night?
    DM:Suzu is still sleeping by mroning, basically Geralt awakens pretty early anyway.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll keep watch over her
    DM:And Suzu is apparently catching up on a bunch of sleep.
    Calim Gorn:“You were the one who lectured me about getting rest, and now look at you…”
  • Calim Gorn mutters that at some point
    DM:Meanhwile… Geralt and Max arrive at Momotani temple.. the place is at the center of a small lake on an island with a small dock and ferry going back and forth…
    Il’l do Suzu’s awakening after I give Geralt and Max a scene…
    Calim Gorn:k
    DM:A lone ferryman offers to take you across for a single coin of silver, which Max can provide (I think Max understands the Tai language)
    Taiyou language rather
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(yesh~)
    “Certainly.~” (I’ll tip him too, unless it’s considered impolite)
    DM:A pair of statues of the Great Dragons, great long bodied asian-style dragons adorn the sides of the doors, and many ancient Taiyou scripts detailing the teachings of the Great Dragons are scribed on various parts of the old door… despite being old, the place seems to be well maintained…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah… I do love the architecture of this place.”
    DM:Making your way inside, the place smells with exotic incense smoke… and a girl in her early teens, who you guess is an assistant at the shrine, welcomes you in, and as Max explains the problem to her goes to get the temple’s owner, the Mahou Tsukai Momotani..
    Momotani is an older gentleman with a very long well-kept beard that comes down to about his belly button you’d suspect…. he wears flowing priests robes… and you’d guess him to be in his 70s or 80s based on appearance.
    As Maxine can see he’s mundane, not imbued.
    As you’ve been told he doesn’t speak any of the common tongue, only knowing the native Taiyou of the region.
    Geralt:((soon Geralt will pick up new power sets, a master magician with a cloak that is animated and enables flight
    DM:So Max will have to translate…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg bows respectfully.
  • Geralt nons and bows as customary
    Momotani:“I am Momotani, this temple has been in my family for many generations.”
    “I am told you have urgent business to speak with me.”
    Geralt:“Megumi sent me to seek you. i have been plagued by night terrors after helping a friend int he haunted forest to the (direction).”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg provides translation for Geralt.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(accurately)
    Geralt:“I encounters a villiage with ghosts in a dream. One touched me leaving this mark on my corporeal body.”
  • Geralt lifts his sleave revealing the mark.
    DM:The priest brings out a ceremonial staff adorned with what look like many holy talismans hanging from its tip… and waves it aorund Geralt whiel concentrating… Geralt can see the priest’s eyes widen…. even with the language barrier, it’s clear it’ a look of fear in his eye.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg tilts her head slightly
    Momotani:“An ancient evil… older than even Makoro and Saidai-Taiyou.”
    “Removing such a being will require drastic measures.”
    Geralt:“What must be done/”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear…”
    Momotani:“I sense you have brought something from the spirit’s resting place… something evil.”
    DM:Remember you do have that evil sword the Oni was using…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Ah yeah… We had to bring that with us to keep Mina alive didn’t we? Or was it like, it’s actually Sef’s thing for his character)
    DM:Well Geralt brought it to try to find a way to destroy it I think. So he had it wrapped up and carrying it with him.
    Geralt:“Yes, I intend to destroy the object. It is an abomination. i have not had opportunity yet.”
    ((and sef is not here to object, hehe))
    Momotani:“The thing carries bound with it many spirits… an army of darkness.”
    Calim Gorn:(lol yeah it’s supposed to be Sef’s new sword)
    (Mina’s rather)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm… So we must destroy or cleanse it, yes?”
    Momotani:“There is only one possible cure for this, it involves an ancient ritual known as the Second Life ritual, one that has only been successfully completed a single time in recorded history.”
    Geralt:“A companion was posessed by an oni and posessed this blade. I fear she may still have desire for the power of the blade but it should not be used.”
    Momotani:“It is too late to simply destroy the blade… that would only unleash the evil upon you, the last to hold it, no… the sword must find a new owner…”
    Geralt:“What is required. I am a Witcher. I have been subjected to rituals that wold kill most.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg appears somewhat dubious, but keeps listening…
    Momotani:“However…. as fro you, we must get thier attention off you… and that means attempting the ritual. Though I must say that if the great dragons are not with you… you shall not survive it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps we should seek Suzu-chan’s help once she’s gotten some rest.”
    Momotani:“I must prepare a pool of the most purified salts that we possess. They have the abilit yto repel ghosts.”
    “I shall help you… but it will come at great expense, and you must agree to whatever I state… I can make no guarantees to your survival, but I do sense strength in you.”
    “So perahps all is not lost.”
    Geralt:“I trust in your magic and my worthiness..”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed, you’ve come highly recommended to us.”
    Momotani:“Such a ritual is not without danger for me as well… and I must ask a sizeable donation to our temple as recompense.”
    Calim Gorn:(Max pulls a giant bag of gold out of her coat and dumps it in the offering box)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Why, I believe I can arrange that…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles beatifically
    Geralt:how exactly do you account for wealth like that since this is non-possession system
    DM:Well there’s a wealth benefit you can buy.
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah its an advantage)
    (Under Benefit in the book)
    (Maxine has like 4 ranks of it)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Yeah, I have 4 ranks of it :3~)
    DM:Yeah, it’s an advantage. Geralt don’t really got too mcuh money right now, so you’ll have to rely on Max to pay for it, either that or try to get him to bill Megumi. heh.
    Geralt:“Thanks Max.”
    Momotani:Yeah heh… Max could cover it.
    Calim Gorn:(You should make some kind of wealth table with examples of what each rank can afford or something, lol)
    DM:Max gets out some of her coins and jewelry, much to the surprise of the priest.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(the book just says rank 4 is “multi-millionaire” equivalent)
    Momotani:“Indeed… that should be sufficient..”
    “I shall prepare the sacred pool and the salts… in such time, I will require the cursed sword be wrapped in our holiest of shrouds…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I believe this will be of much more use to you than a letter of credit.~”
    “Practically speaking.”
    Momotani:“It should delay the spirits for a time.”
  • Geralt prepares the blade.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(btw, Max dresses expensively but not ostentatiously; like, she buys outlandishly expensive things, but they’re built to last so she doesn’t have to buy them often)
    DM:The priest returns with a large white shroud that seems to be coated with sprinklings of salts that he wraps up the blade with…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(and she like takes care of her stuff)
    Momotani:“I shall also require that you be adorned with the following…”
    DM:He brings forth what appear to be old chains… which he moves to secure around Geralt effectively binding him, assuming Geralt allows it to happen.
    DM:He then sprinkles Geralt with water whcih has a distinctly salty smell to it…
    Momotani:“Now you must drink this…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg observes with interest
    DM:The priest holds out a clouded vial towards Geralt’s lips (he’s now bound by the chains so unable to move much)
    Geralt:assuming he feeds it to me since i’m bound?
    DM:Geralt can smell a strong salt smell from it.
  • Geralt opens
    DM:Geralt drinks down the substance….. it’s a rather foul tasting thing, though he’s used to his witcher potions so it’s not realyl a challenge to hold it down for him.
    Momotani:(to Max) “I must request you wati outside for the final ritual… it is a private matter.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg looks to Geralt for approval.
  • Geralt nods
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods, then steps outside, wondering if she just paid this guy to gut her friend or something
    DM:The old priest secures a blindfold to Geralt and Geralt can feel himself being led into the next room…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(or molest him)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Well he does have Momo in his name and we all know the other Momo
    DM:There’s a stronger scent fo salt here, and Geralt can hear a few other figures in the room as well… perhaps other priests… it’s hard to tell.
    Momotani guides him down a few steps into what seems to be a pool of cold salt water….
    Then he can hear voices chant in unison.. I’ll give Max a perc check to hear (and understand the chants)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:uguu
    DM:There’s also ringing of bells and what feels like grains of salts sprinkeld on Geralts head…
    Geralt’s medallion starts to vibrate rather strongly as they start to chant, rpobably at the presence of magic….
    Give me a fort save Geraly.
    Calim Gorn:Go go nat 20
    Well at least I wasn’t a total jinx
    Geralt:well i did roll a 2.. it just forgot to add the 0 afterwards
    DM:Geralt feelsa bit woozy… as though he’s tired, or perhaps the mana (his lifeforce) is being drawn from him….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:At that moment two pairs of hands seems to grab him from either side…. and proceed to forcefully immerse him in the salty water…. trying to hold him down.
    Geralt want to try to fight it? or… you gonna try to give in to it?
    Geralt:will give in for now
    till i start to drawn
  • Geralt holds his breath
    DM:They hold Geralt down, and sure enough his air supply seems to be running out. as tehy hold him down… and he can still feel his medallion vibrating.. give me another fort save.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I still kinda suspect these guys of jerking us around but I dunno as much about witching >.> )
    DM:Geralt can also give me adruidic magic roll as well…
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, well Megumi did recommend him…)
    (Or maybe he’s experiencing the ghosts fucking with him)
    DM:Geralt feels an effect rtying to drain his energy again…. though he resists it.. He can recognize the feeling as well…. or at least he thinks he does from his knowledge of magic….
    It appears whatever magic is being used is attempting to draw out all his mana, effectively drawing his soul out of his body.. It can be used in druidic reincarnation amgic, as well as purely offensvie magic to kill a target by draining its mana away.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, well he did call it the second life ceremony)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(heh lol)
    DM:Btw I’m assuming Max isn’t wearing her goggles here, since it’d be pretty disrespectufl to do that sorta thing in a chruch.
    Geralt is now starting to drown… assuming he doesn’t try to push back and resurface…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah heh. If I’m all alone I might peek… Just for a moment. Unless I know of some way I might get called out >.>
    DM:heh, well unless they’re secretly spying on you, proably not… they’re probably bsy with the ritual.
    Maxine peeks into her goggles and sees ghostly hands pushing against the outer edges of the temple… apparently trying to force their way through a magical barrier..
    Maxine counts dozens of them…. pushing against the walls of the temple.
    Meanwhile Geralt, you wnat to try to fight your way to the surface of the water? Or you going to let yourself drown?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear. Whatever they’re doing with Herr Geralt, it does seem to be upsetting the spirits… And there do seem to be a lot of them.”
    Geralt:given my understanding of the ritual I’ll allow
    DM:Okay gonna call for a will save to actively let yourself drown, since takes a lot of will not to fight back here.
    Geralt doesn’t fight it.. feelnig the heavily salted water fill his lungs… and lsoing consciuosness…
    Maxine von Eisenburg::x
  • Maxine von Eisenburg has no idea this is happening
    DM:Meanwhile… Maxine can see the mystical barrier that was around the temple bursts open.. as 6 of the Yurei start to float into the outer area of the temple where she’s waiting… The creatures are deathly silent, dressed in white with only black hair…. and tehy seem to have no eyes or nose, and old a large oversized mouth…
    They bring wtih them an unnatural chill…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Is my sword gonna do anything to them?
    Calim Gorn:(I’m just imagining that one South Park where the shop class teacher is obsessing over his dead wife who died in a plane crash and there’s one scene where she calls out his name while she’s underwater and makes that burbling noise)
    DM:Not while they’re incorporeal you don’t think it will.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Well, that’s a problem… Does the door form a seal against them anyhow?
    DM:You could detect a mana-based barrier of sorts around the temple’s outer wall, that basicall yseemed to keep evil at bay (or at least it did until now)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:But not like, the door behind me to where they’re doing the ritual?
    DM:And now they’re passing through the main door and walls (they’re phasing throug hthe walls since they’re ghosts).. all this is a mana-based representation.
    The door behind you seems to also have its own barrier of sorts, which hasn’t been cracked yet.
    Though the ghosts can get into the area where you are.
    So Gertalt is probably safe right now, but you mgiht not be…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm, without something that can hurt them this could be a problem…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah… Might wanna bail…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol into the boat? I might as well run interference, right?~
    Calim Gorn:lol maybe, I dunno
    Maybe they’ll just ignore you and try to eat Geralt
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll stick around for now and see what they do at least, hehe
    Maybe I can shore up the barrier somehow.
    DM:You’re not really too familiar with draconic mysticism so it’s kinda hard to know how to enhance their spells, though you arte pretty sure opening any of the physical paths into the ritual chamber, like if you tried to run in, would weaken them.
    But You can stay and observe for a bit…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, my first thought was to run in and warn them, but that’s why I asked about the barrier, heh
    DM:Hehe yeah. You’d suspect it’d damage the barier if you ran in and warned them, but not totally destroy it, so it might be safer for you to hide inside.
    At the cost of possibly damaging thier barrier itnot he inner sanctum.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Don’t wanna pull one of those things where I run in to be like GHOSTS ARE COMING and they’re like YOU FOOL and I immediately get possessed by a ghost
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll get ready to full defend in case they get grabby though.
    If I can do that
    Momotani:(There’s the time honored Makoro tap on door system, one if by land, two if by sea, three if by incorporeality)
    DM:Yeah you can still full defend with a dodge
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(lol if I actually do know a tap code that I think the priests might I’ll totally use it)
    DM:heh nah I was joking about that
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heh I sorta figured
    But I wanna cover all bases…
    DM:Maxine readies in full defense… watching as the ghosts seem to float by her for the tme being.. approaching the secondary barrier wtih outstretched hands….
    She can see them start to psuh on it… and seeing beyond the first 6 ghosts, 8 more are floating in from the outside…
    Meanwhile… Geralt feels his consciousness slipping finally fading to black as he drowns…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok, if they’re ignoring me and trying to breach the barrier I’m gonna try swatting one with my cane
    Calim Gorn:lol don’t know if you wanna piss ‘em off
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    Calim Gorn:Though I guess they might already be pissed off
    DM:Yet somehow something remains and he can still feel something… though blind he feels as though his body has melted…. he can no longer move any of his hands or feet, though there is still an odd sensation that he’d identify close t to breathing…. though he can’t directly feel any air passing into any lungs…
    It’s a totally alien senseation…. and I’m gonna call for a will save from Geralt at this point…
    And give me an attac roll Sachi.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’s reasoning is like, Geralt is probably indisposed, so if she can buy him some time that’ll hopefully help
    Calim Gorn:Oh hell yeah
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol I forgot to put the shock/stun thing on my actual character sheet…
    It still says blunt, but you said I had to justify it somehow for the rank to be that high >.>;
    DM:Geralt manages to maintain his composure in this formless state…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Dunno if that makes any difference against a ghost.
    DM:heh yeah that’s reasonable.
    Geralt:((i become the badass ghost warrior that teaches these bitches a leason?, hehe))
    DM:The shocking cane strikes into one of the ghosts, it’s not as though it hits something solid.. but Max’s mana detection maybe detected a slight disruption in its from however…
    Max can realize she’s drawn the atettnion of some of them….
    The ghosts mana patterns seem to shift as they’re taking on a semi-physical form… getting ready to attack… there’s 5 of them….
    Just gonna do this battle here, don’t ened full map since they’re already engaged…
    *Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So they’re semi-physical now?
    That change things as far as me being able to hit them? >.>
    DM:Yeah your mana sense tellss you they’ve taken a semi-physical form. Purely physical attacks can at least disrupt that form to a degree, but obviously magical attacks would be preferred here.
    Effectively they’ve got a half-immunity to physical attacks. (so half rank)
    Meanwhile… Geralt finds hisc onsciousness seem to waver… as envisions himsefl on a mountain.
    He can see vastly into the distance…. a series of storm clouds rumble overhead… and in the distance he can see what he believes are the forests of Yindae his home continent…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm, so I’d probably wanna keep going with the lightning stick?
    DM:His vision seems more clear than he’s experienced before, either that or perhaps the distances are remarkably smaller.. it’s hard to tell, though he can see into the distance, though oddly enough there is no sense of “self” here…
    Yeah your magic knowledge tells you that’d probably be a btter idea.
    Give me an awareness check for Geralt (roll awareness x2 actually)
    Geralt looks over the area… spotting a number of features.. in the distant ocean he can see something bubbling in the water…. ice bergs starting to peek into the surface…
  • Geralt looks closer at the objects in the water
    DM:He looks to the skies and ses a pair of distant sillouttes floating in the skies… One he recognizes as belonging to Aylanae… barely visible in the distant clouds… and the other is something similar in shape to the flying city of Aylanae, but clearly different…. with a different shape to tis buildings…
    There’s also another interesting feature on the lands of Yindae… there’s an area that looks like a pit of magma, where a heatwave rises out of the ground, a single ray of sunlight breaks through the storm clouds to strike down at that point.
    I’ll let Geralt choose which of those he wants to examine in detail or try to.
    And then Geralt can make another awareness check (though you can only pick one object for now)
    Sachi you’re up btw in Combat.
    So make your attack if that’s what you want to do
    Geralt:hmm, well the stuff of his home would probably be more tempting
    DM:I’ll also give you an untrained monster lore if you’d like it.
    So you can just roll straight int + 1d20.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ooo
    Geralt:ok, is it INT x2?
    DM:Yeah not when doing the utnrained thing.
    Geralt:oh, that wasn’t for me
    DM:Yeah I kinda nerfed Eidetic memory, Geralt does get awareness x2 for his roll though on checking out the distance.
    Assuming he wants to check out the thing on Yindae itself, the lava crater of sorts.
    Geralt:that sucked
    DM:could alwys hero point it… heh.
    SO the lava crater is what you wanted to look at, instead of the icebergsa nd the water?
    Geralt:yes, the lava with the sun ray
    Want to hero point that, or taking the 14?
    Geralt:hmm, i only have 1 and may need later, will stick with roll
    DM:The ghostly figure almost seems to move with unnatural finesse ddoging away from Max’s attacks.
    *****Start of Yurei 7’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Tch!”
    DM:The ghosts come at Maxine… reaching wtih hands of rotten flesh…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(this is gonna hurt, there’s a lot of them…)
    Yurei 7:Yurei 7 Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +8, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 28 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Fuck
    Calim Gorn:Damn
    DM:You’re gonna have to roll will to resist that Sachi
    Maxine von Eisenburg:rofl
    I rolled a 3 originally too .
    Calim Gorn:lol, well at least with the HP it’s a 13 effectively
    DM:Maxine feels a cold hand touch her but she resists the things effects…
    *****Start of Yurei 11’s Turn*****
    Yurei 11:Yurei 11 Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +10, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 12 (2)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ?

    *****Start of Yurei 8’s Turn*****
    Yurei 8:Yurei 8 Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +10, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 30 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:o.o
    DM:The second ghost she dodges, but the other grabs at her… with another critical hit. Though Maxine shrugs it off…
    *****Start of Yurei 9’s Turn*****
    Yurei 8:Yurei 8 Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +10, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 15 (5)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ?

    *****Start of Yurei 10’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Stop giving the ghosts the ninja dice
    DM:Dodging another one… and.. leaving only one left..
    Yurei 10:Yurei 10 Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +10, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 23 (13)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ???
    DM:That one hits but not a critical fortunately…
    Maxine emerges unscathed as the cold ghostly hands grab her…. trying to leech her mana, but her will remains unflinching.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg fixes a misplaced lock of hair.
    DM:Meanwhile.. with Geralt.. he peers down into the crater… and he thinks he can see something moving down there… though with all the rising heat distortions, he can’t exaclt ymake it out… he’d guess its maybe an arm…. Then all of a sudden his attetnion is directed elsewhere.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Being dead has not dulled your reflexes, ja…?”
    (brb rq~)
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, lair of the next Sydarir?)
    DM:A streak of flame bursts through the clouds… .as parts of the storm clouds seems to catch fire and a streak crashed down to the ground…
    Like a burning trail, the streak seems to crash down to earth with frightening speed.. followed by 2 more.. each causing a burst of flame running through the stomr clouds and crashing down into the ground below..
    Like a ray of fire shot through the clouds…
    Geralt:((the battle of aela vs nuumian))
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(back)
    DM:Several more start to streak through the clouds, as each finishes incinerating parts of the clouds another radiant ray of sunlight comes through the storm clouds…
    Calim Gorn:(Or the impending doom of an asteroid strike)
    DM:Geralt can now hear another voice.. though not through ears, instead it seems to reverberate through his whole body…
    It speaks in a langauge he deosn’t know… or at least he doewsn’t think he does, yet somehow he feels its trying to call him… however… if he remains in this place he may be able to study more of it, as he feels there is some significance in what he’s being shown…
    Does Geralt want to try to follow the voice or stay here to try to observe or examine more?
    Geralt:follow the voice
    DM:Give me another will save Geralt.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:ANd Max is up as well.. still srurounded by the ghosts.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg grips her cane again, activating the shock trigger as she swings at the ghost again…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:My turn!
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 24 ( natural:14 , Save DC:26 ) Yurei 7 -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully they’re minions or this fight will be extremely difficult
    DM:The shock goes into the materialized ghost.. as its physical form seems to waver adn destabilize… justt at that moment.. Geralt’s eyes pop open, and Max can see a burst of magical energy… whatever it was… it seems to be destabilizing the rest of the ghosts….
    Max can give me a magic knowlege roll at this point.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:-.-
    DM:Max isn’t quite sure exactly what’s going on, but she can conclude it must be something good… as the ghosts are no longer capable orf maintaining semi-corporeal form.. in fact they’re pulling back as well….
    Meanwhile Geralt opens his eyes in his own body again, coughing up lungfuls of salt water…
    Calim Gorn:Awesome
    DM:hands lifting him from the saltwater pool..
  • Geralt coughs and spits up water
    DM:Other spells are cast, filling Geralt with newfound mana energy, and bolstering his life force.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg taps her cane on the floor in satisfaction, continuing to observe the spirits but remaining at her post.
    DM:He is laid down, on a carpetted floor to recover (he’s still basically exhausted but very much alive).
    Max watches as the ghosts retreat back past the outer wall…
    The old priest and nioe of his assistants finally opens the main door from the ritual chamber back to where Max is.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is pocketing her goggles.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(ah brb, food’s ready~)
    Momotani:“The Great Dragons have shown favor on your friend. The ritual was a complete success.”
    Calim Gorn:(That was pretty awesome)
    Momotani:“He is recovering in the other room. If you wish, you may go see him.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Thank you very much for your assistance!”
    DM:Going to give each of you a hero point for that ordeal…
    Geralt gains a hero point. , Maxine von Eisenburg gains a hero point.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg bows gratefully, letting Momotani show her to Geralt’s room
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yayyy~
    DM:Geralt lays on a small rug on the left side of the inner ritual room… near the center there’s a pool of blackish water where you can see one of the priests collecting a vial of the water and sealing it…
    Geralt is rapdily regaining strength… and able to talk again, he’s looking surprisingly good, though he does have a very salty smell to him.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I hear that the ritual was a success!~ As if I had any doubt in the priests’ skill or your resilience.”
    Calim Gorn:He’s been brined
    DM:But by now he’s just a bit fatigued.
    Geralt:bind and brined
    DM:Well Geralt does know that in Makoran mysticism salt is often used as a barrier/way of purifying against evil spirits.
    They did remove the chains as well from him
  • Geralt looks up at Max…
    Geralt:“That was…. interesting.”
  • Geralt smiles weakly
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(you can throw it over your shoulder to blind the devil but it’s gotta be your left shoulder cause that’s the one he hangs out over. Someone told me that once)
    “Indeed! It seems we acted in the nick of time, or else the spirits were drawn to try and claim you before the ritual was completed.”
    Geralt:""Well I’m assuming it worked. I don;t really feel any different."
  • Calim Gorn bides his time in Suzu’s room, watching her sleep from afar as he lets his body’s regeneration repair his lingering wounds
    Geralt:oh you know you want to give her some wet dreams
    Calim Gorn:lol
    She’s probably having those on her own
    Ravish me Calim-senpai and such
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Well, I admit that my curiosity overcame my good manners and I took to scanning the area with my goggles, and I did observe a number of spectral entities breach the outer wards and attempt to enter the ritual chamber. I did not wish to compromise the wards further by opening the door to warn you, so I did my best to distract them instead.~”
    Geralt:“Hopefully they didn’t harm you. I’m sure the diversion was helpfl.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:”They turned tail shortly before I was informed of your success… I believe their departure had more to do with that than with the satisfying blow I landed on one."
  • Maxine von Eisenburg taps her cane, sending out a few sparks for emphasis.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Though I am loath to admit it.~”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles
  • Geralt laughs, then caughs, and grimaces slightly.
    DM:The priest approaches you once again, along with one of his assistants who contins a large bottle wrapped in white cloth similar to what the sword is wrapped in.
  • Geralt sits
    Momotani:“I have collected the darkness within you, the cursed energy was great, as was the wrath of the spirits.”
    “This bottle contains the combined essences of the curses, and I do not wish to keep the evil thing here on this holy ground.”
    Calim Gorn:(Dump it in the well back in the village? lol)
    Momotani:“Take it with you and dump its water into the most desolate wasteland you can find, where none shall tread and suffer its evil.”
    Geralt:“Thank you Momotani. What should I do with these?”
    ignore that last part
    Momotani:“I fear a wielder must be found for the sword as well, now that it has been unearthed…. givng the accursed thing a wielder shall aid in keeping the darkness of that forest at bay.”
    “The sword is linked to the evil spirits, but at the same time it binds them, and prevents them from running rampant upon the world.”
    Geralt:“So it should not be destroyed/”
    Momotani:“While it’s true that destroying the blade would ultimately destroy the spirits, it would not be before they could harm many others.”
    “I suppose the Dragons have placed it in you hands what to do with the blade… they have shown great favor upon you Geralt.”
    “I would never expect such an honor to be afforded to a gaijin.”
    Geralt:“Would the wielder be subjected to the will of the blade and the spirits?”
    Momotani:“You are the second in recorded history to have survived the ritual.”
    “Or I should say, survived it intact, many that return are driven insane or return as an undead creature themselves.”
    Geralt:“That is rather unpleasant indeed.”
    Calim Gorn:Geralt is a living legend
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I feel some great changes are coming for all our nations, and not just Makoro…. I thank you dearly for your help. If my feeling is correct, I hope that we can make it for the better…”
    Momotani:“There is also another matter of that nature that I wsih to ask you about.. .a favor you could call it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah? You’ve been of irreplacable service to us this day.”
    “Please, ask.”
    Momotani:“This is not the first time I’ve performed this ritual…”
    “There was one instance where it not only failed, but failed in a terrible way. The one returned as a monster… a vampire.”
    Calim Gorn:(lol, yeah we know one of those…)
    Geralt:“Does this creature have a name?”
    Momotani:“he was once a samurai known as Eishun Sigimoto. A good and brave man, who lived within the will of the Great Dragons, but what returned from the pool was a creature of murder and evil…”
    “It took me years to track him, but I have learned that he now lies in the far away nation of Ronen.”
    Geralt:“Is there any redemption for this creature?”
    Momotani:“But I was far too old to stand against such a dark thing.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“My…”
    Momotani:“And this failure rests with me, not to end him when he came back evil. In truth, I was tricked b ythe evil thing…”
    “Until he began to kill…. draining blood from his victims. Three times I had opportunity to slay him and three times he slipped from my grasp.”
    “I can no longer pursue that task…”
    Geralt:“Then you may pass the respoonsibility to me. I happen to know a little of Vampires and their ilk.”
    Momotani:“I thank you Geralt.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Geralt:“I thank you for your service. Well deserved.’
    DM:He reaches into his cloak and withdraws an amulet that is in the shape of a coiled great dragon.
    Momotani:”Take this with you, I enchnated it to help me slay him… perhaps it will aid you, it carries some of the dragons favor with it."
  • Geralt takes the medallion
    DM:You can mark the medallion down, basically it has an effect similar to the luck control power (and it’s consumable one use), you can effectively use it to grant yourself or one other person use of a hero point for a roll.
    Geralt:“May the great dragon continue to watch over us.”
    Momotani:“And may the Great Dragons continue to show you their favor.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg bows deeply.
    DM:They also give you the bottle of cursed water as well.
  • Geralt tucks it away, secure
    DM:And I’ll assume you get some sleep at a local inn at a nearby village and then proceed back to the city for now.
    Meanwhile Calim…
    Calim Gorn:Whee
    DM:Suzu wakes up… taking a moment to rouse… apparently she had a rather deep sleep likelky from being so fatigued.
    Calim Gorn:(What time of day is it?)
    (Also am I still impaired?)
    DM:It’s about 12 PM or so.
    Yeah you’re still knida fucked up still heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Good afternoon. You’re just in time for lunch.”
    DM:Suzu’s eyes open wide as she realizes Calim is tehre, likely she forgot she was so tired…. She instantly springs up with energy.
  • Calim Gorn is sitting down in a nearby corner, either in a chair or seiza style on a cushion or some such
    Suzu Ueno:“uwwwaaaaa!”
  • Calim Gorn laughs a little in spite of himself
    Calim Gorn:“Told you you were tired.”
    “You were out as soon as you hit the bed.”
    DM:She pauses a moment trying to gather herself.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(your brain bluescreened when Calim talked about boning)
    Suzu Ueno:"What time is…. "
    Calim Gorn:(lol)
    “About noon.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Noon?! I need to….” (she starts to consider her usual daily routine which is now in chaos for a moment… then…)
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sure he’s fine.”
    DM:She remembers what happened before.
    Calim Gorn:“He left to go see someone called Momotani?”
    Suzu Ueno:“Left?!”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Calm down or you’re going to tire yourself out all over again.”
    Suzu Ueno:“But he’s going to need my help.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(calm down or your heart’s gonna explode, girl)
    Calim Gorn:“You were able to re-establish your connection to the Great Dragons then?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(you’re gonna be working on that prototype and it’s just gonna go phbbt and they’ll find you with a hole in your chest)
    Suzu Ueno:“Well….”
    DM:Calim can kinda sense she didn’t yet.. and is proably just being overly reckless…. or hoping that’ll redeem herself.
  • Calim Gorn stands up and approaches, putting a hand on her shoulder…
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m sure my power will come back when I need it… to save Geralt.”
    “I was supposed to save him before.”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t know much of anything about the rituals, but if you had attempted something like that in the state you were in before, I’m almost certain you would have failed. Not because of any deficiency or shortcoming on your part, but because you were trying too hard.”
    Geralt:she just needs some good ol’ Calim/Geralt tag team action to ease her nerves
    Calim Gorn:“Your earnestness is sure to be recognized eventually… But you won’t do anyone any good if you don’t take care of yourself.”
  • Suzu Ueno looks downwards.
    Calim Gorn:“And one might say that you saved Geralt by allowing yourself to rest and allowing him to go see Momotani, if you look at it from that perspective.”
    DM:Suzu looks rather depressed at that last comment… that her only “success” was doing nothing and letting someone more qualified handle it.
    Likely what she was told most of her life as a girl in Makoro.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(you fucker)
    Calim Gorn:(lol… Yeah I suck at motivational speaking)
    “Listen Suzu, I’m an idiot, I hope you can forgive me… You’re such a wonderful person that I can’t put it into words… I’m sorry that I can’t express myself properly.”
    DM:I’ll give you a persuasion roll to see if you can try to make up for it.
    Add your attractive bonus to that as well.
    Calim Gorn:lol fuck
    I’m gonna Luck that
    Geralt:(You just make me so nervous when I’m aroud you. I get these warm funny feelings that make me unable to think….)))
    Calim Gorn:(lol yeah)
    Much better
    DM:She looks up now seeming to have some of her sadness removed.
    Suzu Ueno:“You think so?”
    Calim Gorn:“Your time to shine will come, I’m sure of it.”
  • Calim Gorn nods with a smile
    Calim Gorn:“I just… I’ve been wondering for a while now… Whether or not you regret saving us back then… You seem so wracked with guilt, and then… Well…”
    Suzu Ueno:“I… I …. wanted to save everybody… I felt like… I didn’t save you. Maybe.. it was the Great Dragons way of punishing me for not obeying their will.”
    “They wanted me on the ship with Geralt… "
    Calim Gorn:“You said they showed you the possibilities right? It was you who chose.”
    Suzu Ueno:“A priestess of the Great Dragons isn’t supposed to choose…”
    “We swear to obey the will of the Great Dragons. It’s a sin to turn away from that.”
    “I keep telling myself that I… I just misread the signs, but I think… I chose.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm…”
    “Do you regret that choice? Knowing what you know now?”
    Suzu Ueno:“I…. I don’t know. You may not have been injured if I didn’t choose.”
    “It could be that all this is because of me.”
    Calim Gorn:“Maybe so, but it could be that everything is as the Great Dragons willed it all along, and your doubts are the only thing holding you back. There’s not really any way to know for sure, right?”
    “You’re loyal and devoted and your faith is strong, I’m sure they can see that.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Maybe…”
    DM:Calim can sense that Suzu isn’t really all that convinced…
    Calim Gorn:(Hrmmm)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(If Max were a goddess she’d want her servants to be able to think for themselves anyway…)
    DM:Hehe, not all faiths are as chaotic aligned.
    Calim Gorn:“Well, I’m not really that great with religious stuff… I wish I could do something more to help you…”
    “Is there anything I can do?”
    Suzu Ueno:“Could you… check on Geralt. I need to stay here and train, I can’t abandon my duties… but.”
    “I need to know he’s okay.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “Of course.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(yeah I’m a weirdo :3 )
    Calim Gorn:“Just try not to overdo it any more, all right?”
    DM:hehe, well I mean Eryth in the Yurath game was that way Sachi. heh. I mean the entire point of the paladin’s test he gave people was that you were supposed to disobey orders. heh.
  • Suzu Ueno nods quietly.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe~
    Calim Gorn:“You were the one who told me not to overdo it when I first got here, so make sure you follow your own advice.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles at her reassuringly
    DM:She kind of nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“I should be getting to training, I’m late, and everyone is going to be worried…”
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t you want to eat first? You must be hungry.”
    Suzu Ueno:“It’s okay… I can eat after training.”
    Geralt:((oh i’m more than ok, i’m GRRRRREAT, cause i had breakfast with Tony))
  • Calim Gorn gives her a kind of light scolding look, like “What did I just get finished telling you”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m rested now, and I have my duties to attend to.”
    “I already missed my morning prayert and practice session.”
    Calim Gorn:“All right, but promise me you’ll eat as soon as you’re finished. Okay?”
    Suzu Ueno:“Okay, I promise.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods as she says that.
    Calim Gorn:“And no trying to make up for this morning, follow a normal routine and get a decent amount of rest.”
    Suzu Ueno:"But… "
    Calim Gorn:“Suzu…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(heh, she wouldn’t promise me)
  • Calim Gorn does his best to make it a light caring sort of scolding as opposed to sounding like he’s mad
    Suzu Ueno:“I really have to go…”
    DM:Suzu heads out… trying to move rather quickly… you realize she did forget to change even.. still in her old clothes.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw
    Calim Gorn:“You know you haven’t even changed from yesterday, or taken a bath… Are you sure you want to go to training like that?”
    Suzu Ueno:“I can do it later. It’s okay.”
    Calim Gorn:“Come on, please… Slow down just a little. One day won’t hurt.”
    Geralt:((i said get in here and get naked, we’re going to take a shower and I’ll wash you myself.))
    Calim Gorn:lol
    (Yeah I’m kinda tempted to try that approach, it worked last time…)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(better keep that momentum up or Max is gonna do it before you)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    (Well you don’t have Laventa to worry about…)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Max is irresistible to all genders and species)
    Suzu Ueno:“It might… I have so little time to prepare with the new magitech armor”
    Calim Gorn:“Would you take a bath if I went with you?”
    DM:by now she’s prettty far down the hall you’d kinda have to yell that if you wanted her ot hear it heh.
    You want to do that?
    Calim Gorn:Oh lol… Well is there anyone else around?
    DM:Well I mean you do see a servant or two….
    And maybe some guards on patrol might be around
    Calim Gorn:Heh, okay I’ll refrain then
    DM:And Kitsune do have good hearing…. or so youv’e been told.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Aita has extended hearing 4 (limited to sexual stuff)
    Calim Gorn:Haha
    DM:Okay… going to FF to Geralt and Maxines return.
  • Calim Gorn sighs a little, wondering if he’s going to end up having to drag Suzu back to bed again later…
    DM:It’s about evening when Geralt and Max return to the castle…
    Guess we can probably stop here, since getting kinda late.
    Unless you guys want to keep going.
    Calim Gorn:I’m good to keep going
    Also Calim would have sent for word of Geralt’s condition at some point, so I assume he already knows that Geralt has been exorcised
    DM:Yeah I’m assuming you’d have met them on the road actually I guess… assuming you wnated to go there youraself.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah I could do that
    DM:Otherwise you could have just sent a messenger, but at speed 4 you’re faster than any messenger.
    Calim Gorn:So I’d be with them as they’re returning
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heya ^^;
    Geralt:i should probaly head to bed soon, pretty beat
    DM:And next time you can decide where you wanna go… heh probably to see what’s up with Viniira I’m guessing. But you may have other ideas.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah had my face on my keybaord and Tab woke me up by messaging me >>;;
    DM:lol okay.
    good tme to stop then lol
Session Log 31

Aita Inari:Aita Inari Attacks! (Super Scythe) (Close, 8, rank 12 Damage) PL Cap +2Roll Result: 11 (3)Effect Rank: 12Descriptors: ?
Aita Inari Attacks! (Super Scythe) (Close, +10, rank 12 Damage) PL Cap +3Roll Result: 28 (18)Effect Rank: 12Descriptors: ?

Aita Inari Attacks! (Super Scythe) (Close, +10, rank 12 Damage) PL Cap +3Roll Result: 29 (19)Effect Rank: 12Descriptors: ?
Aita Inari Attacks! (Super Scythe) (Close, +8, rank 12 Damage) PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 25 (17)Effect Rank: 12Descriptors: ?

Mina Oni Version:Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Blade: Linked Affliction) (Linked, +N/A, rank 9 Affliction)Effect Rank: 9 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Blood drainNotes: impaired / disabled / incapacitated, cumulative
Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Blade: Blood Drain) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 26 (18) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 10Descriptors: slashingNotes: linked affliction: Blood Drain
Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Frenzy (tiring)) (Close, +8, rank 14 Damage) Improved Critical 2 PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 9 (1)Effect Rank: 14 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Relentless slashing attack fueled by user’s manaNotes: Tires Wielder (through blood drain)
Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Blade: Linked Nullify) (Linked, +N/A, rank 6 Nullify)Effect Rank: 6 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: Mana DrainNotes: susatined, broad (any mana)
Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Blade: Linked Affliction) (Linked, +N/A, rank 9 Affliction)Effect Rank: 9 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Blood drainNotes: impaired / disabled / incapacitated, cumulative
Mina Oni Version Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 21 (13)Effect Rank: 10Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
Tabris:Hm, don’t see Ty online
And no idea if G is gonna show up or not, lol
DM:Yeah heh.. I may have to nerf Mina a bit if G isn’t around so you got a chance :P
DM:Especially since Calim is already starting the fight impaired due to his wounds.
Tabris:Heh yeah
And whatever other complications you want to throw at me for eating bad Aela
DM:heh, yeah right now, nothing extra unless you linger here too long. So depends on how long it taes you to track Mina
Tabris:You heard from Ty at all? He supposed to be here?
DM:I haven’t heard anything, so assumed he was gonna show.
Also while you guys are waiting.. I was considering adding rules for Zone combat ( similar to what we’re using in the Star Wars game) to this game, to kinda eliminate a lot of the questions of how far away shit is, andmake it easier to calculate ranges/mvoement.
Pretty much the same reason I encouraged G to do the zone thing in Star Wars
Sachi:Hm, maybe base ‘em on ranks
DM:Wasn’t gona use it for this combat probably, but for future quests I was gonna probably implement it, to avoid the whole “How far away am I?” questiojn everytime someone’s turn came up.
That’s what I got so far.
Tabris:So how is that supposed to work with the like 4 Extended Range mods I stacked on one variant of my gun
DM:heh, well I haven’t figured that bit out yet exactly, by default it’s gonna be like… ranks/2 is short range, ranks = medium and ranksx2 si long range.
Extended range wil proably change that in some way, I mean… probably just doubling it might be okay.
Tabris:You could just do tactical maps for every combat and that way we can measure how far away we are ourselves =P
The only reason people are always asking is because they don’t have a reference
DM:Well I don’t really want to get into that sorta thing. And even that is pretty tough since the distances get so huge.
Yeah I know, well the point is that this canb ea reference :)
I just want to keep it simple, where you ain’t measuring out like a fuckton of squares.
Tabris:lol not really, unless you got a map the question is just gonna be “how many zones” instead of “how many feet”
DM:Well yeah, but that number is a lot lower (and easier to calculate)
Tabris:I don’t know that there’s even anything to calculate to it except what you said for ranged stuff, the way G does it seems to be completely arbitrary
Sachi:Dude if there’s something that’s hard to calculate there has got to be a way to make the computer do it
Tabris:I mean it’s not even a matter of it being hard lol, if each square is 5 ft or 10 ft or whatever then you just gotta count squares
Sachi:Instead of making humans remember extra shit
Tabris:It’s more a problem of people being lazy
DM:Yeah well when you get a huge battle in M&M there’s so many squares that you have to zoom way the fuck out.
A battle at 500 feet away for instance is 100 squares.
To see the whole batlefield your tokens are little dots.
Tabris:Heh, there’s gotta be some way you can build a tool to reference the positions of two more more tokens and figure out how far they are from each other
DM:Yeah I mean I’ve tried doing squares, and it was more rtouble than it was worthh lol
I tried doing taht for a few battles, where I saw if I could just scale it, but you had to zoom way too far out
so I realized I needed to reduce the scale to make it easier to read
Sachi:You can’t do a macro where it’s like drop down boxes that list all the tokens on the map and you pick 2?
Tabris:Yeah that’s what I was thinking
Pick Token A and Token B and it says “300 ft” or whatever
Sachi:Like I honestly dunno, I still haven’t looked into what the macros can do cause of other shit I been doing
DM:Well the probelm is that how MT toke selection drop boxes work, it’ll only show the tokens that are currently in your visible area (aka your viewable map box)
So you’d have to be zoomed all the way out to see everything
Sachi:Is there a way to have a macro button you can click on that selects your token? Like maybe you put your token’s name into it or something?
And/or centers it
DM:Well yeah there’s ways to center on your own token.
Sachi:Like put your token name in and save it
And it does a /goto or whatever
I’m just brainstorming here, hehe
Makes me wanna write a program but like… we’re doing something else right now >>;
Tabris:The zone thing is just gonna nerf the shit out of anything that has range mods honestly, lol
DM:I dunno. I mean a base speed can only move 1 zone.
So a range of 6 zones means itl’l take 3 turns to get to you
Tabris:Like oh yeah I made a sniper rifle that’s got a range of 2000 ft but oh now you can only go 2 zones with it
DM:And I mean your long range with a rank 6 thing is 12 zones, which is a lot. And that’s not even counting what the extended range mod does.
Pretty mcuh you’re probably looking at around 24 zones for a long range there, which means if you can use all of that, a person with base speed 0 might as well not even bother closing, since you’re getting 12 free shots on them
Even a speed 4 character would take 2-3 turns to close that double movnig
Tabris:lol well whatever, I mean you’re gonna do what you want regardless of our opinions =P
DM:Well if people aren’t really super bothered by asking for distance all the time then I mgiht keep it. I mean I just kinda expect people find it as annoying as I do.
Which is why I encouraged G to add it to his Star Wars game heh. To make the mpas more readable.
Tabris:I just don’t see any functional difference in asking for distance vs asking for zones, all you’re doing is abstracting the issue, not making it actually go away
DM:Well the idae is you’re not asking for zones cause there’s a map of zones.
Tabris:And you’re changing a bunch of shit around to do something that doesn’t really fix the underlying problem
DM:Since the zones aren’t too big to the point that you can’t use them on a map.
Tabris:lol even with the map I still can’t tell half the time what G is talking about or how he even comes up with what shit is in what zone
Like I said it just seems completely arbitrary
That’s really what annoys me the most, the abstraction of the whole thing
DM:heh, I find it a lot easier to read than before with how G is doing it now.
Tabris:Especially for what’s supposed to be a short range combat
DM:Like I can actually understand the ranges in G’s game now.
Where as before it was a total clusterfuck lol
Like that one battle in the factory, pretty much every turn I was asking like “How far away am I now, and how far away will I be if I move X”
Sachi:Heya G~
DM:Since the movement was kinda screwy before too. I find the zones made it like 200% better.
DM:hey G
Tabris:Hey G, any idea where Ty is?
Garrion:you unveiling the zones on them tonight T?
DM:Was just shjowing the rules to em
probably won’t actually use them for tonight.
But was just introducing em.
Garrion:well i’m glad i could make it, my house has no ceilings now
Tabris:Heh, I mean I still want to know how range mods are gonna work with it, I have Extended Range 3 or 4 on my sniper rifle alt so what is that gonna do exactly
Garrion:well at least in half of the house
Tabris:lol wow
DM:In pracitcla sense I expect extended range 3-4 would let you treat almost any battlefield as entirely short range.
Garrion:ended up tearing all the shit out, talking about a mess with all the cellulose insulation falling in
DM:Since that’s probably gonna be a short rane of liek 30 zones or something.
Garrion:the old ceilings were just falling on our heads and not attached very good so decided best to start from scratch
Tabris:Yeah that sounds like a big mess
DM:Yeah heh… lol probably easier ot just buy a new house :P
Garrion:easier, but also more costly
Tabris:Heh, I dunno, that much work almost sounds like you’re basically gonna be spending enough to get a new house anyway
Garrion:just lots of things with this house were done hodge podge, it was biult in ‘41
Tabris:Though I guess if you’re doing all the actual labor yourself you save a lot of money there
Garrion:yeah, by the time i’m done the only thing original will be the framing foundation and brick exterior
Sounds like one of my coworkers who bought a house and then proceeded to basically build a new house around it
I certianylw oudln’t want to live in anything I built myself… floor would probably collapse under my feet.
Garrion:anyway, i’ve obviously been to busy to try to do much research on M&M rules and customizing stuff
DM:I can’t build things for shit.
Garrion:so i’ll just be winging it tonight
Sefiros:i remodeled the bathroom, that was enough for me
Tabris:Well, Aruvin made an anti-vampire ray, though now he’s not here
I got the one scene version of it at least
DM:Yeah we’ll give him till 745 or so
Garrion:well i only have 3 points to play with, so not sure how much i can do with that
Tabris:Well if you got Artificer you could maybe do some potions or something
Sefiros:expertise carpentry
Garrion:unless we’ve gotten some points i don;t know about
DM:Well he’s talking about your invention stuff.
Yeah with the artificer you’re creating temporary powers basically.
Garrion:i only have the 3 you handed out a while back and never spent yet
Tabris:Nah with the Artificer advantage you can make temporary stuff
You just make checks with whatever skill you use to craft
And it’s got a DC to craft based on how many points it’s worth
And is good for one scene
Garrion:ok, the same thing i made my penetration oil with, will that void that and have to remake it from scratch?
Tabris:Nah because you bought that as a permanent power didn’t you?
Garrion:not yet
Tabris:Ah okay, well you should still be able to remake it I would think
Garrion:though i can
Tabris:If you already succeeded on the design check once I don’t think you gotta do it again, but I could be wrong
DM:Ah okay, yeah we can assume you remade that.. I’ll just make the roll for that again. Technically you gotta brew another copy of it each timeyou use it.
Though not design check , just building it
Tabris:Yeah heh
DM:Well technically he’d have to spend the hours for maintaenance. WHich in this case would just be remixing the potion
Tabris:And as far as I know there’s no limit on how many separate inventions you can make
DM:Well in the new invention rules they do say that you have to basically spend a hero point if you want to pull out an invention from your batcave (Basically to have it onhand for this adventure)
Assuming you didn’t spend the time making it during this story
Tabris:Well we had all that crafting time while he was gone last session
He could have been doing stuff at the same time
DM:He’d have had the time to brew it during this story, so… it wouldn’t really require the HP here
And you’re generally alowed 1 invention at a time in a scene unless you want to pay for a hero point too get more
Tabris:Ah hmm
Well if you don’t have ideas for anything specific then might be best to just go with what you got
Don’t know if you’re interested in making some kind of stunning thing to take her back alive, lol
If the ray that Aruvin made actually works we might be able to manage that
DM:Yeah I actually have to look up what his ray did again. heh.
Tabris:I got it macro’d
DM:ah good
what was it again?
ah okay.
fair enough
Garrion:well IC Geralt now considers her rogue and will kill her if needed to save to lives of the common folk, however she is a friend and if there is a way to save her he will
DM:Geralt is going max penetrating oil on freshly sharpened stakes.
does Sef actualy want a new character?
Tabris:Heh, I don’t think so
btw T since I’m Impaired for this whole scene / combat do I get Bennies?
DM:You will after the scene in which you’re impaired.
So any relevant scene where you’re impaired you’ll get some bennies for it
Tabris:lol great
Yeah they’re super useful after you die from your impairment =P
DM:Tehy can apply to your next character? :P
Garrion:what would artificer roll be Druidic Magic?
DM:Mainly I kinda left em as an end combat thing so it’s easier to rate how impactful the complication was, as opposed to having to predict ahead of itme.
Tabris:Well I mean this is directly listed in your rules though, heh
DM:NOrmally yeah, if you were designing something speicifc against vampires, I’d probably let you combine ranks.
Tabris:Impaired or Hindered for an entire scene
DM:heh, well I mean some complications may not necessarily be obvious. Like if it’s a complication with a roll that you never remove for instance
you could call that “X for the entire scene”
if you never shrugged it off.
Garrion:well combined ranks would be Druidic Magic 10 + Monster Lore 6
not sure how powerful a creation i could reliably make with a 16
take 10 would be 26
DM:Yeah if you were deisgning something specific for monsters, I’d let you combine em like that. (the regular penetration oil is druid only since that applies to nonmonsters, like magitech armor and such)
Tabris:Heh, well remember you just combine actual skill ranks and not your full check, so it would be Ranks A + Ranks B + 2x Stat
DM:Well you actually can’t take 10 on invention stuff, since i"musing the gadget guide inventing rules.
Tabris:And it depends on what you’re making and how many points it is
Garrion:oh ok, well still 10 would be average
Tabris:Basically the crafting DC is 10
Sefiros:no sef doesnt want a new character, it takes him long enough to make one
DM:Yeah. basically you’re creating a power (same as buying it for a character) and it costs X amount of ranks. And the ranks determine how tough it is to make (and how long it takes)
Garrion:so could potentially make 16 ranks on avrage, still capped i assume
DM:Yeah it’s still capped.
Garrion:so really can only do a rank 8 power
Tabris:Well if it’s got an attack roll it follows the rules for that, so it could be Rank 12 but with only a 4 attack roll
DM:Well, you could do higher, it’d just lower your accuracy. Depending on what you were doing
Basically how i handle overcapping is for it to favor effect rank over accuracy. And favor toughness stuff over dodge/will.
So if you have a +8 melee bonus and use a rank 12 effect, it’d take your accuracy down to make it work.
Garrion:i was thinking of something like a smoke grenade, a vamp fogger
that weakens her’
or nulls her abilities
DM:Yeah that’d be doable.
Garrion:not sure how that woul dbe statted up, a null thing
DM:Basically it’d be Nullify vampire powers X, you’d want concentration or sustained on it as well if you wanted it to last.
Garrion:specific to vamps
DM:Well for a nullify that’s kinda built in to what it nullifies.
Though I’d probably say it’d qualify as a limited 1 there anyway, since it’s kinda a rare power type
Nullify sorta on its own is kinda limited by default, since you gotta pick what kind of types it can cancel out. Like Nullify Elven Magic or something similar
Garrion:so don;t mneed to be accurate since it is a fogger, in fact assume it is no attack and just an area effect unless making it an attack makes it cheaper
DM:It’d be cheaper as a base attack probably. And just treat it s a short range puff of smoke you put in her face.
Though if it’s close range area vs a ranged regular attack are the same cost.
Ranged area though would cost more than a basic ranged attack
Tabris:Yeah Ranged and Area are both +1/rank to cost so you could make it a Close Area and not have to make an attack roll
But you’d have a lower cap on the effect rank
Garrion:close is melee or within 30 ft?
in the same zone?
Tabris:Close basically originates from you
DM:Yeah close is basically melee, and for area means it originates from you
Tabris:So if it’s an area like a Cone or whatever it’s coming from you and going out
DM:meaning you’d basically drop the thing at your feet.
Or like release some powder into the air or whatever creates the cloud.
And it’d affect the radius around you.
Garrion:hmm, i think i want to toss it but have it affect an area
like a standard smoke grenade
Tabris:lol well that’d be Ranged and Area and that’s +2/rank cost
Sachi:Yeah lol
DM:Basiclaly it’d look something like this ranged Nullify (concentration, sustained, limited 1: vampiric powers only) So be… like 3 points/rank.
Sachi:I’ve run into that before when I wanted to give myself some extra pow
DM:CLose area is also 3/rank
Garrion:ok, so i can do rank 8 would be 24
DM:Ranged area would be 4/rank
Garrion:ok, so 4 × 6 is 24
DM:And that’d shut down one of her vamp powers per use, if you wnated to shut down all of em you coudl take simulatnaoues for another +1 CPR
Garrion:woul d probably only be able to get rank 6 out of that
DM:that’d shut down all her vamp stuff with one use.
Otherwise you’d basically either shut down her regeneration or her movement/blood powers separately. THough you could use your attack twice
and try to get two eparate nulls on her
Garrion:hmm, so that will drop me to rank 5… 5×5 = 25
Tabris:You can go higher on the rank it’s just that it’ll be harder to craft, lol
DM:Yeah, heh.. and a chance it fails catastrophically.
Tabris:25 points is already a DC 35, not sure you can actually do that
DM:yeah lol… he’d need a natural 20 to do a DC 35 I think.
If at all.
Garrion:can i adjust the rank based on the roll, like if i roll an 18 plus my 16 skill i get a greally good conconction?
DM:Nah, you gotat decide on the rank beforehand.
Since failure on your check by certain amounts can result in problems.
So it’s kinda all or nothing.
Garrion:ok, and can i use a HP if my roll bombs?
DM:Yeah you can declare you wanna use a HP (tehcincally you’re not supposed to know your roll for this though, since if you roll really low it backfires at a critical juncture)
Garrion:oh right
DM:But you can declare beforehand you’re gonna HP it and the DM will roll both and take the best.
Garrion:ok and minimum roll with an HP is 11?
DM:For the first roll if you can’t fail by 3 or more degrees I’d let you roll it yourself, but the second roll (the design phase), any natural 1 results in a bothc so taht one is always secret.
Tabris:You’re probably better off making it a Close Area instead of Ranged heh, will let you go higher ranks with a better chance of success
Or just make it a targeted attack roll
Garrion:ok, so more like the batman smoke bomb he drops at his feet?
Tabris:Yeah kinda
Garrion:yeah, i mean i’m a melee dude anyway
so i woul dbe in close
DM:Yeah you coudl even make it a straight melee attack if you’d like (representing powder you throw at her eyes or something)
without the area or ranged period to save even more
Garrion:yeah, could do that, like a powder
but that means an attack roll
Garrion:my ranged atk is only +8
8 ain’t that bad.
Tabris:Yeah that’s average at this PL
It’s pretty solid for your PL.
Tabris:And would let you go to rank 8 on the power itself
Then it’d be 1 point per rank with the Limited I think
Garrion:or i could up the PL and take a lower atk?
Tabris:Yeah you could do that too, make it like rank 10 and a +6 attack
It auto-caps
Tabris:Auto-caps your attack roll I mean
Based on what rank you give it
DM:Though you’d be better apply innaccurate to the attack or what not to save points
rather than letting it autocap
Tabris:Yeah true
DM:Since you’d get a discount of 1 point per -2 you took
Garrion:yeah, lets do that, since a powder is inherently less accurate
DM:yeah makes sense flavor wise
Garrion:for -2
so that gives me =6 atk
Tabris:So Rank 10, Ranged, Limited, Inaccurate 1, would be 9 points I think?
Garrion:and i can do the simultaneous thing
Tabris:Or actually it’s close attack right?
DM:well he’d probably want concentraiton and sustained on it and maybe simulatenous too
DM:Basically if you don’t have conc/sustained, then Mina can just restore what you sustain as a free action on her turn
it’ll just shut her down for a limited period
Garrion:i have room for points still with =16 to my craft
so sustained/copncentration adds 1/rank and so dows the simultaneous?
DM:well conc is 1 rank and sustained adds +2 ranks.
Mainly cause sustained reuires conc.
And each is a +1
So sustained in total is a +2
Sustained basically means you can keep it nullified as a free action, conc lets you keep it down as a standard.
Tabris:And simultaneous is another +1/rank
Garrion:the difference is i can’t do anything else while concentrating or i need to be conscious?
DM:Yeah basically as an example…
Garrion:man and you guys complain about GURPS mods… ;)
DM:if you had regular nullify and someon nullified your wticher signs,he could ready an actiont o use it to cancel your igni attack or could drop your quen until your next turn
But you could put it up as a free action once you acted.
If you had concentration, then he could drop your whole signs array and it’d be down until he stopped spending his standard actions to keep em down.
If it was nullify with sustained, it’d be like concentration, only it’s a free action, not a standard to keep ti dropped
Garrion:basically i just want something that will take effect and stick and i can still activate other powers like my signs
DM:yeah you’d want sustained then.
YOu’d probably want a sustained null.
Garrion:ok, so that is +3 more per rank
so with rank 10 that is 30 – the 1
29… that pushing it
Sachi:Nullify is kind of weird, I always feel like I need to take awkward conditions to make it work how I want
Garrion:i figure that up right?
Tabris:Actually it’s +3 on top of the base cost
So it’d be 4 points per rank total
DM:Yeah nullify is weird.
Tabris:Since Nullify is 1 point per rank base cost
DM:actually I think nullify does get ranged for free… (it’s weird like that)
Tabris:Though actually yeah
DM:So you could actually make it cheaper by taking close
Tabris:I was about to point that out
Tabris:So that’d drop one point per rank off it and put you back to 3 per rank total
DM:Yeah the default nullify I think they intended you to use it more as a readied action defense thing.
Like a counterspell effect.
where someone is gonna fireball you, so I’ll ready my null fire ability, and cancel hsi attack
But keeping stuff suppressed in the long term takes a bunch of modifiers
Garrion:so to be reliable on my crafting i think i better drop back to rank 9, that puts it at 27 points so need an 11 on my roll
Tabris:Yeah heh
Well you can still put Inaccurate 1 on there to make it 26 points
And you’d have a +6 to attack
Or whatever your close attack mod is
You might be able to put a couple more Inaccurates on there if your close attack is higher
Garrion:oh close atk? that is +10
i was going off ranged
that is +8
Tabris:Oh then yeah you can throw two Inaccurates on there to bring it down to +6
Since you’re rank 9 for a close attack
So would be like 25 points
Garrion:ok, let’s do this, sounds good.. Vamp Null Powder
DM:So the final power we’re looking at is Close Nullify Vampire powers 9 (close, sustained, concentration, simultaneous, lim 1: rare power, inaccurate 2)
DM:For a cost of 2/rank -2
Garrion:i have =10 to my magic, plus 6 ranks in Monster lore
DM:So 16
Tabris:Oh it goes down to 2/rank?
DM:Yeah close and limited ,versus sustained conc and simutaneous
So that’d be a fional DC of 26 to make
Tabris:Ah nice
Could maybe push it to rank 10 then
DM:Rank 10 woudl be DC 28.
Garrion:hmm, would need a 12 on my roll
i’ll spend a HP to make sure it happens
DM:kokay so we’re finalized there…
Garrion:now lets say i do null her, what then? just beat her down?
Tabris:lol pretty much
Or whatever we gotta do to get that helmet off her
DM:Yeah you could null her regeneration, vampiric flight and most of her escape abilities heh.
And prevent her from blood draining you
Garrion:sounds good
i roll or you?
DM:Lemme see.. your bonus is what +16?
i need a 12 to succeed
DM:Just seeing if you can failb y 3 on this.. one sec..
Tabris:Don’t think he can
DM:Yeah he could I think on a natural 1
Tabris:Oh right, yeah
He said he was using a Hero Point though I think
DM:heh, okay… so I’ll have to make this as a secret roll, (both of em gotta be secret cause you can fail by 3 on the first)
DM:Yeah, there’s gonna be a couple rolls… I mean he could just gamble on the design roll normally if you fial it just wastes time (unless you fail by 3)
in which case you have a fatal flaw that fucks you when you use it
Garrion:i doubt i’ll get a 1 though do i have time to waste?
Tabris:lol, you screw up and make Imbued nullifying powder
DM:On the design phase you could ptoetnialyl do it twice I’d say, build phase (whcih takes 4 times a s long.. probaly not)
I’m kinda estimatenig the times, don’t really wanna waste time accounting for each hour
Garrion:ok, only HP the build
pretty sure i’ll get the design
DM:okay rolling for design secretly…
Hmm that’s gonna be a regular failure.
So Geralt’s first attempt fails… but he can try again, but getting towards time crunch…
So you want to just try again regular or HP the design phase as well?
Probably need to use both your HP then assuming you want to save one for the buiold phase as well
Garrion:well shit with time crunch i’ll HP
DM:okay that did it for the design.
Now build phase.. want to HP again?
DM:okay burn off both your hero points.
Garrion:that will use both my HP
Tabris:And then he dies from dungeon traps
DM:Okay Geralt thinks he did it right. (barring a couple of double natural 1s on your HP you probably didd)
Garrion:ok, so Rank 10 Vamp Nullification Power
DM:It is still possible to super botch even with hero points, since the hero roll is still the natural result. (though you do take the better so…)
Garrion:oh, and she has to save vs this?
DM:Yeah it’s a will save by default
I’d let you make it fort if you’d like instead (up to you)
Garrion:woul di know her strong save by adventuring with her?
DM:Since it could target vampiric anatomy or destroy the magical essence, Geralt knows enough to target either.
Hmm give me a monster lore roll.
you think will is her weaker element
Garrion:ok, Will it is then
DM:I’ll assume Geralt was studying her during thier travels in case he ever had to put her down.
Garrion:lol, yeah
DM:So was kinda working out what her strengths and weaknesses wre in case of a situation like this.
Garrion:like batman
always a contingency plan
DM:yeah heh.
Tabris:Got your Bat Shark Repellant out for this one
DM:Alright so you’ve got a nullify vamp powers 10 (simul, will resists, limited 1, inaccurate 2, sustained)
Garrion:on my bat belt, damn he must have has some insane artificer skill to alwasy have shit available
DM:I figure he just spends the hero point.
To stunt stuff.
Garrion:putting it on token notes
DM:k great.
Alrigth Geralt has his vampire powder all ready and move after the group, they did leave without ya, cause you got a bit of a time crunch collecting reagents and mixing em…
Fortunately they did leave you a trail you could track, or at least Calim did.
You can tell it’s him by the rather broad steps evident of his accelerated speed.
Calim Gorn:Might notice the steps being a little uneven due to him not being fully recovered yet
Hey Ty, good timing
We just got finished with some crafting for Geralt and are about to start up so you haven’t missed anything
Garrion:ok, me races to catch up
DM:I’m not gonna bother too much with calculating how long it’ll take Geralt to track and such… for drama’s sake he can arrive at a dramatically appropriate time.
DM:Basically Geralt follows the group through an enchanted forest that turns to a haunted forest that turns into a labyrtinh that Oni-Mina apparently dug up. inside the cursed forest.

  • Geralt hopes he can arrive in time to help his companions bring Mina to justice… otherwise she must be slain like the Monster she has become
    DM:Meanwhile… deeper in the labyrtinth….
    Our other heroes have set off a trap…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(It’s a new scene so my vampire detector’s finished right?)
    DM:Well you spent the HP I thihnk to use it in the labyrinth right?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh yeah that’s right!
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So that’s still going on? Wasn’t sure since it was a new session
    Calim Gorn:So we got the blip to follow
    DM:Yeah… since it has tracking sense as part of it I’m gonna say it’s generally good so long as you’re in the labyrinth.
    Since it wouldn’t be a very good tracker if it autofailed during the first encounter.
    Of course if you get damaged by a trap a complication could result in it taking damage and failing
    Maxine von Eisenburg:nodnod
    DM:Anyway, you’re travelling through the forboding and rather claustrophic underground corrdiors… where even the air has a “deadness” to it… one that Calim feels more than any of you, though all of you can feel uncomfortable..
    Aruvin had been making his way with a 10 ft pole of crystal prodding at pressure plates and finding a few of the basic arrow traps and descending spike rtaps…
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Calim complained about the air tasting bad)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Even the deepest mines do not feel so still… Something is very wrong.”
    DM:However, the latest trap he missed… as he reaches out to prod an obvious pressure plate….
    The plate sinks in but instea dof the trap sprinign ahead, it springs behind…
    Calim Gorn:Whoops
    DM:Perhaps the fatigue of this place may have caused you to miss it, or maybe it was just one dusty floor.. but the floor under you starts to give way… rapidly dropping aside.. Gonna require a dodge check from everyone to if you can get out of the area in time.
    Or at least grab the walls pretty mcuh
    Calim Gorn:I have Boots of Rising and Skystrike Cloak, that do anything for me in terms of better reaction time?
    DM:well both of those you gotta activate prettymuch
    If you keep it on too long it drains the crytal that powers it.
    So by default they’d basically be off.
    Geralt:me too, i there yet?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    Calim Gorn:Think you’re still behind
    DM:Nah Geralt isn’t there yet.
    Geralt:all this cause Sef had to go and put on the evil helmet
    DM:He’s still making his way through the labyrinth tracking the group’s progress…
    So just Max, Aruvin and Calim have to do this, Calim’s impaired does give him a -2 to this roll as well.
    oh wait you applied it nm
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I put the -2 in there
  • Geralt grimmaces at all the triggered traps….
  • Calim Gorn tries to grab the ledge while reaching out for Maxine or Aruvin with his free hand
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(brb!)
    DM:heh well your safe fall will protect you from damage, but by default I’m gonna say you’re probably not flying in this area by default, it’s kinda cramped so normal flight would be pretty uncomfortable.
    Your safe fall though will mean you won’t take any kind of falling damage even if you do fail the dodge check
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Can I do anything with my skystrike cloak to break my fall? (I’m back btw)
    Like after I’ve already fallen
    DM:Not by default Sachi, basically the regular skystrike cloak requires you press a switch to activate it, Aruvin’s version is special though and has extra features (it’s a device version)
    Calim Gorn:Assuming I made my check I’ll try to catch her by the hand or something before she drops
    DM:Aruvin manages to activate his cloak in time to not fall and Calim manages to grab the sides. Max on the other hand is taken by surprise, too busy watching her vampire detector…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Kyaaaaaaa!”
    DM:If you want I’ll let you spend a hero point to try to save her too
    Calim Gorn:Damn, I gotta spend a Hero Point…?
    DM:I’ll gvie you a close attack roll against the same DC as it would be to drop.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:>.>
    DM:Well it’s pretty heroic to save someone suddenyl.
    natural response is to just grab the edges, and whoever falls falls.
    Calim Gorn:Well… You’ll probably live
    And I can go down after you
    Aruvin:* as he basically has a free hand, Aruvin will aspend thqat point to try and grab her…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:btw I don’t mean to use the cloak to not fall at all, just to like avoid damage when I hit the bottom, or at least have a couple seconds to see what I’m gonna fall into >.>
    DM:Sure I’ll let Aruvin do it if he’d like as well.
    well it’d depend on how far the fall is. If it was a long fall (or you had the quickness advantage of sufficient degree) I’d say you could potentially activate it before you hit bottom, but something sudden you may not have time to do, if itw as like a 30-40 ft fall or so.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:All I’m trying to say is if it’s a long enough fall I’m doing it, lol
    Sefiros:and so bruce wayne saves raz al ghul
    Calim Gorn:Heh, maybe not with a 12…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:If Maxine is a supervillain she’d be more like uh
    Calim Gorn:He should get +10 to it since he’s using a Hero Point, lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Someone help me out here
    Aruvin:alternatively, if I could, I’d just create an obstacle across the drop point and it end up being just a few feet drop ;)
    DM:Oh right, yeah you can conjure stuff.
    Yeah I’d let you do that as a reaction instead of reaching.
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah, that works way better
    DM:Since you’ve got creation powers that’d work, you coudl make her a new floor
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Sexy mole man lady?
    DM:Yeah that wouldn’t require a check… makes sense you coudl do that.
    Aruvin creates a floor for Maxine in time.. saving her from falling…. you also notice that the stone floor, shortly after dropping, seems to seal again with a rusty metal plate… apparently sealing whatever unfortuantey fell in there…
  • Aruvin reaches for Max as she starts to drop, but instead of grabbing at her collar, crystallines threadss shoot past her and into a new ‘floo0r’ just a couple feet below her
    DM:You’re not sure what’s down there, but you’re not sure if you really want to know…
    Geralt:((but he misjudges her fall speed and they go THROUGH her))
    Aruvin:“You alright miss EIsenburg?”
    Calim Gorn:“That was close… Good catch, Aruvin.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg stumbles a bit, expecting a much harder landing, but quickly recovers and brushes off her cloak.
    DM:Thanks to Aruvin’s quick response… Maxine could have been saved from a potentially horrible fate.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, quite… I appreciate that maneuver, Herr Aruvin.~”
    Aruvin:“Sneaky trap builders, placing the hazard a fair distance behind the trigger”
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed, they probably had a group like ours in mind… Or someone smart enough to be using the pole trick.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg holds her hand out for a stiff, formal handshake, but pulls him into a hug if he takes the bait
    DM:Aruvin recalls this tactic in use, particualrly to counter magicians who used summoned creature sto spring traps (or nefarious warlords using slaves)
    Aruvin:* calim might get a breif taste of better air as the temporary floor evapoates once Max is safe
    DM:heh yeah.
  • Aruvin takes the ‘bait’
    DM:If you wanted to create some fresh air btw you could ptoentialyl self destruct one of your charge crystals powerign a magitech device to fill the area with some of the Aela inside.
    Or a spellcaster type like Aruvin could do a power stutn to release some fresh aela into the air. But it’s not too hazardous in its current state.
    So unless you felt a pressing need to do that it probabl yisn’t necessary.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(brb again rq~)
    Aruvin:not until/unless Calim starts choking or seriusly complains
    DM:I mean he’s not in great shape, and may be kinda sick with prolonged exposure, but it’s not immediately harmful unless he spends alot of time there.
    He’ll just gradually sicken.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah he hasn’t really complained much other than saying the air tastes foul
    But you might have noticed him with a pained expression on the journey here and such
    Since he’s still healing
    DM:You can make out some footsteps behind you… as your companion Geralt catches up wiht you… (enter Geralt).
    Calim Gorn:He was basically up and walking around again within a few hours of being stapped to death
    DM:Pretty mcuh he’d have been tracking you through the maze.
    Calim Gorn:So he’s not exactly 100% yet
    “Ah, Geralt, you made it.”
  • Aruvin recreates his 10’ pole trap tester… ;)
    Aruvin:“But we’ll need to be alert in all directions anyway. Seems the designers of this place expected summoned creatures as trap fodder.”
    Geralt:“Yews, sorry about the delay. I had some trouble crafting this. (He pats a pouch at his side.”
    “I’m glad I caught up.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    DM:(Geralts pouch contains only a pack of sex cards)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:“So you know where we are going?”
    Calim Gorn:“Well, Maxine’s got a blip… We’re trying to get to where the blip is.”
    Geralt:“A blip?”
    Calim Gorn:“She was able to craft a tracking device, it’s saying Mina is up ahead.”
    Aruvin:“She fashions a Mina detector while oyu wer out and about”
    Geralt:“Ahh, I guess that tech is useful after all.”
    “Some day soon they won;t even need us Witchers. We’ll just be old stories.”
    Aruvin:“As useful a any7 utility spell. That’s the whole point, really. Putting utility spell effects into the hands of the mundane.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks, “We aren’t quite there yet.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear… I hope I’m not responsible for that. I find your company quite pleasant…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Geralt:“Thanks Max.” Geralt grins. “Well lead the way if you know where we’re going.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed! Well… I cannot say that I do, although I know in which direction Mina lies. That is why we have the big stick, ja?~”
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s go.”
  • Aruvin continues trying to deduce the architetural features and pathways that aught to result in mina’s position
    DM:You proceed along… following the trail of the vampire in mist form, thanks to Max’s vampire-detector gadget/contraption.
    Mina did take a few dead ends so it seems and had to double back…. so obviously she didn’t know this place very well…
    In one area she seems to have been held up by some sort of puzzle room… you find that Mina’s trail seemed to circle the room, and finally ended in several smashed walls as well as the activation of a few traps…
    Until finally it seems she was able to pry open the correct secret door… likely in a rage of sorts you guess…
    And some of her blood is on the floor apparently victim of a few rusty spikes launched at her..
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Interesting, seems this room was mist-tight.”
    DM:There’s also a wreckage of a pair of stone statues as well, whcih Max guesses were once magical animated guardians.
    Aruvin:“Oh, just remembered someting…” * digs into his belongings and pulls out an Aelabreather.. “In case the bad air really starts to get to someone.”
    DM:And there’s a staircase leading downwards… a big spiral one…the stone walls on the outer edges having motifs of evil spirits and demonic looking beings circling….
    Calim Gorn:“Nice… Yeah I might have to take a hit of that at some point… I’m okay for now though.”
    Aruvin:“Very well.” * tucks it away *
    DM:It seems Mina went inot mist form for this… so… you have to go back into trap detection mode…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Such an elaborate seal. It’s a wonder none of the mechanisms have failed…”
    DM:I think Arvuin was leading the way so I’ll give him a detection roll with his architecture check.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, almost a shame to see it smashed… Almost.”
  • Aruvin fearlessly takes the lead, counting on his solid resilience in case of a missed trap
    Aruvin:die hate us still
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Calim and Max suspect that Aruvin may only be pretending to be an architect… as he springs another trap.
    DM:Actually I’ll give Max a check on technology (though her DC is a bit higher here)
    Calim Gorn:Heh, can I roll Technology too? lol
    DM:Yeah okay. though you’ll still have your -2
    Calim Gorn:Let Max roll first lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo sure~
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, dice hate us
    DM:Max manages to notice that the steps seems to be deisgned to descend to a sloped positon, creating a chute instead of a staircase…. ther’es also odd holes near the base, where she guesses it’s designed to spray some kind of slippery oily substance to lubricate the chute..
    Though she’s not quite sure what to do to try to fix it beyond trying to fly, since it’d be tedious to try to jam every step manually.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah… Don’t step there just yet.”
    DM:You’re alread yon the staircase at this point btw.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It’s designed to collapse into a chute…”
    DM:It’s just nothing sprung yet.. it’s posible the trigger is in the middle.
    So as to get the most people.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg finds something to hang on to.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We haven’t yet hit the trigger…”
    Calim Gorn:“It won’t trigger as long as we don’t step on it, right? So… Let’s just not step on it.”
    DM:So you’re not sure exactly where the trigger is, it may be the next step or 30 steps down
    Aruvin:“I’ve been goign about this all wrong..” the pole evaporates, and Aruvin gestures infront of him, starting to fashion his own stairway downwards a coujpel inches above the existing one."
    Geralt:“Do you know where it is?”
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, that works too… I was going to just run along the wall.”
    Aruvin:Crystal Barrier: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary Creates a wall extendeding from Aruvin’s position; typically 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long
    ^ gives a rough idea of the dimesions possible
    Calim Gorn:Yeah should be able to make your own set of stairs with that I would think
    DM:Yeah actually he stationary on it.
    Aruvin:stationary even allows it to not need support ;)
    DM:So that’d mean it wouldn’t put weight on any plates under it
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:So it’d actually make a perfect means of avodiing pressure plates.
    Asrta momentarily appears…
    Astra:“Excellent use of crystal creation… I mean the non-armor variety.”
    DM:The staircase holds fine.. protecting you from springina ny kind of traps as you walk downwards.
    Aruvin:“My power levels are pretty good, but I’m still learnign to grasp its Scope.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’m continually impressed by your ability to improvise.~ Mm… If only I could shape metal so readily.”
    DM:There’s apparently a secret door that Mina had found and pried open… as the stairs continue downwards, probably to certain death…
  • Aruvin just lets the ‘back’ disspate when more is needed in the front
    Geralt:“That is a very handy ability you have there.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:magneto style steps
    DM:As you continue into the next corridor… Max’s magic vision… detects some glowing crystals on the walls here…
    Since she’s got analytical on it, I’ll give her a magic check to try to learn something about the crystals and whatever they’re doing.
    Aruvin:“It still has its limits. I can’t rally create any elemental effects, although I suppose I can magnify an existing fire by giving it more air to fule its volume.”
    DM:Well tehy actually look like gemstones, not Aela like crystals.. so some kind of gem magic no doubt.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Mm~
    DM:Give me a magical roll from Max. since you’d be the first one that might see something with the analytical vision
    Maxine von Eisenburg:pffff
    Calim Gorn:lol geez
    DM:Maxine looks at the crystals and can tell they’re apparently triggered to release energy if a certain condition is met.. but she’s unable to know what that condition is…
    Calim Gorn:“Think you can craft a shield over those gems?”
    “Maybe something U shaped to cover the floor too…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“These seem to be booby-trapped too… I fear my magical expertise isn’t up to par with my smithing.”
    Aruvin:“It’s a matter of volume is all. If we stay close enough I should be able to maintain such a corridor”
    DM:Oddly eough as well you notice there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way out of this room, though according ot the Mina’o’vision she went right thorugh one of the walls…
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… Though I wonder if these are some sort of puzzle…”
    DM:How you’re not sure.. it’s psosibel one of the crystal activations caused the wall to temporarily go out of phase or shape itself out of the way.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm… Perhaps it isn’t a trap, but the door trigger. Or both.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“Trigger the right one and the way opens… Trigger the wrong one and a horrible death awaits…”
    Astra:“Yeah so you pick the wrong gemstone and bad stuff happens.”
  • Calim Gorn looks for the inscription that says “Only the penitent man shall pass”
    DM:heh do you want to search for inscriptions.
    Geralt:“Or perhaps a sequence.”
    Calim Gorn:lol sure, might as well
    DM:You’ll have to get pretty close the walls are kinda dusty, and unless you got extended vision it’d be kinda hard to make out small details
  • Geralt will look around to see if he can see any matching figures.
    Calim Gorn:“You see any pressure plates?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:dont worry the southern oracle lies beyond
    Calim Gorn:(Did Mina spend a lot of time in this room according to the tracker or basically just buzz right through?)
    DM:Also Geralt’s witchers medallion is vibrating here.
    Looks like she moved around quite a bit.. she took her time here…
    Well at least in mist form, it’s hard to see what she did in nonmist form. since thet tracker looks fo her use of mana based powers
    So Geralt is enterting and calim entering? Anyone else?
    Calim Gorn:Okay, assuming Aruvin doesn’t warn me about any pressure plates or anything I’ll go in and start looking around
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll inspect the entrance for mechanisms that might trap them inside
  • Aruvin can try to combine his knowledge of architecutre and sculpting to try and deduce a door keying object or sequence…
    DM:Geralt starts to examine the room… finding a bunch of inscriptions, in ancient Taiyou language.. Geralt also notices the crystals are dark and colored… off color for what they probably should be… as if cloudy somehow…
    Geralt give me a druidic magic rolls, Max give me a tech roll and Aruvin give me an architectural roll
    And give me a scultping roll too Aruvin, just for the hell of it heh.
    Calim Gorn:I’ll roll Tech too for the hell of it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Still haven’t rolled above a 10…
    DM:Geralt recognizes some of the magic involved… or at least he thinks he does… he’s heard legends of at one times crystals being used to hold evil psirits (the witchers expiremented with it a bit but abandoned it)…. Though he knows at one point it was supposedly something used by Mahou Tsukai of Makoro to bind particularly nasty ghosts (known as Yurei)…
    The act would cause the crystyal to darken with the inner evil fo the spirit trapped there…
    Calim Gorn:lol, great
    Geralt:“Be cautious. I think these crystals contain trapped spirits.”
    DM:Max thinks that the room itself doesn’t seem to have anything to seal them in… Aruvin takes a moment to examine the place and realizes that all the walls save for the one that Mina last went through appear to be “real” though the last wall seems to be a latent magical construct of sorts… designed to be easily shaped by mana based magics.
    There’s almost certainly a corridor behind there.
    Geralt:‘One mistake and we could release some or all of them."
    DM:Ther’es also apparently inscriptions there, but they’ll be difficult to decipher for someone not an expert on makoro…
    Calim Gorn:Well I speak Tai at least
    DM:Yeah I mean you’ve basically got the beginnier course, this is like ancient dialect stuff.
    Aruvin:“That section is just a mana-based construct. It might be possible to nullify it for a time or entirely dispel it.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Ugh, I can’t read any of this… I should have studied more…”
    Astra:“There is a danger that the gemstones might be triggered if you attempted that, though I don’t know if we have all that many options.”
    Geralt:“This is when Suzu could be some help.”
    DM:The vampire detector does say you’re getting quite close now.. so this may be one of the last rooms.
    Calim Gorn:Are any of the gemstones not darkened?
    DM:Calim examines them.. and finds that there’s a single gemstone that apepars darkened, but not quite as much as the rest of them…
    There’s also an onyx..which it’s hard to see if it’s darkneed or not.. cause it’s black.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin:“Other than us and the wall section, are there any other mana eminations in here?” he asks Astra (she has non-discerning mana-sight)
    DM:Oh ddi youwant that to be mana sight, you have it lsited as life sight, so I assumed you wanted only alife sense. but I can change that to mana if you’d like.
    Geralt:Did i find any indication of symbols that we are to recreate?
    DM:Basically mana sight detects mana magic and living stuff while life sight just detects mana-based creatures effectively
    Geralt couldn’t make heads or tails of the script, it didn’t seem like anything simple…
    Likely whatever seal this has you’d need to know ancient Taiyou to solve whatever puzzle he’s set forward….
    Geralt:“I’m clueless here.”
    DM:yeah mana sense kinda seems more consistent heh… and yeah they’re rather similar it’s just life sense is a bit more of a narrow use of mana sense.
  • Geralt sniffs the “controls” to see if he can detect any latent scent.
    Astra:“The gemstones seem to be the only thing radiating any mana here.”
    DM:Geralt can pick up Mina’s scent. she was definitely in this room, in a corporeal sense anyway..
    I’ll give Geralt a perception check to try to see if he can discern if Mina touched any gems..
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:Geralt using his keen sniffer, smells that the slightly less dull gem and the onyx were both touched… he can’t tell the order.
    Aruvin:“Well, worse come to worse I can try and just bust through the mana-wall. I can produce a fairly effective sundering blow.”
    DM:*Slightly less darkened
    The others don’t seem to have been touched.
    Geralt:“She seems to have interacted with these gems here, though I can’t tell which sequence.”
    Astra:“If the evil demon-vampire didn’t want to try to smash this wall, it might come with its own dangers… like bringing a bunch of ghosts after us.”
  • Geralt points to the 2 gems.
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, I was pondering those gems as well… They’re the only ones that are different from the rest.”
    Astra:“Then again, it might not expect someone so strong to try to get through…”
    Calim Gorn:“Maxine, can you tell anything about this black gem?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg enters the room and peers closer at the gem.
  • Aruvin crosses his arm. “If we can’t discern anything more, than just choose a sequence and try it.”
    DM:She can’t really tell anything extra about the black gem unless she’d like to spend a hero point on it…. I’m using her intial roll for analyzing it at its base… Aruvin could possibly try some tricks on it, he’s good with crystalline stuff, though might require a power stunt on his part.
    Astra:“The chances of correctly guessing a sequence from two buttons is only 50%, assuming that both buttson are required and each is pressed only once.”
    “If those two assumptions are not true, then the odds agaisnt us increase significantly.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I can form a selective rectangle around us, connecting to the mana wall space, and we can try one.”
    Calim Gorn:Hm, can spend a Hero Point for insight maybe?
    Geralt:((I’m picturing astra as being annoyingly obvious like spock))
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I don’t think I have a hero point lol
    Astra:“Most legends about ghosts do not describe barriers as a problem for them, whether crystalline or otherwise.”
    DM:I would let Aruvin use extra effort (power stunt) to attempt to commune with one of the crystals, basically trying to learn something bout it scrystalline nature… since crystals are kinda his thing.
    So itt’d make sense he could stunt some kind of useful analytical sense for sensing what they might be up to
    Calim Gorn:Basically you just declare that’s what you’re doing
    DM:heh… okay, well it would involve a hero point (or taking a level of fatigue)
    Aruvin:“Hrm.. let me take a closer look…”
    Calim Gorn:It’ll fatigue you unless you use a Hero Point
    Aruvin:as I spent my one HP to save max, guess it’d be fatiguing
    actually.. youv’e got a variable power
    nm, you coudl just reconfigure your power
    you don’t need to stunt
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:Forgot he’s running a variable power as his main heh instead of an array.
    Aruvin:ok then… I’ll do that.. 15 PP wortyh of crystalography…
    DM:So basically all his stuff is a power stunt effectively within his area of expertise and this would be.
    Aruvin senses the gemstone magic… it appears the one that was slightly less dark was activated recently… which is why it wasn’t as dark… with the onyx being the one that seems safe….
    The slightly less dark one does contain a spirit though Aruvin thinks it was weakened from a recent fight.
    So you’re pretty sure touching the Onyx will manipulate the wall.
    Aruvin:“Hmmm. Lokos like only one of these two is actually the trigger… the onyx. The other is more likely a failed trigger.. whoe spirit Mina defeated”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, well I was thinking of touching them both simultaneously… It’s a good thing you’re able to discern enough to rule that option out.”
    DM:Also you think the trigger for any of the crtystals is use of Mana magic, fortuantely Aela magic doesn’t trigger it as it was created in a time when Aela magic was super rare.
  • Aruvin manipulates the onyx
    DM:You press in the onyx and the magical wall at the end of the room suddenyl starts to recede… likely it’ll opnly remain that way for a short period before the reshaping reverses itself.
    Aruvin:“Also, if any of you have some mana-based spells, don’t use them in here.. could trigger things en mass”
    Geralt:“Great job.”
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s hurry.”
    DM:I odn’t think anyone but Geralt uses mana-based magic.
    Though foratuntely he ddin’t try to Aard down the door.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:hehe, yeah
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that would have been bad
    DM:otherwise you’d have had a bunch of angry ghosts on you
  • Geralt heads throug the portal.
  • Aruvin ushers everyone thru and is the last to pass deeper within
    DM:You travel trhough the new opening….
  • Maxine von Eisenburg follows close behind the rest
  • Calim Gorn proceeds through the door
    DM:Following a small tunnel passage.. the vampire is very close according to the detector….
    You’d guess the next room.. in fact you hear a booming demonic voice…
  • Aruvin readies his anti undead attack…
  • Geralt draws his silver sword.
  • Calim Gorn draws his sword and readies the ray device that Aruvin prepared
    OniMina-sama:“So you’ve decided to seek me out… I supose it will be a blessing… as I can try my new sword.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg grips her walking stick.
    OniMina-sama:“This time Witcher… you will die.”
    DM:Sef you still there? If so I’ll let you run evil Mina….
    As you round the corner you can see the evil Mina, dressed in a samurai helmet… her body covered in a sort of dark armor like what the samurai was wearing, but Geralt suspects now that it may simply be some kind of projection of the Oni iteself…
    Geralt:“We will see.”
    DM:She carries in her hand a large blade wtih veins of red running up it… A thing that Max’s mana sight can detect contains quite a bit of amgical energy…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“No… You will die, and we will take back our friend.”
    Astra:“Contact with that sword would not be adviseable.”
    Geralt:((did i say annoyingly obvious????))
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah im here
    DM:Gonna swtich to intiaitive.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:I’ll let you run Mina Sef.. so long as you do try to kioll em, just pretty much use her sword attacks, and she also has an ultimate attack if things are going poorly..
    Calim Gorn:It gets actions along with Mina? Hax
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:Pretty much you’re in close range at this point about 20-30 feet away, so easy enough to get into melee range.
    Geralt:my init not in there, also i down a swallow and Wolverine before entering
    DM:Oh okay Added geralt.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i think I’ll let you run your monster T, i dont want to use up all my nat 20s killing the PCs :-p
    DM:lol okay.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Just figured I’d give ya the option
    Calim Gorn:Yeah instead he’ll use his nat 20’s
    DM:And Max is up too.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:its cool, but prolly go by faster if you run it
    Calim Gorn:Hopefully he didn’t give her the ninja dice
    Mina Beatrix Toress:instead of me taking 2 hours to ask questions
    so mostly just an issue of expediency
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok…~
    Can I try to slash at the mask maybe? I’d take a penalty I assume?
    DM:Mina radiates a newfound energy… and malevolence.. you can tell the Oni has made her even more powerful.
    Yeah. It’d be a sunder attempt lemme check how that works…
    I’m gonna say it’s a -2 to hit it unless you’ve got the improved smash advantage.
    hse can’t quite move it around like a held item (which is -5), but a face mask is still kinda hard to hit and she tends to protect that area by default.
    Oh I wanted to give you all a heor point too for the trap scenes
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Indeed… Ok, I definitely gotta invest in some more varied options, but for now I’m gonna make that called shot.
    Ooo yay!
    DM:Geralt gains a hero point. , Aruvin gains a hero point. , Maxine von Eisenburg gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Whar Hero Point
    You left me out lol
    DM:Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Go Max, jab your sword cane through her eye
    DM:This Oni is actually a personification of one of Zindal’s eye-stab victims from the GURPS game. It’s why it takes the form of a samurai’s face mask.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tch
    DM:The vampiric Mina parries away Max’s cane as she rushes at her.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:lol, i knew that had to be coming up with the eye stab comment
  • Geralt moves in cose while grabbing a handful of powder from his pouch, tossign it in Mini’s face.
    DM:Mina’s vampric reflexes realize the danger and dodges aside… doing a spiral around Maxine as it blocks her cane and evades the powder.. only getting a bit of it on itself…
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn aims Aruvin’s anti-vampire ray and lets loose with a blast
    DM:It emits an evil laugh….
    OniMina-sama:“The first thign I’m going to do after I kill you is return to find that girl that escaped me…”
    Calim Gorn:Man too bad it didn’t have improved crit
    DM:You assume he means Sayuri, who managed to hide from the Oni by hiding in the airship engine.
    Calim Gorn:Oh, 2 on that
    But 23 should hopefully still hit
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:6 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -
    —— Failure by 1 degrees
    hmm it didn’t seem to tally that properly…
    Yeah that should have been a pass.. weird…
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    DM:The creature seems to resist the effect…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:The evil Mina btw has basicalyl discarded all her magitech apparently having no use for it…
    It may be a demon, but it’s still a demon from makoro and paparently has no need of magitech.
    Aruvin:meh, want to save rthe h for later =P
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, dice are with us tonight
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    DM:Teh creature looks over its competition.. deciding the witcher is the greatest threat for now… btw Geralt you want to have Quen up or not?
  • Aruvin will Interpose, allowing Geralty to fous on his attacks
    DM:heh okay.
    Geralt:nope, don;t believe it will matter if hit
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 19 (13)Effect Rank: 12Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
    DM:Oh I thik cause she’s still set as a PC that might be what’s scerwing the macros up.
    Lemme chagne her to NPC.
    Okay that’s gonna hit.. so Aruvin has to soak the first blade hit.. tehre’s also a blood drain as well…
    Whcih requires a fort save after that. (it’s a linked effect0
    Calim Gorn:(Good thing his Aela infused blood gives her indigestion)
    DM:Well thiis is a special sword that’s trying to eat the blood heh.
    Not Mina herself.
    Calim Gorn:Ah, heh
    DM:It’s that sword forged with blood magic
    Apparently the one he came here to this tome to retrieve.
    Aruvin’s crystalline body manages to resist the the blade’s edge, but even contact with it seems to siphon mana out of him… he can feel some of his blood start to come from his nose and eyes… amking its way towards the blade… weakening him a bit (you’re impaired) you do get a furtuer fort save to shake the affliciton each turn though
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    Astra:“Apaprently my advice to stay out of the sword’s path went unheeded.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg narrows her eyes… Deciding to try for a decisive strike while the group is still healthy…
    Aruvin:“Duely noted.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Bleh I keep rolling bad ; ;
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, dice totally hate us tonight, lol
    DM:The cold emotionless demo nmask takes a moment to turn to Maxine as it parries her, its great strength throwing her back a few feet with the parry
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Come on Geralsus, don’t let us down
  • Geralt dodges aside, thankful for Aruvin’s intervention. And attempts to toss some more dust in the former Mini’s face….
    Geralt:ok, going to try the macro this time
    Calim Gorn:Sweet, well it hit at least
    DM:think you added 6 too many, but a 24 still hits
    so doesn’t change anything
    Will save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:8 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Yeah shouldn’t have put the +6 in there
    Geralt:i did a =6 atk mod, wasn’t sure it it would do the correct amount
    Calim Gorn:It’ll auto calc it with the effect rank
    DM:The powder strikes the demon samurai as it gives a howl of rage.
    Calim Gorn:Awesome
    DM:Give me a monster lore roll btw Geralt.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn fires the vampire bane ray again
    OniMina-sama:“I may not be able to flee now… but I had no intention of running from my victims!”
    DM:Btw Calim yous ubtracting your 2 for being impaired?
    Calim Gorn:Yes
    It’s in there
    I cancelled it out with AoA
    It’s not displaying but I did type -2 in the attack mod box
    DM:hmm okay.
    Calim Gorn:I think it’s because it’s auto-capped
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) Roll Result: 19 ( natural:9 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -
    —— Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Awesome
    DM:The attack impairs Mina… starting to disrupt her vampiric body…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol, fight of the cripples
    DM:Aruvin is currently impaired as well for this round from getting hit by the sword (it’s -2 to all rolls)
    Though won’t matter with that roll heh.
    Aruvin:terrible attack rolls.. and the -2 from impaired affects the fort save too?
    DM:You also get a fort roll at the end of your turn to end the effect.
    yeah it does.
    Calim Gorn:Yup, it’s all checks
    DM:still impaired (forutnately it’s not progressive)
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    DM:The demon seems to realize your threat now as it reaches up a hand to its own blade…. smearing blood on the blade which the sword seems to greedily drain… to Maxine’s mana sight she can basically see that he’s feeding the sword mana in order to empower it even further….
    The sword seems to then lash out in a burtal barrage.. striking at all of you (multiattack!)
    Calim Gorn:Crap
    -1 per additional target heh
    Aruvin:guess can’t interpose that then
    DM:He attacksin a vicious frenzy of speed and brutality… trying to hamme through your defenses.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hngh!”
    DM:yeah heh, can’t interpose, but you are a target too if that’s any consolateion heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(heh, I’m at -2)
    DM:Order will be as init, Max, Geralt, Calim then Aruvin.
    Calim Gorn:Also -2 for her Impaired condition
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Frenzy: Special Blade Attack) (Close, +8, rank 14 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 15 (11)Effect Rank: 14 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Relentless slashing attack fueled by user’s manaNotes: Tires Wielder (through blood drain), secondary effect (bleed)
    Calim Gorn:So like -5 total I think
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Frenzy: Special Blade Attack) (Close, +8, rank 14 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 10 (6)Effect Rank: 14 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Relentless slashing attack fueled by user’s manaNotes: Tires Wielder (through blood drain), secondary effect (bleed)
    OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Frenzy: Special Blade Attack) (Close, +8, rank 14 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 15 (11)Effect Rank: 14 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Relentless slashing attack fueled by user’s manaNotes: Tires Wielder (through blood drain), secondary effect (bleed)
  • Calim Gorn ducks
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Frenzy: Special Blade Attack) (Close, +8, rank 14 Damage) AOA 2 Improved Critical 2 PL Cap +2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 17 (13)Effect Rank: 14 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: Relentless slashing attack fueled by user’s manaNotes: Tires Wielder (through blood drain), secondary effect (bleed)
    DM:15 on max will miss even with her all out attack
  • Geralt dodges as the blade swings his way.
    DM:Geralt isn’t running Quen so he dodges as well.
    Aruvin will take a hit barely at a 15.
    Or wait 17
    So arvuin is the only one hit.
    The attack does do a single wound, it was a vicious strike.
    Though Aruvin’s crystal does seem to hold it off… however, it seems to be profusely bleeding (it has a secondar yeffect to continue the bleed0
    Calim Gorn:Fort save for the bane ray effect
    DM:The attack did seem to tire out Mina though, clearly it took a lot out of her.
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 11 ( natural:3 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Nice, it progresses
    DM:And the bane ray continues to impair her.
    It has cumulative not progresive.
    Calim Gorn:Heh it’s up to disabled now I think
    Oh wait that’s right
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Astra:“That wound does not look good, you may want to consider pulling back and trying to address the bleeding.”
    Calim Gorn:Damn should have gone with Cumulative
    I mean
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    Calim Gorn:Well maybe with the AoA
    DM:The onivampire blocks the attack deflecting it aside with its blade.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh huh yeah it doesn’t factor that in
    DM:Oh weird… is it not factoring the mods.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh wait it is
    I forgot about the -2 for the called shot
    DM:Ah okay.. ti’s just not displaying the modifier to the roll.
  • Geralt presses an attack after Mina’s blade swings by, pressing the advantage now that she is constrained.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah it just shows the variable name it looks like
    DM:Yeah the fianl total is right, just doesn’t display that there’s a modifier.
    Calim Gorn:Awesome
    Geralsus comes through!
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 22 ( natural:14 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:28 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 2 degrees
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:The oni is dazed as the silver blade cuts through its demonic armor…
  • Calim Gorn blasts the oni with the ray again
    Calim Gorn:Hm might miss
    DM:That’ll barely hit.. unless you’re missing your 2 heh.
    Calim Gorn:No it’s in there
    I’m using AoA to cancel it like I said
    OniMina-sama:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier -2 Roll Result: 20 ( natural:12 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -
    —— Success
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    DM:The oni manages to reisst the ray… all its rage comintg forth… as a red mist starts to emit from its mask….
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin switches tactices, attempting to encase the demon in a crystallien cylinder (Close Create Rank 7, Selective, Stationary) – solid and opaque to it, but just air to us (she gets a Dodge check to avoid)
    DM:Aruvin is sitll impaired (though get another save at the end of turn)
    Oh wait..
    wait nm…
    You don’t bleed until his next turn
    OniMina-sama:Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 7) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 16 ( natural:10 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:17 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:THe creation appears aorund the demon… sealing her in there…
    And you’ve cleared the affliction, no more impaired.
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:“She’ll need to brak out of that befreo she can hurt us again, but you can attack her thru it”
    Calim Gorn:“Handy.”
    DM:The oni starts screaming profanities in Taiyou… Calim can understand some of them….
    As it starts to swing at the crystal sturcutre… while trying to still be somewhat defensive.. since it’s easy enough to hit.
  • Calim Gorn smirks a little at some of the creative profanity
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 4 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 19 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 14Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
    Calim Gorn:“Haven’t heard some of those before.”
    lol of course
    Heh, think it does
    DM:Yeah actually he put a hole in it, but didn’t totally break it.
  • Aruvin makes good use of Gm uber dice
    DM:Crystal fragments fly from it… creating a potential hole he can attack, but it’d be rather difficult with a big sword like that… and as long as you keep your distance after you attack…
    However… Aruvin’s wound contineus to bleed… needs another toughness check…
    He takes 1 wound, but finally the wound stops bleeding
    And the oni’s chances don’t look so good….
    Fort save to resist the bane ray.
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 17 ( natural:9 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    DM:And he’s still baned.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:he can use his tentacles from the hole to grab maxine….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:mokoro glory hole
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    Maxine von Eisenburg:That’s a called shot for the mask too~
    DM:Max finally knifes the demon mask…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes a deep breath, focusing herself… Then throws everything she’s got into a single cut, slashing across the demon’s mask and returning her blade to her cane in one smooth motion.
    DM:Max jabs into the eye, but the thing seems rather reislient.. and maybe she didn’t quite get a great hit on it… as the thing is flailing around.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tch
    DM:So it seems to resist the attack.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
  • Geralt continues his assault, perceiving the danger if Oni-Mina is not brought down.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’m trying to kill the mask, not prod Mina’s eyes out…
    Calim Gorn:Whiff
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn fires the bane ray again
    Geralt:can’t crit them all
    DM:Geralt swigns but Aruvin doesn’t manage to get his crystal barrier out of the way in time… and he ends up doing a grazing (nondamaging blow to the crystal)
    Calim Gorn:And yes the 2 is in there
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier -2 Roll Result: 18 ( natural:12 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:25 ) OniMina-sama -
    —— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome
    I think that goes up to 3 degrees?
    Since it’s cumulative?
    DM:wait.. actually.
    I rolled versus damage with toughness
    Wronng thing heh..
    Calim Gorn:Ah damn it
    DM:Wasn’t fort.
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 25 ( natural:17 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Success
    Calim Gorn:Laaaaaame
    DM:And she does manage to succeed against the fort attack… shrugging it off again.
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Astra:“Estimated odds of victory are in our favor. Advise pressing the attack.”
    Calim Gorn:“Never tell me the odds.”
    DM:Nah, basically you’d just repair it wtih your whole action.
    So it’d remove the 2 wounds it took, and the hole.
  • Aruvin covers up the hole OneMina made
    DM:But she woudln’t get another dodge save to totally escpae.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Remind me not to get on his bad side
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    DM:Oh and you get a check to remove your impaired too forgot about that. Another fort save.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Conversely, I can think of some kinky stuff you could do with that
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:You can ALWAYS think of something kinky to do with ANYTHING
    DM:oh wait you mgith of
    Calim Gorn:Yeah he did
    DM:I just didn’t remove the icon
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah that’s true
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’m like Speed Pervert
    DM:The oni flails again attacking at the crystalline strucutr.e..
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 4 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 13 (13)Effect Rank: 14Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
    DM:And strikes into the crystal barrier…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, still holds
    DM:he makes another hole.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:Oh wait and antibane.
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 12 ( natural:4 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, should have gone with Progressive
    Aruvin:“Resign yourself, demon. I’m not letting you out of there.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t mince any more words, continuing to go straight for the demonic mask…
    DM:You can see bits of the demons armor is starting to collapse under there… and you can see Mina’s flesh.. not the young flesh of the beautiful vampire you’re used to.. but the aged flesh of an old decrepit thing…
    Perhaps Geralt’s powder has had something to do with that…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is outwardly serene and focused, but the others can tell she’s furious.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ffff
    DM:Maxine tries to attakc bu tthe Oni manages to dlefect her blow.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Geralt:it’s nosferatu… Mina’s natural form
  • Geralt circles and attewmpts to strike for the monster’s weak side as the others keep it distracted… going for a powerful yet reckless blow.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah seems like we just can’t catch a break on these dice
    DM:heh well Arvuin rolled pretty well on his tougnhess checks agaisnt the sword, that thing could have fucked you guys up pretty well.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:more like swamp lestat
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:not there
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn fires the bane ray once more, trying to bring Mina down non-lethally
    DM:The Oni fights for its life within the crystal barriers.. not giving up….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Shit, I hope I don’t accidentally slice her face off along with the mask
    Calim Gorn:Damn nat 1
    And yes the 2 is in there
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier -2 Roll Result: 15 ( natural:7 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -
    —— Failure by 1 degrees
    The Oni goes to disabled.
    Calim Gorn:Whoo, that’s up to Disabled
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
  • Aruvin maintains crystal ‘tomb’
    DM:okay Aruvin repairs the tomb.. keeping it in there.
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:* filling in hoe again
    Mina Beatrix Toress:tomb raider Aruvin
    DM:The oni tries to shake the effects of the ray (recover action to gain +2 defense and an additional check to remove the affliciton)
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 5 Roll Result: 18 ( natural:13 , Modifier -5 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Failure by 1 degrees
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 10) , Modifier 2 Roll Result: 27 ( natural:19 , Modifier -2 , Save DC:20 ) OniMina-sama -—— Success
    Calim Gorn:Shit
    DM:And he shakes it off…
    Calim Gorn:That’s only got a -2 on it… Though that would have still saved
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:Yeah heh.
    It wouldn’t have mattered.
    Calim Gorn:“Tch… This tech of yours leaves something to be desired, Aruvin.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:if i dont reply instantly, im back and forth checking the stove
    Maxine von Eisenburg:gross ; ;
    Aruvin:“Perhaps you should have involved yourself inthe design phase?”
    DM:The thing seems to force Mina’s withered body onward…. perhaps manipulating it more like apuppet now.. the withered old limbs being supported by the renewed demonic energy.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    OniMina-sama:“This tomb can’t hold me!”
  • Geralt tries to recover from his past two failed attacks, not able to strike a solid blow while the thing has been encased.
    Calim Gorn:Nah you can still hit it
    He made it where our attacks can go through
    It just can’t attack back out
    DM:Gealt comes in at it, but the wicked creature raises its blade to block his attack.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn fires the bane ray again
    Calim Gorn:Miss
    DM:The Oni manages to dodge aside wiht its crystal prison (it’s not really restricting its movements more like a wide cylinder around it)
    But not really like it can’t dodge around and such
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I figured
    Yeah it did
    Or wait maybe not
    It took a recover last turn
    DM:nah no breakage
  • Aruvin tries to punch the mask…
    DM:You disasemeblesome crystal and take a swing.. though the Oni seesm to anticipate the blow and dodges.
    Aruvin:about all I can do and keep the barrier in place
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    DM:The oni swings in a frenzy at the barrier
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 5 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 9 (8)Effect Rank: 15Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
    Aruvin:^ just a striahgt up str attack, so no Variable changes
    Calim Gorn:lol doesn’t a 9 miss it
    DM:oh wait… actually…
    Yeah actually it would.
    He can’t quite get his balde around to strike the barrier as it catches part of the side of it..
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:As the red glow in the mask intensifies.. you can see more fo Mina’s flesh start to shrivel… as the oni draws and more energy….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Foul beast…!”
    Aruvin:* as the others might have questinoed his architectural knowledge, he begins to question the veracity of tales of awesome Geralt and Calim…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Witcher attacks fish in barrel, misses repeated.
    Geralt:lol, well i’m off my game, she is a former friend
    DM:The demon mask once again holds off the attack.. the thing beign quite resileint in itself…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:You ain’t have any trouble rolling good though…
    *Start of Geralt’s Turn*
    DM:heh, the demon mask is rolling great.
    Calim Gorn:lol as usual for your monsters
    OniMina-sama:least it’s attacks didng’ reoll well
    Calim Gorn:True
  • Geralt attempts to strike at the mask this time… taking a chance based on his past failures….
    OniMina-sama:a quad crit on its multiattack could have ended you guys real fast :P
    Calim Gorn:-2 for a called shot on the mask
    OniMina-sama:Yeah -2 to strike the mask.
    And it is in defensive so it has a +2 to defense from its partially defensive strikes
    Geralt:damn i’m sucking tonight
    Calim Gorn:Yeah we can’t roll for shit
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt swings again but misses… Aruvin’s crystal barrier perhaps not his preferred way of fighting.
  • Calim Gorn rays again
    Calim Gorn:Actually fuck it, I’m gonna try for the mask too
  • Calim Gorn decides to take a chance and attacks the mask with his sword as well
    DM:heh oaky.
    Calim Gorn:lol nope
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol we suck
    DM:In a nigthmarish display of GURPS flashbacks, the Oni is accosted by a bunch of people all stabbing for the face…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:so not the drama
  • Aruvin only has a Fight of 2 and nothing to increase it outside of Accurat eon crystal attacks, but he’s occupied keeping the tomb in place so.. wimpy punch again
    Geralt:see no matter what system you can’t escape the eye-stabbers
    Calim Gorn:You all just hating on Zindal because he’s the best
    Haters gonna hate
    *****Start of OniMina-sama’s Turn*****
    DM:Aruvin tries to land a punch but the creature holds off their attacks to the best of its abilities.. acting a flurry of blows… all the while draining Mina further.. her vampiric body robbed of any regenerative powers thanks to Geralt’s powder.
    As the Oni tries to channel its blade again in a powerful strike.
    OniMina-sama:OniMina-sama Attacks! (Blood Blade Basic Attack) (Close, +8, rank 10 Damage) PA 4 Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 2 ***AutoCapped***Roll Result: 6 (4)Effect Rank: 14Descriptors: slashingNotes: Use a linked attack
    DM:But one again can’t quite get a good clean hit…
    Calim Gorn:lol awesome
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
  • Maxine von Eisenburg murmurs quietly. “It seems to have debilitated only Mina…”
    Calim Gorn:“It’s likely feeding off her Mana to sustain itself…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes another crack at the mask… This time executing well…
    Calim Gorn:“Draining the vampire… Hah…”
    Holy shit
    I think she nuked it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You will let her free…!”
    DM:The blow puts a big crack in the mask… red glow erupting from it… clearly damaging the thing.. despite being rather hardened agaisnt damage…
    Calim Gorn:Aw, not treating it as an object?
    DM:heh nah it’s a creature in the shape of an object.
    Calim Gorn:lol okay
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hurry! Her body cannot take much more!”
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You must strike now!”
  • Geralt attempts to strike in sync with Max….
    DM:Gonna barely cohnect as well.
    And taht’ll break it.
    Calim Gorn:Whoo!
    Geralt:Witcher name restored
    DM:Geralt swings his sivler sword into the demon mask, and sees the crack Maxine already made expand as the bottom part of it breaks apart and off of Mina….
  • Calim Gorn readies a swing but stops himself as he sees the mask split in half…
    Calim Gorn:“You did it!”
    DM:the samurai armor she was encased in now fully evaporates into a black oily smoke.. leaving her body to drop…. her features that of an old woman whose aged wrinkly flesh clings to her bones and is a ghostly pale….
  • Maxine von Eisenburg tries to catch Mina if she can…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mina! No… We must help her!”
  • Geralt m,akes sure the mask is destroyed, for good…
    DM:Guess Arvuin could let you go through it ot catch her.
  • Aruvin ’s taut muscles replaxe, and the entire cylinder evaporates into clean air
    DM:Geralt collects the peices of the mask… to truly banish this evil spirit, generally the Witchers perform a druidic ritual of sorts otehrwise these Oni have a tendency to reform…
    So he could start performing the ritual if he wants. while the others tend to Mina.
    Calim Gorn:“She probably needs blood…”
  • Geralt conducts the ritual of Planar Banishment….
    Calim Gorn:“But our Aela is poisonous to her, if I recall correctly.”
    DM:Mina’s once lustrous silver hair is now a lifeless grey, and various strands are starting to fall out… Max can tell with her mana vision that’s she’s virtually drained of Mana right now.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We must resore her mana immediately.”
    DM:The only source sof Mana without Aela right now seem to be that blood sword she was wielding and the Oni… which Geralt is in the process of destroyingh
    Aruvin:“Perhaps we can jury rig something to draw liquid mana essence back out of that sword…”
    DM:I’ll give Max and Aruvin amagic check.. to see what they can come up with.
    Geralt:“They must be destroyed or the Oni will reform and could attempt to posess her again, or another of us.”
    Aruvin:“Easier to destroy with less Mana in them”
    DM:And Geralt can make a magic check for his destruction ritual, assuming you don’t want to save the Oni as a means of potetnitally sustaining Mina…
    Geralt:“It coul dalso attempt to gain some and draw from her.”
    DM:Max give me a magic check?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm
    Calim Gorn:“Will she last long in this state? Maybe we can just carry her back with us and find an animal to gather blood from.”
    DM:Geralt sets up the necessariy ritual comoponents to ensure the Oni never plagues these lands again… having brought some of the right ingredients for the ritaul (I’m assuming you’d have prepared for this)…
    Geralt:sure, i would alsways have an assortment of components and decoctions
    DM:Max can sense that the sword is a cursed blade… and potentially by putting it back in Mina’s and it may forge a bond with the new owner, now that the Oni is dead…. sharing some of its mana with hers, though it would link her and the sword forever….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:back
    DM:And the weapon appears to be some kind of evil thing forged of blood magic…
    Or you could risk it that she’ll recover on her own, but it’s pretty unlikely..
    A general mana-based caster could potentially power stunt to give her some mana, Unforutantely Geralt is the only mana-based caster, and his witcher signs are too limited for that.
    It seems that the organized of renowned monster hunters never bothered to come up with a sign to sustain a dying vampire.
    Geralt:lol, probably not a priority
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So basically we gotta give her the blood sword or let her die is what you’re saying
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:“Go see if you can catch a creature from the forest.”
    DM:You’re pretty deep down in the labyrinth… and ev then, the haunted forest above doesn’t have much in the way of living creatures with blood..
    Geralt:hmm, ok scratch that
    Calim Gorn:“This forest is haunted full of ghosts… Not great for game hunting.”
    Geralt:“Give her a kiss, it alwasy works int he stories…..”
    DM:It’s likely if Mina were to expire in a place like this.. her soul would be drawn and bound to this place.. another ghost of this haunted land.
    Aruvin:“There’s one more option, actually. If we can safely pry out some of those gemstones, they are all mana-infused…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We were yet unprepared…”
    DM:If he had time, Aruvin might be able ot device a way to invent something to distill the Aela from an imbued’s blood… but there’s probably no time for that…
    Leaving only the Oni and the cursed blade as a means of sustaining her, or simpyl carrying her through the dead labyrinth and hoping its evil doesn’t drain her….
    She’d be quite a target for the ghosts of the forest too…
    Yeah true you could try to jury rig something. Lemme see how that works again.
    Calim Gorn:“It doesn’t seem like we have a lot of choice if we want to save her other than giving her the sword…”
    Aruvin:time = 1 round per PP
    DM:yeah says it’s at +5 DC, though it does allow assistance.
    So Max could assist you and potentially give an offsetting +5.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh shit sorry
    I hallucinated and thought I made that check already
    Aruvin:"Before we resort to that, let’s see if I can distill the Aela out of some of our blood. Aela IS what I form myt crystals from after all…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:or wait
    DM:Of course if you rolled a critical failure, it’s likely to kill Mina outright.
    Geralt:you need mana, noe Aela
    Calim Gorn:Nah you rolled it
    Well if he separates the Aela out of our blood that leaves the mana behind
    Then he feeds the blood to her
    Geralt:ahh, ok, i get it
    DM:Yeah going to be a tech roll from ya… and a natural 1 would kill Mina… heh.
    Aruvin:so be it…
    take that! =D
    Calim Gorn:lol well that should do it
    DM:heh okay. well that doesn’t even need Max’s help.
    Alright spend the hero point for Jury rigging.
    Aruvin manages to cannibalize some parts from his anti-vampire ray, as well as some from Astra’s aela/mana sensors….
  • Aruvin forms a cup out of crystal, cuts his hand and fills the cup with blood. Evaporation occurs for a bit, then he feeds it to Minma
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, Max’s just inclined to turn to science first >.>
    DM:Managing to fix together a functional device to feed Mina some blood.
    In her weakened state, I’ll let you either give all your blood from one person (which will render them disabled) or blood from everyone, that’ll make them just impaired.
    Aruvin:“Not yet time for you to go, miss Toress.”
    Calim Gorn:lol well I’m already Impaired
    DM:SInce she’s very mana depleted… and noen of you are really mana casters, so you’re pretty low on mana actually for the most part.
    Well yeah I’m assuming it wouldn’t come from Calim much
    And mostly the other three
    Aruvin:geralt gives double
    DM:Geralt actually has the most mana with his druidic magic.
    Geralt:that what i was thinking
    DM:Though granted the device doesn’t filter those witcher potions…
    So it may be a bette ridea to use Aruvin and Max….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Those things ain’t exactly the healthiest concoctions.
    Aruvin:* unless someone else contribnutes, Aruvin is likely to do it all himself
    DM:heh okay, you can do it yourself and it’d make you disabled for a while.
    DM:Mostly for the journey out of the cursed forest.
  • Geralt is involved in the ritual of destruction and banishment
    Geralt:Aint nothin gonna stop me now, nu uh, gotta keep on brewing
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Meanwhile Geralt performs the ritual…. throwing various herbs and alchemical components onto the mask that he’d spent time gathering… a red mist rises from the Oni… as its form starts to bubble and decompose… black smoke rising from it that smells foul… adding to the alrteady foul nature of this place.
    As the smoke wafts into the area… Geralt is rather certain he’s destroyed the creature permanently.
  • Calim Gorn covers his face to avoid breathing in any of the smoke…
    Geralt:and the sword?
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s get out of here…”
    DM:Mina starts to regain consciousness as the blood is fed to her.
    She can’t remember too much…
    Also what did you want to do with the big sword the oni had that cemf rom the tomb? You could return it t o what seems to be an open grave here.. where he probably recovered it in the first palce./
    It’ll be pretty difficult to destroy on its own, as it seems to be a weapon of quite power…
    Geralt:is it still evil sensing after the ritual?
    DM:Well I mean the sword itself was created via forbidden blood magic… forged of blood iron (gained by boiling human blood for the iron within the blood).
    Aruvin:* Mina likely awaks to Aruvin holding a crystal goblet to her lips, blood flowing into her mouth…
    DM:So it’s pretty much an evil weapon until itself. Or at least considered an accursed thing by the people of Makoor… Evil I suppose is relative
    Geralt:yeah, i make sure the thing is disposed of, if not destroyed, hidden well
    DM:You could just leave it where it was found, or take it with you to put somewhere else.
    The druids do have secret archives to bury evil stuff like that
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Its method of craftsmanship is certainly unique, but I shudder to think of its cost…”
    DM:Mina’s eyes open… as the blood comes into her.. she’s still sarving so when she has enough strength she greedily goes for the blood of her own accord.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:(good luck destroying my device G :-p)
    Geralt:ok, will do that, make sure it is wrapped up in cloth and not visible
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Were she not surrounded by Imbued you feel her bloodd lust would probably lead her to attack one of you…
    Calim Gorn:“Such a sword might actually be uniquely suited for Mina…”
    “Assuming she can control it and not vice versa.”
    DM:Mina is still in terrible shape right now, she’s disabled but not in danger of death.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress opens her eyes, and stares at the ceiling a few moments before she blinks, and groans.
    DM:And her sanity starts to come back as Aruvin gives her more and mopre blood…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Bl…ood….” she begins to crawl at the dirt and she rolls onto her stomach
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm. It’s possible, but her willpower must be exhausted after such a terrible experience.”
    Geralt:“That can be decided later. It is a thing forged or death and evil deeds.”
    Aruvin:“Careful miss Toress. I have Aela-free blood prepared for you.” refills crystal goblet from Crystal pitcher which has tghe rest of the collected Mana-Blood
  • Mina Beatrix Toress drags herself along the floor.
  • Aruvin has Treatment skill, so ha ssince bandages up his blood-letting point
    DM:Mina’s complexion stars to retrun.. making her look about middle aged as the blood returns to her.
    Calim Gorn:“Hold still, Mina… Just relax for now.”
    DM:Her skin gaining a bit of color…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I feared we had lost you forever.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress looks at her hands. “So old…”
    DM:ALso Aruvin notices that the cursed sword the Oni was using reacts to his bloodletting almost vibrating a bit… trying to inch itself closer, though fortuantely unsuccessfully…
    But it too seems to have a thirst for blood…
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Aruvin is fulyl aware.. it drew blood from him without actually penetrating his skin after all
    Geralt:he noticed or i noticed? since i have it with the mask
    Calim Gorn:Heh well you probably don’t wanna touch that thing
    (So what now, guessing Mina is recovered enough to speak eventually?)
    Geralt:well i did say i was wrapping it in cloth and packing it away
  • Geralt finishes his task and goes to check on Mina’s status.
    DM:Yeah Geralt would see the sword moving.
    Or feel it anyway.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What happened?” she eeks out with in a whisper
    Geralt:“It’s good to have you with us again Mina. I advise you don’t try to use artifacts like that again.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress rolls onto her back and looks at her hands again.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Was I asleep? How long? I won’t go back in there again…”
    Calim Gorn:“You were possessed by some sort of demonic samurai armor… And it drained your mana to sustain itself while we fought it.”
    DM:Geralt thinks Mina will livea t least assuming she contineus to feed regularly… but she’s in no immedaite danger of mana loss.
    Geralt:“Come, let’s leave this place as soon as Mina is well enough.”
    “The oni is destroyed and will not be troubling anyone further.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You do not remember anything? Part of me thinks it is for the best…”
    Aruvin:“Here’s the last of what we managed,” hands Mina the crystal goblet with the last of the Mana-blood.. then collects the remnants of the jury rigged device
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah she does have that ability
    DM:Yeah though she’s so weak at this point it woudln’t be much.
    So I’m gonna say she woudln’t realyl get mcuh.
    Since most of her drinking is when she’s in a ravenous beast-like state.
    Maybe she’ll see them in a dream and think they happened to her at some point.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Just blackness.”
    “It’s empty.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says finishing the glass greadily.
    Calim Gorn:“You’ll have to wait on that refill.”
    “Can you stand?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress tries to get to her knees first, and then stand.
    DM:Aruvin is pretty mcuh super drained after taht since it all came from him.
  • Calim Gorn offers her a hand up
    DM:Mina can walk but only slowly.. and most of her undead powers aren’t back yet (the vampire transofrmation and such)
    Probably the work of Geralt’s powder still in her system.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress staggers to her feet.
    DM:It fucked her up pretty good.
    Geralt:hehe, guess that was a potent batch
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I was just starting to look like myself… look at me.”
  • Aruvin ruggedly gets to his feet, wobbling to a wall to support himself before resolutely standing straight
    Calim Gorn:“You’ll get better.”
    Aruvin:“I think we’ve spend enough tim ein here. Shall we?”
    Calim Gorn:“Agreed… The air in here really does taste awful.”
    “I might borrow that Aela Breather from you…”
    DM:Also everyone gets a hero point from that.. plus Cali gets 2 bennies fro being impaired for the fight.
    Aruvin:“I’ll lay out a path agin to avoid any pressure plates we missed…”
    Astra:Geralt gains a hero point. , Aruvin gains a hero point. , Mina Beatrix Toress gains a hero point. , Maxine von Eisenburg gains a hero point. , Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We must get you to a safe place. Perhaps somewhere out of the sight of the public, ja?
    Astra:Calim Gorn gains a benny.
    Calim Gorn gains a benny.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:”This is probably the safest spot from them, if you’re worried about humans."
    “I know a tomb when I see one.”
    Calim Gorn:“It’s certainly true that people don’t normally venture out here… But I doubt even a vampire is comfortable sharing a home with ghosts.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I already carry plenty of ghosts.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“One of them could try to possess you in your state, ja?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Wouldn’t be possesing much….”
    Astra:“We should probably inform you about our one exorcism per week rule.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks…
  • Mina Beatrix Toress feigns a smile
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah… I don’t want to go through that again. Come on.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Fine.”
    “I don’t know why you bothered to come after me to be honest.”
  • Aruvin will extend the artificial floor/stairs as needed, an dpossibly ultimately a ladder up and out
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You don’t owe me anything, it’s probably the other way around.”
    DM:As you’re making your way out… where you have to climb the stairs… I’m gonna have Aruvin make a will save… since he’s shaky right now with his power being drained… so tehre’s a possible his concentraton could slip.
    Aruvin:“Reguardless, the Demon Mask needed to be dealt with.”
    DM:It’s only gonna be DC 10, but he does have the -5 from being disabled… so stillr ealtively difficult.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Ah yes that thing, that’s all I remember. Facing the demon samurai, when Geralt showed up.”
    DM:Basically in his weakened state ti’ll be hard to maintain the strength of his crystalline constructs potetnialyl ( a complciation if he fails)
    Though h emanages to resolutely keep his crystallines tairs inteact to get everyone up
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“He went down, and I killed the thing, but it’s blood’s call was too strong to resist, that’s all I can remember.”
    “There was a girl, the one from Ronen, the Tai girl. Is she dead?”
    “I told her to run, but she was pretty stubborn, I don’t know what came of her.”
    Calim Gorn:“No, she managed to save herself.”
    “But she was the only one from what I hear.”
    Geralt:“She hid and lived. The others were not so lucky.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“To say the call of blood was strong… That is certainly true, no…”
    DM:SInce Max and Aruvin both got Eidetic memory, Il’l say between them they won’t get lost in the labyrinth, now that you’re basically retracing your steps anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She is quite resourceful, you know. I found her hiding in an aela reactor, using a rebreather… She was quite lucky to survive her hiding place as well.”
    Calim Gorn:“Sounds like her all right.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles
    DM:Finally you make it through the labyrinth… emerging at the bottom of the deep pit that Oni-Mina dug…
    Calim is happy to smell fresh air again…
  • Calim Gorn takes a deep breath of the fresh forest air, seeming much relieved
    DM:Though the haunted forest isn’t all taht inviting espceialyl at night like now…
    Calim Gorn:“That’s so much better…”
    DM:But at least the Aela is pure enough
    Max can see various spirits circling about…. luikely more Yurei….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Let us not hesitate.”
    Astra:“I know this might be a bad time, but I think there’s ghosts, and more of em than before.”
    DM:You’re all rather fatigued and it’s quite a joureny to get out of the forest especialyl with so many of your members in poor condition…
    Meaning either a pair of choices, eiter forced march to escape the cursed wood or making camp…
    Calim Gorn:“Aruvin, can you disperse them again?”
    Aruvin:“Well, I can blast an area as discouragement and hope these don’t get angry instead”
    DM:Geralt knows these spirits can sense weakness… and generally prey on the weak… Aruvin and Mina’s condition would be something they’d go after.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Just leave, you don’t owe me anymore.”
    “You won’t recieve a warm welcome with the humans with me in your company.”
    “I suspect they’ll likely want my head now, not that it would be a first.”
    Geralt:“The spirits of the dead feed on weakness and dispair, some more than others. If possible we should camp in the tunnels till you are strengthened Aruvin.”
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t think a tomb is the best place to go to escape the spirits of the dead…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We came all this way for you, Mina. We shall not leave you alone.”
    Aruvin:“Humans can be strange creatures. Megu might consider you to owe her a debt, payable by fighting in her war”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Perhaps, if she is forgiving.”
    Geralt:“They did not venture in there. However we will likely get swarmed should we venture into the forest.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“But the Tai aren’t the merciful type.”
    Geralt:“if you choose to continue I will do what I can to protect you.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You can’t save your dear Viniira if you’re a dead man.”
    Calim Gorn:“Too bad we don’t have any weapons to fight these ghosts off with.”
    Geralt:“I protected camp is better than being in the open though.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“This whole forest looks hungry and starved.”
    Calim Gorn:“The air in that tomb is toxic to me though… And Aela Rebreathers don’t last that long.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says taking in a 360 view.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(how long did it take to get to the tomb?)
    Calim Gorn:(Like 4 hours)
    DM:From the edge of the cursed area of the forest you mean?
    Calim Gorn:(After entering the forest)
    Aruvin:“I have strength enough yet to cover up the hole and make it non-permeable to incorporal beings. Wouldn’t prevent them goign through the group around it, but…” * shrug *
    DM:Yeah it was about 4 hous I believe.
    That was moving at full speed, with so many people in shitty condition its’ gonna slow you down some.
    Aruvin:“I should still be able to make it aerable for you Calim. Won’t be all the touhg physically, but all we need is the space and the deterent, yes?”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“If you’re able in your condition.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Could I be of assistance?”
    Aruvin:“You don’t sleep, so you’ll be our watchdog”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“He has a point.”
    Calim Gorn:“A fair trade-off.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I like this man.”
    “If anyone has a charge crystal, you could probably break it for the aela inside, it should convert back into air with time.”
    DM:You meant o make it permanent?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I would offer you mine, but I seem to have misplaced my gun.”
    “Along with my other things.”
    DM:Yeah Mina’s magitech is all gone, but all your other magitech, boots of Rising, Skystrike cloaks, etc, all have charge crystals you could burn
    Aruvin:well, permament until I change the Variable around… “Innate:Continuous or Permanent Create with this modifier makes objects that cannot be nullified, they’re essentially “real” objects for all intents and purposes (although the user can “unmake” them at will”
    DM:It’d likely purify a room .
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I suppose even demons have magitech.”
    DM:Yeah you could do it as a continuous and let it stay there that way.
    Hopefulyl a charge crystal or two could last you until morning assuming you sealed yourself in a small area.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, so we’re holed up until morning I guess
    I can burn out my boots and cloak for charge crystals
    DM:heh okay.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I shall be glad to be rid of this place.”
    DM:Calim basically uses his cloaks crystal and essentially sets up the cloth itself as a barrier for one of the lower passages to keep the air in while Aruvin wards the top, making a barrier to keep out incorporeals (well hopefully)
    Calim also makes camp there.. I’m gonna have Calim make a fort save… and everyone that’s sleeping has to make a will save.
    Calim Gorn:lol great…
    Aruvin:=/ oh sure.. NOW I get a 20
    Mina Beatrix Toress:hahaha
    no rest for the wicked
    Geralt:we all rolled shit except Aruvin
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol yep
    Calim Gorn:So now Geralt’s possessed? lol
    DM:Geralt awakens… to the feeling of cold…. as he opens his eyes, he finds himself in the cursed forest somehow…. laying on the cold dark ground…. his hand feels a bit warm as he turns to see that his left hand was resting in a pool fo blood…
    There is no sign of his companions…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, great
  • Geralt reaches automatically for his blade as he rolles up off the ground.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah wouldn’t I have seen him getting up?
    DM:I’ll get to Claim and the others in a bit…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Want to leave him in mystery… chances are it wasn’t something that made noise that got him…
    Aruvin:* zzzzzzz *
    DM:Maybe he randomyl disappeared, you dunno.. well yet.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    DM:Geralt finds his silver sword at his side.. the scent of blood fills his nostrils…. mixed with the scent of exhumed earth, and rotting flesh…
    And he can see a set of odd bloody footprints in the forest dirt… the blood is fresh…
  • Geralt takes a defensive stance, blade in hand as he scans for trouble, listening intently.
    DM:And they seem to be heading off in a direction into the woods… there’s no sign of the tomb pit that you came from…
  • Geralt follows the tracks
    DM:And this area of the forest is unfamilair, but it definitely still looks like the cursed forest. the evil-looking trees still hang about, with few leaves, but curved branches that almost look like claws.
    And a certain darkness that seems to still be present even for one who can see in the dark naturally..
    Geralt follows the tracks, a rather easy trail to follow, towards what appears to be the outskirts of an abandoned village, as he can see old wooden houses upahead, as well as what looks like an old rotted signpost…
  • Geralt reads the sign.
    DM:The signpost has some writing in the Taiyou langauge, probably the name of the village, it’s faded anyway though and difficult to read… Geralt can also see the main trail, now overgrown with vegetation leading into the town… where the footprints seem to continue… and he can barely make out what looks liek a corpse lying at the end of the footprints…
    Thes ound of a creaky door also catches Geralt’s attentiton to his right from one of the olda bandoned houses.
    whose door seems to swing back adn forth in the wind… but there is no wind blwoign right now…
  • Geralt will check the tracks and the body prior to examining the shack.
    DM:The tracks seem to lead to the town square… which has what seems to be an open area where you guess the villagers used for entertainment of some kind… with some tables and such, and the village’s central well, where you can see the body slumped down at the base of the well. The body looks gaunt and decretpit a boney hand reaching forward towards the well….
    A single silvered blade lies next to the corpse and the body also has a second blade of equal length, still in its sheathe….
  • Geralt recoils a bit, recognizing the combination of blades.
    Calim Gorn:And then Geralt was the demons
    DM:A feeling of dread settles in Geralt at this point…
    And he feels his withcer’s medallion start to vibrate.
  • Geralt checks for the Witcher’s medalion on the corpse, to confirm his suspisions.
    DM:Geralt works hsi way to the corpse lying in front of the well… where the bloody footprints end… reaching for the neck and finds the indistinguishable Witcher’s medallion, almost identical to his own…. which vibrates in his hand as he touches it,matching his own medallion’s vibration…
    At that moment… there’s an unnatural sound that erupts… like a sound no natural living thing could make…. and Geralt can place it as coming all around him…. At least 8 different sources…
    Geralt:is the well covered, open?
    DM:It’s covered
    The corpose in front of him looks up with dead eyes, and empty eyesockets…
    Corpse:“NO….. ESCAAAAPE….”
    DM:It speaks in a raspy voice…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:oh dear
    Geralt:any other forms from the others sounds/directions?
    DM:Give me a perception check.
    Geralt listens closely and can hear the sound of grating stone as well… amidst the other rather loud unsettling sounds… the stone cover of the well seems to be coming off slowly too…
    Calim Gorn:Oh shit, it’s Samara, run dude
    DM:As Geralt looks about he can also see some figures as well… showing up at windows.. and one from that creaky door… they make no sound of footsteps, but there is thaat unnatural inhuman sound…
    Appearing white save for black hair…. the ghostly figures float at Geralt, he can see they have exaggerated mouths, but no eyes or nose…
  • Geralt tries to secure the stone, keeping an eye on the figues
    DM:Geralt holds fast to the well cover… trying to keep it in place…. he notices a few strands of blackish hair start to creep out of the small opening in the well cover… moving unnatuarlly as if the hair has a life of its own….
    Then the faceless creatures speak in an unnatural sounding voice… soemthing that can only beliong to a nightmare come to life…
    Yurei 1:“NO….. ESCAAAPE…..”
    Yurei 2:“NO….. ESCAAAPE…..”
    Yurei 3:“NO….. ESCAAAPE…..”
    DM:As the things startto float towards Geralt… closing distance, about an average of 60 feet from him now… coming fropm the houses and convertging on the well at the center of town…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(suddenly I’m picturing the ghost train from FF3 (FF6)
    Calim Gorn:lol I was about to say the same thing
    (If they brought you into their realm though then you should be able to hurt ‘em… The fools)
    Geralt:how fast they seem to move, do i think i could outrun them?
    DM:Possibly, they’re only moving slowly right now, at least not as fast as you can sprint..
    Geralt:know what these are, weaknesses etc
    DM:Yurei which these clsoesly resemble are the spirits of the dead of Makoro, essentially restless ghosts, though for whatever reason the Makoro variety tend to be a lot nastier than undead spirits of people elswhere… it’s suspected due ot the heavy mana-based/ki training that happens in Makoro that it’s people naturally have stronger spirits…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Yuri-chan’s half Tai she woulda haunted your ass if she died)
    DM:And thus have an assortment of powers…. usually including natural invisibility and incoproreality, as well as flight… due to their strength compared to other human spirits, most Witchers say they’rte the toughest of the ghosts to banish.
    Geralt:are the spirits comeing from one direction or converging fromaround?
    DM:Typically they are at least locked to a specific location, usually a house, forest or town…
    Your silver sword could damage them, though they can be difficult foes to vanquish… some are believed to even have a limited form of teleportation within their domain.
    Theyl’l feed on fear and pain often terrifying thier victims before killing them.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Speaking of haunted asses does anyone remember that X-files episode with the legless dude who could go up people’s butts? I think I might have actually brought that up before during this game
    DM:SOme of the more powerful ones are also capable of possession as well.
    Calim Gorn:lol… Never saw that one
  • Geralt casts a Yrden on the well and falls back.
    DM:It’s possible you might be able to get out of thier domain if you’ve run fast enough… though some have been known to “mark” their targets, and find them outside thier usual areas…
    Geralt:pulling away from the spirits
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i remmeber the roaches x-file episode
    DM:Okay you gonnamake a run fro it after the Yrden?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:or whatever kind of bugs they were
    that was one of the more creepier episodes
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah it was roaches, the war of the poop eaters
    ^ not making that shit up
    DM:Geralt makes a run for it… turning away, he has to go close enough to one of the creatures when it makes sudden grab at him…
    Yurei:Yurei Attacks! (Yurei Grab) (Close, +10, rank 8 Affliction) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 24 (14)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: ???
    DM:And it strike Geralt this attack is resisted by Will…
    Geralt feels a cold thing touch his arm, so cold it burns….
    Maxine von Eisenburg::x
    DM:It holds him for a second but he manages to tear free….
    Running away from the place… his heart beating loudly…. as he continues to run through the woods, he is outdistancing them…
    Calim Gorn:Brave Brave Sir Geralt, he bravely ran away!
    DM:And for a while he can think of nothing but running as supernatural fear takes him… though he looks ahead to see a horrible sight…
    After passing a set of thick trees he emerges to see the same small deserted town that he left… with one exception….
    The body of the witcher is no longe rthere… nor are the bloody footprints… but as Geralt stops for a moment to aprise the situation… the smell of fresh blood… fills his nostrils, as he looks down to see that his own boots are covered in blood… and leaving prints behind them…
    And with that…. suddenly he awakens… back with the others.
    It seems that it was all a dream as Calim looks over at him, having kept wwatch the whole tme and noticed nothing unusual…
  • Geralt jolts awake, grabbign his blade and yellign out… “Die you fiends!”
    Calim Gorn:“Sorry, no fiends here… At least, not any that I can see.”
    “Though I guess some people might have a different opinion about that, heh…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg rolls over groggily in her sleep…
    DM:Geralt does however notice something unusual…. there’s a blackish mark on his arm… the same place the ghost touched him in his “dream”
    Geralt:“Huh? A dream….”
  • Calim Gorn holds a broken charge crystal in his hand, inhaling the Aela that it gives off
  • Geralt relaxes a bit once aware of the situation, perplexed by the mark.
    Geralt:ahh, no wonder he not noticing, he is bonging
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Calim Gorn:Nah, just getting fresh air
    The air in the tomb is stale and toxic to him, heh
    Geralt:yeah i know, was joking
    DM:Geralt notices that the “charge crystal” that Calim is sniffing is actually one of the darkened Yurei gemstones that you foudn in that other room…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah no…
    DM:It seems to be morning anyway… and Aruvin at least has recovered…
    His body has recovered to be more or less functional at this point, his rest wasn’t exactly pleasan, butt it had lenty of rejuvenation facotrs….
  • Calim Gorn seems to be brooding and sullen as he sits in the corner of the room…
    DM:Maxine also had some horrible dreams of dying in a mining accident with the mines crashing down on her and burying her alive…
    Geralt:“What are you doing with that stone Calim? You know those are dangerous.”
    DM:heh nah I was joking about the stone with Calim heh.
    DM:Just wanted to try to freak him out, but the rest happened. lol.
    Also give me a magic roll from Maxine.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“No! Constanze…!”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh… I-it was a dream…”
    Calim Gorn:“Well, one advantage of not sleeping I guess… No nightmares.”
    “Though I’m left with my own dark thoughts in exchange, heh.”
    DM:Max can see that Mina’s condition seems to have changed durinng the night… she’s been altered in some way… but Max isn’t sure exactly how..
    Somehow she almost seems like her total mana has went up..
    Mina Beatrix Toress:from oni’s to ghost’s, come on and take a ride in the mina flesh car
    DM:Though Max isn’t quite sure how this is possible..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mina, your aura has changed somehow… Do you feel any different?”
    DM:As far as Mina can tell she feels better…
    Mina has gone to only impaired now, and Arvuin has no negative conditons (clear the disabled)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Am I still Impaired?
    DM:Yeah you are.
    All your wounds have healed as well
    You want to get up and go and make your way ouf ot he forest or something else you wanted to do first?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You may have absorbed something from the area…”
    Calim Gorn:lol, ghosts tried to possess her and she ate ‘em?
    And yeah I want to get the hell out of here
    DM:Okay assuming there’s no objections to leaving.. you get yourselves surface side…
    Aruvin:* once back to the pit, Aruvin will dispel the barrier he made there
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I feel stronger.”
    “But I don’t see how.”
    “I must be absorbing mana from someone or something, somehow….”
    “Too many somes for one sentence.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Nor do I… I could not tell anything from peering at your aura.”
    DM:Also with Geralt’s medallion able to detect Mina again, it’ll be useless until he tunes her out again.
    Unless he goes off on his own
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You’ll know when I’m back to myself, the appearance is quite drastic.”
    “How old do I look?”
    Geralt:yeah, will do that once we are back
    Astra:“No good outcome can occur from us staying here longer.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’d ask for a mirror, but it’d be pointless.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You did not have any strange dreams?”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m not that great at guessing ages…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well judging by my hands yesterday, I was an old woman.”
    DM:Mina had a dreamless sleep….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps the spirits tried to torment you, but you made a meal of them instead.~”
    DM:Mina seems to be growing a bit younger, and her white hair seems to be darkening a bit…
    But at the very least she’s getting a more youthful appearance.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“This place is strange for certain.”
    Astra:“Well lets get back to civilization and out of here, with my sensors mostly disabled to make parst for that blood filter, I’ll be pleased to get out of here as soon as possible.
    Aruvin:”Yes, no use lingering longer"
    Calim Gorn:“Agreed.”
    DM:Youstart to head out.. travelling for about a half hour thorugh the woods which are quiet.. and oddly Maxine notices that she can’t see any of the ghosts hovering overhead anymore….
    Though there are certain odd readings on her goggles…. like little flickers or blurs.
    Momentary spikes taht she can’t exactly explain.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm? Odd…?”
    DM:After a half hour.. Geralt also notices something familiar…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I no longer see the readings from the spirits…”
    DM:He can barely make out the path he saw from his dream…
    Astra:“Itis possible they moved onto easier prey.”
    Geralt:is the village there?
    DM:You’d have to follow the path some (it’s off to your left, and not straight so a bit out of your way)
    But the village should be about some half mile or so down there you think
    This looks like where you woke up initially in your dream
    Geralt:“This place… familiar.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
  • Maxine von Eisenburg feels like she’s about to get jumpscared
    Geralt:“I had a dream last night, I was here.”
    “Down that path was a village, a well….”
  • Geralt seems to fade off a moment, lost in thought
  • Maxine von Eisenburg examines the others with her goggles, then looks down at herself
    Astra:“I am sure we will find sufficient water on our travels Geralt.”
    “The water in this region may bear with it some taint.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah I also vote against exploring the abandoned ghost village in the haunted ghost forest.”
    DM:Give me another magic check.
    Geralt:“There was the corpse of a Witcher… I think meant to be myself.”
    DM:For Max that is.
    Geralt:“Some ghosts… one touched me. I awoke with this mark in that place.”
  • Geralt shows the mark on his arm.
    Geralt:“Perhaps there is a curse on this forest due to some malviolent event that took place here.”
    Aruvin:“Well, I did indicate the spirits might go around my barriers.. or perhaps they were able to project their ferar like attacks inward to some extent. Perhaps it was something liek that”
  • Geralt mutters “No escape….”, almost absently.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You sound like me when I talk in my sleep.” she jokes
    if you could call it sleep
    “If you could call it sleep.”
    Geralt:“Let’s leave this place, if we can.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, let’s go, come on.”
    (So does Max get anything for her check? Heh)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hmm… I wonder.”
    Astra:“It is a forest, it stands to reason we just need to head one direction and keep going that way.”
    “Adjusting our course is unlikely to be productive.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I feel nakes wandering around here without so much as a nail file to defend myself.”
    “I don’t suppose you brought my weapons with you, or have something else I can use?”
    “I guess I could always bite someone until they beg for mercy.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It is difficult to tell with this interference, but I believe the mark you were left with may extend to more than simply your dreams and your arm, Herr Geralt…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Not sure it’ll do any good against the spirits of the dead either way.”
    Geralt:“I have my blade you can use for now. Though it will not help much against spirits.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“There seems to be some sort of aura or other mana trickery interfering wtih my instruments. The effect seems to be strongest with Herr Geralt…”
    Calim Gorn:“Hopefully Megumi knows a good exorcist.”
    Geralt:actually not sure if i can load it out in game mechanics, since the swords are purchased as a “set”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What’s with the package, you steal Yuu’s sword again?”
    “You forgot to tie the sack on the end of it.”
    DM:heh well since it’s basically a normal sword I’ll let you loan it to her.
    Calim Gorn:lol is he carrying the blood sword with him?
    DM:I don’t think it has anything special (the steel one that is)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:might be whats fucking him up lol
    DM:Normally though yhou can’t really really split array items.
    Geralt:it has improved crit
    DM:wel nromal sword has damage 3 , improved crit 1
    if it’s just a store bought longsword.
    Geralt:oh ok
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You have done nothing that concerns me with regard to you being under the influence of spirits, but it may again behoove us to remain away from populous areas until we can sort it out. We would not want to bring something unsavory with us, ja?”
    “I am more concerned about innocents being drawn into an attack…”
    “Should they seek you out away from the forest.”
    DM:The wtichers themselves do have means to try to rid yourself of curses of various kinds, so you could ptoetnailly go see them… or trying to deal with it yourselves.. or visit an expert in Makoro.
    But Geralt’s knwoledge does know that sometimes Yurei have been known to mark prey, enabling them to essentialyl track them anywhere, and leave their natural resting grounds.
    Geralt:“Its nothing, something to be treated carefully. The demon that possessed you had it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps this place may contain clues to breaking the curse? Though I am concerned that our curses may grow faster than our ability to alleviate them.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah, I think we should consult an expert…”
    “And I don’t see any of them standing around here.”
    Aruvin:“So long as its outside this forest”
    DM:I mean Geralt (if he could find the resting place of the ghosts body) could try to exorcise it that way…
    But that may prove difficult as the spirits are strongest near their resting places.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Also we’re mostly still exhausted
    Geralt:I’m not going to endanger the others if they have no means of figting ghosts
    i am tired though, so if something happens let’s hold it for next time
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah Im pretty tired too
    DM:heh okay well we cans top here.
    And you guys can decide next time I guess
Session Log 30

Tabris:G says not to hold things up on his account, guess we’re just waiting for Sef
DM:Well we don’t realyl need him cause he’s possessed right now
Tabris:Heh, yeah true
DM:Guess I can handle doing everyone’s inventions (or at least you can get to working on thier point compositions)
And I can start up some rolsl for em. (some of ther olls I’m supposed to make secret in case it backfires)
Tabris:Yeah and I told you what I wanted to do earlier
DM:heh the part about talking to Aita?
Tabris:lol nah mostly talking to Megumi and Suzu
Wasn’t sure if Aita was conscious yet
DM:yeah she isn’t yet, she may be after they finish thier inventions.
Aruvin:11 PP total
Tabris:Can you put Multi on an affliction?
Aruvin:* shrug *
DM:Guess we can do that while they’re tabulating point costs. how are you getting 11 points for that? I’m seeing ranged +1CPR, Multiattack +1CPR, Concentration +1/CPR, Cumulative +1/CPR, Limited to undead -2CPR.
So should be 3 points per rank by my calculations (and yes you can put multi on an afflcition)
Aruvin:oh, for some reason I was reading mutli as 1 flat per rank in multi.. drop it then…
DM:heh okay, that’d make the point value 2/rank, and be a total cost of 19 (assuming you only want affect insubstantial 1 isntead of 2)
Aruvin:oh, and I forgot to drop concentratino ut of the summery…
DM:k taht’d drop it to 9 (or 10 if youw anted full affect insubstantial), rank 1 I believe just does half rank againt insubstantial stuff
Aruvin:yeah, I was aiming for fully affectign insub
DM:k so that’d be 10 points.
Take 10 hours to come up with the design and 40 hours to build (assuming you didn’t take penalties to try to speed it up).
Aruvin:the question becomes, does Skill Mastery in Technology apply to these inventing rools? If it can, that’d be an auto success at my +18 bonus
at least for the design roll
I’d be happy doing the ful lroll on the building phase as its the oonfger phase
DM:Well it says in the revised inventing rules that you basically can’t take 10 on invention checks (the ones from gadget guide that we’re using). So the skill mastery wouldn’t really help you there necessarily. That’s more for bypassing security/locks or even repairs.. just not on the actual inventing rolls (that’s sorta a speciial case where it says you basically can’t take 10 at all in the revised version).
Though the revised version (unlike the base rules) do allow you to maintain an invention by spending a number of hours equal to its cost (I believe) to use it again, where the original rules always requiored a hero point usage
Aruvin:and the interesting thing is that designing it a a slow built up to being encased in crystal, Aruvin can adapt his own power to do the same thing with some accuracy thrown in
Sachi:Ok so 1 point for a visual sense, 2 points for Accurate, 1 for Radius, 2 for Extended 2, 1 for Tracking, 4 for Penetrating makes 11… How many more did we decide it was for vampire sense?
DM:Doesn’t really cost extra (or give a cost break) for what it detects, you kinda just choose what it detects, the advatnage of detecting limited stuff is eliminating noise.
Sachi:Ahh, gotcha
So does that sound reasonable guys?
Calim Gorn:Visual is kinda throwing me for some reason
DM:actually as a visual sense I think you get accurate for free.
Calim Gorn:Like I’m not sure you can do radius with a visual sense
Unless it’s got 360 vision or something
DM:Yeah heh actually you’d probably have to make it a different type, probably justt the other/mental sense actually.
Calim Gorn:Yeah I’d just call it Other
The basic idea is like a radar for undead right?
DM:Yeah. it’s kinda tricky since you’d be reading its data with your eyes, but that’s more part of its descriptors rather than the sense actually being visible.
Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahhh I gotcha
Just someone was saying something about vision last time
DM:Though then you’d end up getting peentrating basically for free, so all in all it’d cost you like… 7 points.
Other senses generally get penetrating for free, unless you specifically wanted to see through multiple layers of vampires.
Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahh that’s convenient~ Would there be a drawback?
Calim Gorn:Oh heh I didn’t realize that
I can’t really think of any drawbacks
Unless Makoro has a lot more undead than we thought
DM:To it being mental? Well you do have to buy ranged on it too.
Maxine von Eisenburg:I guess I’d have to buy Ranged but that’s still less than the 4 points for Penetrating
DM:So actually would be 8 points. and acute if you wanted to detect a specific vampire.
Calim Gorn:Oh right yeah
Maxine von Eisenburg:Still saves 2!
You think extended 2 is enough?
Calim Gorn:I think I had Extended 3
When I statted it up last week
That puts you at 100,000 ft for your range increments IIRC
Maxine von Eisenburg:So we’re up to 10~
DM:So if you wanted acute too it’d be 9. Thuogh it may not need to be that sensestive, vampires are pretty rare. ..
Maxine von Eisenburg:Ah, I had Other Sense – 1 pt, Extended 3 – 3 pts, Accurate – 2 pts, Radius 1 pt, Tracking 1 pt, Ranged 1 pt for a total of 9… Huh I guess I added something twice
DM:Since it have to be mana-based, the tracking wouldn’t really be like a full blown tracking as you’dimagine it. It’d mostly only work if she was “bleeding” mana for some reason, like using a vampiric power of some kind.
SInce it’s more a specialized magical detector.
Maxine von Eisenburg:Like “I’m picking up some more of that magical residue in this direction”
DM:SO that would be one drawback, just based on the descriptors it’d basically have to use.
Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh yeah, making it Acute would make it 10
DM:Yeah, like if she was in mist form you’d get a magical trail of sorts you coudl follow or using some other power.
Maxine von Eisenburg:You think we need that? My Technology skill is at max so I should hopefully be pretty good on rolls
DM:But it woudln’t be liek she’d automatically leave “footprints” everywhere.
I mean even with the roll you have to fail by 3 degrees (or roll a natural 1) for it to actuall yproduce a malfunction, otherwise you just don’t meet your time deadline (and can try again)
Calim Gorn:If it’s already a radius sense I’m not sure Tracking really does anything for you
Since it’s sensing in all directions simultaneously
DM:If it malfunctions it’s a secret thing that the DM is suppsoed to have scerw you over at an inopportune time…
Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm yeah…
So I could leave Tracking off and put on Acute
Calim Gorn:Unless it’s like scent and you have to make a check to lock on or something
But if it’s accurate it should be able to pinpoint a general location
I’m imagining the handheld scanner in Aliens basically
DM:I mean you wouldn’t necessarily need to have accurate. accurate basically just lets you actually pinpoint its square.
But without it you’d still know a general idea of distance and direction.
Bascally regular human hearing doesn’t have accurate.
Maxine von Eisenburg:That’d save 2 points worth of time
DM:So you can kinda hear where stuff is coming from but not the exact spot.
Maxine von Eisenburg:brb~
Calim Gorn:Yeah, I mean hopefully as long as we can get into the general vicinity her location will become self-evident
Most likely from her trying to viciously murder us
And/or the general trail of destruction being left in her wake
DM:ok so how it works is the DC of your invention is 10 + the point cost, and you have a design phase and a build phase. On a regular failure, you just waste your time.
If you fail by 3 degrees you get some kind of nasty thing where you think you succeeded, but you really fucked up bad.
Calim Gorn:Instead of detecting vampires, you detect Earth Demons
DM:There’s also a natural 1 rule on the build phase (not the design though) where you also get a mishap.
So that part is the secret roll generally (unless you’re trying something super risky as your main design)
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:You can also use hero points on the secret rolls as well if you wish, though you’re not aware of what the first roll was (though it basically elimiantes the possibility of a cirtical screw up generally, unles you roll dual natural 1s)
You can also however speed up your build (or design time) by taking a -5
each -5 you take halves the time
Calim Gorn:I still don’t think the natural 1 rule should apply to Hero Points, I mean the whole point of a Hero Point is to save you from that kind of major mishap
DM:so normally it’d tkae Aruvin 50 hours (10 design, 40 build), but if he takes a -5 to both, he’ll so it in only 25.
Well you do take the better roll of the two.
So you’d need dual natural 1s.
Calim Gorn:Well I mean in general, heh
DM:And hey, even Tony Stark accidentally creates Ultron sometimes.
Calim Gorn:I mean a 1 on a Hero Point roll is supposed to be equivalent to an 11 on a d20
So the nat 1 rule shouldn’t apply
DM:Heroes can fuck up.
The hero point just gives you a 1 in 400 chance of that instead of a 1 in 20.
Maxine von Eisenburg:non-greasy lotion is a complete lie
DM:Alright so we’ll do Aruvin’s design roll first (since he can’t fail this by 3 degrees even on a 1, I’ll let him roll it, no need to make it secret)
Maxine von Eisenburg:I feel like I’m smearing vaseline all over my keyboard like this
DM:Unelss of course he wants to try to speed up the design process
normally it’ll be DC 20 but you can make it DC 25 or 30 to do it half or 25% of the time.
Calim Gorn:Should have gone for the speed up
Aruvin:goign to take time on this to ensure it’ll work
DM:Okay he spends the 10 hours and gets down a desing for his vampire bane ray… it’ll basically be essentially a modified targetted Aela disruption style weapon.
Aruvin:if timing really bnecomes a factor, I’ll blow my hero point on a jurry rig version
DM:Now we get to the actual build check.. the tough one (since a natural 1 indicates a mishap) so this I’ll roll in secert, but you can decide if you want to use a hero point now to improve your chances, otherwise I’ll do one check
Aruvin:nah.. let dem bone rolls
DM:I assume no speed up and taking the full 40 hours?
okay.. so I got your roll down.. will let you know hwo that went after I get actions and such from the others.
since Calim is gonna have some stuff to do.
Aruvin:after al we still kinda need a reported sightin gso we can head in the right direction for Maxin’es sensor to pick up Mina
DM:Okay Maxine what did you decide on for a final point cost and feature set?
Calim Gorn:lol well that’s why I gave it the crazy huge range, it can go 18.9 miles before taking a -1 to the perception check
Maxine von Eisenburg:“Other” sense (1 pt) Extended 3 Acute Radius Enhanced Adv: Tracking Ranged
Total cost would be 8
DM:okay. give me a roll for your design. It’ll take you 8 hours to do… you probablydon’t want to bother rushing it, because Aruvin didnt… but you never know…
Calim Gorn:Yeah yours will be done before his either way
DM:I tmight give you time to try to build it a second time on a failure., but up to you.
okay she got the design aprt.. for the build part you want me to use a heor point for you or vanilla roll?
And any time increase? It’ll ber DC 18 and take 32 hours by default.
Maxine von Eisenburg:Let the dice fall where they may~ Hmm, it’s like +5 DC to halve the time right? I don’t have the gadget guide at hand
every +5 you add halves the time.
The quickness advnatage can also reduce time as well.
Or quickness power not advantage.
If you fail at the build phase (assuming not critically) you can try to build it again (but on second attempts can’t sue anything to speed up the process)
Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm, I’ll take a +5, cause I’m not more likely to critically fail
Maxine von Eisenburg:The destruction on the airship was bad, so Max’s worried something might happen in the interim.
DM:heh ok
Okay while the inventors are designing… for Calim…
You wanted to go see Megumi first?
Calim Gorn:Yeah
In private if possible
DM:Heh okay… you have to wait a bit to ask to see her in private.. of course given you’re waiting hours anyway, that’s not a huge problem…
And you meet with her in her private meeting room
Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ve already sent a message to your House regarding Laventa and your own condition, and I am informed that an airship is en route to see to Laventa. Forutnately they didn’t sabotage the Aela communicator in the attack.”

  • Calim Gorn bows respectfully, seeming relieved as he hears the news that an airship is coming for Laventa…
    Calim Gorn:“I see… May I ask exactly what you told them…?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Your father has … requested that you both return to Aylanae.”
    “I informed them that you were both critically injured by an attack by ninjas during our war.”
    “I didn’t include any sensetive details.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “I thank you for your discretion. I’m sorry to have put you in such a position.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t intend to abandon you even if Father wishes me to return, though if word were to get out of the more… sensitive details of things, as you put it, that may have to change. I’m somewhat concerned about what our resident kitsune may do when she regains consciousness.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“While I’m sure she put you in a… difficult position, I’d have to request that you don’t press the matter with her any further, given we are in the midst of a war, and now is not the time for such greivances.”
    DM:Calim can kinda tell wiht his insight that Megumi probably sin’t quite sure what happened in that room, but since Aita was there, she may be assuming it was a kitsune prank of some kind.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “I understand, Yoshinori-sama.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, you could say Aita was just trying to make it look like you were sleeping with your sister :3
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ll do my best to prevent word of this incident from spreading.”
    Calim Gorn:lol, yeah that might work…
    “I am in your debt then, thank you.”
    DM:Well they might have envisoned Aita used some illusion so that Calim and Laventa though they were both screwing different people. I mean given Aita was there and kinky stuff was going on, she seems to immediately blame Aita.
    Since that is exactly the sort of thing Aita might do…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:kyehehehe
    Better make sure you and Laventa have your story straight whatever it is >.>
    DM:To tghe servants who don’t really know Aita that well, they can only assume you were in the midst of screwing your sister and having your maid watch.
    Calim Gorn:Haha
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I wanna see that new anime, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
    Calim Gorn:Okay well I’ll express my gratitude and show proper deference and so on and if Megumi doesn’t need me for anything else I’ll take my leave and go look for Suzu
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Information: the Japanese title abbreviates it to “Maidragon”
    DM:Yeah she seemst o be done.. okay you find Suzu, she seems to be in the altar room to the great dragons that is in oen fo the rooms of the castle.
    She seems to be deep in prayer to the dragons, burning incense and making some kind of ceremonial offerings.
    Calim Gorn:She alone in there?
    Calim Gorn:I’ll wait for her to finish her prayers and such, don’t want to interrupt that
  • Calim Gorn takes up a position in the back of the room, leaning against the wall and waiting patiently
    DM:She doesn’t notice you until she’s finished… finally getting up after about 20 minutes and being surprised to see you.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I hope you ain’t walking into the religious version of the mirror scene from Taxi Driver
    Calim Gorn:“Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt. I hope you don’t mind me watching.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I… I didn’t know you were there.. but it’s okay.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(“who the fuck to you think you’re talkin to”)
    Calim Gorn:“I wanted to thank you. I was told you saved our lives. Both mine and Laventa’s.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
  • Suzu Ueno blushes a little bit.
    Suzu Ueno:“I didn’t want to let you die.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(invite to threesome. do it, do it, starts chanting)
    Calim Gorn:(Gettin’ there >.> )
  • Calim Gorn smiles, “I’m glad… And I’m glad you could save Laventa too… She… well… means a lot to me. I wouldn’t want to have been the only one saved.”
  • Suzu Ueno pauses as if she’s thinking of saying something, then just nods.
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t know what you saw exactly, or what you’ve heard…”
    Suzu Ueno:“The Great Dragons warned me that you were in danger… they told me about Geralt and Mina too, but I…”
  • Suzu Ueno seems to have misinterpreted your question, perhaps it was heavily on her mind.
  • Calim Gorn shakes his head…
    Calim Gorn:“No, that’s not what I meant precisely…”
    “Have the Great Dragons told you anything else about me…?”
  • Suzu Ueno blushes a bit more and shakes her head.
    Suzu Ueno:“They’re not answering my prayers anymore since then…”
    “I think it was their will that I saved Geralt and Mina.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh snap
    Calim Gorn:“I see… I’m sorry…”
    Suzu Ueno:“I thought Geralt was okay… that maybe I misunderstood what I saw, and now they’ve fallen silent.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    Calim Gorn:“Is there a way to get them to speak to you again?”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’ve been trying prayers… but it hasn’t worked so far.”
    Calim Gorn:(So do I get the impression that she’s put 2+2 together about me and Laventa and is just avoiding the subject or is she like in total denial and doesn’t even consciously realize it?)
    Suzu Ueno:“I may need a greater offering… or they could be silent forever.”
    DM:Give me an insight check.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(well, if she’s in denial it could be disturbing her connection to the stuff…)
    DM:You get the feeling she’s mostly preoccupied with her own stuff… losing her powers in the wake of a war and being unable to save her daimyo… Likely she hasn’t thought about it much, probably blaming Aita like Megumi did.
    It’s likely Aita probably made a lewd suggeston or two to Suzu as well….
    So she probably knows what she’s capable of… as well as knowing the reputation of kitsune.
    Calim Gorn:lol, hmm…
    “I hope you’re able to resolve things soon, I know that must be difficult for you…”
    DM:They love thier tricks… and getting someone the guy who seemingly isn’t interestedin women to sleep with his own sister would be an epic prank. Might even earn her an extra tail or two…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“The war is just getting started now.”
    “Thankfully i’ve still got the magitech prototype… but now the surprise of it has been lost.”
    “They’ll all know about it now.”
    Calim Gorn:“Don’t blame yourself, you did what you thought was right.”
  • Suzu Ueno hangs her head downwards.
  • Calim Gorn takes a deep breath and sighs, like he’s preparing himself for something
    DM:You can tell she may feel she’s cost the Diamyo her chance of victory.. and is feeling she failed her lord for her own selfish reasons.
  • Calim Gorn puts a hand on her shoulder to comfort her
    Calim Gorn:“Suzu, I want to be honest with you… I’m just a little apprehensive about it. In Rahseld deception is like second nature to us nobles, and we all have our secrets and things we keep hidden from each other. Things that we can’t let anyone else ever know about… But you deserve to know the truth.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Max’d tell her that wanting to save people isn’t selfish on her part~)
  • Suzu Ueno looks up questioningly.
    Calim Gorn:“The truth is, well… I like you very much, and I’m happy that you seem to have such deep feelings for me… The fact that you’d save my life despite what the guidance of the Great Dragons dictated really underscores that. But the truth is that Laventa and I… We’re more than just siblings. We’ve been together ever since she graduated from Aylanae.”
    Suzu Ueno:“…together?”
    Calim Gorn:“Romantically. As a couple.”
    DM:Suzu’s face freezes as you answer her… for a moment you think she’s going to go completely catatonic from the shock of the last few days combined by this..
    Instead she seems to just stare at you wordlessly… a look of shock on her face, as her mind slowly puts the peices together…
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sorry for deceiving you all this time… I know you must hate me for it. You are so pure and trusting and I’ve led you along all this time…”
    “I hope you can forgive me someday… Though I know I don’t deserve it.”
    DM:She seems for a moment as if she’s trying to say someting, her mouth moving but no words actually coming out, or coming out too soft to be audible anyway… and then a tear starts to roll down from her right eye…
    She turns away, trying to hide her face as she starts to fast-walk out of the shrine room…
  • Calim Gorn goes after her and stops her
    Calim Gorn:“Please wait…”
    DM:She tries to get away… unless you’re gonna try to forcefully restrain her, it seems the shock of it all has gotten to her.
    Calim Gorn:Hmm… I’ll let her go then if she’s gonna fight me
    DM:Yeah given the loss of her powers and this frightening relevaltion… she seems to watn some time alone…
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sorry, Suzu.”
    DM:Probably to sit ni a corner alone somewhere and cry….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, I’ll go back and watch over Laventa some more and hope that Suzu doesn’t kill herself or have some kind of meltdown
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(“Nekohime…….. what an interesting name. All right, go and save the world for all creatures.”)
    DM:About an hour or two passes before a group of three men, bearing the sigil of House Gorn enter the hall….
    Their leader points out Calim and Laventa, as they start walking towards you.
  • Calim Gorn stands up as he sees the men approaching
    Velyn Ironhelm:“Greetings Lord Calim. I am Velyn Ironhelm… I was sent to bring Laventa back to Aylanae for healing.”
    Calim Gorn:(Do I know who this guy is? And is it the right timeframe for them to have shown up?)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(they’re gonna put her in the big brain machine and fix her brain so she doesn’t love you anymore C)
    DM:It’s a rather quick arrival, I mean they’d have to be a ship from Yt… defintiely couldn’t get here that fast from Rahseld… though Gorn does have ships in Yt. As for who he is. House Ironhelm is a vassal of House Gorn, you’d know that much as to personally know him, I’d give you a knowledge Rahseld check, though it’d be rather difficult of course, since he’s probaly just some soldier, (defintiely not imbued)
    Calim Gorn:lol nope
    DM:You can also combine your expertise in poltiics and military as well.. for some extra ranks but it wo’t make a difference anyway
    Calim Gorn:“You got here rather quickly.”
    DM:You don’t know him, he’s obviously not anyone too imporatnt.. but could simply have been the closest ship.
  • Velyn Ironhelm nods.
    Velyn Ironhelm:“I recieved the orders and I carried them out.”
    “Maximum haste.”
    Calim Gorn:“And what of myself?”
    Velyn Ironhelm:“Since you’re in good condition… The Grand duke thinks it best to leave you here for now as a show of force. While this is not the war of House Gorn, it would seem cowardly to flee.”
    “And the Grand Duke does not want to show weakness to the cowards that executed this attack.”
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, well Megumi said Tharian wanted us both back at Aylanae…)
    DM:Yeah she did. Though maybe she sent an update on your condition.
    Remember originally you were in critical condition
    Calim Gorn:Hmmm
    Is there anyway I’d be able to confirm that they’re really from House Gorn and not some Illuvian plants?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(MINDTAKING)
    DM:heh well you could just contact your house over Aela communicator.
    And be like “We got this guy named Velyn Ironhelm here on ship so ajnd so…”
    And see if it checks out.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, yeah I’ll do that so long as I’m not leaving Laventa alone with these guys
    DM:Well you would have to go to the other room to use the AEla communicator.
    They don’t have the big Aela communicator in the medical ward.
    Calim Gorn:Can I send for someone else in the group to watch her while I go?
    DM:You could ask a servant to go get someone else.. of course… Max and Aruvin are busy inventing…
    So they’d be disturbing them…
    Since Garrion isn’t here, I’m gonna assume Geralt is off collecting components for his potions and such.
    Witchers gotta do that shit. He’s picking random berries and such
    Calim Gorn:I’ll send for Max, it won’t be long if everything is on the up and up
    And she might be familiar with these guys too
    DM:heh okay, they get Maxine over there…. she can make a knowledge of Rahseld (you can add politics and military as well)
    See if you know anything about them.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Mm, indeed~
    Sorry lol, forgot to open my sheet earlier
    DM:Though what did you want to tell Velyn?
    Since obviously you’re stalling.
    Him and his two guys are ready to pick up Laventa into a mobile stretcher that they broughty.
    Calim Gorn:Hmmm
    DM:You’ve heard of Velyn Ironhelm. One of the 2nd cousins of the current Duke Kendrin Ironhelm. He hasn’t had too much of note happen to him, mostly staying out of politics, and pretty inexperienced (only about 20 years old).
    Calim Gorn:“I hope you’ll forgive my caution, but we are in a warzone and we’ve already suffered one covert attack as it is. I’m going to have my associate watch Laventa while I confirm your story.”
    DM:Velyn was knwon to attend some of the jousting tournaments held by House gorn though, as a user of conventional weapons, at least on a sportsmanship level.
    Velyn Ironhelm:“Every second we wait here increases the chance that Laventa could be ciritcally injured.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(to Calim, under her breath) “I am somewhat acquainted… A relatively unremarkable young man, neither blemished nor distinguished, yes?”
    DM:Calim can amke out a bit of nervousness in him…. it’s hard to tell if he’s just concerned about Laventa of if it’s something deeper.
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t need a lecture on the welfare of my own sister, Velyn Ironhelm… Our Father will be far more furious if I didn’t take five minutes to confirm you are who you say you are if it turned out that you aren’t.”
    Velyn Ironhelm:“My lord, surely you don’t buy into all the conspiracy theories.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(We DID just get attacked)
    Velyn Ironhelm:“She is in far greater danger the longer we leave her here, as I recall the last airship that landed here was attacked and crippled in the harbor.”
    “The sooner we get her away from this place, the better.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(and are like probably on high alert, so you could be forgiven a little caution…)
    Calim Gorn:“I made no mention of conspiracies, only that we are in a warzone and have just recently been attacked. How strange for you to be the one to bring such a thing up.”
  • Calim Gorn glares at him
    Calim Gorn:“And the more you argue with me, the more you delay me.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I assure you, I’m frequently told I’m very pleasant company!~”
    Velyn Ironhelm:“Well I would not wish to argue with you my lord… we shall wait for you at the front gates, send for us when you have recieved authorization.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    DM:They turn to leave. okay you gonna get authorization and leave Max to watch Laventa?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Basically checking their story while Max watches her
    (to Max) “I’m sorry to disturb your work, this shouldn’t take long.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg minds Laventa while good-naturedly talking Velyn’s ear off
    DM:Well Velyn is going out to the main gate, he’s not gonna wait with Maxine.
    Not gonna clutter up their medical ward.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw~ Well in that case I’ll stay with Laventa
    DM:heh okay.
    Laventa is still comatose as of yet…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And carry on a one-sided conversation with her
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:The entire time Calim is gone, unless I’m interrupted
    DM:Calim is gald he checked up on the story, as a magitech communication reveals it to be a fake… unfortunately by the time he checks on Velyn and his two comrades, he, along with his airship are gone… apparently they got the hell out of there as soon as they were out of sight…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, fuckers
    “Tch… I knew it.”
    I’ll let Megumi know about what happened and ask her to be more vigilant about who is admitted to the keep
    DM:hehe.. okay. In about 2 hours more the real airship arrives… with a recognizeable face, Falsion Gorn.
    They’re everywhere man… They could be anyone!
    DM:Well your coommunication did say it was gonna be Falsion taht picked you up.
    And you could question him about his memories (he’s your bro so youknow a lot of personal stuff)
    Be hard to fool you.. unless he’s working wtih them.
    Calim Gorn:lol okay, yeah I’m gonna confirm that it’s him
    Falsion Gorn:“Father wanted me to bring both of you back to Aylanae, this is not our war.”
    Calim Gorn:“I promised my friend I would assist her. I won’t back out of my promise so easily as this.”
    Falsion Gorn:“Do not worry brother, father will not let this cowardly attack on you and Laventa stand.”
    Calim Gorn:“Oh? But you just said this was not our war.”
    Falsion Gorn:“It wasn’t… until they attacked you and Laventa to kill.”
    Calim Gorn:“All the more reason for me to stay then. I will heal in time, my body is more resilient than sister’s.”
    Falsion Gorn:“This is a tactical withdrawal, not a retreat.”
    Calim Gorn:(How long has it been since the attack?)
  • Maxine von Eisenburg makes sure Calim hears her ambiguously hitting on Laventa in her sleep, but too long before he actually sees them for him to say anything without making it awkward
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heya Sef!
    Calim Gorn:(Hey Sef)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(actually no, just blatantly as he’s walking in the room, but very ambiguously)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:It’s been roughly 5 hours since the attack.
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn, I thought it’d been a lot longer than that
  • Maxine von Eisenburg blows Calim and Laventa each a kiss before going back to her lab
    DM:heh nah… I mean they sent an airship pretty quick, when they heard you got fucked up. I mea at this point Calim is still in terrible shape (you’re disabled) though you’re improving.
    Calim Gorn:“Just five hours ago I was mortally wounded, but now I am able to walk and talk. It won’t be long before I am back at full health.”
    “Though I certainly won’t argue with you about getting Laventa to the healing waters as soon as possible.”
    DM:Give me a persuasion check.
    We’ll see how good you are stating your case anyway.
    Calim Gorn:(How long is the trip to Aylanae?)
    Falsion Gorn:“Well if you wish to stay for honor, then I shall inform father of your decision. I suppose it can only help to influence the queen’s hand when we do strike back.”
    Calim Gorn:(Like can I head there and be back before Max and Aruvin are finished with their shit?)
    (If all I’m doing is making sure Laventa gets there and then leaving)
    DM:With a warship about a day… a transport ship that’s faster would take about 12 hours.
    Calim Gorn:Well Aruvin’s thing is gonna take 40 hours so either way should have time
    And I don’t need to sleep or eat so that won’t slow me down
    DM:Well that’s not counting the actual time spent healing as well. heh.
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I wasn’t gonna spend any time in the healing water or anything
    Just gonna get Laventa there and then come straight back
    DM:Well I mean they didn’t really want to redirect the airship back there
    They probably wouldn’t given Tharian don’t really want you here to start.
    But you could just let Falsion take her, it seems you convinced him for now
    Calim Gorn:Heh, okay
    DM:Anyway, assuming you’re gona let him leave with Laventa we’ll fast forard to the inventing stuff..
  • Calim Gorn nods, “Yes, please inform him of my decision.”
    Calim Gorn:I’m gonna confirm via Aela Communicator that Laventa arrived safely too btw, heh
    DM:heh okay, yeah it seems she did. Or at least the Heart of Aylanae says so.
    Calim Gorn:Okay heh, yeah I’d ask the Heart since supposedly it doesn’t know that she’s due to come back
    Like as an independent check
    DM:Yeah it says she arrived safely… apparently otu fo the clutches of House Illuvian heh.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, good
    DM:Okay fast forwarding… Maxine gets her invention done, as you’re informed by one of Megumi’s Mahou Tsukai that he can sense something dark starting to form regarding Mina and advising you to act quickly…
    Aruvin still hasn’t completed his invention, he’s about halfway done… (since Sachi rushed hers)
  • Maxine von Eisenburg switches on her device and looks for readings…
    DM:Hm lemme see.. it’s -1 per 10,000 feet…
    So that’d be like.. -1 per couple miles or so.
    Calim Gorn:Should be 100,000 ft I think, unless that’s rank 4
    I may have miscounted
    DM:nah that’s 4.
    Calim Gorn:Ah damn
    DM:rank 0 is 10, 1 is 100, 2 is 1000, and 3 is 10,000
    So give me a perception check.
    actually IO’ll elt you use a science skill instead of perc
    since it’s more tuning the device
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oo
    Does Technology count or just expertise skills?
    DM:yeah I’d let you use your tech skill.
    Calim Gorn:Can she combine ranks?
    DM:yeah though I thik her tech is already capped
    so it won’t really help heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah it is hehe
    Calim Gorn:Ah okay, so you can’t exceed the normal cap with that method
    DM:Maxine can get a ping on her vampire radar… a few pings actually…
    Calim Gorn:lol, spawn?
    DM:Well Mina isn’t exactly the only vampire in the world either.
    Sefiros:recalibrate it to detect dragonballs
    DM:They’re pretty spread out.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh? This is interesting, there seems to be more than one reading…”
    DM:It isn’t a big pack of them travelling together.
    Calim Gorn:Kinda surprising there’d be that many vampires that close to us
    DM:Did it have accurate on it?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:No but it does have Acute so I may be able to tell which one is her, if I know anything about her energy signature to compare this to
    DM:Ah okay, give me a science roll to see if you can differentiate it.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max bringin it with the ok rolls
    DM:Well your actual science expertise, or Geralt if he was here could use monster hunting. Also expertise magic could fucntion as well
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh~
  • Calim Gorn frowns… “It’s a bit disturbing to think there’s more than one vampire in the immediate vicinity…”
    Calim Gorn:Can combine ranks on that too? I think she has both Science and Magic
    DM:Fortuantely given she’s possessed by an Oni, you’re able to differentiate the one signal that’s off.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Ooo I do, so you can bump that up 1 if it makes any difference if Magic helps)
    DM:She’s about 30 miles to the northeast of the city of Oroyu… according to a map that may indicate a single small township.. also there’s a non-Mina vampire that’s in Oroyu itself.
    And yeah you can combine the ranks
  • Calim Gorn leans over Maxine’s shoulder as he examines the readout from her device
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It would appear she is close to Oroyu, perhaps about 30 miles to the northeast… There is another reading in Oroyu proper but it does not appear to be our stray fraulein.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… Well… Probably best to let sleeping vampires lie.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I shall monitor Fraulein Mina’s movements…”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “I think Aruvin is still working on his device, and Geralt is off making preparations as well. Let us know if you see anything strange.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Indeed.~”
    I can check on poor Suzu in the meantime
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Calim hasn’t mentioned anything about her btw…)
    DM:heh okay… you find Suzu attending to her duties… apparently doing some more practice witht he prototype flying magitech armor just in the main courtyard, since the secert is blown anyway…
    Apparently she’s been fully immersing herself in her duties as far as Max hears.. and hasn’t left much time for anything but work, prayer and a little sleep (of which she’s not geting mcuh)
  • Maxine von Eisenburg stands by admiring Suzu’s skill until she finishes
    DM:Suzu finally gets out of the prototype… giving a little bow to Maxine to acknowledge her.
    As she does a few basic diagnostics on the thing.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg bows deeply to Suzu as she steps forward.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Guten Nachtmittag!~”
    Suzu Ueno:“Hello Max.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You are as skilled as ever, if not more.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg offers a hug (though doesn’t force it)
    Suzu Ueno:“I hope it’ll be enough..”
    DM:Suzu doesn’t seem to be into it at first… but then does hug Maxine.
    she seems reluctant to ask and then finally does…
    Suzu Ueno:“Have you heard any word about what happened with Mina?”
    DM:Meanwhile… Calim is visted by….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I have just completed a device that allows me to track her movements from afar. We’ve placed her near Oroyu, and we hope that she remains quiet long enough for Aruvin to complete his project… I shall continue to monitor her in the meantime. And how are you, Suzu-chan? How are you feeling?”
    Aita Inari:“Hey Calim.”
  • Aita Inari has a micheivous grin on her face.
  • Calim Gorn glances up, then narrows his gaze slightly
    Calim Gorn:“Aita… Awake, I see.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Oh… I’m… I’ll do okay.”
    Aita Inari:“By the way, the answer to your question: Everything.”
    Calim Gorn:“I surmised as much. Your assistance was somewhat… tardy.”
    Aita Inari:“Lets not worry about me…”
    Calim Gorn:“Oh, but I do worry. You were rather gravely injured after all. Are you sure you should be up and about so soon?”
    DM:Clearly Suzu is pretty tired, probably not sleeping much… so her usual energy is drained away and she obviously is pretty sad about something.
    Aita Inari:“Us kitsune heal pretty fast and they were more so after you and Laventa than me.. they apparently thought the warship you sent to pick up refugees was a warship you called in to join the fight.”
    “So they decided to call in a strike to try to get House Gorn out of Makoro.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks… “Well, that backfired on them rather spectacularly then, from what I hear. Apparently Father intends to make this his war now.”
    Aita Inari:“Yeah… we can worry about that later, but lets get to my blackmail.”
    Calim Gorn:“Blackmail is such an ugly word.”
    “Who’s going to believe some lying deceitful kitsune anyway?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You do not seem well… I beg you to forgive me for my forthness, but I have been starting to worry for your health. There is more to battle readiness than time spent in training, after all…”
    Aita Inari:“Well I coudl amke an illusion to show them exactly hwo it went down.. and even if they didn’t totally take my word of rit, you’d have a lot of extra prying eyes on you.”
    “Which would be a shame.”
    Calim Gorn:“The thing about illusions though is, if you can show them that then you can show them basically anything… So who’s to know what the truth really is?”
    “There are already plenty of unsavory rumors about me as it is… What’s one more?”
    Aita Inari:“Well they can also ask the guards that came in and saw you….”
  • Calim Gorn smirks, “I’ve already taken care of that.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’m worried Laventa’s gonna float into the air and start killing people while still in a coma ; ;
  • Calim Gorn basically tries to call her bluff
    Aita Inari:“Besides it’s only a matter of time before you try it again.”
    DM:I’ll give you a deception check agaisnt her.
    Calim Gorn:“So you’re going to stalk me until then?”
    (Will totally Hero Point this if I roll shitty)
    Yeah HEro Point time
    Maxine von Eisenburg:She’ll be crying tears of pitch which stain the ground to form the words “NO WITNESSES” in her path
    Suzu Ueno:“We’re at war, and I need to be ready.”
    Aita Inari:“Besides the terms of my silence are pretty reasonable.”
    “I mean in my opinion anyway.”
    Calim Gorn:“Oh, I’m sure.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Could I perhaps get an insight check whether it’s determination I’m seeing, or just throwing herself into training to avoid some other issue…?
    DM:Heh sure give me an insight
    Calim Gorn:DC: 5
    Aita Inari:“Besides we’re all friends here… I mean in the sense of the type of friends that are willing to keep nasty secrets.”
    “That’d end up getting the queen to… well I don’t know what she’d do to you, but I wouldn’t want to be you.”
    Calim Gorn:“Uh huh… So what do you want?”
    DM:Suzu is definitely deeply troubled by something… she is devoted to the daimyo, but she’s definiteyl overworking herself probably due to what recent traumas she’s faced.
    Aita Inari:“Laventa. Sharing is caring man.”
  • Calim Gorn blinks for a moment, givin Aita a blank stare as if he doesn’t quite understand what she just said…
  • Calim Gorn then bursts out laughing
    Aita Inari:“So is that a yes?”
    Calim Gorn:“Well, I’m not really one to decide another’s sexual partners for them… But if she says yes then I have no objections… Provided I’m allowed a little piece of the action as well.”
    Aita Inari:“You can use her again after I’m done with her.”
    “And you can let her know it’s the only way she’s buying my silence.”
    Calim Gorn:“Aw, you’d really pass up the chance to sleep with the princess’s husband?”
    Aita Inari:“Lemme think. Yeah.”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes Suzu gently by the hand, knowing it’s kind of an intimate gesture in Makoro (Max has kind of a reputation as a ladykiller I’m thinking… So she’s kinda low-key hitting on her friend but also kind of trying to lighten the mood/release tension~)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“There is something else on your mind… It is what you came to ask me about before, ja?”
    Calim Gorn:“As I said, it’ll have to be her decision, I’m not going to make it for her. Once she recovers from basically dying I’ll be sure to relay your terms to her.”
    DM:Give me a persuasion checkf or Max.
    Aita Inari:“Alright great. And try any treachery and my price goes up.. Alyssa and Laventa!”
  • Calim Gorn snorts, “Alyssa would probably sleep with you for free whenever you wanted. She already has once.”
    Aita Inari:“Yeah but not with Laventa at the same time.”
  • Aita Inari winks.
    Aita Inari:“Anyway, catch ya around.”
    Calim Gorn:“Mm, point taken.”
  • Aita Inari turns and leaves.
  • Calim Gorn glares at her back as she leaves…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(so you gonna pretend it’s your idea or admit to your sister you made a bargain with a fox person for her body)
    Suzu Ueno:“The great dragons are upset with me… I let down the daimyo.. and…”
    Calim Gorn:(lol, I just gotta tell her the truth, we’re being blackmailed and those are the terms)
    (I specifically made a point of saying I wasn’t going to make the decision for her because my sister is not a bargaining chip)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(purr, that’s an option too, I’m just biased toward kitsune~)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:She doesn’t finish the last bit.. but you can tell its obviously something hurtful to her.
    Suzu Ueno:“Just try to find Mina okay, don’t let her hurt anyone.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg squeezes her hand.
    Suzu Ueno:“It’s my fault that oni controlled her.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(gently, but firmly) “Shall I try to console you by saying it was Mina who did not resist enough? Of course not… If we say anyone is to blame for what happened, let it be the oni who came here, or the man who brought him. I really was paying attention during the debriefing… You could not have known what was going to happen.”
    Suzu Ueno:“But that’s the thing Max… I could have. The great dragons show me things, they showed me a vision of Geralt and the ship. It’s why I went out there. I just didn’t interpret it correctly. I left to try to save Calim.”
    “Even though I knew there was danger there, because Geralt looked like he had it under control. I questioned the wisdom of the Great Dragons.”
    “So it’s all my fault….”
    DM:Warm tears roll down Suzu’s cheeks…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg gently wipes her tears, offering a spare handkerchief.
    Suzu Ueno:“I have to get to the shrine so I can do my nightly prayers… maybe if I pray hard enough the Dragons will forgive me.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Suzu-chan… Imbued as we are, you are still a mortal following the guidance of the Great Dragons, ja? I am told they are wise. When you are able to forgive yourself, they will gladly forgive you and welcome your talent and charm once again, ja? Or perhaps they are not so wise after all.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles warmly.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(amend that if any of it was tactless by mistake)
    (please ; ; )
    okay. I’ll let you use your poltiical type skills to better phrase it and such. Assuming you’ve got knowledge of Makoro or politics anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Mm, the closest I have is Rahseld ; ; I want Makoro but I didn’t have a point left
    But I did like, train with her
    DM:Hmm Il’l let you make a check untrianed I suppose.
    heh okay you word it a bit diffferently to avoid being too insulting to the great dragons.. I mean you’re pretty aware that the Great Dragons priestesses are pretty much servants to them, so its kinda blaspemous to call them unwise and such.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I forgot that stats gave you double on skills now when I tweaked her earlier… But I’m not mad that I kept her int where it was~
    DM:Or to suggest that the dragon’s servants know better than the deities themselves.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah lol, like I’m trying to get that point across without actually insulting her god
    Or her
    Or the daimyo or her family etc
    Suzu Ueno:“You’re a good friend Max. But this is something I have to get through myself. I only hope that the Great Dragons grant me forgiveness for Daimyo Yoshinori’s sake.”
    DM:Suzu heads off to do her prayers and such, though perhaps Max did cheer her up a bit.. but she’s still rather heartbroken over the whole thing…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(basically like “yo I’m like 99% sure unless it’s some asinine lawful neutral bullshit you’ll start getting visions once your head is out of your ass, also talk to me about your unrequited crush goddamn it” is the point I’m trying to get across as tactfully as possible)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:hehe yeah Suzu doesn’t quite seem to want to talk about Calim just yet.. .
    given all she learned about him lately…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’ll give her time to process that before I press it
    DM:Anyway.. gonna fast forward a bit..
    assuming you’re rady.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Though I am gonna make a point of spending free time around her during our fast forward (if it includes any)
    DM:Yeah you could, but she doesn’t have a hell of a lot of free time, given she’s so investing herself in her duties and prayers.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Basically I mean like trying to intercept her in the morning/between activities and imply to her that I’ll keep her secret if she wants to spill anything potentially compromising, which I intend to
    DM:For now, she seems pretty much in the processing phase…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Max’s obvious motive is thirst and her ulterior motive is checking up on her to make sure she’s okay
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah hopefully Calim’s faith in her good nature isn’t misplaced)
    DM:anyway.. fast forwarding to when Aruvin is done with his invention…
    Calim Gorn:(Like yeah it’s okay to tell Suzu because even if she’s hurt and disappointed she won’t go crazy and murder me…)
    DM:Aruvin finishes his vampire bane ray
  • Aruvin wipes his brow, gently lifting the crystallien bracelent out of its formation matrix
    DM:As far as he can tell, it seems to be in functional working order, of course he’d need a vampire to truly test it…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Kinda cruel timing… Granted, compared to original Calim you’re still like Goku)
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Aruvin turns it this way and that… “Looks to be in working order…”
    Calim Gorn:(I mean the problem is that there’s never really a “good” time for something like that)
    (And if I hadn’t told her then maybe she’d be like devoting herself to fighting for me or something and expecting me to reward her for saving my life or whatever)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(yeah but right when she’s having a crisis of self-confidence, man)
    Astra:“Yes I think it should perform well. I made a few double checks of your design… Though some of the construction is rather advanced.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Then again you’re right about her devoting herself to being your knight, that probably wouldn’t end well)
    Aruvin:“Now, who’s going to actually be using this? I can produce a similar effect on my own.”
    Calim Gorn:(We all together when you’re debuting your invention?)
  • Aruvin will call people togetehr to demonstrate how its used, tho no real effect will eb noticed other than the ‘beam’ sincew no undead around
    DM:O halso Megumi would ask Max to do some airship work on the Gorn warship while she’s got nothing to do… so you could make a tech cehck for that too if you’d like.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Totally~!
    DM:Max has restablished some limited flight capabilities… you could potentially take it to try to find Mina… though it’s at about half speed and the manueverability isn’t grea.
    It does at least have most of its weapons though.
    Calim Gorn:“I can wield it, I’m not really fit for direct combat yet. Though my aim might be a little shaky.”
    Aruvin:“All you need to do is slinde it onto your wrist and sort of aim with that hand, mentally triggering the device. The wearer can select their own mental command… shout it out when used if that’s your style. Fist, finger, open palm.. whatever suits you”
    Astra:(to Calim) “From reports of your training, your marksmanship capabilities ranked rather high.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, patting the pistol on his belt, “I’ve had plenty of practice.”
    Aruvin:^ its that without the accurate
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“The potential complication of using the airship, of course, is that the rebels quite rightly consider the Gorns to be allied with their sworn enemies, and have proven quite willing to strike preemptively against their assets. We may not get to use the ship again…~”
    Astra:“As I understand, it can trasnform into a rifle as well.”
    DM:Since Garion isn’t here, I’ll say that Geralt ended up geting sidetracked with some side quests (that shit happens in all the Witcher games)
    Calim Gorn:“That’s correct. It’s a custom design created by my mother. She’s one of the chief executives of the Artificer’s Guild.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg punctuates her statement with a light tap of her cane. She sounds a bit satisfied, like she’s solved a logic problem, instead of worried about our chances…
    Sefiros:he had to go collect some more cards
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sefiros:GEM MINT Geisha Card
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Does he have any sex cards yet?
    Astra:“Yes Duchess Inissa Talyn.”
    Sefiros:i havent photoshopped any yet, i need to tho
    DM:Maybe that’s what’s taking him so long, he’s making up the cards.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lolol
    Calim Gorn:Hahaha
  • Calim Gorn nods to Astra
  • Calim Gorn tries the weapon on and points it at a wall
    Maxine von Eisenburg:And it riccochets like a lightning bolt
    Astra:“Don’t use it too much… you may burn out the crystal and require recalibration…”
    Calim Gorn:“Ah yes, my mistake.”
    Astra:(Devices can generally only be used for a scene before they need to be recalibrated or require a hero point, obviously for demonstration purposes I’m not gooing to count this necessarily though)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(if “recalibration” is something I can do to my thing while he was finishing his, I’m gonna)
    Astra:“If calibration is lost, then it will no longer affect undead, and perhaps some other kind of creature. If you’re fantasically lucky, that creature type will be oni by coincidence, but the odds are not good.”
    DM:Yeah. you can recalibrate yours as well.
    I’m gonna assume you can do a take 10 on this since it doesn’t specifically say you can’;t.
    And you’re not under much stress currently.
    So you could have recalibrated yours.
    It takes you 1 hour per pount.
    Astra:“Now if someone could only tell us what happened to your bandmate Geralt.”
    “Apparently nobody knows where he went.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Purr, yeah~
    Sefiros:can you take morph as seperate powers or does it just increase ranks, question is this, say right now i have morph 2 (5pts each rank, +1 flat per rank of metamorph) for wolf and bat swarm, but i also want to buy a disguise form, as just a single other human appearance, like an older mina and a younger mina or some such, how would i stat that up?
    Calim Gorn:“Perhaps he’s off performing some ritual to prepare for the coming battle.”
    DM:I’d say you could probably take it separately if you wanted.
    Since it applies to a different form.
    Sefiros:i wasnt sure how that all stacks or adds together and what the cost is
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I could be wrong~
    DM:heh. okay. well for now anyway you’d have neough to get it back up.
    Astra:“Well I don’t think it’d be too wise to wait for him, whatever he’s doing.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Calim Gorn:“He is our monster hunting expert though…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, it is a cruel twist of fate that our most skilled hunter is missing at such a juncture…”
    Astra:“There are undead hunters in Ronen, perhaps we could get one of them.Though it would take time for them to arrive.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I hope he is all right.”
    Calim Gorn:“Does Makoro not have some tradition of undead hunting?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Justy will come in from Ronen and kill all the undead by shooting them in the head and make out with the girl for an entire week, which is definitely something that’d happen and not a mary sue fantasy on my part)
    Astra:“They do have a tradition of using silver for coins and not blades though.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah we could probably get Justy to help us after she hears what happened to Sayuri…)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Her hair will glimmer)
    Calim Gorn:(btw could Calim be assisting Maxine with repairing the airship and such? Or is he still in too bad a shape to really be much help?)
    DM:So did you want to take the airship or going to proceed on foot to the vampir’es last known location?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(…Justy is a sweet girl but you might not wanna emphasize that Mina threatened her sister if you’re about bringing Mina back in one piece)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Near the end of it he could help her a bit when he’s just impaired and not disabled.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, yeah he’s obviously pushing himself to get back into the action as soon as possible even if he should probably be resting
    But yeah I’m thinking we might be better off on foot, the airship is like a giant magnet for archers and mahou tsuaki
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(She might not hold a grudge, though the whole succumbing to oni and massacring people won’t endear Mina to her…)
    Calim Gorn:(Can we assume Geralt told us the helmet is what’s controlling her and that we need to smash it or destroy it?)
    DM:Yeah we’ll assume he at least shared his wisdom.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Definitely if you were having cocktails and you brought up the fact that Sayuri only escaped death at Mina’s hands by hiding in a toxic aela reactor, that would be a party foul)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “Well, I suppose we can’t wait forever…”
    (Or we could just call the session early, hah)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I’m up for either, I barely got any sleep)
    (But I continue to be awake!)
    Calim Gorn:(I’m okay with stopping if you’re too tired to keep going)
    DM:up to you guys. hehh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I ain’t neither~)
    DM:Geralt did say it’d be a bitch to get it off her, though possible. But it’s not a simple matter of ripping it off.
  • Tygaran is in east coast time zone, so its latter for me than most I believe
    Calim Gorn:Nah we’re all east coast heh
    G is the only one who’s central
    But all right if we’re gonna do this let’s do it
    DM:Though it should be destroyable with magic. Geralt did say the mask might try to slip away and fly off (it can fly of its own accord).
    alright heh.
    You make your way on foot, following the maps and trying to stick to backroads and such…
    Calim Gorn:(the other bonus of going on foot is that Geralt can track us)
    (So he can catch up if the fight drags on into next session, lol)
    DM:Or you could go the main way if you’d like, up to you really. though be more risky that way.
    Calim Gorn:Nah gonna stick to the back roads, don’t want the enemy forces knowing we’re away from the keep
    DM:heh okay, I’m gonna have you make a navigation roll to see how efficiently you make your way…
    Calim Gorn:Oh god
    What do we roll for that? lol
    DM:It’s gonna be an experise (makoro) roll though you can make it untrained.
    Or any other relevant expertise potentially.
    Decide on who your leader is gonna be heh.
    And that person should make the roll.
    Calim Gorn:I got Expertise (Military) though Maxine’s untrained Makoro skill is still higher lol
    DM:Yeah military would probably cover some knowledge of navigating yourself.
    Calim Gorn:Also she’s got the scanner
    DM:Yeah I’m assumign you’re not popping the scanner off yet, remember it only works for a scene.
    Calim Gorn:Ah true
    DM:I will let you use it for travel (basically eliminting the need for a roll)
    But the you’d have to pop a hero point later potentially.
    Calim Gorn:Well, not terrible
    DM:Okay… Calim leads the group overland, fortunately doping a pretty decent job… travelling through some smaller villages of Makoro, lemme see who is the slowest in terms fo speed among you..
  • Calim Gorn shows an occasional grimace or look of discomfort, but tries to hide it
    DM:Max looks like she’s normal speed.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah ; ;
    Though I can glide if I can get vantage points… Not great for stealth though
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Calim is probably doing a lot of doubling back since he tends to walk pretty fast
    DM:heh… yeah. I mean there’s no big mountain or anything you’d get on fro a super glide anyway.
    So it won’t be too effective for long term movement.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Keep climbing on the tallest person’s shoulders and jumping off lol
    DM:Many of the villages this close to Oroyu have been abandoned and its people pulled to the main city for protection.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oh shit, I wonder if anyone’s strong enough to throw me?
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin maybe, not sure how high he can boost his Str
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Please tell me you can launch me into the air
    Calim Gorn:That’d be funny, be like one of those hand-launched drones
    Tygaran:str 5.. and I can fully fly if that’s a thing
    Sefiros:i made G’s cards, not sure where you want em tho
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Heh, Aruvin could carry Maxine and fly along the ground
    And up our speed that way
    Sefiros:you should put em under his gear, since he has pcis of his equipment
    DM:Ah yeah he’s got 5 strength so yeah carrying her would be a possibility.
    Calim Gorn:Calim can’t fly but he’s got Leaping 4 and Speed 4 so he can probably keep up easy enough
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I gotta catch up… gotta go fast
    DM:Okay.. so you guys make the journey with Aruvin carrying Max most of the way in about 4 hours…
  • Calim Gorn is breathing a little harder than normal as they move through the countryside… Normally this pace isn’t any problem for him but maybe he’s still suffering some side effects of his skewering
    DM:As you approach this village you’re starting to get a bad feeling, the usual Makoro air seems a bit chillier than usual…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear…”
    DM:And Max’s goggles are picking up lingering Mana, likely from a spell of some kind.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I’m detecting mana residue…”
    Sefiros:i put em in the classified ads section
    Calim Gorn:Haha
  • Calim Gorn pauses for a moment to catch his breath…
    Calim Gorn:“She might be close by…”
    DM:Ill give Max a check on her magic skill to try to analyze the traces since they do have analytical.
  • Aruvin redies his version of ban ray, crystalline veins creepign up his neck and over his jaw line
    DM:To be that big, it’d have to be a large ritual too….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Damn…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well 15 is enough for “basic” questions according to the Expertise skill
    DM:Max doesn’t know the spells’ purpose, but does know that it was some kind of blood magic ritual…
    The kind requiring a bunch fo sacrifices….
    It was cast probably within the last 8 hours or so…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg frowns as she peers through her goggles, a very unusual expression for her indeed.
    DM:You can’t yet see the dead, as you’re on the outskirts of the village… but Max can imagnie tehre had to be a lot of them.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We’re too late.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Aruvin:“Do we think it’s possessed Mina, or the other local vampire at work here?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Whatever happened here… We were too late for it. No?”
    Calim Gorn:“I imagine the other vampire has been much more discreet than this to remain here for long.”
    Sefiros:we really need a vehicle for our group
    that’ll solve the travel speed problems
    buy a batmobile sachi
    Calim Gorn:Heh well there’s an airship but we were concerned about it being a big target for enemy forces
    Sefiros:i was originally gonna take some, but i ran out of pts heh
    Aruvin:“You’re assuming this other vampire isn’t a recent arrival themselves”
    Calim Gorn:“True enough.”
    DM:Well the other vampire was in the city you came from, there was only Mina’s signature out this far, unless he went out here since your last scan.
    Since she couldn’t keep a constant scan up.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Shall we attempt to ascertain where she went?”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“We need to track her down one way or another.”
    DM:You gonna proceed into the village?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We should see what happened here…”
    “Perhaps she’s still here.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, let’s go.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We waited too long already, we should wait no further…”
    DM:You can see as you come in the villagers have constructed crude banners of the Mashita Gozoku… apparently instead of heading back to the city for Megumi’s protection, they decided to side with the usurper.. pledign gthier loyalty to him in hopes that their village didn’t get destroyed…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah how’d that work out for ya…
    DM:that part seemed to work… unfortunately the villagers are set up in some awful ritual at the center of town in a circle drawn of blood… a rune of stained blood… embeded in the midst of the town square…. women, children and men used.. slashed in the throats and thier blood allowed to drain towards a central point.
    It’s similar to the carnage on the ship that Maxine saw.. but this is orchestrated with purpose…
  • Calim Gorn shudders at the horrific sight…
    DM:Practice of such dark magics is outlawed even in Makoro, practiced only by the most evil of beings…
  • Aruvin continues to lok hither and yon so as to not be caught unaware…
    DM:The scent of blood is still fresh in the air, despite the ritual being old… perhpas the dark magics retain the scent and the metallic taste seems o cling to your throats…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg turns white, leaning heavily on her sword cane as she tries to process the sight… She’s seen battles and she’s not unused to horrific mine accidents, but such calculated slaughter seems overwhelming even for someone as stoically cheerful as her
    DM:The place was clearly emptied out and you can see the villagers were bound or incapacitated…
    Calim Gorn:“Come on… Focus on the task at hand. Let’s find her quickly, before this happens again.”
    Astra:“Surprising one person could do this.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg analyzes the ritual site with her goggles before she turns to the vampire tracker…
    DM:I’ll give you another check at the heart of it to see if you can detect anything further about it…
    Aurvin can actually make a check on his magic by looking at the runes and such.. though it si pretty obscure stuff.
    ANd it’s none of your specialties as far as magic goes..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tch
    Calim Gorn:(I’m curious if Laventa would know anything about this but I’m also afraid of the answer)
    Classic Laventa might…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:This one is less yandere.
    Ty you want to make a magic check?
    Heh guess he’s afk.
    Okay.. he’s distracted more looking for danger anyway…
    As Maxine turns on her vampire detector…
    Calim Gorn:(The call is coming from inside the room)
    DM:Give me a tech roll for Max using the detector.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Daaaang nat 20
    DM:Max isn’t picking up the vampire directly.. but.. there is a trail luikely left in the air by it turning into a bat (or mist)
    That you could track to the north.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She… Or… Whoever it was… seems to have left a clear energy trail leading north…”
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s go then.”
    DM:You follow the signature… heading another 4 hours northwards…
    It takes you into the large forests.. with large looming trees. Max can pick up latent mana with her goggles, but not belonging to Mina.. likely other fey that call this forest home…
    Nobody has knowledge Makoro right?
    Calim Gorn:Nope
    Maxine von Eisenburg:nuh uh ; ;
    DM:Max is picking up the vampir’es actual presence now too.. it’s about 4 hours travel to the nroth.. however… youv’e been traveling 8 hours now.. meaning you’ll have to make a fort save if you want to proceed or risk fatigue.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, that include me?
    DM:Or you can make camp for the night and proceed in the morning…
    Yeah, you’re not immune to fatigue, you just don’t need to sleep
    Since I don’t think you bought any extra fatigue stuff yet did you
    Calim Gorn:Man, gotta get more points
    Not yet
    Also I think it’s an extraordinarily bad idea to make camp in the middle of the woods with a vampire on the loose
    DM:It’s also getting dark but that’s not a huge problem for most of you that can see in the dark.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She doesn’t get tired like we do, does she…? This is…”
    Calim Gorn:“Well, I suppose when her mana supply runs low…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She merely takes more, it would seem…”
    Astra:“I don’t know an extensive amount about vampires, but I do know they thrive on blood…”
    “And there was a lot of blood back there.”
    DM:heh okay, well guess Calim decided to continue ahead since he made the roll.
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t think we should hope for her to be overfed and taking a nap.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah lol I was gonna ask
    DM:Give me a roll for all of ya.
    Calim Gorn:Heh well if the others aren’t gonna keep going then I can turn back, lol
    DM:Aruvin and Max are fine, Calim is however fatigued from his travels.
    Calim Gorn:lol I rolled the same thing as Aruvin though
    DM:oh wait
    lol I was loking at the 12 for some reason
    Yeah Calim is fine too
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Calim Gorn grimaces occasionally or stumbles a little like he’s in pain, but doesn’t say anything about it
    DM:The forest up until now was sort of mystical.. but as you’re nearing your destination, the place seems worse off, the trees mishapen and evil looking…
    Some of the branches seem to be curved like beasts with long claws, reaching out to grab you…
    And you even spot the corpse of someone who hung himself from oneof the trees…
    Calim Gorn:Oh crap, we didn’t walk into that forest did we
    Aruvin:“So, this is what they call a haunted yokai forest, eh?”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm?”
    “They have those in Makoro?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“The influence here is clearly different from where we were before…”
    Aruvin:“Apparently so. Natural trees wond’t just grow like this right?”
    Calim Gorn:(If I see a sign anywhere that says “Now entering Aokigahara” I’m leaving)
    Calim Gorn:“I suppose not… I’m not much of a naturalist though.”
    DM:You continuing I assume? you’re about a half hour away from Mina you guess..
    Calim Gorn:Might as well if we’ve come this far
    (Oh yeah, I just remembered)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“She is not too much further, compared to where we’ve been… I fear worse if we delay.
    Calim Gorn:(Maxine has Eidetic Memory and I think that lets you make Expertise checks untrained)
    Aruvin:”We’ve come this far, no turing back now." Seemingly uncowed, Aruvin strides forward into the evil forest
    DM:As you proceed forward… Calim sees something off to the left.. it’s just a vaguely humanoid shape… but then it’s gone…
  • Calim Gorn frowns as he glances off to the left, wondering if he’s just tired…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Eidetic Memory lets you make Expertise checks untrained
    So earlier when you asked for the Makoro check Maxine could have made it
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Ah shit I keep forgetting that!)
    DM:Ah okay. Yeah alright she can give a check on it
    Maxine does remember reading something about this area… appaerntly it’s a “haunted” region of the great forest, some great atrocity supposedly happened in the past and now evil spirits lurk around there…. nobody is quite sure what’s in there, but it’s so deep in the forests that nbody has quite bothered getting anyonne to clear it out.
    But it has suppsoedly claimed the lives of those who go in there…. though fortuantely the evil spirits seem to remain fixed in place. so it hasn’t been a huge problem.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah… This is indeed a cursed place, or so I’ve heard.”
    Calim Gorn:lol great
    DM:In fact, Max’s analytical goggles are detecting mana signatures which she can identify as incorporeal spirits… for now they’re just up in the trees watching…
    They’re invisible to a non-mana sense essentially…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It seems we’re being observed.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t blatantly look up or stare at the spirits
    Calim Gorn:“Doesn’t surprise me… Hopefully they want Mina gone from here as much as we do and will leave us alone to accomplish our task in peace.”
    DM:As you proceed during the next few minutes, Max notices more of them starting to gather around you…. staying higher upon the trees for the most part…
    But there’s now around 8 of them….
    Oneo f them even starts to circle dangerously close to Calim… and Max can sense some magic at work.. it’s subtle though.
    Calim Gorn:lol…
    DM:She can give me a magic roll to see if she can identify what’s going on.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:dang~
    DM:Max sees it a as a subtle form of emotional control.. essentially trying to spread the spirits despair into Calim… filling him with feelings of hopelessness…
    It takes time to do its job fully, at least whil the spirit is incoproreal especially…
    Though if it lingers around him for minutes (or hours) it may eventually get to him
  • Maxine von Eisenburg punches Calim gently in the shoulder.
    DM:Btw anything with the affects incoproreal ability would be able to damage the ghosts.
    Calim Gorn:“Ow! What was that for?”
    DM:Or Yurei as they are known in Makoro./
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(murmur) “Don’t be alarmed at this point, but if you are feeling that this place is getting to you… It is not just you.”
    Calim Gorn:“Wonderful…”
    DM:Usually tehy’d have to be locked to a location of great darkness for this many to have died.. probably a place where some atrocity happened…
    Typically such creautres wait for someone to be alone to truly materialize, and after they’ve soaked them wtih despair.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“We should try to use the buddy system, ja?”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… I agree that we should stay together.”
    Aruvin:“You’re saying there’s something here? Can you point it out? I should be able to adapt one of my schemata for any non-undead spirits about. And if they are undead already, the technique I prepared for Mina is just as viable”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“There are some spirits floating about Calim here, but they are quite immaterial.”
    Calim Gorn:(I got Variable 2 on my pistol so hopefully I can adjust it to blast them too)
    DM:The one that’s around calim is kinda circling him.. though you could try to point it out….
    Well you could switch to Aela or Mana blast to damage em if they corporealize, but when they’re incoproreal they’re basically invulnerable save for affects incorp stuff.
    Thoughthey can’t really do too mcuh to you when they’re incorp eithr, besides subtle slow effects.
    Aruvin:I can add helf affecting insub to my splinter storm are and spray the space near Calim
    DM:sure. an area effect woudl work.
    Okay you want to do that?
  • Aruvin opens his palm in Calim’s direction… “Duck…”
  • Calim Gorn ducks
    Aruvin:^ with half insub
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Of course, now we will have angered the spirits before locating our quarry…”
    DM:Aruvin fires the shards at the one circling Calim.. and Max can see that while the shards only do some minor damage…. it does cause the ghost to scatter as it’s aware that the shards can damage it.
    Aruvin:* a mist filled spray of tiny Aedla crystals streams out of Aruvin’s hand in the space above Calim
    Calim Gorn:(Tai) “We will leave you alone if you leave us alone.”
  • Aruvin addres the forest
    Aruvin:“We’re not here for you, so do you mind not bother us?”
    DM:It appears your atack on the ghosts bought you some time… enough anyway to get close to where Mina is.. though the sensor is saying she’s underground….
    Though as you approahc through the woods you discover a pile of dirt where it seems someone was digging.. and a 8 ft deep pit… uncovering what looks like some kind of underground structure beneath….
    UIt looks liek a stone covering was removed on the ceiling if it and it descends into some kind of man-made room of stone blocks.
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… I wonder if this is the source of the spirits.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mina is down there, I believe…”
    Aruvin:“In we go then…” starts down
    DM:At this point Max’s sensor stops functioning unless she wants to hero point it to use it for another scene…
    I considered the whole overland tracking thing to be one "scene " for those purposes… but now that you’re entering a new site, I’m gonna call it as a new scene sicne your’e relatively close to where you need to be… but not quite theer.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmmmm…. That’s fair… I think I will use the HP. Might help us get the drop on her
    Sound good?
    Calim Gorn:btw I don’t suppose my luck points have refreshed yet? lol
    Up to you, it’ll definitely help
    DM:Aruvin flies down, basically dropping down the holewiht a bit of a glide… The stone blocks here in this room have a bunch of old inscriptions on them.
    Calim Gorn:Could be some giant labyrinth down here
    DM:Nah not yet, but after this mission they will.
    I’ll give Aruvin an architecture roll here to see what he can discern.
  • Calim Gorn glances at the inscriptions
    Aruvin:terribel dice
    DM:Aruvin recognizes it as some kind of underground tomb, but can’t recall specific details.. he’d guess it’d probably date back to the Miyamoto empire… a truly ancient place… over 1000 years old.
    It likely hasn’t been opened until now…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo
    Aruvin:“Millenia old ruins, fascinating.”
    DM:Also I think I’m gonna limit the eidetic memory to just giving an untrained check with regular intelligence and not 2x int, since that’s a bit powerful to get all exeprtise as 2x int.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, that’s fair ^^;
    Calim Gorn:I got Leaping so I can just jump down, also I can glide with my cloak
    And Max can glide with her cloak too
    DM:Nah, they’d have to drop, though Max and calim have skystrike cloaks so they could glide dwon.
    Technically they’d have to jump nd open their cloaks as they’re about to hit ground, but it’s not quite a big enough drop where it’d be a big deal to do that
    Calim Gorn:I got Leaping 4 so I can probably just straight jump it
    DM:Aurvin does know these places tend to have a rep for being trapped…
    Calim Gorn:Am I able to make out anything from the inscriptions since I know Tai?
    DM:Yeah Calim could ptoentialyl leap out. heh.
    It is an older script… but… I’ll give you a knowledge Makoro roll to decipher it calim (you can make it untrained)
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
  • Aruvin produces the proverbial 10’ pole for testing the floor ahead…
    Calim can make out some of it… it seems to be singing the praises of some ancient figure, a sorcerer from what he can gather… someone who dared challenge the establishment of the Miyamoto empire….
    Calim Gorn:“Hm… It says something about a great sorcerer who challenged the might of Miyamoto…”
    DM:It sattes that his powers rivaled that of the Great Dragons themselves (thugh it’s possible the sorcerer himself may have wrote this, or at least one of his lackeys)
    As it seems to do nothing but praise how great he is.
    It also speaks of him forging some great blade, “forged of blood iron” as the text reads.. you’re not quite sure what it means…
    Calim Gorn:lol oh great
  • Calim Gorn relays what he’s able to piece together to the others
    Calim Gorn:“Blood iron… I’m not familiar with that metal…”
    DM:Max’s magic vision can also sense this place seems to have a subtle life dampening effect… it’s not harmful to beings as powerful as imbued, at least not on the short term, but you woudln’t want to be camping here…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Another term for blightsteel, perhaps…?”
    Calim Gorn:“Hmm, maybe…”
    DM:I’ll give Maxine a check on her magic skill… since her family was big into metallurgy.
    She may know.
    She remembers the term blood iron being some alchemical process that referred to a one time belief (which fortuantely hasn’t been inherited in modern times) that the iron that is carried in the bloodstream of living craetures possessed inate power for enchantment… and by boiling the blood at the proper temperature and with the right rituals…
    It could be extracted and used to forge weaponry with special properties…
    Of course given the quantities of blood required, it was only the sort of thing that truly horrific people would consider making.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Now that I think of it… I seem to recall reading of an alchemical process by the name… You see, the blood of living creatures contains iron in its elemental form, and it was once believed that boiling the blood with the correct rituals and procedures could yield metal with special properties.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    DM:Even Calim can taste the Aela in this place… he’s a bit more sensetive to bad Aela due to his nature, and it tastes foul indeed… giving him a bad taste in his mouth..
    Calim Gorn:“No wonder this place tastes so nasty…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It was once thought the practice died out long ago… But it seems to have survived to this day, ja?”
    DM:Evenm the air itself here is dead of sorts… lacking its usual potency…
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… And we just came from a place where a great amount of blood was spilled.”
    “Gathered into a central point…”
    DM:I’ll give Aruvin and Max aotehr magic check.
    Calim Gorn:“Ugh… I wish I had something to drink or eat… Something to get this disgusting taste out of my mouth…”
    DM:Since Calim basically uses Aela instead of food to sustain himelf, it’s sorta like his body is constantly consuming Aela especialyl when he’s fatigued as he is now.. and the Aela here is bad shit.
    Spend too long here and itl’l gvie him food poisoning
    Calim Gorn:lol great
    DM:Maxine guesses that the blood magic ritual may have been some kind of locator spell.. using Mina’s natural sense for blood, to try to detect this sword potentially….
    Being associated with blood, a vampire may have been able to home in on this with the proper enhancements by the oni and the blood magic ritual…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Calim… Your metabolism is different, ja? We should not linger… Longer than it takes to destroy that creature and free Mina from its control.”
    Calim Gorn:“Agreed…”
    “My Aela consumption is probably higher than normal right now anyway since my body is trying to repair itself… All the more reason to not stand around too long.”
    “Which way is she?”
    DM:You proceed forward… and see a couple of ptoetnial choices before you… the first is using Max’s tracekr to follow the vampire itself, it seems to have been using a power to move about (which is trackable) the problem ist aht power may have been mistform.. which would probably not set off the traps….
    Aruvin:“Right then..” advances, probing for potential trap triggers with 10’ pole
    DM:The other ptoential venue is to rely on Aruvin’s archietcutural instinct in trying to find his way past the traps and to the ultimate crypt….
    As it’s unlikely Mina had a map of this place… that may be more direct, of course, if he ffails you could also get hopelessly lost…
    Calim Gorn:Well hopefully with the tracker we can stay more or less on course
    Like realizing we’re heading in the totally wrong direction
    DM:Well I mean you’re not sure if Mina took a direct route exactly.
    You cuold ptoentially use ti to help, but this place is a maze.. so if you go off Mina’strail… it’d be hard to find your way back on it necessarily.
    Calim Gorn:Well I’d figure we could pick up the strongest signal which would correspond to her current location
    DM:Yeah, I mean that’d help but again, it’s a maze, so there’s not a straight path going there. heh.
    Mainly you’d just waste a bunch of ttime otherwise.
    Calim Gorn:“Shall we follow the trail of breadcrumbs then? Or do you think you can navigate a thousand year old tomb better than a possessed vampire?”
    Aruvin:“Either is fine by me. Perhaps a bit of both if we come acrss a point where she misted true a cave in or something”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:Guess we’ll start by following Mina’s trail and see where that takes us
    Calim Gorn:Would Technology skill help any for discerning traps and such?
    DM:Okay, gonna call for an architecture roll (or a technology roll) to try to find traps, archeticture would be better for this (lower DC), but tech still works.
    Calim Gorn:All of us check or just the leader?
  • Aruvin keep an eye out fo architectural clues to hidden doors, levers, traps, etc
    DM:All of you, but those not leading are gonna take a penalty.
    Calim Gorn:And can you combine ranks if you have both?
    DM:Since it’s farther away… I’ll say Aruvin leading for now.
    Aruvin:mean dice
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:nah, you can basically use either or her, since the DC is lower for archietcure anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(guys I am seriously starting to crash here ; ; )
    Calim Gorn:Roll a Tech check real quick and then we can stop
    DM:Tech check Sachi?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:uuuuuuu
    Calim Gorn:Well, the first trap usually doesn’t kill you, it’s like the third or fourth one that does
    DM:While you are trying to be careful.. perhaps you’re in too much of a hurry trying to traverse this awful place in as short a time as possible.. the first few traps, simple spear launchers and bolts, Aruvin manages to find with his 10 ft pole… however…. it seems the tomb designrer was a bit smarter on the traps deeper in…. desigining the pressure plate as the “safe” space… this trap unfroatunetyl catches the group unaware…
    We can stop here…. since Sachi is tired.
    Tygaran:sounds good.. starting to fade a bit myself
    Calim Gorn:Decent session tonight, hopefully next week we can not die
Session Log 29

Suzu Ueno gains a hero point.
Suzu Ueno refreshes Luck points.
Aita Inari refreshes Luck points.
Aita Inari gains a hero point.
Tabris:Needs to be less Escaflowne and more Lancelot
Perhaps the mark 2 can be that one :P
Or the official mass production version
Tabris:Hey Sachi
Guess we’re just waiting on G now

  • Aruvin get ready to tough out getting shot by sniper…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:did you guys see where 4chan trolled shia labeaouf’s protest thing? He had some webcame somewhere but people kept trolling the livestream so he apparently switched it to a flagpole in the middle of nowhere literally just looking at the sky, and they still found the damn thing and trolled it
    by using jet contrails and the stars lol
    then people went around blowing their horns once they had a rough idea and triangulated the horn blows lol
    Tabris:Sounds like 4chan
    Mina Beatrix Toress:fuckin stars and jet contrails
    DM:And you thought contrails were chemtrails to poison people. In reality they’re secret CIA Global positioning markers!
    Mina Beatrix Toress:
    there i found the article, it cracked me up
    DM:Well I can actually start w/o G, I’ll just begin with Calim, Aruvin and Maxine who are on the other side of the city at this point when shit is gonna start going down for them
    And damn, that’s some epic trolling lol
    That’s going the extra mile lol
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh, my…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah they got iron will apparently
    Motivation: For the lulz
    DM:okay… so if you guys are ready I can start with ya.. Sef will prob have to wait since he’s in thes ame area as G.
    But the rest of you guys will have your own troubles that Geralt and Mina won’t be able ot do anything about anyway so..
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’m ready
    DM:Sachi you good?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yep~
    Mina Beatrix Toress:all engines go
    DM:okay, Aruvin was flying after Suzu, travelling along teh city walls… give me a perception check for Aruvin.
    Aruvin hears a distant impact… and looking at the city walls to ther ight of him, he counts six of the archers there that have been impaled by arrows… then all of a sudden a pair more arrows come in rapid succession, taking down another pair of guards…
    Judging by the lack of any alert.. it’s likely a small force, an army would have been easily spotted…
    How would you like to respond?
  • Aruvin frowns a bit. “And so the invasion begins…”
  • Aruvin looks for the enemy archers
    DM:Right now you’re flying a bit under the walls or at least level so probably safe for now.. though you could fly up to the walls themselves and try to get a look at who is out there.
    Aruvin:“Astra, keep alert of Mana signs…”
  • Aruvin flies up to get a look
    DM:okay give me a perc check. I’ll roll one for Astra as well
    Aruvin doesn’t see anything directly, it must be distant… but Astra appears on his shoulder.
    Astra:“Difficullt to discern any mana signs, in those trees to the north but I’m getting a strong Aela signature… almost certainly an imbued.”
  • Aruvin shouts to any guards/people on the ground. “Small banbd of enemies on the ambush! Men down on our walls! I’m gogin out to investigate further!”
  • Aruvin zips over the wall and zig zags his way towards Aela signature
    DM:Maxine is also nearby and hears Aruvin yell out as well. The small group of trees that Astra pointed out btw are fairly distant,about 500 feet.
    Calim Gorn:(Well we got Assassin and apparently Archer, now we just need the other five…)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh!”
    DM:heh, nah Calim is gonna run into the assassin… :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Maxine von Eisenburg comes running with her rifle, looking for a chokepoint or some place she can intercept anyone coming in…
    DM:Max got any way to leap/climb u ponto the city wall?
    Or you just want to get on a building expecting someone to rush into the streets?
  • Aruvin has fully ‘activated’ his crystal nature by this point. He bother uses trees as minro cover and dodges them as he rapidly closes the gap… (Fly 2 so 120’ .. not sure if there is a ‘double move’ in this system…)
    DM:The wall would give you a vantage point outside the city, its’ kinda hard to shoot over it otherwise save for one of the unusually tall structures.
    Yeah there’s a double move.
    I’m gonna require init at this point as we’ll start Aruvin at 500 feet away from the forest for now. And Maxine at 60 feet or so from the wall (assuming its her goal to get up there)
    So gonna roll inits for you guys.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:All I really have is a gliding cloak
    And acrobatics skill >.>
    Aruvin:hmm – is there an wexisting roll Init macro onthe campaign tab?
    DM:hmm if your acro is good I’ll let you try to parkour your way up potentially. Or you can look for a set of stairs.
    nah I roll for the init don’t worry to mcuh about that, as long as it’s on your token
    just getting the NPCs set up .
    Aruvin:well, I have no special bonuses so.. ;)
    *****Start of Archer’s Turn*****
    DM:Max can make it partially up as combat is starting.
    Meanwhile another arrow fires from the forest, this time at Aruvin, at deadly speeds…..
    Archer:Archer Attacks! (Penetrating Arrow) (Ranged, +9, rank 7 Damage) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 18 (9)Effect Rank: 7 (Penetrating 7)Descriptors: piercing
    DM:That’s gonna score a hit. okay you ca use the soak macro to do a toughness check
    Aruvin:impervios 11, so can ignore Rank 6 and lower damage effects
    DM:heh yeah this thing has a ton of penetrating.
    Astra:“Those arrows are infused with mana… this guy is no joke.”
    Calim Gorn:Use the Resistance macro first actually, heh
    DM:Yeah heh. sorry.
    Yeah it’s the shift -F3 one
    I use the hotkeys mostly so I kinda forget what I named em.
    Use the F3 one to actually apply the wounds
    Calim Gorn:That’s gonna sting
    DM:That’s gonna inflict 2 wounds and daze you for 1 round.
    The arrow strikes Aruvin in the shoulder surprising him as it penetrates his crystal defense unexpectedly easy… a feat no noraml arrow could accomplish save by being shot by a very strong bowman.
    On the plus side Aruvin can get a look at approximately where it came from.. the guy is perched on one of the tree branches… hiding amidt the cover…
    Though unless you’ve got extended vsion you can’t really make out fine details at the 500 ft range.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    DM:Max is half up the wall but didn’t quite manage her way up there on the first attempt at Parkour…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’m gonna try and make it the rest of the way up, and put my scanner goggles on to see if I can spot any targets.
    DM:olkay give me another acrobatics or athletics check.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Wheeeee~
    DM:Max makes it up the wall and peers out… I’ll give ya a perception check since it is pretty long range, and he’s hiding amidst a forest.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:mmm
    DM:Max stares out amidst the confusion but can’t spot anything yet at this range… it’s quite a ways away…
    Btw does Max understand the Taiyou language?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm, she’s a bit of a Taiyouphile (it’s why she learned that swordsmanship style) so it’d make sense, especially since she’s uber rich and will probably be expected to perform diplomacy
    Doesn’t sound quite as good
    DM:heh okay I generalyl give peoplet wo languages for free.
    so Taiyou could be one of yours if you want that to be part of your background
    Prett ymuch one of the langauges has to be Honath, common of the empire,
    But the other one is usualyl one from your homeland, though Rahseldians get a free pick since Honath is their home langauge too
    Since Max is so smart, I might give her a second one for free too. At least the imperial languages.
    So Max’s turn is basically spent cehcking out the terrain (and not finding much), I’ll also let her take cover along the battlements of the wall.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, I need to remember to pick those out
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm, I did want her to have a home language that’s German-ish, so if I have 3 picks it could be Taiyou, Honath, and that one?
    DM:She can also hear the defenders yelling out (in taiyou) “Shit did he just go out there? We need to back him up! Get the Shiadars ready!”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Tho I dunno what kinda language Honath actually is
    So it could be a dialect of that
    DM:hehe.. yeah I never really defined how it sounded anyway.
    Other than it being the language of Rahseld.
    Yeah, heh I imagined it’d probably be like a germanish accent or something on that.
    Calim Gorn:I figured British since they’re making an empire, lol
    And Maxine can see people running to one of the nearby larger towers.. where she guesses the shiadar is kept…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:Meanwhile for Aruvin… he’s been dazed, so that’ll reduce you to only a standard action and not move, so you’ll only go at your regular speed (no double move) assuming you want to still move out there.
    You’re about 500 ft away, having just came over the top of the wall at this point as the archer fired the arrow at you
    What does Aruvin want to do?
  • Aruvin will continue foward, anglign to skim over the ground and hoping to place vegetation between him and tghe shooter
    *****Start of Archer’s Turn*****
    DM:heh okay you stay low… trying to avoid him.. there’s some cover, but not too much before the treeline he’s at… unless you wanted to attempt a bit of a wide circle towards one of the smaller villages outside the city wall though that’d be roughyl 100 yards out of your way.
    Also going to add Calim and Laventa to init at this point (in a separate battle, but wanted to give Tab something to do )
    Calim Gorn:lol, great…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo Laventa’s here physically? I missed that from last week >>;
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Her and Calim have been gettin’ busy
    DM:I’m drawing some boxes on the amp to represent separate fights.
    Just so you can help keep track who is fighting what.
    Calim Gorn:But yeah she showed up with the airship that Geralt had asked for to take him back to Yt basically
    As a surprise
    DM:This will prob be a surprise round for Calim and laventa, but I’m adding em to init anyway.. unelss Calim has some kinda danger sense.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, nah I don’t
    I knew I should have kept that
    DM:Calim is busy getting busy with Laventa… unbennownst to him… Ninja assassins sneak up on the two…
    Calim Gorn:lol great…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ohohohoho
    Better kill them so they don’t have blackmail…
    Calim Gorn:lol well they might not know who we are necessarily… Maybe
    DM:You’ll be surprised for the first round, and prett ymuch without your armor and wepaonry (they’re nearby in the room bu you don’t have them at ready)
    Calim Gorn:lol… So two complications?
    DM:But first its the archer’s turn… firing at Aruvin.
    Yeah heh… you’ll get some complication points at the end of the encounter for this.
    I mean Laventa herself ain’t gonna be a complication here, cause you get her help for the fight.. so it’s not quite as bad.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah she’s a badass mage
    DM:The archer takes aim at Aruvin.. once again charging his arrow with mana..
    Calim Gorn:She should be able to just blast them all out of the room
    DM:They’re ninjas, and automatically total badasses.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:BUT
    there’s more than one of them
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu states that the power of a given ninja is inversely proportional to the total number of ninjas present
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Having multiple ninjas makes them weaker unless it’s Nioh or Ninja Gaiden
    Archer:Archer Attacks! (Penetrating Arrow) (Ranged, +9, rank 7 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2 Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 24 (15)Effect Rank: 9 (Penetrating 7)Descriptors: piercing
    Mina Beatrix Toress:well it turns out laventa is an illusion
    and the real laventa is a ninja, who takes off her mask, then wigs out because calim is cheating on her
    DM:The archer manages to tag Aruvin again… his aim seeming ridiculosuly good at this range…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Give me another toughness roll for Aruvin.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:hey G
    DM:We will also add Geralt and Mina now to the init roll….
    Aruvin:stupid initial 7…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, the dice hate us as usual
    Hey G
    DM:Aruvin manages to react in time to position one of his more reinforced areas in the way of the arrow… stopping it… though it does put small cracks even in that.. the arrow clearly having some serious mana power behind it…
    One sec while I add G and Mina…
    Oh Master Koji should have went first actually I’ll let him act now.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:damage his sword
    Geralt:looks like we the ass suckers here
    Mina Beatrix Toress:its the only way to win
    Calim Gorn:No you have to fight him from lower ground so he can’t get the angle right
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i thought it was because his sword was damaged?
    Geralt:how do i do that in M&M, sunder?
    Calim Gorn:Oh that might have had something to do with it too, it’s been a while since I watched/played
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i only read about it, havent watched the series
    DM:one sec
    Mina Beatrix Toress:but i read about assassin before
    Master Koji:Master Koji Attacks! (Nodachi) (Close, +10, rank 6 Damage) Defensive Attack 2 Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 9 (1)Effect Rank: 6Descriptors: Slashing
    Mina Beatrix Toress:wiki says “He is defeated by Saber due to his blade being bent from their previous encounter, which leaves an opening in his Tsubame Gaeshi. Soon after, he disappears peacefully.”
    DM:The samurai comes at Geralt though misses him… apparently still feeling him out at this point… btw does Geralt got Quen up or not?
    *****Start of Ninja Master’s Turn*****
    Geralt:i can’t recall if i did or not
    i think i may have
    Calim Gorn:Ah okay
    DM:I’ll roll randomly to see who is “on top” during calim’s sex scene, unless Tab wants to specifically state it’s always one or the other :P
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Nah they like to mix it up, they’re kinky
    DM:heh okay.
    It’s gonna be Laventa on top
    Calim Gorn:Shit
    Mina Beatrix Toress:has to fight a whole battle with a mason jar full of coins lodged in his ass
    DM:Laventa Gorn gains a hero point.
    lemme give her her hero point
    Ninja Master gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Kinda makes sense though since she initiated this one
    well you’ve been at it a while
    the ninja waited to strike
    Calim Gorn:Well of course
    Ninja Master:Ninja Master Attacks! (Kokuryuumaru) (Close, +8, rank 8 Damage) PA 4 AOA 2 Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 19 (13)Effect Rank: 12 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: slashing, mana
    DM:Laventa is taken by surprise (vulnerable as the ninja opens up wtih a vicious set of slashes with an enchanted blade
    Mina Beatrix Toress:this is what sachis x-ray vision sees when she looks at calim
    Calim Gorn:Yeah not quite that kinky
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 14) , Modifier 4 Roll Result: 14 ( natural:12 , Modifier -4 , Save DC:29 ) Laventa Gorn -—— Failure by 3 degrees
    Mina Beatrix Toress:makes good spot for holdout pistol tho
    DM:Laventa has to spned her hero point right away, as luck saves her from a potentially fatal strike… the ninja aimed for her neck, but she pulls away fortunately at the last moment…. though is still badly injured, as part of her throat is cut.. and the ninaj immediately carries out a follow through slash to her back.. clearly these guys aren’t out for taking ransoms….
    Calim Gorn:Jesus
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Laventa! No!”
    DM:Oshiro long praised the skill of Makoro’s warriors.. now you’ll get to see firsthand…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Holy crap D:
    DM:The demon samurai turns towards Mina… apparently recognizing her skill (perhaps he can sense her unusually strong mana)… he discards his tetsubo in favor of a blade that seems to radiate an inner darkness…
    If mina has any knowledge of military matters or of Makoro specifically i’ll give her a knowledge check on this guy.
    Or if you’ve got the well-informed advantage.
    You can make an investigation cehck.
    Meanwhile.. the samurai comes at Mina… his face covered by a mask save for a pair of glowing red eyers.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah this is gonna be fun with zero hp
    DM:fortuantely you do have Sayuri to help
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Mina knows baic details about this guy.. He’s the demon Samurai Horigoshi… said to allow himself to be possessed by an Oni (or channel one) to help him fight.
    Giving him supernatural strength, and also access to a variety of techniques.
    His blade is said to be demon-forged, though Mina doesn’t know its exact name…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:where are my exits?
    DM:She does know tha he’s a vassal of Atama Taro Mashita.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:incase i have to make a run for it
    there any porthole windows?
    DM:A particularly bloodthristy bastard.
    You went into mist form to get down here I believe, I’ll give you a tech roll to know fo any good exits.
    It’s a gorn warship… so there’s several mounted weapons built into the side… it should be possible to open one of the maintenance hatches for a way to escape… assuming you don’t mind jumping into the water.
    Anyway.. the demon samurai comes at you… yelling out his technique in Taiyou, a time honored tradition spread by many martial arts masters as a means of making thier particular secret-technique more famous.
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:“Hoshi Shukketsu!”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:well im more worried about an escape plane to get sayuri out
    otherwise id just mist form
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Demon Forged Sword) (Close, +6, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 22 (18) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: slashingNotes: affects incorporeal, secondary effect
    Calim Gorn:lol damn
    Mina Beatrix Toress:lol yeah that aint good
    Maxine von Eisenburg:x.x
    DM:While he’s making his roll I’ll advance init
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Heh wow, well at least you rolled good on the Toughness
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Was I able to spot anyone while they were shooting at Aruvin?
    Geralt:looks like a TPK and time to start Shadowrun ;)
    Calim Gorn:To hell with Shadowrun
    I’d rather play Savage or something
    Mina Beatrix Toress:we aint dead yet
    or well guess i might be figuratively
    DM:Mina takes a single wound though the wound seesmto be festering and drawing blood from her, cuasing a wound that bleeds far more readily than normal…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Tch….”
    DM:Max would have seen where the latest arrow came from…
    And she can see a lone figure in the distance…. at least registering on Aela sense.
    Alkso nearby the defenders are trying to rally to start up a Shiadar armor to go help Aruvin.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Are they in range of my rifle?
    DM:The target is 500 feet away from her… so lemme see…
    Think max range is 100xrank I believe.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm, it’s exactly rank 5
    DM:So barely within range… but at -5 due to distance
    Calim Gorn:Yeah it’s Rank x 25 for Short, x50 for medium, x100 for long
    Unless it has Extended, but the Spiker Rifle doesn’t
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hm, and I haven’t seen signs of any of the other conflicts yet?
    DM:Not yet besides the guys that got shot on the wall… hard to believe that one man did all that so quickly.. but then again he deos appear to be registering as Imbued…
    IOt’s hard to get any true analytics at this range though.
    His arrows also register as strong-mana enhanced, liklely some kind of ki-channeling technqiue.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Hm. I’m worried more about those soldiers than Herr Aruvin at this point…”
    DM:At least it’s a Shiadar armor in good condition, thanks to Calim’s repairs.
    Calim Gorn:Yay I contributed
    DM:Calim is next but surprised… so it’ll be a couple of ninjas next..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Instead of shooting at him from up here and giving away my position, I’m gonna mark where he was (I have eidetic memory so I totally can) and see if I can get to him through the woods. Am I close enough to signal to anyone where he is?
    DM:And I’ll elt them act…
    Calim Gorn:Wait this is still the surprise round? Fuck
    DM:lol yeah… the ninja master had a 25 init
    Calim Gorn:Yeah but it’s round two lol
    DM:Well you didn’ts tart till round 2
    Calim Gorn:Can I at least shield Laventa with my body? lol
    DM:Yeah there’s some other archers on the wall but based on this guy’s range they’re just taking cover mostly, you can wait till the SHaidar gets powered up since they intend on chasing him down with that
    heh, well not while surprised… unless you want to pay a hero point heh.
    Calim Gorn:Heh I will
    DM:Alright i’ll let you take the attacks from the other ninja.
    Ninja 2:Ninja 2 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    DM:wow.. well good thig he can’t actually crit you cause he’s a minion.
    Calim Gorn:lol geez
    DM:But you still gotta worry about his attack and the poison that’s on it as well.
    So give me a toughness and fort roll.
    If you’ve got defenseive roll btw it’s gone for this attack cause you’re surprised
    Calim Gorn:Since I’m taking htis for Laventa
    DM:Btw Sachi you know what you wanna do?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, am I totally nude for this or are we basically half clothed?
    Ninja 1:Ninja 1 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    Calim Gorn:lol wtf
    DM:wow the other ninja hit too.
    Nah you’re basically nude…
    Could have a ring or something on
    But basically nothing other than jewelry at this point.
    Armor/clothing and such is off.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, well my Toughness is gimped then
    Since it’s mostly on my jacket
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, Instead of shooting at him from up here and giving away my position, I’m gonna mark where he was (I have eidetic memory so I totally can) and see if I can get to him through the woods. Am I close enough to signal to anyone where he is?
    DM:Well there’s some archers on the wall you could signal, though they don’t seem to have the range to fire back at this guy easily… you coudl wiat for the Shiadar to get powered up.. and there’s some cover you could take a long flank around to get there, though it’d take a while and with Aruvin charging him (and drawing fire) you mgithg be better off trying to approach him along the plains and use an occasional bush
    Should be rank 7 for both of those.. so lemme see…
    You’ll resist the poison but take 1 wound fromt he first atttack and 2 from the second attack
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahh didn’t realize there were plains to approach him from, for some reason I was thinking the area was woodsy
    I’ll take the bushes
    DM:Nah the tree line is basically 500 feet away.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahhh so he’s in the trees, and there’s not much cover between here and there, gotcha
    DM:okay Maxine jumps down, I assume you got a way to glide down.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I have a skystrike cloak (and softstep boots, btw)
    DM:How much can you moveon a double move? I’ll let you use your cloak glide speed for this movement.
    Since you’re leaping off a wall.
    Or you could go low and use the bushes as cover.
    If you’re gliding you’d be a pretty open ttarget, but Aruvin is drawing the fire mostly, so maybe you’d get away with it
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt is face to face with the strange samurai.. does Geralt have Quen up btw?
    Calim Gorn:Well I’m totally boned if this is still the surprise round, since Ninja Master and one of the other ninjas are both gonna act before me
    Calim Gorn:And I’m at a net -1 Toughness check
    DM:Nah you’re gonna act afte rthe ninja master… but not the others.
    Geralt:we decided that a bit ago
    Think I missed it anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm… On a double move I can go 60, how much longer would it take me to run/parkour down?
    Calim Gorn:lol no I’m not, he’s higher up in init than me and the round has to go back around again before I can do anything
    Master Koji:“Some kind of energy shield… interesting, I was expecitin more speed out of a monster hunter.”
  • Geralt steps to the side as the samurai misses his initial blow and follows up with a powerful blow across his overextended back side…..
    DM:well your cloak could glide for 120 per move (240 on double)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo
    DM:Since it’s got gliding flight 2
    and since you’re at high groound you can make use of that
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’ll chance it if I can move that much quicker. Maybe I can get the drop on him since Aruvin’s flying around and being flashy
    DM:wow… yeahh that’s gonna get him.
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 20 ( natural:13 , Save DC:28 ) Master Koji -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    *****Start of Ninja 3’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:G is the new Sef.
    He drained my mojo.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Geralt lands a skillful blow on the samurai… though the man manages to evade most fo what would be a lethal blow with his great speed, taking on a nonlethal slash on the arm.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:CIA gave him my random number generator and replaced mine.
    Geralt:now don;t go jinxing me
    DM:The last of the ninja attacks Laventa as calim bravely tries to defend her.
    Ninja 3:Ninja 3 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 21 (16)Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    DM:damn ninja are rolling uber.
  • Calim Gorn grits his teeth as he shields Laventa from a pair of blows, trying to interpose himself between her and the ninja
    DM:Give me toughness and fort roll from thier poisoned blades.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah hattori hanzo showed up apparently
    Calim Gorn:lol fuck me
    Calim Gorn:And that’s the last of my Hero Points
    Mina Beatrix Toress:ha well i started with none so dont feel bad
    DM:Well you resist the poison but you are gonna take another 2 degrees of damage.
    And a daze for 1 round
    Calim Gorn:And Ninja Master still gets his next attack before I act
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Could use some Bennies or whatever they are right now =P
    Or how about just more fucking Hero Points
    DM:heh well you get your complication stuff after the battle.
    Calim Gorn:lol after
    I ain’t gonna fucking be alive by then
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Run kid, get out of here!” she shouts at Sayrui as she unfurls her flail
    how far away is he?
    DM:heh well Aruvin technically has the 2 on 1 :)
    He’s in melee range with you right onw
    He rushed up with his demon sword and slashed you
    A red smoke comes out of his samurai mask as he breathes, catching scent of your blood.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:I’ll dissolve into mist, and reform on the other side of him between him and Sayuri, then take a swing at him with my flail.
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 10) Roll Result: 29 ( natural:20 , Save DC:25 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Success
    *****Start of Laventa Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:The demon samurai’s toughened skin deflects the blow.
    Laventa is surprised for this round
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:Aruvin is 380 feet away fromt he samurai archer
    Aruvin:“Guess a field test of this technique is in order…” Aruvin pauses his onrush, drawing his hands together and back (liek a ka-me-ha-me-ha). Aela swirls around hsi hands then lances outward in a javeling shapes crystal shard as he trust his hands foward… (move to set the attack in Variable power, standard to launch it…)
    extedned range on this, so 2 for sitance.. any other penalty?
    DM:Nah you got a pretty good look at him for now due to your distance, and he’s not using any direct cover yet, seeming ot prefer to get a good shot.
    hmm that suppsoed to be only damage 5?
    Aruvin:I’ve 15 PP, ranges is 2/rank so rank 5 = 10 +4 for accurate +1 for extend range
    DM:ah okay. just checknig
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 27 ( natural:19 , Save DC:20 ) Archer -
    —— Success
    The arhcer manages to get pretty lucky… rolling to the side to avoid the blow.
    And you’re no longer dazed now at the end of your turn.
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:“Maybe he’ll think twice about just sitting there…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Uh oh
    Astra:“I doubt it.. we’re getting torn up out here! I’d advise making a wall or some kind of cover.”
    Sayuri Lastrium:“I’m not gonna just leave you!”
    DM:Sayuri reaches for a long pistol sidearm at her side.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Where’s she at now?
    DM:She’s fighting with Mina
    Against the demon samurai
    Sayuri Lastrium:Sayuri Lastrium Attacks! (Yuri Shot) (Ranged, 5, rank 6 Damage) Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 15 (10)Effect Rank: 6 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    DM:Sayuri fires a white aela beam at the samurai… though the Samurai deflects it with his demon sword…
    Okay at end of round.. some new arrivals…
    *****Start of Master Koji’s Turn*****
    Master Koji:“I see I shouldn’t have underestimated you Witcher… This should be quite a fight.”
    DM:He yells out the name of his technique in the language of Taiyou… which Geralt does’t really udnersatnd.. as he slashes at him…
    Calim Gorn:TSUBAME GAESHI!
    DM:Geralt watches as the Samurai’s no dachi swings clear of his body… well out of range… however, a mana-based projecton of it seems to extend outward… striking at Geralt and taking him by surprise…
    Geralt:((You really shouoldn’t announce what you are doing till afterwards….. ZZZZZZZtttttt… Lipstick taser!))
    Master Koji:Master Koji Attacks! (One Wing Slash) (Close, +4, rank 12 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 3 Hero Point SpentRoll Result: 17 (5)Effect Rank: 14 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: pure mana
    Geralt:will hit with Quen
    DM:The strike hits Geralt, though this one is an attack resisted by fortitude…
    And seems to pass through the Quen shield…
    Give me a fortitude roll versus damage.
    time to drop it
    DM:That’s gonna be 2 wounds to Geralt and dazes him.
    Calim Gorn:Damn
    Geralt:how the hell, with a 20, jeesh
    Calim Gorn:lol it’s rank 14 apparently
    DM:He’s a badass.
    Well rank 12 actually but he power attacked :)
    *****Start of Archer’s Turn*****
    DM:The archer takes aim at Aruvin again…
    Archer:Archer Attacks! (Penetrating Arrow) (Ranged, +9, rank 7 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 20 (13)Effect Rank: 9 (Penetrating 7)Descriptors: piercing
    DM:And manages to land ahit (NPCs are rolling crazy good tonight)
    Give me another toughness soak for Aruvin.
    *****Start of Ninja Master’s Turn*****
    DM:Calim still want to defend Laventa?
    Calim Gorn:Yup…
    Ninja Master:Ninja Master Attacks! (Kokuryuumaru) (Close, +8, rank 8 Damage) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 28 (20) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 8 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: slashing, mana
    DM:oh god…
    Calim Gorn:lol come on
    DM:lol not my fault he rolled a natural 20 lol
    Calim Gorn:I told you I was going to be dead, heh
    DM:Everyone is rolling ridiculously well against you heh.
    damn.. that shit has multiattack on it too…
    Calim Gorn:Out of Hero Points and at 5 on Toughness and my Toughness is down by 7 since I’m naked
    I’m totally dead
    DM:heh… well maybe you should let Laventa take it :P
    Calim Gorn:lol… Well that’ll probably kill her too the way you’re rolling
    But okay fine, let her take it I guess
    DM:Yeah lol.. I’m rolling crazy high.
    She’s no longer surprised at least so has full dodge..
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 15) Roll Result: 14 ( natural:11 , Save DC:30 ) Laventa Gorn -
    —— Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:lol fuck
    DM:well she’s dropped but not dead.
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    DM:Aruvin you gotta give me a toughness roll as well against the archers arrow that hit ya.
    Don’t think you ever rolled for that.
    The ninja’s blade strikes into poor Laventa… striking her down as she screams…
    Calim Gorn:“NO!”
    DM:Meanwhile the demon samurai turns to Mina…
    Geralt:titties flopping in the dirt, how romantic Calim
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Demon Forged Sword) (Close, +6, rank 10 Damage) PA 5 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 4 (3)Effect Rank: 15 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: slashingNotes: affects incorporeal, secondary effect
    Calim Gorn:Heh, yeah I got totally hosed on this encounter
    DM:He goes in for the kill but fails to hit.. however the bleeding effect from his sword still strikes at Mina.. so she has to make another toughness roll (it had secondary effect, so it gets a second damage roll)
    ANd Aruvin holds off the arrow.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ok~ How close am I now?
    DM:Maxine is now at 260 or so feet after gliding for a double move
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Medium range is -2?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm… So I can move once and be at medium… And it’d take me a while to get in melee range x.x
    DM:And Mina resists it. the bleeding finally stops.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:forgot to apply wound from last turn, thats why i did that
    DM:Yeah you can still be gliding btw Sachi. so you can go another 120
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo
    DM:To 140 if you’d like.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’ll glide as far as I can
    DM:Okay give me an expertise magic or I’ll let you use your science as well… (you can add teh two skill ranks together to make one check)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo yay~
    DM:I’ve been doing combined checks for thisg ame, which let you add the ranks of your skills together for one check (don’t add the ability score again though)
    Just the actual training ranks youv’e got.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ooo
    Nat 20.
    Calim Gorn:Should be higher than that, you get double your stat
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ohhh yeah I forgot!
    Calim Gorn:So would be 34
    DM:While he does radiate an aela signature… you can see that the aela signature is the work of some kind of mystical charm that he’s wearing… designed to give off a false reading of him being Imbued.. when in reality he’s not… he does have a very strong mana reading which is real… this guy had some serious training…
    Calim Gorn:(lol, well he’s not Imbued, so exterminate with extreme prejudice)
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3
    DM:He has a limited mana based barrier toughening his skin as well as using mana to strengthen his arrow attacks. Though you can detect that his techniques (that he’sused thus far anyway) all require a bow as a focus to channel thruogh.
    Though the archer also has a katana you sense it’s just mundane… and his bow itself has no real magic to it… it’s all his owninnate talent powering it.
    And you can take a shot at him, unless you’d like to just double move.
    You will stop gldiing btw at the end of this round.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Interesting.~ I suppose I needn’t hold back if it comes down to that…” Hm… I’m more effective close up, so I’ll actually make this a double move
    That’ll take you to almost melee range then.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yesh~
    DM:I’ll give you an acro check to grab one of the tree branches since the archer is up on a branch perch
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Maxine vaults up to a tree branch, balacing herself on relgatively close to the archer, it’ll take another roll to balance and run a fe branches next turn to get to him
    Calim Gorn:So what can I grab this round, and will I still get an attack action
    DM:Well you’re dazed.. so at best you can just retrieve your sword or gun (your choice which)
    Or you can take an unarmed swing
    Calim Gorn:Sigh
    Guess I’ll grab sword and go full defense
    DM:Well you’re dazed so you only get a single action.
    Calim Gorn:Okay I’ll just full defense then
    DM:okay not gonna get the weapon yet then.
    *****Start of Ninja 2’s Turn*****
    DM:The second ninja tries to crack your defense.
    Calim Gorn:So close
    Ninja 2:Ninja 2 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 26 (19) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    Calim Gorn:Oh come on
    DM:lol… another natural 19.
    Calim Gorn:What the fuck
    DM:you do get a defense roll anyway.
    and he can’t actually crit you.
    Calim Gorn:Basically d20 plus parry right?
    though if it’s under 10 for a rol lit gets +10
    like a hero point
    Calim Gorn:Okay I’ll do d10
    10 then
    since natural 20/1 won’t matter anywy
    Calim Gorn:lol of course
    DM:heh he still barely hits you.
    Calim Gorn:Well this probably drops me
    DM:It’s onyl a rank 5 attack but it is fort and toughness.
    actually wait theeir poison should be gone now… that only applied to one attack.
    Calim Gorn:lol that’s a 4 degree fail
    DM:Since it wipes off after that, they gotta use thier posion shurikens after that (it’s just equipment poison)
    Calim Gorn:I’m fucked
    DM:heh… wekll your dropped as well, fortuantely you do have some help coming…
    *****Start of Aita Inari’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol… Aita knowing the truth or letting us die… I’m not sure which is the better option
    Mina Beatrix Toress:pretend you’re dead
    DM:Curious at the new cute girl arriving in town…. you had an observer waiting in hiding…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:so laventa will go super saiyan
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol :3
    Calim Gorn:lol so she was watching the whole time but waits until we both get shanked before she does anything, figures
    Aita Inari:Aita Inari Attacks! (Scythe (rank 8)) (Close, +8, rank 8 Damage) Acc 2Roll Result: 15 (5)Effect Rank: 6 (Resisted With Will)Descriptors: illusion
    Geralt:((Well everyone will know soon enough when they find your naked bloody bodies laying together.))
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Will save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:14 , Save DC:21 ) Ninja 1 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:And Aita is the one NPC that apparently rolls shit
    DM:Teh kitsune attacks from stealth… but unfortuanteyl.. misses…
    *****Start of Shiadar’s Turn*****
    DM:Meanwhile the rallied shiadar waits for the gates to be opened and runs out to help Aruvin and maxine…
    Calim Gorn:Where did Suzu go anyway? lol
    DM:It doesn’t manage to too far… getting to about 400 feet from the archer.
    *****Start of Ninja 1’s Turn*****
    Ninja 1:Ninja 1 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 22 (15)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 10 ( natural:6 , Save DC:20 ) Aita Inari -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    lol wow…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Jesus Christ
    DM:These ninja are kicking ass
    Fuckers are only PL 6 too
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:They’re just rolling RIDICULOUSLY good.
    They got like 4 natural 19s on Calim.
  • Geralt staggers a bit from his wound and dros quen, relying more on his agility than shielding vs this foe.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well with +9 to hit they would have hit me on like an 8 or better anyway
    Geralt:“Well struck, now let’s dance…..”
    Master Koji:“Excellent… a true warrior should rely on his speed and agility.”
    “Not on spells and warships such as this one…”
    “I cannot respect those who must use machines to fight wars for them.”
  • Geralt goes for blood with another powerful blow.
    Calim Gorn:Awesome, go Geralt, save us all
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 17 ( natural:12 , Save DC:28 ) Master Koji -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    *****Start of Ninja 3’s Turn*****
    DM:Geralt staggers the warrior.
    Ninja 3:Ninja 3 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 18 (11)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
  • Mina Beatrix Toress feints a swing with her flail, as she brings a hand up to the warrior’s face, in an attempt to suck the mana from him directly. (Power Stunt: Weaken Stamina, Rank 11, Will Resisted)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:will eat the fatigue
    DM:he hokay.
    The samurai warriros manages to barely knock your hand aside.
    *****Start of Laventa Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Laventa bleeds…
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    DM:Aruvin is 380 feet from the archer (and maxine who closed the distance faster since you didn’t move last round due to daze and she double moved with her glide)
    The archer likely has turned his attention to Max now, who is nearly in meele wtih him.
    Aruvin:… if only she were 20 feet closer.. I coudl double move and be in interpose range ;)
    DM:heh actually technically she would be 20 feet closer, since her glide didn’t take her the whole way.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah hehe~
    DM:I was just giving an approxmiation before.
  • Aruvin will double move then, ready to jump in front of Maxine if necessary
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Oh, I forgot to update my wounds from last round
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, good evening!~”
    DM:Sayuri takes aim…
    Sayuri Lastrium:“I can’t get a clear shot…”
    DM:As Mina was basically trying to get him with a touch attck they’rte very clsoe…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Just run away!”
    Archer:“Well my little distraction worked a bit better than I thought…”
    “Pity your daimyo is being assasssinated as you’re wasting time with me.”
    *****Start of Master Koji’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Master Koji:“A respectable blow Witcher, I must wonder how you fell in with these cowardly machine-users.”
    “With skills like you possess, what need would you have for a warship?”
    “But now we shall see if you can hold off my greatest technique…”
    Geralt:the 5 point palm exploding heart technique??
    DM:The man pauses for a moment to draw mana into himself… as he launches at Geralt with a fearsome flurr yof attacks… his form becomes a blur of speed, striking rapidly in a barrage that’s hard for Geralt to follow…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mm… We’re far from the only ones here to defend her. That’s quite a clever trick of yours, using an aela projector, but it won’t keep you from dying like a dog with the rest of your conspirators.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles, tapping her finger on the head of her cane line a stern headmistress
    Master Koji:Master Koji Attacks! (Sword Tech: Infinite Sword) (Close, +10, rank 6 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2 Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 17 (9)Effect Rank: 8 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Affliction 6 (vulnerable/defenseless, resisted by insight)
    Geralt:m,iss sucka
    Calim Gorn:Haha awesome
    DM:Geralt also has to roll against a linked affliciton though..
    DM:For this affliciton just make an insight check (it has a special resistance)
    Essentially the blades come so fast that only your abilit yto predict and read your opponent has any chance of stopping his attempts to put you off balance.
    Wow.. and Geralt does… damn geralt is a badass.
    Calim Gorn:Maybe someday I’ll be half as badass as Geralt, that would be great
    DM:As he is able to sue his cat-liek reflexes to follow the samurais impossibly fast blade, deflecting strike after strike… until his gathered mana runs out and he slows down..
    *****Start of Archer’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oooo
    Geralt:watever, you took out an army by yourself
    Calim Gorn:lol they were all mooks
    Geralt:who has to know???
    Calim Gorn:And now I got fucking ganked by 3 mooks and a mid-level boss
    DM:The archer aims at Maxine now… firing multiple arrows…charging them with mana… tehse seem to be charged with some manner of concussive force…
    Aruvin:Interpose (Reacion): Aruvin can move p to 120 feet and take a hit aimed at an ally
    Geralt:and i’ve still not spent my reward points, can’t choose what to upgrade
    DM:Aruvin steps in front of the attack however, taking the blow for Max.
    Geralt:maybe i’ll make a grenade and dro it in his pants
    Archer:Archer Attacks! (Arrow Spam) (Ranged, +9, rank 7 Damage) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 24 (15)Effect Rank: 7 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: nonlethal concussive
  • Maxine von Eisenburg prepares to dodge, but Aruvin takes the attack for her…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah…!”
    DM:This one doesn’t have penetrating.. how much can your impervious block?
    Calim Gorn:6 I think
    lol well soaked it either way probably
    Aruvin:impervios 11, so rqnk 6 or less
    so you’re saying I squanderfed a 20? =/
    DM:heh yup. lol…
    Well either way the arrows bounce harmlessly off you
    Apparently those were meant to stun and not to kill, probably wanting to take Max in alive (her family is known to be rich…)
    *****Start of Ninja Master’s Turn*****
    DM:oh gonna add another group too…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“My, that’s some tough armor… And such a unique cloak design.”
    Ninja Master:Ninja Master Attacks! (Kokuryuumaru) (Close, +8, rank 8 Damage) Improved Critical 4Roll Result: 24 (16) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 8 (Multi-attack)Descriptors: slashing, mana
    Calim Gorn:lol geez
    Master Koji:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:19 , Save DC:28 ) Aita Inari -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Well at least Aita can roll decently for Toughness
    DM:heh that was her heropoint.
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:lol of course
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:“So you want my ki Gaijin? You can have it!”
    DM:The samurai focuses a dark energy in his blade… and swings down.. releasing a dark wave at Mina and Sayuri…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg glances at it, cycling her goggles’ filter to aela to see the details better.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:cecil is wrecking my shit
    DM:Give me a dodge check then a fort save against his demon wave…
    Mina and Sayuri scramble away from it… as it seems to corrode metal slightly that it touches andd estroys paper and wood outright.. fortuantely this is a gorn warship, so mostly mithral.
    So it doesn’t destroy the shit out of the thing.
    And somehow Mina and Sayuri dodge out of the 30 ft cone of destruction he unleasehs…
    *Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I’ll try and close to melee range…
    DM:okay give me an acro rooll since you’re running across branches
    Basically you’re kinda runing over forest branches and such right now fighting him in the trees.. so will take some balance.
    Calim Gorn:Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fight scene
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Purrrr
    DM:Max manages to make her way over there, though she’s a bit unsteady on the footing (will be 2 to your attack)
    As she engages him from a slightly less stable branch.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:tch
    Archer:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:14 , Save DC:21 ) Archer -
    —— Success
    DM:The archer manages to take a few steps back, rolliong with the blow and using part of his mana-sheidl effect to protect him.
    Astra:“Aruvin, I think this archer is Atama Tatsuya Ijiri, one of the heads of the revolting vassals.”
    Aruvin:“Then Megu will be happy once we finish him off.”
    Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*
  • Calim Gorn bleeds heroically
    Calim Gorn:Nope
    DM:heh yeah lemme make your secret death rolls too since you are dying.. heh.
    *****Start of Ninja 2’s Turn*****
  • Maxine von Eisenburg slashes at the archer, keeping the cane part of her sword in her off hand and using it to parry with (it’s not a rules thing just flavor for how she fights hehe)
    Ninja 2:Ninja 2 Attacks! (Ninjato) (Close, +7, rank 5 Damage) Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (17)Effect Rank: 5Descriptors: slashingNotes: Linked Poison
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) Roll Result: 3 ( natural:3 , Save DC:20 ) Aita Inari -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Basically need to roll equal to or under my Regen ranks
    Which in this case would be 2
    lol what the fuck
    DM:wow.. .Aita got dropped too
    Ninjas are kicking ass.
    *****Start of Aita Inari’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Flying Magitech Prototype’s Turn*****
    Aruvin:maybe suzu got further distracted by calim’s danger and crashe the massacre
    Calim Gorn:I’ll take anything at this point
    Makes me wonder why I even showed up tonight lol
    DM:Geralt sees Suzu’s magitech armor appear over the ship… though she looks down and sees he’s apaprently not in much trouble.. so kinda pauses.
    *****Start of Shiadar’s Turn*****
    DM:heh, well not my fault the ninjas are rolling like gods :P
    Even the PL 6 minions are total badasses.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Calim and Laventa could use a hand, suzu-chaaaaaan
    DM:The shiadar moves into the forest to assist Aruvin and Maxine.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, Suzu senses her beloved sempai is in danger
    Tatsuya Ijiri:“You should really leave me alive… I can put in a good word for you under the new daimyo.”
    *****Start of Ninja 1’s Turn*****
    Tatsuya Ijiri:“Killing me will only bring bad blood with my family that will last generations.”
    DM:The archer can apparently see that he’s outnumbered here and this battle will likely end in only one way… his death…
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
  • Master Koji laughs in response to Geralt despite his wounds.
    Master Koji:“How accomodating of me then to spare you the trouble.”
    Geralt:“Now let’s finish this…..”
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 10 ( natural:8 , Save DC:23 ) Master Koji -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    That’ll drop him as he’s already staggered.
    Calim Gorn:Awesome!
    Now come save me
    DM:Geralt finishes off the samurai. brining him to the ground bleeding… Suzu… seeing that Geralt isn’t really in trouble races back twoards the palace to try to save Calim.
    Or at least to try to save someone…
    Geralt:depends on if my wtcher ears can hear your blood spurting on the ground… or if i think it is just you spraying something else with Laventa
    Calim Gorn:lol
    *****Start of Ninja 3’s Turn*****
    DM:heh, yeah he’s still pretty far so you cant easily hear him, (nor really get to him anyway wiht your speed, Suzu in her flying armor is about the best shot to get there quick eough)
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    Geralt:move to do a potion right?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You’re really starting to piss me off!”
    DM:Yeah I believe you set it up that way.
    Geralt:will use my move to down a Wolverine
  • Mina Beatrix Toress grips her flail with two hands and tries to bash the samurai’s head in.
    DM:What you don’t know is that Geralt is so badass that it’s not just the name for a potion, it’s actually a living wolverine he pulls out of his pants and then devours alive.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:12 , Save DC:28 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:12 , Save DC:21 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Success
    DM:Mina injures the demon samurai for the first time in thier fight.
    *****Start of Palace Guard’s Turn*****
    DM:At this point the palace guard charges in to Calim and Laventa’s room…
    Calim Gorn:Yay, rescued by the mooks
    DM:Going to end that fight for now, since no other PCs present…
    *****Start of Laventa Gorn’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:these ninja’s drugged us, then stripped me nekkid and put in the bed with my sister
    Calim Gorn:lol
    *****Start of Aruvin’s Turn*****
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Cliffhanger…
    DM:The archer seems to be willing to surrender, depending on if youw anan accept it or not
  • Aruvin closes in on the Archer (flanking if that’s still a thing), and refocuses his ‘crystal schemata’ into his binding technique
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    DM:Well flanking doens’t technicaully give bonuses in M&M at least not most of the time
    but will make it harde rfo rhim to escpae. Even though there’s no AoOs, if you’re enveloping someone I usualyl give them an opposed acro check to try to escape you
    Aruvin:so thematic flanking ;)
    DM:So it sorta helps there anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Heh, if he’s surrendering I’m willing to accept it.~ I’m making dead sure to disarm him of his bow though, and cuff him/bind his hands for good measure
    DM:Sayuri takes the shot as the samurai gets blown back a little.
    Aruvin:starting next tunr I can start binding him…
    Sayuri Lastrium:Sayuri Lastrium Attacks! (Yuri Shot) (Ranged, +5, rank 6 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2, ATTACK MODIFIER 5Roll Result: 24 (16)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    DM:Fort save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 23 ( natural:15 , Save DC:23 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Success
    Though the samurai resists the attack even thjough Yuri got him straight in the armor with her aela blst.
    *****Start of Master Koji’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Tatsuya Ijiri’s Turn*****
    Master Koji:“You were a worthy foe… Geralt of the Hydra.”
    DM:He manages to keep concsciousness long enough to say that before finally collapsing.
    Okay if you’re gonna accept Tasuya Ijir’s surrender, I’ll end combat for Max and Aruvin.. since he’s basically outnumbered as hell, hes’ willing to surrender himself.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, if he’s telling the truth about assassins, imo it’s better if we don’t waste time fighting this dude
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    DM:Okay gonna take you guys out of init assuming Aruvin is cool with taking the surrender too.
    Aruvin:sure.. Aruvin will use his impare-to-disable Crystallien Bonds power on him once he’s surrendered
    .. and maybe popping a Crystal Shaping sphere around hi for good measure ;))
    DM:The samurai grins as his blade glows bright red for a moment… emitting an unearthly howl.. and going for Mina…
    The blade seems to seek out Mina, striking her in the same palce it cut her before… almost unerringly..
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Sword Tech: Grinning Seeker) (Perception, +N/A, rank 8 Damage)Effect Rank: 8Descriptors: ???
    DM:You gotta resist a damage effect, it’s a perception attack so autohits.
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Damn x.x
    DM:Give me a toughness resist roll Sef.
    *****Start of Maxine von Eisenburg’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Flying Magitech Prototype’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Shiadar’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:Yeah heh, you’d hear that even without your super hearing
    But your hearing does let you pinpoint where they are,.
    Geralt:take full round tyo get there with speed 1?
    DM:Mina takes 2 wounds and is dazed.
    I’ll gvie Geralt an Acro cehck to see how well he manuevers udner the decks of the ship… I mena it’s tehcnically not that far, but… it’s tough to move around down tehre at full speed.
    Given you’ve got accurate hearing and rolled really well I’ll let you get there this turn and take an attack at -2 (like a charge)
    Since you’d basically waste no time finding em.
    Geralt:ok, perc to tell this dude is not natural?
    DM:heh, well your witcher medallion is glowing and he’s giving off red smoke and has some glowing eyes.
    Geralt:quickdraw to swap b lades to silver
    DM:SO I’d figure you’d probably be able to tell he’s pretty mostrous.. he doesn’t really take many measures to conceal that he’s a demonic badass.
  • Geralt deftly slides down the ladder to the lower decks while moving quickly across the hold, rolling under nets and hurdling barrels, and comes to the aid of Mina….
    Geralt:‘Your days are over demon spawn!"
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 6) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:6 , Save DC:21 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:Geralt comes in and slashes the demon samurai… stunning him, as the sivler blade burns into his flesh… I’ll also give Geralt a monster lore check.
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Come to hog all the glory again I see.”
    Geralt:“I figured you would be done by now….”
  • Geralt grins
  • Mina Beatrix Toress builds up speed with her flail as she spins it up before twirling it around, aiming right for the brute’s face this time.
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    DM:The samurai knocks Mina’s flail aside with his demon sword…
    Sayuri seems to just aim… trying to wait for a good opening, with both you in Melee it’ll be tough for her to contribute much in these tight quarters…
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    DM:The demon samurai chants a series of curses at Geralt…. (btw is Quen sign up)
    Calim Gorn:Heh, he dropped it against the other guy
    DM:okay.. yeah wasn’ts ure if he put it back or not.
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Demon Forged Sword) (Close, +6, rank 10 Damage) PA 4 AOA 4 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 24 (18) CRITICAL HIT!Effect Rank: 14 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: slashingNotes: affects incorporeal, secondary effect
    DM:ouch, that’s not gonna be good.
    Geralt:not good at all
    dice failed me
    DM:Gonna be a 3rd degree hit anyway… for 3 wounds and staggers Geralt, but the wittcher is still standing.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:x.x
    Calim Gorn:Heh damn
    DM:However, the wound he’s been dealt does continue to bleed, by the power of the demon sword…
    *****Start of Flying Magitech Prototype’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:Also Geralt’s monster lore tells him…
    He thinks that the samurai’s mask is the thing taht’s possessed by the oni, and source of his superhuman strength, and possessing him with unnatural fortitutde and rage…
    The thing is a cursed object which the dark spirit of an oni came to reside… only be destroying the mask could the oni itself be truly destoyed, even if the samurai dies itl’l try to find a new host.
    Geralt:ok, can i target a aard blast to blow that thing off?
    DM:Yeah you can attempt it, it will be difficult though.
    Since the mask is tightly on there, you’re basically taking his helmet off for that. heh.
    Geralt:hmm, gonna try and step back afterwards
    DM:well you’re currently staggered so you’ll only get one action anyway.
    Can’t move afterwards
    Gonna do this with a bit different of a resistance check.. since it’s more the strength of how its held on as oppsoed to hsis trength…
    well he got half effect.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Take the mask and make a decorative lamp out of it
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah it basically did nothing.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:needs his leg for that sachi
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    DM:The wind rages through the ship… sending things flying, but the samurai holds his ground…
    A dull evil laugh coming from him…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:
    Superfan g-man fantasy lamp
  • Mina Beatrix Toress keeps her flail in motion as she grips it two-handed again trying to cave the monster’s face in.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:that 15 is a typ0
    i meant to put it in the PA box
    Geralt:nice, dro this mofo so we can get down and nasty
    Mina Beatrix Toress:so it should be 5
    +2 for for AoA
    DM:yeah that’d still hit him anyway.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:so 22 to hit on that roll
    Calim Gorn:And rank 13
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:15 , Save DC:28 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -
    —— Failure by 2 degrees
    Calim Gorn:That include the extra 5 from PA?
    DM:Fort save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:11 , Save DC:21 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Success
    yeah it does.. wow.. he’s just rolling well. heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:the great dragon random number generators
    DM:The samurai turns to Mina ths time…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:stakes me with his tetsubo handle
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Demon Forged Sword) (Close, +6, rank 10 Damage) PA 2 AOA 2 Improved Critical 2Roll Result: 12 (6)Effect Rank: 12 (Penetrating 2)Descriptors: slashingNotes: affects incorporeal, secondary effect
    Mina Beatrix Toress:wheew
    DM:The samurai attacks in a fury.. but Mina manages to step back… as the bleeding attack continues into Geralt (secondary effect on geralt, which he has to roll another toughness save against)
    lets see.. that’s gonna be…
    wow.. only a single wound.
    *****Start of Flying Magitech Prototype’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    DM:Some ofthe samurais wounds seem to close…
    The bleeding at least seems to stop at this point
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:removing the dazed from earlier
  • Mina Beatrix Toress drops her flail and draws her nodachi.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:ha 1
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    DM:The samurai lets out another hollow laugh as he parries away Mina’s nodachi.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:the cursed sword indeed lol
    DM:As geralt steps back a bit.. Sayuri takes the opportunity to try a shot (and hopefuilyl not hit Mina).
    Sayuri Lastrium:Sayuri Lastrium Attacks! (Yuri Shot) (Ranged, +5, rank 6 Damage) PA 2 Improved Critical 2, ATTACK MODIFIER 5 Hero Point SpentRoll Result: 25 (17)Effect Rank: 8 (Resisted With Fortitude)Descriptors: Aela
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Fort save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 15 ( natural:9 , Save DC:23 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -—- Failure by 2 degrees
    DM:And dazes the samurai with her aela blast.
    Sayuri Lastrium:“Take that!”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Woo!
    *****Start of Demon Samurai Horigoshi’s Turn*****
    DM:The demon turns to Geralt, seeming to think he’s the greastest threat… trying to finish him off in one blow…
    His sword glows red… seeking out the blood the blade already spilled.. unerringly striking Geralt where the blade had previously drawn his blood…
    Demon Samurai Horigoshi:Demon Samurai Horigoshi Attacks! (Sword Tech: Grinning Seeker) (Perception, +N/A, rank 8 Damage)Effect Rank: 8Descriptors: ???
    DM:Going to be an autohit… just roll a toughness save.
    Geralt:cheap shot man
    DM:Hey he’s a demon samurai, what can ya expect? :P
    Calim Gorn:Ouch
    Heh damn, Geralt is down
    DM:That’s gonna be enough to drop Geralt… 4 degrees.
    *****Start of Flying Magitech Prototype’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Geralt:up to you mina
    *****Start of Mina Beatrix Toress’s Turn*****
    Mina Beatrix Toress:apparently so
    Calim Gorn:None of us can roll crap for our regen either apparently
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
  • Mina Beatrix Toress leaps to the ceiling dangling upside down as she takes a swipe at the brutes neck, trying to remove his head.
    DM:Yeah this si kinda crazy.. lol… the sad thing is that Calim actually had one of the easier battles lol.
    I expected Geralts would be the toughest, and he blew thorugh it
    Calim Gorn:Well there’s one heal
    lol whatever, that fight was totally one sided
    I was at 7 to Toughness and had no weapons
    Maxine von Eisenburg:They got the drop on you to the max, dude
    DM:heh, I know… I mean the ninja guy was only PL 8 and Laventa was PL 9. mostly was the surprise.
    Geralt:woohoo mina
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Mina Beatrix Toress:praise kek
    DM:and he had 3 PL 6 ninja.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I mean they aggro’d us with all those surprise attacks and we had no means of defense
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 18) Roll Result: 13 ( natural:10 , Save DC:33 ) Demon Samurai Horigoshi -
    —— Failure by 4 degrees
    Mina Beatrix Toress:G gave me his crit energy like a spirit bomb for Goku
    Geralt:((cought ya with your pants down…))
    Calim Gorn:Whoooo go Mina
    lol literally
    I might have done all right if I could have just been half clothed and kept my jacket
    Since that’s where all my Toughness is
    DM:Mina takes her no Dachi and cuts into the samurai’s throat… it doesn’t fully hack through the creature… but it does drop him… as his blackish blood drips onto Mina…
    Or onto her blade rather
    Calim Gorn:But without it I was totally gimped
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Develop a fetish
    For wearing it during sex
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:or just enhance your cock ring instead
    DM:yeah lol plus you had Aita to help you too… heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol some help she was
  • Mina Beatrix Toress rushes over to check if Geralt is still alive.
    Calim Gorn:She didn’t even fucking do anything until we were already down
    DM:Suzu was gonna back up Geralt but he didn’t really need it at least not above deck :P
    *****Start of Sayuri Lastrium’s Turn*****
    DM:Sayuri runs over and kicks the downed samurai.
    Calim Gorn:So where are my Hero Points
    I spend them to keep myself and Laventa alive
    DM:heh.. yeah we can wrap up this battle…
    Assuming Mina is gonna bandage up Geralt?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:make sure that dude is dead, finishing atk on him
    DM:heh okay you gonna check on Geralt first or finish him off?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:finish him
    DM:Mina hacks his head off finsihing what her first stroke started..
    As the samurai’s head rolls onto the ground…
    The blood seems to pose an intersting aroma to Mina.. filled with Mana… but also possessing in darkness…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:make sure G’s still alive, or if he needs a dose of vampire blood to bring him around
    DM:I’m gonna give Mina a will save to avoid drinking the oni tainted blood, assuming she wants to resist it at all…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah dont wanna drink that shit
    Calim Gorn:lol oh boy
    Geralt:if we exiting combat my Wolverine enhanced regen should bring me around quick
    Mina Beatrix Toress:ha
    so much for that plan, its time for cocktails!
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shakes her drink mixer.
    DM:well you are in a dying state… so the regen won’t quite get you out of dying (since it has to remove all your wounds first)
    So you could still bleed out even with regen)
    Mina drinks from the samurai…. letting the dark blood come into her.. filling her with rage and darkness…
    Calim Gorn:Well hopefully Sayuri can bandage him at least
    DM:Give me a second will save…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:RAWR
    Calim Gorn:Oh goody
    DM:Yeah heh Yuri is gonna bandage him.
    Calim Gorn:lol oh great
    Mina Beatrix Toress:HULK SMASH!
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Uh ohhhh
    Please don’t hurt Yuri-chan ; ;
    Geralt:now Mona goes mad and slays me and sayuri for our blood
    oh right she can’t drink that… good thing
    DM:Dark power fills Mina… wel fortunately Geralt’s blood being Imbued… isn’t tasty to Mina.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:gives her gas
    DM:However Yuri and the rest of the innocents aboard the ship…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Justy is gonna stake you
    Mina Beatrix Toress:it worked out fine for jubilee
    DM:Meanwhile… at the bedroom of Calim and Laventa…
    Suzu Ueno:Suzu Ueno spends a Hero Point for : Reroll
    Calim Gorn:lol…
    DM:heh uh oh indeed…
    Suzu Ueno:Suzu Ueno spends a Luck Point for : Reroll
    DM:Aruvin and Maxine finally arrive to the palace to see that chaos has apparently broken loose…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“My, it appears he was telling the truth… I hope the Daimyo is all right.”
    DM:Though by the time they get back it’s mostly under control.. but they can see that Calim, Laventa, Aita and Suzu are all lying unconscious(Dead?) in their healers area…
    Noboddy seems to know where the daimyo is…
    Calim Gorn:Jesus
  • Aruvin seals prisoner in a toughness 7 cube of crystall before goign to look for people or enemies
    DM:heh okay.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:brb bio
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“No one saw where she went…? Where she was…?”
    Guard:“We haven’t seen her in a while… I don’t know where she went… she lost her usual guard detail somehow…”
    Aruvin:“Megu can be sneaky when she needs to be.” he remains silent aout where she ‘really’ is
    Guard:“An assassin broke into her bedroom, but as fara s we could tell there wasn’t any sign of her body..”
    “Another group of assassioms attacked Calim and Laventa.”
  • Aruvin sticks around to tend to injured (he has Treatment trained…)
    DM:They tastefully leave out the fac tthat they were naked…
    Calim Gorn:A true bro
    DM:Ahokay… I’ll elt you roll a treatment check
    Mina Beatrix Toress:back
  • Aruvin would like to bring Aita around, but…
    DM:Aurvin helps to bandage them some.. Calim and laventa were apparently mortally wounded as you discover… the ninja even did a finishing stroke throughh their chests.. but Suzu managed to brinbg back both from their recently dead state, though exerting herself so much it caused her to fall unconscious…
    Still both would take some time to recover… Aita is also badly injured but stable…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Can I make Treatment checks or would I have to be trained? >.>; )
    Calim Gorn:Aw, thanks Suzu
    DM:You’d have to be trained unless you’ve got taht one advantage that lets you do trained stuff
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw, hehe, yeah
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:eidetic memory does i think, but only for expertise
    think need jack of all trades
    Calim Gorn:Yeah just Expertise
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah not treatment
    Calim Gorn:You need Jack of All Trades to do skills that require Trained
    Well if I’m stable then my Regen should eventually bring me around…
    DM:It’s about 15 minutes beofre you finally get an update… with Megumi entering, with several cuts on her arm. and a few samurai carrying the badly inured body of Geralt…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Vampire bat swarm got him Cap’n
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is trying to help coordinate defense + damage control, if there’s any place where she fits in there
    Aruvin:“You good?” he somewhat casully asksed Megumi. “We amanged to capture someone for you. Astra called him Tatsuya Ijin”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“This is a total disaster… the airship was sabotaged… and…”
    Calim Gorn:They probably got Koji too since Geralt knocked him out
    DM:Yeah heh.. Geralt never finsihed him so they’d have him, he did stabilize.. since nobody killed him.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I got caught up on my way to the airship by another attack, then when I got there…”
    “We need to get Geralt up as soon as possible…”
    Aruvin:“I’m not as good at fixing up people as I am magitech, but I’ll see what I can do.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Daimyo! I’m so glad you’re all right!”
    DM:Megumi starts giving some orders to refine the defenses of the city…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I need one of you to see what you can do with that airship…”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg moves to hug her… But catches herself and bows instead
    Mina Beatrix Toress:rename the ship to the Elizabeth Bathory?
    Calim Gorn:rofl
    Aruvin:“Sounds like a job for you miss Eisenburg.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Calim Gorn:
    Mina’s new form
    Okay, Aruvin is gonna tend to the wounded, and Maxine is gonna fix up the airship?
    Al;so will award hero points.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Is there still any situation there I should look out for?”
    DM:First gonna give everyone except Aruvin/Max 2 points for a very difficulty firght. 1 HP for Aruvin/max since their fight wasn’t really super difficult like the others.
    Aruvin gains a hero point. , Maxine von Eisenburg gains a hero point.
    Aruvin:^ like an enraged 200 year old vampiress
    DM:Mina Beatrix Toress gains a hero point. , Geralt gains a hero point. , Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Mina Beatrix Toress gains a hero point. , Geralt gains a hero point. , Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Laventa deserves Hero Points too lol
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yeah… blood.. a lot of blood.”
    “Other than Geralt… I wouldnt’ expect many survivors.. my people are doing what they can.”
    DM:Oddly there’s no sign of Mina at all..
    Calim Gorn:Man, I hope she didn’t get Sayuri…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh no… Do you know what happened…?”
    Geralt:so i’m fime now and can regen?
    DM:I’m gonna give Calim 2 hero points as well for complications since he was rendered effectively powerless without most of his gear for that.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Whoo
    DM:Yeah. Geralt is in the process of healing up…
    Calim Gorn:And then there’s the whole “I’m boning my sister and now the whole palace knows” complication
    DM:heh.. yeah… lol… well when that actually comes up as something to motivate or crew you later (and it totally will) I’ll give you more.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:And Mina gets an additional complication (and possibly more later)….
    Mina Beatrix Toress gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Let me know whenever I’m conscious
    DM:Yeah Calim is gonna be down for a while, you were resurrected so I’m giving you some lingering complication penaltieis heh.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, okay
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(After she’s out of answers to my questions I’m gonna go help fix the airship)
  • Calim Gorn is asleep for probably the first time that anyone has ever seen
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m not entirely sure… we’re still trying to peice things together.. .but the ship was supposed to take refugees and those monsters hit it..”
    DM:okay… Max goes to fix the airship and Aruvin tends to thew ounded, Geralt starts to awaken his regenration fortunately kicking in.. it seems Sayuri did manage to bandage him at least….
    And maybe sved his life when he was so badly injured…
    Geralt starts to remember what happened and th battle, as the world comes back to him…
    Meanwhile.. .Maxine enters a truly nightmarish scene…. body parts strewn belong deck… elders, women and children… slain alive…
    slain *alike
    Witout a single bit of mercy given..
    Oddly enough, Maxs goggles detect that the mana was completely drained from the bodies… or at least the majorit yof them…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:tirenyr with tits?
    Geralt:They were already dead when i went below right?
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mein Sheyl… Who could have done such a thing…”
    DM:Not all of em…
    Calim Gorn:Not all of them, Mina was holding the oni off…
    But now she is the demons
    Geralt:great, had to go and drink the blood
    now i’m gonna have to hunt down mina
    Calim Gorn:And then Mina was a zombie
    DM:Also give me a perceptin check for Max as well..
    The airship engines seem like they were heavily bashed in as well as if someone with great strength went on a rampage…
    Geralt:“Thank you Sayuri…. what happened here?”
    DM:Sayuri hasn’t been found yet.. heh.
    DM:Geralt basically wakes to find Aruvin tending to him
    Geralt:ok thought she healed me
    DM:She did.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg remains calm, but is clearly shaken… Looking for traces of what happened as she categories the damage…
    DM:But that was after you dropped
    Before mina drank the blood.
    Geralt:“Wha- what happened?”
    Calim Gorn:And then he sees Calim and Laventa and Aita and Suzu all unconscious next to him
  • Geralt looks over to see if the demon is slain.
    Geralt:“Where is Sayuri?”
    DM:Max scans the damage…. and starts to repair.. she also finds a single demon swrod at the body of a headless samurai.. that radiates mana.. her own analytcis tell her the sword is “bad shit” (it’sa scientific term)
    Aruvin:“That’s a good question. There apparantly was some kind of bloody massacre on the airship.”
    DM:Aruvin was also suppsoed to get Megumi when Geralt regained consciousness
    Apparently she had a matter to discuss with him
    Assuming Max is gonna start repairs, give me a tech roll for her…
    Aruvin:“If you fell like standing, Megu wantas to see you’
    Geralt:”Ye- yes, sure…."
    Maxine von Eisenburg:""Ein Teufelscheissschwert… How suspicious."
  • Geralt checks out one of the nearby bodies….
  • Maxine von Eisenburg clears a perimeter around the blade and ensures that it isn’t handled directly
    DM:Max gets to repairing the damage, fortuantely the damage looks really extensive, but the person doing it didn’t realyl know what systems were critical, and it looks more like a madmans rampage.
    Well Geralt is back at Megumi’s castle right now.
    Geralt:oh, thought i woke on the ship
    DM:You’d have tog o back to the ship if you wanted to see the devastated corpses… they carried you back.
    Geralt:nm all that then
    DM:Nah, they brought you to the castle.
    Calim Gorn:No you got dragged back to the castle
    You’re in the infirmary with the rest of us lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“This doesn’t appear to be intentional sabotage… Was this man a berserker of some sort…?”
    DM:Yeah you can see Calim, Laventa, Aita and Suzu tehre….
    Calim Gorn:So basically you see Calim, Laventa, Aita, and Suzu all lying there next to you
  • Calim Gorn has a pained look on his face as he lies there unconscious
    DM:They did wrap Calim and Laventa in some robes to keep their modesty.
    Calim Gorn:At least the guards were nice enough to do us a solid like that
    Geralt:“You all too?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(say you were naked cause of body heat and not sexing)
    Geralt:“Who made it?”
    Calim Gorn:We were in the baths, I swear
    DM:Max figures the ship will be down for about a day with reapirs, assuming she can borrow a few of Megumi’s techhs.
    Calim Gorn:Separately
    On opposite sides of the wall
    DM:None of the others are conscious quite yet either.
    Aruvin:“Maxine was with me outside the walls, so she’s good. Megu sent her to the ship for repairs.” he replies, escorintg Geralty to wherever megu is
    Geralt:oh so only i am awake
    Calim Gorn:Yeah dunno how badly injured Calim looks since he got rezzed but he’s probably in bad shape
    DM:Well you and Aruvin. yeah.
    Calim Gorn:And Aruvin says Megumi wants to see you
    DM:Yeah.. heh. assuming you want to go find her and report you’re up (or Aruvin does)
  • Geralt folows the messenger….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:afk a few bio
    DM:Megumi meets you in a private meeting room, with you nd Aruvin…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(to Geralt) “I’m hoping you can cast some light on what happened on that ship…”
    Geralt:“I was escorting your people aboard as you wished. Then there was a great crash below and a samurai warrior that moved with great speed slew all on the deck.”
    “I believe he said his name was Master Koji.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yes, I have him imprisoned, wa sbarely alive when we found him on deck.”
    “But we foudn you below deck…”
    Geralt:“I defeated him and raced below to aid what was aking place down there. I could hear a great battle.”
    DM:Also in her tests.. Maxine discovers another irregularity….
    Geralt:“As I arrived there was a demon warrior fighting with Mina and Sayuri was nearby. Many were slain in the hold and only few were left alive. The demon must have fgotten to them before Mina could arrive.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mmm…?”
    Geralt:“I struck the demon but I must have fallen to his blade, that vile thing.”
    “That is all I remember. I awoke here.”
    “Where is Mina? She was not in the infirmary so she must be around.”
    DM:She discovers that the airships engine was partially running even in damaged state… despite that it should normalyl shut down in that state since nothing works.. but upon closer inspection she discovers that a young girl was apparently hiding amidst a cloud of Aela in the main Aela reactor area…. The aela gas would have acted as interferecne for most magical sensing.. including mana-based life sense…
    Geralt:“I saw many in the infirmary, so apparently the strike was wide spread.”
    DM:And she appears to be crouched inside the reactor wearing a breath mask to try to shiefl herself from the noramlly toxic aela level in tehre.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“When I arrive to the ship there was a creature that had Mina’s body, but was wearing a mask…”
    “It was unbelievably powerful…”
    Calim Gorn:lol, time for Sef to make a new character
    Geralt:""Mina’s body.. a mask? Did it look like……"
  • Geralt describes the demon mask
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yes.. that was it. I hope you know what it is..”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh my! Please do come out! K-keep your breath mask on!”
  • Geralt mutters….
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Demons and spirits isn’t my specialty, but I hear it is yours…”
    Geralt:“Why would she…. how?”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg retrieves the girl immediately…
  • Sayuri Lastrium slowly emerges from the reactor, trembling….
    DM:She’s kind of pale.. she probably accidnetally inhaled some toxic Aela… but she’s conscious.
    Sayuri Lastrium:“Is it gone?”
    Calim Gorn:Aww, well at least she’s alive
    Mina Beatrix Toress:back
    Geralt:“The mask was possesed by an oni, giving the wearer great power, but also damnation.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:shes prolly a vampire heh
    Geralt:“I don’t understand why Mina would put on the mask though.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sounds like something T would do
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:be like “Let Me In”
    or whatever the name of that vampire movie
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah, that was a great movie
    Geralt:“She must have slain the demon or I would be dead. Were any alive int he hold?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i saw the european one
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I don’t know, your’e the expert on these things… but maybe she just craved more power, or the demon controlled her.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:the american one was kinda meh so i didnt watch it
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori shakes her head.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“not that we could find.. and our magic didn’t detect any either…. all dead…”
    Geralt:“Sayuri, was she dead or alive?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I doubt she made it…”
    “As far as we can tell, when the enemy saw the Gorn warship land in the docks, they diecded to srtike while it was docked with their best infiltrators.”
    Geralt:“Did Master Koji survive to me captured?”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“He’s badly injured but he’s alive.”
    Aruvin:“While Tatsuya sniped our soldiers from off the wall as a possible distraction.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It’ll be all right my dear. I’m here now, and our attackers are gone. I’ve been taking inventory of the ship and there’s no sign of anyone else.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Tehre were multiple distractions, apparently there was an assassin meant for me, but I wasn’t at the palace at the time, and they didn’t know that.”
    “And Aita was… elsewhere.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m not sure why but she happened to be in Calim’s room.”
    Aruvin:“I’d question the validity of a Master’s title if he was workign with q demon.”
    Calim Gorn:Yeah being useless
    Geralt:“Perhaps he can aswer some questions for you as to the attack. It seems as if I’ve got to hunt down Mina now. She must answer for what she has done.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“We can buy some time with the prisoners we’ve got… hopefully arrange a ceasefire while we heal and you can hunt down Mina…”
    “I was going to take that airship too.. but it seems wiht current circumstances as they are, that’s no longer an option…”
    Sayuri Lastrium:“It was horrible.. I could’t stop it…”
    “Had to run…”
    Aruvin:(to Geralt) "Do you think demonized Mina can still turn into a mist? It’ll be a it difficult to coral her if so’
  • Sayuri Lastrium holds onto Maxine and cries..
  • Maxine von Eisenburg takes some time out of her repair work to comfort Sayuri and take her somewhere that isn’t soaked in gore.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg hugs her tight.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(heh I had scrolling off oops x.x )
    Sayuri Lastrium:“I thought it was gonna find me…”
    Yours are gone.. basically you heal at 1 wound per minute assuming you’re not KOed anyway.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“What was it? Something the assassins brought…?”
    DM:Sayuri seems too broken up for much rational thought… crying into Maxine’s shoulder.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t press her for information she’s not ready to give, instead lending her Max’s shoulder.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“That demon made a swath of destruction as it headed northwards… perahps you could track it… it’s going to ravage the countryside otherwise..”
    Calim Gorn:(Geralt’s all like “Not my problem, Vin is in trouble”)
    DM:heh he could decide to do that :)
    Geralt:nah, not in this instance
    his duty to monster hunting and preventing the slaying of innocents he knows he can help out weights a possible help of Vin
    before there was an abstract danger, human made and political, not his problem
    a monster.. his problem, especially since the monster is mina
    Maybe you should have killed her the moment your medallion vibrated in hert presence…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“No, don’t worry about it now. You’re all right, and that’s what’s important for the moment, yes? We can return to the palace once you feel ready, if being with the others would help you?”
  • Sayuri Lastrium nods.
    Geralt:“Yes Daimyo, I will seek out the cause fo this destruction. I will probably need the aid of my companions though, if they are willing.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Geralt:“The strength of this foe is beyond my current capabilities.”
    “alone that is.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yes, as soon as Calim is ready for travel… he was dead for a time I think, before Suzu revived him.”
    Calim Gorn:Whatever man, you singlehandedly took down Master Koji of the Hebi-Kuran, you can handle some dinky monster
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah
    Geralt:well mina slew the demon that slew me
    Mina Beatrix Toress:you’re a one man army lately
    Geralt:so that pings Danger to Geralt
    esp with her empowered by the mask
    Aruvin:“With the right mental schemata, I can craft a cage which can hold a demon mist while allow you to attack thru its walls”
    DM:Yeah during the prep phase might be a good time to make use of your inventor/artificer advantages.. heh.
    Geralt:while waiting for Calim to recover, geralt studies Vampire lore
    looking for weaknesses
    Calim Gorn:Sunlight, garlic, running water, wooden stakes through the heart
    DM:heh okay.. Max returns with Sayuri back to the castle as well.
    Actually.. in this setting… sunlight doesn’t hurt vampires.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Mmm yeah, I can help you if if you ask in character too~
    Mina Beatrix Toress:might wanna study demonic possession, aint gonna do much good if it possesses someone else
    Geralt:didn;t know if different lore here
    Aruvin:“Might even be able to jury-rigg a phase inhibitating field…
    DM:Yeah ther eis different lore actually.. a vampire in this setting (indeed all undead) basically is like a living thing that has lost the ability to convert food into mana, so has to steal mana from others…. in the acse of a vampire it transfers that mana via blood.
    Calim Gorn:
    Mina Beatrix Toress:zombies eat flesh for mana
    Geralt:so something that drains her mana would weaken her?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah think so
    Mina Beatrix Toress:weakens anything pretty much
    DM:Yeah, she can be drained of mana.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:cept constructs
    Geralt:what type of effect in M&M terms
    DM:By disrupting her mana, her vampiric abilities could also be removed at least temporarily.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:nullify broad (mana)? not sure
    Aruvin:”Sp, if I’m understanding things, it’s that mask that is the source of the trouble? And if I sunder it? What then?"
    DM:Well depends on what you were trying to achieve. I mean basic mana drain could bea weaken effect.
    Geralt:i want to drain her supernatural vamp powers
    DM:Megumi btw lets you get some time to plan… also Suzu does regain consciousness… apparnetly she was just overly exerted… but not really wounded.
    Geralt:will make a Vampire Oil
    Calim Gorn:lol am I awake yet?
    DM:You could use a nullify specialf or that… could be nullify vampiric abilities effect, probably with sustained atached to it.
    heh Calim is just starting to regain cosnciousness probably due ot his regenreation, but he’s still fucked up and locked to the bed for now…
    Calim Gorn:“Nnn… Laventa?!”
    Geralt:ok, so do i think this mask can possess people on its own, or does it have to be put on?
  • Calim Gorn tries to sit up
    Maxine von Eisenburg:What about one that incapacitates her and is designed to only work on vampires? Like, gives her neural feedback or somethin
    DM:That’d be an affliciton effect if you want to incapacitate. Or potetnialyl weakn if you’re just draining all her strength or something though afflcition would be the most successful probably
    Mina Beatrix Toress:could maybe use some bait, taint its blood with some kind of shit to knock her out
    DM:Yeah a tainted blood supply would be possible as well.
    There are vampire poisons, the trick is getting the vamp to eat em.
    Geralt:i only have 3 points.. and my artificer/alchemist thing
  • Calim Gorn clutches his chest as he winces in pain, though he’s still trying to force himself out of bed, to look for Laventa…
    DM:Laventa lies next to calim… fortuantely not far though Calim stumbles as he gets out of bed… she’s ghostly pale…
    Calim Gorn:“Laventa!”
    DM:And not yet conscious… Calim also has a big wound through his chest wher apparently the ninja did a coup de grace after he was downed..
  • Calim Gorn stumbles over towards her, reaching out for her hand…
    DM:Laventa’s hand is cold… with only traces of the warmth of the living…
    Calim Gorn:“Laventa… No…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:; ;
    DM:Also while this is going on Suzu does approach Geralt…
    Yeah you coudl come up with some kinda device probably with some guidance from Geralt’s monster lore as to what you’d want to weaken them.
  • Calim Gorn tries to feel for a pulse or listen for a heartbeat…
    DM:Suzu quietly goes up to Geralt…
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m sorry Geralt…”
  • Suzu Ueno looks downwards…
    Geralt:“What is it Suzu?”
    Suzu Ueno:“I coudl have helped you… but I chose to go to Calim. The dragons showed me two choices…”
    Geralt:“That is alright.I saw you above me, but the samurai I was fighting was not a problem, he was a chump.”
    DM:Calim can hear the faintest of hearbeats….
  • Calim Gorn breathes a little easier once he hears Laventa’s heart still beating…
    Geralt:“It was what was below and unseen that was the real danger.”
    Calim Gorn:“Thank Sheyl…”
    Suzu Ueno:“I thought he was the problem I saw.. but it was what was below.. and they said so many people died…”
    “All because I left you there.”
    DM:Maxine is back at the palace now btw.. so she can be around Geralt and Aruvin.
    Geralt:“You wouldn’t have been able to get below deck in that thing anyway.”
    DM:Assuming tehy’re plotting what to happen… or she can be still consoling Sayuri.
    Suzu Ueno:“I guess not, but I could have ripped throug hthe side of the ship… that’s how I got to Calim.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe, if we’re making plans I’ll be with them
    Suzu Ueno:“I had to rip a big hole in the palace…”
  • Calim Gorn tries to tend to Laventa despite being gravely wounded himself… He seems to put her welfare above his own
    DM:Calim can see a few of the healers staff, and guards talking amongst themselves, and maybe looking in his dreiction.. perhaps gossiping about what they found…
    Geralt:“You did what you thought was right. Not evey choice is perfect. At least you were able to save Calim and the others.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m glad you’re okay…”
  • Calim Gorn doesn’t care about that right now, he only seems to be worried about Laventa’s well-being
  • Aruvin begins work on an agility sapping, insubstantial hitting sword design composed of Aela crystal… might need to jury rig it as I think the whole inventing process normlly takes a fair bit of time…
    Calim Gorn:(I’ll pretend I don’t understand what they’re saying though so I can listen in on their conversations, heh)
    Geralt:“I’m glad you found your strength.”, Geralt leans down to give her a peck on the forehead.
    DM:Yeah normally it takes a while though based on your roll you can take ti down some.. lemme see how long it’ll take to build sometihng.
    You’ve got to wiat a bit for Calim to ge his strength back so….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, if there’s time I’d like to work on a long-range vampire sensor
    DM:Lemme know how many points the invention is gonna be (basid on the power cost you’re creating with it )
    You can apply a limited flaw, limited to vampires to most damage effects and such.
    Geralt:“Now go and do what you must to prepare for further dangers. I have a mon- a friend to hunt down.”
    DM:Though for a sensor, that wouldn’t be a limited so much as just what it’s sensing, and would have the advantage of not being cluttered by a bunch of false positives.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:guess ima have to bust hachi out of the dog pound
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Aruvin:someone more familiar with the system might be able to come up with number real quick.. but I know it’s 2 for full damage vs insubstantial and there will be a link DamageWeaken agility effect…. and that we want sufficent Ranks fo a reasonable chance of success
  • Calim Gorn eventually drags himself back to his cot, grinding his teeth in pain as he pushes himself in spite of his grave wounds…
    Calim Gorn:Hmm… Heh, well it’s gonna be pretty pricy probably…
    Healer:(to Calim) “Rest young one… you won’t heal if you’re up and about.”
    Aruvin:so, weaken and damage are both 1/rank; Linked is a flat +0….
    DM:Yeah lnked just basically combines the cost of the two powers.
    So it’s like buying them both.
    Calim Gorn:“I will be fine… My body can repair itself with just the Aela in the air… But I beg you to please do all you can for her…”
    Geralt:i’m going to do the vamp potion as my alchemist thing, don’t want to waste points on a temporary need
    Aruvin:Limited to demons or vampires might be a thing to reduce cost
    DM:Yeah heh, that’s what artificer is for.
    Yeah you can apply limited to any kind of attack power.
    Calim Gorn:You can give the damage effect low damage to make sure it has a good chance of hitting and triggering the linked affliction if that’s what you care about more
    DM:Yeah, just be aware the higher of the wo will act as the accuracy cap.
    Calim Gorn:Ah yeah that’s true
    DM:I’ll give you a bit to do smoe number crunching…
    Aruvin:limited -1 on each basically grants 2 ranks in effect for 1 PP; 6 ranks in each sound decent, so 3PP + 3 PP + 2 PP (vs insub) = 8 PP – not terrible expensive
    Geralt:how many points per effect rank for a incapacitaion oil specific to vampires, secondary effect applied with my sword damage?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Does Mina have a particular source of concealment, like invisibility?)
    Calim Gorn:You want at least 8 on an Affliction, actually 10 probably, they gotta fail it by 3 degrees so with a rank 10 that’s a DC 20 so she’s gotta roll a 9 or lower
    Mina Beatrix Toress:no
    DM:Well it’d just be like buying an affliction with limited on it.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she just uses stealth skill for hiding
    or turning to mist and doing so
    DM:You can link it with your sword essentially as just part of the descriptor to the power. So wouldn’t cost extra.
    Geralt:well the effect can’t exceed 8
    per cap
    DM:Well it can exceed 8 if it’s delivered via a close or ranged attack.
    Aruvin:not doing afflcition, just weaken agility.. sap her down to unable to do anything.. or that might neet comulative or soemthing?
    DM:Basicall yit uses the accuracy of whatever you use to deliver it.
    using the accuracy + effect rank = PL*2
    A perception or area power is capped at PL.
    Calim Gorn:I think with Weaken they recover it one point per round, so if you can hit her with it multiple times it might work
    Aruvin:I can take 10 with Technology for an automatic 28, so can do up to 18 PP worth in weapon without much trouble
    DM:You’d need to take her down to -5 agily to make her totally immobile from it.
    Probably a cumulative affliciton is beter if you’re looking fro straight paralysis.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Give it a high DC and cumulative
    DM:Something like vulnerable/defenseless/paralyzed affliction
    with cumulative.
    Geralt:don;t forget spring forward tonight
    Aruvin:ever with jurry riggs +5 to check, I can do 13 PP without effort…
    DM:Anyway gonnag et something to drink leme know when youv’e come up with point costs for your stuff and we can start making some rolls when I come back (I think the invetnion rolls under the Gadget Guide alternate rules tahtwe’re using are done in secret, or some of em anyway)
    Geralt:getting late and doubt we do much more except prep for the hunt
    DM:(Also Since you’ve got Sayuri she coudl potentialyl aid someone )
    Yeah I was just gonna do the prep then we’ll stop heh.
    Calim Gorn:Maxine can aid too
    DM:Well I think Max is gonna make her own shit
    Calim Gorn:Ah heh
    DM:She had idea sof stuff she wanted to invent.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah I’m trying to think of how to make a vampire sensor
    DM:Sayuri could help one of the inventors, either Max or Aruvin (but not both)
    It’d be extra sense (vampires, then with whatever stuff you wanted tto attach)
    Probably radial and penetrating would be needed.
    Geralt:can i remove the link i made with mina on my amulet to omit her?.
    Calim Gorn:Wouldn’t Analytical Mana be able to discern that something is undead?
    DM:heh… yeah I’d say that’d take some tme, but yeah you coudl unblock her from the amulet.
    Yeah analytical mana would.
    Geralt:well we have time right?
    Aruvin:well, if I can build a high;t affective affliction link to weapon damage for less than 14 PP, I won’t be needing the help I don’t think. SKil Mastered Technology with a +18 bonus and all…
    DM:IU think Max wanted something more long range
    Calim Gorn:Well your scanner goggles will already be able to see her at least, though I guess you want something that’s got radius detection so you can ping with it
    DM:Yeah you’ve got some time.
    It’d just take an hour or two away from your artificer stuff.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah Calim is probably going to be recovering for a while anyway
    Geralt:i can smell her
    DM:You’ve got some time, but not exactly unlimited time, so dependign on how grand you were going with your artifice…
    Geralt:and hear her
    Calim Gorn:Wonder if Suzu is gonna confront Calim at some point…
    DM:Since her scanner goggles are fine for close range ,but then you’ll be seeing some crazy chick in a samurai mask with glowing red eyes…
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah close range is kinda pointless
    Need long range radius sense
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah, hehe~
    Calim Gorn:Like the scanner from Aliens
    Geralt:ok, i’ll touch base during the week on the power stuff, heading to bed, sciatic messed up and not sleeping well
    Calim Gorn:Give it like Sense Mana Limited to Undead only, and a bunch of ranks of Extended, and Radius
    Damn that sucks, hope it gets better G
    Geralt:it will eventually, just takes time when you are an old fart
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:k cya G.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hope ya feel better G!
    Aruvin:night G
    Maxine von Eisenburg:So like, Extended, Radius, Penetrating if I can
    DM:Suzu doesn’t see Calim, but does ask about him.. perhaps she’s a bit embarassed by what she saw….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Was gonna say Tracking but I guess that’s not a sense addon?
    DM:Yeah that’s all doable, just takea bunch of extra points.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Anymore?
    DM:Well you could give it the tracking advantage.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ahh right
    DM:Where it can be used for tracking.
    Calim Gorn:lol I guess at some point I’m gonna have to talk to her…
    DM:It probably didn’t sink in to Suzu immedaitely since she did heal Laventa and Calim, so she may not have put two and two togther in the panic of seeing them impaled.
    Aruvin:heh.. would “Only vs Female Undead” be a -2 Limitation? =P Still, seems a little cheesy using Limited since it’s rally only meant for a single instance, but it IS kinda needed to reduce design/constructino time and get an easier DC…
    DM:And the general bloodbath…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    She’s probably heard the castle servants gossipping though
    DM:Well I’d probably say for magitech, limited to undead would probably be as tight as you could get as far as limits
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hey man it’s a specialized tool, that’s what it’s for
    DM:For Geralt, since he’s a monster hunter by trade, I’d let him take a specifical limited 2: vampires only ,cause he’s got specific monster huntingtools
    Calim Gorn:And I’m sure Aita is eager to fill her in once she wakes up
    DM:Fortuantely Aita is still down.
    Unless you had a good narrative reason for why the limit would even apply heh…
    I can’t really think of a reason what kinda modifications to a device might only detect female vampires. heh. Unless she had vampire PMS or something and you’re sniffing for her blood. lol.
    Calim Gorn:Well the way the sense rules work I think Limited is kinda not really gonna do anything for you unless you let it apply to the entire thing and not just the base Mana Sense part
    Since that’s only like a 1 point effect
    DM:Well I mean sense I wouldn’t really let you take limited on anyway.
    Since the limit can actually be a benefit for removing “noise” from what it detects.
    Maxine von Eisenburg::p
    DM:So it’s actuall ynot a bad thing to have a more limited sense.
  • Aruvin would want to ask who (Maine or Geralt) woudl be using this weapon he’s making.. and if they’d want it ranged, cone, or melee… and ask how good a swordsmand/shot they are..Calibrating it to their skill levels. (ie keeping their attack roll in mind in meeting PL limit =P )
    Well it can have a greater power than their normal cap, it’d just take thier accuracy down.
    So fi you deisgned say an effect 10, their accuracy would be capped at +6 at PL8
    even if they normally had a +9 for instance.
    Aruvin:‘tis why I think he’d be leaning towards the line or cone area… eliminate the to-hit all together
    DM:Yeah that’d be capped at straigth PL.
    Calim Gorn:Okay so 1 point for the basic Undead Sense, 2 points to make it Accurate, 1 point to make it a Radius effect, and then if you add like 4 points of Extended I think that gives you a range of 100,000 ft before you start taking Perception penalties
    DM:you’d also want penetrating.
    Aruvin:hmm.. more effective with potential for miss… or AoE with lower Effect rating. But they only get one roll to avoid the AoE right?
    Calim Gorn:Ah yeah
    DM:Unless you’re just gonna use it as a satellite heh.
    Calim Gorn:That’d be another 4 points
    Can she apply the Easily Removable flaw or not since this is an invention?
    DM:Basifally how Area works is they geta dodge roll instead of the normal attack roll
    If they succeed on the dodge, they’re still hit but at half effect.
    Aruvin:if I recall right, that’s the one flaw you cannot take with inventions
    DM:Then they resist it as normal (either half or full) dpeending on the dodge check.
    Yeah you can’t put on easily removable.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:Inventions basically always have that stuff.
    Calim Gorn:So that’s a 12 point invention then
    Undead Sense, Accurate, Radius, Extended 4, Penetrating
    DM:I mean I guess conceivably you could take some extra limit to make it a big bulky machine you cant carry around with you heh.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hmm, yeah
  • Aruvin ‘s deign phase leads him into developing an Aela device JUST for incapacitating, rather than a weapon that also incapacitates.. since it is Mina and we don’t want to kill her outright
    WEll maybe some of you do… Aruvin hasn’t known her as long as the others :P
    Geralt may want her dead.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is certainly very concerned that Mina has turned into a monster and would prefer her alive if possible…
Session Log 28

DM:Tatsuya Ijiri gains a hero point.
Atama Kioshi Morri gains a hero point.
Taro Mashita gains a hero point.
Tabris:Yo yo

  • Tygaran waves
    Tabris:Man I missed that little ring
    Tabris:Well I guess we’ll see whether Sef or G gets here first
    oh I did add some new attack macros.
    So you’ll see under the F6 menu there’s a thing called Attack manager now
    DM:You can enter in some of your attacks in there.
    And it should (assuming all goes well) allow you to roll them when you do the attack macro
    Tabris:Does it take Str into effect on the damage or do you have to add that for the full effect rank?
    Hey Sef
    DM:Nah doesn’t actually use str (yet)
    Tabris:Looks like T made some new attack macros for us
    DM:mostly casue tyhere’s no place to enter your character’s strength.
    Tabris:Heh okay
    DM:There will be eventually heh… but for now you just put your strength in the damage.
    Tabris:So gotta remember to add Str to the effect rank for Str-based damage
    DM:Yeah just put it directly into the attacks damage.
    as opposed to adding it each time as a modifier
    lemme drop a token for Sachi to workiwth too
    Sachi:Heya Sef!
    Sefiros:yeah im aware, he had me test me the other day
    test them*
    Tabris:Cool, looks like it works
    Sefiros:same shit as last time T or did you change anything since we messed with it?
    DM:For your descriptors that should just be like the damage type generally
    for notes you can put others tuff
    Nah didn’tt change anything I don’t believe
    your stuff shoudl all work as before Sef
    Tabris:Ah okay
    DM:I did finally fix the init macro
    so shouldn’t allow PCs to advance it when it’s not their turn anymore
    Tabris:So like that
    Actually it’s enchanted too so I guess I should include that in the descriptors
    Sefiros:looks like we have a full group tonight
    DM:Sachi should be able to get introduced actually afirly soon since you guys left off at a decent transitive point
    Tabris:Hey G, got new attack macros to play with
    DM:and not in the middle fo a battle, well yet.
    And yeah, G… There’s new macros that you can access under the F6 menu
    and attack manager at the botom
    Mina Beatrix Toress:test
    DM:heh yeah that’s the default one, you can make custom ones. if you press F6.
    Geralt:seems the same to me?
    DM:Well you gotta enter em
    Press F6 first
    and go to attakc manager
    and create an attack for yourself
    it defaults to the base if you haven’t created any attacks
    Geralt:ok, cause there are 2 attack macros.. Attack and Attack (old)
    so was wondering
    DM:heh oh lemme get rid of attack old
    yeah that was tehre for testing purposs
    Just in case the new ones didn’t work
    but it’ll trigger the old macro if you haven’t entered any actal attacks.
    Tabris:Seems like it all works pretty well
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah looks good
    Calim Gorn:lol how’d it exceed cap?
    DM:Probably his attack bonus or what not is higher than waht his cap should be
    it’ll autocap the attack though
    So it’ll make it legal.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:who?
    Calim Gorn:Your attack that you just did
    It said it got capped
    Mina Beatrix Toress:what about it?
    Geralt:i need to double check that, i think it may actually be 3 damage
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah my fighting is 9
    with my sword im 8/8
    Calim Gorn:Ah heh
    Geralt:was that on me or Mina?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:mina
    Geralt:oh ok
    cause aid it right after my roll
    Mina Beatrix Toress:what the hell is “Bennies Available”
    in mouse over
    Calim Gorn:lol more of T’s rules tinkering
    He couldn’t just give us more Hero Points so he had to invent some lesser Hero Point
    Geralt:we playing Savage M&M
    Calim Gorn:
    It’s explained there
    DM:oh yeah heh…
    I added a new mechanci for that… lol… it’s basically just a lesser hero point for small complications
    Since the M&M rules are kinda vague as far as what a complication is. So I put in some guidelines to be more fair.
    Since they kinda treat superman getting hit by kryptonite the same as a complication where your gun ends up out of ammo or what not.
    So I put in some rough guidelines.
    okay so once you guys got your attacks in there (at least the commonly used ones) we can get started.
    Sachi:Ok I finally found a pic so I just have to make a token image and I’m good ^^;
    I have the tool
    DM:add yhour strength rank btw into the sword damage.
    Assuming it’s str based (whcih yours are mostly, except for the crossbow)
    Geralt:hmm, i had that option marked
    DM:Oh, well it doesn’t add the strength by itself yet.
    Calim Gorn:You gotta add the number in manually
    DM:Since it doesn’t know your str yet heh
    Calim Gorn:There’s no place to stat your Str so it doesn’t know where to pull it from lol
    DM:Eventually it will but there’s nowhere to enter strength yet.
    So yeah, it doesn’t have anywhere to pull it.
    Geralt:ok, new stat section too?
    not yet.
    That’s still in development
    Hency why you gotta do the strength bonus manually
    Geralt:so i shoul djust make it rank 6 then and not have to worry about remembering to manually imput
    Calim Gorn:Yeah make it whatever total rank it would be including your Str
    Tygaran:hmm, doesn’t seem to output he notes text
    Calim Gorn:Wait if it’s a cone it shouldn’t have an attack roll
    Tygaran:and keeps prompting me for AttackBonus after it spits out the attack
    .. that one should be melle.. must have eddited wrong one
    Sachi:Is it safe for me to just change the name of my token and stuff?
    DM:Hmm… weird.
    Yeah you can change your token mae Sachi
    Aruvin:Aruvin Attacks! (Shattering Blow) (Close, +8, rank 6 Damage) Accurate 6Roll Result: 12 (4)Effect Rank: 6 (Penetrating 3)Descriptors: Mlelee, Bludgeoning, CyrstallineNotes:
    DM:Hmm.. I don’t get the prompt for attackbonus on Aruvins.
    Aruvin:Aruvin Attacks! (Splinter Storm) (Area, +N/A, rank 7 Damage)Effect Rank: 7Descriptors: Cone, Crystalline, SlashingNotes: Close COne 60
    DM:Which one is bugging out for ya Ty?
    Geralt:i don;t really want to make a new weapn entry for every oil combo i may use, so that part i’ll have to do manually i guess
    DM:heh yeah.
    Yeah I mean if the oil just does something like penetrating or whatever we can remember it
    Tygaran:each one seems to output the attack stuff, then prompte me for AttackBonus, then redisplayed the attack macro box
    Geralt:unless on the attack roller you can have it prompt for pen levels
    DM:heh nah. There’s no way to do that exactly. But penetrating isn’t really used for any calculations it’s purely for display purposes.
    DM:So it’s not a huge deal really, since it only matters in rare circumstances anyway
    Aruvin:doh.. I have bnoth Aruvin AND Astra selected and its trygin to roll for astra, heh
    well that’d explain the error.
    Now I pictured Astra having some kinda launcher device. and launching herself into the enemy as a ballistic projectile.
    Calim Gorn:Interference from the overlapping positronic matrixes
    DM:All the while shouting war cries.
    Aruvin:Crystal Barrier: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary Creates a wall extendeding from Aruvin’s position; typically 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long
    Mina Beatrix Toress:think im good
    Aruvin:Crystal Barrier: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary Creates a wall extendeding from Aruvin’s position; typically 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long
    Geralt:i forget how we set up aard to work… toughness or fort save?
    Aruvin:Crystal Barrier (Selective): Close Create Rank 7, Selective, Stationary Creates a wall extendeding from Aruvin’s position; typically 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long. For allies, thi sis basically a wall’s outline, made up of nothing but air. To foes, this is a solid opaque wall of Toughness 7. It’s ohnly drawback is that Aruvin has to continually maintain to dichotomy of its existence.
    DM:Aard I think is special since it’s move object. lemme check..
    Geralt:or dodge… hmm
    there is also the Trip effect too
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I thought it was Dodge
    Geralt:will make a seperate one for tripping
    DM:Hmm… I think he uses athletics to resist beign pushed IIRC.
    oh right it’s like a grab
    so he can use str or dodge (his better value tehre)
    SInc eit uses the grab mechanics
    DM:heh.. okay.. so we all ready or any more questions?
    Sachi:I think I’m good! You want me to send what I have of my personality profile or should I hold on to it until I’m actually done? Note that I’ve already finished spitting out a page or two of extra stuff and I’m like halfway through the actual questions which to me is good pacing
    DM:heh nah you can hold for a while.
    Shouldn’t come up too much yet. Since I already know your short term goal
    DM:You decided to be a member of Emerald band right?
    Calim Gorn:Stealing Ellenya’s designs? lol
    Sachi:Yeah, hehe.
    To the emerald band one
    Calim Gorn:Heh, so she’s the last member of our band?
    I left that reserve slot remember.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:ok thats all my gear finally, im ready
    DM:And Ty didn’t take it so it was still open for Sachi. heh. So basically you can assume you always trained with Maxine and such.
    Calim Gorn:I guess she was specially tutored and we didn’t see her most of the time
    DM:Well aside from Aruvin, who was a different band altogether.
    Geralt:hmm, the Notes are truncated
    DM:If you put a semicolon in there, it’ll truncate it.
    probably used a special cahracter.
    Aruvin:make sure you didn’t use a semicolon… I found it drops that stuff off
    DM:So since you’d technicaly know each other, I’ll let Sachi tell you guys a little bit about how her character was in training and such. Give a breif summary of her, since you’d know her anyway.
    SInce that’s gonna be a retcon.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yessir~
    DM:And I’ll give a rundown of the other emeradld band members for a quick thing… I’m gonna kinda assume Max has a personality that’s fairly close to your usual characters Sachi?
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Like she’s generally considered a good person and sticks up for the weak and such?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Yeah definitely~ Remember the one from your Fate game? She’s based on her
    DM:heh okay, well I mean that one spent most of her time trying to sex up the leader of the cult of beauty.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Well yeah, but I didn’t play in that game for very long
    Mina Beatrix Toress:even inventors have needz
    Geralt:i think all those are correct now
    DM:Okay quick run down of dragon bands NPCs. Viniira the Horned is from the minotaur clan, and a druid/warrior mix who fights with an axe that she enchants with druidic magic. She and Geralt had a relationship during training and were pretty close as the only two from Yt.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:dragon?
    Geralt:is also a shapeshifer
    Calim Gorn:He means Emerald
    DM:oh wait emerald I mean
    Mina Beatrix Toress:oh
    Calim Gorn:And yeah Viniira can shapeshift too
    She beat Sythe while he was in a Shiadar by shifting into a mouse and crawling into the cockpit through gaps in the armor
    DM:Anise Dreamborn and Vilar Elfglow were the templar, Anise was pretty talkative and friendly, and Vilar was a younger boy that she looked after who was good with magitech. I can assume Max and those probably talked some.
    Calim Gorn:And then turning into something else and attacking him
    Geralt:a big ass gap i made with my sword
    Geralt:was a mouse then a bear i think?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah something like that
    DM:Gregorio Prodynorites was the only one from Ronen, from an infleuntial family within the Farmer’s Guild (that’s the legitimized organized crime guild)
    Calim Gorn:Vilar has some kind of artifact sword that turns into a giant beam cannon IIRC
    DM:Though he himself was pretty shy, and mostly trying to get with the princess Alyssa Toress
    Alyssa herself was a magic user who made up what she lacked in bravery with magical talent and incredible hotness and charm.
    Geralt:((oh on a side note, DrivethruRPG is having a 30% off GM Day Sale)
    DM:Suzu Ueno was a little girl from Makoro, one of the vassals of the Yoshinori and was rathar reluctant to train…. though was befreidned by Geralt and calim who stuck up for her.
    She was however bullied by Masaru Oshiro, who was the son of Daimyo Oshiro.. and originally pretty mcuh a total dick.
    Geralt:to the shagrin of Masaru
    Calim Gorn:He got better (slightly)
    DM:Though after a variety of conflicts, he finally calmed down, in part thanks to another member of the group, Hachi Inuyama, a lord of makoro that could change into a giant acid spitting dog.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lmao awesome
    DM:Nori Yuudai was the other member from Makoro, and essentially the weak link in the group. Originally he basically just followed Masaru’s orders but eventually abandoned him… he was did start bullying Suzu though, once it was apparent he was the weakest fighter (even Suzu was considered better)
    So his lack of pride basically led him to try to try to redeem some of his honor.
    Calim Gorn:Then he hulked up on steroids or something shortly before graduation
    We never did figure that out
    DM:And the last of the group… Hamidar Garaz… a scary quiet guy, with some odd powers involving tainted Aela.
    Yeah heh
    Yeah he got better before graduation
    Basic aly I’m gonna assume Max made friends with Suzu, Anise and Vilar, and probably Alyssa. she was friendly with everyone (and open to bisexual relationships)
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    She also probably knows Calim well since I think she’s from a Gorn vassal house
    Also Calim and Alyssa got married for political purposes to bring House Toress and House Gorn closer together
    DM:Yeah why don’t ya give a little summary of your chars now.
  • Aruvin is from Scorpion band, and graduated the year the Emerald Band fromed. He is known for magitech engineering and his ability in Crystal Weaving (producing physical, crystallized Aela)
    Aruvin:* from gossip with the Toress in yoru group, you’d know he was recruited into Ellenya Toress’ E-Tech Industries
    Geralt:we have another new player besides Ty?
    Calim Gorn:Calim is basically same as he was in the previous campaign, though I cleaned him up a little… He has a sense of personal honor but he’s also not afraid of being political and getting his hands dirty since he knows that’s the way things work in Aylanae, he’s very close to his older sister Laventa but as far as you know they’re just close in that platonic sibling way, he ended up marrying Alyssa Toress as I said, there are a lot of rumors about the relationship though since they apparently don’t sleep together
    DM:Yeah Sachi is joining.
    Geralt:ahh, ok.. didn;t notice
    Maxine von Eisenburg:.-.
    DM:Yeah she’s gonna be taking the open slot I left in Emerald Band. So baisclal yjust doing intros and a brief summary for eveyone in that band since she should knowyou
    Calim Gorn:lol wow
    DM:Since we’re basically doing a retcon and saying she was basically in Emerald band the whole time. Just to simplify stuff, so she knows people and what not
    Geralt:Geralt is a Witcher from the lands of Yt, a barbaric land according to some with primitive tribes and druidic magic. Some however have started to embrace technology, one of them being Clan Hydra, Geralts home clan.
    He is equipped with a pair of swords, an array of Witcher’s signs, potions, oils, and bombs.
    His mutations have enhanced his senses and attributes.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Sachi knows all about Mina already heh
    tho this iteration is a royal bastard of the queen few generations back
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is a young noblewoman from the tiny, landlocked mountain city of Eisenburg, a vassal of House Gorn whose people are known for three things: the unimaginable mineral wealth in the mines beneath; their skill at extracting it and working it into goods of great quality and beauty; and their extreme eccentricity. From a distance, Maxine is serene, graceful, beautiful, and mysterious; up close, she’s serene, graceful, beautiful, and a complete cloudcuckoolander. She’s a natural with a sword, though, and she can take apart and put together a mech suit with her eyes closed if there’s something in it for her.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she’s like 150ish to 200 years old
    she got legitimized on the queens deathbed, and it caused a huge scandal, so she eventually left to live in ronen
    where she got involved with some soldiering and merc stuff, and some intelligence work, dealing with daelan
    Calim Gorn:Calim probably gets sent on “Tell those guys to mine me more minerals” trips from Tharian to go see Maxine every now and again, lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:her vampirism is kind of a mystery,but the rumors is she bears a family curse, levied by house illuvian
  • Maxine von Eisenburg seems aloof from a distance and has a decidedly odd sense of humor, but she’s very friendly, prone to making passes at seemingly anyone, and spends eye-popping amounts of money on her friends at the drop of a hat
    DM:Yeah I’ll assume in other bands, Max was probably pretty friendly with Calim’s sister Laventa who was in thes ensior dragonband, and also probably talked a bit with Juliana Osthemious who had a magitech flail/rifle combo (it morphed)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Oooo she’d love that
    DM:Anyway… that sets the basic thing… so you all know Maxine since you trained with her.
    Anyway… skipping back the present…
    You had all went to sleep waiting for the battle to come, which you know is a few days away from all you’ve heard….you awaken the next day to the sound of some yelling voices in Taiyou (the asian language)
    Dunno if any of you know what they’re saying, but it seems to be some kind of alert.
  • Calim Gorn was already awake
    Calim Gorn:(Has Maxine already arrived?)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(oh yeah, Maxine has rank 2 Appearance… she’s REAL hot~)
    Calim Gorn:(or is this her arrival? lol)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:everyone i think is
    DM:Nah Maxine hasn’t arrived yet… she will be coming in pretty soon though
    so don’t go wandering off yet, heh.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:we’re like a bunch of supermodels
    DM:lol yeah.
    Poor Aruvin.
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lol
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Emerald Band got all the hotness
    DM:He’s surrounded by a bunch of super hot people. Geralt is “only” attractive 1, but he’s proven himself as a monster killing badass.
    Pretty mcuh has the most combat accolades of the group.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:lolol
    Calim Gorn:I killed 20 dudes in one round
    Maxine von Eisenburg:dang.
    Calim Gorn:But they were all mooks
    DM:And poor Aruvin looks plain.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sef still got the records
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw damn, I know what I’m spending my next 2 points on
    Mina Beatrix Toress:IN ONE BLOW
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin:plain, but broadshoudlered adn ruggedly uilt =P
  • Calim Gorn sets aside his repair work on the Magitech Armors in the hangar bay and goes to see what’s happening
    DM:I mean Alyssa is still the hottest of the band anyway… she was like presence 9 and attractive 2
  • Aruvin was heading to the magitech facilities, but changes direction to go see what’s goign on…
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    DM:Hotness was basically her superpower, in addition to the magic.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:It’s rumored in Eisenburg that Maxine’s clothes are all made by specially-trained tailors working in isolation on each piece, and that anyone who learns all her measurements dies of jealousy
    Mina Beatrix Toress:too bad she was a whore
    Calim Gorn:Worked out well for me
    Mina Beatrix Toress:should give her affliction for STDs
    DM:lol, well Aylanae’s healing water fortunately takes care of that.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:prolly why calim dont sleep with her
    he dont want the clap
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Unless there was some nuumian laced herpes of somethng.
    Calim Gorn:That could be one of the rumors going around
    DM:heh with all theri magic they’ve pretty mcuh cured most STDs.
    So they’re not a huge issue except among peasants.
    As Aruvin and Calim head over… not sure if Geralt and Mina are gonna as well?
    Calim Gorn:Now I’m imagining that Chappelle Show skit where he’s the black president and he’s all “I have in my hand here the cure for AIDS
    DM:They can see that it seems that an airship is coming in… unexpected from the look of it.
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, another airship…?”
  • Calim Gorn tries to catch a glimpse of any identifying markings on it
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What is it now?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says grumpily.
    DM:The warriors are rallying moving over to battle positions, it arrived just at the crack of dawn…
    Aruvin:“Seems so. They happy or angry about it?” he wodners aloud, lookign at the locals
    Calim Gorn:(I have darkvision so should be able to see clearly)
    DM:Unless youv’e got extended vision you probably won’t see it much at this range.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:At least not as far as making out banners.
    Calim Gorn:“Well, they aren’t known for having airships of their own, so I’m guessing this is an unexpected visitor… I know I wasn’t expecting anyone else.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’ll go take a look.”
    Aruvin:“I suppose one should get ready for potential conflict then.” As he says this, Calim might notice veins of crystal creeping up from under his color to just over the sides of his jaw
  • Mina Beatrix Toress dissolves into a swarm of bats and takes flight out into the sky, to get an ID on the vessel.
    Calim Gorn:“Never hurts to be prepared… But I would think them foolish to send just a single airship in, unless they’re quite formidable.”
    Aruvin:^ color = collar
  • Calim Gorn looks around at what the local defense forces are doing, if they’re planning to start attacking or what exactly
    Aruvin:“Think I should join her up there?” lookigj after Mina
    DM:okay Mina takes off… flying up towards it, while the soldiers rally The airship seems to be coming in low as if getting ready to land in the water at the docks.
    Calim and Mina give me some tech rolls.
    Aruvin too since he can see it as well heh.
    Think Geralt is still sleeping?
    if it in the middle of the night
    DM:okay you just using skill mastery? Skill mastery basically just lets you take 10 under stress.
    Calim Gorn:Nah it’s early morning
    Like crack of dawn
    Mina Beatrix Toress:shit roll
    Geralt:oh in that case i would be getting up
    Aruvin:well, I just have it in there as a notation
    Geralt:or maybe not… “Ohh, Can’t I just sleep in????”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Calim and Aruvin can notice this one looks a bit odd, most airships are essentially sailing ships equipped with rotors, but this one seems to have been fitted with some kind of large inflated bag on top… Aruvin and Calim guess it’s filled with lighter than air gas…. some odd design modifications to make it fly better (or at least to attempt it).
    Certainly isn’t a combat modification though….
    Calim Gorn:“Strange… That isn’t a normal airship.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3
    Mina Beatrix Toress:throw a flameburst and see if its hydrogen powered?
    Calim Gorn:“It’s definitely not a combat model.”
    DM:Mina sees the bag on top but isn’t really sure what its’ for.. since using that sort of lighter than air gas isn’t really a common thing..
    Probably some new prototype.
    Aruvin:“Guess we can walk on down and join the greeting comitte then.” heads off
  • Calim Gorn nods and follows along
    DM:Give me a knowledge Rahseld for Calim and Aruvin as well (assuming you have that)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:I’ll land on the top of the bag, and then turn into mist to hide.
    Calim Gorn:(If it’s a known Eisenburg design then I figure I’d be familiar with it heh)
  • Aruvin has no ‘region’ skills =/
    DM:Calim recgonzies it as it gets closer.. it seems to belong to the Eisenburg family… a vassal of the Gorns… and prone to all manner of expiremental inventions that usually prove to be too impractical or prohibitively expesnive to be put into use.
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, that design, I recognize it now… It’s from one of Gorn’s vassals, House Eisenburg.”
    Aruvin:“Then you’re just the right man to greet them.”
    DM:Calim remembers seeing this thing one time as a vehicle that his bandmate Maxine Von Eisenburg had at their docks at one point he visited.
    Calim Gorn:“Indeed… Though I wonder who it is… Maxine perhaps? I didn’t have any word of her coming…”
  • Calim Gorn heads over to greet the ship
    DM:And Mina could eventualyl see the Eisenburg coat of arms, would be a DC 15 rto recognize it with a rahseld knowledge.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(gotta come up with a coat of arms sometime)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:gears
    DM:okay so you’d know it’s firendly anyway.. after realizing it’s friendly, I’m gonna figure you guys go out to the docks to greet it anyway.
    Unless you want to just say screw it and let Megumi and her crew do the itnroductions.
  • Aruvin follows Calim to the vessel’s disembarkign point
  • Mina Beatrix Toress turns back into human form, and leaps off the bag onto the deck.
    Calim Gorn:“It’s all right, Mina! They’re with us!”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I know who House Eisenberg is.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress she says inadubly.
    DM:oh Mina wants to try to go to em while they’re landing?
    Or you waiting till they’re landed?
    I know Mina was flying so she could intercept em before they get there.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:nah she’s just landing on the deck with a no chalant blade
    was just making sure it wasnt the queen in secret, that was her main interest
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehehe
    DM:Yeah I just meant if Mina was gonna board em before they’re fully landed?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:I’ll wait till they dock, then leap down
    DM:Or if you’re basically waiting for them tto land and the main greeting party to get there before joining in
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori is formed up there too… as is Suzuw ho looks a little groggy, maybe she had trouble sleeping (thinking of sempai perhaps)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:The daimyo walks forward, her sword sheathed but with a number of samurai. and greets the airship, which I assume Maxine is stepping off of.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg comes off the ramp with a spring in her step and bows courteously to the daimyo.
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, so it is her.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori looks at Maxine oddly.
  • Geralt wonders what all the hubbub is about….
    DM:Suzu excitedly sees Maxine and gives a litttle wave from the crowd.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m not familiar with your sigil, but I can tell it’s a Rahseldian ship.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress leaps off the gas bag, and lands on the ground next to the others.
    DM:A few of the airship crew are a bit startled by Mina dropping as well as the samurai, but Megumi raises her hand to calim them.
    Calim Gorn:“Daimyo, this is Maxine von Eisenburg, she is from one of the vassals of House Gorn. She was in Emerald Band with us.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, good morning, (proper way to address the daimyo)! I am honored to be graced with your presence!~”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Sorry, I was just being cautious.”
    “Things are tense lately.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles to Suzu, bowing toward her a bit as well
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says to the Daimyo.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Ah you’re an imbued…I wasn’t familiar.”
    DM:You can tell Megumi is assuming a much more rigid personality than usual (At least Aruvin can tell since he trained with her)
    Calim Gorn:“What brings you here, Maxine?”
    DM:Apparentyly taking on the mantle of Daimyo has made her much more formal, probably to avoid appearing like she doesn’t belong or showing weakness.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yes, what is the reason for your visit?”
    “As much as I would like to have your company here, we are about to enter into a war.”
    DM:Geralt hears a familiar voice in the crowd…
    Aita Inari:“Ooo.. she’s cute…”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, yes indeed. I’m taking a stroll in the area, enjoying the cherry trees, and I’m hearing that my dear friends are embroiled in some sort of quarrel? A question of whether your highness (?) is fit to rule, and on no basis I can discern… Yes?”
    Geralt:is Aita the fam iliar voice?
    DM:Megumi pauses for a moment… Maxine’s odd demeanor seeming to take her by surprise and leaving her for a few moments searching for how to respond to it…
    Yerah heh.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yes, my rightful rule is being challenged by many rebellious vassals.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“And I happen to have my prototype airship here, yes? So I thought that perhaps I could leverage this ability to fly to lend a hand.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg glances back at her airship with a sigh.
    DM:Btw is maxine gonna be wearing her spiker rifle or just the cane at this point?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Not that I would take that into a war zone… I’m afraid the envelope is not so durable yet…”
    Aruvin:“I think she’ll find ETech’s armor a more immediate benefit to the comming conflict.”
    DM:I’m kinda assuming you’re not dressed for battle yet?
    Calim Gorn:“Beggars can’t be choosers, Aruvin…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:She’s just got the cane on her right now, she’s not expecting a fight
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“You realize this will entail a fight, they’ll be trying to kill you, or worse.”
    DM:Megumi seems to look at Maxine as though this is some kind of joke as she just looks like some delicate rich girl.
    And her airship doesn’t look as it if it was made for war either….
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, yes… I was very nearly killed attempting to tap into the pockets of gas I needed to refine to make this. A rock fell, and I would likely not be standing here if I hadn’t been wearing a hard hat… You see?~”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You should have came to us.”
    “We have enough hot air to go around.”
    Calim Gorn:“Especially with Mina along.”
    DM:Megumi finally seems to lose it…
  • Maxine von Eisenburg looks dismayed.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh no… I fear I may be redundant…”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Are you stupid? This is a warzone! There are going to be hundreds of highly trained wariors out to kill or take you as a slave!”
    DM:It’s fthe first you’ve seen of Megumi’s normally cool and colelcted demeanor break at least while she’s been daimyo…
    Aruvin:“Take it easy, Megu,” Aruvin reverts to classmate nickname, “Calim and Mina both seem to know her, and Miss Suzu as well. Let them deal with this matter.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I don’t see any yet?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“That is what a war is, yes…?” (Hm, is there anything around I can cut in half as a demonstration?)
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori crosses her arms and gives a dismissive look.
    DM:heh yeah.. you coudl find a barrle or something. or one of the dock support beams. heh.
    Calim Gorn:“I’m sorry, Daimyo, Maxine has always been a bit… err, eccentric… I assure you she is a competent combatant though.”
    DM:There’s also some fresh fruit being sold nearby if youw anted ot use that too
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Oh, I did not introduce myself formally.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“If she gets killed I’m going to get blamed by it.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I am Mina Toress.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“She doesn’t even understand what she’s geting into.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress courtsies politely.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(What would be the DC to slice a fruit in half? If it’s thrown at me?)
    Geralt:lol, are you fruit ninja
    DM:heh, I’ll just let you do that automatically unless the person is trying to delbierately throw it full speed.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Or well technicallly its Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne of House Toress, but I figured I’d slack off on the hot air for Calim’s behalf.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
  • Mina Beatrix Toress gives him a jab.
    DM:If its a fairly normal pitch it wouldn’t be too hard, I mean you are superheroic.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg tosses a way-too-generous handful of change toward the fruit stand.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“A lovely wrist, too bad its poisonous.”sighs
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I beg your pardon, ma’am! Might you toss me an apple?~”
    DM:An apple is tossed your way…. I’ll just assume you can automatically cut it since it’s not really done as an attack (as an attack I’d say it’d basically be like going full defense)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sword cane?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah, fancy noble’s cane… With a sword hidden in it
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i had one of those
    gave it away tho to lower my sword collection
  • Maxine von Eisenburg draws a sword from her cane, slicing the apple in two, then returns it to its hiding place all in one smooth motion.
    Calim Gorn:“Fast as ever, I see.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
  • Maxine von Eisenburg offers half to the daimyo, politely waiting to eat until she responds
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What about loose?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress whispers.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:@ Calim
    Calim Gorn:“That too.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori maintains her pose still seeming rather unimpressed.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Might not be a bad day afterall.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Half the samurai here can do that, so you swung a weapon once or twice in training…”
    Suzu Ueno:“Please let her stay daimyo.”
    DM:Suzu finally speaks up.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“It speaks?”
    Suzu Ueno:“She’s my friend too….”
  • Calim Gorn gives Mina a perturbed look
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I jest.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“You have a lot of loyal friends Suzu… but I’m going to keep my eye on her.”
    Calim Gorn:“We could give you a swordplay demonstration if you’d like, Daimyo… Or you could just take the word of two other Imbued that she won’t be a drag on us.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well she is in an Imbued, Daimyo.”
    “I don’t see what the harm could be.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, I am glad to hear that, Daimyo!~”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Sounds like we’re going to need all the swords and sword canes we can muster.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg sounds as if she thought the Daimyo was flirting with her… She’s joking… Probably…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Just keep an eye on her. I don’t want some fool noble getting themselves killed thinking she’s on vacation…”
    Calim Gorn:“Of course, Yoshinori-sama.”
  • Calim Gorn bows politely
    DM:With that Megumi and most of her warriros make thier way away…. after which Suzu runs over to Maxine to greet her.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Guess I’d better leave too then.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says softly.
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m glad you came! I didnt know if you got my message.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m afraid Megumi isn’t in much of a light-hearted mood at the moment, Maxine. You’re going to have to do a lot to prove yourself to her.”
    Suzu Ueno:“She’s really nice once you get used to her…”
    Aruvin:* whiel the reunion is going on, Aruvin runs an informed professional eye over the prototype airship – assessing its magitech
    Suzu Ueno:"She just doens’t want you to get hurt… "
  • Maxine von Eisenburg greets Suzu the way she customarily did while they were training, which is an ambiguously overfamiliar hug and a kiss on the cheek (she starts polite and formal but works up to that pretty quick if you don’t stop her)
    DM:heh okay, give me a tech roll for Aruvin as he’s checking i tout
  • Maxine von Eisenburg will back off if someone’s uncomfortable, though.
    DM:Aruvin can see the airship has been heavily modified with a variety of extras… charge crystals are apparently used for creating lighter-than-air gases.. to fill the large airsack at the top, and it also uses the conventional rotors for propulsion… the thing apparently also shows signs of having to repair some explosive damage, perhaps it’s seen combat… but upon closer inspection, you think it’s more likely it wa san internal explosion….
    It seems there was once a gunport in one of the sides that wassealed up after the thing possibly exploded.. or at least there was some kind of fire.
    Technologically it seems like a prototype, but it doesn’t seem superior to an existing airship, but has a lot of attempted improvements using various fringe theories in airship design.
    At the very least it migth be better at hovering than a normal airship due to the airbag it uses… however… the thing is easy to puncture so would be a big laibility in combat…
    At the very least it does have the usual airship safety measures to save an airship from a catastrophic fall.
    Overall Aruvin isn’t really too impr3essed with it.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg did say something to the effect of not intending to use the ship itself in combat…
    DM:Suzu seems to like Maxine’s attention, despite not really being overly affectionate herself, she’s aught to be more reserved from her makoro culture.
    Calim Gorn:“Come on, let’s go somewhere a bit more comfortable and we can catch up some more.”
  • Aruvin gives a subtle headshake then turns his attention to the girl…
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah… there’s a lot of good places to see…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Eisenburgers aren’t known for being touchy either, that’s more of a Maxine thing)
    Aruvin:“Suzu, don’t forget you’re due for more practice.”
    DM:Another girl walks up… oddly dressed in a western style maid outfit that makes her stand out… (Aita)
    Aita Inari:“Hey! I’m Aita Inari.”
    Calim Gorn:“That didn’t take long.”
  • Aita Inari goes up and hugs Maxine as if she knows her.
    Geralt:lol, make herself at home
    Aita Inari:“We got a definite lack of cute girls here…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, Miss Aita! I’m Maxine von Eisenburg.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg hugs Aita as if she knows her
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(do I know her?)
    DM:heh no.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(doesn’t change my response lol)
    DM:You wouldn’tknow Aita, that’s more Geralt and calim who ran into her.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aita Inari:“We should get to know each other… I’m easily the most interesting person here.”
    Aruvin:(an aside to Suzu) “Take some time to catch up and eat something. Just not too much time. I’ll be with the Armors.”
    Aita Inari:“There’s that guy, who doesn’t like girls… (points to Calim)… the white haired guy who kills monsters.. the hot vampire who only wants me for my blood.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, you are? How lucky!~”
  • Suzu Ueno nods to Aruvin.
    Suzu Ueno:“okay, thanks. I won’t be that long.”
    Calim Gorn:“Wherever did you get a silly idea like that?”
  • Aruvin quietly head back to ‘base’, not wanting to be a third wheel in reunione time
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, not ONLY your blood.”
    “Though it would be nice.”
    Aita Inari:“You’re married to that really hot princess, and you’re here.”
    “That’s where I got a ‘silly’ idea like that.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’m here to help my friend. Can’t help it if the wife can’t come along.”
    Aita Inari:“If I had that waiting for me at home, I wouldn’t be here.”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs
    Calim Gorn:“Good thing Suzu isn’t depending on you then.”
    Aita Inari:“I mean, I’d disguise myself as you and pay her a visit, but I get the distinct feeling she’d know I was a fake…”
    Suzu Ueno:“Actually I don’t really know who she is….”
  • Suzu Ueno shrugs.
    Calim Gorn:“Some sort of forest spirit… Kitsune was it?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Thats what she said.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah! Really? How delightful!~”
  • Aita Inari doesn’t seemt o reply to Calim and focuses on Maxine.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg does seem pretty interested in Aita.
    Aita Inari:“We should catch up.. I know Suzu has to do some mech training… and…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“And I’m sure he’s just not into the women as much as he is into some other thing! My parents are the same way, but they still found time to have me, yes?~”
    Aita Inari:“I hear there’s a brothel of Calim’s liking down on Inu street…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“A brothel?”
  • Calim Gorn rolls his eyes
  • Aita Inari looks to Mina…
    Calim Gorn:“I think I’ll go work on the magitech armors some more…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“A veritable feast.” she jokes with a smile
    Aita Inari:(to Calim) “Yeah, you do that… assuming the magitech armors aren’t here.”
  • Calim Gorn heads off in the same direction that Aruvin went
    Aita Inari:(looks to Maxine) “So… let me show you around… and the more exciting places of the city…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You’re sure you don’t want to come along…?”
  • Suzu Ueno looks quietly, obviously wanting to talk a bit but Aita is a bit chatty here…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Spit it out.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg smiles, patting Miss Aita’s hand (stroking it a little, subtly.)
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says looking to Suzu.
  • Suzu Ueno looks back a bit startled…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Perhaps once I’ve had some time to catch up with Miss Suzu and my friends, yes…?”
    Suzu Ueno:“I uh… I should go practice with Aruvin-san…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“They do seem to have things to do, and I’ve some free time as far as I know
    Suzu Ueno:“I’ll catch up with you later okay Maxine.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg looks disappointed…
    Aita Inari:“Yeah I don’t have much to do… .it’s not like I bother training too much…”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah… I suppose it won’t be so much longer than it’s already been…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She seems to fancy Calim.” she says after Suzu leaves
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I do rather miss you, Miss Suzu…”
  • Suzu Ueno hangs her head down, giving a little wave, apparently her shy personality havinga bit of difficulty getting in the conversation with Aita and Mina there…
    DM:Then Suzu heads off towards where Aruvin and calim went.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg \
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(ugh sorry my cat)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:least its a single cat
    Aita Inari:“Yeah, she’s got sempai fever. Of course.. not that it’ll do her any good.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i got like 1d100 of the cocksuckers
    “Yeah, talk about a waste of time.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear… I suppose House Gorn is a bit more conservative than Eisenburg, yes? They could not come to some arrangement…?”
    Aita Inari:“No amount of prayers to the great dragons are going to fix him.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“His Cuckship, is what I’ve taken to calling him. I don’t think he’s too fond of it.” smirks
  • Aita Inari smirks.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg scratches her head.
    Aita Inari:“As far as I can tell he doens’t even want to watch… I’m pretty sure I offered with his wife, or at leasst he knows I got an open policy on that sort of thing…”
    Calim Gorn:(He did spy on them in the hot spring actually…)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, it is a political marriage afterall.”
    “They aren’t known for their romance.”
    Aita Inari:“Who said anything about romance? have you Seen the princess?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Close your eyes and think of Rahseld, is I’m sure the Queen’s advice to the Princess.”
    Geralt:yeah, and somehow their clothes went missing too
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“So what if one of them has a bigger appetite…?”
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yes, she’s my niece.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says deadpan.
    DM:Anyway… gonna pretty mcuh wrap up this scene.. assuming Maxine (and maybe Mina) want to go with Aita…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“People are so silly everywhere. Life is too short not to enjoy…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sure got nothing else to do, get away from this drab place
    find some samurai buffet
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Hehe yeah, Maxine’s excited to make a new friend who’s a fox spirit
    DM:Yeah Aita’s interests seem in something beyond friendship… and she’s pretty aggressive about it.
    She does encourage Mina to go eat some guy so she can get Maxine alone… and Max can decide if she wants to accept Aita’s advances or not. heh.
    Aita also mentions an incident in a hot spring involving Alyssa and Anise, (two of Maxine’s bandmates)
    She also adds the detail that Calim was watching them but she does mention that she “didn’t even see it move at all”
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah heh, the guys had to go slay an Oni while she stayed behind and had hot spring shenanigans with them, so they retaliated by stealing their clothes and spying on them)
  • Maxine von Eisenburg doesn’t seem to think “it” necessitates anything particularly formal, so unless she’s talking about marriage or some arcane binding ceremony she finds Maxine pretty receptive
    DM:She also shares her theory that Calim and Geralt are secretly together.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:rofl
    Maxine von Eisenburg:ahaha
    Calim Gorn:She hasn’t caught us yet though!
    Geralt:guess she didn’t know abut Vin
    DM:Yeah she never met Vin
    and she’s a bit out of the loop.
    As far as Aylanae politics
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“My… Are all kitsune this interested in who other people are with…? At the moment I’m most interested in the one I’m with…”
    porno music
    DM:hehe yeah…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:So thatshow that scene goes.. and Mina finds some samurai to feed on… also give me a perception cehck for Mina…
    For your blood reading thing.
    Meanwhile back at Aruvin and Calim.. gonna basically say a training session goes by without too mcuh incident… btw was Calim/Aruvin gonna be talking at all to any of the samurai/castle personnel?
    Or you guys mostly sticking to repairing/helpingSuzu train?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll see if any of them have any info on the forces arrayed against us, try to get a basic idea of what we’re up against
    DM:Calim tends to keep to himself, not sure how Aruvin is in that regard.
    Calim Gorn:Who’s on our side, who’s against us, etc
    DM:If ehs’ gonna fraternize or hat.
    Calim Gorn:Calim will fraternize if Aruvin wants to talk to him but he’s not going to be the one to initiate it, he doesn’t want to interrupt Suzu’s training and he wants to make sure the other magitech armors are ready for the battle
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(It hasn’t been a couple hours and I’m screwing an NPC foxgirl… That’s So Sachi)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh okay, I’ll give Calim either apersuasion or investigaiton check (hsi choice) to gather some info
  • Aruvin woudl be interested in who would be using the local suits, perhaps tweaking the repairs to better suit the indivudal operators
    Calim Gorn:Can I combine ranks? lol
    DM:nah not for this.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay
    DM:Usually I do allowthat, but this is a bit different kinda since it’s more about your approach
    Calim learns a few interesting tidbids…
    Aruvin:* and Aruvin will be trainign Suzu in secret anyway, outside of Calim’s view (unless he successfully sneaks up on us)
    Calim Gorn:Can I say I’m getting info while you’re off training
    DM:Apparently, the leader of the resistance is the Mashita Gozoku led by Atama Taro Mashita.
    He’s an imbued swordmaster who apparently trained wit h the Hebi-Kuran… and he’s basicalyl a real bad guy as far as humanitarian rights.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(btw is Aita’s material composition markedly different from a human’s? Maxine is both curious and equipped to know)
    DM:hehe well she does show signs of imbuing… so she’s lighter than she should be.
    And she’s also got 3 fox tails… that aren’t readily visible… apparently she keeps them concealed.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ooo, sexy
    DM:As well as kitsune ears.
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3~
    Calim Gorn:Heh, so the leader of the resistance is a Sefiros clone, great
    DM:Anyway.. about Taro Mashita… he’s a blodothirsty warrior who makes Oshiro look like a nice guy.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:If possible I wanna get messed up together and snuggle her tails
    Calim Gorn:(I’d say there’s a good possibility of that lol)
    DM:He basically is prett ymuch into enslaving and mistreating his slaves. and was furious when Daimyo Sora Yoshuinori aboliushed slavery.
    He also has a reather interesting servant knwon as the Demon Samurai Horigoshi… who apparently draws powers from an Oni (or so the legends say)
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Maxine’s a bit of fangirl for Makoro, which is why she trained in their style of swordsmanship)
    Aruvin:* At some point during flight training, Aruvin will test her control reflexes by somewhat suddenly flying up in front of her path…
    DM:Also against you are pretty much all the vassals, save for the Ueno Gozoku who are simply sitting out the war for the most part, though rumor has it they’re waiting for a surrpise attack on their old rivals the Kuno Gozoku.
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah, I remember there being some disagreement between those two
    DM:They’ve also assembled some support from the priests of the Great Dragons, who apparently have been assembling spellcasting circles to try to sabotage the magitech armors… probably accounting for the damage you’ve seen.
    Supposedly causing malfunctions.
    Calim Gorn:Hmm
    DM:Thus far, outside forces (Templar, other daimyos) tried to reach a compromise where Megumi steps down and one of her brothers takes over as daimyo… though neither side agreed to it.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, so basically the entire Yoshinori territory is against her except for the core gozoku, and Ueno who is only neutral
    DM:Yeah. even some of her own people elft her as well, though the servants are kinda tight lipped about it..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:The Daimyo isn’t exactly wrong about Maxine thinking she’s on vacation, it’s just that Maxine lives in a place where vegetation doesn’t grow, volcanic ash falls from the sky more often than rain, and the mountains are permeated with ridiculously dangerous mines within which she cheerfully subjects herself to the same risks she expects her workers to face
    DM:She’s had some defectors.
    Calim Gorn:Does Megumi have any sort of battle plan or is it basically just shore up the castle and weather the siege?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:3
    DM:Meanwhile at Aruvin’s training… he’s pretty surprised how well Suzu reacts to his attempts to surprise her.. even seeming to react to the first one as though she knew it was coming.. she’s pretty skilled…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(brb rq)
    Calim Gorn:She’s got precognition? She’s a Newtype!
    (Heh, well Imbued flying is pretty common)
    DM:Yeah she seems rather intrigued with your skystrike cloak you modified.. asking how you got it to allow flight.
    Since conventionally they just let you glide.
    Geralt:((except for my poor ass))
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Suzu herself doens’tseem to be super good with magitech, shes’ got enough to repair things okay, but she’s not an inventor the way Aruvin, Maxine and Sayuri are.
    So she’s studied magitech prett ywell, but she doesn’t have the sort of innovative mind to create thigns of her own.
    Calim Gorn:She’s great at using it though heh
    DM:Yeah she’s a skilled pilott.
    Aruvin:“It’s all in the stitching,” she points out the crystalline ‘threads’ of the pattenr within the cloak.
    Suzu Ueno:“the stitching? I’ve never seen anything like that before…”
    Aruvin:“That’s probably because I wove them out of Aela myself.”
    DM:Aruvin has done stuff with crystals that’s rather unconventional… heh.. so most are kind of confused by his designs… even some of the other inventor types wouldn’t really know his specialty as well as he does.
    Suzu Ueno:“With some kind of needle?”
    Aruvin:“The cloak is really just the frist step. I’m working on a design which takes the form of an unobtrusize torc which can produce etheral wings upon activation… still a lot of minuter processees to work out however.”
    “Np, no.. like this…” He draws his index finger across the cuff of her sleeve, leaving behind a ‘stitching’ of crystal thread.. which will evaporate ina few minutes he explains
    Astra:“I estimate it’s about 43% complete, allowing for a 14% marign of error.”
    DM:Astra appears on Aruvin’s shoulder with her small green-tinted avatar.
    Aruvin:“If only that theory of direct Mana to Aela conversion had worked out,” he shakes hsi head a bit after Astra’s comment
    Astra:“All conventional theories say that’s likely impossible…”
    Calim Gorn:Any way I can confer with whoever Megumi has for military planning and come up with an attack strategy using my Expertise (Military)?
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I’m back~)
    DM:heh yeah you could help wiith thier battel plans. you got some time.
    So I’ll assume you’re talking some strategy with oneo f her commanders.
    Calim Gorn:Need me to make a check?
    DM:Yeah roll it up
    Aruvin:“Alright Suzu, you did good work. I’ll let you go adn see if you can catch Miss Eisenburg alone, or at least just with your other Band-mates.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:Meanwhile… Calim sets up a battle plan.. and… not sure what Aruvin was gonna do after he was done training.. anything planned?
    Or just basic resting stuff?
    Aruvin:conferring with out battel suit operators to help tweak their individual units to better suit them
    DM:heh okay.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I do wanna talk to Suzu too~
    DM:heh okay, we’ll do a little scene wtih Maxine and Suzu..
  • Aruvin can basically get a 28 Technology if skill mastery is a take 10 kinda thing ;)
    DM:Yeah skill mastery basically lets you take 10 under stress. So yeah that works. heh.
  • Suzu Ueno locates Maxine after she’sdone with Aita…
    DM:Aita isn’t the type to really stick around aftewards…
    Maxine von Eisenburg::3
    DM:Suzu gives a quiet wave as she finds Maxine this time in relative privacy.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg is looking nice and proper by the time Suzu finds her, and is adjusting her small, fashionable hat… She smiles, giving Suzu a wave in response and coming closer to speak with her.
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m glad you came.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“And I am glad I got your message in time, my dear. You’ve been in my thoughts quite a bit since we parted, yes? I love Makoro, but some of its people, the way they act…”
    “The evidence is everywhere, yes?”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You are my friend, and so far more dear to me than anyone’s tradition.”
  • Suzu Ueno smiles.
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m glad I got to train and meet you.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(btw, Maxine’s got a noticeable accent; her native language is something analogous to German)
    “So am I.~ But why do we speak so, as if we’re about to part again? How are you feeling?”
    Suzu Ueno:"Well I’m a little scared.. "
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“But Yoshinori-sensei says this has to happen…”
    “But I don’t know if I’m ready.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“You’re a match for any one of us in talent and skill. Time will not wait until we are ready…”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“But we’ll be going against imbued that have trained a lot longer, and even Yoshinori-sensei is scared I think.. even though she doesn’t show it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“In most cases yes, it is good to think of safety, to ask if I can do this… But when a time like this comes and one must act, there can be no question.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Just act? You think so?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“They may kill Daimyo Yoshinori if you do not, yes? That is the risk, as I understand?”
    “If we do not.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Oh yeah… you’re right…”
    DM:Suzu kinda makes an odd inflection tehre, as if maybe she was thinking baout something else… and not the war…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Mm… I see…~ Something else is on your mind as well…”
    DM:Meanwhile.. back at the castle… Geralt gets a knock on his door…
    Suzu Ueno:“Well it’s just… it’s nothing…”
  • Suzu Ueno seems a bit uncomfortable talking about whatever it is.
  • Geralt answers the door….
    DM:A samurai answers the door… and comes bearing a parchment.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Hehe I don’t wanna interrupt if you’re trying to start another scene~)
    Samurai:“The Daimyo thought you should know.. we’ve recieved word from Yt.. just first reports, but there’s been an attack on several Minotaur clan controlled territories.”
    DM:Nah, I’m just doing two at once.
    Calim Gorn:D’oh
    DM:You can keep talking heh.
    Geralt:“Any further reports?”
    “Any further details?”
    Samurai:“Imperial airships arrived but there was significant destruction in several areas.. I have more detaisl on this scroll… though it appears that the Earth demons killed many, though the Sun Clan did arrive to save some lives, so that is some positive news.”
  • Geralt anxiously takes the scroll….
    Geralt:with a preoccupied mind… “Oh, ahh, thank you for the news.”
    Samurai:“The daimyo had it translated to Honath for you, since you can’t read our native tongue.” (Honath is Rahseldian, and also Common language in the empire)
  • Geralt opens the scroll after dismissing the deliverer
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Is it something you wish to keep secret…? You know I shan’t repeat things you tell me in confidence.”
    DM:The scroll contains a variety of details about settlements attacked, as well as the projected deathtolls… you scan it and find that Viniira’s name is there, she’s listed as missing currently….
    Give me a persuasion checkfor Maxine.
    Geralt:((ok, that’s it…..))
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(…does my attractiveness factor in?)
    DM:Yeah… atl elast as fara s interesting information.. apparently there’s some stuff in there about the SUn Clan coming in to save everyone…
    hehe… nah, she doesn’t seem to be the type that’s into girls, at least not strongly.
    Geralt:in character Geralt woul dbe hopping on the first ship to Yt because there are plenty of bodies here… but ooC i don;t want to split the group and make it difficult
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Aw
    DM:Geralt can manage to seewhat he guesses were efforts from the Sun Clan to word the report to reflect on them more favorably…. he dosn’t think they truly did much fighting, but it’s worded like they kicked earth demon ass..
    heh yeah, I mean Geralt doesn’t think there’s a hell of a lot that can be done at this point.. since there are imperial teams looking around for survivors still..
    Calim Gorn:lol yup…
    Geralt:well with Vin missing he wouldn’t rely on imperial search temas, he woul dbe searching for her himself
    Calim Gorn:(Forget about him and come sleep with me and Aita instead!)
    Aita is a little extreme for Suzu.
    Geralt:it not like she was some fling… they were a big deal all through training
    Suzu Ueno:“I wanted to… tell Calim-sempai how I feel…”
    DM:Yeah true…
  • Aruvin woudl probably bring that up with Claim at some point during their mutual repair work…“So, how long are you gogin to keep stringing that poor girl along?”
    DM:Wel lyou could always try to convince the rest of the PCs ot make a bit of a detour…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:or split forces
    Calim Gorn:“What do you mean?”
  • Geralt sets down the scroll on the table with a heavy heart and starts to gather his things together….
    Aruvin:“Miss Suzu. Surely you can see how much she hangs on your every word.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
  • Geralt leaves his room and goes to look for Calim or Mina, the first that he sees.
    DM:heh okay… you’d know where Calim is anyway.. or have a good idea, Mina I think was out hunting for blood…
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… I told her before though… I’m married to the princess, so there isn’t any way we can be together.”
    DM:But Calim kinda has a usual hangout, so you’d find Calim and Aruvin.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah…~ Is he not married? So many people out there seem to think such an arrangement requires exclusivity for some silly reason…”
    Geralt:knock, knock, KNOCK
    Calim Gorn:“I tried not to hurt her, but I guess she hasn’t given up.”
  • Suzu Ueno looks down blushing a little.
    Suzu Ueno:“Well… I thought…”
    “You’re right…. I’m not thinking…”
    Calim Gorn:(Heh Calim and Aruvin are in the magitech armor hangar so you can probably just walk in on them talking about Suzu)
  • Suzu Ueno says in a rather depressed tone.
    Aruvin:“At a guess, it’s that rumor goign around that you’re not really With your wife.. that’s it is Just politics. Some girls are willign to be the mistress after all.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg puts her arm around Suzu’s shoulders.
    Calim Gorn:“I really didn’t take Suzu for that sort…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:looks like laventa is gonna kill 2 people this time
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin:* shrug * “You never know with the quiet ones.”
    Calim Gorn:Yeah dunno if you need an insight check or whatever to see if Calim is holding something back
    DM:Heh… give a deception cehck and insight then.
    See if he notices it. heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    So close
  • Suzu Ueno leands into Maxine’s shoulder… inneed of some consoling… it’s hard to say if she’s crying or not since she’s kinda looking down and hiding her face.
    DM:You guys gonna open the door for Geralt?
    Calim Gorn:Heh I figured it was an open hangar or whatever, but yeah will let him in
  • Aruvin must have been distracted at the last moment by the knocking…
    DM:Nah, I mean there is some security anyway… to avoid sabotage.
  • Aruvin opens door
    Geralt:You see Geralt standing there with all his things as if packed to leave.
    Calim Gorn:“Geralt? What’s wrong?”
    Geralt:“Hello, is Calim here/”
  • Aruvin raises an eyebrow
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Oh dear, you sound crestfallen… I did not mean to imply you should lose hope.”
    Aruvin:“Right over there”
    Geralt:“I’m leaving Calim. Minitaur has been attacked and Vin is missing.”
  • Calim Gorn frowns…
    Calim Gorn:“Shit…”
    Geralt:“You have plenty of personel here.”
    “I won;t make any difference.”
    Calim Gorn:“I beg to differ, every man counts… But I know enough not to try to stop you.”
    DM:One of the servants of the daimyo (you guess0 comes running over toward sthe hangar…
    Servant:“The daimyo wants your presence in the throne room.”
    Geralt:“I juast wanted you to know…”
  • Calim Gorn nods to the servant…
    Aruvin:“Very well.” he also replies to messenger
    Calim Gorn:“Watch your back, Geralt. The Earth Demons aren’t our only enemies.”
    Geralt:is there an airship that will be leaving here for Yt?
    DM:heh, not really… I mean it’s at war time, so it’ll be something you’d need to charter really.
    You could maybe take a conventional shp but they’re slow as hell.
    Makoro as a whole oens’t really have much magitech, and what stuff they got is beign used for the war effort.
    Calim Gorn:(Borrow Maxine’s ship? lol)
    DM:heh, well her ship just dropped her off, that’s gone heh.
    Geralt:lol, yeah i just may
    DM:They’re not sticking around, it’s not a warship.
    Calim Gorn:Ah heh
    Aruvin:“You migth convince miss Eisenburg to lend you hers… no way is that going to help in the war effort.”
    DM:Bu you could ask Maxine, Calim or something to try to arrange an airship.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Yeah it’d get fucked up in a war )
    DM:Or maybe even put in a call to Meerin and see if you can arrange him to send one.
    Hydra does some have some magitech, thanks to their deal with House Gorn
    Geralt:yeah, will pursue whatever resources to find transportation…..
    Calim Gorn:“I can get something arranged for you, maybe.”
    Geralt:“Thanks, Calim.”
    DM:heh well did you want to see what’s up at the throne room first, ro you gonna just say fuck the daimyo and go to the aela communicator?
    Aruvin:“Can it wait a few minutes? We aught to see what Megu needs.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, it’s not as if the airship will be here right away anyway.”
  • Aruvin nods and heads fro throne room
    DM:Btw a messenger does get Mina and Maxine as well, assuming Mina is available…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It is not that you don’t deserve a man as lovely as he… But to involve oneself in the affairs of Rahseld nobility is to accept a great measure of complication in one’s life. You can take it from me…~”
    “Oh dear…”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“A messenger from our opposition has arrived.. I wanted to make a show of strength, and hopefully get a surrender, or at least some of their vassals to back down.”
    “Once they see how many imbued are here, it’s sure to make some of them reconsider.”
    “And someone hand her a spiker rifle and a katana or something…” (gestures to Maxine)
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Maxine von Eisenburg actually has a spiker rifle now, since she thought there was some danger
    DM:Some fo her servants start to affix the weaponry to Maxine to make her seem more formidable…. (assuming she lets them)
    ah okay.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What’s this shit storm about now?”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I have one as equipment, I just didn’t have it on me to come off the airship lol)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she can use my Heavy spiker if she wants
    Maxine von Eisenburg:I have a penetrator
    DM:Once she’s sure you guys look as formidable as possible.. she waves for the doro to open.. andthey let in a samurai with cold serious eyes.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress holds a spiker machine pistol in one hand, and her nodachi in the other, resting on her shoulder.
    Aruvin:“Well, Ellenya wanted an impactful showing, so having Suzu in our new Armor come swooping in could play into your show of force”
    Samurai:“Atama Taro Mashita brings a message fo-”
  • Calim Gorn has his sword out and his magitech pistol visible on his belt
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(to Aruvin) “I think we’ll leave the armor as a surprise… with all the attempts their Mahou Tsukai have tried to make to sabotage us with thier magic, I don’t want them to get a chance at shutting it down.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg has kept her spiker in pristine, exquisitely-maintained condition, and a harness which is non-ostentatious but is also custom-fit by a tailor
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(that was before the Samurai came in)
    (to the samurai) "I care little for your message… I have with me many great imbued warriors from Emerald band that have come to assist me, the usurper has no chance, however in my mercy I shall accept the surrender from any who wish to do so without demanding they commit seppuku. "
  • Aruvin fabricates a giant crystal sword in full viewing of the non-ally samurai, plants the point down, and leands on it a bit…
  • Calim Gorn smirks and does his best to look intimidating
    Samurai:“You should read the letter that I bear Daimyo before you make your threats.”
    Aruvin:Crystal Sculpting: Close Create Rank 6, Instantaneous, Stationary, Precise, Subtle 2 Up to 60 cfts, up to 3200 lbs.
    ^ certianly don’t need it to be that big or dense tho ;)
    DM:The samurai tries to approach a little but is halted, and has to hand the parchmetn to a servant, who gives it to the daimyo.
    Heh yeah, that’s more than enough to make a sword.
    The daimyo looks at the message, (anyone with knowledge of Makoro can make a check here)
    Or knowledge military could too I’ll allow as well
    Calim Gorn:lol nope
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(so it’s probably not a drawing of a dick)
    DM:heh well yeah architecture could be good for raiding buildings.
    Find out wherecertainr ooms are.
    Or in demolition yeah. heh.
    She seems to read the message… looking a bit troubled…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(maybe it’s a voodoo curse)
    Calim Gorn:(Challenge to the Rite of Charenji?)
    Samurai:“Your band of trainees won’t matter… the Hebi-Kuran have placed their allegiance with the Mashita.”
    Calim Gorn:lol shit
    Mina Beatrix Toress:damn nat 1
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’s a wrap, let’s all go home
    Samurai:“they will not permit the traditions of Makoro to be violated… ever since you denied Atama Mashita’s rite of Charenji and announced yourself a coward, they will not see you as a true ruler.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress gives the warrior a stare. (Gonna slap some mesmerize on him, and instill him with fear)
    heh okay, that’s an afflcition 4.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah lemme post it
    Calim Gorn:lol why bother
    Samurai:Will save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:16 , Save DC:14 ) Samurai Warrior -—- Success
    DM:He seems to resist it for now at least…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Mesmerize (Control) – Affliction 4 (Resisted by Will (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), Extra Condition, Perception, Ranged, Cumulative, Insidious, Subtle, Variable Descriptor (Emotions), Sight-Dependent, Limited to Emotions)
    just to unerve him, no reason really
    its subtle
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(yeah so he doesn’t know you tried to whammy him)
    Samurai:“It would be wise for your imbued to go home if they value their lives.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:and insidious
    DM:Yeah if he doesn’t have some kinda mana sense he wouldn’t know
    Mina Beatrix Toress:its cumulative, so dunno how that works tho, if i can keep trying it ot nor
    i forgot how that works
    DM:Yeah you can keep trying.. I’ll roll it again every nnow and then if you’re keeping it up
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah
    just hoping to embarass him mostly and unerve him
    so he’ll loose face
    Samurai:“Of course if they stay… I’m sure Atama Mashita will find ample uses for the women.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress seems about to speak, but holds her tongue.
    DM:The daimyo holds as still a face as possible but finalyl responds.
  • Maxine von Eisenburg yawns, covering her mouth
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“You can tell the Atama that he’ll get no surrender from me. I’ll take his head for this treason. I’m not afraid of a few old swordsmen in a remote temple.”
    DM:Mina gonna continue using her power?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yea
    DM:Will save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:17 , Save DC:14 ) Samurai Warrior -—- Success
    Mina Beatrix Toress:need more pts to make it higher in rank, kinda sucks right now
    all that damn extras are expensive
    but i borrowed it pretty much as is from dracula’s writeup
    Samurai:“Your band of trainees doesn’t impress anyone. The imbued on our side are far more experienced… and true men of Makoro.”
    (looks to the other imbued there and those in the room) “Has your daimyo told you that she’s a coward, refusing the sacred rite of Charenji… she woudl not fight for her title.”
  • Samurai smirks.
    Samurai:“this is why women shoudl not lead.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Why don’t you challenge one of us then if you’re so sure of yourself.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress blurts out.
    Calim Gorn:“Any fool can make a challenge to a duel. It takes real leadership to stand at the head of an army and fight for one’s beliefs.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Thought our message probably wouldn’t make it back, since you’d be dead.”
    “We can affix a note to your head and send it back to your lord, if that will suffice.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg furrows her brow, presenting the appearance that she doesn’t really know what the samurai is talking about with the rite of Charenji (she does)
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Get yourself out of my halls, before I have your head removed. Take back my response.”
    Will save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 11 ( natural:6 , Save DC:14 ) Samurai Warrior -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    DM:The samurai now seems to finally be affected by Mina’s fear… and seems to back out of there rather hastily
  • Mina Beatrix Toress takes a few steps forward, and stops.
    DM:Seeming to lose his grace as the daimyo orders him out… and lokoing like all of you intimidated him out of there.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“We’ll have to look for that one on the field of battle.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Men like that ought to be neutered or something…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Make sure a woman kills him.”
  • Aruvin starts to relax, and the sword basically evaporates into a quickly vanishing mist, from tip to hilt
    Calim Gorn:(after he leaves) “Though to be honest, a duel sounds like it would have been an opportune moment to get rid of that troublesome man.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yes, well I suppose we must maintain an air of negotiation.”
    DM:After he’e escorted the daimyo turns to you all.
    Calim Gorn:“No, I mean the Atama he was delivering the message for.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Things have become more complicated now… but our goal remains the same. Can I count on you?”
  • Calim Gorn glances at Megumi
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Sure, gotta die sometime.”
    “Here’s a good a place as any.”
    Calim Gorn:“I’ll not back down.”
    Aruvin:“I’m still on the job but…” glances towardws Geralt if he’s around still
    DM:heh yeah I assume Geralt is still here, heh.. at least for now.
    Geralt:“You know of the message I recieved about my homelands.”
    DM:Giving a nervous look on his face like “Yeah… uh about that….”
    Geralt is gonna be gone like the Aard.
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Shall I attempt to contact skyguard? Perhaps we can set them on fire from a comfortable position, such as the air, before they reach us with their swords.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg appears calm
    Calim Gorn:“I’ve been conferring with your strategists… I don’t think this changes much. Against an enemy using conventional means, we must be unconventional.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Geralt:“I was about to find transportation before summoned here.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:the skyguard* (referring to her family’s small private military they probably have, though the question is whether they can spare any of it)
    Calim Gorn:“Makoro’s traditions are its strength and its pride, but they can also be its weakness.”
    Geralt:“It is doubtful my meager precense will matter with the like of my companions.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(to Geralt) “I understand.. I can’t ask you to stay. though there aren’t any airships here yet.”
    Geralt:“I wish to take leave. There is – someone – that I must try to find.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“The battle will likely be upon you by the time you arrange transport.”
    “Or it would seem as this rate.”
    Aruvin:“It may come to a matter of timing, Witcher. Will you still sit idly by waiting for your ship if the war commence before itsd arrival?”
    Geralt:“We will see. Either way I wish to proceed with arrangements.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Ah, of course! We could dig a pit and place a dummy in the shape of a woman down it. When they go to enslave the woman, we fill the pit with concrete!”
    Geralt:“I will do as I can in the interrim.”
  • Calim Gorn laughs
  • Mina Beatrix Toress laughs out loud.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well are we going to let them carry out a siege, or are we going to ride out and meet them head on?’
    Aruvin:”That reminds, master Gorn. In your strategizing you may wish to consider my ability to make truly convincing decoys…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“With thier imbued forces it’ll be difficult to hold them off entirely, as well as the Hebi-kuran…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I think we should just focus on their Lord, take his head, and we take his army.”
  • Aruvin use Crystal Sculpting with subtl 2 to create a perfect in appearance replica of Calim
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“From what I understand.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hm, useful indeed.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“That could be useful to set up a distraction…”
    Aruvin:(skill roll not require but rolling for convincing anyway…
    Calim Gorn:“And yes, I think if we remove the primary instigator of all this, it will be very helpful.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“We could try and kidnap his heir or something.”
    Calim Gorn:“Though if he is Imbued, I’m not familiar with how Makoro’s laws allow him to be killed… I’ve heard of the Rite of Fuyu, but I believe that involves katanas…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Does he have any?”
    DM:ANother image of Calim appears besides the sculpture, giving a wave… it speaks “I could really use a good man right now…”
    Aita Inari:“See i can do that too…”
    DM:Aita seems to walk in (or maybe appear and you just didn’t notice her there before)
    Calim Gorn:“How droll. That’s a bit too predictable though.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:cheerfully “It is too bad we’re not at home, or we could simply arrange for him to get lost in the mines.~”
    Aruvin:“Does your hold pu to being shot at or sliced?” * wraps statue calim’;s forehead
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Well it is legal to slay an imbued in oneof the rites of Makoro, and of course accidents happen on the battlefield..”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Why are the Hebi-Kuran involved in all this? I thought they were neutral to politics?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“It’s not about politics… it’s about upholdiong the traditions of Makoro.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(it’s about polidicks)
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m a woman, and that’s against all of our traditions.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:""Yeah, I’ve heard that bit before."
    Calim Gorn:“He mentioned something about a Rite of Charenji? I take it that’s a formal challenge to your rulership? And you refused it?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:"They fear the age of magitech as well… "
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Can you name a champion?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“A formal duel between me and the Aatama for leadership.”
    Aruvin:“I’d say its more about assumptions than traditions.” eh hrumphs
    Calim Gorn:“Why would you refuse it?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Don’t insult the woman Calim.”
    Calim Gorn:“I mean no insult, my apologies if it came across that way.”
    “I am merely curious.”
    “I’m sure you have your reasons.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(lol)
    (backpedal more)
    Aruvin:“Perhaps because she knows he’d cheat”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“If I lost… it’d cost everyone everything, I thought this should be a fight everyone could battle for.”
  • Maxine von Eisenburg nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Instead of having thier fates determined by some age old ritual.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “A noble sentiment.”
    Calim Gorn:“And strength lies in numbers.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Besides it was a cowardly challenge. He did not issue it against my father, but waited for me to ascend in his place.”
    “And rumors even speak that he betrayed my father on the battlefield… lettinmg him die to arrange this.”
    “The rite is reserved only for a daimyo that makes a greivous mistake not as a means of challenging a daimyo’s choice of successor.”
    Calim Gorn:“I see… I apologize for my ignorance of your customs, and the situation in general. I understand now.”
    Suzu Ueno:“But we can still win right?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“It’s not over yet.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Yes, I mean no disrespect to Makoro, but these particular traditions seem to me to be a means of enforcing an unjust status quo…”
    Aita Inari:“Yeah, they’ll fight with honor, we say screw honor.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori looks at Aita with a little annoyance not wanting to appear to be totally treacherous.
    Aruvin:“There’s hohnor.. and then there’s bullheadedness”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“I believe the point is that they’ve already acted dishonorably by a reasonable person’s assessment… Though I understand your point.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“No we’re not going to totally disregard honor. But we’re not going to be foolish either.”
    Calim Gorn:“All that matters in the end is who’s left standing. Honor belongs to the victor.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“We need to show them that traditions are changing.”
    Aruvin:“I’d have to slightly disagree Calim. HOW she fights is importatnas well.. or she’ll have to go thru this time and again.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods to Aruvin.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“We still need to ge tthe respect of the other daimyos when this is done to acknowledge my rule.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, true enough.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“And if they have an escuse to confiscate our lands afterwards, you can bet Oshiro or Yuudai will use it.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Respect is currency among governments, yes?”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods to Maxine.
    Aruvin:oops.. meant to be editting..
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“It’s certainly how Eisenburg has tried to comport itself. In fact, we’ve achieved the position we have today in large part by surrendering to House Gorn… So I am being for once serious when I say that it is worth fighting these men.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s get to it then.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Why doesn’t everyone get some sleep, I’ll think on this…”
    “Geralt I wanted to speak with you in private as well.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:“Would you still like some company, Suzu…?”
  • Suzu Ueno nods a little.
    Geralt:“As you wish.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I don’t think I can sleep yet….”
    DM:Geralt meets with the diamyo assuming nobody else has anything to say… you meet in her private meeting room…
    The daimyo meets Geralt’s gaze…
  • Calim Gorn goes back to his work on the magitech armors, not needing sleep
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“When you leave, I want you to take Sayuri Lastrium and a few others with you… those that can’t fight.”
    Geralt:“You do know that it is perilousin my lands right now as well?’
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(nah nothing specific~ I’ll hang out with Suzu til she gets tired, maybe get some sake…)
    Geralt:”I do understand your reasoning though."
  • Mina Beatrix Toress follows Aruvin off, curious about his expertise.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Drop her off with one of the imperial ships or somewhere somewhat safe.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(dude if you get Sayuri made into a sex slave Justy’s gonna turn your balls into paste while they’re still attached to your body)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You know much about magitech weaponry?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“The Earth demons will only kill her… and that’s preferable to the altenrative.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Their mom will shove your head all the way up your own ass)
    Geralt:“I understand. Are there any others you care to have evacuated?”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ll have a list made… take as many as the airship will hold.”
  • Geralt holds out his hand to recieve the list."
    Aruvin:“My specialy covers charge crystals, so any weapon utilizing them? Yes”
  • Geralt holds out his hand to recieve the list.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I was considering adding a shock module to my pistol when I get the chance.”
    “I’ve seen some new weapons, dual beam projectors I believe they call them.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I don’t have it yet… but I’ll have it sent to your quarters after we’ve made it.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I thought it might be useful to tack on a shock pistol module to my spiker.”
    “Incase I don’t need to fill someone wull of holes.”
    “Just wondering the feasability.”
    Aruvin:“Potentially feasible. It’s somehwat a matter of ionized the discharge particles..”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shows him her pistol.
    Geralt:“I will do all I can to save your people.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Mina Beatrix Toress: its like a magitek version of that
    Geralt:“I wish I could be here to assist you too, but it seems as though some good may come of my departure.”
  • Aruvin analyzes existing magictech features…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:he can prolly tell its of e-tech manufacture
    she mostly uses shit from ellenya, or has her build it for her
    DM:Yeah heh, Aruvin would know Ellenya’s work pretty well
    Mina Beatrix Toress:though it doesnt seem to be a production model yet
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I understand.. you have your own people to look after.”
    “This isn’t your war.”
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(I will continue subtly flirting with Suzu while also respecting her boundaries)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, perhaps I’ll get you to help me out sometime when we both have some time to spare.”
    Geralt:“Thank you for your understanding.”
    DM:hehe yeah Suzu seems too lovestruck with Calim.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m not klutz, but my area of expertise is pulling the trigger.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:""Thanks."
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:(Well, Max’s a little disappointed, but she definitely wants to comfort her friend more than to get in her panties~)
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Calim is pointedly trying not to lead her on and keeping their relationship strictly in the friend zone
    He claims it’s because he’s married to the princess but it’s just a political marriage and there are all those rumors…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, goodnight.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress gives him a wink, and leaves.
    DM:Later that night.. Megumi does also meet with Aruvin, when she can get a momvent in private with him…
    Maxine von Eisenburg:Ask your sister if you can invite her to a threesome (actually I think you tried that last time and she went on a murder spree)
    Calim Gorn:lol, nah, last time I didn’t ask
  • Geralt turns to leave as he is dismissed by the Daiamyo
  • Aruvin relaxes by making notations in his journal – expanding on his own designs and theories
    DM:After seeing she’s alone with just Aruvin… she seems to lower her usual "daimyo’ demeanor.. and goes back to the Megumi you remember during your training…
    Calim Gorn:(I was gonna try to convince her to threesome with Alyssa and me but Herlock ain’t here to diplomancer her now)
  • Aruvin then turns in
    Aruvin:^ she finds him making said annotation in his room then
    Maxine von Eisenburg::x
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“You still going to be staying here? I figured you’d be sending for the first E-Tech airship they could spaire and getting out of here.”
    Aruvin:“You perhaps forget how resilience i can be. A minor, or even a major, war doesn’t really bother me. And who else is goign to repair the new suit’s likely eventual damage. Miss Suzu is doing well, but it is implausible whe will avoid Every attack.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(hehe)
    Aruvin:not to menrtion Interpose efor melee …
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I know… you were the toughest among our band.”
    “Nothing ever scared you… "
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori stares off and ponders a bit…
    Aruvin:"It’s my compensation for not being a pretty-boy Imbued liek many of the others.;’
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori stares off at the wall for a moment as she speaks again…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I didn’t think I could win…. that’s why I turned down the challenge.”
    Aruvin:“Based on the persoanlity peopel were talkign about, you’re probably right. As much for dishonorable cheating as for animalistic brutality.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I wanted to find a way to win, but now I think I put everyone in danger.”
  • Aruvin shakes his head
    Aruvin:“No, you were right when you talked about not wanting a single loss to determine everyone’s fate.”
    “Everyoen woman in your nation deserves the chance to fight for their rights.”
    “Magitech aside, if Makoro coudl just get over the idea that gender divides one potential under tradition… * sigh *”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“It’s all I’ve wanted…. but now the only way I can come up with for us to have a chance involves me asking someone else to do something I couldnt’.”
    Aruvin:“Sometimes I think the world would have been a better place if a matriarchy was the original type of government rather than a patriarcy”
    DM:Aruvin’s last comment gets a bit of smile from her.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“If we survive through this maybe, I’ll tell Queen Cheisa you said that.”
    Aruvin:“Fine by me, but sometimes those Toress woman can be as bad as men in the opposite direction.” * small grin *
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:"They’d do whatever it took to win… "
    Aruvin:“If there’s anything I can do to help. You know I could fabircate a keen edged katana that was only visible to you and I.. if I wasn’t holding any other Weavings.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m thinking maybe the answer lies in thinking like a Toress.”
    Aruvin:“Sure.. send Mina as a gift.. she can woe him.. then eat him.. in the vampiric sense.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
    Calim Gorn:Kidnap his son and hold him in prison for 30 years?
    Aruvin:“I may be keen minded in my area, but strategizing isn’t my forte. so you’ll have to clue me in on your ideas.’
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:”I think it’s time I found a husband."
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Maxine von Eisenburg:pff, get you a wife instead
    Calim Gorn:(Well we know where you can find this guy that’s part of some legendary pact and has an artifact sword to slay your enemies with…)
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“When the empire of Aylanae rose… the Toress realized that by allying themselves with the greater power, they’d defeat the current king…”
    Aruvin:“Are there any in Makoro worthy of you? The other Daimyo’s would want to belive you’d be turning over control to any husband of yours.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Not Makoro… I’m going to marry a lord of Rahseld.”
    Aruvin:“Well, foreign alliances have worked in the past I suppose.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ve broken every other tradition in Makoro…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she means the shogun of sadai
    he’s rahseldian :-p
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sorta, he spent most of his life there and that’s all he knows
    Mina Beatrix Toress:that was the joke
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m going to need you to hold down the fort here… you just have to buy me time to work out the deal. I’m going to go with Geralt when he leaves.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:looks like the great dragons are doing theyr work
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ll just need that kitsune’s help to impersonate me while I’m gone so people don’t panic…”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:coincidence she’s on G’s flgith?
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Do you think you can do that?”
    Aruvin:“Well, theoretically that Kitsune, Aita? Can keep up the appearance of you still being here. She’s got the illusions down anyway, and i wouldn’t put it past one to be able to look like you themself”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:rumors will spread of he daimyo being a lesbian
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods.
    Aruvin:“And I can work with the Emerald Band members on strategy and actual battle.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’ll be trusting a lot in you there… we can probably hold a siege long enough, but if their champions try to storm the castle using magic…”
    “You’ll have to fight.”
    Calim Gorn:(I got a 25 on expertise check while conferring with her strategists so hopefully we have a solid battle plan…)
    Aruvin:“My paper thin wall weaves have gotten considerably tougher since training. I can shor up defenses, and yes, even fight if need be.” The crystal veins spread all the way up into his cheeks and as he hold up his fist, a diamong like hammer shape takes form aroudn it
    “ANd I don’t think you’ve ever seen my Fractal Dispersion.. think chain lighting but in crystal. * smile
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:”I have faith in you."
    Aruvin:“You honor me, my Daimyo” * bow *
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods to you before starting to head out…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I have preparations to make.. and I have to tell Aita’s she’s going to be Daimyo…”
    Aruvin:“Of course. ANd if there’s every anything else you need of me, I’m here for you.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m really wishing we had some magic to bind her into reliquishing the title when the time comes.”
    “And don’t tell the tohers… I don’t want them to panic if they hear I’m leaving.”
    “I need to keep it secret.”
    Aruvin:“Of course”
    “Just make sure AIta doesn’t try seducing all your valkyries.” (he uses whatever Venn work equartes to norse valkyries)
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I think Suzu is too in love with Calim… and as for Maxine…”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori she pauses for a minute but doesn’t finihs the sentence, apparenlty not having much to add there…
    Aruvin:"Implied ellipses is all that needs tobe said about her methink. Calim will know how to dploy her in battle’;
    DM:Anyway.. I’ll skip ahead to the next day…
    DM:And we’ll get to the next event that occurs assuming none of you wanted to much but wait around heh.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’m good to proceed
    Calim is basically doing the same stuff, working on strategy with whoever is doing the military planning and repairing the magitech equipment
    And desperately trying not to get trapped alone with Suzu
    DM:Fortuantely Aruvin takes up most of her time training…
    heh yeah.
    You guys have repaired what damage they did with thier magic.
    Everything goes fairly normal…. until about mid afternoon….
    When tehre’s another sighting of an airship…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:I’ll help Calim with the military stuff
  • Aruvin heads down – assumiogn hes not out in wilds in secret mecha training…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she is too sleepy to care
    my rolling sucks tonight
    DM:Yeah heh… well she’s a vamprie not a strategist.
    Aruvin:.ooc crazy train of thought – Ellenya’s ‘iron man’ suit to movie to stark’s computer to Jarvis the Di Crystal….
    Calim Gorn:Heh, I had her make a special golem for stealth infiltration and extraction missions, wonder if we could use it here somehow
    Mina Beatrix Toress:well i have some military knowledge, i just rolled a damn 4
    DM:Just hope Ellenya doesn’t produce an Ultron crystal.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i aint rolled like over 4 tonight on anything
    DM:Anyway…. the airship lands and it’s a House Gorn warship… apparently one that Geralt can use to evacuate…
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, that should be your airship, Geralt…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What do you expect to accomplish exactly Geralt?”
  • Geralt prepares his things and gathers the people on the list.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I owe you more than these strangers here I suppose.”
    “You did save my ass with those Illuvian creeps.”
    Geralt:“I’m not sure, but I have to do what I can to find Vin. She would do the same for me.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress uses a power stunt, to speak to Geralt telepathically. (He’s drunk her blood before)
    Geralt:“You are needed here. Besides, we have our friend with the big sword back home too.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Will take the fatigue
    DM:heh okay
    Mina Beatrix Toress:”Don’t be alarmed, it’s me. You’re just hearing my voice in your head, one of the perks of you having consumed my blood before."
    DM:The list is all prepared it’ll take some tie for Geralt to get everyone but not too long… meanwhile Calim has a surprise visitor…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I worry that this may be some scheme related to Yuu, so you be careful.”
    Calim Gorn:(oh dear)
    Laventa Gorn:“Guess who.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m not saying it isn’t but, if they found out what happened, it would be a convenient excuse to fetch us back.”
  • Calim Gorn ‘s eyes go wide as he does a double take
    Geralt:"I’ll keep an eye on him. When it comes to earth demons I’m sure he can handle them. Its the others we have to watch out for."
    Calim Gorn:“Sister?! What are you doing here?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress nods, and speaks out loud.
    Laventa Gorn:“I managed to sneak off from the main convoy for a bit on some important business…. I had ot make up an excuse though, so I can’t be gone too long.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You want me to go with you?”
    Laventa Gorn:“But I figuredm maybe it was my turn to visit you…”
    Geralt:“That is up to you, but you have no connection to Vin. They will likely need you here.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shrugs.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You’re my friend, has nothign to do with your ladylove.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles, laughing nervously… “I certainly appreciate it… But it’s a bit dangerous here. I’m starting to wonder if Earth Demons are preferable to the warriors of Makoro.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m a half decent tracker, though probably not as good as you.”
    “I haven’t fully recovered my strength yet, all those years locked in a box underground, but I’m slowly getting better.”
    Laventa Gorn:“How did you ever let yourself get caught up in this war?”
    Calim Gorn:“A favor for a friend… You remember the girl Suzu from Emerald Band that I told you about? Who was having trouble with bullying?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I can’t decide what to do, so you’re goign to have to tell me.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress seems unsure what to do.
    Geralt:“If you choose to come, you have a little while till I get all the fefugees aboard.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, it looks like Laventa is here now, she could take my spot.”
    Calim Gorn:(lol Calim don’t want her staying here, they might take her for war spoils)
    (Also she might vaporize Suzu)
    Geralt:“Is she staying, or just a freidn’t visit?”
    Laventa Gorn:“This is a little more extrmee than bullying….”
    DM:Yeah Geralt would have a good ideqa how friendly those visits can get…
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shrugs.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I assumed she came here to help her brother.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes… But she asked for our help, and I don’t want to turn her down…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well, guess I’ll let a coin decide.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says with a smirk.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Great dragons, guide my hand.” she jests
    Calim Gorn:“I helped her get through her training and to gain the position she has now. It’s something of an obligation at this point, I suppose.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress digs into her pocket for another coin, a silver one and flips it and catches it without revealing the result.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Heads, I stay, Tails I go with you.”
    (1, heads, 2 tails)
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Looks like you’re having company.”
    Laventa Gorn:" I know you want to protect her, but sooner or later she’ll have to learn her own way."
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Let’s go find your woman.”
  • Calim Gorn nods… “You’re right. I just hate the thought of all my hard work amounting to naught if she’s on the losing end of this war.”
    Geralt:“Your company will be welcome, though Calim may be sad… i woulnd’t interrupt his reunion with Laventa though.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress nods.
    Laventa Gorn:“Well at least it’s sexy when you try to be the knight in shining armor.”
  • Calim Gorn grins
  • Laventa Gorn leans in to kiss Calim… (cue sex scene)…
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Mina Beatrix Toress looks for one of the group to inform them she’s going to aid Geralt.
    Calim Gorn:And then Suzu walks in… And Calim invites her to stay
    DM:You could probably find Maxine or Aruvin easier than Calim.
    Calim doesn’t want to be found.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Definitely not
    Mina Beatrix Toress:alright I’ll let one of them know
    sniff em out
    DM:heh… well Laventa does use a spell for safety to try to block prying eyes…or at least seal the door and such.
    She does know that Geralt has good hearing and such so she does use some spell precautions…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’s a goodi dea, especially with a Kitsune around… I’ll warn her about Aita too btw
    DM:hehe okay.
    Aruvin:“Guess I won’t be modifying your pistol any time soon then.” he commends upon hearing MIna is goign with Geralt
    DM:Meanwhile…. Geralt and Mina make prep to leave…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m sure we’ll meet up again.”
    Calim Gorn:Little do I know Suzu has a scrying spell on me and is constantly admiring me from a distance…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Unless I’m violently killed, then you won’t have to bother.”
    Aruvin:“Don’t go borrowing trouble. You’ve survived this long, right?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah, nearly 2 centuries.”
    “Wish me luck!”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Don’t worry about the other’s, you’re cute enough in my book.” gives him a wink and a peck, and jogs off
    DM:Alright… Mina and Geralt gather up the evauation list…. including Sayuri…
    Takes about an hour or so… meanwhile at Aruvin and training…
    Suzu seems to stop suddenly and hovers for a moment… you’re not sure why….
    Then she replies…
    Calim Gorn:lol that’s not good…
    Suzu Ueno:“There’s trouble… I gotta go…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:EJECT!
    Aruvin:“What kind of trouble?”
    Calim Gorn:I was joking about the scrying thing you know
    Suzu Ueno:“Sorry… I have to reveal this ahead of schedule…”
    Aruvin:“Wait a secon….”
    DM:Suzu turns the controls starting to angle it to head towarsd the city… Aruvin isn’t sure why but she does seem to be getting ready to do that unless you wanna try to stop her…
  • Aruvin will fly after her )might not be able to keep pace as my flight is only acouple ranks
    DM:Yeah at ful speed she’ll be able to outurn you (the magitech armor has flight 4)
    Aruvin:“Hold on! We don’t want the enemy to learn of this new weapon either! Remember your duty”
    DM:You gonna follow her anyway? seems like she’s intent on jetting away heh, though you do have an opportunity to try to slow her if you want…
    Aruvin:* in the first few moments, when it’s clear she’s not planning on stopping, Aruvin will try and tether her with Crystal Ensnarement…
    DM:heh okay, roll that up.
    Aruvin:hmm, somehtihn gwron gin there.. shoudl be a +8 attack
    DM:Yeah you left out the accurate
    yeah that’ll hit her then.
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 22 ( natural:13 , Save DC:18 ) Flying Magitech Prototype -—- Success
    You try to entangle her but Suzu takes off… managing to use the training you put her through to dodge the crystal snaring…
    And jetting off at full speed… meanwhile…
    Geralt and Mina are just bringing the last group to the Gorn airship, that’s landed in the harbor… when Geralt’s witcher’s medallion starts to vibrate….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Uhh, that isn’t good is it?”
  • Aruvin will continue to follow, but falls further and further behind….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“It isn’t me setting it off again?”
    DM:heh, I dunno if Mina would actually see it doing that or not, Unless maybe youg to super ears or something.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:oh i thought it was audible sound as well
    nah nm i forgot, im thinking phone vibrating where its audible
    Geralt:nah, just a vibration
    DM:I think he just feels it… maybe if he had metal armor on and it was ringing against the armor links.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah thats fine nm
    DM:But otehrwise he’d just feel it pretty mcuh.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:ignore me
  • Geralt scans thwe area
    DM:Give mea perception check from Geralt.
    Geralt:nothin’ sneaking up on me
    Calim Gorn:Geralt sees all and knows all
    Mina Beatrix Toress:its hachi playing godzilla
    Calim Gorn:He probably hears me and Laventa boning
    DM:Geralt can hear from the airship… his accurate hearing pust it below deck… its the distinct sound of what he thinks is a muffled cry (probably by a hand over the mouth) and then the thud of a body hitting the ground…
    Geralt:we up in the air and it on the groud, or inside the ship?
    DM:It’s docked on the water right now
    Calim Gorn:So you’re hearing something happening below deck on the ship
    DM:Basically you’re just approaching the docks where it’s at.. For Makoro they don’t have actual aerial docks, so they just land it in normal water.
    DM:Yeah with his super hearing he can make that outl.
  • Geralt heads below deck to see what the problem is…
    Geralt:“Trouble below.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress makes a running leap onto the deck of the ship.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress looks for a way down below deck, and makes for it.
    DM:Geralt makes his way overto the ship… as you’re making your way over, there’s a cry for help… this one louder… and Geralt thinks he recognizes the voice as Sayuri Lastrium….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah shit doubles every rank
  • Geralt draws his sword….
    Geralt:and dashes to help
    Calim Gorn:Oh hell
    DM:It comes from below deck…. and as the scream comes off… the Gorn soldiers on board the ship start to react… a coupel of them running toward sthe Shiadar magitech armors on board…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, Illuvian plants?
    DM:Howver, before reaching them they’re chopped down as a blur of speed slashes into them… They hang there a moment as they fall. a lone figure stands along the deck, holding a nodachi.
    Calim Gorn:Oh, or not
    DM:Meanwhile Geralt can hear the continued screams from down below, clearly there’s another one down there… and from the sound of it he just bludgeoned someone, as Geralt could hear bones cracking and many screams of the civilians to be evacuated…
    Geralt:continue down
    DM:On top fo the deck a lone samurai faces you… armed with a no dachi and with a rather casual look on his face…
    Master Koji:“I don’t think we’ve been introduced… I’m Master Koji of the Hebi-Kuran.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:"How do you say “cunt” in Tai?"
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says to Geralt.
    Geralt:“Geralt of the Hydra.”
    Calim Gorn:(Just so long as they don’t send Master Asia)
    Geralt:is he blocking my path to Sayuri?
    DM:He’s standing on deck, you could try to run past him, but he’s fast… you’d probabl yneed at least one of yout o distract him to get by…
  • Mina Beatrix Toress pulls out her sword. “Least you have good taste in swords.”
    Calim Gorn:(I’m guessing I don’t hear what’s going on if this is happening while I’m with Laventa)
    DM:Yeah lol, calim is oblivious….
    Meanwhile…. back at Maxine who is kinda chilling on vacation…
    Calim Gorn:(Complication!)
    Geralt:“What is your business here?”
    DM:heh well you’re gonna have problems shortly.. :)
    Maxine is busy sightseeing around the castle, when all of a sudden she’s alterted to the sound of combat….
    Meanwhile back to Geralt and Mina…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“State your peace, or get to fighting!”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says threateningly.
    Master Koji:“I’ve never fought a Witcher before.. seemed like a challenge.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Geralt, he’s yours.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress transforms into mist, and flows down deck, leaving G to handle him.
    DM:Okay… Geralt moves forward… as Mina gets below deck… we’re gonna stop here… but gonna give Mina her intro bit…
    and what she’s fighting down there… heh.
  • Geralt downs a swallow if i have time, not that it will likely be enough
    DM:heh… he doesn’t seem in any rush to atack you immediately.
    Mina however sees a bloody scene below… a contrast to the stoic samurai above…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:combat viagra potions
    DM:Mina sees a nightmarish thing, that only vaguely represents a man in samurai armor…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:well your swallow potion is about to fight the swallow technique G
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:He wears a full face helm with glowing red eyes…. and in his hands is a tetsubo…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:i know who assassin is
    i know all nodachi wielders in all media :-p
    Calim Gorn:Tsubame Gaeshi!
    DM:hehe… lol, well I didn’t make him exactly like that :P
    I just used the pcitures anyway, you’ll see quite a few familiar faces no doubt…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:should be master kojiro
    Geralt:sounds like we deep in it.. already failed our mission
    DM:Anyway.. MIna sees a samurai with glowing red eyes, and holdinga bloodied tetsubo in hand… Sayuri is still alive and runing but another poor old woman isn’t so quick… as the samurai grabs her with one hand and slams the tetsubo with the other into her skull causing it to explode against the wall.
    well he’s killed a few but you got a bunch of others that are still alive…. heh…
    Calim Gorn:For now
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Great, more cunts.”
    DM:And Aruvin is gonna run into trouble too as far away, a sniper takes aim with a bow shot….
    And we’ll stop here cause it’s getting pretty late…
    But you’ll all have your own problems to deal with….
Session Log 27

Sefiros:gonna go eat a sandwich while we wait T, be back in a few
Calim Gorn:Hey Ty
Aruvin:has a face now
Calim Gorn:Huzzah
Set it to the portrait too so it’ll show up bigger on mouse over
Aruvin:and is on handouts too…
Calim Gorn:Cool
Aruvin:no further feedback, so I’m guessing lst final was good enough
Calim Gorn:lol, yeah hopefully
Also you wanna go ahead and run the stat manager macro on your token I think it is
And fill in the stuff it asks for
Under Basic Character Editor
Put just your mods in for the things like Dodge/Parry/Toughness/Will/Fortitude
It’ll automatically add the base 10 in
11 Toughness, Aruvin is a tank I see
Aruvin:and he has imperviosu on all 11 of that
Calim Gorn:Nice
Aruvin:so.. not immediately seeing a normal skill check/roll button
Calim Gorn:The skill checks aren’t programmed in, you’ll have to roll them manually
For attacks you use the Attack macro
On an attack you just fill in the base rank of the attack and what your attack mod is and check whether it’s a ranged or close attack
And you can put in the numbers for things like Power Attack and Defensive Attack etc if you’re using those
If you have Hero Points it’ll show your d20 result and ask you if you want to spend a Hero point before confirming the roll result
Aruvin:well, as he didn’t relly study paracticle combat, he has NO advatnages in those areas
DM:hey. just got back
Calim Gorn:G says he’s on his way driving home, Sef went to get food
Also Sef said he sent you an updated sheet
You need to do the stat manager and program in what your close and ranged attack mods are
DM:heh okay.
Aruvin:gues I needed to add my base Fight stat into close and ranged on stats sheet
DM:yeah macros are still pretty primitive.
Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
It’s kinda tricky to learn what to put where, T has kinda slacked on these
His last major campaign had a pretty refined macro set, this is like caveman drawings in comparison =P
Aruvin:^ hmm, said ranmk 6 damaeg but effect rank 0?
Calim Gorn:I think that’s because you put Accurate attack in
DM:Yeah the accurate attack sacrifices damage for acuracy.
Calim Gorn:If you got something that mods your attack roll just use the attack bonus box
Sefiros:did you ever figure out what was causing those errors from last session T?
Calim Gorn:Unless it’s PA or Defensive or All out, there are separate boxes for those
Aruvin:ah, so I need to add my ‘Accurate’ extra as something other than the accurarte box
Calim Gorn:Yeah, add that on the Attack Modifier box
Attack Bonus rather
Aruvin:like that…
Calim Gorn:I had it right the first time lol
Yeah, there you go

  • Aruvin has a few favored attacks – a penetrating Smash (Shattering Blow), A close area (he can adapt the shape), and two varients on hindering people – one to hinder/immobilze, one to impare/disable
    Calim Gorn:If you got any ranks in Luck or Bag of Tricks you need to let T know so he can add those numbers to your mini, he refreshes them at certain intervals
    Sefiros:which sheet do i edit, the one of characters or in the grassy knoll?
    need to update will save etc
    Calim Gorn:Characters
    Aruvin:nope, all his advtanges are more ‘reslience’ focused and fluff/noncombat
    Calim Gorn:The Grassy Knoll is left over from that attack on the guys who burned the Hydra village
    T needs to just delete that, heh
    DM:yeah heh ignore the Grassy knoll lemme make that invisible actually
    Calim Gorn:I like how you named it that before I even shot down all those guys lol
    Yeah that was a massacre.
    Aruvin:drop the avatar image for my di crystal
    DM:heh okay cool
    Sefiros:afk a sec, looking for some images
    Aruvin:Shattering Blow Attack: rank 6 Damage, Attack Roll +8, Penetrating 3
    Calim Gorn:Basically I imagine it going like the combat from the Gundam Encounters in Space game:
    Sefiros:trying to find my original mina artwork, cant remember hwere the hell i put it
    i gotta run a duplicate file deleter or something one of these days, my artwork folder is like 10 copies of each piece
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I got that problem too
    See something that looks good and download it, realize later I already have 4 copies of it
    Sefiros:yeah all with diff names as well
    and varying resolutions
    but same pic
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Sefiros:i was considerign a power that lets me simply change hair colors
    what would that be? feature 1?
    or limited morph?
    Calim Gorn:lol
    If all it does is change hair color I’d call it a Feature
    Sefiros:yeah just something for down the road when i got some to spare
    old school mina had a minor ability to change her hair color for various diguises
    think that was in gurps, dont remmeber if the PF version had that
    DM:Yeah it’d basicalyl be a feature
    a very lesser form of morph.
    Aruvin:there we go.. a few macros for my token – trained skills, common attacks, and common utility/control options
    DM:heh nice.
    Yeah at some point I wanted to write full blown macros fro M&M just never quite got around to it yet.
  • Aruvin demonstrations ‘main’ power…
    Aruvin:Crystal Shaping: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary up to 125 cft, up to 3 tons
    practival application…
    Crystal Barrier: Close Create Rank 7, Instantaneous, Stationary Creates a wall extendeding from Aruvin’s position; typically 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide, and up to 40 feet long
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    Aruvin:everything has ended up in a Variable power effect – just need to think thru rank levels for thing like Selective on those walls
    Aruvin:* Description: Aruvin stands just under six feet all. He dresses in somewhat rugged practical wear, and is almost never seen in typical armor. He wears a stylish cloak and, of late, is seen bearing a Di Crystal *
    DM:For selectve attacks you’d probably have to have it be sustained as oppsoed ot instantaneous. Since you’d basicalyl have to be phasing it out and what not when you wanted ot use it. Where as instantaneous you no longer control it once it’s created.
    Sefiros:there we go thats better
    finally found her old shit
    DM:For the instantaneous stuff you can’t really connect any ongoing abilities, since it’s basically creates it and you have nothing more to do with the effect as far as control goes.
    Calim Gorn:Your Di Crystal got something for self-transport? From what I remember they’re actually fairly bulky
    Sefiros:his char’s legs?
    Aruvin:3″×3″×3″ as I read…
    Sefiros:we should start a di crystal bowling league
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah just wondering if you’re like carrying it in a case on your back or what
    Sefiros:yeah botu the size of a crystal ball basically irc
    i actually have one irl, its heavy as fuck too despite the size
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin:she’s slipped into a sensory package array ‘pocket’ at his belt most times
    Sefiros:3″×3″×3 is prolly its dimensions if i had to guess
    maybe 4"
    close tho
    but its heavy as sin
    Calim Gorn:That’s not really that big though, I thought they were bigger
    My phone is bigger than that
    Sefiros:di crystal or you mean the RL crystal ball im refering to?
    DM:Yeah I made em somewhat smaller from last campaign actually. that was one of the retcons I did for this game. so they’re more portable.
    Calim Gorn:The di crystal
    Ah heh, okay
    Yeah I remember them being this giant thing that you couldn’t tote around
    Sefiros:how big were they before then?
    i always pictured em crystal ball sized strangely
    Calim Gorn:Like torso size IIRC
    DM:used to be 6" cube roughly, and now they’re 3" cube. Well don’t have to be cube shape, but I gave that as a general idea.
    ah 6"
    Aruvin:she likely has her avatar ride Aruvin’s shoulder from time to time ;)
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that should be pocketable then
    DM:Yeah, I mean it’s mostly the devices they’re mounted in that makes em bigger.
    Calim Gorn:My phone is 6″×3″ lol
    DM:Like the sensor array + crystal would be fairly large, though still ablet of it on a belt.
    thats like the size of the one i got
    how big you reckon that is?
    ah ok it says 110mm
    Aruvin:about 5 inch diameter maybe
    Sefiros:thats like 4.3 inches i think
    Calim Gorn:Yeah 4.3 inches
    Sefiros:i need to clean the thing
    sauron would be blinded by nicotene stains if he tried to spy on me
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Aruvin:for the curious, Aruvin’s basic backstory is up at the portal –
    Sefiros:out of curiosity, what does everyone here set for there statsheet portrait size?
    yeah i read it the other day
    need to put one up myself
    Aruvin:I have my statshet port at 175
    Sefiros:256 here
    Calim Gorn:I have no idea what mine is set at, I just uploaded an image
    DM:175 as well
    Sefiros:its the value that determines how big your portrait is tab, in the options
    DM:It’ll dynamically resize whatever you put there
    Calim Gorn:Oh you’re talking about on here
    Calim Gorn:I never messed with it, heh
    was just curious
    default is so small i always increase it
    Calim Gorn:Where do you even set it?
    Aruvin:edit – preferences
    its in middle column
    near bottom\
    Calim Gorn:Ah okay, I see it
    175 for mine
    Sefiros:yeah thats default then
    Calim Gorn:Never knew that was there lol
    DM:Hmm.. wonder where G is at… guess we could get started w/o him. since it’s past 8.
    Sefiros:what about token sizes? people do 128, or 256?
    Calim Gorn:Heh, G said he was driving home
    Guess he’s stuck in traffic
    Aruvin:I always try and make my 256 using token tool
    Sefiros:i did at first, but they look worse when zoomed out
    seems smaller looks better when you’re zooming out
    same with statsheet size, i usually reformat pics to make em smaller for the stasheet
    DM:I do whatever the defautl is for tokens.
    never even knew tehre was multiple ones.
    Sefiros:gets rid of the ugly jagged lines
    Aruvin:depends on size of source sometime…my source images always start out larger and I shirnk them to fit
    Sefiros:some pics resize ok, but others are horrible when they get resized
    thats not what im talking about Ty
    all of em gonna get rezized when yo umake a token
    im talking about if you use same image and make a 128 version and 256 version, and scale it the same
    when you compare em in MT, at say like 100% of further out
    the 128 usually looks clearer imo
    Calim Gorn:I’m ready to start whenever you are T
    Sefiros:yeah same here
    DM:Anyway, lets gets started since I dunno where G is at.
    So last you had got Yuu Saidai out of the mountains and you were planning on calling Sylara for help wiht a ride out of Rahseld against the Queen’s blockade…
    Sefiros:btw, did you get rid of advanced character editor button or something?
    looks like theres a button missing perhaps
    layout wise
    just curious
    its submenu
    will that thing screw up shit btw? because i think i had used that on mina one time, was thinking might have been what caused the error
    Calim Gorn:Heh, never used it, I don’t think it was ever finished
    Sefiros:also was wondering why some tokens have bag of tricks but others dont
    last version of mina had bag of tricks listed, with 0
    but this one doesnt even list it
    not sure if perhaps that may be related as well
    just trying to pin point whatyever caused the tokens to crash and burn last time
    same for luck
    not listed on mouse over
    whereas old token had it, tho it was value 0
    DM:Anyway.. lets get started.
  • Aruvin ‘s skystrik cloak looks mostly normal, but there seems to be a wing motif stitched onto it with pearly white thread…
    DM:So did you want to still stick with the plan of calling up Sylara on Aela communicator (I’ll probably involve Aruvin once you guys get out of Rahhseld heh, think that’d be easier anyway)
    Especially if you go to Makoro, which I think was the plan.
    Calim Gorn:I think Geralt wanted to take Yuu to Meerin in the Hydra lands for some reason
    But yeah I want to go help Suzu lol
    And yeah far as I know we were gonna have Mina call up Sylara and lie her way into getting an airship sent over
    DM:Yeah, so is Mina gonna do that? Or did you guys reconsider the plan since last week?
    Sefiros:sorry had the edit window open, was copy/pasting shit
    i dont honestly see why Mina would do that to be honest
    DM:okay well discuss your options IC then. heh.
    Sefiros:i dont think she’d want to risk drawing in her innocent neice in treason
    DM:What you wnat to do
    Calim Gorn:lol we gotta get off this continent somehow
    Sefiros:where where we physically at when we left off?
    Calim Gorn:We’re in that little village near the windrider line
    Where we went into the mountains at
    Sefiros:is the line still down?
    Calim Gorn:Like we came down from the mountain and now we’re back near the line
    DM:Yeah you were at the small town where you got off the windrider, and yeah the track is still blocked from going to Lordarm to the south
    You can take it north
    Sefiros:“With travel grounded, any airship travel is going to draw attention.”
    Calim Gorn:“We don’t have many options… If it’s a Toress airship then people will assume it’s on a special mission for the queen. It’s not like they can scramble their own airships after us with the travel ban.”
    Sefiros:“I mean, I’d be worried when that airship gets here, Cheisa stepps off it instead of Sylara.”
    “Yeah sure, she’s going to know it’s me probably.”
    Calim Gorn:“What would you have us do? We need to get off this continent, the sooner the better.”
    Sefiros:“Well, I’m more worried about Cheisa, not her minions.”
    “Yeah I know.”
    Calim Gorn:“How is she going to know what we’re doing?”
  • Sefiros scratches her head.
    Sefiros:“What about a boat?”
    Calim Gorn:“The nearest port is several hundred miles from here, except Lordarm where travel is blocked except on foot.”
    Sefiros:“And what about you calling us a damn airship, you’re the Princess Consort or Crown Prince, whatever the fuck title they give you these days.”
    “What are you anyways?”
    “Tradition changes so much, it’s probably not even the same list of titles back when I was a Princess at court.”
    Calim Gorn:“My House’s ships are under the travel ban. The queen’s house can flaunt the ban since she’s the one who declared it in the first place. People will just think it’s those haughty nobles being their usual selves.”
    Sefiros:“Yeah well, what happens when Sylara tries to get an airship and Cheisa asks what the fuck is she doing?”
    Calim Gorn:“So tell her to be subtle.”
    “I don’t know if she’s the subtle type.”
    “I mean she can be persuasive, but subtle, I don’t know.”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs… “The only other option I can think of is to contact my brother Sorvin and appeal to his sense of honor… But I don’t know if he would choose honor over betraying the Empire.”
    Calim Gorn:“I suppose one of us could call your cousin Ellenya and ask if she’s got any airships to spare.”
    “Maybe she can field test a new stealth model or something.”
    Sefiros:“Well that would probably be easier than involving Sylara.”
    “Ellenya at least isn’t under the Queen’s thumb in Alara.”
    “I’m mostly worried about tipping our hand.”
    “She’s smart enough to know a Toress ship getting sent out, probably has something to do with me.”
    “Given the current situation.”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs, “As I said, I see few other options.”
    Sefiros:“The other option would be to try and find a smuggler in Lordarm, on a sea vessel.”
    Calim Gorn:“We have to get to Lordarm first, over land without the aid of any swifter travel than our own two feet.”
    “And then we have to avoid being seen.”
    Sefiros:“Well a big fucking airship moving about in a grounded emergency aint exactly non-conscpicuous.”
    “Especially in these parts.”
    “We can’t catch it here.”
    Calim Gorn:“Like I said… If it’s a Toress ship then people will assume it’s on a special mission for the queen and that the queen is disregarding her own travel ban because she’s a hypocritical bitch.”
    Sefiros:“Those other cunts know we were in these parts.”
    “If someone gets word an airship was sighted around here, they’ll know whats up and rat us out.”
    “Nah, I mean the other party, with Sajara.”
    Calim Gorn:“They won’t necessarily know it was us, so far nobody knows where we even are.”
    DM:I mean if worse comes to worse, you guys could always just hole up for a few days… and hope the ban gets lifted on its own if Yuu is reported dead.
    Sefiros:“Sajara’s party does.”
    “They will know any airship seen around here, will likely involve something shady with us.”
    “I mean we could possible get air transport.”
    “But not from here I don’t think.”
    DM:The only one who knows about him (thus far anyway) are the mysterious group that attacked you earlier.
    Sefiros:“Too suspicious.”
    “Silas and Sajara will rat us out faster than you can say cheese.”
    Calim Gorn:“Then let’s take the windrider north to the crossover line and have the airship rendezvous with us there.”
    “Or actually not even that far, we can just go back to Chemander.”
    Sefiros:“What about in Gorenheim?”
    Calim Gorn:“Why would a Toress airship be flying to the capital city of House Gorn?”
    Sefiros:“For you?”
    Calim Gorn:“I thought the whole point of this endeavor was for our movements to remain secret?”
    Sefiros:“Well you’re the one who wanted the airship, aint much secrecy to flying one of those bastards.”
    Calim Gorn:“If we get picked up out here no one knows necessarily that it’s us.”
    Sefiros:“I guess we could have it stay airborne.”
    Calim Gorn:“If we get picked up from Gorinheim then it’s pretty damned obvious.”
    Sefiros:“And try to transfer up without it landing.”
    “Well, I was trying to think of an excuse for why an airship would be in these parts.”
    Calim Gorn:“If it’s a House Toress ship why do they need an excuse?”
    “The queen declared the travel ban, she can circumvent it.”
    “That’s all the logic people will need.”
    Sefiros:“I’m talking about suspicion from the Toress!”
    “Not peasants!”
    Calim Gorn:“There are none of them out here aside from Sejara and if we travel far enough north they won’t see the airship.”
    Sefiros:“Fine, do it your way. If things go south, I’m fingering you.”
    “I’m not going back into a box.”
    “Nothing personal, but I’ll have to roll over on you.”
    Calim Gorn:“You want to call Ellenya or you want me to do it?”
    Sefiros:“How well do you know her?”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs, “I’m acquainted, that’s about it.”
    DM:As far as calling Ellenya, since she’s in Ronen, you’d need a long-range Aela communicator, which you’d only find in a big city pretty mcuh. Well you could relay a message alternately.
    But you woudln’t have live chat that way.
    Sefiros:“The question is, who she’ll more likely help out, me or you.”
    Calim Gorn:“There’s also the problem that we need a long range communicator to talk to her since she’s in Ronen.”
    (Would Chemander have one?)
    DM:Nah, you’d need to go to a capital city, like Lordarm, Gorinheim or Alara.
    Calim Gorn:lol Jesus Christ
    DM:I mean you could send a relayed message that they could pass on.
    Sefiros:i mean i dont think i even know where Sylara is either to even get in touch with her to be honest
    Calim Gorn:She’s probably in Alara
    Sefiros:i assume she’s in alara but thats about all it is an assumption
    im worried the messages there are all being monitoried too right now
    Calim Gorn:Well T do we know IC where she is?
    DM:Yeah, she lives in Alara. So she’s wtihin range of most decently sizedAela communicators.
    Sefiros:this is fucked lol
    Calim Gorn:Yup, typical T situation
    Sefiros:prolly be better off just turning the bastard over lol
    DM:You can pretty much reach most of the nearby cities with the Aela communicators here, just not across continents. heh.
    Calim Gorn:lol, you wanna try that after he’s got the artifact sword?
    Sefiros:well nah i meant just telling the queen to come get him :-p
    i aint fighting the dude
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sefiros:i aint that loyal lol
    Calim Gorn:Heh well Geralt I know will definitely be against that plan
    Fuck it then, guess I’ll call Sorvin
    Sefiros:“Well, I guess it’s up to me to call Sylara then.”
    Calim Gorn:lol or you can do that
    DM:yeah you could get in contact with Sorvin.
    Sefiros:“Alright fine.”
    DM:That’s a possibility. heh.
    Or you coudl always try to bargain with House Illuvian for a ride :P
    Sefiros:“My word still holds, this goes south, I’m finger you!”
  • Sefiros she groans.
    Calim Gorn:Heh so you calling Sylara then or you want me to call Sorvin?
    Also you need to fix your impersonate
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“So where are we headed then? Going to have to find a communicator. Which town m’lord?” she says immitating a peasants speach
    Calim Gorn:We’re already at the communicator
    I intimidated our way in last week
    DM:Well he already arranged a communicator here at this town.
    Yeahhe bullied the peasants into giving him access.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:didnt think this sham village had anything
    Calim Gorn:Basically said I was on a special mission and gtfo of my way
    Mina Beatrix Toress:guess so
    what are the protocols for keeping messages confidential?
    DM:Well it does have some magitech, I mean it is a windrider station and such.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:is there some kind of code or cipher i can use for sending my message?
    DM:Well if you’ve got a Di crystal you can encrpyt transmissions. Otherwise you can use basic ciphers. All noble houses pretty much have basic code words and such.
    THough obviously not as good as full Di crystal encryption and anyone from your house (or anyone that knows that houses codes and such) would know that… plus mina tends to be a bit out of the loop, so you don’t know the latest stuff really.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:alright
    Calim Gorn:It’s an older code sir, but it checks out
    Yeah, it’s mostly more that being older it’d have an increased chance of people who know it.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    At this point might as well roll 2d10 for number of additional hours we’re going to be arguing about this =P
    yeah heh well I thought you had a plan before :P
    Apparently things changed.
    Calim Gorn:Well see, this is the shit that always happens
    We come up with an idea
    And you act like it’s cool
    And then you remind us midway through of all the shit that could go wrong with it
    That our characters would know IC
    But that we don’t
    So then we have to revaluate
    I mean you’re even the one that suggested we call Sylara last time lol
    Now you’re like “Well, you could call her, but your transmission will probably be listened in on”
    “And since you don’t got anybody that knows the latest code words you can forget keeping it secret”
    Calim Gorn:Unless Calim would know them since he’s been spending his time with Alyssa and shit, heh
    DM:Well I mean I’d assume you wanted to report to the queen that you kileld Yuu, and then call up Sylara and claim it’s you needed an emergency ride to go help Suzu in Makoro or something
    So it’d seem more plausible even if someone was listening in. heh.
    I mean the queen probably wouldn’t be too suspicious, at least until they find out Yuu is alive later… since her agents are gonna say he’s dead too.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, I mean we can always claim that his godly luck saved him or something
    We totally saw his dead body at the bottom of that ravine man
    I even put a round in him
    DM:So I wasn’t expectnig you to speak over the comms saying “Yeah, you know that guy that everyone is looking for, wanna help smuggle him out of Rahseld?”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Since your plan at least last I saw was to go to Makoro, so it wouldn’t seem out of place if you wanted to circumvent the official lifting of the travel ban to get to Makoro faster.
    Calim Gorn:Heh okay, yeah that makes sense
    DM:At least thats what I was assuming lol.
    Calim Gorn:Hey G
    Well like I said I think G wanted to take Yuu to Meerin for some reason
    But yeah I wanna go to Makoro
    Garrion:because that was what was suggested
    by Calim, due to the unrest in Makoro
    Calim Gorn:I don’t remember suggesting that lol
    I been wanting to go to Makoro to help Suzu out
    Garrion:you said to drop him off with Meerin then go to Makoro
    Calim Gorn:Oh right, yeah that might work… I mean we need somewhere for him to hole up
    And they’re all gonna know who he is in Makoro
    DM:Yeah, I mean you could always redirect the airship once you’re out of Rahseld airspace.
    Garrion:cause i wanted to take him and introduce them, you said that not such a good idea and better to have the daimo come to Hydra clan to meet
    Calim Gorn:Well I mean their daimyo can’t really leave, she’s in the middle of a civil war
    That’s why I want to go to Makoro to help out
    Garrion:well i dunno why you suggested that then ;)
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I think Sef was the one suggesting getting the two of them together
    Garrion:maybe was sef, i just know it wasn’t me
    Calim Gorn:I mean basically we need someplace to stash Yuu where people etiher don’t know who he is or won’t be looking for him
    Garrion:I was wanting to introduce Yuu to the new leader lady and hook them up
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah like I said, she’s kinda got a civil war to fight at the moment
    Garrion:someone said things were too hot there and someone may recognize him and turn him in, but Hydra would be safer
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Plus maybe he can help fight the Earth Demons
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Alright, I’m going to need some privacy boys.”
    “Personal business, scram.”
    Calim Gorn:And if he gets killed in the process well oh well, Queen gets what she wanted
    Garrion:he can learn swordsmanship from the clan
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“No staring at my rear either.”
  • Calim Gorn leaves the communicator to Mina
    Calim Gorn:“Just get on with it.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah yeah, this is fucked.”
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah that’s what I was thinking too)
    (Maybe you can have him train to be a Witcher lol)
    Geralt:hehe, not everyone survives the trials…. too much risk
    DM:Heh okay Geralt and Calim leve Mina to make her conversation in private.
    Geralt:i have super hearing
    DM:heh you want to listen in on her anyway?
    Calim Gorn:Calim waits outside, Geralt waits 5 miles away up on a hill
    Geralt:don;t have to be there
    DM:Or you want to repsect your companions desire for privacy? :)
    Geralt:i don;t respect anyone’s privacy when they tell me to scram and i can’t hear what secrets they have
    too skeptical
    plus don;t know her THAT well
    she could be trying to get in good with the queen and turn us in
    DM:heh… okay just wanted to see how Geralt would be… :)
    Geralt:being related and all
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:hehe… yeah apparently Geralt knows better than to trust these treacherous Rahseldians.
    If only he knew the original Calim from the first campaign heh. He was the ultimate backstabber.
    Geralt:damn skippy
    Calim Gorn:Calim was perfectly honorable as long as nobody else tried to lay hands on his sister
    DM:hold on one sec, Sef is formulating what he wants to say to Sylara.
    If you’re not gonna use Toress codes, you can just type the message in regular chat Sef, otherwise I’ll give Geralt the gist of what you said if you’re usnig Toress codes.
    Since he won’tt understand all of it.
    Mina seems to have someone in Alara transcribe a message, he can’t tell the recipient of it since Mina is using code words…
    Aparently ti seems to be some kind of call for help, and Mina tells the person the name of the town you’re in.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:that was like wording a damn wish spell or something
    DM:And also mentions something about sneaking into someplace… which seems to be a codeword for something.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Geralt can tell she’s clearly talking in some kind of code.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:well some code is better than no code
    Geralt:holy shit
    Mina Beatrix Toress:who the fuck knows who’s listening
    Geralt:ok, cryptic
    Mina Beatrix Toress:house illuvian owns the telepohone company prolly
    Geralt:have we not gottent he air ship yet?
    DM:Geralt can tell she doesn’t directly talk to anyone bsides what is probably just a communications person who takes the message
    Mina Beatrix Toress:wish i had a di crystal for once
    Calim Gorn:No that’s what we’re working on right now
    Geralt:i thought we were already enroute
    Calim Gorn:We spent like an hour arguing over who to call for one
    DM:Then I assume you’re gonna wait for the airship to arrive.
    DM:Yeah heh, they got cold feet about the plan they had from before.
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah, basically waiting for the airship to show up
  • Geralt is vigilant and staying inconspicuous
    DM:You wait for about 3 hours, before you finally see a Toress airship flying overhead…
    Calim Gorn:So long as it isn’t the queen’s personal ship
    I assume that’s recognizable enough, lol
    DM:Nah it’s not the queen’s ship.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Alright well, I sent her a message.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I told her I couldn’t get into details, but that I think House Illuvian has a bounty on us.”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I hope that dissuades her from coming herself.”
    “And that she’ll send the damn thing.”
    Calim Gorn:“Hopefully… And hopefully nobody else decides to show up either.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah well, that was my fear about doing this to begin with.”
    “So, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”
    Calim Gorn:“Committing treason is never without its risks.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She’s always wanting me to try to sneak her into Aylanae, since she knows I’m one of the few non-imbued that gets to go there.”
    DM:You can see the airship hovers above the town… and Mina and Calim spot Sylara toress leaning over the side of the airship waving down to you guys (assuming you’re in view for pick up)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I told her I owed her one, but there’s no way in hell I’m sneaking her into Aylanae.”
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Calim Gorn:“Well, seems like she isn’t a good listener.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Still wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on the ship when it gets here.”
    “Yeah she’s a bit rebelious like myself.”
  • Calim Gorn kneels down and glances back at Yuu, “Climb onto my shoulders.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“The Queen says it’s because I’m a bad influence.”
  • Yuu Saidai looks at you oddly.
    Calim Gorn:“I’ll jump you up there.”
    (I assume the ship is lowering landing lines or something?)
    DM:The ship is lowering rope ladders.
    So you can climb aboard it that way or you coudl jump heh.
    Calim Gorn:Okay heh
    Guess I’ll just let him climb up on his own then
    DM:heh okay.
    You climb aboard the airship.. and are greeted by Sylara.. a smile on her face.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Fuck!”
    “I knew it.”
    “I told you not to come.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Hey Mina!”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shakes her head.
  • Calim Gorn ushers Yuu inside while Sylara is distracted with Mina
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“See kid, I told ya.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Well they weren’t going to go without me. there’s a travel ban in effect.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says jabbing a thumb in Calims ribs.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I hope you didn’t have to sleep with the captain.”
    Calim Gorn:I’m basically shuffling him somewhere hidden and hoping Sylara doesn’t notice him and start asking questions
    Sylara Toress II:“Nobod is suppsoed to be flying, but since you’re in trouble with House Illuvian, no time to waste right?”
  • Geralt climbs on the ship and goes with Calim
    DM:heh well yea hit’s hard to hide him exactly, and Syalra seems to wnat to greet everyone.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah, well that’s why I was hoping you wouldn’t tag along.”
    DM:She’s just thgat type of people person.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“It’s too dangerous.”
    Calim Gorn:Yeah which is why I’m doing it while she’s busy with Mina lol
  • Geralt will distract him….
    Geralt:if he seems drawn
    since i’m the last up
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I have enough problems, without having Linea breathing down my neck as well.”
    “Though I guess you’re right, so I’m not mad.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress gives her a hug.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Thank you, little rose.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress tussles her hair.
  • Geralt walks up to the young noble as he glances toward Yuu and steps in the qway…. “Nice to meet you. Mina has told us all about you.”
    DM:heh yeah I mean… it’ll be pretty tough to get Yuu on board without her noticing ,unless Mina or Geralt wants to sue some kinda magical power on Sylara to try to distract her well.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“It’s been a long time. You’ve grown. You all seem to grow so fast to me, you all change like flowers from season to season, and the world seems to stand still for me.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Hey… Geralt was it? And Calim is with you too… and who is this?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“This is….”
    “Yeah Geralt.”
    “Seems you have a reputation afterall tribesman.”
    “Hope it’s a good one, unlike me.”
    Calim Gorn:“Ah, Felix isn’t feeling well, let me just help him to a cabin.”
    Geralt:“I try to stay out of the limelight but these guys always seem to find trouble for us.”
  • Calim Gorn pulls Yuu away
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sachi is on her way to lurk
  • Yuu Saidai quietly goes with you following Geralts lead.
    Geralt:how old is Sylara?
    Sylara Toress II:“Maybe i should check him out… might be one of those Illuvian curses.”
    Calim Gorn:Late teens I think
    Mina Beatrix Toress:lol felix
    you know what that name means dont you?
    Calim Gorn:Heh nope
    I just came up with a random name
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“lucky one” irc
    Sylara Toress II:late 20s Geralt wouldd guess.
    Calim Gorn:lol nice
    Sylara Toress II:Wel ltechnicalyl she looks more 21 in appearance.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Felix is a male given name and surname that stems from Latin (fēlix, felicis) and means “lucky”, “favored by luck” or “the lucky one”. Its female form is Felicity (English), Felicitas or Felizitas (in German-speaking regions).
    Sylara Toress II:But Toress’ usually seem younger than they are.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:lol
    Calim Gorn:Heh, good name for him then
    Mina Beatrix Toress:talk about synchonicty
    Geralt:“You are every bit as lovely as Mina told us.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah thats why i chose beatrix
    for a middle name
    Calim Gorn:Hey Sachi
    Mina Beatrix Toress:wanted something latinesque for ties to ronen
    Sachi:Heya guys~
    Sef invited me to come lurk so I said yes~
  • Tygaran waves at sachi
  • Geralt takes her hand and gently places his lips on the top of it.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She who makes happy” or something i think it means in latin
    Sylara Toress II:“Aww… Thanks Mina. I didn’t know she said stuff about me.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:my latin is rusty
    “I did?” she teases
    Calim Gorn:(Am I able to get Yuu away from her okay?)
    DM:Yeah heh.
    Geralt:“Now Mina, don’t get jealous. I would kiss your hand too if you wouldn’t slap me.”
    DM:Between Geralt and Mina you get him below deck.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m not sure if such a hot blooded one like you, would like an icy cold hand.”
    Calim Gorn:(to Yuu, once they’re alone) “Lay low as best you can, the less interaction you have with the people on this ship the better. Especially Sylara.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Mina isn’t as unfriendly as she seems soemtimes. She puts on an act with the vampire curse thing, but she really cares.”
    Yuu Saidai:“I hope you know what you’re doing… I’m placing much trust in you here…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah whatever, thanks for ruining my mien.”
    Geralt:“So I’m finding out.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Sylara Toress II:“So what trouble did you run into with House Illuvian?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’ll let Geralt tell you about it. Make some new friends. I need to talk to Calim.”
    “Keep and eye on her Geralt.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Okay, but we need to catch up later… oh yeah, where should I set course for?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“That’s what I’m going to go find out.”
    “Geralt can tell you if he has a particular spot in mind.”
    “I’m not sure what the plan is yet.”
    Geralt:“Well you see. We were exploring the mountains and we got ambushed by 5 huge armored….. and then I took them all down while protecting Mina and Calim and Felix…..”
    Sachi:(I’m also playing Bloodborne and/or workin’ on Max >>; )
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Just getting off the ground was the most important part I think.”
  • Geralt embellishes for theatrical flair
    Calim Gorn:(Her character, Maxine)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:oh lol
    Sylara Toress II:“Really you took down servants of House Illuvian? What did they look like?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress heads down below deck to find Calim.
    DM:Okay you find the cabin they’v set aside forf you guys… where you find Yuu and calim, Yuu is rather nervous… apparently this is his first trip on an airship at least in sometime…
    Calim Gorn:(to Yuu) “If anyone asks, your name is Felix. You’re assisting us on a special mission, the details are secret and you’re not to tell anyone.”
    Geralt:“They were evil incorporeal beings, hideous and frightening….”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“We need a destination, fearless leader.”
    “Where to?”
    Yuu Saidai:“Felix? Well okay.”
    Calim Gorn:“I want to go to Makoro, but first we need somewhere safe to leave our friend in good care… Perhaps with Geralt’s people.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Like ghosts? Really? I guess that’s why they do’t leave any traces.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Well I need specifics.”
    “This was your idea, so you let me know where to tell the captain to point this thing.”
    Calim Gorn:“Let’s make for Clan Hydra for now.” (I forget the name of the village)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Alright, I’ll tell em.”
    DM:Aontas is tghe main hydra base.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’s it, I knew it was an A
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“The girl is my niece kid.”
    “Don’t get any bright ideas.”
    “Or bad ones.”
    Geralt:“Yes, much like ghosts. They contained powers unlike most others – arrows that can suck your life out with a single knick, fireballs, and whatever you do, don;t let them touch you are you will be staring into your grave.”
    Yuu Saidai:“You’re sure she won’t turn is into the queen?”
    Calim Gorn:“So long as she doesn’t know your true identity she’ll have no reason to.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She’s trust worthy.”
    “I’m more worried about our communications getting spied on.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress gives Calim a look.
    Calim Gorn:“Not much to be done about that, unfortunately.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress shrugs. “I hope your good luck rubs off on us Yuu.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress heads back out the door.
  • Sylara Toress II seems rather amazed by Geralt’s exploits ajnd hearing details about the Illuvian agents.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress heads back on deck.
    Sylara Toress II:“That’s amazing… I never imagined Illuvian was like that…”
    Calim Gorn:(Sadly, now that she knows she must die)
  • Geralt pauses his intriguing story as Mina approaches."
  • Geralt pauses his intriguing story as Mina approaches.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah im sure the whole pt of this is to get her in a compromising situation to force my char to some action, thats T’s usual MO :-p
    Sylara Toress II:“So they’re all undead then… did they get Felix? that’s why he’s sick?”
    Calim Gorn:(to Yuu) “My plan is to take you to Geralt’s people, my hope is that their leader will agree to shelter you there. You can learn swordsmanship from them and train your skills, become a powerful warrior. They are also on the frontlines of the fight against the Earth Demons, where that sword of yours will stand to do the most good.”
    Geralt:“Uhhm, here’s Mina….”
    “I’ll let you catch up.”
    “it was lovely meeting you miss.”, Geralt takes her hand once more.
    and slips away
  • Yuu Saidai nods to Calim.
    Calim Gorn:“It will probably be some time before you can return to your homeland, given the way things are. But I’ll see you back there as soon as I am able.”
    Yuu Saidai:“Can I go home from there? I want to see my homeland…”
    Sylara Toress II:(to Mina after Geralt leaves) “So he took all of the Illuvian agents down himself?”
    Calim Gorn:(Technically I headshotted the one, but that was after Geralt beat the crap out of him)
    Geralt:oh btw T, did we get HP for that encounter?
    DM:Think I gav you one before.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah he did
    Geralt:i got one for the complication
    but i meant all of us
    unless you handed out before i got there
    DM:I didn’t give one out to everyone last time after the battle?
    Oh and lemme give Aruvin a HP too.
    Aruvin refreshes Luck points.
    Aruvin gains a hero point.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah you gave them out
    Geralt:ok, i must have just missed it then
    DM:he hokay.
    Calim Gorn:I checked the log, you gave them to us while you were telling us about Mina’s vision from drinking the leader guy’s blood
    With the robed figure
    Geralt coming to see me or like what’s going on now?
    DM:Yeah Geralt was coming down I thik and Mina came up
    DM:Mina you gonanr espond to Sylara?
    Geralt:was giving Mina and Sylara a chance to interact
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You shouldn’t talk about this stuff.”
    “It isn’t fantasy like some book.”
    “It’s dangerous.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Come on, you jealous of Geralt?”
    “Did he really take them all down?”
    Sylara Toress II:“They were ghosts so your weapons would do much to them.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress seems distracted.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yeah something like that.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Wow… he’s amazing, and hot too. You and him aren’t… you know…. together?”
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Mina Beatrix Toress scoffs.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“He likes his women warm blooded.”
    Geralt:hehe, she better watch out or Vin gonna get her
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Besides I’ve been too busy trying to not end up permanently dead, instead of just seemingly dead.”
    Sylara Toress II:“A monster hunter and a vampire would make a great couple!”
    Calim Gorn:(I hear he’s always trying to drive his stake into her)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Until our first argument.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Dinner might be problematic as well.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Well if he’s single then…”
  • Sylara Toress II smirks.
    Geralt:(Mina gives a new meaning to using her teeth too….)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Knock yourself out.”
    Calim Gorn:(Your new mission Geralt is to keep Sylara preoccupied for the duration of our trip)
  • Sylara Toress II pats Mina on the shoulder.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Though I think there’s a woman, another tribesman, with a rather large axe from what I hear.”
    Sylara Toress II:“And don’t worry, I still think that thign where you turn into mist is really cool.”
    “YOu’ll always be my favorite vampire.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I don’t want to have to kill another Imbued for your indiscretions.”
    Geralt:((oh, he can probaly manage that based on this conversation.. the hard part will be getting Vin to understand it was “essential for the mission”))
    Sylara Toress II:“Hmm… well I’ll take my chances, I know some anti-scrying wards and stuff.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Still the same, I see.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Yeah did youknow at one point my mother was trying to set up me and Calim?”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Before you go, I could use a favor.”
    Sylara Toress II:“She was so disappointed when Alyssa got to him first.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Perhaps later though, you’ll need all your strength to handle Geralt.”
    Sylara Toress II:“I mean he is really hot, but from what I hear things with Alyssa aren’t really goiong all that well.”
    Calim Gorn:(She’s probably happy she didn’t get set up with me if she believes the rumors)
    Sylara Toress II:“So I think it was for the best, I don’t think I could be in that kind of relationship.”
    Geralt:yeah one where he prefers boys over you…..
  • Mina Beatrix Toress seems confused.
    Geralt:that is the rumor right?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What do you mean?”
    Calim Gorn:One of them, lol
    DM:there’s a variety of ideas.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Why is Cheisa disappointed in the match?”
    “I thought this is exactly what she wanted.”
    DM:I mean nobody has caugth himn with a man, so some think it’s just blatant impotence issues.
    Others claim he’s gay.
    There’s also a claim that some of Hachi’s acid got him in the nuts.
    Calim Gorn:That’s why his epithet is “The Chaste Prince”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Oh your mother.”
    “Sorry dear, I’m a bit loopy.”
    “I’ve been under a lot of stress the past few days.”
    “Too much sun as well.”
    “It always goes to my head.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Yeah… good thing you had Geralt with you.”
  • Sylara Toress II smirks.
    Geralt:he’s like the prince of King Richard in Braveheart… some savage barbarian going to have to lay the Princess for her to get knocked up
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Unfortunately, none of them can slate my thirst.”
    “Aela tends to give me indigestion.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Yeah, they always tell me not to have any of the Aela infused wines… apparentyly only imbued can drink them.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“But go, have your fun. You can offer me your wrist after.”
    “You’re going to need your strength it appears.”
    Sylara Toress II:“I tried a sip of them once…. got sick for a while. I dont’ recommend it.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress nods.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Go, I’ll be fine. I’ll be on deck, pacing and brooding in typical fashion.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Whats with you vampires and your brooding?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Live while you can child, enjoy it.”
    “You never know when it ends.”
    “Ennui comes with old age. You’ll understand someday.”
    “It waxes and wanes with me.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Well speaking of living life…. I’m gonna go find Geralt.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You know how I am, at either extreme I live.”
    Geralt:lol, oh great
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Full of life, or a total lack of it.”
    “It is just my nature.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh well I’m assuming my conversation with you happens before she comes and finds you
    Sylara Toress II:“Maybe you’ve just been drinking from the wrong people.”
    DM:Yeah you had time to talk to Geralt before she got down there
    Geralt:we would have been talking during this excahnge
  • Mina Beatrix Toress nods, as she strolls to the front of the ship.
    Geralt:“Hello Calim, Y… Felix….”
    “All situated for the ride?”
    Calim Gorn:“I think so.”
    “Do you think Meerin will take him in.”
    Yuu Saidai:“I still dont’ understand how this thing can fly…”
    “It doesn’t even have wings…”
    Geralt:“I’m sure he will. Won’t know till we get there though. I hear there is this old hermit’s cave that is recently vacant….”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Calim Gorn:“As I was telling him, he can learn how to fight from your people and train his skills with that sword, and perhaps even bolster you against the Earth Demons.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress heads back down below deck to check on Calim and Yuu.
    Geralt:“Though Meerin plays nice, he has no great love for the queen that would entice him to turn us in or reveal Yuu. Especially if that sword can help as much as we believe.”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, that was my thought as well.”
    Geralt:“The trick will be to avoid detection by others. Though with all the chaos there I’m sure attentions will be drawn away.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I think Sylara is looking for you.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says coming upon the trio, and turning to Geralt.
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She is rather persistent.”
    Geralt:“Oh boy… did I play too nicely?”
    Calim Gorn:“Perfect… Keep her preoccupied until we get to Aontas.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She likes you.”
    Geralt:“OK, well if Vin hears about it just be sure to back me up, right?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“You’re on your own.”
    Geralt:“I’m not going to just stick it to your cousin and leave her, what kind of barbarian do you think I am?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“My neice.”
    “I’m about 150 years too old to be her cousin.”
    “Her great great grandmother was my sister.”
    “One of many.”
    DM:There’a knock on the door.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I was the bastard, of our brood.”
    Geralt:“Despite my rigid exterior i have the heart of a romantic… a yearnign desire to woo and please….”
    Calim Gorn:“Yeah well now’s your chance.”
  • Calim Gorn points Geralt at the door
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“That is until the Queen was on her deathbead and made me a Toress in name.”
    “The family didn’t like that too much.”
  • Geralt goes to the door…..
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Now I was a Princess as well, not just a bastard.”
    DM:Sylara stands there.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m sure its probably her.”
    Sylara Toress II:"Hey Geralt. "
    Geralt:“So soon? I barely had time to freshen up. Perhaps a stroll on the deck would be sufficient. You can show me around your grande vessel.”
    Sylara Toress II:“I wanted to come down and see if you wanted to come to get something to eat, figured you were probably pretty hungry and the food here is great. Everyone is welcome to come.”
  • Geralt steps out and closes the door
    Sylara Toress II:“Oh yeah… and…”
  • Sylara Toress II pulls out a small potion vial from her belt pouch.
    Sylara Toress II:“I got one of these for Felix, this should mkae him feel a little better.”
    Calim Gorn:(to Mina) “She doesn’t waste any time…”
  • Geralt glances at the vial.
    Geralt:amulet tingling?
    DM:It definiteyl looks like some kind of sorcerous potion, what it doesyou’re not sure.. it’s a liquid with a dark crimson color which occasionally pulsates just barely.
    Well the amulet wouldn’t tingle for a basic magic item.
    Calim Gorn:(lol, she thinks Felix got the undead rot and that’s why we’re keeping him shut in)
    Geralt:“What does this do?”
    Sylara Toress II:"Just something I mixed up. I know some magic… it should give him a bit of an infusion of mana. "
    Calim Gorn:(lol, Mina energy drinks)
    Sylara Toress II:“Good for getting some extra energy… don’t worry, it’s not any of the really fun stuff.”
    Geralt:“Thanks. I’m sure he wil appreciate it.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Figured he may have got drained by some of those undead you ran into… or maybe Mina…”
    “I coudl sense some power off him though, he an imbued like you?”
    Geralt:“By Mina – I don;t think so. Not Imbued, just special.”
  • Sylara Toress II nods.
    Sylara Toress II:“So yeah anyway if you wanted to get something to eat we could do that, I’m supposed to be a proper hostess and show you around the amenities of the airship.”
  • Sylara Toress II smiles.
    Geralt:“I would love to dine with you. Who could want anything more than to enjoy your company.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Apparently Mina, she’d rather brood.”
    Geralt:“Ahh, don’t mind her. She’ll come around. She is just concerned for you.”
    Sylara Toress II:“maybe you cant ell me what’s the deal wtih vampires and brooding? You’re a monster expert right?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Goodbye Sylara.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says shutting the door and ushering them out.
    Geralt:“Sure we can talk about it after we dine. I want to hear all about you.”
    ((we are already out
    DM:Yeah I assumed you wanted to open the doro to give Yuu the potion anyway?
    Geralt:i stepped out the room to meet Sylara and shit the door behind me
    DM:Since she did offer that.
  • Mina Beatrix Toress sits up against the door, looking exhausted.
    DM:Unless you were gonna keep the potion yourself heh.
    Geralt:“I will open it and peek in and hand over the potion.
    DM:heh okay.
    I’ll assume that’s when Mina says that through the door then
    Geralt:”A gift from Sylars for Felix, to help him feel better."
    Calim Gorn:(btw T you still need to update Sylara’s bio lol)
    Sylara Toress II:“You can’t stay cooped up in there this whole airship flight Mina.”
    DM:ah heh…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’ll be out in a while, I just need to talk to Calim.”
    “And no we’re no sleeping together.” she says deadpan
  • Calim Gorn smirks
    Sylara Toress II:(whispers to Geralt) “I think they’re sleeping together.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:lol
    Geralt:woohoo, is she dressed like that too?
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah pretty much irc
    she’s pretty skimpy dresser
    DM:Yeah heh, she wears skimpy clothes.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she doesnt have much in way of modesty
    Geralt:well well… you going to make this hard… pun intended
    Mina Beatrix Toress:shes the other blacksheep of the family so to speak
    well before my char was created
    she was kind of the rebel
    in last camp
    Calim Gorn:Yeah she’s even sluttier than the average Toress
    DM:Anyway… Il’l fast forward this a bit so Ty will get a chance to do some stuff….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she was Sef’s fling, tho Calim killed her lol
    DM:Wnat to get him involved… heh, but yeah Geralt will get a chance to try to seduce her if he wants… or be seduced I suppose :P
    Mina Beatrix Toress:or well calim and his loony sister
    but anyways
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I gave him the very condensed summary
    Mina Beatrix Toress:yeah prolly the later lol
    might need his anti succubus potion!
    Geralt:not goig to specifically try to lay her.. but will woo her and keep occupied
    DM:Geralt could of course choose to avoid such entanglements.
    Calim Gorn:And I thought Mina was the one who sucked energy out of people
    Mina Beatrix Toress:prolly more like try to fight her off
  • Aruvin continues work on whatever project is going…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:haha
    DM:heh okay, yeah she’s not super agresssive, though she is friendly with Geralt, hearing his stories of monster slaying and such.
    She seems rather interested in his tales and stories of other lands and such.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:mina is too worried about the threat of being staked right now to be frisky
    “So how is it like to be on your first airship?”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says to Yuu across the room.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Feeling sick yet?”
    DM:She also tries to introduce Geralt to some of her special potions….
    Calim Gorn:“He seems rather perplexed as to how it flies.”
    DM:Assuming Geralt wants to try one….
    SHe doesn’t seem to say what it’ll do, but encourages him to be adventurous…
    will try to avoid if possible, but could be “forced”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:hey he’s into potions
    might as well explore :-p
    Mina Beatrix Toress:might learn some new recipes
    Geralt:“true enough
    Mina Beatrix Toress:shes pretty good alchemist from what i recall
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Sylara Toress II:”Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a Toress potion Geralt…. after taking on 5 Illuvian undead, this shouldn’t beanything for you…"
    Calim Gorn:Potions are her specialty
    Geralt:“I dabble a little in potioncraft myself. Though I recommend you not imbibe any of mine for they can kill the mundane.”
    “If I partake will you share your secrets?”
    Sylara Toress II:“maybe… though I can’t share all of them…”
    Geralt:leavign that wide open aren’t I?
    Sylara Toress II:"I wouldn’t want to reveal how the super secret love potions are made…. "
  • Sylara Toress II smirks.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:“Nah, I wouldn’t expect you to. Can’t share your secrets with every bnloke that comes around hey? Need to be selective and only choose the right ones.”
    Sylara Toress II:“They’re trusted family secrets.”
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah in the previous campaign she drugged Calim to sleep one time because she was creeped out at how he never sleeps and thought he would just spend all night staring at her or something)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:haha yeah i remember that
    she used some healing potions on the wounded at thunderheart too i think
    Geralt:“Love potions? Now you wouldn’t be trying to seduce me know would you?”, he feigns a surprised face.
    Sylara Toress II:"I think someone’s afraid of the potion… "
  • Sylara Toress II holds up the potion vial teasingly.
    Geralt:“I’m more afraid of an axe over my head…..”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:shes really a fake sylara illuvian imposter and the potion is a deadly poison!
    Sylara Toress II:“I’m sure someone of your proficiency won’t get his mind warped by a minor potion…. but maybe that’s the weakness of the Witchers.”
    (Whsipers) “Don’t worry I won’t tell Mina.”
    “She doesn’t know any alchemy. she did try to feed me some of her blood one time though…
    Geralt:”But that is a different matter altogether. Now about you…. wha – Mina?"
    Sylara Toress II:“Well she’s a vampire…. and if she knew your weaknesses, she mgiht exploit them.”
    “Like your total susceptibilty to the most minor of magical potions.”
    Geralt:“What about you? Thought you make it hard to resist being exploited…. looking the way you do.”
    Sylara Toress II:“Trying flattery to avoid the potion… well that might work.”
  • Sylara Toress II smiles.
    Geralt:Don;t want to hog the night from the others, even though this is fun…. don;t want to get scolded.
    DM:heh.. okay, so you’re not gonna try her potion then and not gonna try to sleep with her?
    Just gonna distract purely?
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:Does flattery work on you? I was sure you had so many compliments that mine were inconsequential."
    Calim Gorn:They’re gonna start calling you the next Calim
    Refusing to sleep with the super hot Toress
    Geralt:nah, if she pushed it I will probaly crush.. the real Geralt does
    Sylara Toress II:“Well it depends on if they’re said with honesty.”
    DM:Well she’s not really super agressive with it. Though she is dressed sexy, and she has a natural charm about her. But she’s not crazy sexually agressive. Just might drop a hint here and there, and try to get you to try her potion…
    Geralt:“Well listen to my breathing. You can tell if I’m being honest. You see my Witcher senses can also pick up the slight sounds of your breathing deepening, the smells envelping the room as we talk…..”
    Sylara Toress II:“Well let me see…”
  • Sylara Toress II leans her ear up to Geralt’s chest.
  • Geralt let’s her come in close….
    Mina Beatrix Toress:afk a few, scarfing down some chicken
    what you think i’m the minute man??
    Sylara Toress II:“Now lets see….”
  • Sylara Toress II holds up her potion vial in front of Geralt as she listens…
    Sylara Toress II:“Yup… definiteyl afraid…”
  • Geralt looks down at her from above as her head is on his chest….
    Geralt:“Your hair.. so fragrant….”
    Calim Gorn:
    DM:She does defintieyl use some kinda nice smelling perfume as well with a faint but pleasant floral scnet which is probably intensified a bit with Geralt’s nose..
    Geralt:lol, love the pic
    Calim Gorn:What’s funny is T never lets me have scenes like this with Laventa, lol
    DM:heh, well I was planning on FFing this so we can move on. Yeah with Laventa I knida know what’s going on :)
    Geralt:“I’m afraid you’ll break my heart, or I may break yours…. wouldn’t want to be the couse of any pain.”
    DM:Mostly I’m kinda interested in the conflict aspects. So whether he chooses to sleep with her, drink her potion, etc… may have impact in other places, we knida already know Calim is screwing his sister… though maybe there may be a pregnancy roll.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Gotta roll the old 1dJoffrey to see how bad it is.
    Geralt:“So this potion…..”, he says trying to change the subject slightly.
  • Sylara Toress II holds out the potion offering it to you.
  • Geralt unstops it and smells
    DM:You’d need an analtyical magical sense or analytcial smell at least to get much info…. at most you’re able to tell; it’s probably some knid of construction of a form of fey sorcery… derfiniteyl mana based alchemy.
    Probably not poison…. but it’s not something you’re directly familiar with.. some Toress concoction…
    The scent is pleasant at least…
    Calim Gorn:(There are lots of stories about them bewitching men and such)
    DM:It has an almost tempting scent like a nice wine…
    With a hint of a fruity smell to it… though that’s likely just a taste based ingreident.
    Geralt:“I prefer not to drink without eating. Have you been introduced to the art of cunnilingus?”
    DM:Fey potions usually do smell nice and taste good, it’s possibel to become addicted.
    Calim Gorn:rofl
  • Sylara Toress II smirks.
    Sylara Toress II:“I didn’tknow they taught that in Yt… Do tehy do it the same as in Rahseld?”
    DM:We can probably cue the sex scene here heh….
    Geralt:"I’m not sure…..
    Calim Gorn:Only one way to find out!
    Geralt:You can tell me all about it……
    “You can tell me all about it……”
    Geralt:ok, we’ll leave the rest up to the imagination… que x rates scene rating
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Sachi:(taking a break from Bloodborne to work on Maxine~)
    DM:Yeah heh..
    Alright, so I’m gonna FF a bit to get Ty invovled..
    I assume you’re gonna tell Meerin about Yuu and to keep him a secret?
    Geralt:sure, now i have Sachi’s attention….
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    That’s the plan anyway
    DM:the sex scenes usually work to get Sachi’s attention…
    Calim Gorn:Basically like, hey, this is Yuu Saidai, hide him here plz, btw he has a sword that can slice Earth Demons in half, train him and stuff
    DM:Sachi never seems to be too tired to continue whjen there’s sex scenes going on… :P
    Calim Gorn:That’s the super short summary anyway
    DM:Yeah just wanted to know if Geralt is telling him the whole story about the sword and that it’s basically treason and such or if he’s gonna try to play him off as Felix or what not and make up some other story for why he wants Meerin to hide him
    Geralt:no, going to be honest with Meerin
    won;t dishonor him by trying to hide the truth and endanger people unknowingly
    Calim Gorn:Yeah heh
    Calim agrees with that approach
    If Meerin doesn’t want to hide him we’ll take him somewhere else
    Not really sure where though
    DM:Heh okay. Yeah Meerin spends a bit talking to him, he’s somewhat guarded but his druidic magic can tell how powerful the sword si….
    Calim Gorn:Geralt could probably mention the prophecy he saw in the cave too
    DM:And what hope he offes for the clan.. so he agrees to Geralt’s proposal… (gonna skip that scene mostly so we can get to Ty’s character)
    Calim Gorn:Or was given to him or whatever
    Calim Gorn:Calim wouldn’t know about it IC
    Geralt:i’ll tell about that
    DM:I will do his comment on what he saw in the cave regarding the apparition of Oshiro…
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Hmmm…. could it be that you encountered one of the great dragons… they are powerful spirits indeed, though their motives I cannot be certain of.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It is said that a deal with a dragon is not to be trusted, but they have great power, and they are not known to directly lie, though I am unfamiliar with Makoro’s legends.”
    Geralt:“I can not be sure. I was not quite myself.. me head was spinning.”
    Sachi:At least I’m willing to admit I’m like, 98% perverted
    Mina Beatrix Toress:back
    only 98%?
    figured it was 99.99999999999999999%
    Calim Gorn:The remaining 2% is catgirl
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Of one thing I am certain, the power in that sword is unlike anything i’ve encountered, it is possible that the spirit, the dragon, resides in the sword itself.”
    Geralt:if sachi were DMing we would be playing the scene with full disclossure….
    Sachi:What Tab said
    Calim Gorn:(Would Calim be present for this part or is this Geralt and Meerin one on one?)
    (Just curious)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:sachi’s char’s first invention
    DM:Nah this owould be one on one. Meerin lieks to talk to Geralt in private.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:di crystal instead of VR
    DM:Those clans got their own privacy stuff.
    Calim Gorn:Okay heh
    Sachi:We’d be rolling d1,000,000 to see if there are quadruplets
    Calim Gorn:Guess we know what Calim is doing during that time then…
    DM:heh.. yeah.
    Calim Gorn:Might want to warn Meerin about House Illuvian too lol
    And that they’re apparently looking for something buried beneath Hydra lands
    Geralt:“From what I understand, the legends do state that the swords are at the minimum gifts from the dragons. THough I am not schooled in their legends.”
    Sachi:For sex we’ll be using a modified version of the psionic combat rules from AD&D
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Geralt:i assumed that was part of the full disclosure
    Meerin of the Hydra:“I know an item of great power when I see one… I canot be certain but were that weapon used at full power, we might need to redraw our maps.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Mina is staying out of the diplomacy involving the hydra personally, and letting Calim and G handle it
    DM:I’d imagine the sex using the psicombat rules would be pretty degrading with attacks like ego whip, psychic crush and Id insinuation
    Geralt:but will specifically mention the encounter, the nature of the opponents, their desire to take Yuu, the power witnessed from the sword, and the mention of the “psycho scientist” not being so psycho
    Calim Gorn:Heh well this is Geralt and Meerin one on one, Calim is off attending to…. other matters
    Sachi:I mean, it doesn’t need a lot of modification…
    DM:heh oaky… yeah he says he’ll get to working on some wards with Mordin…. now that you have an idea of what kind of agents tehy use, the druids can probably get up some kind of barrier wards to protect Yuu.
    Or at least wanr them what’s going on.
    The druids fortunately have a lot f expereince working with spirits, so he should be in pretty good hands.
    Geralt:“Thank you Meerin. Could yo also see that a warrior be assigned to him for the teachign of the blade.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Sachi:(remember that? where everyone else would be casting spells and hacking away at each other while the two opposing psychics stood and grimaced at each other until one of them fell down)
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Indeed, though that particular weapon is not one any of us are all that familiar with.”
    Geralt:“He is completely unskilled. Just make sure he doesn’t accidentally strike the ground with it.”
    Meerin of the Hydra:“It is a blade of Makoro annd their arts are different than ours.”
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, teach him the spear, it’s pretty close)
    Geralt:“Yes, however even basic handling would teach him some control of the blade.”
    DM:(heh, yeah Sachi, when I ran psi combat I always pictured it like both of them looked like they were super constipated and trying to force it out. with veins bulging out of thier heads)
    Calim Gorn:(I picture it like DBZ)
    Meerin of the Hydra:“Indeed, that is one weapon we don’t want to lose control over.”
    Geralt:“And don;t try to take it from him or wield it. Legend are not kind about those who have done so.”
  • Meerin of the Hydra nods.
    Meerin of the Hydra:“The Great Dragons may not be the spirits of this land, but they are spirits we shall respect nonetheless.”
    Geralt:ok, you can introduce Ty, i think that covers most the details
    DM:So after leaving Hydra, did you want to go to Makoro to help Suzu or going to set course for Minotaur lands to help Viniira?
  • Aruvin continues work on whatever project is going…
    Sachi:(Hehe, the actual psionic combat rules were like purely mental I think, so it’s more like an early Gundam series where they start tripping balls)
    Geralt:is Leventa even still here with the battle?
    Calim Gorn:I definitely want to go help Suzu
    Sachi:(Like in the middle of a war zone)
    DM:Yeah Laventa returned here after the initial assault.
    Calim Gorn:Pretty sure when we voted before Suzu was second after taking care of Yuu lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Well mina has a nodachi same kind of sword, she can teach him the swordplay stuff if need be, well during downtime
    cant stick around forever to tutor him
    DM:So she can meet up wtih Calim. well technically she’dd be farther up for mostof the time but airships occasionally come here to refuel and restock since its the only real technical place within easy ragnge.
    yeah just making sure you didn’t change your mind.
    So Suzu it is?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    Geralt:so it seems… maybe Vin will die and leave me free to be pursued by Sylara more….
    Calim Gorn:Yeah see, it’s not all bad
    Geralt:then i’ll just be haunted by her ghost… you were getting blown while i was getting killed by a earth demon… wooooo
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:then calim will kill her for you
    so you’ll have two ghosts fighing over you in spirtual battle
    DM:You set your course for the city of Oroyu.. seat of the Yoshinori Gozoku…
    Since you guys accomplished this mission really quickly…. basically you got there before any major battls have occured…
    Geralt:well Triss and Yen are b oth soreresses.. Sylara is a sorceress… hmmmm
  • Calim Gorn breathes a sigh of relief as the city comes into view, “It seems we aren’t too late, that’s good.”
    Geralt:yeah, Shani reappears in W3
    she is a sweetie too
    DM:Yeah I actually chose Shani in the first witcher game IIRC.
    Geralt:the medic
    DM:Yeah I haven’t played 3 yet.
    I was kinda disappointed you couldn’t sleep with the dragon chick in W2.
    Geralt:yeah, personally i didn;t care for Yen, maybe she loved Geralt in her own way but it always seemed like it was convenient for her… didn;t really want him lke Triss and Shani
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Yeah graphics upgrades did not treat her well.
    Kinda like those porn stars that looked hot before HD porn.
    heh… okay… yeah back to the game…
    As you’re aprpaoching the city of Oroyu you can see there’s another airship already landed in the docks… (they don’t use true airship docks, but just regular sea docks for normal ships, but airships ghaving the bottoms of ships, can land in water fine enoguh)
    Though they’re not particualrly good for actualyl sailing on water, having no real sails and just rotors.
    But water works fine to dock them.
    Calim Gorn:(What’s the affiliation of the other airship?)
    DM:The other airship has the distinctive logo of E-Tech industries.
    Calim Gorn:“Looks like that’s from Ellenya, must be the aid I asked her to send.”
    DM:Aruvin would be with them unloading the goods, basically Ellenya sent Aruvin to bring over her new prototype magitech armor… and to make sure it comes back without anyone trying to steal the tech.
    This is going to be a field test here in Makoro….
    A brief summary of the situationf or Aruvin… Makoro is pretty much an asian style land, simialr to medieval Japan.
    Aruvin:( clipboard in hand, Aurvin oversses the unloading process
    DM:One of the daimyos recently died and named his daughter his successor, which is hugely unpopular due to the fact that women have few rights in Makoro tradition, and making her Daimyo is an insult to her vassals, who promptly revolted.
    Calim basically talked Ellenya into sending some help for this feminist cause, as well as an opporutnity ot show off her new project, a cutting edge magitech armor she’s been trying to keep secret from her competition.
    It’s the first prototype of a magitech armor capable of true flight.
    Calim Gorn:Sweet
    DM:And naturally she doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of her competiton, there’s pretty minimal risk in Makoro since they for the most part reject magitech, and go with odler samurai tradition.
    However, such is the nature of cutthroat competiton that someone from Ronen or Rahseld might try to steal it… so she sent you to keep watch over it.
    While most Imbued were sent to the war, due to your relatiohnship with Ellenya, you were left out of direct wartime duties to help produce weapons for the current war with Tinigath (and the earth demons)
    Calim Gorn:(Also you’re supposed to keep it from hitting the ground if it tips over by catching it)
    DM:Your’e also there to report any bugs that may arise, and to effect reparis if it gets damaged.
    I’ll assume you have a passing knowledge of the other PCs, probably except Geralt, you may not know him all that well
    And they’d know a bit about you.
    So at this point I’ll give each of you a chance to givea little summary of your character so Ty knows a bit more about you guyhs (and you about him)
    Calim Gorn:Yeah what do we know about him exactly?
    DM:I’ll let him give some basic public info, then I’ll have you makesome rolls if you want some more indepth stuff.
    He’s an imbued from Scorpion band… basically he and Ellenya became friensd during training and partnered up.
    Aruvin:Aruvin stands just under six feet tall. He dresses in somewhat rugged practical wear, and is almost never seen in typical armor. He wears a mantle-like skystrike cloak with a pearly white thread outline of bir wings embroidered on the backand. , Of late, is seen bearing a Di Crystal
  • Aruvin is the third son of the mastermind behind the Elective Arcanarium merger. He is the only engineering savvy son, tho the other two are keen businessmen. He also has a yougner half-sister
    Aruvin:a few more tidbits here –
  • Aruvin is know as ‘The Crystal Weaver’ – he seems to have the ability to personally refine Aela in transient tho solid crystalline Aela
    Geralt:interesting bio…. crystal powers
  • Aruvin is also known for making progress is diminishing the erquire size of crystal based magitech
    Aruvin:required size…
    Calim Gorn:(Heh yeah, he’d fit well with Ellenya, her major claim to fame is producing charge crystals that are smaller than normal so that devices can be miniaturized or have more power)
    Geralt:“Hello, I’m Geralt – of the Hydra.”
    DM:Yeah basicalyl I retconned/elaborated that Aruvin is responsibel for making the mini crystals Ellenya uses in her tech
    Calim Gorn:(I’m assuming we basically run into each other on the docks?)
    DM:Yeah i just wanted to have everyone sumarize their char stuff first
    so Aruvin knows some stuff about you and what not
  • Calim Gorn is a young man with black hair and blue eyes and a slender build. He dresses in simple but finely tailored clothes, primarily black in color. A large pistol is holstered to his belt, along with a finely crafted dueling sword.
    Calim Gorn:Calim is part of the ruling family bloodline of House Gorn, fourth in line of succession
    DM:Since he’d know you as well, less about Geralt but everyone knows Calim and Mina he’d have heard about from Elelnya at some point
    Calim Gorn:He’s also known to have married princess Alyssa Toress and cemented an alliance between House Gorn and House Toress
    DM:Since Calim is married to the princess (aka the hottest girl on the planet)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:Mina’s a Toress bastard born to a past queen several generations ago, and was legitimized on said queens deathbed. The black sheep of the Toress family, she lives in Ronen where she served in the military and in intelligence operations in the past. She’s a Vampire, supposedly afflicted by a family curse on her father’s side, rumors abound about her, some say House Illuvian levied it.
    Calim Gorn:There are lots of rumors about him though because their relationship is apparently rocky
    Aruvin:one important distinction of the bio – I have it with his birth name, but since his split with fmaily company and joining e-tech, he just goes by his middle one.. so his full name isn’t exactly public knowledge
    Mina Beatrix Toress:She’s decked out in simple black leather armor over mithral chain along with a black cloak, giving her a sort of Victorian era look. A large looking katana hangs from one hip, and a chain flail the other. She also sports a few grenades and a pair of pistols. She looks like a classic toress, except her hair is silver with blonde highlights instead of the typical blonde. Her skin is very pale, and her crimson eyes look out from dark bruised looking eye sockets, and her red lips have a slight cyanotic purplish hue. She looks like a corpse, but a beautiful one. (Attractive 2)
    Calim Gorn:They don’t sleep together apparently and the princess is known to have had other lovers
    Geralt:ok, Geralt is a Witcher.. a hybrid mutation through a special Druidic process that enhances the senses and imbues with other abilities… along with being Imbued…. he is from Hydra clan in Yt.
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Calim also has Attractive 2 so he’s pretty good looking, heh)
    Geralt:He carries two swords, one steel, the other silver for monsters. (More flavor than mechanical game function.) He has viper-like eyes, silver hair, and relatively pale skin
    DM:Yeah Calim is known to be really hot, though it’s suspected he might be gay, mostly cause he shows no attraction to his wife, princess Alyssa, who is super hot.
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Aruvin has Presence 0 and lack the Attractive advantage, so is mostly ordinary as far as such things go. He is somewhat broad-shouldered however
    Calim Gorn:Some people have taken to calling him “The Chaste Prince” since he apparently doesn’t bone his wife
    Geralt:Geralt has attractive 1, not as hot as Calim, but Calim still secretly wants him…. no joking…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:no homo you mean….
    DM:Anyway they’re just landing as you’re busy unloading.. so you until each other on the docks, assuming you want to approach
    Mina Beatrix Toress:or His Cuckship…
    as mina says
  • Calim Gorn approaches the E-Tech airship
    Calim Gorn:(We get any rolls to know Aruvin’s secret hidden stuff?)
  • Aruvin currently shows signs of neither arms nor armor.. just the jade avatar ‘sitting’ on his shoulder
    DM:heh yeah i’ll give you a knowledge poltiics, business or Ronen,
    If you have multiple add the ranks
    Geralt:if you’ve played the witcher games you know Geralt…. playing him loosely asa young Geralt prior to the vid games, since he is in his late teens
    Calim Gorn:lol nope
    I barely know who he is
    DM:Btw… Ty, I’m doingsomething with expertises whre instead of multiple rolkls, if more than one skill is relevant, I have people add up their ranks in the skills.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:I’ve heard of him from Ellenya i reckon
    I do business with her with magitech, and she’s another niece
    DM:So if you have say 3 ranks in exp (Ronen) and 3 ranks in business and it’s a ronen buisness you’d add 6 + your normal ability modifier and make one roll
    Yeah you’d know a ltitle of Ty’s backstory (I mean in generaly it’s hard to truly keep any kind of secret backstory as imbued, since Imbued are so few and are major stories)
    Aruvin:don’t think my 3 expertise skills have much overlao… Architecture, Sculpting and Magic
    DM:So you’d know he was originally the son of the owner of the Elective Arcanarium company. (one of the major partners of the Artificer’s guild)
    Aruvin:sounds liek mina would at leat have heard OF his sister, Angelica
    T can choose names for his three elder brothers ;)
    DM:heh yeah I’ll probably fill in detaisl there as they become more relevant.
    For now won’t be too much need yet, since you’re in Makoror, though the adventure will go back to Ronen at some point. We tend to jump around.
    have missions all over heh. So there’s some continent jumping involved.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Ah, one of Ellenya’s men. I remember you.”
  • Calim Gorn calls out as he approaches the airship, “Hail, it is good to see that Ellenya agreed to my request and sent you. What’s the situation here?”
    DM:Btw Arvuin is under orders to not show off the magitech armor until shortly before its used in battle, excpet in secret to whoever is piloting it.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I’m Mina, please to meet you.” she courtsies an old fashion habit
    DM:To maximize marketing impact.
    Geralt:“Hello, I’m Geralt – of the Hydra.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“She and I are of distant relations.”
    Aruvin:“Well, when it comes to the Toress ladies that particular phrase can have unintended meanings. We were in Scorpian Band together, casual friends, and I work under the E-tech banner. But I would say I’m one of her men.”
  • Calim Gorn chuckles
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Oh I’m aware of all her lovers.”
    Calim Gorn:“I am Calim of House Gorn, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
    “You are Aruvin, correct?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Not many really, she’s too busy with her nose in machinery.”
    Aruvin:% wouldn’t say
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“But that hasn’t stopped idiots from trying. You’d figure they’d bring her some magitech instead of flowers.”
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Ellenya is notoriously anti-suitor btw)
    Aruvin:“That is correct. Should I be callign you Your Highness, Ser Gorn? Or somethign else?” * firm handshake *
    Calim Gorn:(Her mother has been trying to get her to marry for years with no results)
    DM:Heh yeah, Ellenya’s family has been pressuring her to get married, but it isn’t really her thing. She is a shameless flirt at times though.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“His Cuckship, is his official title.” she leers
  • Calim Gorn smirks, “Just Calim is fine.”
  • Calim Gorn gives Mina an odd look
    Aruvin:“AS for what’s gogin on? As you can see,” sweeping gesture, “Unloading.” he replies simply
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“My apologies, sweet Princeling.”
    Calim Gorn:“I see, so you only just got here yourself then?”
  • Geralt grins at the exchange between Mina and Calim
    DM:Yeah he recently arrived so his crew is busy unloading various supplies as the well as the magitech armor itself in a secure container.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“This the stuff you called in for Suzu?”
    Aruvin:“Pretty much yes.” glances over group, “I don’t suppose one of you is the pilot.” * slight emphasis on ‘the’
  • Mina Beatrix Toress says turning to Calim.
    DM:Commonly they’d move the armor itself off the ship… but instead they’re using other moving crews and cranes to move it off…
    Instead of using its own power.
    Calim Gorn:“I asked Ellenya to send some aid, yes… I’m not sure what exactly she sent though… She mentioned something about an experimental magitech armor?”
    DM:Which is generally against common protocol.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What does she make that isn’t experimental?”
    “Hope it doesn’t explode and level the keep.”
    Calim Gorn:“As for the pilot, no, she’s up there.”
  • Calim Gorn points to the Yoshinori keep
    Aruvin:“SHE doesn’t, really. The company produces units of refined deisgns.”
    DM:You can see in the dsitance a group of samurai coming towards your group from the city…. at their head is a dark haired woman dressed in lighter battle gear… you’d recognize her (at least those with knowledge poltiics or Makor) as Megumi Yoshinori, the new Daimyo.
    Actually I just realized I need to find a token image for her, I remember I had one before, but Sef wanted to reclaim it for someone else.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Looks like the welcoming party.”
    yeah i want to use that one for an npc
    Calim Gorn:“Heh, Daimyo Yoshinori herself is coming down, impressive.”
    DM:So one sec while I find a new one.
    Calim Gorn:(Nice, yeah… Though I think she uses a bow IIRC?)
    (But she’s probably got a sword too)
    DM:Right now she’s just got a sword… but she may study multiple things..
    She was the first Imbued female to be allowed in training from Makoor, normally their tradition forbids it.. but her father started to enforce more progresive policies in his lands
    allowing her to train.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:
    DM:And also ending slavery of females, and allowing them various rights.
  • Aruvin admonishes potentially staring labor crew. “Don’t drop that while you’re gawking.”
    DM:SHe’s a beautiful woman… with an ornate katana on her back.
  • Calim Gorn bows respectfully as Megumi approaches
    DM:With long dark hair blowing in the wind as she approaches… though her gaze seems to have the look of some force to it. Clearly she isn’t the typical woman of Makoro
    Mina Beatrix Toress:
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Just one magitech armor?”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:two swords, like the yoshinori heirlooms
    DM:Looks at what’s being unloaded and seems a bit disappointed, probably expecting more in the wayo f tehcnical help
    Calim Gorn:“And three Imbued.”
    Aruvin:“Lady Daimyo,” head bow, “I honestly wasn’t expecting to see you in person at this early stage of things.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I am thankful for your help. Though a bit surprised why you’d care about affairs in Makoro.”
    “My place is here with my people and the enemy will launch their first attack anytime now.”
    “They’re demanding I step down, and that isn’t going to happen.”
    Calim Gorn:“I come on behalf of my bandmate who asked for my help. I managed to convince my friends to tag along.”
    Aruvin:“Far as I known, the whole deal was based on a request from him,” thumbs at Calim
  • Calim Gorn nods, “And yes, I requested them as well.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(looks to Calim, Geralt and Aruvin) “You are here to fight I hope? We’re going to need all the help we can get.”
    Calim Gorn:“Of course.”
    “I am at your service, Yoshinori-sama.”
    Aruvin:“As for the ‘just one’ thought. You’re thinking of the magictech armors of the past. As you’ll soon see, THIS is a significant upgrade.”
  • Calim Gorn goes out of his way to show proper deference
  • Mina Beatrix Toress bows politely.
    Geralt:“Hopefully we can resolve this without a fight. But yes we are here to help.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I offer my sword as well.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress unsheaths her sword and presents herself.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Then I’m pleased to have you lord Gorn.”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori looks to Geralt for a moment…
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“We’re not going to resolve this without a fight, I can promise you that.”
    Aruvin:“I can don the armor if required, but was under the impression a selection for that honor had already been amde?” looks questioningly at Daimyo and group
    Geralt:“Perhaps with a show of power, great bloodshed can be avoided.”
    Calim Gorn:“Yes, as I told Ellenya… The Magitech armor is for Suzu.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“These are the lands of Makoro…. perhaps in your lands you settle differences like this without a battle, but you’ll not see peaceful resolution here. You’d have better luck negotiating with earth demons.”
    Aruvin:“Keen-minded, agile?” he questions Calim
  • Calim Gorn nods… “Her forcefulness leaves a bit to be desired, but she is very skilled with Magitech, and I think she’s really grown into her own.”
    Geralt:“Well…..”, Geralt leaves it at that.
    DM:You can spot Suzu’s small figure stanbding behind the samurai a bit, not stepping forward but obviously meeting eyes iwth Geralt and Calim noticing you, but too polite to run forward yet.
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori looks to Mina.
    Calim Gorn:“Ah… Actually, there she is right now.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles and waves
    Geralt:seeing how he has successfully negotiated with earth spirits
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I can’t say i know you… you don’t seem to be Imbued.”
  • Mina Beatrix Toress smirks at Geralt knowing they did just that.
    DM:Yeah you don’t think she actuallyknew about you negotiating with the earth demons and it as merely ironic she said that
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“No, my lady I am not.”
    “I am Mina Beatrix Bloodthorne, of House Toress.”
    “I am a sworn sword of Calim and Geralt.”
    “And a servant to Queen Cheisa.”
    “I am here unofficially in that capacity however.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“A fair wanring, the foes you’ll be figthing out there will care little for your name. I can give you one peice of advice. If given the choice between capture and death Lady Toress… choose death.”
    “What you will see here will make even a Witcher redefine monster.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“What is dead….may never die.” she replies with a bow
    Calim Gorn:“It seems your vassals are quite irate then.”
    Aruvin:* while the others chat up the Daimyo, Aruvin walks over to the large crate and does something perhaps surprising.. he reaches right throught the crate without disturbing its structure, and pulls out a large notebook of sorts, then moves over to the ‘Suzu’ the group pointed out
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“That is an understatement… at the very least they’ll show you quarter Lord Gorn. At least the more sensible ones should.”
  • Calim Gorn nods…
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Do your enemies bleed, my lady?”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“In a way your death may be the best chance we’ve got of winning this war…. it’d force Queen Cheisa’s hand to pick a side.”
    Aruvin:“I understand you’ll be our pilot. Might as well start reading up on some the the specifics.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods shyly at Aruvin.
  • Calim Gorn smirks… “No offense, Daimyo, but I hope I won’t be giving my life to your cause.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah… I’ll be piloting it. I was trained in Emerald Band.”
    DM:Suzu looks over at Calim and Geralt, mostly Calim you think, clearly havinga n attachment to those two.
    Though she does remain to talk to Aruvin being poltice about it.
    Geralt:“Hello Suzu, it is nice to see you again, though I wish under better conditions.”
    “I’m pleased you have found your place though.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“I’m not asking you to sacrifice yourself. I was just making sure you udnrstood what we were getting into.”
  • Calim Gorn nods, “Of course.”
    Aruvin:“Good, I’m instructions that you an I are the only ones allowd access until just prior to its first battel deployment.”
    Calim Gorn:“I did not come here lightly or on a whim.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:(to Mina) “:And yes, they’ll bleed, but only if you can cut them.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“A straight fight would be nice for a change.”
    “I tire of court intrigue and politics.”
    DM:As Geralt approaches Suzu she bows to him.
    Suzu Ueno:“It is nice to see you again Geralt. I was worried when I heard that you were chasing after the last member of the Saidai.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Good, because this is no training exercise.”
    Aruvin:"Lady Daimyo, do you have a plan in place for when you wish to deploy the Armor? I’d like miss Suzu to go thru some calibration testing beforehand.’
  • Calim Gorn approaches Suzu as well once he’s finished talking to Megumi
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Splendid.”
    Geralt:“Yes, we are fine Suzu.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Simplicity, it’s a nice change.”
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“Yeah we’ve prepared some rooms in the back of the castle for technology, it’s where we repair most of our other magitech armor.. though our supply isn’t as great as I’d like.”
    Geralt:“We came as soon as we could.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Enough bureaucrats and senators, and lords and ladies.”
    Calim Gorn:“Greetings, Suzu. It’s good to see you again. I came as soon as I could.”
    Aruvin:“I’ll see what I can do to speed along your other repairs,” he offers.
    Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori:“If you could help with the repairs, we’ve already lost quite a few to their initai sabotage by the Mahou Tsukai.”
    “Suzu as soon as you’re done with the reunion I want you to go with Aruvin and start training.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Sounds like something Geralt could help you with.”
    “They’re witches afterall.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Yes Daimyo.”
  • Suzu Ueno’s eyes light up as Calim apporaches.
    Calim Gorn:(Calim can help with repairs too heh)
    Aruvin:“No time liek the present then, if we’ve your leave?” he gestures to transport crew
    Suzu Ueno:“i’m glad you came Calim.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:notice me sempai!
    Calim Gorn:lol
    “How have you been faring here? Is all well? Other than the whole civil war bit, I mean…”
  • Daimyo Megumi Yoshinori nods to Aruvin.
    Geralt:i can be your love slave if you will do but take me….
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Suzu totally wants him)
    DM:Yeah it’s pretty easy to see Suzu is lovestruck with Calim’s handsome knight in shining armor appearance.
    She’s a bit too shy to hug him but a part of her probably does want to…
  • Aruvin leaves other to their reunion for a time and guides the transport team with armor and support gear to designated area
    DM:Though she’s very shy and reserved. Though her time here has changed her somewhat, as she’s carrying a shock pistol at her side… a normally forbidden practice for a girl of Makoro.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah I keep waiting for her to snap and be like “WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!”)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:she will turn out to be x100 crazier than laventa
    DM:Hopefully this iteration of Calim will kick the Yandere affliction that hit the last one.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:will resurrect Sef to summon meteor
    to get back at you
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah it’s been great here… until recently.”
    “Daimyo Yoshinori treats me well.”
    Calim Gorn:“That’s good to hear. Hopefully we can resolve this trouble and keep moving in a positive direction.”
    “You and she will be great examples to the rest of Makoro.”
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Suzu Ueno:“With you here we can do anything.”
    “You showed me how much potetntial I have.”
  • Calim Gorn grins, “It’s good to hear that level of confidence coming from you, keep it up.”
    Calim Gorn:“But remember not to let it get out of hand too.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’m sorry but I should be getting to the magitech hangar to train with the new armor.”
    Calim Gorn:(Senpai’s Smile: Power Level 300% increase)
  • Calim Gorn nods, “Of course. We’ll have time for catching up more later.”
  • Suzu Ueno smiles.
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah.”
    DM:Meanwhilea t the magitech hangar.. one of the samurai leads Aruvin there… (he gets there before Suzu since she stopped a bit ot talk to Calim)
    The place is an odd conversion from an asian castle to a more modernized magitech locale… wher you can see lighnting lamps and secure dooras and locks have replaced some of the old-Makoro style castle.
    Giving an odd clash of styles here…. they tried to decorate it a bit but it didn’t work all that well.. you can see they’re dtechnicians are pretty understaffed with only a couple that you can see working on their total of 6 magitech armors…. many of which seem out fo commission..
    Aruvin:“Alright, place the main crate over.. there. I’ll start looking at what gear needs repair until miss Suzu arrives. Once she does, I’ll need everyone else to vacate the area. No audience for the testing.”
    DM:Another girl peeks her head out from behind one of the other armors, and you recognize her as a feellow magitech engineer from Ronen…
    Her name is Sayuri Lastrium,and she’s known for being one of the youngest (and mundane) inventors out thre… being a sort of prodigy of magitech even being unimbued…
    Calim Gorn:(lol how’d Sayuri end up here)
    DM:Her most famous invention was the Yuri-com a somewhat minuturized Aela comunicatior that canb e worn on the helmpet and good for short range, before that… they were too bulky to be in anything other than magitech armor and vehicles.
    Sayuri Lastrium:“Hey is that Ellenya’s new magitech armor?”
    DM:Sayuri is half-Tai (Tai is basicalyl the name of the asian race)… you know her father was of Makoro, and mother was from Ronen, an imbued from Ronen that is.
    Some of the other techs are starting to leave as you say that… though Sayuri remains at least for now, carefully trying to look at the crate that’s carrying it.
    Aruvin:“Sayuri,” he nods in greeating. While approaching the most intact armor under repair “Astra, start a schematic scan of the Aela pathways.” AS both he and the Di Crystal have eidetic memorie, Astra can ‘whisper’ design details while he has other conversations
    DM:Asrta’s little avatar appears on Aruvin’s shoulder.
    Aruvin:“You’ll find out for certain when the Diayamo has it deployed.” she replies to her
    Astra:“I am standing by for its first activation, I’ll be monitoring any issues that may arise.”
    Sayuri Lastrium:“Can I take a peek?”
  • Sayuri Lastrium looks up at Aruvin, with innocent looking but excited eyes.
    DM:Sayuri is btw about 16-17 years old.
    Aruvin:“Certainly. But then you’ll have to replace miss Suzu out on the battelfield with it.” he semi-teases
    Calim Gorn:(lol don’t tell her that, she’ll go for it)
    Aruvin:“Somehow, I’m not sure yu coudl make it move.. bad luck that.”
    Sayuri Lastrium:“Well I mostly just fix em, Suzu is a better pilot than me.”
    Aruvin:“Then you’ll have to wait for the grand reveal liek everyone else.”
    Sayuri Lastrium:“But I’m Suzu’s best friend! I can keep a secret.”
    Aruvin:“All you need to do than is call Lady Ellanya and get her to tell me she gave you permission.”
    Geralt:no, this is week 28
  • Aruvin has been looking over local armor in need of repair while talking
    Sayuri Lastrium:"Oh.. "
    DM:Suzu arrives at this time as well…
    Sayuri Lastrium:“He won’t let me see the magitech armor Suzu. Tell him I’m trustworthy.”
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Suzu Ueno:“You can trust Yuri. She’s been a good friend through all of this.”
  • Aruvin moves over to large crate, and motions Suzu to join him there…
    Sayuri Lastrium:“If you show it to me, I’ll let you borrow my crystal massager prototype to try out on Astra…”
  • Astra eyes perk up a bit.
    Aruvin:“Oh, I’ll belive you, but there are any number of reasons why she’ll just have to wait.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Okay… could you just wait outside Sayuri.. I’ll meet up with you later.”
    Aruvin:* once Suzu is by the crate, Aruvin will lay one hand on the crate and one on Suzu’s arm. Within moments, the create is fully transluscent to Suzu while till opaque to Sayuri.
    “You can start eyballing how the actual design compares to what you’ve seen, " he tells Suzu
    Suzu Ueno:“I’ve never seen anything like this’s like a completely different design.”
    Aruvin:“That’s why they call it a prototype.” small smile
    DM:Sayuri reluctantly waits outside.. calling to a small helper that turns out to be Fennec Fox with a toolbelt/harness fastened around its body.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh, Megumi and Aruvin were actually in the same band together)
    DM:The fox follows Yuri out of the room.
    Calim Gorn:(Along with Ellenya)
    DM:Oh right… yeah you’d have trained with Megumi. that’s a godo point I forogt about that heh.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:wtf is a fennec fox
    related to fox mulder?
    Calim Gorn:It’s a white fluffy super cute fox
    Mina Beatrix Toress:he capitalized it like a name lol
    thought it was a person
    Sayuri Lastrium:
    Calim Gorn:Well some of them are normal fox color
    DM:that’s a fennec fox.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:extended hearing 10
    Calim Gorn:
  • Aruvin looks to Astra “Does it look like the space is clear of Life other than Suzu and I?” (Astra has Life Sense within her visual range… Aruvin can walk around a bit for the ‘scan’
    Astra:“Yes, it appears to be clear of anything emitting Aela, Mana or Nuumian.”
    “Though my accuracy may not be 100% reliable if many of the legends of ninjas are to be beleived.”
    Aruvin:“Very good.” he head nods to the crate. The box shaped outline Suzu coudl still see literally evaporates
    “Alright then, lets run the calibrations and see if you can get it to stand up”
  • Suzu Ueno starts looking it over, doing a circle around it trying to figure out how it opens…
    Calim Gorn:(I think he basically just evaporated the crate and revealed the armor)
    Aruvin:(as she looks) “These things have manuals for a reason.” nods tothe book he gave her earlier
    DM:The magitech suit btw stands 12 ft tall, appearing a bit more lightly armored and lighter in general than even the Pandroan magitech armor, it has no built in weaponry but does have hands capable of wielding weapons, the weapons systems are in separate crates, as Ellenya produced various rifles for it..
    Unforunattely the high powered sniper beam cannon has yet to be fully finished.
    Calim Gorn:lol
  • Suzu Ueno nods.
    Calim Gorn:Won’t be a problem as long as we aren’t fighting Ramiel
    Suzu Ueno:“Oh.. okay I should probably read this stuff first…”
    DM:The magitech armor has painted on it the name “AIrButser” which is only vaguely readable, becuase Ellenya hated the anme one of her techs gave it and decided to have it erased.
    Leaving only a barely faded label.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    There is a flying Gundam called Airmaster
    DM:Ellenya herself was struggling over naming it, and hadn’t come up witha proper name for it yet.
  • Aruvin will spend time with Suzu going over operating details, the specs on the weapons, and how firing them might affect the armor’s balance (in case some have a recoil effect)
    DM:As such it’s just been designated Prototype Unit Zero.
    Yeah first tihng you should probably mention to her is the flight system he, since that’s the most new to it…
    So I’d probably assume you’d start there..
    Calim Gorn:
    DM:The manual btw isn’t really 100% complete and consists a lot of Ellenya’s notes translated by various Di crystals and not all that organized well yet.
    Aruvin:“Main thing to study in detail are the flight systems.” he tosse sout somewhat casually
    Suzu Ueno:“Flight systems?”
  • Suzu Ueno’s eyes widen.
    DM:Meanwhile.. back at Geralt and Calim..
    The daimoy has arranged for you to get quarters at the castle and deaprted to handle other matters unless you want ed to ask her anymore … and you were wandering about trying to find your quarters…
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah Ellenya has Eidetic Memory too so she keeps a lot of the design details in her head)
    Aruvin:“Yes, flight systems. You’d heard of skystrike cloaks right? Like mine.. well not Quite like Mine.. but you’ve heard of them? The P U Z is capable of sustained flight rather than gliding”
    DM:Yeah heh, I figure the manual was pretty rapidly typed out by one of her assistants and such, since she’s not the most organized inventor.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Vivian trying to keep up as Ellenya rattles off random details
    Suzu Ueno:“Sustained flight?”
  • Suzu Ueno looks at the armor with wonder, running her hand along the side.
    Geralt:nothing more for her from me
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’m good with finding quarters for now
    DM:Meanwhile.. outside.. as Geralt and Calim are making thier way back.. tehy run into a familiar face…
    Aita Inari:“So I bet you’re regretting disbanding my little army now.”
    Geralt:“Is this your doing?”
    Aruvin:“It’ll take some getting used to. The dsign principle is based on releasing powerful air jets out of the boots with stabilizing elements controlled by your hand movements…” (just gogin with iron man basic if thats correct =D )
    Calim Gorn:“Aita?”
    DM:Remember Ait was the one who organized the daiyosei, as a raiding force, since they were scared of the Oni, that you later slew.
    Calim Gorn:(lol yeah they were raiding that one village and stuff)
    DM:heh yeah, i thas some thrust underneath, adn some rear thruster sand such. heh. but yeah it’s pretty similar.
    Geralt:right, the oni was forcing them to bring gifts right?
    Calim Gorn:(Yeah heh)
    Suzu Ueno:“Wow….”
    Aruvin:“Still soem altitude testing to go through, so I would fly too high if I were you.”
    Aita Inari:“My doing? You referring to the Daimyo dying, or the whole vassal revolt?”
    Geralt:“The revolt.”
    Aita Inari:“Or are you referring to the Earth demons?”
    Calim Gorn:“I wouldn’t expect her to side with the vassals…”
    Aita Inari:“Yeah, I am a girl you know.”
    Geralt:"Neither would I, being female and all.’
    “But you never know who is being mean to you again.’
    Aita Inari:”Well oprobably the big army massing ready to come in here and take us all as slaves?"
    DM:This is kinda unusual since she’s actually a vassal of the Makenki, so this really isn’t her fight.
    Geralt:“So what brings you to us Aita?”
    “I suppose you have a point with your introduction.”
    Calim Gorn:“Fighting for a greater cause for once?”
    Aita Inari:“I’m fighting on your side this time. I got one question for you.. well technically for him…”
  • Aita Inari looks at Calim.
    Aita Inari:“So where’s Alyssa?!”
  • Calim Gorn raises an eyebrow
    Calim Gorn:“Heh… The Queen put her under house arrest.”
    DM:heh nope, never actally heard of that one
    Calim Gorn:“Something about being upset about her going into dangerous situations… Fine for her husband though.”
    DM:I’m not a versed in anime as Tab and Sachi.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:I just know some basic anime stuff.
    like sempais and yandere.
    Geralt:she and the princess had a romp in the hot springs while we had to go risk life and limb slaying an oni
    Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
    Suzu Ueno:“Can I get inside?”
    Aita Inari:“What about that other Templar girl?”
    “Anise something…”
  • Calim Gorn shrugs
  • Aruvin checks a few things, “Yes, I believe we’re ready for the first fitting calibrations.”
    Calim Gorn:“On some Templar duty or other. There’s a war in Tinigath against the Earth Demons after all.”
    Astra:“Prelimnary examination seems to show no damage during transport.”
    Aita Inari:“So you’re basically telling me you didn’t bring anyone hot with you?”
    Aruvin:“Theres one worry down.”
    Calim Gorn:“Well we brought along a vampire if you’re into that sort of thing. She’s a Toress too. Cousin to Alyssa or something.”
    DM:Mina btw is kinda off exploring on her own or what not since I dunno where Sef’s at. heh.
    So I’m assuming Mina’s off the scene for a bit,.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:im here
    Geralt:“Not this time. Not anyone for you to seduce at least.”
    Aita Inari:“Hmm…. a vampire… usually I like to do the biting.”
    “is she a hot vampire?”
    Geralt:ok, i guess we are just going to tell her all
  • Calim Gorn motions towards Mina standing behind them, “Judge for yourself.”
    DM:heh okay wee’ll assume Mina just caught up.
    Aita Inari:“Ooo…. yeah she’ll do. She reminds me of the one time I played a prank on this really arrogant Atama’s son…”
    Calim Gorn:“Mina, meet Aita. Aita, meet Mina.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:is she in human form or fox form?
    DM:She’s human form
  • Mina Beatrix Toress bows politely.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Hello.”
    Aita Inari:“Hey, I’m Inari Aita. Or as the Toress might be more familiar, Aita Inari.”
  • Aita Inari gives a bow.
    Calim Gorn:“Shes an… old acquaintance of Alyssa’s…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I apologize, I’m not familiar with that name. Pleased to meet you either way.”
    “Ah, I see.”
    “I’ll give the princess your regards next time I see her.”
    Aita Inari:“I’d say more than an aquantaince…”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I see, that kind of aquaintance.”
    Aita Inari:“I know her real well, and her little templar friend…. I know em both if you get my meaning.”
    “both of them, at the same time.”
  • Aita Inari smiles mischeivously.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yes, I believe I understand your sexual innuendo.” she says deadpan
    “I’m not familiar with this templar you speak of, I’m afraid.”
    Aita Inari:“You been feeding off some samurai here? I sense a lack of a sense of humor.”
    Calim Gorn:“Nah that’s normal for her.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Don’t care for Templar too much, bunch of zelous cunts drunk of self righteousnous.”
    Aita Inari:“Hmm… zealous cunt.. guess that was pretty accurate description…”
    DM:So asuming Aruvin is taking Suzu off to a more isalted area to practice?
  • Aruvin runs Suzu through some ‘piloting’ tests, making sure they stop at a some point to give Suzu enough time to be flly rested for the Battle (if its going to be the next day – other wise until it gets to be around meal time)
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Or maybe it was jealous cunt?”
    “There’s so many.”
    Aita Inari:“Nah she was okay with sharing.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“So are you one of the Imbued who wasn’t allowed to train on Aylanae?”
    DM:Heh yeah you got a day or two to get practice in anyway.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Or one of megumi’s handmaidens perhaps?”
    DM:They don’t expect to get attacked just yet.
    Calim Gorn:(Soon reports come in of a strange mechanical dragon flying near the keep)
    Aita Inari:“I’m not a handmaiden.. the maid outfit is a disguise to throw people off.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Oh thats what its for?”
    “I carry around a vampire disguise to scare away people sometimes.”
    Calim Gorn:“I always wondered why a Makoran would wear something Rahseldian in nature…”
    Aruvin:* its entirely possible someone will notice Aruvin single handedly draging around a crate big enough to encase the 12 foot magietech armor— ona wheeled cate thingy— all by himself
    DM:hehe… yeah they might see you leaving as they’re apporaching the castle.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:an engineer that doesnt need cranes and winches/pulleys
    just hulks everything into position
    Aita Inari:“Well as a part kitsune I have to maintain an aura of mystery.”
    “Keep my enemy guessing.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“I was wondering why I smelled something.”
    “Can’t say I’ve met any kitsune before, interesting.”
    DM:Suzu gets some practice in with the magitech armor.. tkaing it slow at first, but the fllight systems seem to be working perfectly for now…
    And she’s a quick study with it.. not entirely a natural but still she learns quick.
    Aita Inari:“You might have, and not known it.”
    “Us kitsune can be tricky.”
    Mina Beatrix Toress:“Yes, true I suppose.”
    proceed with someone else T, im getting pretty tired
    DM:heh okay… yeah I was gonna wrap up the session prolyl pretty soon anyway.
    Mina Beatrix Toress:dont waste time on me, bout time to stick a fork in me for tonight
    DM:Unless there wa spressing stuff Geralt or GCalim wanted to do,.
    And finish up the scene with Ty.
    Calim Gorn:Nah I’m good
    DM:But after that figure we’ll stop for the night.
    Calim Gorn:Gonna basically just find my quarters and practice for the upcoming slaughterfest
    Though I will go repair some Magitech armors at some point
    Lend a hand and such
    DM:heh okay.
    Calim Gorn:Whenever the super secret testing isn’t going on
    Technically I could pilot one too, I have some skill in it, heh
    DM:Yeah you find that the magitech armor seems to be experiencing a bunch of failures, as if they were eing repaired by incompetent tecfhnicians who weren’t servicing em with regular maintenance.
    Suzu brings the suit down for a somewaht rough but acceptable landing…
    Calim Gorn:“Man… Who’s been working on this stuff…”
  • Aruvin calls he back in before flying around goes Too thrilling. and has he walk the way back while he reboxes and drags the armor. “Have someone check you over for signs of muscle strain and deep bruising. We’ll get back to it tomorrow.”
    Suzu Ueno:“I’ll just have to ward this thing before the battle… they’ve been using magic to sabotage the other armor.”
    Calim Gorn:Luckily I have no need for sleep or food so I can fix the stuff up through the night if need be
    Suzu Ueno:“Oh I heal quickly as an imbued, I had it way worse in training.”
    “I used to be afraid of fighting and getting hurt… but Calim and Geralt encouraged me to learn to fight.”
    Aruvin:then calim is likely to be there when Aruvin single handedly brings the new apparantly Still boxed armor back to the facilities
    DM:Yeah heh.
  • Calim Gorn glances up from his work on one of the Magitech armors, his clothes covered in oil and dirt as he holds a tool in one hand
    Suzu Ueno:“Ooo Calim.”
  • Suzu Ueno smiles as she sees Calim waiting in the magitech hangar for her.
    Calim Gorn:lol, not waiting specifically for her, I’m working =P
    DM:Don’t kill her dream man.
    Aruvin:“Oh I understandm” he replis to Suzu. “But these thigns are also Aela powered. Still need to be careful on how its mechanical systems might affect your biological ones.”
  • Calim Gorn waves “Aren’t you going to help him?”
  • Calim Gorn says that kind of jokingly
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah a mundane pilot would probably get killed by the Aela release… but since I’m imbued I should be fine.”
    DM:Suzu btw runs over to calim when she gets back to the hangar.
    Suzu Ueno:“Hey.. you don’t have to work, you’re going to be tired for the fight and it’s getting late…”
  • Calim Gorn chuckles
    Calim Gorn:“I don’t need sleep, remember?”
    Suzu Ueno:“Yeah but you can still get tired if you overwork…”
    “Maybe I could make you something to eat, like I did back in Aylanae?”
    DM:Even Aruvin can tell the little girl is pretty much lovestruck with Calim-sempai.
    Aruvin:“What do you think, Astra. His Mana flow look adequate for not being tired over this work?”
    Calim Gorn:“Well… I don’t really need to eat either, but I did enjoy your cooking. Shouldn’t you be resting yourself though? I’m sure if the mood strikes me I can get a servant to prepare something.”
    Astra:“Difficult to say… I would like to at this time repeat a reminder that you gave me to tell you to upgrade my sensor systems for more detailed feedback.”
    DM:Her sensors don’t have the analytical extra so it’s kinda hard for her to give too muhc detailed data beyond just detecting general stuff.
    Aruvin:“Yeah, once we’ve finished this project we’ll get that analysis upgrade into yoru sensor array.”
  • Calim Gorn tries to turn her down gently, without hurting her feelings
    Suzu Ueno:“I’ll be okay, I was just piloting a magitech armor… it wasn’t like I was walking around…”
    DM:She clearly is a bit tired though despite claiming not to be…
    Calim Gorn:“Remember what I told you earlier about not letting your confidence get the better of you.”
  • Calim Gorn smiles
    Suzu Ueno:“Well this might be our only chance before the ….”
    DM:She doesn’t finish, obviously worried about the battle…
    If she was captured, she’d probably be almost immediately turned into some kind of sex slave….
    Aruvin:“Miss Suzu, piloting puts an entirely different kind of strain on your body. Even an imbued will find themselves stiff and sore come mornign without proper rest”
  • Calim Gorn nods
    Calim Gorn:“I’ve got a little piloting experience myself, so I know what’s involved. You should get some rest.”
    “Don’t worry about me, or the battle. You need to be at your best.”
    Suzu Ueno:“Well okay… but it’s no rpboelm really…”
  • Suzu Ueno seems a bit disappointed despite her tired state.
    Calim Gorn:“How about I escort you to your quarters as a consolation prize?”
    Aruvin:“Scoot young lady. Just imagine what your Daiymo would say if it seemed liek you were shirking your duty”
  • Calim Gorn smirks, “Yes, Megumi seemed rather fiery. Was she like that during your training, Aruvin?”
  • Suzu Ueno hangs her head down at Aruvin’s statement.. clearly a bit ashamed
    Aruvin:btw – if calim was keen eyed enough when Aruvin came in pullign the armor, he’d have noticed a minor visual effect from Aruvin’s enhanced state….
    Suzu Ueno:“You’re right Aruvin, I should not have let my own selfishness get in the way of my duty.”
    Calim Gorn:Heh, he doesn’t have any special vision other than Darkvision so he probably wouldn’t notice unless it was like readily apparent
    Aruvin:it’d be ratehr visible, just possibly needing a perception to really understand what was seen
    “Megumi is Megumi” he ansers Calim simply
    DM:And yeah Megumi was always one of those people that was trying to rpove she was as good as any man, so she trained twice as hard as most of the rest of the band.
  • Calim Gorn nods
    DM:And was eager to accept challenges. Though she had the skil to back up her enthusiasm.
    Calim Gorn:“Come on, I’ll take you to your room, then Aruvin and I can both get some rest. How’s that sound?”
    DM:Being pretty much the model student that everyone was annoyingly compared to.
    She was a real overachiever.
    Fortaunteyl her lack of strong Aela magic at the very least let the magic users of the group off the hook for criticsm… but she was still an odd blend of Aela magic, mana sword techniques and just general fighting prowess.
    Her styl e is an odd blend of Rahseldian swordplay mixed with Makoro samurai techniques.
    Along with timely elven magic to provide minor enhancmeents
  • Aruvin shakes his head a bit as the ‘star-sruck’ young woman leaves with the one married to the crown princess (of sorts)
    Calim Gorn:(Heh Alyssa is actually second in line behind her older sister, but yeah)
    (It’s probably pretty obvious that Calim is trying to gently keep Suzu at arm’s length… What’s the deal with the dude and not wanting to let beautiful girls throw themselves at him…?)
    DM:Yeah heh.
    Well Suzu is pretty but not as hot as the princess you’r3e married to.
    Calim Gorn:(lol, well still, he could totally have her if he wanted)
    DM:It’s tough to compare the two, since the princess basically has hotness as a superpower.
    heh yeah
  • Aruvin logically deduces two possibilities – Claim is not interested in woman at all (which does not necessarily mena he like men) OR he is some keen on one specific unknown woman that others simply do not compare in his mind’s eye
    DM:He could be into bestiality….
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Due to Mina you cuold probably ruel out necrophilia.
    anyway figure we’ll wrap up and stop for tonighht, and next time we’ll do the first of your battles here in Makoro.
    Calim Gorn:So anyway yeah I’ll basically escort Suzu back to her quarters, give her a nice walk through the castle and such with a platonic good night at the end
    DM:Possibly with the aid of Sachi’s character if she’s done.
    hehe yeah, I didn’t figure Calim was gonna get seduced.
    He’s apparently learned from his last incarnations mistakes…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Then I’ll go back to finishing up on the Magitech Armor I was working on and then get some rest
    Or whatever passes for rest for me
Session Log 26

DM:Yuu Saidai gains a hero point.
Yuu Saidai gains a hero point.
Calim Gorn:lol
Does that mean he’s a good guy now? =P
DM:Nah. heh that’s jsut his DM pool of hero points for being a main character.
Calim Gorn:Heh
DM:Basically minions get crap, minor characters get 1 and major charcters get 2.
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:He’s got an artifact sword, so… he gets 2 :P
Most named NPCs will just get 1 though
save for archmagi, rulers, etc.
Calim Gorn:Heh
DM:And probably evil Sef if he ever gets his memories back and tries to meteor everyone
Calim Gorn:Haha yeah
You should set up a graveyard for this game like Yurath
Toss Laaza in there and a few others
Calim Gorn:Have a grave for “alternate universe Sylara”
DM:yeah I’l probably do that at some point
hopefully her being alive won’t cause paradox effects.
Calim Gorn:lol yeah
Also I totally bet it’s fucking Hamidar that sold out my secret to Illuvian… But maybe that’s just what they want me to think, he’s the obvious culprit… Hmm
I was always good to you Hamidar, I didn’t call you a freak or look at you funny like the others did, does that mean nothing to you man
I mean you don’t ev en know if it is Illuvian (though they probably do know… cause they’re Illuvian…)
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:Darien Gorn tried to warn you.
Calim Gorn:I’m guessing nobody knows anything about Illuvian’s operatives or anything?
DM:G is gonna be late apparently today, so you’re gonna have to run Geralt for the fight.
Calim Gorn:Oh lovely
DM:Well tehy know House Garaz works closely with them.
Calim Gorn:Yeah but like as far as their field operatives and shit goes
Like oh yeah these guys are totally an Illuvian spec ops squad because they’re dressed like it or whatever
DM:hehe… yeah nobody really knows what they look like. WHich brings about the obvious conspiracy theories.
Since they could be anybody concievably. Some people think they might work thorugh black Ops mercs.
Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
DM:Il’l give you a knowledge (Rahseld) roll on that potentially. heh. Though it’s gonna bea pretty high DC to know more than conspiracy theories :P
Calim Gorn:lol
Sefiros:house illuvian?
Calim Gorn:Well there’s a nat 19
Yeah I was asking if there’s anything known about Illuvian’s field operatives
Who they are, what they dress like, etc
Mina Toress:House Garaz :-p
Calim Gorn:lol yeah
Mina Toress:wheres hamidar when you need him
DM:Pretty much most of what you’ve heard about Illuvian doesn’t involve direct field operatives so much as spies. They’re not known for doing direct military operations (or at least they’ve never got caught). For the most part they’re associated with strange curses and afflictions, incurable by knwon magic.
Mina Toress:prolly under one of those helms
DM:Where they’ll tend to black mail people over them.
Calim Gorn:So basically if these guys are Illuvian they’ve never been caught before
DM:Since their primary power is a magical one, supposedly ruled by a House of powerful sorcerers who developed tehir own kind of Mana-based magic.
Calim Gorn:Or defeated or whatever
DM:Well or they’ve taken special care to cover up the evidence, or to not make the accusations provable…
They’ve never formally linked it back to Illuvian, of course they’ve been major suspects in some attacks.
Calim Gorn:I’m just wondering what they’d want with the World Splitter
Other than the obvious “It’s an artifact sword OP”
DM:I mea youve got an untrained shogun with perhaps the most powerful mana-based object on the planet right now….
Mina Toress:was sachi pose to lurk?
she mentioned something about rejoining the game
Calim Gorn:She was talking about rejoining
Mina Toress:yeah i talked to her
DM:Well Ty wanted to lurk.
Mina Toress:thats why im asking if she was gonna lurk
DM:Not sure about Sachi.
Calim Gorn:I dunno if she had specific plans to do it tonight
DM:Ty sent me an email saying he wanted to lurk for this session
Mina Toress:who is Ty?
Calim Gorn:Guy from our SW game
DM:Guy from G’s star wars game.
Calim Gorn:We invited him to join
Mina Toress:i met him before?
Calim Gorn:Don’t think so
Mina Toress:ok didnt think so
DM:Yeah he plays the face character in G’s star wars game.
Calim Gorn:Maybe you can just give him Alyssa and let him redo her lol
Though if she’s still under house arrest that might not work
DM:lol yeah guess we could suggest that. heh. He wasthinking of making a Toress char, and there was an open slot left in Emerald band he could take. So he could be either Alyssa’s younger sister or just take over Alyssa assuming he wants to still be the social type.
But I did leave the open slot for joining people. Sachi was thinking of playing an older characters probably so that’d work.
Calim Gorn:So many Toress
Makes my secret goal of bringing down their House that much harder
Mina Toress:i made a bastard for that reason
so many of em already
heh there he is.
Calim Gorn:Hey Ty
Tabris / Jamil here
Mina Toress:the idea i had for her being legitimized was she caused such a scandal during her time, that when her mother was on her deathbed, she legitimized her, hoping that giving her the official name would lessen the stigma and her harsh treatment, but kind of had the opposite effect and pissed people off even more
DM:G said he was gonna be late, so we were gonna start w/o him prolly. Though I figured I’d answer questions you got first Ty. Since G is gonna be here at about 9:30 or so he said.
Mina Toress:Hey Ty, it’s me…..oh wait you don’t know me, nevermind.
Calim Gorn:lol
Mina Toress:yeah gonna be hard to start without him since he’s chargin out the door
DM:well I was gonan let Tab run him
Calim Gorn:Could let Ty play him, lol
Mina Toress:I’m on the roof, and tabs behind cover BLAM’ing away with his pea shooter
Tygaran:well first, just want to verify 3rd edition MnM is being used – modified by house rules page on the portal…
DM:Yeah 3rd edition
Calim Gorn:Yup, 3rd edition
Mina Toress:speaking of your weapon, whats the deal with the sniper mode, does that thing literally like shapechange into a rifle or does it have some kind of mystical hud that lets you snipe with it, etc
not sure if i ever heard what it actually does fluff wise
Calim Gorn:Heh, it shapechanges
Barrel elongates and a stock comes out the opposite end
And targeting sight pops up
Tygaran:still working out mechanics, but I’ve a good grounding on possible backstroy going on. He was a part of Scorpion Band with a mostly casual friendship with Ellenya Toress. As I’ve read that “a loyal family in the guild will get rewarded with the ability to have an imbued” I was thinking he came from one such within the Artificer Guild. A short time after Ellenya set up E-Tech Industries, she recruited him into her company…
Mina Toress:better dust off my d2 coin it looks like
Calim Gorn:
Basically this, but not exactly =P
DM:Yeah Scorpion band looks like it has an opening. So were you planning on being an Imbued from Ronen (they’re pretty much where the guild members get picked from)
Calim Gorn:Heh cool, Ellenya is always looking for lackies—I mean, business partners
Tygaran:as for what part of the Artificer guild, I was thinking of some connection to Elective or Arcanarium
Mina Toress:scorpion come after emerald, or was it the one before dragon?
Calim Gorn:Scorpion was the one before Dragon I think
DM:Scorpion comes before Dragon.
Calim Gorn:Basically it goes Scorpion—>Dragon—>Emerald
Tygaran:scorpion graduated when emerald was formed…
DM:So that’s Ellenya and Megumi’s band.
Calim Gorn:Yeah so they’re like 8-12 years older than us IIRC
DM:Yeah heh.
Mina Toress:speak for yourself
Calim Gorn:Well older than me and Geralt lol
Tygaran:so.. is mina like the new mind of Sefiros? I read he was sentaned to mind death…
DM:Tehy graduated just before you guys came in so you wouldn’t really know em. Though Dragon band would have had some interaction.
Calim Gorn:Nah, separate character
Mina Toress:i am Sefiros :-p
DM:heh, yeah he uses the name Sefiros for character and player name. heh.
Mina Toress:I WILL NEVER BE A MEMO….Who am I?
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:Sefiros (the character) got Minddeathed, but Sefiros (the player) is now playing Mina. heh.
Calim Gorn:In case this game wasn’t confusing enough already
Mina Toress:har
DM:yeah lol.
Mina Toress:nah i dont think mina is sef in drag
if thats what he’s asking
tho one could make a misunderstanding
nodachis and all
Calim Gorn:And silver hair
DM:The storyline is pretty complicated… only complicated a bit more by the fact that it’s technicalyl the second campaign on the world but we retconned things sligthtly for the second campaign.
Mina Toress:well mina’s was more white imo
or white/silver/gold highlights
DM:Yeah, all your characters have silver hair and use nodachis.
Calim Gorn:Yeah I don’t think T got around to updating all the pages on Obsidian with the current world info
Mina Toress:i have a brand to keep up
DM:Yeah heh… there may be some old relics that don’t have the retcons so if something doesn’tmake or seems contradictory… heh just ask.
I did just add today some more details on the magic types, mostly for Ty so he can better understand what types do what and such.
Calim Gorn:Ah cool
DM:Since a lot of stuff I think I’ve said, but never formally written down, like how magnetism was unique to Nuumian, etc.
Mina Toress:yeah no rail guns
that are aela based anyways
DM:Yeah heh. I wanted to get a little more detailed on magitech too and how the Aela tech works. Since I don’t think that’s immediately apparent from the entry.
Tygaran:So, for the group, the power theme I’m going for is adapted from Monte cook’s Arcana Evolved (3.5 dnd era)… a Crystal Weaver. The general abilities I’m thinking of can all pretty much fall into either Aela or Mana. I’m leaning towards his ‘crystal threads’ be an aspect between Aela-hardened air and the physical form of refined Aela. The Prc from AE was able to increase the hardness of objects, add defense bonuses to worn armor and shields, and sharpen weapons making them more effective. Additionally, they could create a floating hands-free shield for personal defense, harden their own skin, enhance their blows to ignore some hardness, form walls, form ensnaring restraints, and produce a cone-shape crystalline attack
Calim Gorn:Yeah all that sounds like stuff that Aela can do I think, I know they can do some limited construct type stuff
DM:Yeah, Aela constructs can perform most of that. you coudl wear Aela construct armor, use a sword amde of it, etc. Create barries and walls form it as well. And create crystal like projectiles.
Mina Toress:yeah was about to say aela constructs
DM:Basically sorta GReen Lantern type stuff only with less green.
Mina Toress:tho that is a pretty complicated archetype mechanics wise in M&M aint it?
the green lantern builds
DM:Like can’t create anything living or permanent.
Tygaran:skill-wise, he’s a magitech engineer, architect, and sculptor for the non-combat sideof things
Mina Toress:least it aint a shapeshifter, i dont think id ever want to play beast boy or morph, all the book keeping ugh
Calim Gorn:Yeah depends on how you do the arrays, could have one dedicated to attacks and one for defense/wall creation maybe
DM:Tehcnically you can use the summon effect in M&M if you create some kind of semi-autonomous construct, though it wouldn’t be very intelligent probably. It’s powered by just a fragment of your own mind.
Yeah heh, with morhp stuff generalyl it just tells you not really to sweat the small stuff. The real tricky ones to do aren’t so much the shapeshifters, but the power mimics.
That’s probably the most difficult concept to do effectively anyway.
Tygaran:well, part of his idea is that he IS researching the nature of Di Crystals… ;)
DM:hehe cool. Yeah historians, scientists and archaeologists are definiteyl welcome.
Mina Toress:DCWP
Di Crystal Waifu Project
Tab will invest
he has a love pillow golem ready to go
DM:lol. Yeah have to find a technique of softening the goelms, right now they’re all metal :P
Calim Gorn:lol
Tygaran:now for a questino or two… Should I be doing the PL 8 (120 PP) thing with the (also make a PL 6 (90 PP) version?
Mina Toress:just PL8
Calim Gorn:Nah just go straight to PL8, we’re at 128 points total now I think
DM:Oh, actually you should be doing a bit higher.. since that was just fo training which tehy’re already finished
Mina Toress:pl6 was for training
DM:Yeah so you’ll be the same PL as the current PCs. which is 8 with 128 points. yeah
Mina Toress:yeah 128 is what my notes say too
DM:Sinmce you’re skipping the training phase.
Basically they originalyl started out in training for Emerald Band, where they were children.
Now they’re graduated, and off doing empire stuff.
Tygaran:current year seems to be 761 and the listed Scorpion Band members were beon between 738 and 740 I belive
DM:764 is the current year actually.
761 was the start of the original campaign, this is the second campaign technically.
Tygaran:well then, peoepl should up their ages on the site =D
Calim Gorn:Heh yeah
Need to update that
DM:heh… well yeah updating the ages is kinda tough. since years pass and sttuff.
Calim Gorn:I think Feyana is like 14 now
DM:So mostly I just set the age at the dragon band graduation.
Since I don’t wanna have to update everyone’s age everytime a year passes (there’s a lot ofNPCs)
(SO I just kinda remember it as adding how many years have passed in game to the age that’s listed)
Of course I do try to list their birthdates too so you can find out thier actual age with a bit of math if you’re so inclined. heh.
Tygaran:Any interesting familiy names come up in connection to the companies Elective, Arcanarium, or Elective Arcanarium? A family that would be blessed with an Imbued?
DM:Lemme check.
Tygaran:listnig also mentions a series of child companies for them, so seems plenty of options in there
Calim Gorn:Yeah you can pretty much be whoever you want if you’re in a guild or from Ronen, they don’t have royal families or anything like that so you can kinda make up your own backstory
Mina Toress:queen cheisa is like that lady on TV with 19 kids at this rate
DM:Yeah I don’t think I ever fleshed out their actual owners, so got some leeway there. Probably the most obvious would be a child of the owenr of the company itself.
Calim Gorn:lol
Mina Toress:no wonder she’s grumpy all the time
she needs a vacation from being pregnant
Calim Gorn:Would be funny if you made Alyssa’s twin sister and this whole time you’ve been with us but we always mistook you for your sister
Mina Toress:bwahaha
Mina Toress:could make her sylaras sister
give her an imbued sister
malegaunt is into alea magic too
that fits nicely
if you’re gonna make her a toress anyways
DM:Yeah I dunno if he’s still going with the Toress idea or not
Mina Toress:ah ok
well im a bastard, so dont let me stop you from playing whatever you want
they all pretty much hate my char, so she’s mostly toress in name only
Tygaran:me? No, not part of the family at this point, just allied with them thru E-Tech Industries
DM:heh well Sylara doesn’t hate you, she’s kinda friendly to everyone.
Mina Toress:i figure im an easy scapegoat, so they send me to do all the dirty work, if something gets fucked up, they can plausible deniability it, on me
yeah well that crazy aunt always has one person in the family who likes em i suppose
prolly why she’s so rebelious
takes after me
Calim Gorn:If you’re working for Ellenya you can be her field test boy, she’s always trying to get her designs tested to improve them and can’t find anyone crazy enough to charge into battle against Earth Demons with an unproven prototype
DM:Yeah I’d figure making the child of the company owner could work if you’re doing it with the Elective Arcanarium. I haven’t done a formal write up for him yet, but the basic concept I had for him was an older somewhat more conservative guy, more of an intellectual than most, though still poltiically savvy enough to play the game, while keeping most of the atrocities to a minimum.
Though in his old age, his overwatch of the company has declined a bit and he’s entrusted it more to advisors and children and such.
Mina Toress:he could be ellenya’s alfred’s kid
DM:Another route would be a child to the actual president of the Artificer’s guild itself. He’s basically this older Mana-based sorcerer.
Heh they aint’ gonan imbue that guys kid.
Mina Toress:poor alfred
no love for house pennyworth
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:Yeah, nobody is gonna respect President Jeeves.
So basically for any imbued char you gotta have some good reason for why you got chosen. For a Ronen character, having a rich family with some decent political connections is generalyl pretty good. Ronen sometimes has to imbue people that aren’t directly imporatnt too because not everyone immediately wants an imbuing since it means their wife dies from giving birth.
So a lot of times the wife will object to that sort of thing.
So it’s not the case that every top rich family necessarily has an imbued child in Ronen partly for that reason.
Of course it’s not out of the question to try to force them into it either for the more evil types… though in Ronen that’s highly frowned upon, so not exactly a common practice the way it was in some other places (like Makoro)
Calim Gorn:Trying to think of a good title for Calim, maybe something like “The Chaste Prince” since as far as everyone knows he hasn’t done anything with Alyssa and there are all these rumors going around about their relationship
DM:Yeah heh. I could see that.
They’d want to call him something somewhat polite sounding and not like “Prince Ass-lover” or something that implies h’s probably gay.
Calim Gorn:lol
DM:Others might include “Prince of the Curved Blade” to imply his impotence problem :P
Calim Gorn:My blade is straight and rigid I’ll have you know
Though mostly they probably just figure Calim’s gay.
Calim Gorn:If only they knew the truth… Oh wait, shit
Mina Toress:Prince Pillow Biter
DM:I mean you married what most consider the hottest girl on the planet. So if you’re not into her… they figure there’s gotta be something wrong.
Mina Toress:His Cuckship
Calim Gorn:lol
Yeah his cuckship would be awesome.
Calim Gorn:Maybe I just like to watch
DM:yeah heh.
Yeah thats another possibility.
Calim Gorn:Everybody knows Alyssa is a whore anyway
DM:yeah lol.
Mina Toress:what the fuck does a curved blade got to do with impotence?
i dont get that one T
DM:Though because of her high charisma they basicalyl blame it on you for her cheating, since obviously you’re nott paying enough attention to her.
His dick is bent.
Can’t get it up.
Calim Gorn:lol, it’s limp and flaccid instead of being long and straight
Mina Toress:guess he’s gonna be head of a banna republic
Calim Gorn:lol
Anyway think Ty got all his questions answered for now.. so we can prolly start up this batttle.
Mina Toress:what are we gonna do about G?
DM:Tab can run him
Tygaran:yeah, I’ve enough to develop further
Calim Gorn:Heh, guess I"m gonna proxy him
Mina Toress:proxy ass whoopin it is
we cant roll any worse for him than ourselves anyway
DM:IN character, Geralt runs up to Calim in a panic saying he has no idea what to do.
Calim Gorn:lol yeah
DM:And asks for suggestions

  • Tygaran wonders where all the action will be, since there’s one all black map, one world map, and on grassy map with what looks like elevation notes… but no people
    Calim Gorn:Heh, most of what we do is narrative, like the SW game
    There isn’t a lot of plotted out battlemaps
    DM:heh… yeah, I don’t do too many battlemaps for this game. Since movement is generally so fast that doing anything small scale usually isn’t worth it
    Mina Toress:ironic since in D&D he’s the most anal detailed GM
  • Tygaran will put on his illusory virtual goggles of action then =D
    Mina Toress:we call it the eye of dunc
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:Occasionally I’ll do a map if it’s particularly complicated battle wise.
    And I want peopel to get a sense of where stuff or it’s long range or waht not
    Calim Gorn:Yeah like the squad of 20 guys that I blasted down with sniper mode
    DM:yeah lol
    There’s a bunch of angry druids at the next rules committe meeting asking for nerfs to quickscoping.
    Calim Gorn:Hey man, not my fault they were minions
    Mina Toress:420 no scope
    I believe you guys were starting the fight with Calim shooting the leader?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah basically as soon as Yuu called out heads I opened fire
    I’ve been taking the Aim action and I’m hiding behind cover
    So kinda hoping that cancels out the Vulnerable thing from Aim
    DM:Okay I’m gonna putt Calim as top of the init list, it’s not a true surprise but he’s gonna be going first regardless since you’re starting the fight here and you were aiming on him
    Mina Toress:just toss the kid in there like gimli and let him earthquake em down with that new sword of his
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah he attacks the ground and creates a new Grand Canyon
    Mina Toress:more like mariner valley on mars
    DM:Well he didn’t get educated in makoro, so tehy haven’t taught him to yell out the name of his attack whe he uses it.
    Mina Toress:that things the size of the continental us
    DM:that’s just something the samurai do.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    (Heh, wow, they have unique minis, these guys are gonna be tough)
    DM:hmm got an init error one sec..
    Mina Toress:yeah dont think takedown is gonna help with this guys
    dont look like mooks
    Calim Gorn:lol holy shit
    DM:hmm this token is broken for some reason not ssure why.
    Mina Toress:which token
    DM:Enemy 2
    gonna mnually add him
    Mina Toress:duh
    he needs S-cells
    he’s got degredation
    Calim Gorn:Need to roll init for Mina too
    Mina Toress:oh i thought T rolled init for us
    DM:weird Mina’s is giving me errors too
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I don’t see you on the list is what I’m saying
    Mina Toress:oh
    DM:not sure why my macros are screwed up today.
    Mina Toress:yeah i havent did anything to the token
    i havent touched it since last session
    or well actually i did
    i removed the fatigued condition
    when i logged on
    not sure if that has anything to do with it, but figured id mention it just incase
    DM:doubt it… for some reason got some errored tokens no idea why.
    Mina Toress:yeah you’re on your own this time bro, even i cant fix MT programming jive
    DM:yeah some of em work and some don’t.. klemme look at it real quick..
    Mina Toress:go ahead
    Hmm.. no idea.. looks like everything is correct there, not sure why it’s crapping out
    Calim Gorn:We’re going to receive such an epic ass beating that it broke MT itself
    Mina Toress:i got a backup saved offline if you want me to load it and see if it does same
    DM:Maybe it’s because your foes are equipped with the legendary weapon Macro-breaker, menace to coders everywhere
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:heh… don’t worry too mcuh about it w’ell deal with it later just gonna add manually
    Give me a manual init roll Sef.
    Mina Toress:how
    Calim Gorn:Just roll d20 plus your init mod
    your init
    Mina Toress:i thought you meant a button someplace
    Calim Gorn:She should be at 20.02
    DM:well fortunately Calim can go first since he was readying anyway.
    Yeah okay I changed it, won’t make a diff anyway.
    Calim Gorn:Is the leader within short range?
    DM:Probably he’s about 120 feet away right now.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah pretty sure that’s within short
    Okay so +5 from Aim
    And hoping cover negates Vulnerable
    That’s got multiattack on it
    DM:heh. okay that’ll go up to 11 then
  • Calim Gorn opens fire with a hail of Aela-infused bullets
    DM:You fire a rain of bullets at him taking him a bit offguard you’d just attack like that. Perhaps he was a bit smug in thinking you’d give in to the demands.
    now lets hope the soak macro still works…
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 11) Roll Result: 26 ( natural:18 , Save DC:26 ) Enemy Leader -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Son of a bitch
    It’s clearly broken
    DM:You think you’ve lined up a clear rain of bullets on him… but as the recoil from your gun kicks down… you look to see he’s unarmed and standing fairly close to where he was….you’re not sure if the shots just boubnced off or if he dodged them…
    *****Start of Enemy Leader’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:“Shit!”
    Enemy Leader:“The hard way then…”
    Calim Gorn:(to Geralt and Yuu) “This is gonna get ugly.”
    DM:You can see he drops what looks liek an illusion of his prior clothing or maybe his clothing just shifts into something else… he’s not wearing any formal armor anymore, though still looks more or less like himself…
    Mina Toress:final boss form revealed
    DM:He reachesout his hand and without speaking any magical words, a bow made of gold seems to appear in his outstretched hand in an instant.
    Calim Gorn:If he starts chanting “I AM THE BONE OF MY SWORD” I’m gonna call hax
    DM:An arrow materializing too as he pulls the string back.
    Yeah, that’s clearly an earth demon power :P
    He takes aim at Calim… calmly returning fire.. havinga n almost icy cool even going into battle against 3 imbued…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’ll hit
    Mina Toress:2 imbued, a shogun and a vampire you mean
    DM:yeah heh. correction
    that’s right Mina isn’t imbued.
    The shot flies by Calims head, and at first he thiks it missed.. though much to his surrpise it hits the hearth behind him and ricochets off it, striking him in the back.
    Calim Gorn:“Nngh!”
    DM:I’ll also need a will save along with that.
    Calim Gorn:Oh joy
    DM:The arrow strikes into you.. dissipating shortly after dealing its wound… though not before launching some kind of disurptive wave through your body, which you fortunately resist.. ufortuante the arrow itself wounds you…
    Calim Gorn:Yeah that’s 2 wounds I think
    DM:Gonna be 2 degre fail
    *****Start of Enemy 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The third man changes as well in appearance his armor also coming off to reveal lighter clothes… though you’re surprised even further as he disappears from sight entierly…
    You do manage to see a few footprints in some mud that give away his prescence partially, but he’s also moving fast so he’s hard to track…
    *****Start of Mina Toress’s Turn*****
    DM:Mina was on the roof I believe sionce you were talking to him before
    Calim Gorn:Yeah
    Mina Toress:yeah
  • Mina Toress pulls out her pistols and fires a barrage at the leader.
    Mina Toress:sec
    that has multi
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 5) , Modifier 5 Roll Result: 23 ( natural:10 , Modifier 5 , Save DC:20 ) Enemy Leader -—- Success
    *****Start of Enemy 4’s Turn*****
    DM:You clip him with a shot, though it seems to have little effect.
    The fourth one changes as well to reveal what was once a face covered by a helm instead partially covered by a face covering and a hat. He swiftyl points to Mina wordlessly… then starts running forward at her.. materializing a vicious looking spear in his hand.
    He moves with unnatural speed, leaping up to the top of the roof… and looking as if he make a deadly dive on Mina… but instead launches a surprise barrage of darts with his other hand towards Mina.
    Though Mina is quick enough to evade it as the darts strike the rooftop.. seeming to disintegrate moments later after striking.. clearly created by some magic.
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Dude sounds like a Vampire Hunter D enemy
    Mina Toress:or Ts 2nd ed dart weapon master
    Calim Gorn:I need control of Geralt’s mini
    DM:oh right lemme do that
    Calim Gorn:And where are the bad guys relative to him
    DM:The last one who has yet to act is also 120 feet away… as is the leader… the one on the roof is one story above him.. but would rquire some leaping climbing to get up there.
    And the last one… he’ll have to make a perc check to try to detect.
    He does have accurate hearing so if he hears him he can pinpoint his location.
    Geralt:lol nice
    DM:Geralt manages to pinpoint him with his ears, being extended as they are, they don’t suffer the usual distance penalty.
    And he can hear him outside the house, flanking to the side.. apparnetly moving towards the back door, likely in an attempt to go at Yuu and the group fromt he back
    Geralt:(to Yuu) “Remember what I told you and stay put unless your life is on the line.”
  • Geralt goes after the invisible guy flanking from the back, trying to cut off his attack
    DM:The boy nods… his hands shaking and tighyl gripping the large sword in his hands.
    With Geralt’s accurate hearing he can easily pinpoint his location and try to attack him.
    Geralt:Gonna try to make like I don’t know where he is as I run out the back, like I’m trying a flanking move of my own
    And then suddenly turn and attack him
    DM:Sure I’ll give Geralt a deception check
    To see if he can pull off a decent bluff on him
    Geralt:Looks like he doesn’t have it trained, what stat is that? Presence?
    Mina Toress:yeah
    oh wait
    Mina Toress:+8 i think for him
    DM:no presence
    Mina Toress:wanna think he has 4 pres
    Yeah he is
    But that was a shit roll
    DM:His enemy senses him coming, perhaps in the way he had his sword turned, or his general stance…
    Or maybe he knows the capabilities of the witcher…
    Though he can still do his basicl attack roll anyway.
    Geralt:Dice are doing their usual routine tonight
    DM:Gealt swings at his foe, thoughj his enemy is quite agile dodging backwards…
    Btw does Geralt want to have his Quen shield up or he gonna just be going at full dodge ? The quen basically gives him impervious toughness but lowers his dodge/parry.
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    *****Start of Enemy 2’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Will have Quen active
    The last enemy reveals himself as well… with an expression that you mgiht refer to as boredom on his face.
    Enemy 2:“You should have negotiated kid…”
    DM:He proceeds to fire a barrage of fireballs at Calim, outstretching his hand and chantiong some kind of spell.
    Calim Gorn:lol great
    DM:Anyone with magic experitse can try to learn soemthing about his magic with a roll.
    Calim Gorn:Hey G
    You only missed one round, good timing
    Calim Gorn:Shit
    Garrion:ok, now the ass kicking can commence….
    Enemy 2:That’s gonna be a crit.
  • Calim Gorn throws his arm up to try to shield himself with his strengthened jacket
    Garrion:i need to get comfortable, just walked in, brb
    DM:Gonna be a 2nd degree failure.
    Calim Gorn:Should be 4, not 6?
    Enemy 2:multiattack.
    Calim Gorn:Oh, heh
    DM:It did his bonus a bit wrong too heh… so he should have succeeded by 2 degrees on his attack.
    Garrion:Ty here tonight?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah he’s lurking
    DM:Yeah Ty is lurking heh.
    Garrion:nm, i see him in the connections
    DM:The fireballs set the room Calim is in ablaze… not a full firesotrm yet.. but it’s not gonna be a good idea to hang around there.
  • Tygaran quietly waves
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    DM:Remember you are dazed from the 2nd degree fail
    So only one action
    Calim Gorn:Right
  • Calim Gorn returns fire at the fire mage, changing over to ice shells
    Calim Gorn:Multi on that
    DM:That’ll succeed by 2 he’s pretty quick. so +2 damage
    hmm.. apparently his soak macro is broken as well not sure why…
    That token is bugged for somer eason… I’ll just manually rol lit
    Calim Gorn:Bah
    DM:wait that’s wrong
    yeah he evenly negated it.
    Calim Gorn:Yeah he soaked it, heh
    Doing a whole lot of nothing tonight
    Well I gained a wound back at least
    DM:The cold shell strikes him.. and you see a bit of frost strike an almost inviisble layer above his clothes, maybe some kind of magical shield…
    *****Start of Enemy Leader’s Turn*****
    DM:The leader cooly looks over the scene, pulling back another arrow from his golden bow.
    And strikes again, gonna need a toughnes sand a will roll after that
    Calim Gorn:That on me again?
    DM:yeah heh.
    For now you’ve been the one who attacked him
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah I’m not gonna accomplish shit this fight
    DM:Yeah nobody really has yet :P
    So its not exactly liek there’s a really dangerous target yet.
    Mina Toress:illuvian standoff
    DM:this is looking more liek a massacre than a standoff.
    Calim Gorn:At least I’ve been making the will saves, lol
    DM:Calim takes a 3rd degree injury from the arrow.
  • Calim Gorn cries out in pain
    *****Start of Enemy 3’s Turn*****
    Mina Toress:can we use hero pts now that we got dragonboy on our side?
    Mina Toress:i assume the great dragons would give us more :-p
    DM:your hero points are available.
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah, fate is supposed to be with this guy
    Mina Toress:we need 5 ranks of free luck
    Calim Gorn:Too bad I used up all my Luck points already, can I get a recharge from the Great Dragon?
    DM:heh well when he foudn the sword the luck deal basically ended, since his destiny was fulfilled in finding it.
    Mina Toress:Flaw: Requires Dragonballs
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:But seeing as you guys aren’t doing well I’m gonna give you all another heor pointf or now.. since the dragons perhaps do show you some favor…
    Geralt gains a hero point. , Calim Gorn gains a hero point.
    Mina Toress:well dracula means dragon afterall
    DM:or at least I would if Mina’s token wasn’t broken
    Mina Toress:cough cough
    DM:Not sure why that thing is broken
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Toress:here i put another old copy up
    replace it, and see if that works
    DM:lemme see if that works
    Mina Toress 1 gains a hero point.
    Mina Toress 1 gains a hero point.
    Mina Toress 1 gains a hero point.
    Mina Toress:did it work?
    Mina Toress:must be the status thing then
    Calim Gorn:Weird
    Mina Toress:i dont remember if i manually removed fatigued, or if i hit clear state
    thats all i did to it, has to be related to that then
    DM:The invisible foe confronts Geralt..
    Garrion:i can smell his stink
    Mina Toress:i do notice one difference
    Garrion:need perc roll to pinpoint?
    DM:And geralt can hear the sound of an invisible projectile being released from his hand…
    Calima lready made one for ya
    you moved to intercept him heh.
    Mina Toress:the old token doesnt list “bag of tricks” and “luck points” in the mouse over like the bugged one does
    not sure it matters
    or why its diff
  • Geralt reacts to the thrown weapon
    Calim Gorn:lol well at least one of them is rolling bad
    DM:Though Geralt is quick enough to dodge the projectile which strikes the ground freezing the dirt around it
    Geralt:“Want to play dirty huh?”
    *****Start of Mina Toress’s Turn*****
  • Mina Toress (bugged) continues firing her pistol at the guy slaying Calim.
    DM:Mina is on the roof confronting the strange figure with the hat and covered face, armed with a spear.
    Mina Toress:oh yeah
    i forgot about that guy
    DM:you’re gonna ignore the guy in your face?
    Mina Toress:nah
    lemme change that forgot about him
    Geralt:oh don;t forget while we were in the cabin before the fight i was applying penetration oil to weapon
    DM:yep heh I remembered that
    Calim Gorn:That’s good cuz I didn’t, lol
  • Mina Toress drops her pistols and goes for a grab on the enemy in her face.
    Geralt:yours always has pen
    Mina Toress:gonna try and bite his ass
    DM:heh okay.
    Mina Toress:ok i got fast grab, improved grab and improved hold
    whatever those do, need to bring those up, sec
    DM:Ah okay, so with fast grab you get a regular unarmed strike and if you hit you can try to grab after that autmoatically
    Calim Gorn:Basically you get a free grab with a regular unarmed attack
    And yeah that too
    Mina Toress:ok so I’ll make the unarmed atk first then
    He did do a defensive attack so he’s moving rather qucikyl trying to hold you at bay with his spear.
    That’ll hit him though.. lemme do his resistance
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 19 ( natural:12 , Save DC:19 ) Enemy 4 -—- Success
    Calim Gorn:Grab still happens though
    DM:okay lemme see how the grab works again heh.
    Mina Toress:i can never remember the grab rules either for some reason
    i dunno why they dont stick in my memory like D&D
    DM:Yeah lol
    Calim Gorn:I think it’s Mina’s Str vs either his Str or Acrobatics
    DM:Yeah it’s resistnace check against mina’s strength and he uses dodge or his str
    he’s gonan use dodge.
    Dodge save versus Affliction (Effect Rank: 4) Roll Result: 16 ( natural:7 , Save DC:14 ) Enemy 4 -—- Success
    Though he manages to throw her off… pushing her back with his spear.
    Nah it’s not a check just 10+ your str
    Mina Toress:ah ok
    DM:Your strnegth is just the rank he has to ersist
    Mina Toress:the DC you mean
    Mina Toress:i got improved hold
    thats +5 irc
    DM:Think taht’s just when he tries to escape.
    Mina Toress:ah ok
    DM:But you can check
    I don’t think that’s for initiating it
    *****Start of Enemy 4’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Yeah just says to escape
    Mina Toress:yeah not sure, proceed, srd is taking forever to load
    DM:The strange warrior silently leaps back with inhuman agility… making a fake stab with his spear with one hand to keep you at bay, only ot launch another barrage of darts.
    Geralt:“Hold” would logically correlate to already having someone in a grapple
    DM:And lands a hit…. the darts seem to have some manner of magical effect on them…
    Give me a will roll for that
    Mina Toress:ha im toast
    DM:Will resisance against an affliction
    Mina Toress:i clicked dmg, my bad
    Calim Gorn:Well it works the same since you didn’t have any wounds
    Mina Toress:yeah i hear ya
    Calim Gorn:Need Toughness check against the darts though
    DM:You managed to resist it… you feel the darts almost distrinegrate on striking your body… dissipating into thin air, but leaving disrupting bursts on your mana as the ydo.
    nah, it’s only will
    they don’t do real damage
    Calim Gorn:Oh heh, okay
    DM:It’s not linked liek the arrow.
    Darts are purely an afflcition
    Calim Gorn:Heh
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Mina Toress:i got like +2 to will
    DM:lol damn.
    Geralt:ok, can i pinpoint this guy enough to attack him with sword?
    Mina Toress:pt crunch
    DM:Yeah with your accurate hearing you won’t have any penalties even though he’s invisible
    Geralt:using sound/smell
    DM:At least until he tries to hide again.
    Mina Toress:i gotta get around to spending my last pt gain as well
    Geralt:ok, i move in with my coated weapon and let him have it…
    Mina Toress:i prolly should specialize a little more, trying to do too much shit with one char
    skill monkeys + dodge based chars are double expensive
    DM:heh wow.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    lol yeah I told you before man you gotta narrow your focus a bit to start off
    Geralt:“You cqan’t hide from me you bastard!”
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:8 , Save DC:28 ) Enemy 3 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:LOL
    DM:he’sgonna hero point that actually heh. each of em does have 1 HP.
    Calim Gorn:Awww come on
    Geralt:“No one gets Yuu on my watch.”
    DM:btw Geralt using silver sword or steel?
    Calim Gorn:I thought you were supposed to use Hero Points on the roll T =P
    DM:They did set off his medalion so wasn’t sure (though that could be their magic)
    Calim Gorn:Not supposed to declare them after the fact =P
    Geralt:steel since people
    DM:heh well my soak macro forf the DM ain’t configured for that yet.
    It doesn’t give me the option.
    Calim Gorn:Excuses excuses
    Hax! Hax!
    Geralt:if it seems less effective will change, or if i get the sense these are not “people”
    DM:hmm give mea monster lore check actually.
    Geralt:not too good
    DM:YOu don’t get any special insight.
    Calim Gorn:He would know for sure after splitting one open
    With a 4 degree fail =P
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) , Modifier 5 Roll Result: 15 ( natural:6 , Modifier 5 , Save DC:28 ) Enemy 3 -—- Failure by 3 degrees
    Wow still did a lot of damage.
    Calim Gorn:lol wow, reroll was almost as bad
    DM:wel wait he shouldg et +10 from that.
    Geralt:lol, hax
    DM:So should only be fail by 1 but that burns his hero point away.
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah, total hax
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:I will give Geralt a heor point for this as he realizes that he’s fighting a foe who isn’t quite human…. and thus his weapon had limited effect against it…
    Geralt gains a hero point.
    So that complication hero point is gonna help him out there.
    Geralt:ok, will quickdraw silver sword
    DM:heh okay.
    Geralt:on my turn
    DM:Yuu looks over to Calim and the growing blaze… yelling outto Geralt.
    Yuu Saidai:“The house is on fire! And Calim is wounded!”
    DM:Geralt want to yell anything back to him? I’l lgvie you a couple words in reply as a free action
    Calim Gorn:
    Geralt:so if the blaze engulfing the place and he in it?
    Calim Gorn:Yeah Enemy 2 hit me with a barrage of fireballs and set the house on fire
    DM:Yeah, a barrage of fireballs got shot at ti.. and the wooden walls and such are starting to burn around him
    It hasn’t erupted into a total inferno yet.. but probably will be considerable by the end of next round
    Geralt:“Get out of there Yuu, but watch your surroundings.”
    DM:These peasant houses aren’t knwon for being immune to fire.
    *****Start of Enemy 2’s Turn*****
    Yuu Saidai:“And Leave Calim?”
    Mina Toress:im on the roof to boot, vampire BBQ
    DM:Yuu seems to be in crisis stalling still as he sees Calim badly injured.
    Geralt:Calim in the house too?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    DM:Yeah the roof hasn’t caught fire yet… it’s basically the outer wall mostly as wella s a bit of the inside.
    Geralt:oh, ok rephrase
    Calim Gorn:I plan to leave soon… Assuming I don’t get BBQ’d
    DM:Though whe the roof gets caught it’s not gonna be good iif it collapses on you
    Geralt:“Help Calim and get out of there. Watch your surrounds for these guys though.”
    Calim Gorn:(The arrows from the leader leaving any physical wounds? Or it all internal?)
    DM:Nah it leaves physical wounds.
    Calim Gorn:(Heh okay)
    DM:They’re real physical arrows though they have another disruptive effect on you when they dissipate.
    Yuu Runs over to Calim… trying to help him out of there… basically pulling calim to the nonburning part of the house and behind cover assuming Calim wants to let him
    Calim Gorn:Yeah I’ll let him
    “Heh… Some knight I am… I always knew those books were exaggerated…”
  • Enemy 2 looks to the leader, with a bored exprression on his face.
    Enemy 2:“I’ll leave the kid to you, It’s always a bother trying to get that Gorn smell out of your nostrils.”
    DM:The second warrior runs around the house. moving with a wide flank mainitning 120 feet frfom the house.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:Recover action
    No regen
    Geralt:ouch, 6 wounds?
    Calim Gorn:Yup
    *****Start of Enemy Leader’s Turn*****
  • Calim Gorn takes a moment to try to steel himself, bleeding profusely
    DM:Calim recovers trying to staunch the bleeding wound
    The leader seems to move to circle as well.. probably getting in positon to prevent an escape out the back door.
    *****Start of Enemy 3’s Turn*****
    DM:The invisible foe is in a backpedal… alive only because of his innate resistance to normal weaponry.
    He launcehs another one of his freezing attacks…
    Geralt:that will hit with Quen
    DM:With the quen up that’ll hit.
    Calim Gorn:lol, rank 2?
    DM:Okay this is gonna be a fort roll to resist
    Geralt:+3 with quen or no bonus?
    DM:Nah, it’s not toughness so its just straight fort.
    Don’t think Quen give a fort boost, just toughness
    Though Geralt resists the freezing attack, apparently it’s not all that strong, he’s facing a foe that’s used to probably killing with surprise and stealth and not direct attacks.
    *****Start of Mina Toress’s Turn*****
    Mina Toress:checking action for something, sec
    browser is slow as fuck
    DM:Mina can smell the smoek starting rise from the house… and also catches scent of Calim’s blood as she faces off on the roof against her assailant.
    Geralt:will save vs HUINGER
    Calim Gorn:Nah my blood is bad for her
    Mina Toress:ok free action it is
    Mina Toress:I’ll transform back into mist and then go back down the chimney
    DM:Mina transforms into mist form and flees down the chimney.
    Mina Toress:then I wanna give Calim a swig of blood sicne he’s looking pretty rough
    DM:Her foe’s eyes glaring atr her with disdain.
    Geralt:hmm, so you were right T, Geralt is going to have to take on all 4…..\
    Calim Gorn:lol yeah
    Mina Toress:not sure how that will work
    Calim Gorn:I ain’t gonna take on much with 6 wounds
    DM:well you can’t do all that in one round.
    If you’re mist form you won’t be able to also use another power in your array.
    Mina Toress:sorry damn phone
    i was gonna ask about spending HP to take extra actions
    DM:So you could get down there and reform but you wn’t be able to heal him yet.
    Mina Toress:how does that work
    yeah i know that
    i got side treked with phone before i could ask
    DM:Well ti woudln’t matter since you can’t activate a seconda rray element (or stunt off it)
    It’s one of the drawbacks of arrays.
    Calim Gorn:I think you can use one for an extra standard or move
    Mina Toress:yes thats what i was refering to
    DM:Since your healing uses the same array.
    Mina Toress:i didnt know if you choose the array item each “Action”
    or if it was “per turn”
    DM:Nah, it’s each combat turn
    You can only use one
    Mina Toress:alright I’ll toss up a frost grenade up the chimney behind me then
    DM:heh okay.
    Mina Toress:to put it on the right spot
    Effect is Rank 5, 30’ burst
    *****Start of Enemy 4’s Turn*****
    DM:You don’t actualyl have to to attac roll on that since its area
    Mina Toress:well you had me roll before to put a grenade where i wanted, so wasnt sure
    Calim Gorn:Man these guys have all been rolling insanely good on Toughness
    DM:Yeah. heh. if it’s tricky I might heh.
    Calim Gorn:Except #3
    *****Start of Geralt’s Turn*****
    Geralt:ok, tactical time since i’m outnumbered here
    DM:Geralt can see the second enemy flanking to the north, and to the south.. the leader… both about 120 feet away… apaprentyl moving into position should anyone try to flee…
    Calim Gorn:Heh, finish off #3
    Geralt:are they spread out or any 2 grouped close?
    DM:They’re rspread out.
    Basically one in mele ewith you, #2 is 120 feet to the north, and the leader is 120 ft south.
    Geralt:ok, quick swap to silver, this one won;t have penetration since different sword
    just playing honestly
    DM:They dont seem to have hardened aarmor, so you don’t think it’ll make too big a differenec.
    Geralt:even though stat wise they the same
    anyway… letting him have a taste of silver
    that is crit
    DM:wow that’s a crit too
    Calim Gorn:Sweet
    DM:Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 13) Roll Result: 12 ( natural:9 , Save DC:28 ) Enemy 3 -—- Failure by 4 degrees
    Calim Gorn:YES
    DM:wow Geralt fucked him up
    Calim Gorn:Off with his head!
    DM:Gealt comes at him with the silver blade in a swing that finds the invisible warriros neck…
    Geralt:with a twirl of the blade and a quick slice Geralt feints and then lands a blow across the neck
    DM:a mystical steam rises from the cut as well as some blood, though the blodo itself appears to be almost burning off, or more precisely rapidly evaporating… .
    Geralt:new lore check?
    DM:The wariror slumps to the ground… becoming visible again… his throat is cut, and he’s clearly dying.. or at least a normal person would die from a wound liek that..
    Yeah give me a lore check.
    What’s that with your druidic magic ranks added to it as well? Since I’ll le tyou use combined ranks for this.
    Calim Gorn:Just ranks, not total skill check
    Geralt:oh with druidic woul dbe +6
    so 25
    DM:The enemy reacts to Geralt’s silver sword, as if it was an incorporeal spirit, like an incoproreal undead perhaps… though… oddly enough its body certainly IS physical….
    Calim Gorn:Heh, must be possessing a body…
    Geralt:seems that way
    DM:Though you don’t think it’s actually a possession as you watch its blood start to evaporate…no, you think the body itself is fake.. magically created, like their weaponry…
    Geralt:plus the monster sword is vs incorps too
    DM:You judge if you had any kind of effects to try to nullify thier mana, it’d be particularly effective.
    Calim Gorn:Heh, like what they’re using on us?
    Guessing what that is anyway
    DM:The body is on the ground starting to dissipate, a greenish smoke coming from it… With the damage you’ve dealt it seems to be having trouble maintaining corproreal form.. it’s dying…
    When it’s done, there won’t be any trace of it…
    Geralt:it leaving behind physical weapons?
    *****Start of Yuu Saidai’s Turn*****
    DM:It’s weapons were all magically conjured.
    And it’s clothing too was the product of magic.
    Geralt:or those imbued by their powers?
    ok, their nazgul
    Calim Gorn:lol
    DM:In fact the warriro deosn’t seem to have any weapons on him anymore.
    Calim Gorn:You gonna yell out anything?
    Geralt:“These things are unnatural. Use magic against them or silver.”
    DM:Geralt alsos uspects that like undead, they probaly are capable of a life draining touch
    Geralt:“And don;t let them touch you.”
    DM:And weapons that aren’t specifically enchanted with Aela or mana will have reduced effect on them.
    Geralt’s silver sword forutnately is designed to fight a foe like this, but some of the other weapons may not be…
    Yuu satnds his ground going full defense inside the house, as the fire hasn’t reached the vback yet.. the front has started to burn up releasing clouds of smoke into the house and making it a b it tough to breathe.
    *****Start of Enemy 2’s Turn*****
    Enemy 2:“Why is it always the silver haired ones…”
    DM:The one in the north starts to cast a spell, launching a burst of fireballs in Geralt’s direction.
    The fireballs are small but release in rapid succession
    And tehy strike home.. gonna be a toughness check.
    Your defense with QUen is what 14?
    Calim Gorn:What’s the impervious rank on his Quen?
    DM:Hm actualyl yeah would that stop a rank 8?
    Geralt:one sec
    DM:looks like 11.
    So stops a 6.
    So yeah that’ll get through
    DM:And his defense would be a 14.. so yeah he gets hit withe the full autofire barrage
    Alright give me a toughness save… heh. you do get the QUen bonus for that
    Geralt:Impervious, Sustained; Distracting, Noticeable – Shimmering Aura
    rank 7
    DM:yeah its rank 7and also gives you 4 ranks of impervous on your tougnhes, to get 11 total, but not enough to actualyl stop a rank 8 attack.
    Of course that will… heh.
    The Quen barrier holds as the fireballs rain down upon it.. the shimmering field stopping the balls inches from Geralts face and leaving him unscathed.
    DM:His enemy who up until now had only shown boredom changes his expression to one of annoyance.
    *****Start of Calim Gorn’s Turn*****
    Calim Gorn:There any spot in the house that I can get cover from the arrow ricochet and still take a shot at the leader?
    Like put my back to a wall and still shoot out the window?
    DM:heh.. well if you dont mind being in the fire…
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Yeah I kinda mind that
    There trees and shit around the house? Or it in the open?
    DM:The house is kinda filled with some smoke now too… so it’s not really great cover unless you’ve got some means to easily see through smoke and such and not burn
    There’s some more houses in the distance, about 90 feet away, but that’ about it.. more cheap peasant houses.
    A wagon or two but nothing that’d easily take those kind of impacts from tehse weapons tehy’re using.
    Calim Gorn:(to Mina) “I’ll draw fire, get Yuu out of here.”
  • Calim Gorn takes off towards the next house over and then fires another barrage of Aela infused bullets at the leader
    Calim Gorn:I got Speed 4 so I should be able to make it to cover
    DM:Yeah you can get to cover.
    Mina Toress:brb
    DM:Though granted with his ricochet arrows it’ll be tough to be completely safe.
    It’ll hopefully keep yous afe from the fireballs though
    Calim Gorn:Multi on that
    DM:Gonna be +2 from multi
    Toughness save versus Damage (Effect Rank: 8) Roll Result: 21 ( natural:13 , Save DC:23 ) Enemy Leader -—- Failure by 1 degrees
    Calim Gorn:Heh, well wounded him finally
  • Calim Gorn darts out of the burning house and sprays a barrage of bullets at the bow-wielding leader as he dives for cover the next house over
    Calim Gorn:No regen
    DM:He takes a wound as you strike his shoulder with one of the rounds depsite him seeming to soak most of them.. one produces somewhat of a bleeding owund in him…He seems to wince a bit as he realizes they’er not normal bullets.
    *****Start of Enemy Leader’s Turn*****
    Enemy Leader:(to Calim) “You’re lucky your’e not worth the mana on another arrow kid…. you should run while you have the chance.”
    DM:He takes aim at Geralt, seeing him as the greater threat.
    And nails an arrow home… Geralt has to make a toughness save and then a will save.
    Since the attack has a linked effect ot it
    Geralt:one sec
    quen apply
    DM:For the touhhness yeah
    not the will
    heh wow.
    Calim Gorn:Nice
    DM:The magical arrow bursts into nothingness as it strikes the Quen shield… not penetrating it though it’s disintegration causes a momentary ripple in the shield… but Geralt gets it under control and keeps the shield up..tough he’s not certain how much longer ghe can keep it up.
    *****Start of Mina Toress’s Turn*****
    Geralt:look slike he my next target
    “Cut off the head and the rest will die too…”, Geralt mutters to himself.
    Mina Toress:“Well, looks like it’s up to me and you, kid.”
    “Don’t be afraid to swing that thing.You may have to. We can’t stay in here.”
  • Mina Toress grabs her aela burst flail off her belt, and proceeds out of the hut, to meet her foe.
    Mina Toress:what do i see from my pov outside the burning hut?
    not sure who is where
    DM:You can see the archer with golden bow to the south, the mage witth the fireballs to the nortth.. both at 120 feet.. and…. give me a perception check.
    The dead guy on the ground. Or bleeding out anyway… his bloods aroma is particularly intoxicating to you… you can tell its very mana-enriched..
    Unforutnately it’s fading quuickly… this could be your only oppiorutntiy to drink beore it diappears…
    Mina Toress:I’ll make a run for the archer, since mr inferno is after G
    DM:Well both were firing at G.
    Mina Toress:i dunno if i wanna drink that shit lol
    I think I’ll pass on magic evaporating weird blood
    Calim Gorn:lol
    Mina Toress:honeytrap prolly
    DM:Well these guys do seem mana-rich, heh.
    Mina Toress:well little busy right now anyways
    I’m gonna go belmont on the archer with this flail
    DM:heh okay you rush the archer…
    Mina Toress:prolly a miss i think but guess I’ll find out
    DM:The archer sidesteps the attack.
    *****Start of Enemy 4’s Turn*****
    Enemy Leader:“Come for my blood, have you vampire?”
    Mina Toress:“Just your life for now.”
    DM:Geralt give me a perception check..
    Mina Toress:“Not sure I want to drink whatever that shit is that’s pumping through your black heart.”
    damn our rolls suck
    oh sorry i didnt see “Geralt”
    DM:Geralts keen ears pick up an attacker above him, the last one with the spear tries to launch a surprise attack to his back, but Geralt is ready.
    Hearing the magical darts whipping thorugh the air at him (no surprise bonus for him)
    And Geralt manages to dodge out of the way of the dart attack just barely.
    he flying?
    DM:The until now silent enemy spekas in a raspy voice…
    Enemy 4:“Witcher…”
    DM:He’s on the roof.
    Just like 10 or so feet up
    You were out the back door fighting thier invisi